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					                                                                          C4C Report Card                       1 June 2009 | Issue 4

The C4C Report Card is intended to keep our growing community of          NOBLE PATH gets the vote
supporters informed about fundraising status, school construction
progress and various fundraising programs you may want to consider        Thanks to all who submitted a vote for your favorite school name
supporting or running yourself.                                           over the past month. NOBLE PATH was the clear winner, and we will
You can expect to hear from us more or less on a monthly basis. We        be proud to share this name with the students at our school.
would likewise be happy to hear from you, so feel free to let us know     This name is meaningful on multiple levels. It is derived from the
what you think about our newsletter, the project, etc…
                                                                          Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism, which is practiced by most
                                                                          Cambodians (
FUNDS RAISED THROUGH MAY 2009                                             Second, the students attending our school will be the first in their
We are happy to announce that through May 31st we have raised 86% of      community to embark on the noble path of a secondary education.
our $19,000 goal. We are extremely grateful to the more than 120          Third, all of you who have supported this project have travelled with
individual donors that have allowed us to raise more than $16,250 of      us down a somewhat noble path of improving the lives of a
funds. We are also pleased to report that following our first donation    generation of young Cambodians, and we are extremely grateful for
from the Netherlands this month, our donor community now spans seven
countries (USA, England, Scotland, Italy, Netherlands, France and
For those of you who have already donated – a most sincere thank you.
                                                                          C4C COMING TO A FRENCH VILLAGE NEAR YOU
For those of you contemplating making a donation, please know that any    Since moving to Marciac, France in early May (backstory in last
amount will be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in supporting
                                                                          month’s newsletter), we have been busy promoting the Classrooms
our project in other ways, there are several fundraising programs you
may want to consider running yourself, as described throughout this       for Cambodia project within our new local community.
newsletter.                                                               One of our goals has been to take advantage of the rich tradition of
                                $16,253                                   the French market to sell our artisanal Cambodian goods. The first
                           Total Funds Raised                             step to achieving this was receiving permission from the mayor to
                                                                          set up a stall at the weekly market in Marciac. This market is held
                                  86%                                     on Wednesdays in the central square of our village and features farm
                  Percentage of $19,000 Goal Achieved                     produce, wine, live chickens, tractors and clothing. Our first day on
                                 122                                      the tout was June 3rd, and we not only managed to sell a few items
                          Number of Donations                             but also did so in French! And the fee for our stall? 60 cents!

                              $5 - $1,500                                 This selling opportunity would not have been possible without the
                       Individual Donation Range                          selfless help of our good friend, and Sud Ouest native, Stephane
                                                                          Rouquette. Among other things, Stephane toiled on our behalf with
                                $133                                      French customs to get our delivery cleared properly. Thanks also go
                           Average Donation                               to Camping du Lac who covered the taxes due upon delivery while
                                  7                                       we were off tasting wine in Bordeaux! And final thanks to Noëlle’s
                     Number of Countries Donating                         mother, Mel Bourgault, & Stephane for French translation services!

     Photo taken by Bill and Cindy Peterson while visiting a school
                            near Siem Reap.                                    Photo of Noëlle at the weekly market in Marciac, France.
       C4C REPORT CARD                                                                                                     PAGE 2

FUNDRAISING PROGRAMS UPDATE                                          LOOKING FOR A WAY TO HELP?
Mike’s Ride in L’Etape du Tour – 20 July 2009                        THIS MONTH’S FUNDRAISING IDEA
After months of anticipation, I can say that cycling in France has   As described in previous newsletters, we continue to encourage
been nothing short of awesome. I walk out my door, and the           you to consider organizing your own fundraising event. Here is
rolling hills of Southwest France are there.                         this month’s idea – men only please!

The bike has also joined us on our recent road trips, including
visits to the Medoc region of Bordeaux and the Pyrenees (160km
cycling Col d’Aspin and Col de Peyresourde).
As of June 1st, I have approximately seven weeks until L’Etape. I
am looking forward to the big day and will be enjoying the
training until then.
Gift eCards
We have raised $200 to-date by sending eCards for a variety of
occasions: Birthdays, New Babies and Mother’s Day.
Keep C4C in mind for Father’s Day on 21 June 2009.
                                                                     The “Stache for Cash” Challenge! Stop dreaming and start
Please visit our Online Shop at to         doing. A good cause like C4C gives you a legitimate excuse. All
learn more and place an order.                                       you need to do is send us an email at
                                                            and tell us you are ready for
London-to-Brighton Bike Ride – 21 June 2009
                                                                     the challenge. We can help you setup your Firstgiving or
Helen Jones has raised £300 for Classrooms for Cambodia as she       Justgiving website (super-easy) and you and your facial hair take
prepares for the London-to-Brighton Bike Ride in June. You can       it from there.
sponsor Helen as she tries to achieve her £600 goal at
                                                                     MAILBAG & OTHER C4C COMMUNITY NEWS
Rural Crafts Association Fair (Surrey, England) – 3-4 July 2009
                                                                     School Construction Progress. Construction of The Noble Path
Our friend Laura Catley is running a handbag and scarf sale on       School is well underway. According to our local partner charity,
July 3rd and 4th at the Rural Crafts Association Fair in Guildford   American Assistance for Cambodia (AAfC), the school is 72%
High Street, Surrey, England. All proceeds support the activities    complete. You can find our school on AAfC’s list of schools by
of two charitable school projects: C4C and “New Horizons”, a         visiting Noble Path is number 458 on
school in Goa, India whose mission is to provide homeless            the list.
children an education, healthy meals and life skills. Over 150
different handbags will be on sale – stop by and support two         C4C Slideshow. With the creative help of Muriel Sibley, we
great causes!                                                        have created a slideshow describing Classrooms for Cambodia
                                                                     and the economic and educational situation in Cambodia. We
Baird London’s Dress Down Fridays                                    prepared this presentation for use by teacher friends of ours who
                                                                     are organizing classroom fundraisers with their students. The
As explained in last month’s newsletter, Mike’s colleagues from      slideshow is set up in a template format, so it can be customized
Baird London nominated Classrooms for Cambodia as the                very easily for sharing with your organization. If this is of
designated charity for Q2 2009 “Dress Down Friday” collections.      interest, please let us know.
As a reciprocal act of “dressing down”, Mike has agreed to grow
a moustache by the end of June.                                      Greetings from Cambodia! Try, the manager of Watthan
                                                                     Artisans, supplier of the Cambodian scarves we are selling, sent
You can follow the progress of Mike’s moustache through the          some photos recently showing our scarves being made. For more
weekly pictures we post to our Facebook group page at                information and photos on Watthan Artisans click here. Feel free to join the group while you
are there.

   Mike and Noelle, week 4 of the “stache for cash” project.
C4C REPORT CARD                                                                                                   PAGE 3

                      A HEART-FELT THANK YOU TO OUR DONORS
                                                 (as of 1 June 2009)

       Gregg Abbott                                        Jon and Lisa Froemel
       Dan Adams                                           Kelly & Pam Gavin
       Alison and Eric Anderson                            Laura Gough
       Jasper Bailey                                       Franz & Lucia Grueter
       Baird London                                        Jackie Gulliford
       Jane Baird                                          Barb Habets (by Cindy Peterson)
       Anand & Manushi Baldawa                             Viv Heckford
       Sally Barker                                        Brian & Lisa Henning
       Natasha & Imogen Beeby and Marian Pearson           Jill & Malcolm Hill
       Befuddled of Harrogate                              Michael Hydes
       Rebekah, Chris & Alex Berry                         Isabelle Irani
       Sue Ann Bissey & Mike Burychka                      Daniel Jackson
       Tony Bond                                           Chris & Becky Dubin Jenkins
       Guillaume Bouhours                                  Helen Jones
       Guy and Jocelyn Bourgault                           (Helen Jones’) Dad
       Josephine Bourgault (by Mary Ellen Bourgault)       Warren & Rosie Kellogg (by Mike & Noelle Magluilo)
       Josephine Bourgault (by Jerry & Kathy Magluilo)     Matt Kessler
       Leo & Lauria Bourgault (by Mike & Noelle            Patti Lindsay (by Mike & Noelle Magluilo)
       Magluilo)                                           Maren Leube
       Lorraine Bourgault                                  Jack & Estelle Magluilo (by Mike & Noelle Magluilo)
       Maude &Amigo Bourgault (by Mike & Noelle            Jennifer Magluilo Macey
       Magluilo)                                           Jerry & Kathy Magluilo
       Mary Ellen Bourgault                                Walter & Frisky Magluilo (by Mike & Noelle Magluilo)
       Noah Bourgault (by Mary Ellen Bourgault)            Andreas & Megan Mang
       Remy Bourgault (by Mary Ellen Bourgault)            Anthony Marraccino
       Remy Bourgault (by Jerry & Kathy Magluilo)          Carlo Marsiletti
       Rhett Braunschweig                                  Geraldine McAuliffe
       Claire Butler                                       Rebecca McCheyne & Matt
       Kathy and Cliff Camp                                Duncan McKinlay
       Camping du Lac - Marciac                            Chris McMahon
       Jennie & Frank Capodice                             Anne & Jack McNally
       Nick and Veronica Cardoza                           The Mishkin Family
       Carys                                               Craig Moseley
       Pat Cassidy                                         Andrew Moye
       John and Sandra Catley                              Nick the Grief
       Laura Catley                                        Fia Nilsson
       Emma Chadwick                                       Staff at Nuffield Health
       Kathleen Champ                                      Liam & Donna O’Connor
       Matt & Brenda Ciardiello                            Francine O’Donnell
       Claire                                              Kerri, Shervin and Hunter Oskouei
       Ros Combes                                          Judy & Dennis Paloucek
       Rick Conklin                                        Harshesh Patel
       Alexia Constantinou                                 Kinjal Patel
       Chris Cook                                          From the family of Mrs Vasantiben Dahyabhai Patel
       Jessica Dahlstrom                                   Steve Penny
       Jim & Connie Dalton                                 Bill & Cindy Peterson
       Antoine Ernault-Dairaine                            Eva Peverett (by Lin Roy)
       Julien and Keren Darmon                             Tiz & Dina Piscina
       Sarah Dauncey                                       Michael & Jennifer Poole
       Dave                                                Patty Posisson (by Lin Roy)
       David Day                                           Beth Provencher (by Lin Roy)
       Anna & Mark de Venecia                              Jo Riches
       Liz Diprose                                         Avril Robinson
       Dayle Dobson                                        Ross & Vivien
       Jane Durie                                          Stephane Rouquette
       The Fitzgerald Family                               Cathy Roy (by Lin Roy)
       Jon Fitzsimmons                                     Elaine Roy (by Lin Roy)
       Mike and Kristina Freisem                           Lin Roy
       Mary Ford & Zena Klein (by Phil & Joy Bannister)
       John Fordham                                        (continued on next page…)
C4C REPORT CARD                                                       PAGE 4

                                                (as of 1 June 2009)

       (…continued from prior page)

       Mary Roy (by Lin Roy)
       Susan Roy (by Lin Roy)
       Frank Rudd
       Sally & Jonny
       Sanliz BV
       Ben Shamash
       Nick Sealy
       Georgina Shorter
       Simon & Becky
       Greg Sirotek
       John Stallabrass
       Jayne Seaford
       Patrick Spencer
       Cliff Stevenson
       Nicola Taylor
       Martin & Nicky Thomas
       Charles Thompson
       Ken Thompson
       Gail Thomson
       Jason Treeby
       Danielle Tyler
       Kristyn & Jason Ulrich
       Sally Vaughn
       Martyn Vitty
       Toby Voss
       Kevin and Katie Walter
       Charles & Mary Walters
       Pat Wasser
       Watsons of Suffolk
       Western Golf/Evans Scholars (by Mike & Noelle Magluilo)
       James Woodburn
       Mark Worrell
       Joan Young
       Linda Zoeller (by Lin Roy)
C4C REPORT CARD                                                                    PAGE 5

                  Photo taken by Bill Peterson while visiting Siem Reap.

                  ABOUT C4C
                  Classrooms for Cambodia is a volunteer fundraising project
                  started in February 2009 by Mike and Noelle Magluilo. Our
                  objective is to raise $19,000 to help build a much-needed
                  school for kids in Cambodia. We are working in partnership
                  with two established charities in Cambodia, American
                  Assistance for Cambodia (a US-registered charity) and HOPE
                  Worldwide (a UK-registered charity).
                  WE NEED YOUR HELP: either through direct donations;
                  sponsoring or participating in various fundraising projects;
                  organizing your own fundraising event; or simply spreading the
                  word to your family, friends and colleagues.
                  We are putting our own money into this project and taking
                  nothing out, other than memories, new friendships and the
                  satisfaction of delivering our goal.
                  Please join us.

                    tel: 1 970 372 2209
                    facebook: Classrooms for Cambodia

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