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									      A dvenTisT
                   January-April 2007
                                                                                           A dvenTisT

                       ACM CALENDAR                                      January-aPril 2007

                          January 7-11, 2007                             ExEcutivE Editor:
                      Adventist Ministries Convention,                    Martin W. Feldbush
                                Tucson, AZ
                                                                          deena Bartel-Wagner
                           March 8-10, 2007                     
          Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division ACM Advisory,
                                                                         layout and dEsign:
                       Johannesburg, South Africa                          Brian Wiehn
                                                                           college Press
                          March 18-22, 2007                      
                West-Central Africa Division ACM Advisory,               thE advEntist chaPlain is a quarterly
                           Abidjan, Ivory Coast                          publication of adventist chaplaincy Ministries,
                                                                         the chaplaincy services department and
                                                                         official endorsing agency of the Seventh-day
                         April 26-May 1, 2007                            adventist church.
                Seventh-day Adventist Healthcare Chaplains
                         Association Conference,                         this newsletter is distributed worldwide
                             Burlingame, CA                              to chaplains, institutions, church leaders
                                                                         and others involved in chaplaincy. to be
                                                                         added to our mailing list, call us at 301-
                           May 18-22, 2007                               680-6780. this number may also be used
              Seventh-day Adventist Military-related Chaplains           to let us know about adventists who are in
                                                                         the u.s. military or those who are attending
                         Association Conference,                         public colleges and universities. articles,
                            Silver Spring, MD                            comments, photographs and questions are
                                                                         always welcomed!
                          September 2-5, 2007                            Quoted Bible verses are taken from the
             Southern Asia-Pacific Division Chaplains Congress,          new King James version, unless otherwise
                            Bangkok, Thailand                            noted.

                                                                         adventist chaplaincy Ministries
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2   The Adventist Chaplain
                                                                                                              p e r sp e c tiv e

                 The ACM Committee –
                  We Do It All for You!
                                                                                                    By Martin W. Feldbush, Director
                                                                                                    Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries

      Many of you will                                                                                  Gary Councell and me on this
remember McDonald’s                                                                                     important task about which
1975 advertising slogan,                                                                                you’ll soon hear more!
“We do it all for you!”                                                                                      You’ve probably heard the
That could very well                                                                                    old joke about a committee
express the work ethic                                                                                  being the unwilling led by the
of Adventist chaplains                                                                                  incapable to accomplish the
committed to helping                                                                                    unnecessary; nothing could be
others. For that mat-                                                                                   further from reality in the case
ter, it also captures the                                                                               of our committee. You’ve read
dedication of our ACM            Marty Feldbush           Don Schneider             Ted Wilson          the description above – does
Committee members. A                                                                                 it sound like the unnecessary
talented group of people representing the General Confer-           to you? Remember that most of you can work where you do
ence (GC) and the North American Division (NAD), they               because of the work of the ACM Committee! I can vouch that
meet with your ACM leaders at least six or seven times each         the committee is certainly not the unwilling. In fact, we are
year in support of what our chaplains and chaplaincy leaders        currently experiencing the highest consistent level of atten-
are doing in the field. Without them and the ecclesiastical         dance and participation in all my years with ACM. And, as
endorsements they vote, most of you would not be serving            for capable talent, one only needs to look at our membership.
where you are right now. Gary Councell and I are known              We are a unified joint committee serving both GC and NAD,
in the pastoral care community as endorsers, but in fact we         so our co-chairs are Ted Wilson, GC Vice President and Don
process, manage, implement and monitor the endorsements             Schneider, NAD President, and our Vice Chair is Ernie Cas-
this group of men and women vote. We owe them a debt of tillo, NAD Vice President. Members come from GC and NAD,
gratitude.                                                          including Vern Parmenter and Carolyn Forrest (GC and NAD
      What is the work of the ACM Committee? The job                Secretariat); Steve Rose and Ken Osborn (GC and NAD Trea-
description, or terms of reference, of the ACM Committee            sury); John Fowler and Gerald Kovalski (GC and NAD Educa-
stipulates six core responsibilities:                               tion); Kathleen Kuntaraf and DeWitt Williams (GC and NAD
      1. Advise and oversight for the GC/ACM Department in          Health Ministries); Jim Cress (GC Ministerial); Gary Swanson
its work with the ACM Departments in the division territories.      (GC Sabbath School and Personal Ministries); J. Alfred Johnson
      2. Advise and oversight for the NAD-based work of the         (NAD Adult Ministries); John Graz and Hal Thomsen (GC and
department in coordinating chaplaincy in correctional, educa-       NAD Public Affairs and Religious Liberty); Hiskia Missah and
tional, healthcare, military-related and volunteer settings.        James Black (GC and NAD Youth). All division ACM Directors
      3. Serve as the ecclesiastical endorsing committee for        are members of the committee and will attend when in Silver
NAD, supporting the department as recruited, screened and Spring. ExOfficio members include Jan Paulsen (GC President);
nurtured for chaplaincy and related ministries.                     Matthew Bediako and Roscoe Howard (GC and NAD Secre-
      4. Serve as operations committee for NAD-based                tary) and Juan Prestol (NAD Treasurer). Our legal advisor is
military-related ministry, including operation of the overseas      Todd McFarland from the GC Office of General Counsel. It is
Adventist Military Support Centers.                                 my privilege to be the Secretary of the committee, and for Gary
      5. Work with ACM leaders in reviewing fiscal needs and Councell to be the Assistant Secretary.
making budget recommendations to GC and NAD treasuries.                  I trust that the list above didn’t read like the “begats” of
      6. Serve as a strategic visioning/planning committee for      a biblical genealogy, but I do want to portray the depth and
ACM Department work in all division territories of the church. breadth of the committee membership, along with their job
      Occasionally a subcommittee will be tasked with a spe-        description.
cific responsibility; one such is functioning currently. That            McDonald’s hasn’t said “We do it all for you” for over
is the subcommittee on revising endorsement policy and              thirty years, but your ACM Committee still lives it out every
procedures. Nik Satelmajer, GC Ministerial Association, and         day. The committee exists only because you are there. We
Carolyn Forrester, NAD Associate Secretary, are working with        do it all for you!

                                                                                                              The Adventist Chaplain       3
                             Putting On The Armor Of God
                             By Deena Bartel-Wagner

4   The Adventist Chaplain
     A good story always has some behind-the-          tumes, including the first century Roman Centurion armor that
scenes action. Dick Stenbakken’s journey from          he says is, “accurate from the brush on the top of the helmet to
serving as a military chaplain to his current pas-     the hob-nail pattern on the sandals.”
sion of portraying Biblical characters in correct           Stenbakken also had the opportunity to hone his skills as
period dress has some amazing behind the scenes        he presented various characters to a broad audience, including
action that are definitely God-led.                    youth groups; senior leadership meetings for the Army Chief of
     “I was stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mis-        Chaplains, and Army-wide staff; prayer breakfasts at the Penta-
souri and Christmas was coming,” recalls Sten-         gon; Bible study sessions for the US Senate; major health-care
bakken. “My command chaplain called me in              organizations; leadership conferences; college campus settings;
and said he wanted a Christmas program for our         and a diverse variety of military and civilian congregations of
chaplains and assistants that wasn’t a repeat of       many denominations across the US, Canada, Africa, India, Asia,
past years. What could I do but say, ‘Yes sir!’”       Europe, Japan, and Germany.
Stenbakken began to pray and do some research,              “I am fortunate to have a background of education and
finally settling on the idea of using a first person   training that allows me to make this work,” says Stenbak-
sermon by Fredrick Speakman, a noted Presby-           ken. “One of the keys is to make sure I’ve done a solid job in
terian preacher, portraying the Christmas story        research. My stories are well studied and theologically accurate
through the eyes of Jesse, the innkeeper in Beth-      and the costumes and props support my presentation because
lehem, who is telling his story to Luke. At first he   they are historically correct. However, none of this would
considered using a dramatic reading but as Sten-       work if everything that is presented weren’t saturated in prayer.
bakken says, mission creep began to take over. “I      I spend a lot of time turning this over to God and asking Him
decided that I could dress up as Jesse to do the       to lead me.”
dramatic reading. Then I thought that perhaps I             Stenbakken relies on his experience from the first presenta-
should tell the story as if I was Jesse, instead of    tion he did of Jesse back at Ft. Leonard Wood for his structure
just reading it,” recalls Stenbakken with a chuckle.   of the Bible characters he portrays today. “I don’t memorize a
When the final production was complete, Sten-          script for what I do in these stories,” says Stenbakken. “I make
bakken discovered he enjoyed the process and           an outline and have an idea of what I’m going to say. I know
the results amazed him. “I had one chaplain tell       the facts and then intertwine those with dialogue. This allows
me he had experienced Bethlehem that night.            me to have total and continuous eye contact with my audience
Then I was requested to repeat the program at          and that is crucial.”
two worship services for the troops the next day.”          As his work has grown, Stenbakken has been humbled in
During the presentations, Stenbakken noticed that      the ways God has opened avenues of reaching people in ways
the young soldiers were leaning forward in their       that he couldn’t have dreamed of when he was researching
seats, enthralled with what they were witnessing.      Jesse, the innkeeper. “The presentations are available on three
     “I eventually became convinced that the Lord      sets of DVD’s for people to view in their homes. Additionally,
was trying to tell me something,” says Stenbak-        I’ve had opportunities to be involved with Hope TV, Trinity
ken. “Telling biblical stories in first person is a    Broadcasting Network, LifeTalk Radio, Faith For Today, and
very powerful way to present the gospel. This is       recently shot an eight part TV series with Shawn Boonstra, at It
especially important in today’s society which is so    Is Written.”
audio-visual oriented.”                                     Richard Stenbakken may portray over 60 Biblical charac-
     Stenbakken didn’t move into full-time acting      ters but his desire to share Jesus has one hope. “I make these
after his portrayal of Jesse. He continued on with     characters come alive with the desire that as people see them
his military chaplaincy work and retired as a full     in a new light it will be the beginning or the continuation of a
colonel after 24 years of active duty. Following       personal journey with Jesus.” With that as his desire, Stenbak-
his military career he served as the Director of       ken will continue to tell stories and share Jesus in a way that
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries at the General         reaches young and old alike.
Conference for 14 years. During that time he                For more information on the DVD’s or Stenbakken’s minis-
continued to research historical background,           try, check out his website at
collect props, design costumes
and get into the heads and skins
of his characters. His collection
of theatrical beards, first-century
Roman signet rings, coins, and
other props has grown along with
his repertoire of characters, which
now exceed 60 different biblical
people (with more in the works).
     He makes all of his own cos-

                                                                                               The Adventist Chaplain      5
                                         Adventist Chaplains Are Published
         Adventist chaplains are sharing ideas they have learned                             each book in the Bible opens into
    in their ministry and personal growth with others through                                worship, the theology of worship
    the written word. Three chaplains who currently have                                     and making worship their own
    books available include Barry Black, Diane Forsythe and                                  experience. Forsyth’s book can
    Larry Black.                                                                             be ordered through her website at
                                From the Hood to the Hill is the                   
                           story of how a young boy, who                                                Larry Black is an active-du-
                           grew up in the ghettos of Baltimore,                              ty Navy chaplain currently assigned
                           eventually found himself serv-                                    as Staff Chaplain at Portsmouth
                           ing lawmakers in the United States                                Naval Hospital. His book, Discon-
                           Senate as the first African-American                              tentment: Being Content is a Dis-
                           Chaplain of the United States. You’ll                             contented World, directs the reader
                           read of a mother’s love and the pov-                              to a holistic
                           erty and discouragement of ghetto        approach of reaching contentment.
                           life. Through his career decision to     Black writes about the step-by-step
                           become a minister and Navy Chap-         process of trace, erase and replace
                           lain, Barry Black chose to commit        that can be used to reach a state of
                           his life to leading others in a Godly    contentment. The holistic process
    manner. The book takes readers through Black’s life and         has been clinically tested and proven
    career and shares lessons he’s learned along the way.           effective as a self-help tool, which can
    From the Hood to the Hill is available through the Adventist    be used, by professionals or layper-
    Book Center and various online booksellers.                     sons. The book is available through
             Opening Into Worship is Diane Forsyth’s third          the Potomac Adventist Book Center,
    book. Through this book the reader is challenged to exam-       1-800-325-8492 or through www.ama-
    ine and experience worship through the individual books and
    of the Bible. Forsyth encourages readers to discover how

                                         ACM Welcomes Dina Muldoon
                                         by Martin W. Feldbush, ACM Director

        From the streets of San Salvador, capitol of beautiful      investments firm and the General Conference Ministerial
    El Salvador, Dina Guzman Muldoon has come to Adventist          Association. She enjoys working at ACM and is learning as
    Chaplaincy Ministries. There were other places of employ-       much as possible about military-related matters. Dina also
    ment en route, but Dina’s Latin heritage and fluency in         assists Chaplain Councell with his campus-ministry related
                          Spanish is a definite plus in an office   duties and other tasks.
                          serving a world field. We welcome              Dina Muldoon is married to Brian Muldoon, Planning
                          Dina to the Adventist Chaplaincy          Specialist for the Howard County, MD Transportation De-
                          Ministries family!                        partment. They are members of the Beltsville, MD Seventh-
                              Dina’s primary responsibility is      day Adventist Church. They also have two sons; Brian,
                          providing administrative assistance       a university student and Joshua, a pastor in the New York
                          and support for Gary Councell, ACM        Conference. Dina’s hobbies include gardening (“That’s
                          Associate Director/Military Endorser.     what really relaxes me!”) and sewing. We’re pleased to
                          She brings a variety of skills from an    have Dina as a new staff member at Adventist Chaplaincy
                          employment background that in-            Ministries.
                          cluded stints with Control Data, an

6   The Adventist Chaplain
           Ministry Kit Developed for Public Campus Students
     Imagine yourself a young adult, eighteen or nineteen           kit to the young adult entering the military and have a special
years old, away from home for the first time attending a large      dedicatory service and prayer for him or her. The Bible kit is
public university. Your dorm-mate is not a Christian and            the opening key to a host of other support literature and ser-
whose lifestyle makes it hard for you to have a consistent          vices provided by the denomination for those serving in the
devotional life. Some of your professors espouse views that         Armed Forces. This plan has worked so well that it could be
undermine Christian beliefs and values. Some labs or tests          adapted for students in public schools with similar results.
are scheduled for Saturday. Of course, prime athletic and                The kits for college students contain a modern translation
social events occur during Sabbath hours. Sooner or later, a        of the Bible, Steps to Christ by Ellen G. White, a subscription
year or more of such persis-                                 tent   to Dialogue magazine, a change of address card and CD of
attack in this kind of spiri-                                tual   church resources for students.
warfare is bound to find a                                   weak        Imagine the impact on a young adult in your family or
point in the defense lines of                                                                church, if the pastor arranged for a
even the strongest Christian                                                                 brief, but special dedication service
student. Adventist youth                                                                     before he or she departed for a public
need our support during their                                                                college or university. The pastor com-
student years.                                                                               mends the student, challenges them
     For a variety of valid                                                                  to be a faithful witness, offers a prayer
reasons Adventist youth attend public                                                        for them and presents them with a
colleges and universities. Sometimes                                                         Student Bible Kit.
the courses they need are not offered                                                              To further help young adults on
at Adventist schools. “It’s estimated that                                                   public campuses, a Campus Ministries
between 60,000 and 70,000 Adventist stu-                                                     Leader Kit is available for student
dents attend public colleges and universi-                                                   leaders who are establishing ministry
ties in the United States,” reports Gary                                                     programs on their local public college
Councell, associate director of Adventist                                                    or university. These backpack kits
Chaplaincy Ministries (ACM). “They rep-                                                      include The Serendipity Bible; Steps to
resent the leadership and stewardship base of the denomina-         Christ with study guide; AMICUS Handbook; 27 Fundamen-
tion fifteen to twenty years from now. Out-of-sight, they are       tal Beliefs; Reaching College Students through Cells; Friend to
often out-of-mind by the churches, and soon they are out-           Friend; Jesus in Blue Jeans; 12 Dynamic Bible Study Methods;
of-touch and out-of-church; not because that is their intent,       Searching for a God to Love with study guide and The Path
but often distance and absence makes the heart grow fonder          with workbook. The kit also contains a CD with suggestions
of other interests. The spiritual life imperceptibly slips into     on how to use the materials as well as logos and other materi-
casual, then careless neglect.”                                     als.
       For nearly fifty years a similar kit, the NSO Bible Kit,          The Student Bible kits are available through Advent-
has proven a positive factor in creating a caring link and/or       Source, 1-800-328-0525 or at Re-
communicating a sustaining link between the Church and its          quests for Campus Ministries Leader Kit should be made
members in uniform. Pastors and chaplains present a Bible           through the Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries office.

                                                            ACM Directory Now Online
                                                            STAYING IN TOUCH
    The new ACM Directory was recently added to the                 to update the entry with new or changed information. A
department’s web site ( The             “filtering” process will then allow only the public contact
new directory lists only individuals who are endorsed and           information to be automatically updated in the online di-
serving in one of the chaplaincies or related ministries. It        rectory.
contains only professional contact information for each                   The directory is now operative and the database access
chaplain, with no home or family information included.              system will soon be functioning. The key now will be for
   In the past, ACM published a hard copy directory that            all endorsed chaplains to help us by keeping their database
was out of date before it came from the press. The new              entry current. Your feedback is important and needed to
directory, however, will always be up to date as long as            help us maintain and improve these systems, and to create
each endorsed chaplain maintains his or her entry in the            new ones in order to support you better.
private database. Each chaplain will be able create a
password and access his/her entry in the database, in order

                                                                                                            The Adventist Chaplain       7
                                                                                                                       non ProFit
                     A dvenTisT
The                                                                                                                   organiZation
                                                                                                                      u.s. PostagE
                                                                                                                    collEgEdalE, tn
                                                                                                                      PErMit no. 7

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists • ADVENTIST CHAPLAINCY MINISTRIES • 12501 Old Columbia Pike • Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600

                       Without faith, nothing is possible.
                       With it, nothing is impossible.
                                                                                              Mary McLeod Bethune

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