District 27 Fall Conference

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					District 27 Toastmasters
     Fall Conference
    November 11-12, 2011

    Where Leaders

                  DISTRICT 27S. E.
                          WHERE LEADERS R. I.

                TABLE OF CONTENTS
   Toastmasters International President’s Welcome                  -------- 3

   District Governorʼs Welcome           --------------------- 4

   2011-2012 D27 Officers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 5

   LʼEnfant Plaza Hotel Floor Plan - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6

   Schedule of Events - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 7

   Table Topics Contest Agenda           --------------------- 8

   Saturday Events

   Educational Sessions - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 9 & 11

   Luncheon and C&L Presentation - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 13

   District Hall of Fame       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 15

   District Council Meeting - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 25

   Humorous Speech Contest - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 26

   Lt. Governor Education & Training Comments - - - - - - - - - - - 27

   Notes Page - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 28

   Spring Conference Page - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Back Cover

    October 27, 2011

    Greetings, members and friends of District 27!

    It is a pleasure to welcome you to your District Fall Conference. This is your opportunity to
    listen, learn and grow. Your district leaders have spent months developing an outstanding
    conference for you. Make the most of your experience and be sure to:

           o Celebrate achievements and successes
           o Network and connect with other Toastmasters
           o Absorb helpful communication and leadership ideas
           o Watch and learn from superb speakers and trainers
           o Share your experiences and best practices

    Whether you are a first-timer or a conference veteran, this conference offers something for
    you. Here you will find knowledge and tools to grow and achieve as a Toastmaster. Enjoy
    inspirational education workshops, amazing contests and an informative business meeting.
    Whatever your goal, you will find helpful Toastmasters to support and encourage you.

    Take back something of value for your club. Some of your most useful ideas may come
    from conversations with fellow District 27 members. Make time to meet and establish new
    Toastmasters friends.

    Before you leave, remember to say a word of thanks to your conference team. Without
    them, there would not be a district conference for you to attend.

    Best wishes for an enjoyable and enriching district conference!

    Michael Notaro, DTM
    Toastmasters International

    P.O. Box 9052 • Mission Viejo, CA 92690-9052 • USA • TEL: 949-858-8255 • FAX: 949-858-1207 •
                    DISTRICT 27S. E.
                           WHERE LEADERS R. I.

                   Bessie Johnson, DTM
                        District 27 Governor

Welcome to the first Fall Conference in New District 27. Our theme for this
conference is based on the Toastmaster goals. They are: Respect, Integrity,
Service and Excellence.

  So! Welcome to District 27’s Fall Conference Where Leaders R.I.S.E.!!!

As we begin a new era – with new boundaries and leaders, let us look to the
future. A future as bright as the sun, filled with communication and leadership
opportunities for all. We are poised to make our marks on the world; and we
shall paint our names in the sky for all to see.

As you spend time with us today, take an opportunity to introduce yourself to
other members of the District. Ask questions of the more experienced
Toastmasters, seek guidance and clarity of your role in the District through our
Educational Sessions, and share fellowship over a meal.

I look forward to seeing and speaking with each of you!

                       DISTRICT 27S. E.
                              WHERE LEADERS R. I.

                    DISTRICT 27 OFFICER’S

    District Governor                    Bessie Johnson, DTM
    Lieutenant Gov. Education/Training   Alonzo White, DTM
    Lieutenant Gov. Marketing            Gary McGinnis, ACS/CL
    Public Relations Officer             Renee Moore, ACS/ALB
    Secretary                            Crystal Massey, ACS/ALB
    Treasurer                            Carol Grohman, ACS/CL


    Division   A   Governor              Anton Vanterpool, DTM
    Division   B   Governor              Srinivas Ranga, ACS/ALB
    Division   C   Governor              Ernesto Etienne, DTM
    Division   D   Governor              Arthur “Art” Cresce, DTM
    Division   E   Governor              Jennifer Ferguson, DTM
    Division   F   Governor              Robin Hylton, ATM

     DISTRICT 27S. E.
          WHERE LEADERS R. I.

            FLOOR PLAN
(District 27 Conference on 2nd Level)

                  DISTRICT 27S. E.
                         WHERE LEADERS R. I.

                SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
                       Friday, November 11, 2011
    4:00 PM    Registration Opens
    5:00 PM    Refreshments Available
    5:15 PM    Conference Begins
    5:30 PM    Workshop with Kim Weitkamp
    6:30 PM    Contestants & Judges Briefings
    7:00 PM    Table Topics Contest
    8:00 PM    Close Day 1

                    Saturday, November 12, 2011
    8:00 AM    Registration Opens
               Continental Breakfast
    9:00 AM    First Timer’s Welcome
    9:30 AM    Plenery Session Opens
    10:00 AM   Credentials Desk Opens
                              Education Sessions
    10:00 AM   Lillian Cooke, DTM
               The 7 Sides of Leadership
    11:00 AM   Viki Kinsman, DTM
               How to Be and Effective Leader
                              Lunch Buffet & C&L Awardee
    12:00 PM   Lunch with C&L Awardee, Kim Weitkamp
                              The Rest of Day
    1:00 PM    Hall of Fame
    1:30 PM    Credentials Desk Closes
    2:00 PM    District 27 Business Meeting
               Registration Closes
    3:00 PM    Break
               Contestants & Judges Briefings
    3:30 PM    Humorous Speech Contest
    5:00 PM    Closing Comments
                  DISTRICT 27S. E.
                           WHERE LEADERS R. I.

              Table Topics Contest
Call to Order                                 Bryan Senter, ACS/ALS
                                 Acting District 27 Sergeant-at-Arms

Welcome & Introductions                           Alonzo White, DTM
                                    Lt. Governor Education & Training

Contest Master                                 Nicole Payne, ACB/CL

Chief Judge                                   Vann-Di Galloway, DTM

Table Topics Contestants

    ____ Nelson Akeredolu
    ____ Ray Barber
    ____ David Fromm
    ____ Preeti Harris
    ____ Howard Perlman
    ____ Eric Twiggs

Contestant Interviews                          Nicole Payne, ACB/CL


Announcement of Winners                           Alonzo White, DTM
                                    Lt. Governor Education & Training

                         DISTRICT 27S. E.
                                WHERE LEADERS R. I.

                            Lillian Cooke, DTM
                        The 7 Sides of Leadership
    Lillian is a native Alabamian who lived in Virginia for 8 years before moving back to
    Alabama this past July. She has 34 years of service with the federal government,
    currently working for the United States Army. She serves as Deputy, Resource
    Management Officer for the Expeditionary Contracting Command at Redstone
    Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. Lillian loves her job because she gets to spend
    money every day and, technically, it’s not even hers.

    Lillian began her Toastmaster journey in April 1998 when she joined Command
    Performers Toastmasters at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio in
    District 40. She later moved to Virginia, joining several clubs in District 27 and
    serving in District leadership. Lillian recently left Virginia and moved back to
    Alabama. Since joining a club in Alabama, she is now a member of clubs in Districts
    27, 29 and 77.

    Lillian has presented workshops and/or spoken to audiences in Alabama, Arizona,
    Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and
    Washington State on a variety of subjects.

    She has 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren.



                           DISTRICT 27S. E.
                                  WHERE LEADERS R. I.

                              Viki Kinsman, DTM
                    2011-2013 International Director Region 7
                     How to Be and Effective Leader
           Viki Kinsman, Distinguished Toastmaster of Oakton, Virginia, works in the
     Fairfax county office of Elections where she has been involved with voter registration,
     absentee voting, outreach, and election operations. For more than 20 years she has
     handled all aspects of daily operations. As an independent contractor, she developed a
     5-year management plan to provide customer service at a major international airport.

            A dedicated Toastmaster since 1996, Viki is a member of three clubs; DTM
     Leaders Toastmasters, Free Spirits and Pauline Shirley clubs. She has held a number
     of prominent leadership positions within the organization and has attained the
     Distinguished Toastmasters designation – the highest level of achievement in
     Toastmasters. Viki has been honored several times by District 27 for her service as a

           Beyond Toastmasters, Viki has more than 30 years experience in volunteer
     management for the American Red Cross and other nonprofits. She wrote a volunteers’
     handbook, volunteer contract and office policy manual for Traveler’s Aid staff and
     volunteers. As president of the University of Virginia-Northern Virginia Alumni
     Chapter (with 20,000 members), she restructured the board and committee chairs by
     increasing the number of leadership roles. She also worked as a staff representative
     for the Prince William Red Cross Chapter. Currently she is chair of the Fairfax County
     Airport Advisory Committee for the Board of Supervisors.



                        DISTRICT 27S. E.
                              WHERE LEADERS R. I.

                              Kim Weitkamp
           District 27’s Communication and Leadership Awardee

           Kim is a sought after storyteller, humorist and musician sharing her
     original stories and songs at theaters and festivals throughout the United
     States. For 15 years Kim used the art of applied storytelling as a youth
     advocate working with at risk youth. Several years ago she turned to the
     stage, taking her love of humor and storytelling to a new level, and aren’t
     we glad she did. The arts and storytelling community have embraced her
     casual, eclectic style. Her genuine care of the audience combined with
     her ability to relate results in a magical, hear a pin drop performance
     peppered with moments of raucous laughter.

           Kim is a commissioned artist through the Virginia Commission of the
     Arts and serves as the National Youth Storytelling representative for
     Virginia and is president of the Virginia Storytelling Alliance. She is also
     the Founders of the Wrinkles Project, a national campaign to raise
     awareness of the national treasure that we possess in the form of life
     stores from folks within our elder communities. Her work in this area has
     resulted in a nomination for the 2008 Governors Awards for the Arts.



      DISTRICT 27S. E.
           WHERE LEADERS R. I.

            (As of June 30, 2011)

        Distinguished Division
                Division E
          Carol Grohman, ACS/CL

     Select Distinguished Division
                Division B
          Dianne LaVanway, DTM

         Distinguished Areas
         Area A1–Earl White, ACS/ALS
        Area B2–Rebecca Halbe, ACS/CL
          Area C1-John Kinsman, DTM
       Area C4-Mark Kipperman, ACS/CL
       Area D2-Nayda Forteza, ACB/ALB
         Area D3-Carol Canada, CC/ALB
          Area E1-Malika Holmes, CC
           Area J1-Joe Ligaya, DTM

     Select Distinguished Areas
       Area A3–Terry Bartholomew, DTM
          Area B1–Jai Jairam, ACB/CL
      Area C2-Janice Magwood, ACG/ALB
        Area E3-Renee’ Moore, ACS/ALB
      AreaJ2-Nelson Betancourt, ACB/ALB


        (As of June 30, 2011)

President’s Distinguished Areas
   Area B4-Srinivas Ranga, ACS/ALB
    Area C3-Ernesto Etienne, DTM

  Toastmaster of the Year
       Chris Jeans, ACB/ALB

 Area Governors of the Year
  Area E3-Renee’ Moore, ACS/ALB
   Area C3-Ernesto Etienne, DTM

Division Governor of the Year
            Division E
      Carol Grohman, ACS/CL
                   DISTRICT 27S. E.
                        WHERE LEADERS R. I.

                   HALL OF FAME
                         (As of June 30, 2011)

                     Distinguished Clubs
     Club Name                                   Goals
     FAA Speechmasters Club                       6
     FEMA Toastmasters Club                       6
     First Edition Toastmasters Club              6
     Personnelly Speaking Club                    6
     Toast Of Arlington Toastmasters Club         6
     1500 Speakers Toastmasters Club              5
     Annandale Toastmasters Club                  5
     B.L.T. Club                                  5
     Calvert Toastmasters                         5
     Challenger Toastmasters Club                 5
     Fast Forward Toastmasters                    5
     FCC Toastmasters Club                        5
     OCC Speakeasies Club                         5
     Old Town Toastmasters--Dinner Club           5
     PENTAF Toastmasters Club                     5
     Potomac Club                                 5
     State Of Speaking Club                       5
     USDA Toastmasters Club                       5
     USPTO Toastmasters                           5

             DISTRICT 27S. E.
                      WHERE LEADERS R. I.

             HALL OF FAME
                        (As of June 30, 2011)

            Select Distinguished Clubs
Club Name                                                    Goals
Energy Toastmasters Club                                        8
Federal Toastmasters Club                                       8
Helmsmen Toastmasters Club                                      8
Park Center Toastmasters Club                                   8
Potomac Center Toastmasters                                     8
Alexandria Treetop Speakers Club                                7
Analytic Speakers                                               7
Last Great Speakers Toastmasters Club                           7
Lone Star Toastmasters                                          7
Michael Baker                                                   7
NASA Toastmasters Club                                          7

        Beat the Clock Award Winners
   (Added 5 new, dual or re-instated members May 1 – June 30, 2011)

  Div   Area Club Name                                    Members
  A      2      Park Center Toastmasters                      5
  A      3      DEA Surround Sound                            7
   B     4      B.L.T. Club                                   6
   C     1      Potomac Center Toastmasters                   7
   C     2      Federal Center Southwest                      5
   C     2      SPICE                                         5
   E     1      Stars of Constellation Toastmasters           5
                DISTRICT 27S. E.
                       WHERE LEADERS R. I.

                HALL OF FAME
                        (As of June 30, 2011)

           President’s Distinguished Clubs
     Club Name                                  Goals
     5-Star Club                                 10
     Andrews Club                                10
     Federal Center Southwest Club               10
     G.U.T.S. Club                               10
     HUD Toastmasters Club                       10
     J-Talkers                                   10
     School Street Toastmasters Club             10
     Smithsonian Toastmasters                    10
     Speak Up Club                               10
     SPICE                                       10
     St Margaret's Achievers                     10
     BNA Toastmasters Club                        9
     CGHQ Toastmasters Club                       9
     DEA Surround Sound                           9
     Free And Wild Toastmasters                   9
     Library of Congress Club                     9
     Naval Audit Service Tuesday Club             9
     New Southwest Club                           9
     NRECA Power Speakers                         9
     SRA Toastmasters Club                        9
     Stars of Constellation Toastmasters Club     9
     Suitland Federal Club                        9

         DISTRICT 27S. E.
                  WHERE LEADERS R. I.

          HALL OF FAME
                 (As of November 7, 2011)

          Smedley Award Winners
 (Added 5 new, dual or re-instated members Aug 1 – Sep 30, 2011)

Div    Area   Club Name                                 Members
 A      12    Analytic Speakers                            5
 B      21    First Edition Toastmasters                   5
 C      33    Speak UP                                     5
 D      43    Lone Star Toastmasters                       5
 E      53    St Margaret's Achievers                      6

              Golden Toaster Clubs
       (7 Club Officers Trained June 1 – August 31, 2011)

Div       Area     Club Name
 A         11      Helmsmen Toastmasters
 A         11      5-Star
 A         12      Park Center Toastmasters
 C         31      Energy Toastmasters
 C         32      SPICE
 C         33      Speak Up
 C         33      FCC Toastmasters
 C         34      USDA Toastmasters
 C         34      Komen Toastmasters
 C         34      CGHQ Toastmasters
 D         42      Personnelly Speaking
 D         42      Naval Audit Service Thursday
 D         43      Lone Star Toastmasters
 J         61      G.U.T.S.
 J         62      Annandale Toastmasters
 J         63      The Burgay Advanced
 J         64      Old Town Toastmasters--Dinner
                                 DISTRICT 27S. E.
                                           WHERE LEADERS R. I.

                                 HALL OF FAME
                                       (As of November 7, 2011)

                                Competent Communicators

Member                    Name                           Member                     Name
Adesida, Olusola          SBA                            Hellenbrand, Curtis M.     5-Star
Alanko, Anita K           USPTO TM                       Hooper, Cheryl E.          Andrews
Allen, Tertia L.          Naval Audit Service Tuesday    Howard, James NA           First Edition TM
Beloff, Debra K           Global Transformers            McKisset, Maurice D.       Spring Speakers
Bhatnagar, Amit           Spirited Speakers              Mead, Dana Mark            CACI TM Crystal City
Bogart, Elizabeth B.      Helmsmen TM                    Morgan, Angela G.          Front-Line Ballston TM
Bournes, Josiah William   Komen TM                       Morgan, Jason V.           USPTO TM
Brezovic, Jennifer L.     Front-Line Ballston TM         Nayo, Derrick K.           Lone Star TM
Brown, Jackie-Lynn Marie 5-Star                          Neely, Sheena              Patuxent River Tm's
Bylsma, Jessica Marie     CGHQ TM                        Nelson, Willie Kane        Andrews
Camp, Brian H.            Naval Audit Service Thursday   Nguyen, Tien Dean          Energy TM
Canny, Regis              Front-Line Ballston TM         Oja, Todd E.               Helmsmen TM
Cerrelli, Susanne         Anchor TM                      Patel, Sheelen P           Naval Audit Service Tuesday
Crews, Etta A.            School Street TM               Powers, George Robert      Front-Line Ballston TM
Culp, Michele L.          Speak Up                       Reaves, Gloria J.          Andrews
Curry, Gerald D.          Analytic Speakers              Richardson, Blake Darryl   PENTAF TM
Davis, Chester D          Spirited Speakers              Rubel, David J.            Crystal City Evening TM
Dengrove, Richard A.      Park Center TM                 Saintval, Wendell J.       NRL Forum
Donahue, Michelle         FEMA TM                        Santos de Jesus, Ernesto Suitland Federal
Duru, Chidi C             Andrews                        Snipes, Sheila             Helmsmen TM
Faulkner, John L.         Anchor TM                      Thompson, Hugh B.          Pathfinders TM
Goodwin, Robert Bruce     Crystal City Evening TM        Ussher, Frank K            Presidential Speakers
Guastini, Thomas          SPICE                          Webb, Edward J.            FEMA TM
Hashmi, Zahra Z           FEMA TM                        Wilson, Denise L.          St Margaret's Achievers

                   DISTRICT 27S. E.
                           WHERE LEADERS R. I.

                   HALL OF FAME
                      (As of November 7, 2011)

        Advanced Communicator Awards
Member                          Award   Club Name

Bishop, Natalie R.              ACB     HUD Toastmasters
Carpenter, Adam Thomas          ACB     Toast Of Arlington Toastmasters
Gonzales, Eugene J.             ACB     IPT
Greene, Marilyn G.              ACB     Energy Toastmasters
Guevara, Valerie                ACB     On Guard Toastmasters
Horner, Alison E.               ACB     G.U.T.S.
Jones, Amber L.                 ACB     Last Great Speakers Toastmasters
Jones, Harland W.               ACB     School Street Toastmasters
Leonard, Jacqueline             ACB     PENTAF Toastmasters
Merritt, Scott                  ACB     G.U.T.S.
Washington, Marcietta Swilley   ACB     NASA Toastmasters
Webb, Melody R.                 ACB     Komen Toastmasters
Bacher-Gresock, Bethaney L.     ACS     Federal Toastmasters
Child, Aimee                    ACS     Naval Audit Service Thursday
Featherson, Clarence E.         ACS     USDA Toastmasters
Frier, Rachel E.                ACS     SPICE
Massey, Crystal R               ACS     New Southwest
Nyandak, Tinley                 ACS     School Street Toastmasters
Yinug, Christopher Falan        ACS     School Street Toastmasters
Davis, Yvonne T.                ACG     Library of Congress

                   DISTRICT 27S. E.
                            WHERE LEADERS R. I.

                   HALL OF FAME
                          (As of November 7, 2011)
                         Leadership Awards
     Member                         Award   Name
     Adams, James Henry               CL    Helmsmen Toastmasters
     Adesida, Olusola                 CL    SBA
     Chin, David                      CL    Federal Center Southwest
     Evans, Melissa M.                CL    New Southwest
     Eyerly, Mark                     CL    Naval Audit Service Thursday
     Hale, Donna R.                   CL    Speak Up
     Howell-McPherson, Karen          CL    Andrews
     Klausner, Joe                    CL    Calvert Toastmasters
     Lael, Kelly L.                   CL    Alexandria Treetop Speakers
     McHugh, Martin Randall           CL    SRA Toastmasters
     McNeal, Monica L.                CL    Andrews
     Payne, Nicole C.                 CL    DEA Surround Sound
     Reaves, Gloria J.                CL    Andrews
     Reed, Monique A.                 CL    Potomac Center Toastmasters
     Romero, Bert                     CL    Helmsmen Toastmasters
     Saniga, Mary Elizabeth           CL    Calvert Toastmasters
     Sheldon, Amy B                   CL    Suitland Federal
     St. Pierre, Michelle A.          CL    Naval Audit Service Thursday
     Vearrier, Dennis Lee             CL    HUD Toastmasters
     Wilkinson, Lillian               CL    Helmsmen Toastmasters
     Wilson, Denise L.                CL    St Margaret's Achievers
     Carpenter, Adam Thomas          ALB    Toast Of Arlington Toastmasters
     Eickelmann, Nancy S.            ALB    HUD Toastmasters
     Escalante, Mayumi Hairston      ALB    Fast Forward Toastmasters
     Faryar, Farzad                  ALB    J-Talkers
     Frier, Rachel E.                ALB    SPICE
     Genser, Jenny Laster            ALB    Park Center Toastmasters
     Jairam, Usha                    ALB    First Edition Toastmasters
     Lael, Kelly L.                  ALB    Alexandria Treetop Speakers
     McMahon, Linda L                ALB    SBA
     Sabath, Carl E.                 ALB    Helmsmen Toastmasters
     Valentine, Kim Rae              ALB    First Edition Toastmasters
     Davis, Yvonne T.                ALS    Capitol Hill
     Etienne, Ernesto                ALS    School Street Toastmasters
     Ligaya, Joe F.                  ALS    NOVA Toastmasters
     White, Earl E.                  ALS    Helmsmen Toastmasters

                  DISTRICT 27S. E.
                         WHERE LEADERS R. I.

                  HALL OF FAME
                        (As of November 7, 2011)

                   Triple Crown Winner
  Award         Date      Member                    Club Name
   ACG        7/1/2011    Davis, Yvonne T.          Library of Congress Club
    ALS      8/10/2011 Davis, Yvonne T.             Capitol Hill Club
   DTM       10/18/2011 Davis, Yvonne T.            Capitol Hill Club

          Leadership Excellence Award
(Successful completion of High Performance Leadership Project (part of DTM))

 Member                             Award    Name
 Blackford, Harold L.              LDREXC Stars of Constellation
 Ligaya, Joe F.                    LDREXC NOVA Toastmasters
 White, Earl E.                    LDREXC Helmsmen Toastmasters

           Distinguished Toastmasters

Yvonne Davis              Capitol Hill Club                    10/18/2011
Ernesto Etienne           School Street TM                     7/19/2011
Jennifer Ferguson         St. Margarets Achievers              7/1/2011
Joe Ligaya                NOVA Toastmasters                    9/14/2011

              DISTRICT 27S. E.
                  WHERE LEADERS R. I.

      District 27 Council Meeting

     Each club in good standing has 2 votes.

              Be sure to visit the

            Credentials Desk
           (Open 10:00 AM until 1:30 PM)

                  DISTRICT 27S. E.
                        WHERE LEADERS R. I.

       Humorous Speech Contest
Call to Order                                  Bryan Senter, ACS/ALS
                                  Acting District 27 Sergeant-at-Arms

Welcome & Introductions                            Alonzo White, DTM
                                     Lt. Governor Education & Training

Contest Master                                 Usha Jairam, ACS/ALS

Chief Judge                                    Vann-Di Galloway, DTM

    Speech Contestants                     Speech Title

    ___   Carolyn Buttolph      ______________________________
    ___   Clarence Featherson   ______________________________
    ___   John Seely            ______________________________
    ___   Paul Shraga           ______________________________
    ___   Carlos Velazquez      ______________________________
    ___   Robin Wedewer         ______________________________

Contestant Interviews                          Usha Jairam, ACS/ALS


Announcement of Winners                            Alonzo White, DTM
                                     Lt. Governor Education & Training

                      DISTRICT 27S. E.
                             WHERE LEADERS R. I.

                      Alonzo White, DTM
      District 27 Lt. Governor Education & Training

 I wish to give a big “Thank You” to the conference planning team.

 Without my District Governor, Bessie Johnson, and my mentors, Vince Caldwell,
 Paul White, and Lillian Cooke this conference would not have been possible. I
 must also include the District Public Relations Officer (PRO), Renee Moore, for
 all of her support and for being the “pro” that she is. A shout out to Carol
 Grohman, the District Treasurer and all of you who volunteered, asked if you
 could help, or thought about helping but were too busy.

 I hope you enjoyed this weekend and plan to attend the next conference
 because we’ll be doing this again in the spring, May 11-12. You have lots of time
 to clear your calendar and volunteer for the next one. I’m willing to accept
 whatever part you can play in making the Spring Conference even better.

 Once again, I hope you enjoyed the conference and “thank you” for the support.



District 27 Toastmasters
    Spring Conference
      May 11-12, 2012

    Hilton Garden Inn
      Waldorf, MD

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