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									                                                   T H E
Number 856                                    SPRINGFIELD, MO, JULY 12, 1930                                        Price 5 Cents

                     gleams of Zight from the Cross
                                     Meyer Pearlman, Central Bible Institute
         U T GOD forbid that I should        All the light of sacred story,                  As the Christian stands there let
         glory save in the cross of our        Gathers round that head sublime!'          him remember the meaning of the
         Lord Jesus Christ, by whom                                                       scene; that when Jesus went to the
         the world is crucified unto            No article, sermon or book can ex-        cross, H e took there everything that
         me, and I unto the world!'          haust the meaning of the Cross. I t          seemed to speak against the love of
         Gal. 6 :14.                         may be compared to a diamond in              God, and through it all gave to the
   In the above quotation the apostle        which sparkle innumerable points of          world its grcatest qnanifestation of the
makes a statement that must have             fire. I t would be impossible to sys-        Fathcr's love! S o then, when any of
sounded strange indeed to the people         tematize and classify all those gleams,      life's grim tragedies would rise to say
of his age, to whom the cross was a          for every time the gem is turned new         that God does not care, to the Cross
symbol of shame, and a sight from            colors reveal themselves. S o it is with     let us go, and there we shall discover
which the Roman turned with horror           the Cross. Every time it is turned to        that the Man of Sorrows has bound
and loathing. If we in these days            cast light on our different problems         it to His cross, a captive to the all-
should make the statement, "God for-         and activities, it will reveal new truths    prevailing power of divine love.
                                             to us. The more the diamond is                  2. The Cross reveals to us the ut-
bid that I should glory save in the          turned, the more variegated will be          tirnute triuwph of righteousness in the
hangman's noose," or "God forbid that        the colors of the light; the more the        face of seevciv~gdefeat. The crucifix-
I should glory save in the electric          Cross is turned upon the different re-       ion of Jesus was seemingly the great
chair," the effect on our contempora-        lationships of life, the more it will dis-   failure of the ages. T o His disciples,
ries would help us to imagine the ef-        close the manifold wisdom of God. In         the execution of their Master spelled
fect on the people of the apostle's          the paragraphs that follow we shall at-      the failure of His ministry, the mn-
day.                                         tempt to catch some of the gleams of         tradiction to His claim of Lordship
   Paul's boast was not that of an ec-       truth that flash from the Cross.             and Messiahship. The Righteous One
centric enthusiast o r religious maniac,        1. In the first place, the cross pro-     had spoken, and the answer of the
for he had an excellent reason to jus-       claims the message that God cares.           rulers of this world was--a cross. I t
tify his boasting in that instrument of      Even the Christian needs this message,       seemed as if God were silent. But in
punishment on which the lowest crim-         for as he reads the stained pages of         due time H e spoke, and His answer
inals were executed. His reason was          history, and as he surveys the present       w a s - t h e resurrection. Seeming de-
this: that the ugly cross had been trans--   condition of mankind, he will see much       feat was turned into victory.
figured by a mighty principle shining        that seems t o speak against the love of        So it is in every age. Righteous
upon it like a halo-the principle of         God-for example, the sufferings of           causes seem to go down to the death of
divine life outpoured in atoning sac-        the innocent and the just. Let him now       defeat, the wicked seem to triumph
rifice for the guilty. On that tree the      go to the scene of the crucifixion, and      and rule, and God seems to hide Him-
ever blessed One had become a curse,         there he will see the innocent One,          self. When such things come to pass,
that blessing might come upon all. The       suffering excruciating agonies, desert-      it is well to remind 'ourselves that
Lord whom Paul served had extracted          ed by His friends,"excommunicated by         pauses are just as much a part of a
the curse from that instrument of ex-        His church, rejected by His own na-          piece of music as are the notes that
ecution and had passed it on to all          tion, and apparently abandoned by            are played. The instruments may
mankind as the symbol of all which is        God. From His lips comes the cry             cease for a short time; but the music
noble, pure and divine, so that we can       that Sums up and carries before the          will recommence.
now sing:                                    Creator the cry of every agonized and           In God's great symphony there are
                                             perplexed heart from the beginning of        pauses, the greatest of which was Cal-
"In the cross of Christ I glory,             time-"My God, my God, why hast               vary. When these occur, let us not
  Towering o'er the wrecks of time.          Thou forsaken Me?"                                  (Continued on Page Eight)
Page Two                                                       EVANGEL
                                                 T H EPENTECOSTAL                                                   3 d 12, 19-30

         O R some considerable                                                                     to Acts 2:4, and he urged me
          time I have felt an in-                                                                  to come to Chicago and seek
          ward drawing to give                                                                     the Baptism. But what was I
          forth to the world                                                                       to do with the hungry sheep
          some of the Lord's                                                                       I had gathered around me!
          gracious dealings with                                                                   I could not think of running
me in regard to the "Life of                                                                       away and leaving the sheep to
Faith" into which H e has led                                                                      be devoured by the wolves. SO
me through the course of the                                                                       I told the Lord that if H e
years. I shall jot them down                                                                       wanted me to go to Chicago,
for the readers of the Evatlacl                                                                    H e would have to send some
just as the Lord brings tl&n                                                                       one to look after these sheep.
to my memory, with the hope and              square meal. This I did. (At that              This Spirit-inspired request was soon
prayer that others may also be encour-       time-over twenty-five years ago--one        granted and the way was clear for me
aged to a life of simple trust in Christ     could get a good, substantial meal for      to go to Chicago. I was led to rent'
for physical, financial, and spiritual       twenty-five cents.)
blessing.                                                                                a room in Englewood at 65th and Jale
                                               By this time I was financially "broke."   Avenue, so that I could be within easy
   I remember when I first began to          I went up to the college and inqired        walking distance of the little mission
seek for the Baptism in the Holy Spir-       for my friend. H e was deliihted to         on 63d Street, near to Wentworth
it, I had been laboring in northern In-      see me, and in a few moments we were        Avenue, where the power was then
diana for a year or more, preaching in       on our knees in earnest prayer. I           falling.
schoolhouses, forsaken churches, pri-        prayed first, and my friend followed.          I paid for the room in advance and
vate homes, and wherever I could get         While he was praying, the Lord re-          began earnestly seeking the Baptism.
an opening. At first this entailed a         minded me that I badly needed a pair        How I sozcgkt and ~ c c c i v e dis a story
great deal of working. This became           of rubbers. My shoes were worn              in itself into which I shall not now
very wearisome to me. But as I looked        through at the soles, and I knew that       enter. Suffice it to say that I had
to the Lord to meet my need, H e led         the next day, after going some miles        some remarkable experiences while
a dear brother in the Lord first to give     on the train, I would have to walk six      seeking this wonderful outpouring ;
me free board and lodging, then to           miles through the snow and slush in         and after waiting on God with all
loan me a horse with which to travel         order to reach'the farmhouse at which       earnestness for a little over a month,
frorr. place to place, and finally a horse   I was staying. I therefore prayed           I was mightily baptized in the Spirit
and buggy was placed at my disposal.         quietly but definitely for a pair of rub-   at 1:30 A. M., January 2, 1907.
Automobiles were at that time very           bers. When we arose from our knees,             During the time of waiting, I ran
scarce.                                      my young friend turned to me and said,      short of money and finally got down to
   In a few months' time I had formed        "Brother Moody, have you any rub-           a matter of a few cents, with my room
by the help of God quite a little circuit    bers?       I said, "No."     "Well," he    rent due in a day or two, and with
of seven or eight preaching places.          said, "I have a good pair, and if they      practically nothing in sight for the next
What offerings I received were ex-           fit you, you may have them, as I do         meal. At the close of the Sunday a f -
ceedingly small, but the Lord never          not need them." God knew my size,           ternoon service, a brother asked me to
 failed in supplying all my needs.           and I knew they would fit. When he          go over to a restaurant and have dinner
    I remember I was at one time stay-       brought the rubbers to me, of course        with him.
ing at a farmhouse a few miles from          they were an exact fit.                         I gladly accepted this invitation. Af-
 Crown Point, Indiana. One morning              Then he said, "It is my turn tonight     ter we had sat down to dinner, he
the man of the house told me that he         to conduct the college prayer meeting.      leaned over the table and asked me the
was going to Valparaiso that day to          You must take my place." I agreed           pointed question, "Do you need mon-
sell some produce, and asked me if I         to do so, and we had a blessed time         ey?' I answered him that whether
would like to go with him. I told him        with the boys.                              or not I needed money was a matter
I should like very much to go, as I             I n the morning I was still minus        that did not concern him. T h e point
was anxious to visit a Christian young       the fifteen cents I needed for the re-       for him to decide was, "Is God leading
man of my acquaintance who was then          turn trip. However, we had prayer           you to give me any money?' H e was
attending a Christian college in that        again before parting, and when we           quite taken back at this remark, and
city. As we rode in the open wagon           arose from our knees I bade my friend       finally said, 'Well, you are much older
that morning through the wld, crispy         good-bye and started for the door. Just     in the faith than I am, but I have been
air, my appetite became quite keen, and       as I was leaving the threshold my          strangely impressed for the past two
hy the time we reached Valparaiso, I          friend ran after me and called out.        or three days that I ought to give you
 was ready for a good square meal.            "Wait a moment. I have two dollars         five dollars. Now if you need money,
 But it so happened that twenty-five          for vou." Knowing that he was work-        I know it is God who is talking to me.
cents yas all the money I had in my           ing his way through college, I at first    If you do not need money, then the
possession. Satan slyly whispered to          declined to take the money. "But you       impression may be wming from some
 me that all I could afford to get that       must take it." he said.      "The Lord     other source." I at once assured him
 morning was ten cents' worth of crack-       definitely told me to give it to you!'      that God was leading him all right, and
 ers and cheese, that I would need the        So I went cheerfully on my way,            he promptly handed me the five dol-
 remaining fifteen cents to'pay my car-       thanking God that I was a pair of          lars.
 fare for the return trip on the mor-         rubbers and two dollars ahead. Later           After I received the Baptism, I
 row.                                        the Lord gave me a new pair of shoes.       preached quite frequently on Sundays
    That seemed to be very plausible             Soon after this I received word from     at the 63d Street Mission, and was in-
 reasoning, but he had left God out of        a Christian brother in Chicago that the     variably handed five dollars for my
 the question. Immediately the Lord           "fire was falling" and that he had re-      services. I remember that on one par-
 spoke to me and told me to go to the         ceived the Baptism in the Holy Spirit       ticular Sunday I was greatly in need
 restaurant and get for myself a good         and had spoken in tongues acwrding                 (Continued on Page Nine)
                                                     T H E PENTECOSTAL                                                   Page Three

             H E Lord redeemed . . - - . - u - -
                                         :- - -> -                 . - -
                                                                                                       down life without real rest
              His people from the      i                                                               or victory, all the time trying
              bondage of Egypt in I                S h e Glories of the                                to persuade thenlselves that
                                                                                                       such is God's will for them.
              order to bring them
              into Canaan.        The
              long years of wilder-    I            Promised dead                                 4
                                                                                                          How beautiful is the picture
                                                                                                       of this land of rest, and how

    ness wandering were not in                                                                         great the contrast to the wil-
    His purpose for them ; but H e                          B y Alice E. Luce                      I derness experience! "That
    intended them to go straight
    forward and enter the prom-
    ised rest. The secret of their     -               Read Deuteronomy 8 and 11                  I    great and terrible wilderness,
                                                                                                       wherein were fiery serpents
                                                                                                       and scorpions and drought,
    failure to enter in is summed                                                                      where there was no water!'
    up in Psa. 106:24: "They despised the this people; and yet for all that will Deut. 8:15. This aptly describes the
    pleasant land, they believed not His they not hear Me, saith the Lord."                    experience of a Christian who is with-
    word"; and in Heb. 3:19: "So we see             ~        ~ bondage typifies the slavery out the fullness of the Spirit. H e is
                                                                   y      ~       t      ~      ~
    that they could not enter in because of          ,in and satan from             the sav- not happy in the wilderness, for the
    unbelief.                                    iour redeems us when we are born              Lord never intended him to live there.
       Many of our older hymns speak of                    ~h~ long years of wandering Just as his body is so constituted that
    Canaan as representing heaven :but the in the wilderness represent the life of it cannot live long without water, so
    very fact of Gpd's people being blamed those who have been saved from sin his soul cannot prosper without the
     for not entermg In proves that the and yet fail to press on into the full- Holy Spirit, the water of life; and
    scriptural interpretation must be rather            of the spirit. H~~ many are like there is no .water in the wilderness.
    of some experience in this life. More- the Israelites in despising the prom- They would have all died of thirst had
    over, there were cities to be conquered, ised land, and they fail to enter in be- not God supernaturally supplied water
    mighty enemies to be confronted and cause of unbelief. ~h~~ tell us that out of the smitten rock. I t is also "a
     efforts to be put forth to subdue and the Baptism of the spirit as received land of deserts and of pits, a land of
     take possession of the land after it was on the Day of pentecost was for drought and of the shadow of death.
     entered; none of which have any apostolic tima only; a statement f o r a land that no man passed through and
    counterpart in the glory.                    which there is not a shred of author- where no man dwelt." Jer. 2 6 . What
        If we study Hebrews 3 and 4 we ity in the New Testament, which tells                               Or comfort is there       the
     see that Paul is there comparing the us that Jesus Christ is the same yes- child of God in such a place'                       con-
     promised land to the rest into which terday, today and for ever. Thus by genial                                          the fiery
     God's children enter when they receive voluntarily shutting themselves out Serpents and scOr~iOn-onstantly
     the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. H e from. the privileges offered them, and                              the              and rnach-
     urges the Hebrew Christians to be dili- refusing to accept the New Testament inations of that                                   the
     gent in seeking that rest of the soul, i all simplicity to say what it means devil-
     and to fear lest they fail to do so like and to mean what it says, they con-                 What a contrast is presented in the
     so many of the Israelites did. "There demn themselves to live an upand- description of the land of Canaan!
                                                                                                        "The Lord thy God bringeth
     remaineth therefore a rest to
     the people of God. For he             .                          :                           .     thee into a good land, a land

     that is entered into His rest,                                                                     of brooks of water, of foun-
     he also hath ceased from his                      A W h o l l y Changed L i f e                    tains and depths that spring
     own works as God did from                                                                          out of valleys and hills; a land
     His. Let us labor therefore               A Baptist ntinister in Indiana -mites zts:               of wheat and barley, and vines
     to enter into that rest, lest any      "Your paper, the Evangel, fell into w y hands               and fig trees and pomegran-
     man fall after the same exam-          about ten years ago, and w a s used o f the Lord            ates; a land of oil olive and
     ple of unbelief."                      to clzange m y life. This is Izow it came about.
                                            I had a deacon who was a Western Union op-
                                                                                                        honey; a land wherein thou
                                                                                                        shalt eat bread without scarce-
       Turn now to Isa. 28:11,12.           erator. The section forel~tanof the Railroad                ness, thou shalt not lack any-
     "For with stammering lips              for which this deacon worked had a brother-                 thing in it; a land whose
    and another tongue will H e             in-law who w a s a Pentecostal preacher. This               stones are iron, and out of
     speak to this people. T o              prcachcr sent the Pentecostal Evangel to his          I     whose hills thou mayest dig
     whom H e said, This is the             sister who could not read and who war un-                   brass."    Deut. 8:7-9, Here
     rest Wherewith Y may cause             saved. She of coztrse, coztld not use the paper.            we see typified the abundance
     the weary to rest; and this is         Her Irusband w a s also unsaved, and he, though             of the living water of the
     the refreshing : yet they would        he coztld read it, did not care for i t ; so he gave        Spirit (rain, dew and rivers)
.                     h
    not hear-" ‘ i 1 s t there
     should be any doubt as to
                                            it to the Western Union operator, who after                 and the resultant fruitfulness
                                            reading it would hand it to me. After I read                in the life; the constant sat-
     whether this speaking in un-           it, I saw my great need and sought and found                isfaction of the soul feeding
     known tongues is the same as                        c/zanged l y
                                            a ~ ~ ~ ~ / life."                                          on Jesus, the Bread of Life;
     that experienced in the New                There are many others whose lives can be                and the riches of spiritual
     Tes-ent      out~ouringof the          wholly changed by the full G o & d message of               experience which are mined
     Spirit, see 1 Cor. 14:21,22,           the Pentecostal Evangel. W h y not subscribe                out of His Holy Word. "The
     where this Passage from                for some one or other today? If yot'%~erill scnd            land whither ye go to possess
     Isaiah is quoted: "In the law          the small sum of 50c and the nmne of tRc                    it, is a land of hills and val-
     it is written, w i t h other           friend, w e d l 1 see that this friend receives ev-         leys, and drinketh water of
     tongues (the words "men of"            pry nuonber of the Evangel frow now until                   the rain of heaven: a land
     are not in the original at all                                                                     which the Lord thy God careth
     but are a gloss erroneously                                                                         for (or frequenteth) : the
     supplied by the translators)                                                                       eyes of the Lord thy God are
    and other lips will I speak unto                                                               : (Continued on Page Thirteen)
Page Four                                       T ~ PENTECOSTAL
                                                    E       EVANGEL                                                             J d y 12, 1930

                                      T h e PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL
     Entered a8 m d - d a ~ s
                                                  STANLEY FRODSHAM,
                                                                                                           /I     PUBLISHED WEEKLY
                                                                                                                    (50 copies a year)
                                                                                                                          by the

  matter June 25, lm8. at the
   poat office at Springiield,
                                                  EDITORIAL STAFF                                               Gospel publishing House
                                  CHAS.E. Rosrasoa ARTHUU H. G u v e s BLANCHE o o ~
                                                                              K                                      536 W. Padfic St.
   Ma, under the Act of March             C . u M. BROOKS
                                            Xu             ANNEEBERHARDT                                        S m e l d . M a . U. 9. A-
  3, 1819. Accepted for mailing                                                                                  Subscription price in the U.
   at apecia1 rate of postage                Nom. PERKIN,
                                                        Alissioi~aryEditor                                      9 A and Possersiona (1.W
   provided b r in Ser 1103, of
                                                                                                                @ qur; Canada, $!.~b; Gr.
                                            The Pentecostal Evanzd is the Official Organ of                       n t a m and Posaers~our 616.
  October 3, 1917, ruthorired
                                                 the Asoemhlhs of Cod in U. S A.
                                                                                                                  In quantities: U copi& 24
  July 3, l918.                                                                                                 cents; 25 copiu, 45 cents;
                                  J. S. WILLIAMS, SUP:.
                                   Z           Gen.              J. R EVANS, Sec'y-Treas.                       1DJ copies, $1.80.
                                                HAROLD Moss, Field Secretary

                                                                                              the Evangelical Christian and Dr.
                                                                                              Kemp himself hold every fundaniental
                      %he Gditor's 3Votebook                                                  that these people hold. They stand
                                                                                              absolutely for the Divine Inspiration
                                                                                              of the Holy Scriptures. The? stand
                                                                                              like a rock-for tfie Virgin ~ i i t h ,
     In Defense o f Pentecost               called Evangelical denominations. Take            the full diety of the Lord Jesus Christ,
                                            the Baptists for instance--and I was
   The Evangelical Christian of Tor-
onto has recently published an article      saved   among the Baptists.            at
                                                                                              for Salvation by Grace through the
                                                                                              shed Blood of the Son of God, for His
on "Pentecostalism and The Tongues          their colleges- Run over the list. (Here          literal resurrection, for His Bodily As-
Movement" by Dr. Kemp of New Zea-           he gives a list of Baptist colleges-)             cension, for His Second Coming, in
land. A strong protest against this         Every one of them is honeycombed                  fact they stand for everything that you
article has been written by a doctor        with bastard Modernism. A dear                      ourself stand for, Mr. Editor and Dr.
of Oakland, Calif., who belongs to the      friend of mine had just one child, a              &ernp also. Why then be forever
Plymouth Brethren. H e has been kind        daughter. H e saved his money to give             'picking' on these people that give
enough to let us see what he wrote to       that girl a college education, sent, her          about all of their money and spend
the editor of the Evangelical Christian     to the University of -because         he          about seven nights of a week of their
in our defense. H e protests : "Dr.         was a Baptist, and as he thought she              time on the street and in halls trying
Kemp's article is all a criticism of this   would there be given old-time Baptist             to get sinners to Christ? One would
movement and is in keeping with many        training. The girl graduated and came              think that if we had any brains at all,
other articles of a similar nature that     home. One cold winter day that fa-                 and any common sense, that we would
I have s e w from time to time. As          ther and the girl stood together be-               leave these people alone and pray for
far as I can remember, I have never         fore a briskly burning fire in the grate.          them. There are ten assemblies of the
seen a word of praise of the Pente-         The girl took her Bible and threw it               Pentecostals here in Oakland and en-
costals in any paper or journal that        into the fire and said, 'Father, I am              virons, and most of them are open
I take. I am wondering just how             through with that Book forever. I                  seven nights a week, two or three of
much these writers really know at first     learned at the University that the Bi-             them only three or four night a week.
hand as to the Pentecostal people any-      ble is a compilation of lies and I don't           And I am fully convinced that they
way. The criticism reminds me of               :t
                                            wn to have anything more to do with                get more sinners to Christ than all the
the harsh things that were said and          it. When that old man told me the                 churches in Oakland put together in-
written of the Brethren fifty or more       story, he cried as if his heart would              cluding the Brethren. And more re-
years ago. I have been with the Breth-      break, and then said to me, 'Brother,              markable still, they have done more to
ren for over 50 years. I remember           would to God I could see the Univers-              spread the Gospel in foreign lands in
that Dr. Brooks of St. Louis, that           ity of -a pile of ashes.' From the                the last 25 or 30 years than any of the
great Bible teacher of those good old        days of -down to the present day,                 old denominations."
 days, who knew the Brethren from the        that college has done nothing but                                   *      *      *
 ground up, made the remark, 'Well,          wreck the Christian faith of its stu-
 the Brethren have at least one earmark      dents, and all this is true of most of                         Ringing True
 of the early church---they are "the sect    the colleges of the other great de-       Our friend further protests: " A ~ Y
 that is everywhere spoken against."         nominations. Think of Methodism,       fool can criticize. Personally I am for
 Acts 2822.' The Pentecostals today          yes, and Presbyterianism. The devil    all who stand squarely by the o l d
 are receiving the same kind of treat-       has captured them all."                Book and the Old Gospel, and I am
 ment that the Brethren received 'in                        *      *      *         against all who are trying to pull the
                                                                                    Word of God to pieces, and repudiate
 those early days. Needless to say most            Fundamentalists All
 of the strictures heaped upon Brethren                                             all that the Cross stands for. I may
 then were just as unjust as the &ti-          Our friend continues, "We have five not see all that our Pentecostal folks
 dsms meted out to our pentecostal          big church= down in the heart of the stand for, but I know more about these
 friends today!'                            city of Oakland, and what do you get people than those who are criticizing
                *     *      *              in those dlurches? Just a lot of pif- them, for I have attended scores of
                                            fle-for the most part political dis- their meetings, and can bless God for
            A Comparison                    cussion and general muckraking. Prac- their zeal and loyalty to God and to His
  Our friend further writes: '7 hold        tically not a note of old-time Gospel. Word--and rejoice in the results they
no brief for all that Pentecostals stand    It's the same across the Bay in San get. I n conclusion let me say that I
for, but believe me, Brother, I would       Francisco. And this is true in every think I have heard more of the great
infinitely prefer to go in with these       city of America. Of course here and Bible men of America than 99 per cent
people than with the ABSOLUTELY             there, there are exceptions, bless God. of your readers. Brooks, Parsons,
ROTTEN state of affairs that you            But what about the Pentecostals? Erdman, Hudson Taylor, Moody,
have in practically all our great so-       How about them? Well the Editor of Whittle, and scores of others, not to
                                                                                                                     Page Five

mention all the best teachers anlong          destroyed. But it is only as we reckon      God and Saviour. "Well," said she,
Brethren, and I think I know the Gos-         ourselves indeed dead unto sin and          "a few days ago I was looking at the
pel when I hear it, and I want to say         yield our members unto God as instru-       things in my little room, and I noticed
that time and again I have heard as           ments of rightcousness, that we can         that the strip of carpet before the fire-
clear a presentation of the Gospel in         live lives that are pleasing unto ??r       place was very shabby; and I said to
Pentecostal mcctings as I ever heard          Lord. Our Lord Jesus Christ i. i ! ~ ?      myself, 'That strip of carpet is not
among the Brethren, and if any class          source of all good, and as     h' .i~ly,
                                                                          \\I:            fit for a Christian to have in the house.
know the Old Book better than Breth-          moment by moment, look U ~ T IiIict1,
                                                                                 ~        I t dishonors the Lord! And I hadn't
ren do, I would thank you to name that        He will surely make us pvtak . . T of       the money to buy a new one. So I
class for me."                                His holiness. I t is Hi3 purpose to         knelt down and told my Father about
              *       *       *               keep us from falling and to prewi~tus        it. And I asked Him to send me a
                                                                                          strip of carpet for the fireplace. And
                                               faultless before the preseme c i I.! is
          Y e t More Land                     Father.                                      I told Hiin the exact length. 'It's
    W e are very grateful for thesc very                     * * *                         three feet by two, my Father. And
kind words of encouragement, and yet                     T h e Great Need                  Thy Son has said, "Whatsoever ye
no one knows better than those of us                                                       shall ask the Father in My name, that
                                                  We are convinced t l ~ tthe g x a t will I do, that the Father may be
who are being privileged to share in          need of the moment is a yra(zte- out- glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask
this glorious 20th Century Pentecost-         pouring of the Holy Spirit. David anything in My name, I will do it." '
al Revival, how far we are short of the       Baron comments on the words of
pattern. If we compare ourselves with                                                          "I gat up £ram my knees with nly
                                              Zech. 10:l: "Ask ye of Jehovah rain heart at rest, knowing that the matter
others, we do not well. The only
healthy thing to do is to compare our
                                              in time of the Latter rain . . and H e was now in His hands. A few days
                                              will give them showers of rain." "It after that a lady came to my door with
standards with those in the Old Book.         is specially the 'latter rain,' which in a parcel in her hand. I have worked
Here is a verse that challenges us all:       Palestine is so important for strength- for her occasionally. She said, "Oh,
"Verily, verily, I say m t o yorc, H e that   ening and maturing the crops, that we Mrs. -
 bclimcth on Me, the works that I do                                                              ,     we were doing some spring
                                              are here exhorted to ask the Lord for, cleaning, and I've just brought along
shaU he do also; and greater works            so that H e may graciously complete some things that I thought might be
 than tlzcse shall he do; because I go        what H e has begun by the 'former useful to you. This is a bit of carpet.
 unto M y Father." John 1 :12. This           rain.' 5!ling the ears before harvest. It's very small. 'Oh! it's all right,
 word is true, and God wailts to make         ; iiere arc f ~ i words in the Hcbrew
                                              '                  ; ~
 it real to us as we lay hold of the                                                        ma'am. It's three feet by two.' 'Ycs,'
                                              Bible for rain, three of which occur she said, 'that's just what it i s ; but
 promise. We are convinced that all            in this first verse of Zechariah 10. how do you know the size?' 'Because,
 that the Lord gave to the early church,
 as described in the Acts, H e is ready        First, yorclt which stands for 'first' or ma'am, I asked my Father to send me
                                               'former' or 'very early rain.' Second, a bit of carpet, three feet by two, a few
 to restore today. W e are in divine           ilzatar, the ordinary word for 'rain' days ago; and H e has sent it by you,
 order when we covet earnestly the
                                               during the rainy season. Third, ?eslreva ma'am.' 'Well, so it appears,' said she.
 gifts of the Spirit. But in 1 Cor. 12.        which stands for 'heavy' or torren- 'And I've brought along a
 we see not oniy diversities of gifts b i      tial rain.' Fourth, ~~zal'qoslz, 'the lat- tongs as well,' she added. 'Oh. praise
 the same Spirit, but also differences of
                                               ter rain! 'Ask ye of Jehovah rain . . . the Lord, ma'am! I forgot to pray
 administrations (ministrations) by the        and H e shall give them showers of about the tongs, ma'am, although I
 same Lord, and diversities of opera-
                                               rain, matar geshed-literally       vain of needed them. Oh. what lovely steel
  tions, but it is the same God which          pletzty or pouring raigt."
  worketh all in all. Let us look to the                                                    tongs! What a Father we have! H e
  Lord, not only for the gifts of the              And so when we ask for rain, the didn't forget about the tongs, though
  Spirit, but also for the restoratic:~~ of     Lord will give us the "exceedingly I did. How can I ever praise Him
  divine ministrations and for mighty          abundantly above" torrential showers of enough for His goodncss!' "
  operations of God's power. There are          blessing. The latter rain is being r b          Let the poor widciv (though she is
  greater things ahead.                         stored to Palestine, and there has been rich in faith) speak to every one who
                  *       *       *             a steady increase in the fall of natural reads these words.
                                               'rain since the year 1870. Surely when
 A Higher Standard o f Holiness                 the natural latter rain is falling, we
    When Brother D. W . Kerr lay on             can cry to God for the supernatural                    A Jewish T r i b u t e
 his deathbed and his spirit was about          rain. As Isaiah puts it, "I will pnnr           "To what extent are you influenced
 to take its flight, he gave a charge to        water on him that is thirsty and floods by Christianity ?' Einstein, the great
 Pastor A G. Ward, "Brother, preach             upon the dry ground. I will pour out scientist. was asked. "As a child,"
 holiness."     I n breaking away from          My Spirit upon My seed and M y bless- he replied, "I received instruction             .
 some views of holiness not found in            k g upon My of@rixg."                        W,th in the Bible and in the Talmud.
 the Book, there has been a great dan-             Let us ask persistently and persev- I ain a Jew, but I am enthralled by
 ger of letting down the standard of            eringly for -rain. And let us expect, tlie luminous figure of the Nazarene.
 holy living. W e need to pray as Mc-           believe for, and praise for FLOODS! Jesus is too colossal for the pen of
 Cheyne prayed, "Lord, make me as                                                          - phrasemongers however artful. N o
 holy as it is possible for a human be-                Telling G o d the Size                                   of
                                                                                              man cancandispose Christianity with
 ing to b! e'     Holiness does not mean            A True Story by Geo. Grubb               a bon mot." "You accept the histori-
 the perfecting of self, but rather a per-         A few years ago a poor widow, an cal existence of Jesus?'               "Unqucs-
  fect Christ living His life through us.       earnest Christian, came into the office tionably. No one can read the Gos-
 Praise God, it is a part of the gospel          of a near relative of mine, who loves pels without feeling the actual p r s
 that tells us that our old man, with all       his Lord and Saviour. "Oh, Mr.,    -         ence of Jesus. His personality pul-
 his pride, his lust, his harshness, his        what a wonderful God we have!" she sates in every word. No myth is filled
 murmurings, his backbitings and all            exclaimed. "What is it now, Mrs. with such life. No man can deny the
  his carnal ways, was crztcified with          -"       said he; for she nearly always fact that Jesus existed, nor that His
  Cltrisf, that the body of sin might be        had something good to tell about her sayings are beautiful!'
Page S i x                                    T H E PENTECOSTAL
                                                             EVANGEL                                          July 12, 1930
         NOCI1 is a model for
          us today. His was                                                                   said that God revealed to him
          the age which saw
          the birth of. scientific        %he Soon & n i n g of                               that he would be removed
                                                                                              without death, 11o.r. since the
          invention I n t h e                                                                 event had never before oc-
          world." J a b a 1 as
founder of commerce, Tubal-
                                                         Christ                               curred, could he have im-
                                                                                              agined i t ; but faith which
Cain of manufacture, and                 The Need o f Being Drdicatcd, Consecrated            made him well-pleasing to
Jubal of art (Gen. 4:20-22),                             and Separated                        God wlzcreby he was trans-
were the dawn of today's                                                                      lated: the faith which pleased
   - -
mifihty meridian: a mirror- of- : *
                          , - -                                                               ~~d lay not so much in the
o m own far vaster age.                                                                       creed, i s nestled in the heart
Enoch's removal many decades before keep the zeford of m y patience, I also of a sanctified life, a root of the full
the Flood to~ches   (by type) the escape will kern thee from that hour which bloom wMch Gad plucked. Enoch
of all latter-day Enochs from ap- is to &me upon the whole world." held nine hundred or a thousand years
proaching jndgments, by secret rap- Rev. 3 :lo.                                      of life on earth, with corruption at the
ture like his. "He was not fotcnd"            O f all the saints of Hebrews Eleven, end of it, as nothing compared to a
 (He]). 11:s)-thus     his disappearance Enoch alone was translated; and of sudden heaven. H e ceased upon the
was known; but that he was sought Enoch, alone of them all, is Second noontide of his life: to the youngest
for on earth reveals that his removal Advent testimony recorded ; so much of all the patriarchs, for abandoning
had bcen secret.                            so that the Holy Spirit says that it this life, God has given five thousand
   H e lived in an epoch of rapidly was to men of our dispensation, four years in a better world.
deepening wickedness, and when the thousand years before it opened, that                So the Holy Ghost now draws a
earth was w e d \vith violence; his Enoch spoke:-"to               tlzese Enoch, the general lesson of the utmost practical
feet stood on the brink of a judgment seventh from Adam, prophesied"                 and prophetic importance to us:-that
that was to sweep the whole earth; (Jude 14) ; and so riveted together is the pleasure given to God by the rapt
he was, as the Holy Ghost emphasizes, a Second Advent mouth and life with is not the.mere act of conversion, but
"the seventh from Adam" (Jude 14) rapture, that lo, Enoch himself became a life of devotion: so that the Old
-that is, a type of all who, after six the bodily proof of his own testimony. Testament phrase is,-"Enoch z.ualked
thousand years of sin, shall share "He w a s not, for God T O O K him." with G a p (Gen. 5 :24), in continuous
the Sabbatic Rest.                          Gen. 5 24. So our Lord emphasizes well-pleasing; it was his walk which
   His deliverancethe first of its watchfulness for His return. "One is produced his rcrnoval. H e changed
kind in the history of the world, as toke* and one is left. Watch there- his place but not his company. For
ours will be the last-was by a sudden fore." Matt. 24:41.                            without faith it is impossible to be
and supernatural removal, through a           The Spirit reveals a second ground well-pleasing unto Hlm": that is,
gateway into heaven that has been of Enoch's translation. "By F A I T H whichever phrase we c h o s e-he
opened only twice since; and his is the Enoch was translated that he should "pleased" God, or he "walked" with
only rapture in the Bible enforced not see death." Heb. 11:5. The faith God-both imply faith, and continuous
upon us by the Holy Spirit as a model which is so emphasized throughout faith: "for he that cometh to God
for us.                                     Hebrews Eleven, while it necessarily must believe that H e is, and that H e
                                                                                     is a rewarder [a renderer of reward:
   So also the very setting of his rec- assumes saving faith, is never only Alford] of them that seek after Him."
ord is luminous with spiritual light. saving faith, but a faith far vaster and
For we know absolutely nothing of more potent. Abraham and Sarah                        "God removed him in so unusual
the physical facts of his life; not a begetting Isaac in extreme old age; a manner from the earth that all might
single outstanding event in it is re- biases renouncing the Egyptian pal- know how dear he was to the heart
corded ; out of complete obscrcrity he ace; Jericho leveled by marching of Gad." T o a life of extraordinary
rose into lzeaven. How profoundly priests; actual resurrections from the merit God granted an extraordinary
suggestive! "Hearken, my beloved dead ; kingdoms subdued, promises reward. H e became Enoch the im-
brethren, hath not God chosen the obtained, the mouths of lions stopped, mortalized because he had been Enoch
poor of this world, rich in faithp'-        the power of fire quenched:--41 these the sanctified.         The very name
His hidden diamonds-"to        he [R. V.] were the olwations of something far "Enoch," with the extraordinary sig-
heirs of the kingdom which H e prom- beyond saving faith. Therefore we nificance of Bible names, means dedi-
ised to them that love Him?" James see the tremendous truth. T h e faith cated, consecrated, separated. So our
2 :5. The Church knows nothing of for translation, so far frow being Lord says,-'Watch                       ye and pray al-
her 1)rightest stars, for she moves be- merely the faith for salvafion, is ranked ways, that ye'may be ACCOUNTED
neath the range of their heavenly ox- by the Holy Spirit among the great W O R T H Y to escape." Luke 21 :31.
bits.                                       acltieve~rtcrttsof the zoorld.           "Behold, I come quickly, and my RE-
   Jude stresses E470ch's testimony,          And so, alone among all these pa- WARD is with me, to render to each
and reveals it as exclusively a Second triarchs, it is Enoch's experience of according as his work is." Rev. 22 :12.
Adyent testimony. Enoch prophesied rapture that is seized upon by the                   Had not God designed to do Enoch
saTlng: "Behold, the Lord cometh Holy Spirit to emphasize reward : "for special honor, it had been easy to de-
wlth ten thousands of His saints to         B E F O R E his translation he hath had liver him from the coming tribulation
execute judgment upon dl" (Jude 14) witness borne to him that he had been by ordinary death, as H e did Me-
-upon Jew and Gentile. Here a new well pleasing tmto God, for he that thuselah. I t has been said that the
truth swims into our ken like a fresh cometh to God must believe that he utmost reach some Christians attain is
star. i s peculiarly linked is a REWARDER."                      The reason that they are pardoned criminals.
zuitlt testimony to the Lord's return: given for his rapture is lodged in the Enoch is one of the few men in the
this was Enoch's express witness. So pleasure he gave God before it oc- Bible against whom no sin is recorded.
 our Lord's word to the Philadelphian curred.                                        "In all ages it has been universally ac-
 Angel runs thus:-"Becartse thou didst        I t was not faith that he would be knowledged that no higher honor was
                                                 T H E PENTECOSTAL
                                                                EVANGEL                                              Page Seven

ever publicly bestowed on any man on            A T r e e that Brings Health             upon the Egyptians; for I aria thc Lord
earth than that bestowed on Enoch and                Harrictt S . Bainbridge             that- healeth thee." Ex. 15 :26.
Elijah, an exalted honor evidently                                                          Your history and mine has a marked
given to illustrate the unalterable prin-       Moses and the children of Israel         resemblance to the lives of the people
ciple that God remarkably honors             celebrated the triumph of Jehovah in        whom Moses led through the wilder-
those who are specially honoring to          a song of joyful praise.                    ness at the command of God. Like
God."                                           Not long, however, were the chil-        them, we have all had our moments of
    So now all concentrates on the walk      dren of Israel permitted to remain on       transfiguration, and some God-sent
with God. "Enoch walked with God."           the Mount of Exaltation, for the com-       Miriam has arisen in our midst, lead-
Gen. 5 :24.     This expression occurs       mand to "go forward" was again heard        ing us in our hour of victory in tri-
only twice in the Bible-+£ Enoch, type       in their ranks, and "Moses brought          umphant song. We have been filled
of the heavenly deliverance, before the      Israel from the Red Sea, and they           with joy and with the spirit of adora-
Flood; and of Noah, type of the Jew-         went out into the wilderness of Shur"       tion because our God hath fought our
ish escape, through the Flood: and it         (Ex. 15:22), where they found a            battles, and wrought out for us some
is recorded once of Noah (Gem 6:9),          severe trial awaiting their faith and       mighty deliverance; but ere long we
but of Enoch twice (Gen. 5:22-24),           patience, which completely silenced         also have been allowed to suffer hun-
the latter alone being named and ex-         their jubilant song. "And they went         ger or thirst of heart or body; and,
pounded in the New Testament; for            three days in the wilderness, and found     far from being "more than conquer-
the heavenly calling involves a double       no water."                                  ors" through Him who hath loved us.
intimacy with God, and involves the             They were all thirsty, and their         many of us have been defeated by it;
Church alone.                                thirst proved a more insuperable ob-        because we have looked in dismay a t
    There is a n exquisite beauty abou_t     stacle to faith than Pharaoh's hosts        the strange circumstances we could not
the phrase discernible only to a sensi-      had proved. Finding no water in the         understand, when we ought to have
tive spiritual vision: it implies close      wilderness of Shur, they marched to         looked only at the Right Hand of the
intimacy and unbroken communion ;            Marah, where they soon found them-          Most High (Psa. 123:2,3). which is
an agreement of mind and purpose, a          selves confronted by an additional and      ever ready to be stretched out for our
union of heart and soul, a sympathy          unexpected disappointment. Though           deliverance.
of sentiment and affection. "Can two         they were successful in finding water           Happy for us if some Moses has
walk together except they be agreed?"        there, it was bitter, and they could not    then stepped across our path and cried
Amos 3:3.       I t means a lonely life.     drink it. I n this emergency, the host      unto the Lord our God for us, there-
Enoch walked .with God when all men          which had passed through the Red Sea        by encouraging us to cry unto the
merc walking contrary to God. Noth-          on dry land at the word of Jehovah,         Lord for ourselves, expecting to re-
i g in the world is more valuable than       fell into unbelief, and murmured            ceive His mighty help and direction in
the ability to walk alone, for it is the     against Mo'ses, forgetting for the mo-      our time of need.
supreme prerequisite for walking with        ment their divine Deliverer, and the
God.                                                                                         How often at the waters 'of Marah
                                             great deliverances which His hand had       -at some bitter spring in our life--
    The man who walks with God be-           already wrought out for them.               we have cried unto God and have been
comes exceedingly sensitive to criti-                                                    surprised to discover that our sorrow
cisms of Christ, and exceedingly sen-           Fortunately for them, they had a
                                             leader who could believe God when           has proved the opportunity H e has
sitive to the inevitablenes of judgment.                                                 chosen to cause us to see His covenant
The universal ungodliness obsessed           His providences were not easy to un-
                                             derstand. "The people murmu~ed,      but    of grace, and to enter into covenant
Enoch like a nightmare (Jude IS), ex-                                                    relationship with Himself !
actly as it did Elijah (Rom. 11:3) ;it       Moses cried unto the Lord.           The
                                             doubting hearts soon gave way to a              I t may have been in some painful
is most remarkable that the only two                                                     and protracted sickness, or in some
men ever rapt before Christ were each        murmuring spirit, because the waters
                                             were bitter, and they were thirsty.         sad season of loss or bereavement that
distinguished for extreme loneliness.                                                    God has shown us our own unbeliev-
and fearless testimony in an age of          M o k , the believer, who was doubtless
                                             as thirsty as they were, and who had        ing, and therefore, murmuring spirit,
dominant wickedness; that is, the man                                                    and the loss it has entailed upon us;
who stands alone for right is the man        no more knowledge than they had how
                                             to mend matters himself, was wise           and through the vision of our own
whom God delights to honor.                                                               failure, caused us to seek grace to con-
    It is an extraordinary comfort that      enough to cry unto the Lord, who did
                                             know, and God answered him. The              fess and forsake, through the Holy
Enoch's sole recorded distinction is his                                                  Spirit, the wsurrcndercd will, whiclz
goodness; no administrator like Moses,       Lord showed him a tree, which when
or warrior like David, or statesman          he had cast it into the waters, the wa-     w a s the real origin of nearly all OILY
like Daniel; no hero of splendid ex-         ters were made sweet. A fore vision         suffering and heartbreak.
 ploit, or world-shaking achievement ;       of the Cross and Calvary's atonement.           As the sick and the sorrowing
the great prototype of all rapture was          It was at this particular place and      among .us who are standing today at
simply an ordinary mutt filled with ex-      time, when the peop1e"of God had            the waters of Marah, are honestly will-
traordinary goodness; a morning star         doubted Him, and had been discom-           ing to listen obediently to the divine
 flooded with the light of the still un-     forted, and Moses had called upon            voice and to accept the judgments of
 risen Sun. The law in the natural           Him, and had therefore proved Him           God, and love thcm heartily, forsak-
 realm-that    like attracts like--rules     "a very present help in trouble," that       k g once for all everything in their
also in the spiritual; heaven attracts       Jehovah appointed for His people "a         lives t h y realize to be out of harmony
tlzc most heavenly; until, in the set de-    statute and an ordinance, and there H e     w i t h the Father's will, they will surely
 sign of God, acting upon ever deepen-       proved them, and said: If thou wilt dil-     find, like Moses of old, that God still
 ing heavenliness of char--ter the           igently hearken to the voice of the Lord    shows His people a Tree which sweet-
mighty magnet snddenly works (Mark           thy God, and wilt do that which i s          ens and heals the bitter waters of hu-<
 4:29), and the Enochs are gone.             rioht i n His siaht. and wilt give ear to    man existeizce. That Tree i s none other
                                         -   ~ 2 co~nmand&nts, and kiep all His
                                                   s                                      than the Lord Hi~lzself and H e it i s
  Ask your friends to subscribe for          statutes, I m'll put none of these dis-      who declares, "I urn the Lord that
the Ez~angcl. See offer on Page Throe.       rases icpon thee whiclz I Izavt. brought     healeth thee."
Gleams o f Light From the Cross that one of them should betray I-Iim. too rigid and strait-laced.                       Suddenly
       (Coutinued from Page One)             Through the pages of the New Testa- they came in sight of one of the many
doubt the great Conductor, or criticize ment H e is still s q i n g , "Verily I say crosses that stands at the cross-roads
the accuracy of the music, but rather unto you, one of you may betray Me in European villages. They stopped,
let us wait patiently until the music -bring reproach upon My name and and as the meaning of that symbol
recomnences-for       it will surely re- hfy cause, by listening to the tempter's touched their hearts they bowed their
commence. And in this fashion will whisper." I n answer, may we lay heads in shame. Standing in the light
the great oratorio of God in History aside all fleshly confidence saying, of the Cross, they saw that a hideous
proceed until, in the realms of glory, it "Lord, is it I?" and then pray, "Search force had been striving to gain posses-
sllail end with a mighty, triumphant, me, 0 God, and know my heart; try sion of their lives-that                      subtle mys-
Hallelujah chorus !                          me, and know my thoughts: and see tery of iniquity. They returned in si-
    3. The Cross is the power that coun- if there be any wicked way in me, and lence, each determined to be loyal to
teracts the utystery of iniquity. There lead me in the way everlasting."                  the Christ who died for him. The
is a dark mystery connected with sin.           But there is another mystery that is blood of Jesus Christ God's Son had
Let any one attempt to reason out the able to counteract the working of the cleansed them from all sin.
the origin of sin in this world, the fall mystery of iniquity-the          mystery of        4. The Cross provides the power that
of Satan, and let him ask himself the atoning grace, expressed in the simple can deliver us from one of the great-
why of the question; he will soon find statement, "The blood of Jesus Christ est hindrances to Christian life and
himself in an intellectual blind alley, God's Son cleanseth us from all sin." services-selfish pride. Read the story
exclaiming, "Great is the mystery of Like an X-ray the Cross exposes sin in John 13:l-17 and Paul's interpre-
iniquity." W h y did Judas, basking in in the heart, reveals it in all its hide- tation of it in Phil. 2:l-8. Jesus was
the pure rays of the Light of the world, ousness, and make's us recoil from it. about to spend the last hours of His
attempt to extinguish that Light for a Like a searchlight it throws out daz- human life with His disciples, and eat
paltry thirty pieces of silver? W h y zling white rays that search out the His last earthly meal with them. I t
did David, the man after God's own hidden corners of the field of man's was a solemn hour, but there was a
heart, stoop to that base deed that interests and activities, and sends spirit working in the hearts of the
brought reproach upon himself and has scampering in all directions the foul apostles that threatened to mar i b
evoked the sneer of the infidel in our creatures of the night that lurk there. solemnity. As they filed into the up-
own days? W h y do individuals who Three English young men were attend- per room each one studiously avoided
have experienced God's power, and ing school in Switzerland. They had a task which, in past times, they had
gained many spiritual triumphs, sac- been brought up in a Christian home, probably performed in turn--the
 rifice all by an unwise or sinful act? and taught to live according to Chris- washing of feet ( a duty of hospitality
 Great i s the mystery of ipliquity!         tian standards. But now, the glimpse in those days). The reason is suggest-
     A poet in order to illustrate the of new pleasant, easy-going standards ed in Luke's Gospel (22 :%). Their
subtle power of sin in our nature, tells had fascinated them, so that they were minds enflamed by pride, they had
the story of a beautiful girl, who was questioning the validity of the old been disputing as to who should be the
greatly esteemed for her moral as well standards of morality, and deciding greatest among them, the rztler of all;
as her physical beauty. After a sev- that after all the "old morality" was therefore, for one to have washed the
 ere illness, she died. People                                                                     feet of his fellows would have
 b m n to think that she had                                                                       meant to become the servant

 be& an angel whom God had                                                                         of all. They, who were to be-
 sent for a short time into their                    "Let There Be Light"                          come great in the kingdom,
 midst. During her illness, she                             (Genesis 1:3)                          would never condescend to
  surprised many by begging                                                                        such a lowly task; it was be-
  them not to interfere with her        T H E SPIRIT O F GOD                                       neath them.
  hair. The reason for her re-          In solemn hush m o d d o'er chaotic deeps,
  quest was not understood until        And brooding lay upon the waste; Olnnipo-                     Jesus had already rebuked
  many years later, when, on op-               tence then spake                                    them for this spirit; now H e
  ening her coflin, there were           Ita rtri;zbling tones like thzcnder loud, the great       saw, that drastic action was
  seen lying around her head                   creative W o r d :                                  necessary. I n full conscious-
  several pieces of gold. That          "Let there be light!"                                      ness of His Deity (John 13 :3 ;
  character, seemingly so noble                                                                    compare Phil. 2:6,7), H e
  and beautiful, had been all the        0 SPIRIT OF G O D                                         stripped off His outer gar-
  while tainted with the blight         I n holy pow'r move on rhe hearts of men-                  ments, took a basin and towel,
  of covetousness !                      That deep unfatho;nable waste of sin and dark-            and performed the duty that
      "Wherefore let him that                  ness primeval,                                      they were too big (really, too
  thinketh he standeth take heed         And speak in tones of tender love the sym-                small!) to perform. The apos-
  lest he fall," is the warning                fhony of peace:     ,
                                                                   .                               tles' astonishment is reflected
                                                                                                   in Peter's reaction, who, after
  addressed by Paul to Chris-            "Let there be light!"
  tians. H e himself recognized                                                                    recovering from his surprise,
  the subtlety of the working of
  sin when he said, "But I keep
  my body under and bring it in-
                                         0 SPIRIT OF GOD,
                                         In mighty p d r move o'er the world's chaos,
                                         Where dark and black confusion holds her m i -       1    managed to blurt out, "Lord,
                                                                                                   dost Thou wash rny feet?'
                                                                                                   The Lord of glory had

  to subjection; lest that by any              versal sway.                                         stpoped very low to serve
  means, when I have preached            Speak Thou in judgment's thunder-tones the                man; but lower H e could not
  t o others, I lnyself should be              all-transf o w i n g word:                          bow than when H e washed the
   a castaway." "Is it I?' ex-           "Let there be Light!"                                      feet of His own disciples. This
   claimed the disciples in an-                                 W m . Burton McCaferty.             story contains many important
   swer to our Lord's solemn af-                                                                    lessons, but may we call at-
   firmation at the Last Supper,                                                                    tention to the following truth
                                                                                                                          Page Nine
    it would suggest; namely, that the           pressed regret that he had not asked             "His eye is on the sparrow,
    cleansing of man, means the humilia-         me to preach in the afternoon. Of                 And I know H e watches m! e'
    tion of the Lord; and that, when His         course I was minus the usual five dol-
    disciples, defile themselves with the        lars and did not receive anything at              During my first pastorate in Winni-
    pride and sinfulness of the world, H e       the night service. As will be seen, the       peg, Canada, I was called by phone one
    must needs (in spirit) again stoop to        Lord was in all this and was working          day to pray with a sister who was
    wash their soiled feet. As we behold         out His own plans.                            very sick. On reaching the sick room,
    this picture of the Master kneeling in            At the close of the evening service at   I knelt to pray at the bedside. The
'   service before His followers, we may         Halstead Street, 1 was invited by one         husband was kneelin at the opposite
    exclaim with the hymn writer:                of the sisters to come to her home for        side of the bed. J h i l e praying the
                                                 lunch on Monday a t noon. When                Lord spoke to me and said, "You have
    "When I survey the wondrous cross            lunch was over she handed me fifty            two five-dollar bills in your pocket;
      On which the Prince of Glory died,         cents, which I received with thanks.          give them to this man."
    My richest gain I wunt but loss,             W e then had a season of prayer. While            The enemy cunningly suggested that
      And pour contempt on all my pride."        we were praying together, a brother           I badly needed that ten dollars myself.
                                                 came in, dressed in his working               However, I oheyed the Lord 9nd hand-
       "Let this mind be in you which was        clothes. H e joined us in the prayer,         ed the husband the ten dollars. The
    also in Christ Jesus: who being in the       and when we rose from our knees he            moment I did this, the man burst into
    form of God, thought it not robbery          put his hand in his pocket and handed         tears.. H e later told me that his land-
    to be equal with God; but made Hiin-          me five dollars. S o I got my five dol-      lady was a rank unbeliever and had
    self of no reputation, and took upon          lars and fifty cents and a good dinner       spoken very harshly to him, telling him
    Him the form of a servant, and was            in the bar in.                               that if he believed in a God he had
    made in the likeness of men : and be-             At a n o g r time in Chicago the Lord    better pray that H e would send him
    ing found in fashion as a man, H e            suddenly spoke to me and told me to          money for the rent. His rent was at
    humbled Himself and became obedient           send Sister T., who lived on the West        that time seven dollars in arrears.
    unto death, even the death of the cross.      Side, a dollar. I said, "Yes, Lord!           Moreover he had not been able to get
    Wherefore God also hath highly ex-            When I am through with this matter           any nourishing food for his sick wife,
    alted Him." Phil. 2:l-9.                      I have on hand I will do so." The word        ow in^ to his lack of money. With the
        May disdples of the Lord flee the         came again, "Do it at once. The need          ten dollars I gave him, he was able
    snare of him who once boasted, "I will        is urgent." I at once got an envelope,        to'pay his rent and also get some nour-
    ascend into heaven, I - d l exalt my          put in a dollar bill, and wrote on a lit-     ishing food for his wife.
    throne above the stars of God: I will         tle slip of paper "Phil. 4:19."                   The moment I handed the man the
     sit also upon the mount of the congre-           I afterward found that this sister        ten dollars, I felt a strong assurance
     gation, in the sides of the north: I will    had but three cents in the house, and         that God was going to give me back
    ascend above the heights of the clouds;       was about to go to the store to buy           this money very soon with interest.
     I will be like the Most High." 1 Tim.        three cents worth of potatoes for her         When I returned home and told my
     3 :G, 7; I s a 14: 13, 14. For to him it      dinner. My dollar arrived just in time       wife that I had given the man ten
     was said, "But thou shalt be brought          for her to get a better and more boun-       dollars, she was tempted t o think I
     down to hell, to the sides of the pit.''      tiful meal.                                  had over-stepped the bounds of pru-
        I n concIusion let us remember that           Later I was led to send ano'her dol-      dence. However on the following
     it will not be surticient for Christians      lar to this same sister, and this time I     Sunday night a t the altar service a sis-
     to wear the Cross as an ornament; the         found that she had written several let-      ter came and handed my wife thirty
     Cross must wear them, as living sac-          ters but was without stamps and was          dpllars, three times the amount I had
     rifices for the service of Christ. I t        not able to mail them until my dollar        Dven away.
     will be vain to admire the beauty of          had arrived.
     the Cross, and extol its power and its           During my sojourd of six and one-             But that is not all. A week or so
     triumphs, unless they are ready to ad-        half years in Chicago I lived for part       later the man to whom I gave the ten
     mit its message a s the ruling principle      of the time about seven miles from the        dollars phoned me saying that I had
     in their lives. The revival the church        center of the business district where         done him a good turn in an hour of
     needs will come as its members realize        Willard Hall then stood. The Chris-           great need, but that he had since re-
     the experience of Paul when he said,          tian Alliance then held their weekly          ceived some money from England and
     "I am crucified with Christ : neverthe-       meetings in that Hall. One day I              he was going to give me back the ten
     less I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth     spent my last nickel for carfare in or-       dollars I had given him. I remon.
     in me: and the life which I now live          der that I might attend the noon meet-        strated with him and told him to k e e ~
     in the flesh I live by the faith of the       ing of the Alliance. From the stand-          the money--that the Lord had directed
      Son of God, who loved me and gave            point of the natural the outlook was          me to give it t o him. H e expressed
      Himself for me."                             dark. But God! I assisted as usual            great thankfulness that I had obeyed
                                                    in praying for the sick, and when the        the Lord in the matter. "But," said
                                                    meeting closed at about 2 P M. I felt
                                                                                 .               he, "the Lord wants me to give it back
            Faith Reminiscences                    quite hungry. But God did not fail            to you." With that he hung up the
          (Continued from Page Two)                me. As I was leaving the meeting, some        receiver and came right over with the
     of money. I had usually preached in            Christian friends stepped up to me           money. So I got back the original
     the afternoon and quite often in the           and asked me to go and have dinner           ten dollars and thirty dollars besides.
     evening also. But this particular Sun-         with them at a near-by restaurant. Of        Surely this was another evidence of
     day the elder in charge felt led to            course I cheerfully accepted the invi-       the truth of Luke 6:38, "Give and it
     preach himself, and at the close of the        tation.                                      shall be given unto you, good measure,
     meeting he was about to announce that             During the meal we had a reftesh-         pressed down, and shaken together, and
     I would preach in the evening, but I           ing time of fellowship together, and as       running. over, shall men give into your
     spoke up and said I had promised to            we parted they handed me two dollars         bosom."
     preach a t the Halstead Street Pente-          for which I praised God and went on
                                                                 .                                  On andher occasion in Winnipeg,
     costal Mission that night. H e then ex-        my way rejoiang. Truly-                           (Continued on Page Thirteen)
Page Ten                                                       EVANGEL
                                               T H E PENTECOSTAL

      Facts f r o m African L f                                                          they please him and keep him in a
            Ednu M. Dobbins                    All afferhgs for For&gn Mutionr           good humor, and that he will keep
                                             and fw exfimcr~ of conducting the           trouble away from them. When trou-
    The following are answers to ques-       Musionary Department, ~hould sent
                                                                         be              ble does come, as it very often does,
tions that have often been asked while       by Check, Dmft, Exbresr ar Postal           they will redouble their efforts to
home on furlough.                            Money Order, made +aysble to Noel           please him. They also believe it
          HEATHEN    MARRIAGE              I Perkin, Missionary Setxetary, R6            pleases him for them to dance, beat
    What marriage ceremony do they
have in Liberia? They do not have
                                           i W e d Pacific St., SMkgfirid, Mo.,
                                             U. S. A.                                    the drums, and hold their many dif-
                                                                                         ferent ceremonies. They think that
any ceremony. A man sees a girl he                                                       the devil likes to be entertained.
thinks he wants. H e goes to the par-      native huts, it is concluded that this                  CONCEPTION GOD
ents and.tells them. They are usually      is sure proof of the guilty party be-            What is their belief as to God and
glad for the pay they will receive and     ing in that house, and some unfortun-         Jesus, is another question often asked.
 readily agree. H e then pays the          ate person is dragged out and either          They look upon God as some far off
amount agreed upon, either a bullock,      killed by drowning or made to drink           and yet supreme being but not one to
a couple of goats, or six pounds in        sasswood which is a very deadly poi-          be worshipped. God is too good to
money (about thirty dollars). She          son from which few recover. The               hurt any one, therefore H e will never
belongs to the man then without fur-       people believe that the spirit of the         trouble them. The devil is the one
ther question. The girl herself is not     departed leads them in this way to            who causes al the trouble and so they
consulted or given any choice in the       find the one responsible for the death.       worship Him through fear. They be-
matter. Oftentimes an old man will              l
                                               Al the family and relatives of the        lieve also in Jesus as a good man who
purchase a small girl for his wife.        deceased come together at such times          lives in God's country and as one who
After the agreement is made and the        and qourn, the period of their mourn-         is always willing to do good. They
money paid she is his property and         ing being governed by the relative im-        call Jesus, "Ma Senna" which means
must go with him whether she cares to      portance of the man who has died. The         one who never makes a mistake. Many
o r not. If she runs and hides they        women shave their heads, while at the         of the customs of these people are
only find her, bring her back and cruel-   same time, the people include in the          much like the customs we read about in
ly beat her. At the time a man comes       ceremonies dancing and feasting. This         the Old Testament days. They have
t o take the girl they have a dance and    may continue for as long as two or            houses of refuge where any one in
prepare a big feast in the town. They      three weeks.                                  trouble can run and be safe from his
will also sacrifice to the devil so that       I t is generally believed that the one    pursuers until his palaver is talked
he will keep trouble away from them.       who dies has gone on a trip to the            and judged. They also have a sprink-
Before a man marries a girl he must        devil's country and if they do not eat        ling of blood ceremony. If one per-
bring gifts to the other members of        anything there, they will return to this      son kills another, shedding blood, then
the family but after he is married his     world again in some form or other,            blood must be shed for the life taken,
 obligations to the family cease unless    but if they do eat while in the devil's       so they will kill a fowl or a goat and
 his mother-in-law is left without a       country, the people think the departed        sprinkle the blood wherever the life
 husband. I n that case he must take       one will be held and never allowed to         was taken. If it happened to be out
his mother-in-law and keep her until       return. I n order, therefore, that the        on the road, the blood must be sprink-
 she dies. These people practice pdyg-     dead may have conveniences should             led at that place, but if in a house,
 amy. The more wives a man has the         they return, the relatives will take rice     then the sprinkling of blood must be
greater he is in the eyes of the people    and other food to the grave for a time        in that house. They claim that this is
 of the town. The women and girls of       and also surround it with old cloth           to purify the place and take away the
 Liberia are but mere slaves and it is     and rusty pans. When asked why                guilt of the one who killed. The meat
 blessed to be able to tell them that      they didn't put better articles than the      used for this purpose is eaten by the
 Jesus came to set them free.              old cloth and pans, they reply that           head or chief man.
          A HEATHEN    FUNERAL             some one might steal them. They are              There are many other customs too
    How is a heathen funeral conducted     wise enough to only put out things no          numerous and some too terrible al-
 i n Africa? When any one dies in          one would want, but they do not ap-            most to mention, but it is so blessed
 the heathen villages, it is a great oc-   pear to recognize that for the same            to know that Jesus died for these poor
 casion especially if the deceased hap-     reason the articles would be useless          souls and that when H e cpmes some
 pens to have been a man. I n such an       to the dead even if they did come             from every tribe and nation will go
 event the natives have a dance and pre-   back.                                         up to meet Him in the air. Let US
 pare "big chop" or in our words a             It is considered most important that       each one be faithful in gathering them
 great feast.                               the entire family attend the funeral.         into the fold by being obedient unto
    They have a superstition that all       If any one should fail to bepresent,          the commands of our Lord when H e
 who die have been killed by the witch-     it is considered that he is not interested    says, Go, Send, and Pray.
 ery of some one and accordingly they       and he may even be held responsible
 take immediate steps to find out who       for the death.                                             NOTICE
 the guilty one is. T o do this they em-             SACRIFICESTHE DEVIL
  ploy different methods of which one is       w h y do they offer sacrifices to the       Margaret Felch of Rae Bareli, In-
 t o put the box containing the corpse      devil? some one may ask.              Not    dia, is returning home on furlough and
  on sticks and then lifting it up. they    through any love for him but throufzh        has requested us to publish her home
 Tun wildly through the town. Should        meat fear. They believe that by of-          address which is Tottenville, L. I.,
 the sticks happen to strike one of the     fering rice, meat, and other things that     New York.
                                              T H E PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL                                           Page Elevej?

     News from Many Lands                 smiling faces. At the school they had       be able to get away with our children
          DANZIC,  POLAND                 a program of welcome for us.-May            and I wish that Mrs. Nicodem and the
                                          H. Thompson.                                baby were here. I will quote a part of
   In our mission districts the Lord is
                                                                                      her letter that I just received which
marching on to constant victories.
Hundreds are being immersed in these               PEKING,NORTHCHINA                  will give an idea what it is like there
summer months. Here in Danzig we              About ten days ago we had two now.
are going to have a baptismal service                           s
                                          baptismal s e ~ c e in the jails. I n one       " 'There is much to write you and 1

this Sunday when around thirty will       prison we immersed forty-one prison- hardly know where to start. The boys'
be immersed in the Baltic waters.-        ers and in the other we immersed exams were to start today but cholera
G. H. S h i d t .                         twenty-five, making sixty-six in all. At is raging so badly that we don't know
                                          present we have two hundred prison- what to do. Mr. Biswas (the head
                                          ers in the four jails that have taken a master) was just up and we talked
          ATHENS,   GREECE                definite stand for Christ and have been ovef the situation and decided for the
   We were called to pray for an ola      buried with Him in baptism. The jail present to only give the exam to our
lady who is very sick in one of the       work is most promising, and the con- Christian boys up here in the hostel
refugee camps. After praying for her      victs' hearts are open for the truth. and then let the outside boys take theirs
and preaching the Word to her family,     Please remember this work in your later. The Government has ordered
some of then1 had tears in their eyes     prayers and have Draver offered in schools closed and everything in the
and cried to God for mercy. They          your assembly when 'praying for China. bazar (market) is closed and aban-
have asked us to pray for them that       -H. E. Hansen.
God may deliver them from their sins                                                  doned so that you can't buy anything.
and sicknesses.-Harry Mamalis.                                                        The people are dying like flies, seven .
                                          Y u TSI, T A CHANG,NORTH CHINA last night and five yesterday and there
                                              In H u Tsuen, a village a little over seems to be a continual line of dead
            ODESSA, RUSSIA                three miles from here, the people are bodies carried down to the river. The
   The work of God here is pawing         very much interested in the gospel. people are frightened, many of them
and strengthening. The number of          Two from that village, a young man leaving the place entirely, while others
followers is increasing, and in spite     and a woman of middle age were bap- are sending their families away. I t
of our sorrows and troubles, the Lord     tized in water last Sunday, the day af- certainly is awful and the whole bazar
marvelousl blesses and baptizes with      ter we held a meeting in their village, is just a place of mourning.
the Holy zhost. On the 18th of Mag        and they both testified. The young               " 'We are trying to keep every boy
we administered water baptism in the       man said, "For a long time I with- on the compound and protect them a
Black Sea. Thirteen were baptized in                                                                                             s
                                           stood the gospel and persecuted the best we can and just trust God for the
water. On the 5th of May we were           Christians, but now the Lord has saved rest. I will have to let Babu ji (the
allowed to visit J. E. Voronaeff in       me. You say we should not believe man who takes care of our boys) go
prison and also saw some of the other      on Jesus because we will be killed just to yanpara to buy supplies for them
brothers.-Mrs.   J. E. Voronaeff.          as many were during the Boxer Re- if '!I;> keeps on for long. I. am not
               --                          bellion, but were all those who were buj-ing a single thing from the bazar
            CHAPRA,   INDIA                killed Christians? No, indeed not. In for ourselves. Sugar, etc., I have or-
  A Hindu lawyer was wonderfully           that case why should we be afraid to dered from Bahraich so I think that
saved and now he is bringing his friend    believe on Jesus if unbelievers may we are not taking any chances. Well,
to meetings. This friend is also very      be killed the same as we?'          Please we surely have to be in the midst of it,
much interested in our work. Pray          pray for this young man for we be- don't we? I suppose you get the pa-
that Jesus will save him also and make     lieve if the Lora has His way with per up there and know of the awful
a preacher out of him like his friend.     him, he will become a preacher.             riots taking place everywhere through
Two policemen who were sent to give           W e would like to open a new out- India. Surely it makes us wonder
us protection on account of the trou-      station in this village, but we are hand;- what will be the end of all these
ble in India have become very much         capped by the lack of native workers. things ???
interested in our meetings. They at-       Please pray that this need may be met.
tend every one and are on the verge            Last week we had several days of            "'Poor Nellie is down with a ter-
of becoming Christians.-E v e 1y n         God's blessing in special meetings, and rible headache. I tried to persuade
Leighton.                                  on Smnday about sixteen followed the her to get ready and go on u to the
                                           Lord in water baptism. The majority hills but she kill not hear o f it. It
            SHWEIFAT,SYRIA                 of these new converts are seeking the surely is getting hot. Last night the
    W e arrived safely in Beyrout May       Baptism with the Holy Spirit, so please sand flies were so bad that one just
 30th. The Lord gave us a very rest-       pray for them toward that end, that couldn't sleep even when, it did get a
 ful and enjoyable trip for which we        they may grow in grace and in the little cooler toward morning.'
                                            knowledge of our Lord and Saviour              "From this letter you get just a lit-
 truly thank Him. W e also wish to                                                      tle glimpse of what missionary life is
 thank our friends in America for their     Jesus Christ.--Marie Stephany.
 prayers which have followed us.                                                 --    .in India, but without knowing the de-
 Several times on the boat I felt the        A LETTERFROM        BROTHER   NICODEM tails by experience you still do not
                                                            OF INDIA
                                                                                        know what it is actually like. There
 power of'God and knew some one was
 praying. The Lord gave us some                "I am feeling much better since are many other things that I would
 t~lessedservices while on board ship.     coming to the hills. I had to come up like to write about but I must not do
    Miss Malick's family and a number       with the four older children and leave so this time.                       .. .- . - . .

 of friends came to the boat to greet       my wife at the station, as the school
 us. W e took a car from Beyrout to         is just closing, and it is necessary that       NOTIIINC is right in the life till
  Shweifat and as we neared Schweifat       someone be there to see to things.           Christ has the place of sovereignty in
  we saw the schoolchildren marching           "Before I left, cholera was very the heart. A Christ-possessed heart
  toward us. They were dressed in           prevalent. In a nearby village 14 had m a n s a Christ-reflected life. Only
  white and carried fags and flowers.       died in a few days. In another village Christ within can produce Christ with-
  It was such a blessing to see their       2 miles away 50 died. I was glad to out.
Page Twclve                                                     EVAN-
                                                     THEPENTECOSTAL                                                               July 12, 1930

                            9 n the Whitened 3 C a w e ~yield                                                               .*.

        20 CHOOSE T H E CROSS                             LUTHERANS AMAZED                            TORRENTS A N D T O R R E N T S
   Pastor Stanley J. Miller, Cape Girardeau,       Brother M. E. Hamilton, Lexington, Tex.,        Evangelist Harvey McAlister, Oklahoma
Mo., writes: "Brother W. H. Boyles has           writes: "The Lord is still blessing His peo-    City, Okla., writes: "We are having glor-
conducted a very fruitful meeting for us         ple in these parts. On Thursday night a         ious times here. The meeting has been go-
in the past 3 weeks. About 20 came for           large crowd gathered at the home of one of      ing on for 2 weeks and about 70 have al-
pardon to the Cross, 12 were immersed in         our band for our regular prayer meeting.        ready been refreshed by the torrents of Lat-
water, 10 united with the church, and the        God's mighty Pentecostal power began to         ter Rain pouring down, receiving the Holy
assembly was left in a more spiritual condi-     fall and before the meeting closed 4 had        Ghost Baptism, and the rain is still falling1
tion than when the revival began. W e had        prayed through and received the Holy            Many others are earnestly seeking the Holy
the largest crowds that had ever yet at-         Ghost, while others were earnestly calling      Ghost, and His convicting and baptizing
tended our meetings."                            on God for deliverance from sin. Among          power are wonderfully manifested in the
                                                 those present were some from the Lutheran       meeting. A glorious revival is on; many
      59 M A K E H E A V E N REJOICE             church, who became amazed at the working        are getting saved; one young man received
   Evangelist Elgin Smith, Eakley, Okla.,        of the Holy Spirit, and His power over          the sight of his blind eye, one lady was
reports from Sayre, Okla.: "We have had          men. W e are praying that God will speak        healed of cancer, and scores are testifying
a most blessed tabernacle meeting here in        to many hearts in this place, and will send     to all manner of healing. The meeting still
the past few weeks. Glorious songs of re-        some one here to 'expound the way of God        cuntilmes."
joicing mingled with angel choruses, a s 59      more perfectly.' The writer is a Nazarene
wept their way through to Jesus. Twenty          minister, who leaves his church every Sun-           DROVE 50 MILES T O H E A R
were baptized with the Holy Ghost accord-        day to preach for this band."                      Evangelist Mary C. Brown, Martinsburg,
ing to the promise fulfilled in Acts 2:4, and'                                                   W. Va., writes: "The Brown Evangelistic
13 followed their Lord in water baptism. W e              T W O MINISTERS W E D                  Party, including Evangelist J. Robert Ash-
are planning for a new church building."            On Wednesday evening, June 18, at 7          croft, Jr., Evangelist Margel M. Krahen-
                                   - .
                                                 o'clock, in the Elim Tabernacle, Saskatoon,     shue, Miss Ruth Potorff, Pianist, and the
SCORES JOIN T H E BLOOD-WASHED                   Sask., was solemnized the wedding of Evan-      writer, have just closed a tent campaign in
  Pastor G. F. Smith, Wood River, Ill.,          gelist A. Watson Argue, of Winnipeg, Man.,      Elkwood, Va. This was one of the great-
writes: "A mighty downpour of the Spirit         and Miss Hazel May, of Saskatoon. The           est campaigns known ,o this community:
was witnessed by the people of this city as      ceremony was performed by Brother A. H.         Numbers who were huugry lor the gospel
the Word of God was preached by Brother          Argue, father of the groom, assisted 'by        drove 40 and 50 miles, and now from ma::y
F. E. Heady of St. Louis, Mo., in a recent       Pastor C. B. Smith. Watson Argue has            fields near by comes the Macedonian call,
revival lasting 3 weeks. Many say it was         been in the evangelistic field for the past     'Come over and hclp us.' About 18 were
the greatest outpouring of the Spirit they       ten years, and Miss May for two years, as-      truly converted during the meeting, and 3
have seen in years. Eighty came weeping          sisting Mrs. Eleanor Frey, Evangelist. The      received the Holy Ghost in thr !'.c:s 2:4
to the Saviour's feet, and found forgiveness,    young couple covet the prayers of God's         manner. District Supcrin:~:ndent, 11. W.
several were baptized with the Holy Ghost        people that their future ministry may be eyer   Kline, of Washington, D. C, was with us
and 35 followed the Lord in water baptism.       truly to the glory of God. They plan, after     one Friday night, preaching to a large and
The saints are wonderfully encouraged to         a short vacation at Banff, Alberta, to accept   interested audience H e was greatly en-
go on in the blessed service."                   a series of calls on the Pacific Coast, in-     thused and believes a permanent work has
                                                 cluding Klamath Falls, Ore., Puyallup,          been done in this community!'
  TOUCHING F A R E W E L L SERVICE               Wash., Pasadena, Calif., and the new Bethel
  The Church Clerk at Wynne, Ark., gives         Temple at Los Angeles:                                  " H E S E N T H I S WORD"
an interesting account of a farewell meet-                                                         Evangelist W. H. Whelchel writes from
ing held by their pastor, as follows: "I want            F I F T Y DAYS O F GLORY                b e , Tex.: "God began to work a s soon a s
to praise the Lord for the way H e has              Pastor Harry L. Collier, Washington, D.      we arrived in Crowley, La., Brother and
blessed us in the recent months of Brother       C., writes: "We have recently closed our        Sister A. B. Combs assisting in the meet-
McPhail's ministry. H e and family are           50 days' revival, commemorating the 1900th      ing. As people came seeking God for sal-
leaving on account of the illness of his         anniversary of the descent of the Holy Spirit   vation and deliverance - from suffering, in
wife's people. Several ministers and quite       upon the early church. The pastor opened        His great mercy H e sent His Word and
a few visitors from k near-by assemblies         the meeting on Easter Sunday; this was fol-     healed them. Many were saved and several
came over and spent last Sunday with us,         lowed by a revival conducted by the young       were baotized with the Holv Ghost One  - -

when Brother McPhail preached his fare-          people. After this nightly prayer meetings      woman near death with T.-B. was saved
well sermon. It was sad to have them go,         were held until the coming of Evangelist A.     and baptized on her deathbed, and went
but the Lord comforted our hearts. Brother       H. Argue and daughter Zelma on May 18,          into the presence of the Lord praising Him
Blessingame has come to finish our former        who remained for 3 weeks. A deep, holy          in the language the Spirit had given. Also
pastor's year!'                                  spiritual atmosphere rested upon the serv-      a girl who once walked on her hands and
                                                 ices throughout the campaign; some very         feet, called "The Turtle Girl," prayed
           BRIEF MENTION                         special things occurred, including several      through to glorious victory. She is but 39
  Brother W. F. Burchett, writes that he         gracious healings. Another incident was the     inches high, weighs 60 pounds, and is 17
is now engaged in a mwting at Tribune,           Baptism with the Spirit of a Presbyterian       years of age. She is a teacher of both
Kansas, that promises to be successful. H e      missionary, who unexpectedly visited the        French and English. W e also held a p r x -
has secured the high school building and         tabernacle. Her first Pentecostal sermon        ious 2 weeks' meeting a t Libe>ty, Texas,
the crowds are constantly increasing. Mail       was delivered to our Crusaders. An all-         where 8 received the precious Baptism and
will r w h him in care of Willie Halfman.        night waiting service held the night before     several were blessedly converted. W e are
                    -                             the Day of Pentecost anniversary was            now beginning a tent meeting at this place,
  'Pastor Ira D. Shuck, Red Cloud, Nebr.,        greatly blessed. Crowds that took every         but it is in the face of many persecutions;
reports that God's smile and approval have       available bit of space came on the dosing       we expect many to be won for Christ, for
been upon them since their arrival last Sep-     day, and the altar overflowed with seekers.      H e is our help!'
tember to take up the work of the Master          Twenty-two members were added to the
there. H e has been saving, baptizing, and       church roll, and a goodly number were saved       SPECIAL PENTECOSTAL NUMBER
healing those who have sought Him for            and filled with the Holy Gbost; the saints         Send for a roll of the special "Pentecostal"
these respective blessings; they expect to        were lifted to a new plane of faith and hun-    Number of the Evangel, 25 copies, 25
continue gatherinp souls for Him there.           ger for the coming of the Lod"                  cents; 100 copies, $1.00.
July 12, 1930                                                                                                      Page Thirteen

 T h e Precious Blood o f Christ             feat. The blood purifies the heavens,            Faith Reminiscences
                                            and it is the theme of eternity.                (Continued I £ rorn Page Nine)
    The blood of Christ keeps away             It is your privilege to use that we were having our weekly Day of
darkness, it opens the channels of          which you do not -fully understand. Prayer. A number had prayed and
blessing. The precious blood of the         In simple faith, relying upon the Holy we were now waiting quietly before
Son of the living God, who became           Spirit, use God's weapon. This is the Lord, when suddenly a man who
a Lamb in order that the blood might        God's ordained plan. They overcame had never before given me a cent, and
be shed, is a sacred theme. W e are         him (Satan) by the blood of the who had a reputation for being very
not redeemed with corruptible things,       Lamb and the word of their testi- close in money ratters, gave me a dig
but with the precious blood of the          mony. In the blood you have a weapon with his elbow and handing me some
Lamb, without spot--God's Lamb,             to overcome him who overcame you. bills said, "Put that in your pocket." I
God's Man, the Man Christ Jesus.            Satan caused the fall of Adam-the        thanked him quietly and placed the bills
    These things the angels desired to      first man. The last Adam, through in my pocket. The meeting went on
look into. The efficacy of the blood        His shed blood, causes the fall of Sa- for another hour or so and I thought
is a mystery to the angels, a terror to     tan who caused Adam's fall.              no more of the incident. When I
the demons, and salvation to the sin-                                                reached home, however, the thought
ner. Angels hold it sacred, because            T h e Glories o f the Promised        came to me, "that brother gave me
it is mysterious. Demons know its                                                    some money, I will see how much it
power, and trctnbk. Man tramples it                          Land                    was," thinking it m-ight be two p r
underfoot, counting it as an unholy               (Continued from Page Three)
thing. But unto those who believe H e is     always upon it, from the beginning of three dollars. Imagine my surpnse
precious, His blood is precious, and         the year even unto the end of the when I counted out ten ten-dollar bills
that which the blood purchased is pre-
 cious. The blood brings salvation,
                                            year."                                   --$100.00!      I certainly was
                                                Dear thirsty soul, will you not seek surprised and devoutly thank ul to        Py
 victory, glory, and ultimately it brings    this glorious fullness. of the Spirit? God.
                                             Do you not desire to enter into this        I might go on indefinitely giving in-
 glorification. The song of the re-
 deemed through the eternal ages will        rest of the soul? There are enemies stances of the marvelous way in which
 be,. "JVOrthy is the Lamb that was          to be encountered and battles to be God has from time to time met my
 dam.                                        fought even in the Promised Land; but needs.
                                             the great difference is that after you      Here is one case right up-tordate.
      The world tramples the blood under-    have entered into the Spirit's fullness Mv wife and I were im~ressedthat
 foot; and the worst tramplers are the                                                 v
                                             you let Hiln fight for you. This is the ~ ; ought tp give a certain' family five
 apostate ones who once knew about           rcst-to have no more responsibility in dollars. W e found later that the need
 the blood-in     their heads at least-      the warfare, but just to let Him con- was urgent. W e obeyed God and a
 who sang the hymns of the blood in          trol you and gain the victory in you; day later the Lord handed me
 childhood, who listened to the old-         to cease from your own planning, talk- ($25.00) twenty-five dollars. Truly
 fashioned preachers as they exalted it,     ing and working and to allow the Spirit God "is wonderful in counsel and ex-
 who had a whole Bible in their hands        to plan, speak and work through you. cellent in working." Isa. 2829.
 -but they departed from the faith.          As you thus rest in Him and allow           "Oh, that men would praise the Lord
     God, however, is raising up a band      Him to govern and control you, the for His goodness and for His wonder-
 of people who are magnifying the             enemies will be overcome, the strong- f u l works to the children of men!"
 blood. The Salvation Army had a             holds cast down, the barren wastes re- Psa. 107 :8, 15,21,31.
 banner on which was "Blood and              claimed and the desert will become                 MIFIONARY 0F.FERINCS
 Fire"; but God has raised a banner,         changed into the garden of the Lord. tilThe list of rnurtonary offcrmgs ir heM over nu-
                                                                                          &   week.
 an invisible one, composed of Spirit-
 filled people in every land who mag-
  nify the blood by their voice and
  lives. The main song in heaven will
  be, "To Him who redeemed us by His                                   SPECIAL OFFER
     I t is not necessary that the people                   T h e Pentecostal Euangel from n o w until
  who magnify the blood should fully                                  Jan. 31;1931, for 5Oc
  understand its power. A s they mug-
  nify it, God operates through it.                        This d m not apply to renewals but only to those who are not
     The Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled the                 now getting the paper. Canadian friends please add 2% for extra
  law. Man tried to, but failed. You                     postage. British subscription, 31-.
  may try to solve the mystery of the
  power of the blood, but you will fail.
  The Holy Spirit applies it. You may
                                                                                                                           -       I
  not understand electric power, but you
  can push the button and the power
  works-provided     everything is in or-
   der. God has His mactdnery in order.
   God wants men of faith, to gull the
                                             t           Name
                                                             City                                State

  lever of faith, to operate the power.
      God can make the impossible, the
   least understood, the impotent, the
   foolish thing in the eyes of man, do
   a divine work. The shed blood of His                             Gospel Publishikg House, Springfidd, Mo.
   Son accomplishes salvation, paralyzes
   Satan, and will cause his ultimate de-
Pagc Fourteen
                                                                        INTERSTATE CAMP MEETING                                        KANSAS DISTRICT CAMP MEETINGS
Forthcoming Meetings                                               EUREKA SPRINGS ARK -Aug            28-Sept 7
                                                                Speakers Donald Gee Stanley 'Choke' Ernest ~ i l :
                                                                                                                                     WOODSTON-ALT0N.-August          7 to 17, the on-
                                                                                                                                   nual camp mcetmg for North Central Kansas will
  R a y f a dl fcrtbm*            meetings.     N o h cd        liams, Noel Perkin, ;nd others. son; leader Lu-                    bc held 3 miles east of \Voodston and 6 miles west
m t i n n a ahodd h r e a d by us thrso full                    ter Phillips. Wichita, Kans-Fred   Vogler, h a i r -               of Alton on U. S. Highway 40 N. Ben Hardin,
                                                                man.                                                               Pastor Stone Church Chieago, Ill., and M c y v
xeeka before tb. meeting L to rtnrt.
 ESCONDIDO, CALIF.-Tent       revival June 7.6-                                           -                                        Pearlman of ~pringfi;ld No., will be the main
                                                                                                                                   gcakers. This will be dnown a s the Great Home-
Aug. 1 mrner San D ~ e g oBlvd., and Nebraska                      NEBRASKA
                                                                  Grand Island
                                                                                    DISTRICT CAMP Dr.
                                                                                    Nebr,   -]    MEETING &                                                     1
                                                                                                                                      m l w Camp Meeting and 1; who have a t t e n d 4
~vc.-G. L. Wilson, Pastor.
                          -                                                 main .,peakc;. J happed
                                                                        Shrcve,                   .Ncbr. Aug.
                                                                                                                                   camps here =re ewec:ally invltcd to attend. Ar-
                                                                                                                                   rangements to accommodate large attcndanee.
   CULPEPER.            VA.-The      Brown Evangelistic                 21-31, Evangelist Ben Hardin. main sp;aker.-               ~~~t~ and wts for          on zrounds. ~ - 1 . at
Party begin a rcvival the first wee* in July to
mntinuc indefinitely.-Mary C Bmwn, ~ v a n ~ . c l i s t ,
Martinsburg, W. Va.
                                                                        Edgar W. White, Distriet Superintendent.

                                                                        APPALACHIAN DISTRICT COUNCIL CAMP
                                                                                                                                   rcasonsble prices. Write Pastor O r u Bray, Alto%
                                                                                                                                     ATTICA-SHARON-Jul            24 to Au ust 3, the
                            -                     -                                            MEETING                             annual camp meeting'for &uthwestern%ausas will
   KLAMATH FALLS. 0REcEvancelis.t Watson                                                                                           be held 6 miles west of Attica and 5 miles east of
Argue will conduct i n wangelistie-campaign in                            HONAKER VA -August 1-10. Pastor Harry
                                                                        J. Steil, of hevefand, Ohio, will be present a s           Sharon, on State Highway +2 Me er Pearlman, of
the Dr. Priec t a b m a d c , scating XKX), July 6- teacher and evangelist. Council missionaries are                                                                        x
                                                                                                                                   Central B~bleInstdute, ~ ~ n n g f i e lNo., will h r v e
Aug. 3.-Pastor         Guy DeVries.
                            -   -                                       invited, 3 servic;~ daily;, meals a t reasonable           c h a r m of the Bible teachmg. Brother Hugh Cad-
                                                                                                                                   walder of Texas wiU be the evangelist. Tents
   VERNON TEX-hfeycr               Tan Dittcr and wile                  m s t rooms dose by. W n t e Robcy K. Rasnakc
                                                                        ~as(oor. or M B. H a m ~ t o n , Raceland.. KY.. ~ i s l
                                                                                          .                           -            and cots for rent on grounds, meals a t reasonable
will conduf't a t i n t revival corner Maiden and                                         -
                                                                        trict Superintendent.                                      prtces.     Write Pastor Victor Greisen A t t i u .
Fannan Sts. starting July 27. Neighboring as-
semblies invhed to co-operate.-R. L. Stegis, Box                                          -                                        Kansas. or Pastor Wesley Collins, ~ h a r g n ,Kana.
                                                                                                                                   The camp at Woodaton will be Aus. 7-17. Brother
                         -                                                 NAPANEE. 0NT.-July        6-20. Workers. Elder A.
                                                                        G. Ward of Toronio Evangelist Beatriec L.
                                                                                                                                   Phillip Shabaz, Missionary to Persia. is expected
                                                                                                                                   a t both these meetinns-Fred      Vonlcr.
   SEATTLE WASH.-Evangelistie                   cam aign and            +s, .of ond don, 0,nt.; and a number of mL-
Christian h h n g mission will bc mniucted a t                          sronanes from vanous &I&.                On Provincial                   CHRIST'S AMBASSADORS
Pentecostal Temple 2221 Third Ave July 6-27 by                          Highway No. 2, a t Agricultural Grounds. S ccial
Evanaclist ~ a r v c ; ~ c ~ l i s t e r . - W & H. 0 k l c r .
                                                                        children's aod missionary services arrangez for.
                                                                                                                              . present urge these Pentecostal .youngspecla1 scrv~ces
                                                                                                                                                    camp meetmgs:
                                                                                                                                                                       pcpple to. be

                          -                                             For tents etc. write Brother k E. Adams
                                                                        Bov 171, br E.'V. Sword, Box 1, ~ a n a n o q u c . 2
                                                                                                                                   will be held in conn&ion wiFh th; camp.-Fred
                                                                                                                                   Voglcr, Dktrict Supcrintcndcnt. 1034 So. Lawrence
   POTEAU 0 K L A . S o u t h e a s t t m District camp                 R. E. McAlister, 740 Queen's Avenue. London,               St., Wich~ta,Kansas.
meetin       ~ i ! y 10-2l. Brother James Hutsell. Dis-
trict &permtendent, will be in charge. Con-
municate with Pastor M. W. Johnson                                                                                                   POTOMAC DISTRICT CAMP MEETING-
                                                                           OKLAHOMA DISTRICT CAMP MEETING                          Sixth annual camp mcctinn of Potomac District.
   EASTERN D I S T R I ~ M PMEETING.-it                                    BRISTOW 0KLA.-Twelfth annual camp mect-                 Aug. 1.24 a t beautiful Fotomac Park Rt. 11.
Wwcoeville near Allentown Pa. Aug. 8-Sept.                              ing, in city davilion. AUP. 1-10. Bristow is located                                          :
                                                                                                                                   between' Gartinsburg, W. Va., and H e r s t o m '
1.-M: W. kchards. Secrets;. 9 1 5 ' ~ .29th Street,                     o n t h e F h s i o R. R a& U. S. Highway 66 be-                       OO
                                                                                                                                   Md. Over 1 O campers upected. o r & tents
W i h n n t o n . Del.                                                  tween Tulsa and Oklahoma City. The spe;kerr                cots and cabins now. Nice lots. 25xM fcet, $2
                                                                        for each service d be ehosen bv the Devotional
   CONNEAUT 0 -Evangelistic                   campaign. July            Committee. The YOUP people &l conduct one
13-27 in new &ur& 299 Broad Street conducted                            service each day:        Seais s e r v e d on freewill-
by kvangelist L ;9      .       ill of ~ a n b s t e r pa.              offering plan. Come and enjoy an old-fashioned
Neighboring assemblied invit;d.-pastor              ~ l e x ' c l a t - CdmD meetinx.-Write        Tames Hutsell. District
tenburge.        .        -                                             Sup;rintendenE Slick, 0fila.
  MACOMB M0.-Regular        camp mcetin       for                                                                                  Directors and 'Sons Leaders: &o missio&ri& and
Wolf Cre&.;nd Macomb, beginning July 25. %ear-                                                                                     other pastors and-evan elists of District induded
by assembhes arc invrtcd to attend. Brin bed                                                                                       among the cficient wor%ers. Annual Council ses-
ding. Brother Avi Gaddis. evanaelist. in & r a i                                                                                   sion Aun. 19-20. one half of entertainment omvided
                          -                                                                                                        free to -ministers. All applicants for li&cnsc -0;
                                                                                                                                   ordination must be prcKnt in          cnon-Hxw
  WINNIPEG N A N Camp meeting a t Cavers                                                                                           V Schaefter Mt. Storm, W qa.. Sicrctary
Park on ~ o d ~ a k e , ' T u l y 4-20. Speakers: e n -                                                                              :
                                                                                                                                   H IV. Klin;, 509 3rd St., N.' W., washington:
ald Gee of Scotland David Willard Canadun                                                                                          D. C. Supenntcndent.
~ e n t e c o s hBible Coliege G. k ~ h a d b e r s Gen-
e n 1 Chakman and othc&-D.             N n u n t a d Pas-                                                                                         OPEN FOR CALLS
tor Wesley Church, 7 Preston ~ v c n u c .
                                                                                                                                                 Pastoral or Evaqrellrtic
   I-LLESLEX            PA~MA&:-&~~I amp                                                                                             T T. Carmichal Holtvillc Calif. 14 y u r s in
mcetmng throughout July and August. Speakers                           CENTRAL DISTRICT CAMP MEETING                                                                               a
                                                                                                                                   felliwship of ~ r k a h s a s - L o u i s ~ a n ~ i b t r i c tCouncil
Harry Long, J. H. Bostrom, Bert Williams, ~ o h d                   SIDNEY, 0.-July             S-August 10, on fair               only 3 m family. myself and 2 children. ~d
Follette, C W Swanson Paul B. Peterson, a d                      grounds. Brother Harold P. Moss will .be the                      anjwer any c a l l b e t & e n here and Many L :                   a
others. Full 'articulars' from H. S Randall, 7                   speaker for the evening mectmgs. A dcfimte pro-                   a p c t to start East July 10: Reference, 'C E                       :
                                                                 uram of Bible wnfermce work will be conducted                     Sh~clds. Imnerial. Cali.. Distnct Presbyter.
Auburn St., E r a d n g h a m , Nass.
                                                                 n the morning~and afternoon hours. Committe
                                                                 plannia       for a spiritual feast. Rooms may be                   J. B. J o y s and wifc, giving up pa?torate ?t
  WYNNE. ARK.-Northeastern               District camp
meeting July 19-29. Frcc lodging a s far a s os                  obtain=% near the m u n d s . tcnts may be rented.                Mieh~canC ~ t y , Ind., after August 1 m Council
sihlc; h e a h on frce-will offering plan. Grit;                 or bring your o w < Meals a t minimum charge:                     fellowship can give references:      Address 202
in time for living tcnts.           Brother W. Jethm             On U. S. Highway 25 State Hzghway 68.-
                                                                                               .,                                  C h i g o St.
Walthill will have charge of day services. Ad-                   Charles Shie.
dress Past0r.J. k McPhail Wynne, Ark.-W.                H.
Shands, Hox~e, Ark., ~ectidnal Presbyter.
  T A T U N N. MEX.-Tent          mcetinz t o e g i n July
                                                                     SOUTHERN NISSOURI DISTRICT CAMP
                                                                    ELLINGTON M0.-August
                                                                                                         1-M Special pro-
                                                                                                                                     S i t e r Dorothy ~ o t k i n ; 712 Condit Ave., Wood
                                                                                                                                   River IIl 2nd year student in C B I also ex-
                                                                                                                                   grie&cd"in preaching; assisted by ' ~ L t e r Etbcl
19, ~ v a n g h i s t W. R. Whelchcl and workers of              g a m nrranged for pastors and assemblies by                        anklas. Pianist. Reference. Pastor Marvin D.
                                                                    rothei R. S . Riggs, of Central Bible Institute.
tba assembly in char c            Tatum is about half
way between ~rownfieyd. TCG and Roswcll N.
Mex., on U. S. Highway'~o: 15, and State &he
                                                                 Various evangelists wzll speak. Rwma and tents
                                                                 a t small m s t meals on freewill-offcring plan.
                                                                                                                                   Hartz, Wood River. Ill.
way No. 18. Bring your mstruments and help
us.-T.    E. Fisher.
                                                                 E l h g t o n is a'fine place in the beautiful Olarks
                                                                 located on Highway 21 and can be easily reached
                                                                                                                                     SOUTHWESTERN B I B L E SCHOOL, ENID
                                                                                                                                   0KLA.-Youn        men and women desirina thorou                     <
                           -                                     from any direction. +ri.fe Pastor S. Egan. EI-
                                                                                                                                   training for ~ f & r t i a n service should wnte for t f a
                                                                                                                                   new bulletm, just off the ress Address Presi-
       APPALACHIAN DISTRICT COUNCIL                              lington, or District Supcrmtendent A. A. Wilson,                  dent P. C Nelson, 316 E. &eroicee Avc.
   RACELAND KIr.-July            17-19. Every assembly           3308 E. 13th Street. Kansas Oty. Mo.
is regucstcd tb send its pastor and 2 delegates.                                            - -
This Council meeting will be preceded by a big                           TEXAS DISTRICT CAMP MEETING                                  "BRIGHT CLOUDS" OVER FORT
tent meeting in charge of Brothcr T I-I. Stroud
                                           .,                       AMARILLO. TEX.-Third               annual cam meet-
and wifc. All ministers in the Distnct a r e urged               ing of the Panhandle of Texas and ~ o r t l e a s t e r n                          WORTH
to come.-M.       B. Hampton, District Supcrintendent.           N. M a . Aug. 1-11. Dr Chas. S. Sbreve. of
                           -                                     Washington D. C., w h be'the evangelittic s p a k -                  Pastor F. D. Davis, Ft. Worth, Texas,
   WEST CENTRAL DISTRI~T~ w ~ . - ~ r i n c e -                  cr. Two m h servcd.&ily a t the church; camps                     writes: "We are glad to sound a note of
ton, Ma.. July 31-Aug. 10; Stoux Clt            Ia. Aug.         a t reasonable n t e a close by; any supplies do-
21-31. Elder W I. Evans Dean of &ntrai Bible                     nated will be g r u t l y a p p m m e d . Make arrange-           praise to our King for sending the 'bright
Institute ~ r o t h l rH. E. k a n d a k of Egypt and             ments to spend your vacation at this time in                     clouds' over our city with abundance of Lat-
other s&kers          will be with us for both 'these            Amarillo.--Guy Shields, WO North Pierce Street.
meetings -Roy E. Scott District Supwintendent                                              -                                       ter Rain. In the recent 3 weeks' revival
Mercer, MO., Chns. E. Ang ~ e c r e t a r y - ~ r e a r u r e r : SAN JOSE CALIF-The Upper Room Pente-                             conducted by the Indian Evangelist, Broth-
610 N. 15th St. E., Cedar ap~ds. Ia.                             ccstal Miss&          will bclcbrate t h e tenth anni-            cr Oscar Berryha, many came to the Cross
                                                                  versary of the                   of Bmther xucFrci-
     COLORADO                   MEETING
   NORTH DELTA, COL0.-Twelfth amual camp
                                                                 mark July V. District Superintendent M T.              .          for pardon, and went away rejoicing that
meeting and convention of the Rocky M o u n + a
                                                                  ~ r a p l r and some of the General and District                 their sins were washed away in the faun-
                                                                  Presbyters and Pastors arc expected to be prcs-
 District Council. Tulv 25-Aua. 3. Three rervzces                ent. While all are asked to come, r spcctl                        tain of cleansing; 35 were              bap-
daily. ~ u s i n e s ~ ~ o u a . Jury 29-31. Evangelist
                       &s                                        invitation i s given to those who went out f m m                  tired with the Holy Ghost, 12 were im-
 Bcn Hardin of Chicngo will conduct the cvan-                     us to other field^.
 g!i%tio servkxr. Meals 'on freewill-offering plan.                 mere he   =ill        nvtaoar catherin= n i t b basket         mersed in water. and 16 new names were
    Inlstcrs entertained free a s far a s mssiblc.                l u x ; at                           a
                                                                                         ~ o c k P a r C t 1 o'clock, leaving      added to our assembly roll; many others
 Tents may be rented on grounds a t rziaonablc                    Fourth and Sau Antonio Strceta not later than
 rates    Bring your b,cddin and m t s if possible.               12:m. During the                   semice,                       plan to come in soon. Quite a number were
 writ: Distnct Su ennten&t            F C Waodwth                a t 7 o'dock a specinl offering toward p w m g                    healed in answer to prayer, and the work
 306 Peterson. FL & n .  is      WO.,  br pastor M. 2             off the debt' on the mission w l l be taken.-W.
 Neville. Delia, Colo.                                            N. Price. Chairman of Deacons.                                   was built up in a general way."
July 12, 1930                                                     EVANGEL
                                                      THEPENTECOSTAL                                                                  Page Fifteerr

                            Order Form for Literature
    Do not order until you have Read the Instructions on page 16


                                   T I T L E AND SUBJECT                                               TITLE AND SUBJECT
                                                                         -   -
                                  SALVATION                                                    D N I N E HEALING
                            Thy Sins Which Are Many, Are All Forgiven            186 218     Instructions to the Sick
                            What Will You Do With Jesus?                         186 232     H a l i n g for All
                            Believing God                                         M 417      The Will of Cod
                            Eternal Destiny of Unbelievers                       56 6m       Sickness
                            The Precious Blond of Christ                         56    632   H u l e d of G n c e r
                            Receiving Chrirt                                     38    805   How the Lord Healed Mc of Tubcrculosia                      ,

                            I Am Not Going to I Christless Grave                 38    811   Healed by His Stripes           .
                            Seventieth Year Conviction                           38    814   Healed Through Praise
                            Salvation in Christ for AU                           23 909      Old Mortality
                            Hell-What    Ia I t ?                                28 917      Out of the Depths
                            What Must I Do to Be Saved?
                                                                                     SECOND COMING O F CHRIST
                            h . E r    An Australian Bush S t o w
                            T h c Blood that Spcaketh                            186 243 Certainties
                            When the B e Stuns Mother                            I86 246 Things Shortly to Come to Pass
                            A Hchrcw's S u r c h for the Blood                    M 4C6 Coming Events
                            He Took God a s His Lawyer                            M 429 A Vision in the Heavens
                            A Russian Jew's Testimony                             56 601 "When I Sec the Blood"
                            Cuff. A True Story or it Ncgm Slave                   56 624 G u g h t Up t o Christ
                            Gcod News for You                                     56 638 Runarkable Virion of Thing. to Came
                            Too Late                                              38 810 The Miirsiug Oncs
                            Mr. M d y and the Frccthinlrcrr                       38 1 1 Things to Cnmc
                            Souls                                                 28 950 His Cnming Draweth Nigh
                            John 3:16                                                           PRAYER
                            Do You Know Jesus?                                    38 IDW T h e Eprphras Spirit                '
                            Sin and Repentance
                            What It Is to Bclierc on Christ                                  CRILDREN'S TRACTS
                             What Is I t to Bc a Christian?                      186 259     A Floatin Zoo
                            Havc You R u d I t ?                                  84 403     Billy the %old
                                                                                  M  404     Nothing But the Bbod 01 J a u r
                            The Way of Salvation                                  84 405     Story of a Faithful Dog
                             A Pmrpectus of Hell                                  84 40?     T h e Scarred Hands
                            Infidels Tasting Eternal Punthmcnt
                            Thc Man That Died for Mc
                             Prodigal Son                                                    I t Works Wonders
                                                                                             King's Lifc Insurance G r d s
                             How God Cot Hold of r Jew                                       Others May. You G n n o t
                             What It Mcana to Bc a Christixn                                  Row to Ascertain the Will of Cod
                        8    Thc World's Need                                                Concerning You
                                                                                             This Thing Is Fmm Me
                             From Death to Lifc                                              Not a Word
                             Thc Lamb Slain for the Wild Ass                                 T h e Ouakcr Girl's Dream
                             How to Get Your Loved Oncs Saved                                viCto3       ~   ~

                             The M a n - Without a Soul                                       Faith. Fact. Fceling
                             Cod's Plan for the Family                                       Concerning Dress
                             "AU This I Did for Thee"                                        Virion of Heaven and Hell
                             Salvation for Spirit. S o d and Body                            The Fire Sharpers and the Fo+!?c                Tcllcr
                             Charhe Coulron                                                  The "B1orics"-The     G r u t e r t R e l ~ p o u sMenace
                                                                                             Throe in One
                   BAPTISM W I T H T H E SPIRIT                                               k e t of EffecNal Service to God
                186 223     ZVh:
                           the Bible Says About tho Baptism in the                            Soul Nourishment First
                                                                                              The Vir .a Birth of Our Lord Jcsua Christ
                186   251 A God-Given Sign                                                                        of
                                                                                              Thc ~ u f ~ i u t i o n Loaves
                 84   UQ Seven Y u r s of Pentecostal Blessing                               Thc Story-of the Bamboo
                 84   437 Pentemrtal Movement                                                 What the Scriptures Say About Tithin
                 84   439 The Pentecostal Baptism                                             Does Cod Pumsh @e Wickcd Forcvcrf
                 84   446 I Will Pour Out N y Spirit Upon All Flesh                           G d ' s Will in Sancttfiution
                 84   448 G c Word of Cod on the Baptum of the Holy                           An Eprncst Appeal t o Christian Women and
                          bhost                                                              Girb
                84    450 Forbid Not to 'Speak with Tongues                       2 W2
                                                                                   3          Brivzte Letter m r Boy
                                                                                  30   WI     Putting the Ensmy to Fli h t
                84    452 Havc Yc Received thc Holy Ghost Since Yc
                          Believed?                                               23
                                                                                              Who We Arc m d What           4e,
                                                                                              Ddircrcd from Christian Science
                84    454 Speaking Unto God
                56    623 Speaking m t h T o m e s                                28   915    The Gloswhlh (Speakinn with T o n m u ) iu
                                                                                                                  .        -
                38    812 Biblc Evidence of thc Baptism                                       the E ~ ChurchJ
                23    908 The Baptism of the Spirit                                           A Warning Against Spiritualism
                18    911 Open Letter to the Qcr                                              Baptism
                 P    913 What Is the ~ v i d e n c e ?                                       Thc Tithe in Relation to the Kin dam of Cod
                 P    919 The Sign and the C i t of T o m e s                                         ~       h!
                                                                                              ~ m t h b o t~ t ~ o d h e a dwith &mmcnta o n
                 12   943 The New Birth m d Baptism in the Holy Spirit                        the Wntcr Baptum Formula
                      953   3     . .-
                              akmg m Tongues
                            c Baptum of the Holy Ghost and Fire
                                                                                              Thc Bible o r Christian Science-Wpicht
                                                                                              Thc Ermr of Sevcnth-day Adventum

Page Sixteen                                                    EVANGEL
                                                     THEPENTECOSTAL                                                         July 12, 1930

                                                                                             Order Form for                                    I
                                                                                               Literature                                      I

                                                                                       Do Not Order Until You have                             I
                                                                                           Read the Instructions
                                                                                                    Directions for O & r h
                                                                                         In ordcr to make it easy for you who are
                                                                                       usinp the boxes, we have worked out the
                                                                                       following conditions for ordering.
                                                                                         1. Tracts a r e to be ordered by "packet-
                                                                                       fuls."   This means that instead of asking
                                                                                       for a certain quantity of the tracts you have
                                                                                       selected, you ask for so many "pocketfuls" of
                                                                                       each particular tract. I t would be impossible
                                                                                       for us to take care of the large number of
                                                                                       orders for these boxes if the tracts am not
                                                                                       handled in unit quantities like thu. The num-
                                                                                       her of each tract which a &et             will h d d
                                                                                       is shown ckarly on the ordcr blank. The
                                                                                       tracts a m priced a t twenty ~         t a spocket-
                                                                                       ful. A pocketful for all kinds.

                     Tried and Proven                                                      .
                                                                                          2 Orders must always be sent in t h e ' m m e
                                                                                       of the one responsible for the bor Otherwise
                                                                                       our records would become hopdusly mnfurod.
                                                                                          3. Whm you ordcr a ctrtrm number of
      These boxes bring big results in the spreading of the gospel in print.            Evangels for the month, you will receive that
    The best results can be obtained only by constant care. With p P p e r              many each week for four aoeks. The C A.
    handling the efficiency of your box can be kept high. Make it work                  Monthly cornea only once a month.
      If you do not have one of these boxes clip and mail coupon below                    4. W c a n n o t extend m d i t on the literature
                                                                                        for these boxes. for we have made special
    today and help to spread the gospet                                                                                           h
                                                                                        prices that would have t o be r r v i ~ d order
                                                                                        to hrndle accounts. C. must therefom ac-
                         GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE                                       ompanT        aU   aden
                             Springfield, Miwwuri                                      GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE.
                                                                                       SPRINGFIELD, MO.
                                            Date   -...---,..-.--..----..-...-
                                                                                             Date   -.-
      Dear Friends:    Please send one of your new steel Literature Boxes to             Dear Friend.: I enclose $       . for-
    Name                                                                      ---.--                       - - -
                                                                                       copies of the Pcnteaurtal Evangel for
                                                                                       mantha: and             copies of the Chriat's
    Address                                    -- --.---.-.-----_--                    Ambassadors Monthly for
                                                                                       the p r L u shown below: and
                                                                                                                           month at
                                                                                       fuls" of Tracts a t twenty ccnta a "pockotfd"
    City   ----                     .          .             -   State -..-..---A      a s chcdred on the following p w for our
                                                                                                                        a ,
                                                                                       Literature B a r
      This box is to be sent free of charge according to your offer. The one
    to whom it is sent will be responsible for ib in the name of                        Nama

    -                                                   ---
                                                       ---                              Address
                     ( C h d S=&Y   Schod   Yaw Peopk's stoup.         etc)
                                                                                        City   -                             State   -
      I t is agreed that a minimum of three dollars' worth of literature will be
    ordered for this box each month W e understand that the box remains the
    property of the Gospel Publishing House.                                                  T H E PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL
                                                                                        I2 c o p i e s 4 month $         .W
      Please make us a four-line, two-inch rubber stamp free of charge to be            18 " J        '    "            I .az
    used on each piece of literature placed in the box. The following is the            25 '.       --"    '.           1s
    "copy" for the stamp. Check one wanted.                                             3 "-"
                                                                                        35     9.   -8,
                                                                                                            ..          240
     I 1 NAME                                  .....-...----..------                    12 m p i d months4-

    Street     -.
              - .-                                                                      3

                                                                                                            .,',,                        .6
                                                                                        35     8.   -8.     .'                          7.14

     I (NAMEOF CHURCH . . . - .-.--..--.--
     Location .......................................

     Sunday Services -- - ---- .-. - - . . . -I .     -.-.----.---..-
     Mid-week Services    ---------
                              (Write w f i t        lW
                                               rcv Pn )

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