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									                       West Contra Costa Youth Soccer League
                                                Board Meeting Agenda
                                               August 7, 2008 (7:00 PM)
                                                 WCCYSL Clubhouse
                                                 5161 Sobrante Ave.
                                                El Sobrante, CA 94803

Roll call of board members preset: George Dias, Aidon Jennery, Keith Scott, Andrew Walters, Larry Jones,
Jeanette Cole, Mike Pozos, Kimberly Jennery, Resa Kopp, Charae Sanchez, Ken Cole, Dan Cox, Michael
Lambirth, Kelly Gallino, Brenda Thurston, Ephrem Naizghi

Excused Board Members: Chris Rogers, Brigette Lopez

Members Present: Gina DeLucchi

General Info and Routine Business

     Minutes of previous meeting – August 2008                              Troy
            o Request to get minutes out earlier
            o Motion to approve Brenda/Resa Seconded
            o Minutes approved earlier
     Treasurer’s Report:                                                    Brigette
            o No Report – Brigette excused
     Calendar Updates                                                       George
            o Calendar Up to date
            o First clubhouse meeting booked and on calendar

Priority Business

       Fall Field Situation                                                  Ken / Keith / Ephrem / Andrew
             o Ephrem/Andrew were able to secure fields for season
                       Days not needed will be given back to district
                       Fields must be clean after use
                       20 Sundays on Turf (including opening day)
             o Fees
                       Cost for field/fields is Aprox 330 per day. Charges for field use appear to be incorrect as
                          we should get the non-profit rate. Appropriate board members to check on charges
                       Part of our agreement is that we are charged custodial fees once per field day use
             o Future use of Hercules fields
                       Per Chris’s discussion with Hercules, if we come to Hercules in May and tell them what
                          days we need fields we need, they will block out the days for us. We would just need to
                          get Hercules the proof of insurance when we re-new.
             o Pinole Valley High field use for Opening Day
                       PVHS field will be used for Opening Day
                       We need to emphasize keeping the field clean
                       Scheduling conflict with use of PVHS field on opening day. Hercules will be available for
                          that opening day Sunday.
             o Field Availability
                       Andrew to put together a list of field availability. Field availability can be sent to Kimberley
                          to be posted to the website
                       WCCYSL games may have to be stacked on some fields. Additional fields that can be
                          used for scheduling games:
                               Murphy for U6
                               Tara Hills
                               De Anza Baseball
                               Ohlone 1 for U6
                               Ohlone 2 for U8
   WCCYSL Clubhouse – Remaining issues
      o Phone / DSL                                               Ken
      o We need to get resolved quickly

   Rec Teams Status                                               Brenda / Kelly / Kimberly / Jeanette
       o U14G has team of 12 players, They need 13
               Suggestion to enforce a drop dead date if not enough players
               Team formation Policy
                      District policy is 9 payers
                      WCCYSL policy is 13
                      Keith motioned to lift league policy to allow U14G team to be built and move
                         forward with a 12 girl roster. Board approved unanimously
               Additionally
                      Board member suggestion of getting the players involved in building a team.
                      Team members must commit to playing/practicing
               Board also approved to pay 150 to district to register the team. Check to be cut tonight
       o U16G. Not enough players for a team
       o U6
               Coaches have binders
               Waitlist notified
               There is room if any additional players want to sign-up
       o U8
               Lost one coach
                      Keith will talk to Kelly about a possible coach
                              o Ken suggested going to the parents to solicit a volunteer
                                      Volunteers will get a scholarship
                                      Ken will help draft a letter asking parents for help
                                      If no volunteers step up, we will have to terminate the teams for
                                          this season
                              o Coaching Requirements
                                      Coaches do not have to have a child on the team
                                      Coaches must be over 18

   Fundraising – Earthquake Ticket Review                        Mike / Ken
       o League lost aprox 500 on the Earthquake tickets
       o WCCYSL gets a link from the Earthquakes website
       o Earthquake players to attend our opening day festivities
       o Training session to be given by Earthquakes

   Opening Day
        o Volunteer meeting schedule
        o Should have the permits soon
        o Booth layout to be distributed
        o Needs:
                 Person to sing the Star Spangled Banner
                 Generators
                 Volunteer meeting scheduled at clubhouse
        o Board members discussed possible vendors that may be interested in booths
   Picture Day
        o At Pinole on the Softball field
        o Info posted on website
      Website Governance                                          George
          o Procedure on how to request/get content posted on the website
                  George passed around a doc showing page/content owners
                         Send request to webmaster@wccysl.com
                         Content owner responsible for reviewing and giving final approval.
                         Open/close date sold be provided so that website can be clean of stale items
          o Email issues
                  Comcast is rejecting emails
                  Members can log into email on web rather than have emails forwarded(check with
                     Kimberly for info)

      Challenger Trainers Housing                                    All
          o Both trainers will be staying with the Coles

Directors’ reports
     Registrar                                                        Gina
             o 919 Players in league
                    Division 1        79 players             All boys
                    Division 3        181 players            65 Boys 126 Girl
             o Barring players from playing for other teams
                    Players can be barred from playing for other leagues by register from league(e.g. no
                       payment of fees)
             o Please send Gina some type of written communication if you have a request

      Scheduling                                                Larry
          o Email addresses are needed for Mysoccerleague.com
                   The coaches email addresses are needed for mysoccerleague
                   Coordinators can provide go Larry(scheduler)
          o Tentative Field Schedule

Age      Teams    Fields                 Time        Add Notes
U6       11       Ohlone #1              9-2PM       1 Sunday Game
U8B      12       Sheldon                8-3:30      Stacked
U8G      6        Ohlone #2
U10B     6        Crespi
U10G     6        Hannah Ranch???                    Placeholder
                                                     Disc with Keith HR baseball fields
                                                     Concerns over noise (parents) from neighbors
                                                     Sheldon an option
U12G     3                                           Play with ACC
U12B     5                                           Enough teams to play in-house
                                                     Decision at meeting to play in house
U14      3???                                        Benicia wants 2 slots in Hercules
                                                     Benicia to schedule

      Technical Director                                             Ken
          o 2 Coaches meeting schedule
                    Schedule not complete
                    Team Manuals not yet available
                    Coaches to receive schedules, game cards, meet the challenger trainers
                    Meeting to be held at clubhouse
                    Two meeting 6-7; 7-8 on Thursday 28
                    Walk-through of coaches responsibility by Resa
                           Emphasize coaches duties/responsibility
                           Resa can present
          o Practice schedules are needed to schedule challenger trainings
          o F Clinic
                    Ken will ask Chris if a clinic will be scheduled
           o U6-U8 Mentoring
                  Comp coaches to help mentor
                  Note to be sent to comp coaches to see what interest there is in mentoring
                  Comp players can also help
      Equipment                                                    Mike
          o Mike will pick up equipment
          o Ken to get a check to Mike. Ken and Mike to workout the logistics this weekend

      Fields                                                            Discussed Above

      Volunteers                                                        Charae
           o Possible person available to line Hannah Ranch
           o Contact Ephrem

      Referee                                                        Aidon
          o One more new referee passed the referee test giving a total of 19 new refs
          o Referee Meetings
                  23 New Referees 9-10:30
                  23 experienced Youth referees 11-12:20
                  27 Adult referee meeting
          o District meeting update
                  Licensed Adult coaches that mouth-off to a youth ref will be given suspension
                           Mandatory 5 games
                           Includes : Mouthing off or dissent
                  Board members to consider how rec will implement. The comp process should be used as
                     a guideline
                  Comp guideline is the district guideline is the CYSA guideline
                  Will be discussed at the coaches meeting
      Publicity                                                      Resa
          o Newsletter mailed last Thursday
          o News letter sent to the league player; next mailing should be sent to “the parents of:”
          o Next mailing should note the National Soccer Equipment show in Santa Clara, the All-star game…

      Coaches Coordinators - Recreational Program                       See Above

      Competitive Program                                               Keith
           o D4 Meeting on August 24
                   Concord
                   Div 1 and D3
           o GSSL Meeting August 20
                   San Ramon
                   Div 1
           o Keith working on schedule
      Player & Coach Training                                           See Above

New Business –

      Calling Post
           o Ken distributed to the Coordinators the process, number and password of using calling post
                     Use must be passed by George
                     Discussion of various distribution lists that can be used with calling post.

      Policy/Refunds – Policy Revamp                                             Ken
           o Refund Policy
                    Ken is re-writing policy. Will try to have ready for a vote next meeting
           o Ken is also cleaning/updating the policy
           o Contact Ken if you have any issues in the policy
      League Initiative – Grades Recognition Program                Ken
          o Ken want to put something forward to the school district
          o Perhaps discount fees for students getting A’s

      Coaches Deck
          o Kelly is interested in a coach’s deck
          o Ken will research

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