; Eliza Galaher honored_ ordained
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Eliza Galaher honored_ ordained


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									July 2007                                                                                                          Volume 7 Number 7

                                                                       A spiritual home for religious liberals

 INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                     Eliza Galaher honored, ordained

Religious Education                3                                                   Wildflower’s Board of Trustees sent
for Children & Youth                                                                   flowers for the occasion, on behalf of the
Religious Education                3                                                   congregation, and Jan, in her presentation,
for Adults                                            ard on the heels of garnering noted the excitement that has permeated
                                        multiple honors at her seminary                the church since Eliza was called.
Covenant &                         4
Interest Groups                         graduation, Wildflower Church’s newly
                                        called minister, Eliza Galaher, was officially The Rev. James A. Hobart, an affiliated
Sunday Services                    5
                                        ordained June 10.                              minister with the First Unitarian Church of
Calendar                           6    The ordination, at the Third Unitarian         Chicago and a Meadville Lombard adjunct
                                        Church of Chicago, drew well-wishers           faculty member, took note of the melding
President’s Message                7    from many parts of the country. Those          of the new minister and the fledgling
                                        attending included Kathy Murphy, chair of minister-served congregation. He charged
Membership                         8    the ministerial Search Committee that          Wildflower to “remember, be mindful, be
                                        nominated Rev. Galaher, and Treasurer Jan intentional, and preserve four gifts: the gift
Social Action                      9    Austin. In addition to Kathy and Jan,          of grace, the gift of participation, the gift of
                                        representatives came from Meadville            experience, and the gift of vision.”
Financial,                       10-    Lombard Theological School, the Unitarian
Anniversaries                     11    Universalist Church of Davis, CA, where        Eliza herself, in the Order of Service for
                                        Eliza served her internship, the UU            the ordination, wrote: “To Wildflower
Attendance                       11     Ministers Association, and the UU Central Church of Austin, Texas: Thank you for
                                        Midwest District.                              this amazing opportunity. I am humbled
                                                                                       and delighted by your call.”

                                                                                             “Getting to meet Eliza’s colleagues,
                                                                                             friends and family, and learning even more
                                                                                             about her many gifts,” Kathy Murphy said,
                                                                                             “certainly has reinforced the belief that we
                                                                                             could not have chosen a better minister
                                                                                             for Wildflower.”

                                                                                             Those gifts had been amply displayed at
                                                                                             the new minister’s graduation from
                                                                                             Meadville Lombard just a week before her
                                                                                             ordination, where, among other honors,
                                                                                             she received prizes for preaching and
Kathy Murphy, left, and Jan Austin of Wildflower Unitarian
Universalist Church at the ordination of the Rev. Eliza Galaher. For
more photos of the ordination of our new minister, see Ministry at                           Galaher’s inaugural sermon as
the church’s website, www.Wildflower.org.                                                    Wildflower’s new minister will be Aug. 5.
 Page 2                                                                          A spiritual home for religious liberals
 3rd annual auction garners
  $8,000 for Building Fund
They came. They saw. They bid. And
they bought more than $8,000 in
donated services and merchandise,
adding substantially to the Wildflower
Church Capital/Building Fund.

Further, according to Capital
Campaign Co-Chair Dagmar Grieder,
proceeds continue to trickle in as                                              Quality cuisine, comradeship, and capital funding:
donors decide they just can’t miss one                                          Bill Walker, far left, chats with Capital Campaign
                                      good I                                    Co-chair Dagmar Grieder; the paella and sides,
of the events with open-ended                                                   left, got everyone’s admiring attention; and no
participation that were auctioned off suspect we                                one, above, let talking get in the way of eating.
at the Spring Wildflower Auction      would have
Party May 26.                         had a large turnout even without the      UTTERLY UNFLAGGING in
                                      auction. If you missed the auction, you   pursuing any addition to the
ALL TOLD, the silent auction          also missed a truly delectable paella,    Capital/Building Fund, Dagmar was still
grossed $8,441, with a net after      both traditional and vegetarian, with     working on the auction as June neared
expenses of $7,948.55 — and still     roast port for the meat and potatoes      its end. She and husband Terry
counting. That compares with a net of crowd, followed by éclairs, cream         Grieder delivered a TV set to one
$4,113 for the first auction in 2005                                            purchaser way up north on Braker
                                        Want to be a mover and shaker
and $6,783 in 2006. The bottom line                                             Lane. She also spent a couple of hours
                                        in future events like the Spring
was substantially improved the last                                             altering a garment for one successful
                                        Wildflower Auction Project —
two years by having the event in                                                bidder.
                                        and a big part of the future of
private homes — Dagmar’s in 2006        the church? Dagmar Grieder is
and Pat and Mike Pore’s this year —                                             “It’s certainly well worth it for the
                                        looking for a co-chair for the
rather than renting facilities.                                                 prize we have our hearts set on,” she
                                        Capital Campaign, which is
                                           hard at work raising funds for a
“The dedication and creativity of lots     permanent         home       for
of Wildflower volunteers are the           Wildflower. If you’re interested,    Gary Litchtenstein — Litch the
reason we had a successful auction,”       contact           Dagmar,            Pitchman — did his customary
Dagmar said. “Members were                 djgrieder@sbcglobal.net, or          extraordinary job as the auctioneer.
generous in donating items and             President Carol Knight,              Also noteworthy for the time and
ingenious in dreaming up services and      cknight99@mindspring.com.            effort she put in was church Secretary
entertainment to be auctioned. Pat                                              Gay Phillips.
and Mike were most gracious in
                                         puffs, and fresh fruit for dessert.”
hosting such a large turnout, Dana                                              OTHERS WHO contributed major
McBride and Patterson Barrett                                                   effort to make the auction a success
donated their talents for the music,     Some people are still signing up for   were Ellen Atha, E. Marie Baker, Mary
and members and friends prepared all     the entertainments that were           Cullinane and a friend, Lisa Fahlquist,
the food.                                auctioned, Dagmar said, so the final   Dianne Purcell, Karen Schrupp, Alice
                                         net should top $8,000, almost          Sessions, Roger Stricklin, and the
                                         doubling the 2005 revenues.            Wildflower choir.
“IN FACT, the food was s-o-o-o
Volume 7 Number 7                                                                                                   Page 3

                                                        July time for some
                                                         Adult RElaxation!
                                                                                 Ah, July in Central Texas. It’s hot, and
                                                                                 it’s time to take vacations; to seek
                                                                                 shade, and just be still for a while; to
                                                                                 meditate when we can, and to be
                                                                                 thankful for every good thing.

                                                                                 Adult Religious Education is doing just
                                                                                 that, taking a month-long vacation from
                                                                                 classes before planning in August for
                                                                                 next year. We’ll still have a table at
       Wildflower                                                                Coffee Hour, and a suggestion board
     member Jim                                                                  with sticky notes for you to put ideas
    demonstrates                                                                 for classes you’d like to have.
cantilevers as he
   tells childen in                                                              So, relax, enjoy the summer, hear the
       the RE UU                                                                 season’s message to slow down, play
        Movers &
                                                                                 and recreate. We’ll be back soon,
  program about                                                                  invigorated by our vacation, ready for
 world renowned                                                                  more adult religious exploration. See
  architect Frank                                                                you in church!
 Lloyd Wright, a
                                                                                                  —Helen Burnette


    Children’s RE Summer Program for K-5
The kids enjoyed their visits with the     Is Friday the 13th really             through a story and clay sculptures.
first four famous UUs: Pete Seeger,        unlucky? Test your luck on
Maria Mitchell, Frank Lloyd Wright,                                              July 15
                                           Game Night                            Helen Burnette introduces us to
and Joseph Priestly. We will continue
to welcome members of our                  Game night will be held on            Frances Moore Lappe and her book,
congregation as they present famous        Friday, July 13, 7-9:30 p.m. at       “Diet for a Small Planet.” The book
and influential UUs to our class. We       SASAC in the game room. Please        teaches us some simple rules for a
will learn about the lives of these        bring games and snacks to share.      healthy diet. We’ll discover some
prominent people and how each of           Let RE Director Penny Burnette,       benefits of a vegetarian diet.
them embodied UU Principles.               dburnette@austin.rr.com or
                                           447-7994, know if you are             July 22
July 1                                     planning to attend.                   Intergenerational play – no RE.
Come join Carol Knight as we learn
about the life of Louisa May Alcott,                                             July 29
                                         life in the 1800s.                      Eva Andries will present Irma
famous author of “Little Women” and
                                         July 8                                  Rombauer, author of the beloved
a member of the Transcendentalist        Tom Moran presents Theodore
community that included Emerson                                                  cookbook “The Joy of Cooking.” We’ll
                                         Parker, a Transcendentalist and a       try some recipes from the cookbook
and Thoreau. We will listen to and       Unitarian minister. We will learn how
illustrate poetry and learn about her                                            and create our own cookbook.
                                         to let your conscience be your guide
Volume 7 Number 7                                                                                                Page 4

               C OV E NA N T G RO U P S A N D I N T E R E S T G RO U P S
PARENT'S GROUP                           Margaret Pruitt. As the group grew,
                                                                                 Want to Schedule an Event?
                                         meetings were held at the South
Meets to discuss family and parental                                             Millennia ago, it was said that all
                                         Austin Senior Activity Center, and
issues in a safe, confidential setting.                                          roads led to Rome. For Wildflower
                                         then a few years later a second
Usually meets at noon on the second                                              Church, Helen Burnette is Rome. If
                                         Covenant was formed to maintain the
and fourth Sundays in the Snack                                                  you want to schedule an event,
                                         close feeling of a small group.
Room at SASAC. Childcare is                                                      secure a place on the monthly
                                         Rosemary MacIsaacs facilitates the      calendar (which is updated weekly),
provided. Babies are welcome to
                                         Wildflower Bluebonnets, which meets     or get a mention in the Sunday Order
attend with parents. Open to new
                                         at SASAC, and Richard Pruitt            of Service, Helen is the person to
members. Contact Liz Hiles-Fisher at
                                         facilitates the Hibiscus group, which   see.
                                         meets in members’ homes. Whether
SPIRITUAL PILGRIMS COVENANT              you choose Hibiscus or Bluebonnet,      Helen prepares and maintains the
                                         or both, you can count on making        newsletter calendar and the calendar
                                         close friends and participating in      distributed each Sunday in the Order
 For exploring, sharing, and supporting                                          of Service, so she can help you avoid
                                         discussions on almost any subject you
each other on our spiritual journeys,                                            conflicts. She also books space for
                                         can imagine. These wildflowers are
using selected books for discussion                                              Wildflower activities at the South
                                         beautiful perennials .                  Austin Senior Activity Center, and
and a period of meditation. Meets 7-9
p.m. on the first and third Fridays in                                           the church office.
                                         WILD MEN
members’ homes. Contact Barbara
Dickens, 448-4120.                       The Wildflower Wild Men meet on         Contact her at 454-0809 or at
                                         the second Thursday and fourth          helenburnette@hotmail.
                                         Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in
                                         the church office, 4422 Pack Saddle     Pruitt, 440-1098, or Gary Barnhart,
Wildflower’s original Elder Covenant Pass No. 106. We welcome all men            (512)278-0000.
first met seven years ago, on May 15, interested in getting to know other
2000, in the home of Margaret and        men of the congregation through         WILDFLOWER CUUPS
Richard Pruitt. Five people attended: interesting discussions of topics
                                                                                 Wildflower Wiccans meet on major
Suzanne Aston, facilitator, Paul Fryxel, generated among the group. For
                                                                                 sacred days, following the ancient
Belle Hutton, and Richard and            further information contact Richard     wheel of the year. Other meetings
                                                                                 include occasional potlucks in homes
                                                                                 and ritual planning sessions. The
Thank you, Kitty Clark, for allowing    McCarthy, The Road; and Stepahie         Covenant of UU Pagans will be
us to use your home, especially while Griest, Around the Block. We adopted       presented a service in June celebrating
you are in the hospital. Get well soon! the selection for the Mayor’s Book       the summer solstice. For upcoming
                                        Club, Around the Block, nominated by
                                                                                 meetings and events contact Holly
Book for 8 p.m. Friday, July 13: The    Eleanor.
Master, a novel by Colm Toibin.                                  — Don Laird     Cooper at hollysmail@austin.rr.com.

Hazel Adolphson has volunteered to                                               COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS
host our meeting in July; the address      There are no uninteresting things,    Meets on the third Sunday of each
is 709 Shady Tree Drive near               there are only uninterested people.   month, noon-1 p.m. We welcome one
Manchaca and Slaughter.                              —Gilbert K. Chesterton      and all. The meeting room location
                                                                                 will be listed in the calendar inside
Books nominated for August were:                                                 your order of service for that Sunday.
Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of       Nothing succeeds like success.        Contact: Nancy York, 892-2062 or
the Dog in the Night; Thomas Cahill,                —Oscar Wilde                 453-6246.
How the Irish Saved Civilization; Cormac
Volume 7 Number 7                                                                                                      Page 5

             S U N DAY        S E RV I C E S                         Wildflower committee chairs
July 1: “Presbyterian Follies: Why I Joined, Why I
Stayed, and What I Hope to Find.”                                 Standing Committees
Speaker: Dr. Robert Jensen                                        Endowment                      Bill Phillips
Robert Jensen joined St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in          Facilities                     George Neff
Austin with the hope of addressing the question, "What            Finance                        Bill Baker (acting)
                                                                  Long Range Planning            Jane Wilson
does it mean to identify as a Christian in the modern
                                                                  Membership                     Pat Laird & Larry
world?" Jensen will offer a tentative answer; he will also
examine the lessons learned when the church bureaucracy
                                                                  Ministerial Relations          Kathy Murphy
tried unsuccessfully to remove him as a member.                   Nominating                     Jean McDermott
                                                                  Personnel                      Carol Knight
July 8: “UU Faith: Promoting Democratic Process”                  Stewardship                    Vacant
Speaker: Rev. Phil Schulman
We associate democracy with politics, but perhaps not at          Program Committees
all with religion. Come hear why promoting democracy is           Adult Programming              Vacant
one of the Seven Principles of our Unitarian Universalist         Aesthetics                     Gay Patterson
Association.                                                      Building Committee             Jim Patterson
                                                                  Caring                         Gary Lichtenstein
July 15: “Giving Life the Shape of Justice”                       Capital Campaign               Dagmar Grieder
Speaker: Sheila Rae                                                                              (co-chair)
One of our own members will lead us in an exploration of          Children’s Religious Education Lynn Joselyn
the second UU Principle: “Justice, equity, and compassion         Communications                 Pat Pore
in human relations.” How can we as UU's and as Earth              Covenant Groups                Richard Pruitt
residents make a difference? We need to go far beyond             Denominational Affairs         Barbara Carrington
just standing on the principle to explore concrete ways to        Fun and Fellowship             Ellen Atha
live out our tradition as activists on the side of justice.       Hospitality                    Mary Cullinane
Join us in an interactive service on our obligation to            Music                          Jean McDermott
change the world.                                                 Social Action                  Judy Morgan &
                                                                                                 Faye Maxwell
July 22: “The Tolstoy Story Play”                                 Stewardship Campaign           Lois Brown
Director: Laurie Willis                                           Worship                        Allen Fisher
Laurie brings her directorial talent to an intergenerational      Youth Religious Education      Jennifer Barnes-Worsham
family affair featuring 20 or so Wildflower friends. The play                                    & John Worsham
is not only composed of stories, but also is about Story as
human art, craft, and survival tool. Its theme is that an              DENOMINATIONAL AFFAIRS
individual’s “real” life is in itself a complex, primal story,   July 15-20
made of overlapping, interwoven stories, lived and to            Dwight Brown Leadership Conference July 15-20.
some degree authored, acted, and directed by its
                                                                 Please contact the Board if you are interested in
protagonist. Special music will be provided by Steve
Brooks.                                                          attending this. More information on the SWUUC web site.
                                                                 July 22-27
July 29: “‘Acceptance of One Another and                         SWUUSI. The SWUUC site has this information also. The
Encouragement to Spiritual Growth’: What Does                    Denominational Affairs table has applications.
That Mean?"
Speaker: Scottie McIntyre Johnson                                July 22
Our Third Principle states that we "covenant to affirm and       Social Action Forum. A report from your delegates on the
promote acceptance of one another and encouragement              exciting developments from GA and the UU University.
to spiritual growth in our congregations." It seems to me
that we do a good job of promoting acceptance of one             Nov. 9-11
another, but not such a good job of encouraging our              SWUUC Fall Leadership Conference.
spiritual growth. What might it mean to take this
covenant, this promise, seriously?                               For more, contact Barbara Carrington, (512)899-8774.
                                                                                July 2007
                Sunday                           Monday                 Tuesday              Wednesday                     Thursday                    Friday                Saturday
1                                          2                       3                    4                       5                               6                       7
9a-Play rehearsal (S)                                                                   INDEPENDENCE                                            7p-Spiritual
9:15a-Membership Team meeting (S)                                                       DAY                                                     Pilgrims (in
10:30a-Worship Service*                                                                                                                         homes)
After Worship-Coffee and Conversation                                                   N O C HOIR
After Worship-Play rehearsal (S)
2p-Mystical & Theosophical Studies (O)
8                                          9                       10                   11                      12                              13                      14
9a-Play rehearsal (S)                                                                   2p-Elder Covenant Gp                                    8p-Heritage Club (in    9:30a-Worship
10:30a-Worship Service*                                                                 (in homes)              7p-Committee Council (O)        homes)                  Team (O)
After Worship-Coffee and Conversation                                                   N O CHOIR                                               7p-Family Game          6:30p-Dessert &
11:45a-Social Action Committee (S)                                                                                                              Night (S)               Video Night (in
After Worship-Play rehearsal (S)
15                                         16                      17                   18                      19                              20                      21
9a-Play rehearsal (S)                                                                   2p-Elder Covenant       7p-WildMen Covenant Gp          7p-Spiritual Pilgrims
10:30a-Worship Service*                                                                 Gp (S)                  (O)                             (in homes)
After Worship-Coffee and Conversation                                                   7-8:30p Play
                                                                                                                7p-Executive Comm (in
11:45a-Social Action Forum                                                              rehearsal (S)
After Worship-Play rehearsal (S)                                                        N O C HOIR
2p-Mystical & Theosophical Studies (O)     Leadership School       Leadership School
Newsletter Deadline                                                                     Leadership School       Leadership School               Leadership School
Dwight Brown Leadership School,
Sherman TX
22                                         23                      24                   25                      26                              27                      28
9a-Play rehearsal (S)                                                                   2p-Elder Covenant Gp    7p-Board meeting (O)
10:30a-Worship Service*                                                                 (in homes)
After Worship-Coffee and Conversation                                                   N O CHOIR
SWUUSI @ Lake Murray, OK
                                           SWUUSI                  SWUUSI                SWUUSI                 SWUUSI                           SWUUSI

29                                         30                      31
10:30a-Worship Service*                                            7p-WildMen               The Wildflower Church calendar is prepared and maintained by Helen Burnette, 454-0809,
After Worship-Coffee and Conversation                              Covenant Gp (O)          helenburnette@hotmail.com. For more information on calendaring an event, see Page 4.
11:45a-Connections Class (S)

                    * childcare provided        S = South Austin Sr. Activity Center, 3901 Manchaca Road            O = Wildflower Office, 4422 Packsaddle Pass, #106
 Page 7                                                                             A spiritual home for religious liberals

                                        P RESIDENT’ S            M E S S AG E

                                                             35 years old)
                                                                Ask more people to serve as teachers

                               n exciting new chapter in     and assistants in children’s classes
                     our church life begins in August.
                                                                Provide child care at all church events
                     That’s when the Rev. Eliza Galaher
                     starts her ministry with our               Offer adult classes at various times to accommodate
                     congregation.                           families with young children
                          With a full-time minister, more       Plan more social events for newcomers
   Carol Knight           potential UUs will visit on
                          Sundays and more of them will          Clarify the path to membership and ask newcomers to
join our church.                                             join our church
How will we welcome increased numbers of visitors? How          Form more covenant groups
will we integrate more newcomers into the life of our
church? What do we need to start thinking about now so          Offer more hands-on social action projects
we’ll be ready?                                                 Include a minister’s column in the newsletter
Here are some initial thoughts:
                                                             What else?
   Set up more chairs, provide more food and name tags,      If we start planning now, we’ll be prepared to welcome
and print more Orders of Service                             more new people into our religious community, so they
   Provide more greeters and ushers                          too can become the keepers of the dream.

   Offer more participatory worship services                 Gratefully,

   Provide more music that appeals to younger adults (20-    Carol Knight , President

The many perils of editing a church newsletter
The Fasting & Prayer Conference                                                    congregation.
includes meals.
                                            A little ecclesiastical humor:
                                                                                   The Rector will preach his farewell
                                             actual quotes from other              message after which the choir will
Ladies, don't forget the rummage
sale. It's a chance to get rid of those
                                             congregations (we hope)               sing: "Break Forth Into Joy."
things not worth keeping around the                                                Please place your donation in the
                                          several new members and to the
house. Bring your husbands.                                                        envelope along with the deceased
                                          deterioration of some older ones.
                                                                                   person you want remembered.
The peacemaking meeting scheduled         Potluck supper Sunday at 5 p.m.;
for today has been canceled due to a      prayer and medication to follow.         The church will host an evening of
Conflict.                                                                          fine dining, super entertainment and
                                                                                   gracious hostility.
Don't let worry kill you off — let the    The eighth-graders will be
Church help.                              presenting Shakespeare's Hamlet in       Low Self Esteem Support Group will
                                          the Church Basement Friday at 7          meet Thursday at 7 p.m. Please use
Next Thursday there will be tryouts       p.m. The congregation is invited to      the back door.
for the choir. They need all the help     attend this tragedy.
they can get.                                                                      Weight Watchers will meet at 7
                                          Miss Charlene Mason sang "I will         p.m. at the First Presbyterian
Eight new choir robes are currently       not pass this way again," giving         Church. Please use large double
needed due to the addition of             obvious pleasure to the                  door at the side entrance.
 Page 8                                                                              A spiritual home for religious liberals

Connections Class scheduled for July 29 at SASAC
The Membership team of Wildflower Church invites you           6684 or larrycthompson@gmail.com so we can get a
to the Wildflower Connections Class, Sunday, July 29,          count of those attending, including children needing child
noon-1:30 p.m.                                                 care.

This will take place at the church after the service. Lunch            Membership team recruiting
will be served. Child care will be provided if you notify us
in advance.                                                      The goal of the membership team is to educate
                                                                 visitors and members about Wildflower Church's
Connections Class is a time to learn about how our               vision and mission, to welcome new members, and
church is organized and how you can find your place in           to integrate them into the life of the church.
this warm and loving community. Connections Class is             To this purpose, the membership team maintains the
highly recommended for all who want to be an active part         visitor's table, produces information packets,
of Wildflower Church, whether or not you are interested          monitors the guest book, and makes follow-up calls
in becoming a member.                                            to visitors. The team is responsible for providing
                                                                 greeters on Sunday, new name tags, orientation
We will talk about our governance and about                      classes, and new member ceremonies, among many
opportunities for you to belong. You will get a chance to        other duties.
learn of the spiritual journey that brought you to
Wildflower Church, and discover that you are not alone in        If you would like to help, please consider joining the
that journey.                                                    membership team. There are many ways you can
                                                                 participate. Contact Pat Laird, pflaird@yahoo.com,
                                                                 282-2551; or Larry Thompson, 292-6684, or
We hope that you can attend. Please RSVP to Pat Laird,
282-2551 or pflaird@yahoo.com or Larry Thompson, 292-

Feeling sociable? Wildflower Church has just the right place for you!
Do you enjoy the tasty treats and        Kelly Teese have rotated off as well.     they are so moved, and we thank
coffee after the service on Sunday?      Many thanks to all three for the          them as well.
The team of people behind the scenes     refreshments they provided.
that creates that little oasis of                                                  Would you like to join them? More
fellowship is a dedicated bunch who      Hosts and hostesses are Kristen           new people are needed to take a turn
enjoy making special foods for           Eveleth, Cathy Cramer, Gary Lich,         with refreshments after services on
                                         Pam Carolan, Nancy York, George           Sunday. It’s a great way for
member and newcomers.
                                         Neff, Mary Taylor, Paula Pulaski, Kelly   newcomers to participate in the life of
This month, the Hospitality Team is      Ramsey, Gay Patterson, Jim Patterson,     the church, and a caring way to
undergoing some changes. Frances         Richard Pruitt, Ellen Atha, Mary          welcome and cherish new and old
Osborne has agreed to be the team        Cullinane, Polly Orr, Liz Hiles-Fisher,   members and visitors alike.
leader for the second Sunday of the      John Worsham, Sharon Langert,
month. Jennifer Barnes-Worsham has       Kathleen Grobe, Gelya Camp, Ginger        Contact Mary Cullinane, 441-0190,
gone off the team to devote more         Lichenstein, and Stephanie Blevins.       or email her at mculli@sbcglobal.net if
time to children’s RE. Jean Wyllys and   Others, too, bring treats whenever        you can help out.

From the by-laws for Wildflower Church                           Kudos to the Wildflower Facilities Team
                The purpose of this church is to establish
                and maintain a loving, welcoming religious       George Neff, our redoubtable chairman of the Facilities
                community that nurtures spiritual growth         Committee, is enduring a lengthy hospitalization, and
                through worship, religious education, social     thus was unable to provide the usual list of volunteers.
                action and charity, and fellowship.              So...to all those unacknowledged heroes, our heartfelt
                                                                 gratitude for so willingly and ably taking up the slack.
Volume 7 Number 7                                                                                                      Page 9

                                          S O C I A L AC T I O N
DIVERSITY UPDATE                          Second Offering to benefit South Austin mission
Barbara Carrington has joined Allies      The beneficiary of the Second Offering for the July-September quarter will be
for Racial Equity and the UU Service      El Buen Samaritano (the Good Samaritan) Episcopal Mission.
Committee on national and regional
levels. There are plans to present the    The mission, at 7000 Woodhue Drive just off William Cannon Drive in South
Diversity and Seven Principles classes    Austin, works with economically deprived Hispanic families.
next year as part of our ongoing
“Living Our Values” project.              “Our mission is to transform lives by engaging the strengths of working-poor
                                          Hispanic families to promote their successful participation in society,” the
PEACEMAKING STUDY/                        Rev. Ed Gomez, executive director, said. Toward that goal, since 1987 the
ACTION ISSUE                              mission has provided integrated health care, outreach, social services, basic
                                          education and emergency services to its clientele.
As part of the national Peacemaking
                                          Some $1,026 was collected in the Second Offering for the March-June
Study/Action Issue, a Wildflower
Peacemaking Planning Group has been       quarter. The funds will benefit the Association for Neurologically Impaired
formed, consisting of Faye Maxwell,       Children.
Annice Ellington, Barbara Carrington,
                                          The Wildflower Second Offering is a major part of Social Action Sunday at
and Judy Morgan. In addition, Judy is
                                          the church, and is a commitment by the church, through the Social Action
participating in a UU Austin Area
Peacemaking Team with                     Committee, to address South Austin social concerns. If you would like to
representatives from Live Oak and         have an organization consider, please contact Hugh Nations at
First UU. There has been discussion       hishughness@grandecom.net.
about hosting a major Nonviolent
                                          those who reduce energy the most in            after the service;
Communication (NVC) next year
                                          comparison with last summer will win       Bringing food items to donate to the
which would be open to the public.
                                          prizes. Details, including great tips on       needy;
NVC is an approach developed by
                                          cutting energy use, can be found at        Bringing dead batteries to be recycled;
Marshall Rosenberg which has been
                                          www.austinenergy.com. You can enter        Bringing empty printer cartidges to be
attracting a lot of UUs. Wildflower
                                          even for just a single month – there’ll
currently has a study group on NVC                                                       given to the Food Bank
                                          be prizes for winners for that month.      Bringing used compact fluorescent
finishing up. Another will be started
                                          Last June alone the average Austin
next fall. If you are interested in                                                      light bulbs to be disposed of safely;
                                          household put 1,520 pounds (almost a
participating, contact Judy Morgan at                                                Donating to the Second Offering. The
                                          ton) of carbon dioxide in the
judymorgan711@yahoo.com or                                                               offering this quarter will go to El
                                          atmosphere; clearly things have to
804-0123.                                                                                Buen Samaritano (see article
                                          change. If you’d like to participate in
                                          the Planning Group, contact Judy at            elsewhere)
GLOBAL WARMING UPDATE                     judymorgan711@yahoo.com or
                                          804-0123.                                  GENERAL ASSEMBLY
The Global Warming Action Planning
Group (Jeff Hampton, Ellen Atha,                                                     Wildflower’s three delegates to the
                                          SOCIAL ACTION SUNDAY                       UU General Assembly June 20-24 in
Ginger Lichtenstein, Tom Moran, Judy
Morgan) will be working over the                                                     Portland, Or — Barbara Carrington,
                                          Sunday, July 15, is Social Action          Pat Laird, and Judy Morgan — will
summer to develop plans for next
                                          Sunday. All are encouraged to              report back on the latest news in the
year. In the meantime, we have a great
action opportunity this summer – you      participate by:                            denomination Sunday, July 15, 11:45-1
can join the Austin Energy Kill-A-Watt                                               p.m. Learn what’s happening in UU
competition! Austin Energy and the        Attending the Forum on “News from          congregations nationwide in terms of
Chronicle are inviting people to reduce       the UU General Assembly” (see          congregational growth, diversity,
energy use June through September;            article elsewhere), 11:45-1p.m.        global warming and many other topics.
Page 10                                                                                     A spiritual home for religious liberals
                            MAY 2007 ACCOUNTING                                                     B I RT H DAY
              Preliminary Income and Expense Statement (Unaudited)
                                                                                          Brooke Baker-Hollon              07/06
                        Operating and Ministry Funds May 2007
                                                                                          Michael Wilkes                   07/07
                                             Current Period   Year to Date
                                                                                          Kathy Wells                      07/09
                                                                                          Jean McDermott                   07/17
  CONTRIBUTIONS                               $12,378.04             $ 50,279.26
                                                                                          Marianne Messano                 07/17
                                                                                          Kellis Richter                   07/20
    INTEREST INCOME                              1.61                    306.97
                                                                                          Robyn Coe                        07/22
    FMV INCR(DECR)-INVSTMTS                   -171.59                   -171.59
                                                                                          Teah Eveleth                     07/23
                                                                                          Willow Eveleth                   07/23
   Subtotal Investment Income                 -169.98                    135.38
                                                                                          Bart Jennings                    07/27
                                                                                          Julian Jessin                    07/27
      FUNDRAISER INCOME                       0.00                       155.24
                                                                                          Robert Heil                      07/28
                                                                                          Ginger Lichtenstein              07/29
   Subtotal Miscellaneous Income              0.00                       155.24
                                                                                          Robin Michael                    07/29
                                                                                          Ceryta Holm                      07/31
TOTAL INCOME                                  12,208.06               50,569.88
                                                                                          Kaia Holm                        07/31
TOTAL EXPENSES                                6,386.73                 32,207.10
                                                                                                       A N N I V E R S A RY
FUNDS INCREASE (DECREASE)                     $5,821.33              $18,362.78

                       Preliminary Balance Sheet (UNAUDITED)                              GRIEDER, Terence & Dagmar
               Capital/Building, Endowment, and Pass-Through Funds May 2007
                                                                                                                   Married 7/09
                                                                          Current Year
ASSETS                                                                                    WILLIAMS-WEAVER, Anita, &
   CURRENT ASSETS                                                                         WUNDERLICK, George
     CASH                                                                                                          Married 7/23
       Bank of America                                                  $13,297.07
       Certificates of Deposit                                           64,991.36

      Subtotal Cash                                                      78,288.43
                                                                                                         May flowers
     Mutual Funds – Endowment                                            16,207.80                       May 6: Gay & Bill
                                                                                                         Phillips, in honor of our
TOTAL ASSETS                                                             94,496.23
                                                                                                         marriage of 25 years
LIABILITIES                                                                                              May 13: Cheryl
      Payable – 2nd Offering                                             $1,665.00                       Youngberg, for my
      Paid to 2nd Offering Charity                                         -907.00                       birthday
      Women’s Retreat                                                       898.12
      Youth RE Payable                                                      359.10                       May 20: David & Penny
TOTAL LIABILITIES                                                         2,015.22                       Burnette, in honor of
                                                                                                         Aaron's high school
FUND BALANCE                                                                                             graduation
                                                                                                         May 27: Laurie Willis, in
    Designated Fund – Capital/Building                                  $64,898.47
                                                                                                         honor of teachers:
    Tmprly Rstrctd-Capital Fund                                          11,374.74                       Happy summer!
    Tmprly Rstrctd-Endowment Operating Reserve                           13,884.22
    Tmprly Rstrctd-Endowment Social Outreach                              2,323.58       If you have a special day coming up and
                                                                                         want to celebrate it by bringing flowers,
  Subtotal Temporarily Restricted Funds                                  27,582.54       contact Jean McDermott at 441-5754.
TOTAL FUND BALANCE                                                       92,481.01       The next openings are Aug 12 and all of
                                                                                         September. Hurry, they go fast.
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND FUND BALANCE                                      $94,496.23
                                                                                                          —Jean McDermott
Volume 7 Number 7                                                                                                 Page 11

    How to be generous and frugal at the same time
In November, The Wall Street Journal Sunday section of the
Austin American-Statesman published an article that may be
of interest to some of us older folks.

The article states, in part:
“For the rest of this year and 2007, taxpayers 70 1/2 and
older can contribute up to $100,000 a year directly to
                                                               Did you know…
charities from their IRAs without triggering federal income    IT COSTS Wildflower Church
tax on the IRA distributions.”                                 $18,750 to rent the South Austin Senior Activity
During the year in which a person turns 70 1/2 years old,      Center for 50 Sundays?
one must withdraw a certain percentage of one’s IRA, and
                                                               ITCOSTS Wildflower Church $471 per Sunday to
it is normally taxable.
                                                               provide Religious Education for our children?
The gift must go directly from your retirement account to
the charitable organization and one cannot also take a tax     IT COSTS Wildflower Church 10 cents per member
deduction for the charitable gift. However, if you don’t       per day to provide music for our services?
itemize your deductions, this could be an advantage.
                                                               IT COSTS Wildflower Church $349.93 per day,
This same article suggests that we consider donating           seven days a week, 365 days of the year to provide the
appreciated assets such as stocks and mutual-fund shares       worship, programs and services that are so important
rather than cash. In some instances, this can protect an
individual from paying tax on the gain from appreciated        to us all?
stocks, and the charity doesn’t have to pay tax on it,
                                                              This quotation and all other information in this article are
All of this information must be evaluated carefully by        taken from “Why Not Be Smart as Well as Generous,” by
individuals to see if will be prudent for their unique        Diana Ransom. Austin American-Statesman; The Wall Street
situation. Your accountant can help you choose the            Journal Sunday; Sunday, Nov. 5, 2006.
best course of action.

     May 2007 Sunday Attendance Record                        MUSIC NOTES
    May 6         May 13*       May 20*       April 29        While the Wildflower Choir has been
                                                              on a summer vacation, we have been
      91             132          130            66           lucky to have some inspirational and entertaining musicians
      8               4            6              4           and vocalists perform for us.

      8               19           14             8           On May 27, vocalist Sherrille Reed was accompanied by Jan
                                                              Austin on piano. We also heard from Elke Baitis, and
      5               6            8              4
                                                              Patterson Barrett, on both piano and guitar; Patterson also
     112             161          158            82           accompanied Sherrille in some of her selections.

                                                              On June 3, we heard Jean McDermott, one of our favorite
           AVERAGE ATTENDANCE May 2007 – 145
                 *Eliza Galaher Preaching
                                                              Wildflower instrumentalists, as well as visitors Edward
                                                              Sledge and Angela Smith.

Nature has given us two ears, two eyes, and but one           On June 10, our very own Wildflower Peace Train Band,
tongue — to the end that we should hear and see more          with Rob Bollinger, Patterson Barrett, Dana McBride, and
than we speak.                                                Pat Hammonds, performed. Thanks so much to all of you.
                                       —Socrates                                                      --Martha Allen
  Sunday Worship Service
Children’s Religious Education
          10:30 a.m.

  Most Sunday services held at
   3911 Manchaca, Austin, TX
 South Austin Sr. Activity Center

(Manchaca between South Lamar &
  Ben White Blvd, about 2 blocks
  north of Ben White (Hwy. 290)

Please check our web site for the
        latest information:

        Message Phone:
         (512) 428-9464


      4422 Packsaddle Pass
    (The office is not staffed.)

         PO Box 40395
        Austin, TX 78704

     August Newsletter:
      Editor, Hugh Nations                                                     Things to remember
    hishughness@yahoo.com                                    Oct. 12-14: Retreat for Wildflower’s Wonderful Women
                                                                           Oct. 13: Hands on Housing
        Deadline: July16

                                                    BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                 Officers: President, Carol Knight; Vice President, Sara Barker; Secretary, Gay Phillips; Treasurer, Jan Austin
                 Members: Dagmar Grieder, Jeff Hampton, Tom Moran, Karen Schrupp, and Nancy York

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