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									Carly Wunrow
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                        Top Ten Overrated Trends of 2010

                                     1.)    Jersey-based TV shows
                                               Out of the all of the pointless and idiotic
                                  trends that millions went gaga for in 2010, I would
                                  have to say that the #1 spot would without a doubt be
                                  Jersey-based TV shows. Jersey Shore, My Big Frigg’n
                                  Wedding, Jersey Couture…the list goes on. Wherever
                                  you look, they are right there in your face screaming at
                                  you through the TV screen in those obnoxious accents
       that reek of stupidity. I honestly cannot look at another orange spray-tanned
       face or greasy jelled hairdo without throwing up a little in my mouth. I feel bad
       for the decent people of New Jersey that have people like me making judgments
       that all of the people that live in the Garden State are 4’9”, are orange and look
       like oopa-loompas. These TV shows have made the whole state look
       horrendous. I could not think of a better way to make a commendable state
       filled with worthy people be looked at in such a stereotypical way. It is beyond
       me why these shows are such big hits. But hey, if you like wasting your time
       watching drunk party animals live together, spoiled bridezillas make their
       “dream wedding” come true, or a family plump full of Botox run a couture
       fashion store, then these shows are right up your alley.

                         2.)     Jeggings
                           Coming in at #2 is the 2010 fashion sensation of Jeggings, an
                        awkward combination of jeans and spandex leggings. I don’t have
                        anything against skinny jeans, but when you mix them with
                        leggings, you kind of had it coming. The two are just not meant to
                        be together. If you mix two things together, they should
                        compliment each other, like peanut butter and jelly. In this case,
                        Jeggings are just not doing that. I don’t care if you put Jeggings
          on a 6 foot gorgeous model with long legs and a flat stomach, they don’t look
          all that flattering on anybody. Although the idea that they look like jeans, but
          are more comfortable makes sense, in the end product, you can totally tell
          that they are leggings.

                               3.)  Ipad
                             At #3 is the trend of the Ipad. I think that this invention is
                          unnecessary and very disappointing that it came from the
                          makers of Apple. They have come out with so many practical
                          hits like the Ipod Nano, Ipod Shuffle, Ipod Touch, and the
                          Mac Book. The Ipad doesn’t seem very fitting for this
company. For the same amount of money, you could buy a nice laptop and be
able to do many more things. An Ipad is not built in with the function to
print things off. Although it is possible by downloading and app, not having it
built in when purchased seems inpractical. You also can’t play Facebook
games like Farmville, Mafia Wars, and Texas Hold’em. So the Ipad is pretty
much just an uncreative advance of the Ipod Touch, only bigger.

                           4.)     Silly Bands
                            This funky bracelet comes in at #4 for the most
                        overrated trends of 2010. Sure it’s awesome to have
                        an outline of flower tightly clinging around your
                        wrist…if you’re five years old. This pointless accessory
  belongs in the kindergarten classroom with the crayons and the glitter
  glue. It takes a perfectly good outfit and instantly makes it look cheesy and
  cheap. To all of the Silly Band junkies out there, try to tap into your inner
  child some other way.

                        5.)      Bieber Fever
                     Coming in at #5 is the worldwide phenomenon of Justin
                     Bieber. Not only does his girlish sounding voice make
                     me sick, his side swept hair and baby-looking face also
                     adds to the overall puke party. The tight skinny jeans
                     don’t help either. The late-bloomingness of his high
                     squeaky voice makes me wonder what is going to
                     happen to this “hit teen sensation” when his voice finally

                         6.)     Bottled Water
                          Although this #6 ranking of overrated trends of
                       2010 didn’t become a trend this year, it was still very
                       popular and has been for the past decade. Not only is
                       bottled water harmful and destructive to the
                       environment, people are wasting their money on it. In
  fact, you can buy 500 gallons of tap water for the same amount you would
  pay for a $1.00, 20-ounce water bottle. We have been taught to believe
  that bottled water is “safer” and “more pure” to drink than tap water. The
  fact is that bottled water is not tested for e. coli, is not required to provide
  source, and is not required to provide quality reports, and tap water is.
  Most of us have cleaner, safer, and cheaper water pouring right out of our
  own kitchen sinks.
                           7.)   Red Hot Lips
                            This overrated trend sits at #7 on my countdown.
                         Bright red lipstick became a growing trend this past
                         year. Mostly worn by celebrities at high-fashion
                         events, this current make-up rage has got me looking
                         the other way. If worn right it can be an okay look,
                         but rarely did that happen. It makes the teeth look
                         yellow and it just screams “LOOK AT MY MOUTH!!”
   The red lipstick is often distracting to the rest of the outfit, and it makes
   me only want to look at their lips. It looks like it could be worn on the set
   of the Twilight movies by a blood-sucking vampire…and that’s not a good

                              8.)   Oversized Glasses
                              Oversized glasses made it to my list at #8. Some
                           people are led to believe that this fashion accessory
                           will make them look more intelligent or artistic,
                           but they my get the opposite response from me. I
                           think that these glasses make it look like they are
trying too hard to be trendy and vintage, but it only makes me confused. Do
they really need glasses? Or are they wearing them to look appealing? Why
would you want to pretend to wear glasses if you don’t really need them?
Whatever the reason, I do not approve.

   9.)   Vuvuzela
                               This annoying instrument gets put on my list
                            as #9. This was the horn made famous by the
                            2010 FIFA World Cup soccer games in South
                            Africa. While most fans of popular sports in
                            America paint their chest or dress up in their
                            team’s gear, it is a whole different story in South
                            Africa. They play the one note monotone plastic
                            horn, or known as the Vuvuzela, to show their
   excitement for the game. Although it is another country’s tradition and
   custom, I found the buzzing noise extremely annoying while I was trying
   to watch the soccer games on TV. It sounded like a swarm of ten thousand
   bees that were ready to spring into rampage. I had to hit the “mute
   button” on the TV just to keep concentrated on what was going on.
                   10.)             Kate Gosselin Haircut
                       The drama of the stars Jon and Kate Gosselin
                    getting a divorce in 2009 not only made their show
                    come to a halting stop, but it caused a roar of upset in
                    the media. Getting a numerous amount of attention
                    from the paparazzi, Kate’s dramatic hairstyle hit hair
                    salons all across America and leaked into the year
                    2010. This porcupine-styled haircut seems a bit
                    overrated if you ask me. It is almost a modern styled
mullet. It maintains the same principles at least, “business in the front,
party in the back”!

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