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									Ways to Boost Website Traffic

The number of excellent resources that have come out since the beginning of the year on attracting
links and building traffic has really mushroomed. Plus there are some timeless classics that are still
very relevant today.

Increase Website Traffic by Flaunting Your Stuff

A great way to increase website traffic to your portfolio is to submit your website to design galleries.
There are many very popular website design galleries that you can submit to where users are
allowed to vote on site designs.

So make sure your design is up to par and better then the ones on the site you are submitting to if
you are interested in maximum exposure.

  1. Optimize your site for search engines. Start with keyword research. Focus on both on-page and
off-page optimization.

 2. Submit your site to web directories.

 3. Get listed on search engines. Click here to submit to top search engines for free.

 4. Interlink your websites and blogs.

 5. Write articles and submit to article directories. Link to your site from your resource box.

 6. Start a blog and use it to promote your site. You can easily set up a free blog on, and others.

 7. Quote other people’s blog posts and use trackbacks to link back to your own blog.

 8. Launch pay-per-click campaigns on Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and others.

 9. Create a page or group on Facebook and invite your friends to join.

 10. Build a Twitter following and tweet your link to your followers.

 11. Submit your site to StumbleUpon.

 12. Join and participate on MyBlogLog.
 13. Join BlogCatalog and visit member sites to leave your avatar on their widgets.

 14. Submit an article to Digg. Solicit others to Digg your article by embedding a Digg widget in your

 15. Make a video and upload it Youtube and other video sharing sites.

 16. Create a social network on and invite friends, clients, and acquaintances to join. Use
to your network to promote your site, products, and services.

 17. Create a free toolbar on Conduit and offer it as a free download on your site. You can make
money from the toolbar while using it to bring back visitors.

 18. Create RSS feed for your site and submit it to feed directories.

 19. Add your blog to Technorati and ping it every time you update.

 20. Join Squidoo. Create a Squidoo lens and add a link to your site.

 21. Ask people to link to your site. Search on Google for sites related to yours and simply send a
nice email to their owners to link to you.

 22. Exchange links with others. Use search engines or forums to look for link partners.

 23. Buy links to your site. Buy links from online brokers like and LinkAdage or get
them more cheaply through forums like Digital Point and V7 Forums.

 24. Participate on forums and link to your site from your signature.

 25. Promote your site offline.

 26. Post ads on online classifieds like Craigslist and Backpage.

 27. Run a contest. Photo contest, random drawing, writing contest, etc.

 28. Share knowledge on Yahoo Answers.

 29. Join Entrecard. Surf member sites and drop your business card (125×125 banner) on their
Entrecard widgets.

 30. Buy banner ads through

 31. Give away free stuff on your site, e.g. downloads, coupons, gifts.

 32. Set up a mailing list. Embed an email subscription form on your site and invite visitors to join.
Send out regular newsletters.

 33. Comment on blogs and link back to your site. Write relevant and interesting comments, not
spammy cut-and-paste comments like “Great article” and “I couldn’t agree more”.

 34. Content is king. Focus on providing fresh, original, relevant and unique content.
  35. Pretend to sell your blog. This is something you can do to get traffic but I do NOT recommend it.
This idea has sprung up lately but in my opinion it’s not a good one. You can pay forty dollars to list
your blog in a marketplace, and get a huge spike of traffic from potential buyers. Then, you take
down the offer and keep your blog. NONE of that traffic will ever come back. It’s not targeted and it
is a waste of money. But if you want to get traffic this way, go for it.

 36. Write a press release. For more here to read how and what to do.

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