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					Promoters Pack
      April 2009
Nottinghamshire Community Cinema

Promoters Pack

Contents                                     Page
What is Nottinghamshire Community Cinema?    3
How does the scheme work?                    3
Selecting your films                         4
Venue requirements                           4
Equipment and technical support              5
Preparing your venue                         6
Complementary activities                     6
Publicity materials                          7
Other promotion                              8
Selling tickets                              9
Pricing                                      10
The cost to you                              11
Reporting back                               12
Audience feedback                            12
Licensing                                    13
Who runs Nottinghamshire Community Cinema?   13
Contacts                                     13

What is Nottinghamshire Community Cinema?
Nottinghamshire Community Cinema is a scheme that uses portable cinema
equipment to provide Community Cinema screenings in alternative venues,
particularly in areas where cinema might not otherwise be available. The scheme
covers the county of Nottinghamshire.
Nottinghamshire Community Cinema works with voluntary promoters based at
venues as diverse as village halls, libraries, community centres, schools and
colleges – anywhere that is a meeting point for local people and can provide
some very basic facilities. Nottinghamshire Community Cinema offers the
opportunity for you to turn your local venue into a temporary cinema so that local
people can enjoy films old and new at a friendly nearby venue.

How does the scheme work?
You will need to write a letter to confirm that you agree to become a
Nottinghamshire Community Cinema promoter and that you agree to the terms
and conditions of the scheme. After that you become the promoter responsible
for bringing cinema to your local community!

You will be asked to provide a selection of dates (in writing) when your venue
is available. You can book as many slots as central admin can make available to
you; some groups may want once a month, others may want films just in school
holidays. Please ensure that the dates you have given are provisionally booked
at your venue until the details of your screenings are confirmed, to avoid any

Try to ensure that the date and time are appropriate for your target audience
(for example, if you want to screen a children‟s film, then weekend/holiday
daytimes, or early evenings during the week, would be preferable to an 8.00 p.m.
screening). Double-check that there are no clashes with other important local
events. Try to be flexible in your thinking – if every venue asks for Friday and
Saturday nights then the scheme will not have enough equipment to go round.
Be willing to experiment with other nights in the week if you can. For example, if
your venue is never used on Thursday nights then you could aim to make that
your regular „film night‟. If the promoter or contact details for your venue change,
please let central admin know as soon as possible, so that we can make sure
that information reaches the right person.

You will need to collect the equipment yourself from a central point and return
it the next day. Currently, we have two sets of equipment – one in Newark and
one in Worksop. During the time it is in your possession it will need to be stored
securely to comply with the insurance regulations. Nottinghamshire Community
Cinema is providing insurance to cover the kit.

Selecting your films
You will be able to indicate your preferences from the Filmbank and BFI
databases that will include, for example, recent releases, classic cinema,
international films, musicals, comedy, and thrillers. Ask other people to help you
select your films – your venue‟s management committee, or other local groups
who use your venue, for example.
You may want to start with films that you know will be popular with your local
community – for example more recent releases. As your audiences build and you
feel more confident we would encourage you to experiment with different types of
film so that your audiences can enjoy a different range of cinema experiences,
and so that you can attract new audience members to your venue.

The arena are responsible for booking films through Filmbank or bfi (film
hire companies). We will be hiring films in blocks – so the same film will tour
multiple venues. This will reduce our postage costs and help simplify the system.
If there is a problem you will have to send the film back to base, who will organise
a replacement.

The British Film Institute (bfi) can sometimes supply more unusual films, covering
world cinema, classics and archive films. (See contacts list.)
Please be aware that some films e.g. Star Wars may be available at your
local video store but are not available for community screenings.
We are keen to ensure that some of our programme is accessible to younger
audiences. Filmbank has a special section listing children‟s films.

Cancellation of Bookings
Any cancellation of a booking should be made at least three weeks prior to play
date. After this time a cancellation fee of £20.00 will apply. Once a film has been
despatched (i.e. one week before play date) the full invoice amount will apply
from Filmbank and venues will be liable to pay these fees.

Venue requirements
Nottinghamshire Community Cinema will visit your venue and help you decided if
it is suitable, and if not, how you can make it suitable. Please note that we are
committed to equal opportunities and therefore it is a requirement that all venues
have disabled access. If your venue can seat what you consider a reasonable
sized audience for your village or community then it probably is suitable for
Nottinghamshire Community Cinema. You will need to ensure that there is basic
power (13amp) available, and parking immediately adjacent to your venue to
unload and load the equipment.

Ideally, it should be possible to black out your venue to ensure that the quality of
the projected image is as high as possible. You may want to add other touches to
create something of the cinema atmosphere - a little imagination and inspiration
(and an usherette‟s uniform?) may be required!

Your venue should have its own Public Liability Insurance (See contacts list) and
meet the relevant Health and Safety requirements. You may wish to make a
basic check of the following in advance of your event:

•      Car parking and access routes
•      Lighting, location of fuse box and electrical sockets.
•      Signage (including „No Smoking‟ signs)
•      Toilets / disabled toilets
•      Heating / air conditioning (if this is too noisy to run during the screening,
       please make sure that the venue is at the right temperature before the
       screening starts)
•      Fire alarms, fire exits and fire fighting equipment
•      First Aid kit
•      Security arrangements (e.g. for money taken on box office)
•      Any possible hazards (e.g. trailing cables)
•      Sufficient stewards / volunteers

The Fire Prevention Officer from your local fire brigade, or a Health & Safety
Officer / Environmental Health Officer from your district/borough council may be
able to advise you if you are not sure about anything (see contacts list). Be clear
how many people you are permitted to have in your venue to comply with fire
regulations, and make sure that your ticket sales do not exceed this number.


Equipment and technical support
Nottinghamshire Community Cinema will provide training in how to use the
equipment before the season takes place. Unless you pre book the services of a
technician, you will need to install and operate the equipment yourself. The
equipment available for loan uses DVD and video technology to present a high
quality audio and visual experience. We supply a 10ft x 7ft screen. The kits are
fully portable and fit into the back of a standard saloon car.

You will need to collect and return the equipment to a central point the day after
your screening. Great care must be taken in storing the equipment overnight to
comply with the Nottinghamshire Community Cinema insurance policy.
Nottinghamshire Community Cinema will provide all the technical support and
training that you need for your screening, including a technician on call by phone
on the night of your screenings. Hopefully, this will make you feel more secure
and confident about showing films yourselves.

However we also offer the option of a technician at additional cost. Where a
technician comes to your venue to manage the technical aspects of the
screening, you will still be responsible for all tickets, refreshments and providing
support to install the screen.

Preparing your venue
You need to have enough volunteers/staff to run your box office (collecting
money for tickets on the door), serve food and drink if appropriate, ensure the
health and safety of your audience and run any emergency errands. Staff or
volunteers should turn up in good time on the night of the screening. Remember
that someone will also need to stay on to lock up, and agree in advance who is
helping to clear up the venue after the event.

Please make sure that the space is as clear as possible, so that there is room to
bring in the equipment. For a cinema screening, a “theatre style” layout (i.e. in
rows facing the screen) will probably be most appropriate for your seating
arrangements. Please leave plenty of space between the rows of seats so that
people can get in and out easily. You should also leave a wide central “aisle”.
Rows can be curved if that helps with sightlines.

Bear in mind that some audience members may have limited mobility - you might
wish to leave a space at the end of one of the rows near the entrance for
wheelchair users.

You will need a table, chair and cash box (with a „float‟) near the entrance to your
venue, together with a willing volunteer to take money and check tickets on the
door. You will find it useful to have pre-booked tickets ready for collection in
individual envelopes, clearly labelled with the name and the total amount of
money owed.

Please ensure that your venue is kept as quiet as possible during the screening
so that the audience can have the most enjoyable experience possible!
Distracting noise from whistling tea urns or a tap dancing class in the next room
could clearly upset your audience. It sounds obvious, but your audience are how
you make your money, so make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as
possible and they are more likely to come back to your next screening and create
future income for your venue. Before the screening starts, it is a good idea to
remind audience members to switch off their mobile phones.


Complementary activities
You might decide to complement your film screening with other activities. A bar
will always go down well. If your venue is not licensed to serve alcohol, then you
will need to arrange a special license for the occasion in advance.

If you are screening a family film then a bar probably won‟t be necessary but you
could serve soft drinks, tea and coffee. Crisps, sweets and popcorn may also go
down well!

You may wish to serve more formal food (e.g. a buffet supper) either before or
after the film and charge a combined ticket price for the film and food. Or you
might want to hold a raffle or other fundraising event at the beginning or end of
the screening. All of these are good ways to raise extra funds for your venue.

If your film has a particular “theme” then you may want to have a themed
evening. For example, you could decorate the space in a particular way or serve
a particular kind of food or drink to add to the atmosphere of your event. Or you
could ask people to turn up in themed costumes and award a prize for the best!

You can have an interval if you wish although it is important to put a strict time
limit on this.


Publicity materials
You know your potential audience, and how best to contact them, better than
anyone else. However, we hope that the following suggestions might give you
some ideas if help is needed. You will need to produce some specific publicity for
your own event. This does not have to be sophisticated – but some A4 posters to
put up in key places around the area, and a larger number of A5 flyers to
distribute locally, will really help to promote your event.

Posters and flyers should include the following key information:

•      The venue
•      What the film is
•      The film certificate (what age group it is suitable for)
•      Date
•      Start time
•      Ticket price
•      How to get tickets
•      The Nottinghamshire Community Cinema and Funders‟ Logos.

Nottinghamshire Community Cinema will provide you with some templates
for you to photocopy details of your films. (It is a condition of participation
in the scheme that these are incorporated in all publicity material.)

A picture, your logo or illustration will also help to add interest to your publicity
materials and catch the eye of those who see it. (See the contacts section at the
back for more information).

When putting up a poster in a public place please ask a member of staff who
works there for permission first. Useful places to display posters can include the

doctor‟s surgery, church, hairdressers, pub, school, post office, parish notice
board and shop, as well as at your venue itself. Flyers can either be distributed
„house to house‟ (if you have the energy or the volunteers!) or you can leave piles
of flyers in appropriate places (see advice on posters above). The ideal time to
distribute publicity materials is 3-4 weeks before your event. If you have any
future screenings planned at your own venue, you might want to announce them
at the end of your event.

Top Tip – At Lowdham Film Festival (Flicks in the Sticks) we advise people that they may want to
bring a cushion as we do not have the comfort of padded Cinema Seats!

You, as promoter, will have the main responsibility for selling tickets and
promoting the event. The best way is to sell as many tickets in advance as you
possibly can. Obviously the more tickets you sell, the easier it is to cover your
costs and even make a small surplus. Any profit over and above the cost of
hiring the film and agreed venue/print costs will be split 50/50 with
Nottinghamshire Community Cinema. We will plough any profits from
screenings into developing the project, and buying new equipment. Any profit
your venue makes can be used to pay towards other screenings or cultural
events at your venue.


Other promotion

The Steering group of the scheme is looking at advertising that will promote the
films for the first season – however there is no substitute for local advertising.

Parish magazines are an excellent way of drawing attention to your event and
letting people know that it is happening. Always take advantage of them to
promote your event if you can. Village/community websites should also be used
where possible.

It does not cost anything to send a press release to your local paper and radio
stations. Give the paper/radio station a call, or look on their website, to find out
who the appropriate person is to send details of local events to.

Keep your press release short and simple. Here are some tips:

1.      Give your press release a concise heading. If you can think of something
        catchy, great, but if not, just “[NAME OF FILM] AT [VENUE]” will do fine.
        Editors will usually give articles their own titles anyway, so you just want to attract their
        attention and give them some idea of what your press release is about.

2.      Put a date on your press release so editors know when you sent it. The best time for
        media coverage is in the week before your event.

3.     The first paragraph of your press release should contain all the essential information:
       What, Where and When.

4.     In your second paragraph you may want to include further information about the film –
       what type of film it is, perhaps a brief introduction to the plot, and who it is suitable for.

5.     You can include brief quotations if you want to, but always credit the person or
       publication they came from.

6.     In your final paragraph make sure you include details of ticket prices and how to obtain

7.     At the bottom of the press release put a contact number in case the editor wants further

8.     Your press release must attribute the funders‟ names and the scheme title
       Nottinghamshire Community Cinema.

Send your press release to the correct person at your local paper / radio station
in good time. If your local paper is only published once a week, you might want to
check when their deadlines are (usually 2 or 3 days before the paper is

Selling tickets
The easiest way to guarantee an audience is for each member of your committee
to agree to sell a certain number of tickets. For example, if 3 committee members
sell 10 tickets each then you have a guaranteed audience of 30 people.
Ideally you should have one person who co-ordinates all the ticket sales and it
should be this person‟s contact details that appear on your publicity. It is best to
offer as many ways for people to buy tickets as possible, e.g.

•      The contact person can send tickets by post on receipt of a cheque
•      Tickets can be bought in person at the home of the contact person
•      Tickets can be reserved over the phone and then collected and paid for on
       arrival at the event
•      Subject to availability, tickets can be bought „on the door‟
•      Tickets can be purchased from other local outlets

When selling tickets through local outlets, you could try your village shop, post
office, pub or hairdressers. Provide the ticket outlet with copies of your publicity
materials, tickets and a sheet of paper for them to record how many tickets they
sell and at what price. Include your phone number for them to contact you if they
need help or more tickets, and any other instructions they may need (for
example, who qualifies for concessionary tickets).

On the day of the screening, or the day before, you should collect from the local
outlets any unsold tickets, together with their list of tickets sold and the money

they have made. Thank the staff at the outlet for their help and ask if they would
be willing to sell tickets again for future events.

Nottinghamshire film ticket prices should be affordable to our target audiences.
Our set prices are:

Adult                                                      £3.50
Child / Concession                                         £2.50
Family Ticket                                              £10.00
(2 Adults / 2 Children or 1 adult / 3 children)

These ticket prices compare competitively with other cinema‟s in Nottinghamshire:
Adults £4.00, Concessions £3.00, Friends of the Palace £2.00 at The Palace Theatre,
Newark and £3.50 (special price - anyone, any seat, any film, any day, any time!) at the
Byron Cinema, Hucknall, Savoy Nottingham charges:
    Adults                                                                   £4.50
    Students with NUS/ISIC cards                                             £3.50
    Senior Citizens                                                          £3.50
    Children                                                                 £3.50
    Family before 7pm                                                        £13.00
    (Family ticket is for 2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children)

Concessionary tickets mean offering a reduced ticket price to people who may be
on a lower income, such as:
•      Young people aged under 16
•      Students in full-time education
•      Senior citizens
•      People receiving state benefits (e.g. unemployed people or those
       receiving incapacity benefit)

It is a requirement of the scheme that all promoters sell tickets at the
guideline prices and offer concessionary tickets. Venues not adhering to
set prices will be liable for any shortfall and will be excluded from future
film seasons.

If you are offering any complementary activities – such as food or entry to a prize
draw on the evening – then this needs to be added on to the basic ticket prices
above. Your return form will be based on the scheme price structure. Prices will
be reviewed in April 2007.

The cost to you
Many of the costs of each screening and the equipment are covered through
grant aid from the funders listed below. Rather than charge a set fee per film we
are charging for films based on audience numbers in order to encourage smaller
venues to participate in the scheme. In 2006/07 season the charge per film is

35% of the box office takings plus £15 postage/admin
Whichever is the greater amount

To break even on a film screening a venue will need to sell 22 adult (£3.50)
tickets or 30 conc. tickets (£2.50).As we are using one central account to
organise all of our community bookings with Filmbank, we will invoice you for the
final amount depending on the popularity of the film that you screen.

Any profit that your organisation makes on additional promotions – e.g. food/drink
sales are yours to keep.

We envisage that the cost of the film hire/postage will rise by approximately £5
per annum, which may have a knock on for our charges to venues. Unfortunately,
any additional charges from Filmbank will be rolled out to promoters/venue.

Box Office Split
Venues will be required to keep a full financial record of their ticket sales. After
covering costs of the film hire, and agreed venue/print costs any profit will be split
50/50 with Nottinghamshire Community Cinema.

The payment to Nottinghamshire Community Cinema will be used to meet
additional Film Bank charges for film hire, and fund further development of the
scheme to enable future screenings to be provided. We hope that venues will
follow suit and re-invest any profit in future local film or arts activities.


Reporting back
You will be given a “Commercial Screenings - Box Office Return Form” to
complete after your event. It is very important that you complete this form and
return it to the Arena as soon as possible after your screening (if not on the
night) to enable us to maintain proper financial records.

The form is not complicated but asks for information about the number of tickets
sold at what price. It then asks you to calculate any surplus (total profit) which
you may have produced. The form asks you to give this information as this is a
requirement set down by the film hire companies, who will then calculate (based
on the figures you have provided) how much to charge the scheme.
Audience feedback
It is important to find out what your audience thought about this event. Not only
will this help you, the venue, to plan your future screenings, but it will help the
organisers of Nottinghamshire Community Cinema to continue to develop and
improve the scheme and to make a case for future funding.
We will provide you with copies of basic Evaluation Forms, which we will ask you
to distribute to your audience. It is a good idea to do this as people come in, or at
the interval if you have one. It will also be useful to have a pile of pens
somewhere handy (e.g. in the bar or near the door) so that people can fill in the
forms easily.

Try to collect as many completed forms as you can before the end of the event.
Not everyone will complete a form, but the more information that can be
gathered, the more helpful it will be. Please would you collect them and send
them on to Nottinghamshire Community Cinema (the address is at the bottom of
the evaluation form).

Promoters are encouraged to check that your venue has an updated Public
Entertainments Licence as a foundation to hold future public events including
film. If you are in any doubt about any licensing issues please contact the Arts
and Regeneration Officer (NCC) or your local Arts Development Officer who will
be happy to advise.

Training & Networking
Before you borrow the portable cinema equipment you and others in your group
will need to attend a training session in how to operate the equipment. At least
two people preferably more, should learn how to use the equipment just in case
your projectionist is taken ill on the night. This responsibility is better shared
amongst the group.

Nottinghamshire Community Cinema will be organising a number of training
sessions across Nottinghamshire. As well as training this will be an opportunity
for groups to get to know each other and to share their experiences both good
and bad!

The Network has insured the Equipment against loss or damage, with an excess
of £250 for any claim. Members responsible for the loss of or damage to any
Equipment agree to reimburse the Network any costs incurred in making
good that loss or damage, up to a maximum of £250 for any incident.
The Network's insurance policy specifically excludes liability for the theft of
property from an unattended vehicle, 'unless all the doors, windows and other
means of access have been secured and locked and all the keys of the vehicle
removed to a place of safety, and the property is placed in the boot of the vehicle
or is otherwise out of sight'. Members losing any Equipment through not
observing these requirements agree to reimburse the Network in full for any
uninsured loss."


Funding advice
Beth Noble, Arts and Regeneration Officer at Nottinghamshire County Council
and BCVS can advise you on potential funding that could help you to buy your
own equipment in the future. It is a good idea to keep your local councillors
informed of what you are doing – they might also be able to help you with a
funding bid.
You may even want to form a film society and become part of the network of film
societies all over Britain.


Who runs Nottinghamshire Community Cinema?
Nottinghamshire Community Cinema is financed by EM-Media, the regional film
and media development agency for the East Midlands, Arts Council England,
Nottinghamshire County Council, Newark & Sherwood District Council,
Bassetlaw District Council.

The project is coordinated by Nottinghamshire County Council with a range of
partners in the districts:


Sue Beresford
Strategic Arts Officer - Rural Issues and Built Environment
Nottinghamshire County Council
County Office
Thoroton Road
4th Floor, County Hall
West Bridgford
Nottinghamshire NG2 5FT

Tel: 0115 977 4589

Bassetlaw CVS
Park Street
S80 1HH
Tel: 01909 476118

County/District/Borough Arts Development Officers
For information and support about being a Nottinghamshire Community Cinema

Newark & Sherwood Arts Development       Gedling Borough Council
James Parkinson                          Sarah Cook
Arts Development Officer                 Leisure Services
Tel: 01636 655718                        Tel: 0115 901 3605
Email:         Email:

Mansfield District Council
David Brown                               Rushcliffe Borough Council
Arts & Cultural Business Dev. Officer     Nicola Pearson
Tel: 01623 463011                         Community Arts & Events Officer
Town Hall: 01623 633797                   Tel: 0115 914 8219
Email:            Email:

Bassetlaw District Council                Ashfield District Council
Karen Sim                                 Julie Wright/John Tattersfield
Marketing Assistant                       Arts Development Officer
Tel: 01909 533485                         Tel: 01623 457249
Email:         Email:
Broxtowe Borough Council
Claire Janes                              City Of Nottingham
Arts Development Officer                  Eluned Shepherd
Tel: 0115 917 3745                        Arts Development Officer
Email:        Tel: 0115 915 8601


Other funders:

EM Media
The regional development agency for film and media in the East Midlands
John Tobin
35-37 St. Mary's Gate
Tel: 0115 934 9090

Arts Council England, East Midlands
The regional office of the national development agency for the arts (including
Artists’ film and video), distributing public money from Government and the
National Lottery
St Nicholas Court
25-27 Castle Gate
Tel: 0845 300 6200

Useful Websites
Most of these will require you to register your details first, then you can access
their information by using a login name and password. Free services: website listing mostly mainstream films for hire and will
soon be making images available for brochures. For booking a film email
Emily McDonald or ring 020 7984 5957/58.

Filmbank Distributors Ltd,
Warner House,
98 Theobald’s Road,
London, WC1X 8WB. or go directly to
Or use the site search map and look for DVD hire.
The British Film Institute website has information on classics & archive film
and world cinema films available for hire, film reviews and exhibition and
educational information.
You can also get digital images of films for use in your brochure or for blowing up to a
larger size for a poster by emailing bfi.
website to source digital images for your brochure.
website to source digital images for publicity.
The Internet Movie Database website with information and reviews on films.
More information and reviews on films.
Bonsall & District Film Society – lots of information and useful links to film societies in
Britain. Good source for ideas for more unusual films and world cinema.
The voluntary arts network has briefing sheets on all sorts of useful things e.g. risk

Broadway Cinema
14 - 18 Broad Street
tel: 0115 952 66 11 (box office) / 0115 952 66 00 (administration)
fax: 0115 952 66 22
Working with Young People and want to have a go at making your own film?
First Light will fund:
Films where young people (aged 5 -18 years) take a lead role in all aspects of the production process
Live action, animated fiction or creative documentary productions in any genre
Films mainly shot on digital cameras
Films that explore and develop creative filmmaking techniques with young people
Films that are under 5 or 10 minutes (depending on the scheme applied to)
Films that are based solely in the UK, and that are of a direct benefit to young people living in the UK contains several unique and valuable features. It also acts as a gateway
to a world of useful information published on the internet about the British film industry.
You can download additional copies of the promoters‟ pack, generic posters, audience
feedback form, address sheet, equipment storage and advice, equipment conditions of

Film Posters
Posters of films are available from these companies. This is a free service to groups
who are hiring films from film distributors. They are the same type of poster you would
see at your local cinema. You will need to register with them and they will give you an
account number. Tell them that you are hiring a film.
0208 991 2121 National Screen Patsy Walton
0208 498 4450 Moving Picture Distribution email asc@delta-com


The Touring Scheme Toolkit by Richard King, published by the National Rural
Touring Forum, 2003

The Arts Promoters Pack by Jo Hilton, published by East Midlands Arts, 1997
Promoters Don‟t Panic Pack, published by the National Rural Touring Forum

With thanks to Katie Owen Freelance ADO

Steven Foxon at Phoenix Arts

Loading the Equipment


This is very expensive equipment – so please be careful!

1. A day‟s hire is a period of 24 hours. Equipment must be returned to
base the next day.

2. Please check contents on receipt and inform base camp if anything is missing.

3. Please ensure equipment is stored in a locked cupboard in a locked room.

4. Please ensure adequate notice is given to the “base camp” including advising us of the
name, address, telephone number of person collecting equipment, dates and details of where
the equipment is going and when it will be returned.

Promoters must make their own arrangements for the delivery and collection of equipment with
“base camp”.

The equipment hire is covered against loss, and serious damage, arising from fire, accident,
malicious damage or theft by a third party. All reasonable steps must be taken to ensure
equipment safety.

The Police, venue management and Nottinghamshire Community Cinema must be informed
immediately of any criminal damage or loss (otherwise the insurance cover may be void).


Base Camp – Bassetlaw – North Notts Community Arena
Eastgate, Worksop, S80 1QS.
Tel: 01909 480164

Base Camp – Newark – The Palace Theatre
Appletongate, Newark, Nottinghamshire SG24 1JY
Tel : 01636 655755

Access Checklist
Access Checklist for Venues

Nottinghamshire Community Cinema intends to promote and secure equality of opportunity for
disabled people in Nottinghamshire. We aim to enable disabled people to participate as full and
equal citizens in all aspects of life in the county. To help secure this aim, we want to ensure
that all film venues meet at least these minimum standards:

    Access and emergency egress without any steps or trips
    Toilets on an accessible level, preferably adapted toilets
    An inclusive means of getting refreshments (i.e. not by special arrangement or in a
     different place to other people)
    Preferably, adjacent or reserved parking (not on public streets)
    A route from the parking area which can be negotiated without steps or trips

Please complete the attached checklist for your venue. If you need any further help, please
contact the Beth Noble at NCC.

Getting in
When we say “completely level”, we mean without any steps, kerbs or trip obstacles. You can
test this by taking a pushchair or measuring wheel along the route – it‟s surprising how often
people don‟t notice small steps and sills.
It‟s fine if you have a ramp at the entrance, but please say whether this is steep, shallow or
medium. Does it have a handrail?

Getting around
Is the route from the main door to where the event is held just as “completely level”? Use that
pushchair again! It‟s fine if you have a lift which helps to move people around between levels,
but is it always reliable? Has it been serviced in the recent past?

Fixed seats are those which cannot be moved at all. If you have seats which usually link
together, can you unlink some to allow better access?

Is there a toilet (male and female, or one unisex) on the same “completely level” floor? This
should have no steps at all, either into the toilet or up to the sink or cubicles. Do you have a
fully adapted toilet? This will be one with additional space for a wheelchair, plus some grab rails
and other facilities like low-level basin, hand-dryer and toilet roll.

When you serve your interval refreshments, will this also be in a “completely level” space? If
not, can you arrange for the drinks to be served in the event space, so that people don‟t get left
out or have to have special service?

Hearing/induction loops
This is a system which allows amplified hearing for people with hearing aids. If you have one,
when was it last tested?

Is the parking under your control? Can you ensure that spaces are left clear for Blue Badge
holders? If it isn‟t, how easy is it to park (usually) at the time of day when your event will be

This checklist was put together with help from Annie Delin, arts and disability consultant, in 2004 for the Derbyshire
Literature Festival. With Thanks to Derbyshire Film for allowing us to edit the checklist for Nottinghamshire Community

Nottinghamshire Community Cinema
Venue Checklist
The name of your venue: …………….……………………………………….

Who completed the survey:…………………..……………………………….

Contact telephone number: ………………………………………………….

Date: ……………………………………………………………………………

Getting in
Is the access to your building completely level?   Yes / No

Does this include a ramp?                          Yes / No

If so, if the ramp                                  Steep
                                                    Shallow
                                                    Medium

Does the ramp have a handrail?                     Yes / No

Getting around
Is the route from the main entrance completely
level?                                             Yes / No
Are there any ramps?                               Yes / No

If so, are they                                     Steep
                                                    Shallow
                                                    Medium
To move between floors, is there a lift?           Yes / No

In your event space, is the seating                 Fixed
                                                    Can be moved
                                                    Completely free
Are there toilets which are completely level?      Yes / No
Are they                                            male and female toilets
                                                    just male
                                                    just female
                                                    unisex

Do they include adapted toilets?                   Yes / No

If so, are they                                    male and female toilets
                                                   just male
                                                   just female
                                                   unisex

When you serve refreshments will it be
In the same room as the event?                    Yes / No
In a different, completely level, room?           Yes / No
If in a different room is it accessible
(i.e. no steps etc)                               Yes / No

Induction loop
Do you have a hearing/induction loop?             Yes / No
Will you test it to make sure it is working?      Yes / No

Do you have parking nearby?                       Yes / No
If so, is it
                                                   Your own parking area
                                                   On-street
                                                   Public parking nearby

Do you have spaces for blue badge holders?        Yes / No

Would you say parking will be:                     Easy for disabled drivers
                                                   OK, but come early
                                                   Difficult

Please return the completed Survey to Nottinghamshire Community Cinema

C/O Sue Beresford
Strategic Arts Officer
Rural Issues and Built Environment
County Office
Thoroton Road
West Bridgford
Nottingham NG2 5FT

Terms and Conditions
Nottinghamshire Community Cinema
Conditions of use for promoters

1. A day‟s hire is a period of 24 hours. Equipment must be returned to base the next day.

2. Please check film kit contents on receipt and inform the Base venue if anything is missing.

3. If a spare lamp is used please return the „dud‟ lamp.

4. The hirer is to ensure that the equipment is used by a person who has attended a Nottinghamshire
Community Cinema training course.

5. No attempt must be made to repair, adjust or otherwise interfere with any part of the equipment other
than the normal use of external controls.

6. Do not leave equipment in an unattended vehicle, even if locked.

7. If storing equipment overnight, please ensure it is stored in a locked cupboard in a locked room.

Promoters must make their own arrangements for the delivery and collection of equipment with the venue
which is storing the equipment.

The equipment hire is covered against loss, and serious damage, arising from fire, accident, malicious
damage or theft by a third party. All reasonable steps must be taken to ensure equipment safety.

The Police, venue management and Nottinghamshire Community Cinema must be informed immediately of
any criminal damage or loss (otherwise the insurance cover may be void).

1. Promoters must keep adequate records of attendance as required by Filmbank
Distributors and send these records to Nottinghamshire Community Cinema within 5 working days of the
screening. An invoice will be raised on the basis of the information provided in this return.

2. Promoters must return their payment to the Base venue, with a copy of the Nottinghamshire Community
Cinema Invoice, after each event.

Nottinghamshire Community Cinema wishes all promoters a successful and enjoyable season of screening
Sue Beresford,
Strategic Arts Officer - Rural Issues and Built Environment
County Office
Thoroton Road
West Bridgford
Step By Step Guide to Completing a Commercial Screenings – Box Office Returns Form

   1. Download the ‘Commercial Screenings-Box Office Returns Form’ from the Filmbank website

   2. Before completing the form please note that:
             you should complete one form per screening (unless there was more than one screening on the same
              day, in which case please indicate how many under ‘Number of same day screenings’
             all fields must be completed - if not the form will be sent back to be fully completed before an invoice is

   3. Complete each field on the ‘Commercial Screenings - Box Office Returns Form’ in full as per the guide below

Name of Exhibitor / Business                    Name of your organisation
8 – Digit Account Reference                     WILL BE COMPLETED BY THE ARENA
Title of Film Screened                          The full title of the film (e.g. Harry Potter and the Goblet of
                                                Fire) remember to state only one film per form
Format                                          State DVD, VHS or 16mm. Only if you cannot supply this
                                                information, tick “unsure”
Date of Screening                               The date the screening took place
Number of same day screenings                   ONLY if you screened the film more than once on the date
                                                above then enter the number of repeat screenings
Name and address of venue                       Name and address of venue where the film was screened
Capacity of Venue:  Seated Capacity             Self explanatory
                    Standing Capacity           Self explanatory
Ticket Price:        Adult:                     State your ticket prices in Pounds Sterling. If the film
                    Concession:                 screening was not the main purpose of your event then you
                                                must allocate an appropriate portion of the event ticket
                                                price and state it here. EG IF SELLING FOOD etc
Number of Tickets Sold:     Adult:              Total number of tickets sold in each category

                                      Enter the total box office takings INCLUDING VAT
Total Box Office Takings (including VAT):
                                      From this Filmbank will raise an invoice to the amount of
                                      EITHER the minimum guarantee OR 35% of the box office
                                      takings, whichever is the greater

COMPLETE THE FORM BY ENTERING YOUR NAME AND SIGNATURE (or tick the box opposite ‘Signature’ if
you are sending the form electronically)
The invoiced amount will include:

        Carriage of £14.50 (UK only) for the first film and £4.25 (UK only) for each additional film booked
         for the same play date
        Should you screen the same film more than once on the same day or on consecutive days, then
         carriage of £14.50 (UK only) is charged for the first screening only
        Insurance of £1.00 for each film in case of damage in transit to the customer only (not charged for
         additional screenings of the same film on the same day or consecutive days)
        VAT
                          After each screening please complete all fields and return to Filmbank
                                  no later than 7 working days after the screening date*
                           N.B Please complete and return ONE FORM PER SCREENING
         *please do not delay in returning a completed form for each screening even if you are retaining the
                                              film for more than one day
Box Office Season Return
Details of Screenings

Date   Venue Address   Film Shown   Number of       Number of     Total Number of
                                    Adult Tickets   Concessions   Tickets Sold

Licensing Guidelines
Nottinghamshire Community Cinema
Licensing Guidelines
General information

Warning: The Licensing Act 2003 has yet to be tested in the courts.
Consequently there is no definitive interpretation of the law and licensing
practitioners do not always agree on what the Act means. These guidelines are
based on a “best guess” interpretation.

There are three licensable activities that might affect your events:
   the retail sale of alcohol
   the provision of regulated entertainment
   the provision of late night refreshment.

Late night refreshment only applies after 11pm; these notes do not cover that
aspect of the law.

Retail sale of alcohol
If you sell alcohol to the public or a section of the public it is a licensable activity.
If, however, you give the alcohol away completely free it cannot be a licensable

The slightly greyer area is when alcohol is given away free, but there is an
admission charge. It seems likely that this would count as a retail sale of alcohol,
as the courts would conclude that an element of the charge covers the cost of the
alcohol (even if we‟re making a loss on the event overall). Therefore, a licence
would be needed.

However, for free events (e.g. launches, exhibition openings, etc.), it is legal to
give away a glass of wine without having an alcohol licence.

Regulated entertainment
The ONLY activities that are regulated entertainment are those listed in the
    plays, including dramatic performances
    films (but not slide shows, as the definition only covers moving pictures)
    indoor sporting events

    boxing and wrestling (indoors and outdoors)
    dancing
    live and recorded music and entertainment similar to music and dancing
     where the entertainment takes place in the presence of an audience and is
     provided for the purpose of entertaining that audience.

Musical and dance events are only licensable where the aim is to entertain an
audience, so keep fit activities, are NOT licensable.

There is an exemption for film exhibitions where the sole or main purpose is to
provide information, education or instruction. Unfortunately, this only relates to
films not to other forms of entertainment, so all other regulated activities are
licensable, even if there is an educational purpose, if they take place in front of
an audience.

All venues will be required to have Cinema included on their entertainments
licence in order to join Nottinghamshire Community Cinema as a promoter.

Events held outdoors will need to obtain a licence for that outdoor space.
It is possible to get a Temporary Event Notice (TEN), rather than a full Premises
Licence. The problem with a TEN is that you can only use them for the same
premises on a maximum of 12 occasions and 15 days a year.


Licensing Manager – Glyn Robinson
Queen‟s Buildings,
Potter Street,
S80 2AH
Tel: 01909 533247
Fax: 01909 501246

Assistant Chief Executives Service Area
Newark and Sherwood District Council
Kelham Hall
NG23 5QX
Telephone on 01636 655236
Fax 01636 655239

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