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                                                                                                       April 2005, Issue 14

                               Lancaster Bomber
                               By Ed Curnutte

Inside this issue:

Editor’s Note             2

From the Ops Desk         2

Classifieds               3

Announcement              3

View From The Tower       4

Tech Corner               5

CFI Corner                6

Financial Flap            7

CH2A Report               7

President’s Report        8

Schedule of Events        9

99 Local Chapter         10                     "Engine Day" crew working to inhibit the Rolls-Royce Merlins, May 2003.
                                                                   Photo courtesy of Mary Guthrie
B’Day Announcement       11

Aviation Safety          12    On Thursday, May 26th 2005          weeks, during which time the       very busy year for all those
                               Lancaster FM212 will be             public will have an opportunity    involved in the project itself,
PPL School Schedule      13    removed from the perch it has       to see the Lanc up close, and      and for the Committee that is
                               occupied in Jackson Park for        possibly even go on guided,        tasked with replacing it with
Lancaster Bomber      14, 15
                               the past 40 years.                  supervised tours inside.           Spitfire and Hurricane replicas.
Aviation Jokes           16    Weathering, corrosion and the                                          The Fundraising Committee’s
                               effects of ageing have taken        After the two week period is       job never ends.
                               their toll on the aircraft during   finished, volunteers will
                               this time. To be saved it must      remove the outer wings,            This project starts a new
                               be taken down and placed            engines and propellers and         chapter in the life of "Lanc
                               indoors where it can be             tow the fuselage to a              212", as it’s affectionately
                               lovingly restored, preserved        temporary storage area being       known. The first chapter was
 Annual General
Membership Meeting
                               and displayed.                      constructed in the park. A         its service life with the RCAF,
                                                                   Permanent site for the             which spanned nearly 20 years
Windsor Flying Club            Engineering plans call for it to    Lancaster is still to be           and 8,069½ hours....a lot for
    April 25, 2005             be lifted off the pedestal all in   determined. Concept drawings       an aircraft type whose life
        19:00                  one piece, and set down             are in the works for the           expectancy during war rarely
                               gently on its undercarriage. It     Lancaster Re-location              exceeded 50 hours.
                               will remain in the rose garden      Committee to consider.
                               area of Jackson Park, under                                                   Continued on Page 14...
                               security, for about 2 more          Needless to say, this will be a
Page 2

                    Editor’s Note
                    By Ali Jaber

                    Welcome to the Spring edition of        First I will need to get a currency     The Club is also in the process of
                    the Windicator. We’ve received a        check and get comfortable again         organizing some training / get
                    few letters and comments from           behind the wheel.. or behind the        together events. The first one will
                    Club Members regarding                  yoke (you know the thingy that you      be a training session on the GPS
                    activities and cross country            pull and push to get the airplane to    units that are installed in all of our
                    possibilities. You will be happy to     magically go up and down). Ya, I        Cessnas (I’m sure you noticed
                    see that we have many events            unfortunately haven’t flown for a       those new devices, they are not
                    planned for this summer. Those          “few” months. It just seems like        just for looks you know). Once
                    group fly outs are a great way for      there just isn't enough hours in a      We establish the exact date and
                    new pilots to get some cross            day, before I knew it, it’s been 6      time, we will be sending an email
                    country experience. Book your           months since my last PIC flight. I      announcement and posting it on
                    aircraft early, if you would like to    think organized Club events is the      the Web Site. If the session is
    “GPS Training   pair up with someone don’t              extra push that most of us need to      successful we may do those
                    hesitate to contact the club and        come out, get current, enjoy a day      training events on a regular basis.
    event coming                                            out and help us remember why we
                    ask Cindy or Tony to pair your up.
         soon”                                              fought for our licenses in the first
                                                            place, can’t wait!                      Until next time...
                    Myself, I am planning on going to
                    at least a couple of the fly outs.

                    From The Ops Desk
                    By Cindy Kehn

                    It's finally Spring!!! So bring the     weather, he is all set up and ready     like to wish all of you the best in
                    warm and sunny days. I am ready!        to go.                                  your aviation endeavors. And no, I
                    And I know that there are a few                                                 did not forget Alina Ponomarenko.
                    pilots out there who feel the same      I'd also like to wish Mark Jones the    Although she is not doing or
                    way. The winter felt so long that       best of luck at his new job as an       planning on doing any flight
                    even people who enjoy winter            instructor      at   the    Waterloo    training at this time, she does
                    have had enough. While on the           Wellington Flight Centre. It's a        contributes to our small world of
                    subject of winter, I'd like to send a   move that no one can blame him          aviation by greeting our members
                    huge thank you out to Karl Klinck,      for making. It is a much shorter        with her warm and bubbly
                    Mark Jones, Perry Burford and           commute from his home in                personality. Thanks Alina.
                    Gary Masse for all their efforts of     Stratford to Kitchener than to
                    keeping up with the snow                Windsor. His leaving us is definitely   Just a reminder, please keep us
                    removal. But you know, even             our loss and their gain.                informed if you've had a change of
                    though it was a lot of work I think                                             address, e-mail address or
                    they may have actually enjoyed it.      Our Pilot Shop has a new addition       telephone number. We do e-mail
                    It might have been that Snoopy/         of some v-neck style sweat shirts       updates, any unscheduled or last
                    Red Barron grin (you know, from         with our new logo on them. They'll      minute events, etc. If you are
                    Charlie Brown) that I saw on            be perfect for the cool nights of       interested in receiving this type of
                    Karl's face as he drove by in the       Spring. Come in and check them          information, please give us your e-
                    jeep that gave me that                  out; our OPS staff would be glad to     mail address. Don't worry we won't
                    impression. Great job guys and          assist you.                             flood your mail box full of junk
                    thanks again.                                                                   info.
                                                            Speaking of OPS staff, a couple of
                    I'd like to give Tony Kaminskyj,        them have stepped up in the world       Lastly, I'd like to Thank the
                    our new CFI, a warm welcome to          of aviation. Art McKay has              members, staff and the board for
                    our Club. For the first while he        acquired his night rating and I'm       all your kind thoughts, support
                    was a very busy man. He has had         told he may go onto a commercial        and understanding during the
                    to move here from Uxbridge Ont.         rating. Our very own Gavin              illness and loss of my mother. And
                    He's also had to do the required        Ducharme is starting in the next        also for the beautiful flowers that
                    CFI testing, a refresher course         session of Private ground school.       were sent to the funeral home. It
                    with Transport and just plain get       He is also a co-op student at WCS       was so greatly appreciated.
                    acquainted with his duties here.        Aviation. Evelyn Ouellette came to
                    So bring on some good flying            us as an Air Cadet, but still is
                                                            actively involved with them. We
Page 3

                     Welcome Home Tony

                                 Windsor Flying Club
                                Official Announcement

                     The Board of Directors, announces the appointment
                     of Tony Kaminskyj as Chief Flight Instructor, Windsor
                     Flying Club, effective January 3, 2005.

                     Tony holds a Class 1 Instructor’s Rating. He has in-
                     structed in Saskatoon, Sault Ste Marie and Lindsay
                     where he was CFI.

                     Since his arrival, Tony has been out of town on a
         Check out   number of occasions, dealing with Transport Canada
                     on his new appointment and a taking a previously planned holiday in Cuba.
    the schedule
                     However, Tony is now settled into the Club and is picking up the reins nicely.
    of events on
          page 9     Drop in to the Club and introduce yourself! Tony will appreciate it!

                     Perry Burford, President
                     Windsor Flying Club

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                                   Dave Panton
Page 4

                    View From The Tower
                    By George McMahon

                    Winter weather, I hate it! Can’t wait for spring and       immediately after takeoff, to well above 30,000 feet. If
                    better flying weather. You may recall my last article      required, ATC will be able to vector VFR aircraft to the
                    wherein I stated that tower radar is on the way.           airport, to the traffic pattern or to avoid other aircraft.
                    Well, we’re almost there! All controllers have been        These are just some of the possibilities!
                    trained on NavCanada’s Auxiliary Radar Display
                    System (NARDS) and our engineers have done a               Now what do I, as a VFR pilot, have to do? First of all,
                    remarkable job completing the radar map display. I         become proficient in the operation of an aircraft’s
                    am still aiming for it to be operational in late Spring.   transponder. Discuss with your instructor the meaning
                                                                               of “squawk ident”, Mode C altitude and how it works,
                    NARDS is used in every control tower across                “squawk standby” or to “squawk” a discrete code.
                    Canada. It provides Windsor controllers with a             NARDS will ONLY display transponder equipped aircraft
                    display of all of Essex County and beyond. The             and controllers cannot provide traffic information on
                    purpose of this article is to explain to the general       aircraft without a functioning transponder. Furthermore,
                    VFR pilot how NARDS can provide a better service           NARDS does not display weather patterns; so it’s
                    to our aviation community.                                 important for the VFR pilot to maintain flight in VFR
                                                                               conditions when being provided with radar services.
                    NARDS is a powerful tool available to assist pilots        Therefore, ensure that your transponder is in good
                    and controllers alike. The controller may be able to       working order. I know that Gary Masse does a great job
                    tell a pilot exactly where your traffic is, the location   in this regard; however, check the status of your
 “Now what do I,    of the airport, time and distance to fly to the airport,   transponder and use it when you go flying.
                    an aircraft’s present position in relation to a town or
  as a VFR pilot,   NAVAID, an aircraft’s present LAT and LONG                 How will ATC differ with the availability of NARDS? Well,
                    position, in addition to an aircraft’s altitude,           you may hear the controller ask you to “squawk ident”
   have to do?”     groundspeed and ETA to any location within radar           so as to correlate your position on the radar display.
                    coverage. Controllers will be able to see aircraft         Additionally, this will aid the controller in visually
                                                                                          locating you from the tower cab. However,
                                                                                          unless you hear the magic words “RADAR
                                                                                          IDENTIFIED”, do not expect radar services.
                                                                                          When a controller advises you that you are
                                                                                          “RADAR IDENTIFIED”, the controller usually
                                                                                          wants to provide you with radar services such
                                                                                          as a vector (heading), or pass to you (or
                                                                                          another aircraft) your position. I think you’ll
                                                                                          like the changes!

                                                                                         I strongly urge all pilots to review AIP RAC 1.5
                                                                                         Radar Service, particularly sections 1.5.1,
                                                                                         1.5.2, 1.5.3, and 1.5.4 and 1.5.6. These
                                                                                         sections detail what are the pilot’s
                                                                                         responsibilities when being provided with
                                                                                         radar services. Happy flying!

                        Hangar Sale
                        June 4, 2005
                     Contact Cindy at the Flying Club
Page 5

         Tech Corner — Flight Computers
         By Denis Schryer

                    While searching through           a graphic solution that requires the       eliminated in order to maintain
                    my stash of flight                placement of a single wind dot. With       readability with the reduced size. The
                    computers for selection of        the wind dot in place and the True         larger CR-3, also nearly identical to the
                    the dead reckoning comps          Course set, the crosswind component        CR-2, includes anti-clockwise 0°
                    to feature in this                value is referenced on the periphery of    through 360° scales for ADF relative
                    instalment, I kept going          the base scale where the Crab Angle is     bearing solutions and other uses.
         back to a model that I had never             easily found. Indicated head or
         expected to highlight in Tech Corner.        tailwind components are simply added         In 1968, Jeppesen released the CR-
         The computer in question is the              to or subtracted from the True             1 flight computer, a stripped down,
         Jeppesen Model CR-2 Flight Computer.         Airspeed. Effective True Airspeed          bare bones model of the original CR
                                                      solutions are a real breeze with this      series, and the copyright was solely
           I received this computer in 1965,          one.                                       registered to the Jeppesen Company.
         and it was the first in what would
         become a sizable collection, some              You may have noticed that I                In 1974, Aero Products Research
         historic, some unique and some               originally referred to my flight           began producing the CR-type flight
         valuable, but most importantly, all          computer as the CR-2, then promptly        computer in its original 1955 Ray Lahr
         usable. Having used the CR-2                 dropped the “2” from the designation       copyright format that they designated
         throughout my flight training, and           when describing its history. Jeppesen      the CR-4, but they did not list the
         subsequent years as a licensed pilot, I      manufactured concurrent CR models          original copyright information on the
         thought that readers might consider          from the CR-2 up to the CR-5, and the      comp face. Originally produced by
         the CR-2 to be a bit run of the mill, sort   history of Lahr’s device is common to      Jeppesen as a 3 foot diameter
         of like offering up an E6-B. Recalling       each of them.                              Classroom Model, the CR-4 made by
         that I had known only two or three                                                      Aero Products can now fit into your
         other pilots who used this model, it           The (1955) 4 ¼” diameter Jeppesen        hand as a 4 ¼” computer.
         dawned on me that the CR-2 is                Model Cr-2 is the Pilot Model, the 6”
         anything but run of the mill. So, for        diameter CR-3 is the Navigator Model         The next instalment will feature a bit
         your reading enjoyment, I present the        and the 3 ¾” diameter CR-5 is the          of a departure from the “navigation
         Jeppesen Computer, Model CR-2.               Pocket Model. There was also a 3 foot      computer” genre when I present to
                                                      diameter CR-4 Classroom Model              you the “Boeing Flide Rule”. Seriously!
            The CR comp was designed and              available.                                 The 1943 Boeing Flide Rule!!!
         patented by H. Ray Lahr. Only one
         week out of high school, Ray joined          The 3 ¾” CR-5 is nearly identical to       Happy navigating !!!!
         the US Navy cadet programme and              the CR-2, except that a few less
         earned his wings in 1946. A career           frequently used functions are
         navy pilot until 1953, he hired on with
         United Airlines and soon after
         designed the CR-type flight computer.
         When his new computer won its
         patent, he aligned himself with the
         Jeppesen Company, and they
         manufactured the device under a
         license agreement. Due in part to
         Jeppesen’s affiliation, Lahr’s Model CR
         computer became widely used by
         airline pilots of the day.

           As a note of interest, Ray Lahr made
         captain with United Airlines in 1975,
         and received the Air Safety Award from
         the Airline Pilots Association, its
         highest honour. In 1986, Lahr also
         received the prestigious Weems Award
         in recognition of his continuing
         contributions to the art and science of

           The navigation side of the CR comp
         is straightforward and efficient, using
                                                            Cr-5 Pocket Model (left) CR-3 Navigator (top) CR-2 Pilot Model (right)
Page 6

         CFI Corner
         By Tony Kaminskyj

                        This is the first issue of the Windicator that I   I was also a pilot for a small charter operation and was a jump
                        have been given the pleasure of contributing       pilot for a sky diving club (there are few stories here of what
                        an article. Realizing that there is a “CFI         happened in the air and on the ground with that group but that
                        Report “ section in our newsletter, the term       is for a later issue), and conducted pipeline patrols. One of the
                        “volunteering to write something “ as              interesting aspects of pipeline flying on the prairies, was that I
                        expressed to me by the board, may not be           would be flying 50 –80 feet above ground for 8 - 10 hours per
         the most accurate persuasion for the submission of an             day. In upcoming issues of the Windicator I’ll write on some of
         article. Joking aside, I am looking forward to contributing to    my experiences, since pipeline patrols deals with a different
         each of the upcoming Windicator issues, not only articles         aspect of flying. And for those of you who are wondering about
         of interest for the WFC members, but also suggestions             the low level flights with respect to the rules in CAR’s,
         submitted by members.                                             specifications in our operating certificate allowed us to conduct
                                                                           low-level flights.
         To update activities at the WFC, regarding the instructional
         side, Mr. Simon Pauze departed at the end of December to          As I gained experience as an instructor and honed my flying
         pursue a career at the other end of the microphone. Simon         skills, I strove and succeeded in obtaining my Class III
         applied and was accepted by NAVCAN to undergo the                 instructor rating in Jun. 99, Class II in Jul. 00 and finally my
         strenuous course of becoming an Air Traffic Controller. I         Class I in Jul. 01. As well, during that time, I was also able to
         am sure everyone wishes Simon much success in his new             achieve my float, multi and multi-IFR endorsement/rating.
                                                                           After leaving Saskatoon, I headed to Lindsay, Ont., to become
         Now, I guess it is the time to introduce myself. I moved to       Chief Flight Instructor and fortunately for me it was during this
         the Windsor area in early January from my home in                 time that I met Donna. We moved to Sault Ste. Marie where I
         Uxbridge (northeast of Toronto). My wife Donna, who               instructed on a one-year contract position at Sault College,
         recently started a new business venture as a Legal Nurse          finally settling in Uxbridge.
         Consultant, will be remaining in Uxbridge until the
         business has had time to mature. On the positive side, this       I am looking forward to this coming year; already plans are
         will allow me more time to devote to the Club, but on the         being made for Trophy Day and various fly-outs. Trophy Day is
         negative side, my wife will not have the chance to quickly        set for April 23rd with a rain day of April 24th. We are also
         meet all of the members of the WFC. In time, we hope that         scheduling a Club fly out to Hamilton, Ont., for a visit to the
         we will be able to meet all of the members. I have had the        Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum on May 29th. Another
         opportunity to meet some of the Club members and in the           Club fly out is scheduled for June 25th to Goderich, with a rain
         short time that I have been here, it has been an enjoyable        day of June 26th. For Goderich, not only will the flight there be
         experience and I expect it to continue as I meet everyone.        enjoyable, but also I understand that the local cuisine is
                                                                           outstanding. The next scheduled Club fly out is for July 9th to
         I had my intro flight in Oct. 96, soloed Dec. 96 and              Pelee Island for the weekend, plans are for a winery tour and a
         obtained my private pilots license in May 97, in West             BBQ on the beach at the Nethertons. On August 20th with a rain
         Lafayette, Indiana. Soon after I found myself in Saskatoon,       date of August 21st, the plans are to have a fly out to Dayton,
         Saskatchewan (I’m sure everyone knew where Saskatoon              Ohio, and a visit to their museum. Call the front desk to reserve
         is, I just like typing out Saskatchewan). Once in Saskatoon,      your plane and/or seat(s) for the fly outs (969-1320).
         I looked at the opportunities that were available and
         decided that I was firmly bitten by the ‘flying bug’. When I      For the Club members that I have yet to meet, I hope that you
         investigated flying as a viable career move, I was told that      will have the opportunity to drop by and I can introduce myself.
         it would be possible but the road would be difficult. Since I     And for those that I have met, I look forward to seeing you
         don’t like to shy away from a challenge, I had to decide          again.
         between a new, interesting and exciting career versus my
         previous careers in pharmaceuticals sales and marketing
         and occupational health and safety. I decided that I had
         one more career change left in me and stepped out into
                                                                                     ▪ NOTICE ▪ NOTICE ▪ NOTICE ▪ NOTICE ▪
         the wild blue yonder.
                                                                           We, at the Windsor Flying Club, would like to acknowledge the
         I continued with my flight training, obtaining my                 donation of a CD/stereo system by Kevin Shelson. Now we will
         commercial license in Apr. 98, and my instructor rating in        be able to tune in and enjoy the various radio stations quickly,
         June 98. Incidentally, the Class I Instructor who was my          since the other stereo system became unserviceable. Again we,
         mentor, Tony Slugoski, was a fellow instructor of Ron             the staff at the Windsor Flying Club and anyone who enjoys
         Holden in Moose Jaw back in the 1950’s. The aviation              listening to the stereo while at the Club, thank Kevin for his
         industry sure is a small world.                                   generosity.

         During my time in Saskatoon, not only was I instructing but                                                        Tony Kaminskyj
Page 7

         Financial Flap
         By Jeremy Schisler

         Spring is just around the corner and I’m sure everyone is          less than $90.00. It was a café style system that could be
         looking forward to better flying weather and clearer skies.        interfaced with a touch-screen monitor and a thermal printer.
         This winter has been one of heavy snowfall, followed by            By purchasing a used monitor and a printer, I was able to put
         melting periods and then further snow, none of which is very       the whole system together for under $600.00. With the new
         conducive to good flying weather. Although our overall hours       system, prices and taxes are now charged correctly, there are
         were down for 2004, we are hopeful that the spring weather         no mathematical errors, gift certificates are tracked and
         gods will smile upon us and help our students and members          receipts are generated almost instantly. All of the staff likes
         fly as often as possible.                                          the system and I have had positive feedback from some of the
                                                                            members as well.
         Point of Sale System:
         In the last few years I have become increasingly frustrated        Ground School Renovation:
         with our point of sale system. It was an invoice type system       The construction of the new briefing room, located in the
         that was not very user friendly, coupled to a very slow printer.   Ground School room, is still in hiatus and volunteers are being
         Receipts took so long to print that many members would             sought to help with construction. Let Cindy know if you can
         leave before a receipt could be generated. Also, it was a          help with the laying of a ceramic tile floor or the final touches
         constant battle to ensure that the correct tax was applied,        to paint and trim so that we can finish this project.
         since some of our products were non-taxable, GST only, or
         GST and PST. I knew we could do better but the problem was         Transport Canada Testing Site:
         finding a system that was both cost effective and fit our type     A computer has been made available for this room and thanks
         of business. Point of Sale systems seem to start at about          to Mark Jones, is up and running. The next hurdle is to install
         $5,000 and can be over $40,000 for a full-blown restaurant         the security system and file the paperwork with Transport
         type setup. Obviously that was just too expensive for the          Canada.
         Club to justify.
                                                                            I hope to see everyone at the Annual Membership Meeting
         I therefore began a search for software that could run on one      scheduled for April 25, 2005.
         of our PC’s and handle variable product pricing, two sales tax
         levels, gift certificate tracking and member accounts. It took
         almost a year but I was able to locate a software company
         that had a product that would do what we required and cost

         CH2A Report
         By William Ouellette

         It is winter time, as you probably don't have to be reminded       thing it will be out of the weather . The Mosquito group is still
         of. All that I know is that I can't wait until spring breaks. As   hard at work and making slow progress on their project. The
         you may have heard the Lancaster Group is all a buzz about         flying team and aircraft are on their winter rest but soon will be
         the Lanc being removed from the pedestal. As you know the          preparing for another great flying season. For flying club mem-
         Lanc will eventually make it to the airport when a building        bers who are CH2A members, a member appreciation day is
         will be built. Hopefully this building will be a museum not        going to be held on May 28 2005. The CH2A annual dinner is
         another storage shed. The news is the Lanc will not come to        going to be held at the Riverside Sportsmen Club on Riverside
         a airport just yet ,but it will be removed on May 26 and sit in    Drive on March 24Th and tickets are 30.00/person contact
         the garden next to the pedestal under gaurd and tours will         the office for ticket 966-9742 . Hope to see you soon at the
         given for the next two weeks . Then it will be dismantled and      club or at one of our events . Spring is coming , hold on!!
         moved to a storage shed being built near the Ouellette un-
         der pass where who knows how long it will sit. One good

                                                                Trophy Day
                                     ▪ What are you made of? Come in and make your mark ▪

                              Date: Saturday April 23, 2005 ▪▪ Rain Date: Sunday April 24, 2005
                                                     Location: Windsor Flying Club
Page 8

                          President’s Report
                          by Perry Burford

                          Will it ever stop snowing??? It’s 8:45am, March 1st.                 events planned for this year…Hamilton, Goderich,
                          I’m sitting at home at my “puter” writing this, and                  Pelee Island, Dayton and St Thomas. CH2A and EAA
                          it’s snowing yet again! It snowed all night and the                  members are encouraged to participate in these
                          forecast is for more today…enough already…. when                     events. Flying cross-country in a gaggle, with a whole
                          will it stop!! I just heard the 8:30 Pelee Island run                lot of other aircraft in sight, is a whole lot more fun
                          go over the house…. poor guy…. IMC again today!!                     than over-flying the county for the umpteenth time in a
                          There has been a lot that this winter too! This long,                formation of 1. Plan on flying with us on all of these
                          cold, snowy winter is making your board of directors                 cross country trips. Book an aircraft now so you don’t
                          look real bad. When we were recruiting our new CFI,                  get shut out. If you want to fly with an instructor or
                          Tony Kaminskyj, we told him he would love the                        another pilot, just ask Tony Kaminskyj or an instructor
                          “Banana Belt…great fly’in year round, winters no                     and they can easily pair you up with someone.
                          problem, always sunny, warm and little snow!!! Tony
                          keeps asking us where that “Banana Belt” weather                     The Club is in great shape. Your board of directors has
                          is whenever he sees us.           Inevitably, however,               been working very hard throughout the year.
         “Review your     spring will arrive, and with it the return of great                  Financially, we’re very sound despite this being he
   currency situation!”   flying weather.                                                      slowest time of the year in terms of cash flow. We
                                                                                               have cash in the bank and our reserves for engines
                          Now, while we’re waiting for spring, is a good time                  and aircraft refurbishment are fully funded. We have
                          to review your currency situation and decide how to                  recruited a new CFI, Tony Kaminskyj. Tony has a Class
                          maintain it. As you know, there are a number of                      1 Instructor Rating which qualifies him to teach new
                          ways to maintain currency including a pilot                          instructors. Drop into the club and say hello to Tony;
                          proficiency check ride with an instructor, which is                  he would love to meet you. Our Aircraft Refurbishment
                          the best way. Another is to attend Transport                         program has been dormant throughout the winter but
                          Canada’s Rust Buster seminar sponsored by EAA                        will get active again in the spring with the installation
                          Chapter 185 at the CH2A Hangar on Saturday May                       of new interiors in WZQ and CAG. Aircraft insurance
                          14, 2005 at 10:00am. Windsor Flying Club will be                     rates finally stabilized this year, for the first time since
                          serving breakfast from 8:00 till 10:00am that                        9/11/01. In addition, we were able to negotiate
                          morning. So reserve the morning of Saturday May                      ground coverage only, on two of our Tomahawks
                          14 for two of your favorite activities…. eating and                  during the winter, when we don’t need them on-line.
                          aviation!                                                            We will bring them back on-line in the spring when
                                                                                               flying hours pick up. This saved us considerable
                          Now is also a good time to review the 2005                           premium expenses. We now own our very own “T
                          Schedule of Events contained in this edition of the                  Hangar” thanks to the generosity of one of our most
                          Windicator, which lists all 17 of the events planned                 loyal and generous members. We will be able to keep
                          for the coming flying season by the CH2A, EAA and                    the mail plane in it and also “thaw out” aircraft in it
                          WFC. Plan now, which of the 17 events you will                       during the winter.
                          attend. Enter them in your planner now, while
                          you’re thinking about it. Nothing much happens                       Special thanks to directors, Mike Kovaliv and Denis
                          without a plan! Post the schedule somewhere you’ll                   (with one ‘s’) Schryer for leading the charge as Sunday
                          see it! A lot of volunteer time and effort goes into                 Morning Breakfast Cooks at the Club throughout the
                          every one of these events for you! Take advantage                    fall and winter
                          of them.
                                                                                               Many thanks guys! Your efforts are appreciated by the
                          You will notice that we have 5 cross country fly-out                 club and by your victims…’er customers from the staff
                                                                                               And members of the club. Well done and thanks.

                                                                                                  Ali J            Have a safe, fun 2005 flying
                                                      We are committed to your satisfaction!    WFC aber
                                                                                                                   season! Make this a cross-country

                                                                                                                   Blue skies and tail winds!

                            Computer Sales & Service                                                                            Perry Burford, President
                            Network Security Services                                                                               Windsor Flying Club
                            Web Site Design and Hosting
                                                                       Phone: 519.944.6009
                            Custom Application Development      E-Mail:
                            Onsite Technical Services    Web Site:
Page 9

         2005 Schedule of Events

               EAA Chapter 185 / Canadian Historical Aircraft Assoc / Windsor Flying Club

          Date (2005)    Rain Date       Sponsor                     Event                        Venue
            March 24                        CH2A          CH2A Annual Dinner & General       Windsor Sportsmen's
                                                                   Meeting                          Club
             April 6                        WFC                   Ground School              WFC Meeting Room

             April 23      April 24         WFC                     Trophy Day               WFC Meeting Room

             April 25                       WFC                WFC Annual Meeting            WFC Meeting Room

             May 14                     Transport Can-         Rust Buster Seminar              CH2A Hanger
             May 28                         CH2A            Members Appreciation Day            CH2A Hanger

             May 28                          EAA                Young Eagles Day             WFC Meeting Room

             May 29                         WFC           Fly out to Hamilton & Canadian      CDN Warplane Mu-
                                                            Warplane Heritage Museum               seum

            June 25        June 26          WFC          Fly out to Goderich FBO Museum      Runway Restaurant
            July 9-10                       WFC           Pelee Island Fly-In-Pelee Island   Beach Bar-B-Q Pelee
                                                                      Winery                    Island Winery

            August 20     August 21         WFC                Fly out to Dayton OH            USAF Museum

          September 10                      CH2A         Spitfire Swing Dance, Celebrating      CH2A Hanger
                                                                War birds of the RAF
          September 17                       EAA              EAA Chapter 185 Fly-In               CYQG

          September 24   September 25       WFC                Fly out to St Thomas                 TBD

            October 1                        EAA                Young Eagles Day             WFC Meeting Room

           October 22                       WFC                    Wings Night               Patrick O’Ryans Pub

           December 3                        EAA                 Christmas Party                    TBD

           December 4                    WFC/CH2A                Christmas Party             WFC Meeting Room
Page 10
Page 10

          Flig ht Co mp ut ers

              Ninety-Nines Local Chapter
          By Denis Schryer
              By Janet Chesterfield

                                                                              Tips to consider for search and rescue
                                                                                        if traveling up north.

                                                                 1. Keep a roll of paper towels on board. They are light, can be used to
                                                                 fuel a fire and also to write a message on the ground. Remember "V"
                                                                 means "we need help" while "X" means "we need medical care"

                                                                 2. A CD disc makes a great mirror for signaling. You can scope the
                                                                 search and rescue plane through the hole in the CD to direct your mirror
                                                                 reflection to spotters in the plane.

                                                                 3. By 2008 all planes will be required to switch to a GPS E.L.T. which
                                                                 will pinpoint the location by satellite.

                                                                 4. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT illegal to use a cell phone in an
              International Women's Pilot Organization           airplane. Please use discretion and never interfere with a pilot's radio
              "For once you have tasted flight, you will for-    communications.
              ever walk the Earth with your eyes turned sky-
              ward, for there you have been and there you        4. Search and Rescue welcomes your interest. Come to see what these
              will always long to return."                       volunteers are all about. They meet the 3rd Saturday of every month 8
              (Leonardo da Vinci)                                a.m. on Crumlin Road at the London airport. Bright blue building just
                                                                 north of Aero Academy. Trenton coordinates the efforts of CASARA
              The local Maple Leaf Chapter of Ninety-Nines       groups across Canada.
              meets monthly and would like to keep you
              informed of our activities and upcoming semi-
              nars/events. Educational sessions are open
              to both members and non-members. We wel-
              come ideas for interesting topics.                We are looking at seminars for:
              Feb. 5/05
              Thanks to CASARA members, Mel, Larry and
                                                                ♦   AME: What is Elementary Work on My Air-
              Joe for hosting the 99's meeting in London.
              99'S are planning to host some exciting events    ♦   Meteorology:     Interpreting Weather Condi-
              this year:                                            tions between Reported AirZones.
                                                                ♦   Education: Aviation as a Career for Young
              May 24/05: Goderich Flyin, Topic: Promoting           People
              Aviation as a Career in our Schools.              ♦   U.S. Entry: What to Remember about Com-
                                                                    muting to the U.S.
              June 04/05: Flyin Leamington Airport: Early
              afternoon airshow. Dinner with the Snowbird
              Pilots after the Air show. Get your autographs,   All aviators are welcome to enquire. 99's will sponsor the events.
              ask all your questions, and enjoy a banquet by
              Spagos. for reg-       Seminars are open to all aviators, 99s and others.
              istration and r.s.v.p. Space is limited.

              July 09/05: Flyin Pelee Island: Spa with lunch                   For more info contact:
              and Daytrip around island.                                                      519-326-6875
                                                                                                 Or Visit
              FLOUR BOMBING, SPOT LANDINGS, GOLD CUP                 
              RALLY TO ?????. Sound like fun?                                                       Or
              Contact for full
              calendar of events.
                                                                                              Thanks for your interest...
                                                                                                   Janet Chesterfield...
Page 11

          It was somebody’s BIRTHDAY, I wonder who?

          Denis Schryer and George Mock celebrated their birthdays with a flight on March 5th, 2005. Denis turned 50 and George is 80
          years young. Oh by the way, Denis is on the left and George on the right. Happy Birthday!!



          As Written by Mark Jones

          Dear WFC Members and Board,               My family is looking forward to having       hope to share mine, and hear your
                                                    me home every evening. With that             stories of aviation as time passes.
          I just wanted to inform you all that I    being said it is also a sad time as I have
          have been seeking full time               enjoyed my time at the WFC and               Thank you to all for everything.
          employment as a flight instructor         everyone there has treated well.                                        Mark Jones.
          closer to home. Sat Feb 26, 2005 I
          was successful in doing so, I was hired   I have been taught a lot about the
          on at the Waterloo Wellington Flight      people that you meet in the aviation         I’m sure that I speak for everyone that
          Centre in Kitchener Ontario. They are     industry that they can’t teach you in        it was a pleasure to have Mark
          excited to have me and I feel the same    books, it’s a love that brings people of     instructing here, and that we wish him
          about being there. I will be remaining    all walks of life together through our       the best of luck as a full time
          with the WFC for approximately 2          common interest and goal of slipping         instructor at the Waterloo Wellington
          weeks till I have made my students        those “surly bonds of earth.” I have         Flight Centre.
          transition from me to one of the other    made some good friends that I will keep
          instructors at the club a smooth one.     in touch with over the years to come. I      Tony Kaminskyj
Page 12

          Aviation Safety Letter

          The pilot of a Cessna 150 was plan-           The Transportation Safety Board’s           up, a configuration not usually adopted
          ning to take passengers on a local            final report (A96O0153) states that         under normal circumstances. This type
          flight but decided to test-fly the aircraft   there was no mechanical explanation         of stall, as we all know, is unrecoverable
          because the alternator had just been          for the reported "pop" sound and that       most of the time. Although we all prac-
          replaced. The pilot took off from Run-        subsequent laboratory examination           tice flapless approaches and landings
          way 22 and climbed to approximately           showed that the engine tachometer           under controlled conditions, the circum-
          500 ft., turned back and flew a low           was indicating 2200 rpm at impact.          stances of this accident indicate that
          pass over Runway 04. He then en-              The engine was dismantled and no            this flapless final approach turn was
          tered the downwind for Runway 12,             defects that would have prevented the       unplanned and precipitated by the
          flew a low pass over the runway and           engine from developing full power           events.
          made a turn back toward Runway 30.            were noted. The flaps were in the fully
          Descriptions of the flight path indi-         retracted position, which was inconsis-     As an aside to this story, low passes
          cated that all turns were steep, be-          tent with the pilot’s normal landing        over runways and steep turns at low
          tween 60° and 90°. At some point              configuration. According to the report,     altitude are not typically recommended
          during or prior to the last turn, some        the Cessna 150 Pilot Operating Hand-        patterns for testing the serviceability of
          people reported hearing a loud "pop"          book indicates that the aircraft stalls     an aircraft. Steep turns are valuable,
          sound, and the aircraft made a con-           in a wings-level attitude, with flaps up,   and fun to practice at high altitude, but
          tinuous turn to align with Runway 30.         at 46 to 47 kt. indicated airspeed. In a    unnecessary and dangerous at low alti-
          During the final turn, the aircraft           60° bank, the stall speed is 66 kt.,        tude. Keep in mind one of the basics of
          stalled, descended and struck the             and, in a 75° bank, it increases to 92      Aviation 101: thou shalt always keep lift
          ground. The pilot died as a result of         kt. This accident illustrates the low-      under thy wings when off
          injuries received during the crash.           level stall potential during a final ap-    the ground…
                                                        proach turn to a runway with the flaps

          YQG Amateur Aviation Group (Windsor)
          Mike Balipap Jr.

          There is nothing like an example of
          a good pre-flight check demonstra-
          tion and a chance for a little free
          flying time to get the attention of
                                                                                WFC Sunday
          chapter members. With member
          Andy Bondy supervising the YQG
          group gathered at Dick Wood’s a
                                                                      Please note that the Windsor Flying Club
          private grass strip at LaSalle, near
          Windsor on a quiet summer evening                           Breakfasts have now changed from Weekly
          as an ultra light was wheeled out of                        to Monthly. Please check our Web Site for
          a hangar. Working under Bondy’s                             the Schedule.
          supervision the two “lucky” partici-
          pants, Phil Riesenstron and Don
          Lawrence, unfolded the wings, hori-
          zontal stabilizers and elevators and
          placed them in position, bolted in
          place the spars, strut and control
          rods, and connected the cables.
          Bondy explained the preflight in-
          spection, and then supervised as
          Riesenstron and Lawrence checked
          every bolt and nut, stud and safety
          pin as well as the prop and engine.
          After the starting procedure was
          explained the engine was started and
          CFI Deme gave each of them an
          introductory flying lesson.
Page 13

          Private Pilot Ground School Schedule
          Starting April 6, 2005 —- Wednesdays 19:00—22:00

                  Session                         Date                                           Subject
                      1                           April 6                                 Air Laws and Procedures
                      2                          April 13                                 Air Laws and Procedures
                      3                          April 20                                 Air Laws and Procedures
                      4                          April 27                                 Air Laws and Procedures
                      5                           May 4                       Airframes, Engines and Systems, Theory of Flight
                      6                           May 11                             Theory of Flight, Flight Instruments
                      7                           May 18                            Flight Instruments, Flight Operations
                      8                           May 25                            Human Factors, Pilot Decision Making
                      9                           June 1                                 Radio and Electronic Theory
                     10                           June 8                                        Meteorology
                     11                          June 15                                        Meteorology
                     12                          June 22                                        Meteorology
                     13                          June 29                                        Meteorology
                     14                           July 6                           Weight & Balance, Performance Charts
                     15                           July 13                                        Navigation
                     16                           July 20                                        Navigation
                     17                           July 27                                        Navigation
                     18                          August 3                                        Navigation

                                                            KEEP US INFORMED
                   Please keep the Windsor Flying Club informed of your mailing address, phone numbers and Email changes.

                   The Club has been issuing Bulletins via email on a regular basis to keep you up to date on events and news.

                      If you have not been receiving those emails, please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can
                                                           correct your E-mail address.

                              Contact the Ops Desk at 969-1320 or Email us at
Page 14

          Lancaster Bomber
          Continued from Page 1 ...

          The second chapter of course has             storage, and later became the first            Association began assisting the City of
          been spending 40 years as a proud            Lancaster converted to photo-map the           Windsor’s Parks & Rec. dept with the
          Memorial to the over 400 aircrew from        vast Arctic areas of Canada. It was            upkeep on the Lanc in Sept of 1993.
          this area who died in WWII. This is a        highly regarded by its aircrew, being          The thing that struck us most when
          pattern typical in the world of vintage      referred to as "The Pride of the Fleet".       entering the aircraft for the very first
          aircraft .. Service life, then Gate          Upon being retired from service in             time was the amount of equipment and
          Guardian and finally the Restoration &       1962, it made its final flight to RCAF         instruments still remaining. The
          Preservation phase.                          Stn. Dunnville, Ontario and was placed         rumours that the Lancaster had been
                                                       in a hangar to await its fate. The City        picked clean were untrue. Also untrue
          Lanc 212 started off as part of              of Windsor purchased it from Crown             was that the Rolls-Royce Merlin
          Canada’s contribution of building            Assets as a Memorial in 1964 for               engines were gone, or that if they did
          aircraft during WWII. It is one of 430       $1,250 and although still airworthy, it        still happen to be there that they were
          Lancs built at Victory Aircraft in           was deemed too expensive to fly to             stripped or seized. Again false. We were
          Malton, Ontario. Out of this number,         Windsor and was dismantled and sent            surprised to find that the props still
          only ten survive, eight of which are in      by barge down Lake Erie. It arrived in         turned, and when we applied anti-
          Canada, and one of which has been            Dieppe Park in August of 1964 and              corrosive treatment to the engines, we
          restored to Airworthy condition. Enemy       was moved to Jackson Park early in             could hear the pistons hissing and
          action accounted for a staggering 108        1965 where it was later installed on a         weazing within. We regularly apply this
          Victory Lancasters lost and hundreds         specially built concrete pedestal. With        anti-corrosive solution to the engines
          of lives.                                    great ceremony, it was dedicated as a          and turn the props.... all under the
                                                       Memorial on July 4th, 1965.                    watchful eye of Gary Masse from WCS
          Built too late to see any wartime                                                           Aviation.
          service, Lanc 212 was placed in              The Canadian Historical Aircraft

            Lancaster FM212, here coded with the 408 Squadron markings MN212, on approach to its base at RCAF Stn. Rockcliffe, Ottawa in 1960.
                                                            Photo courtesy of Hugh Pickard
Page 15

          Lancaster Bomber
          By Ed Curnutte

          The years that followed saw many                    original, pristine condition, preserved      grow, eventually becoming the
          different projects take place, such as              indoors and available so the public          Canadian Historical Aircraft Association.
          replacement of the shattered nose                   can see it. If located at the Airport, the   All of us appreciate the good will and
          bubble, replacement of the cockpit                  Lanc could even be towed outdoors for        support that our neighbors at the
          canopy, painting the aircraft,                      special commemorative events and             Windsor Flying Club have shown
          refurbishing the cockpit, and many                  ceremonies.                                  through the years, and we look forward
          more. All worthwhile and necessary                                                               to bigger and better things to come.
          projects, but again still subject to                Finally, I was most pleased when Ali
          deterioration in the elements.                      Jaber asked me to write an article for       Please check out these web sites for
          Restored components often had to be                 the Pathfinder. For it was in the            more information on Windsor’s
          restored again after only a few years.              Windsor Flying Club, back in 1992,           Lancaster Bomber:
          Serious problems then occurred when                 where I had seen a notice posted
          cracks were discovered in critical                  about the formation of a new group 
          areas in the airframe, and the wake-up              with an interest in old war birds.
          call went out that the Lanc must be                 Perhaps they could do something to 
          saved or be left to deteriorate to the              help the Lanc? Little did I know how
          point where it becomes a safety                     deeply we’d be involved so many years
          hazard.                                             later. The group met regularly at the        lancaster
                                                              Windsor Flying Club and continued to
          Bob Foster, an aviation structural
          engineer, performed an exhaustive
          inspection on the airframe and
          presented his findings at a public
          meeting held in Dec. 2003. The                                            Volunteers Wanted
          consensus among the group was that
          the Lancaster must be removed from
          the pedestal and moved indoors                        This is a call for volunteers. Trophy Day
          where proper restoration, preservation
          and display can occur. Three sub-                     competition is scheduled for April 23rd, with
          committees were formed at that
          m e e t i n g , n am e l y R e - lo c a t i o n ,     a rain date of April 24th.
          Replacement and Fundraising. We’ve
          been meeting regularly, and have
          made great strides towards our goals.
          There’s no turning back.
                                                                If you are not competing for any of the tro-
                                                                phies but would still like to be part of the
          The real restoration project will begin
          after the Lancaster arrives at its new,               fun, please submit your name by calling
          permanent home. We are hoping this
          is going to be at the Windsor Airport.                969-1320        or emailing us at
          The aircraft would need to be
          dismantled into its basic sections and
                                                       and we will
          subsections, and each part                            gladly take your name and phone number
          meticulously preserved, restored, or
          replaced as required. The restoration                 and the amount of time that you can gra-
          floor space in the museum will
          naturally demand a larger square-                     ciously volunteer for (2, 4, 6 or 8 hours).
          footage area than the aircraft
          presently occupies. Consider the fact
          that major components like wings,
          fuselage assemblies, etc. will need
                                                                Can you also include whether you can
          special jigs and cradles to hold them                 volunteer for the rain day if necessary, and
          while work is being carried out and it’s
          clear to see that a facility larger than a            if you want to be located on the Windsor
          102 ft. wingspan by 69½ ft. fuselage
          becomes necessary. Areas given for                    field or at one of the two secret locations
          machine-shop and parts storage also
          must be considered. The final product
                                                                (approx. 30-40 min drive from Windsor).
          is a Lancaster Bomber restored to
            We’re on the Web!             Aviation Jokes

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Secretary                                Apparently right after a military C-5 Galaxy landed and cleared the active it taxied by a
            Denis Schryer                Boeing 747 that was holding short of the runway. The Galaxy captain knowing how much
                                         larger his aircraft was keyed the mic and asked the 747 captain, "Hey little buddy, what's
Treasurer                                your gross?" Not to be out done the 747 captain keyed his mic and replied "A little over two
         Jeremy Schisler                 hundred thousand dollars a year, how about you?"
            Gary Masse
                                         A pilot has engine trouble and lands in a field. As he walks around the plane to check out
            Fred Netherton
                                         the problem, he hears a voice behind him say, "You have a clogged fuel line." Looking
            Paul Hargreaves
            Ali Jaber                    around, he sees no one, except a cow. Startled out of his wits, he runs across the field to
            Mike Kovaliv                 the farmer's house and pounds on the door. When the farmer appears at the door, the out-
                                         of-breath pilot stammers that his cow has just talked--and even tried to explain what was
         WFC Staff                       wrong with the airplane.

                                         The farmer drawled, "Was it a brown cow?" "Yes." "Did it have a white patch on its
        Tony Kaminskyj                   forehead?" "Yes, yes, that's the one." "OK, that's Flossie. Don't pay no attention to her. She
                                         doesn't know nothin' about aeroplanes."
         Karl Klinck
         Brian Adrian                    (Transmission as a DC-10 rolls out long after a fast landing...)

                                         San Jose Tower: American 751 heavy, turn right at the end if able.       If not able, take the
Office Manager                           Guadalupe exit off of Highway 101 back to the airport.
         Cindy Kehn

OPS Desk                                 Taxiing down the tarmac, the jetliner abruptly stopped, turned around and returned to the
        Art MacKay
        Alinia Ponomarenko
        Evelyn Ouellette
        Gavin Ducharme                   After an hour-long wait, it finally took off.

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