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 Discover The 3 Secrets Millionaires Use to...

                          Become Debt Free
                       Explode Their Cash Flow
                          Retire Filthy Rich

                                  By Michael J. Koller




Read on to find out what average people from all walks of
life are doing right now, to become filthy rich and stay
filthy rich:

$ Eliminate your Debt $
$ Explode your Cash Flow $
$ Build an Explosive Retirement Account $

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                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS

       –   Introduction

        - 3 Secrets Millionaires Use to:

       1. Become Debt Free

       2. Explode Their Cash Flow

       3. Retire Filthy Rich

       –   Become Debt Free: How to eliminate your mortgage and all
           other debt in half the time or even less

       –   Explode Your Cash Flow: Internet Infopreneuring and creating
           Ongoing Residual Cash Flow

       - Retire Filthy Rich: Grow Your Wealth by Investing (Using a
       Unique Stock Option Trading Strategy)

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                            Hi. My name is Mike Koller. My son likes to imitate my face in that
                            picture, because he thinks his dad looks like a geek. He may be
                            surprised when he reads my will LOL.

                            So much thought has gone into coming up with what I wanted to
                            present and share with you in this FREE REPORT. This stuff is
                            taken from the 3 key chapters of my world famous book: 3 Secrets Of
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Not only does the full version get into more depth on these strategies, it’s over 105 pages of
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Some readers have included a link on their blogs or websites, emailed it to their lists or added
it to their E-Books as a FREE BONUS REPORT to add value to their offer. I am fine with all
of it. It all works. Everyone needs to know this stuff.

You'll also want to read all of the great articles I have on my blog:


 I’m not tooting my own horn here, but some of the posts are priceless and can teach
shortcuts on all aspects of entrepreneurialism, making and keeping more money and making
the best of your new found wealth.

My family has been so blessed through the past decade and a half and we have had the
opportunity to do things that most families never even dream about, because they have never
considered the possibilities that exist, for fear that they would only disappoint themselves.

Our ability to successfully create cash flow has been the ticket to provide us with this
wonderful life freedom. My wife and I got married in 1991 and have 4 amazing kids (2 boys
and 2 girls). As of this writing their ages range from 14 years old down to 9 years old. It is
wonderful that they have traveled all over on cruises and vacations and live in a big home and
all that, but more wonderful is the fact that my wife and I reached a serious level of financial
freedom as our first was born. This meant that both of us had the opportunity to be home and
job free since around the day our first was born.

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It is great to be rich, but most of the financially successful people I come in contact have to
choose between financial riches and time freedom. Do you agree? Most doctors, lawyers,
accountants and business owners make a lot of money, but they have little or no time
freedom. That is not right! What the heck?

I want to keep things real simple in this report. I want to teach you a few things that will help
you pay off your debt quicker and give you lots of income along with lots of free time to enjoy
the lifestyle. Does that sound good?

This stuff can work for anyone. I don’t care if you are rich and want to be richer or deeply in
debt and looking for a way out. So if you are a pessimist, shake your stinkin’ thinkin’ and
possibility think with me for the remainder of this report. When you finish this report, as you
will soon see, you will be armed with some absolutely unbelievable tools that give you a huge
edge and confidence in your future. Will you make this journey with me and if you must,
pretend until your belief catches up?

I am going to cover 3 extremely powerful processes to help you become debt free, with tons
of cash flow and long term wealth beyond your wildest expectations. I’m talking about money
that could make you a multi-millionaire in less than 5 years!! This money can continue to
grow. You won’t even be able to stop it. Go spend your time however you darn well please.
Does that sound good? Okay! Great! Let’s continue.

Why did I write 3 Secrets Of Millionaires and create this FREE REPORT? I have spent years
searching for (and paying to learn) usable strategies that could turn myself and you guys into
rich people…Time Rich and Money Rich! I know that the more I give…the more comes back.
I have experienced it so many times in my life. I want this word to get out and that is why I
am giving it away for free. Here are 3 killer ones that have had a huge impact on me and my
network of family, friends and associates!! Devour them, use them and share them!!

                             “With knowledge comes responsibility.”

Best wishes,
Mike Koller

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                                           From Chapter 1:

                               Become Debt Free
                     How to eliminate your mortgage and all
                     other debt in half the time or even less

Have you ever heard of the RULE OF 72? Albert Einstein is credited with this rule, describing
the power of compounding interest. He describes it this way, “It is the greatest mathematical
discovery of all time.”

The RULE OF 72 is the most simple, yet most important rule of financial success. Compound
interest is extremely powerful, but you’d better make sure that you are having it work for you
and not against you.

While some financial institutions want you to know about it so you can use it in your favor,
others want to keep you in the dark, so that they can compound their own financial success.

The RULE OF 72 is a simple equation that can tell you how long it will take to double your
money in any particular investment.

Unfortunately, the RULE OF 72 also tells you how long it will take for any debt you have to

Here is how it works. Simply take the number 72 and divide it by the percentage rate you are
either paying on your debt or earning on your investment account.

Let’s do 2 examples, first with debt and second with a savings account.

Example #1)
You borrow $10,000 from your parents to do home improvements and promise to pay the loan
back with 6% interest. Using the RULE OF 72 let’s figure out how long it will take for our debt
to Mom and Dad to double, if we never make a payment on it.

So, it will take 12 years for your $10,000 debt to your parents to double to $20,000 at an
interest rate of 6%.

Example #2)
You have a savings account with $10,000 that you have accumulated. It earns 3% interest.

So, it will take 24 years for your $10,000 savings account to double to $20,000 at an interest
rate of 3%.

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Now that is exciting, right? Wait until you see how many times money doubles using the
RULE OF 72. Now we will see how important it is for us to let our savings and investments
double as many times as possible, but let our debts double as little as possible.

Let me illustrate this point with a tricky question. Maybe you have heard this before.

Would you rather receive a one time gift of $1,000,000 or 1 penny doubled everyday for one
month or 30 days?

When I asked my kids this question they all answered that they would rather have $1,000,000
and that I could have the penny.

Here is what that penny looks like as it doubles 30 times:
1¢ … 2¢ … 4¢ … 8¢ … 16¢ … 32¢ … 64¢ … $1.28 … $2.56 … $5.12 … $10.24 …
$20.48 … $40.96 … $81.92 … $163.84 … $327.68 … $655.36 … $1,310.72 … $2,621.44 …
$5,242.88 … $10,485.76 … $20,971.52 … $41,943.04 … $83,886.08 … $167,772.16 …
$335,544.32 … $671,088.64 … 1,342,177.20 … $2,684,354.40 … $5,368,708.80 …

One Penny doubled 30 times (once everyday of the month) will give you a total of a whopping
$10,737,417.00 or almost 11 million versus choice number 1 of $1,000,000.

See how it becomes huge the more times your money doubles? The biggest benefit comes
later on and so it is hard to even view that penny as having any value, starting out so small.

I love this quote from Baron de Rothschild. When asked if he could name the 7 wonders of
the world, he replied, “I cannot, but I know that the eighth wonder of the world is compound

Can you see how important it is to get more return on your investments and pay off your
debts, especially your high interest debts as quickly as possible?

We must attempt to earn a higher percentage return on our investments and pay a lower
percentage interest rate on our debts. Credit cards are ridiculously high and yet many of us
carry high balances.

For most of us, our biggest loan is our mortgage. The banks are killing us by using the RULE
OF 72 in their favor and against us. Over the course of our loan they will watch their accounts
grow exponentially as we pay a tiny amount against our principle each month and a huge
amount of interest to them. What is the solution?

Pay That Mortgage Off FAST!

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What would you do if you no longer had a mortgage payment?

•      Take more vacations?
•      Purchase investment properties?
•      Start your own business?
•      Retire?

Through an innovative program called the Money Merge Account™, homeowners across the
nation are paying off their mortgages in a fraction of the time, without refinancing their existing
mortgage and with little or no lifestyle changes.

Many families using this strategy are on track to pay off their mortgage in less than half the
time and some in as little as one third the scheduled times. This means that many
homeowners with a traditional 30-year mortgage are on track to become mortgage free after
only 8 to 11 years.

This strategy can help you pay down your mortgage, with no day-to-day financial impact. It
can help you eliminate debt and potentially save you thousands or even hundreds of
thousands in interest.

It is an interest-reducing program that combines innovative software with banking systems
which have been around for decades, to provide homeowners with the tools necessary, to
achieve the greatest time and interest savings imaginable.

Would utilizing something like this put the RULE OF 72 more in your favor and less in the
favor of your mortgage company or bank or credit card company? You’d better believe it.

               Here is a link with more information as well as video examples:

Once at the site, you will also have the opportunity to enter an application online and receive
back a complete free analysis revealing how many years it will take you to pay off your
mortgage and how much money you will have saved in interest payments that would have
gone to your mortgage company, but instead are dollars that you will have the opportunity to
put to work in your favor and watch it compound. Does this sound exciting? It probably
sounds too good to be true, right? All I can say is you are smart enough to be the judge.
Check it out.

This system is different and much more powerful than tools you may have heard about, like
money towards your principle, because it utilizes a few unique banking techniques in your
favor instead of in the bank’s favor. It is a Web-based system providing software, service and
financial tools that help homeowners monitor, manage and pay off their mortgages and other
consumer debt faster and more efficiently than most can do on their own.

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With the Money Merge Account™, homeowners are able to cancel out interest on their
mortgage, with the money they normally deposit in their checking and/or savings account. It
is a 100% secure, 128-bit encrypted, web-based system which allows you to monitor your
account and interest savings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With the Money Merge Account™, the only thing you have to lose is your mortgage.

MMA 3 Components: 1) An Existing First Mortgage 2) Advanced Line Of Credit or ALOC
This is your interest cancellation account. This loan must be an open ended loan which bases
the interest calculation on the daily balance by using a daily periodic interest rate, rather than
the month-end balance like your first mortgage uses. The HELOC allows you to use all of
your money and income for a given period of time, until it is needed to pay your monthly
expenses. This maximizes your money power and reduces the banks ability to earn interest
on your money. 3) The Money Merge Account™ System Software. This is your financial
dashboard; unfortunately most homeowners are driving their financial lives with no
dashboard. It is also your expense planner and online account register. It will help you
maximize your money performance and takes only 10 minutes per month to update. The
software makes a connection between your bank account, your HELOC and your primary

You can get everything at the web site, including online videos and your own personal

Let me just show you an example:
Here is an example using a $200,000 Mortgage Balance:

$200,000       Principal Loan Amount
        6%     Interest
$    1,199     Monthly Payment
X     360      Months (30-year loan)
$231,677       Total Interest Paid on top of principal

If this homeowner made every single payment on time, with no additional money applied to
principal, she would pay a total of $431,677. Starting with an original principal balance of
$200,000, if the homeowner follows the original 30-year payment schedule, she would pay
back $231,677 in interest alone to the mortgage company.

What if the homeowner added $5,000 to the first payment of $1,199 for a total first payment in
the amount of $6,199? She did not refinance or make any changes to her contract with the
mortgage company. What happened is she altered the starting principal from $200,000 to
$195,000 by applying extra money toward the principal.

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How has this affected the 30 year mortgage?

Well, first of all it has reduced the number of payments from 360 to 337.

It has also reduced the amount of interest she will pay to the mortgage company from
$231,677 to $203,373 for a total interest savings of $28,304.

The extra $5,000 principal contribution has effectively canceled $23,304 if you subtract the
$5,000 contributed.

Conventional banking wisdom teaches us that there are only two ways to accelerate the
payoff of a primary mortgage and pay less money in interest charges. 1) Apply additional
money to your minimum monthly payment or 2) Refinance at a lower interest rate.

This all sounds great in theory, but there is a dilemma. Most homeowners do not have that
additional money to apply toward their minimum monthly payment. Enter the Money Merge

As you will see, when you go to the web site and explore the Money Merge Account™ and do
your analysis, another beauty of this system is that if you have money left over each month, it
will provide much more financial impact than if it was sitting in a checking account or low
interest savings account. And the Home Equity Line does not need to be a large one, either.

What Bill Gates accomplished for home computer users by taking the primitive DOS and
creating the point and click, user-friendly Windows, the MMA Software has achieved with
Debt Elimination.

The Money Merge™ Account has combined the complexity of financial systems that have
been on the market for decades with user-friendly point and click operation.

The only thing the system wants to know is how much money is coming into the Home Equity
Line and how much is going out. Once it has this information it tells you exactly when and
how much to pay to the principal of your primary mortgage. If your income either increases or
decreases, your software will adjust everything accordingly. The Money Merge Account™
utilizes banking principles that are accepted by most banks across the nation, however now
you have the necessary tools to use your money to reduce interest you pay out, instead of the
bank using your money to earn interest. This is the primary reason you won’t see your bank
offering a program like this.

The Money Merge™ Account system makes it possible to conquer your mountain of debt, by
taking small steps to achieve debt elimination. It is unique because it allows you to focus on a
short-term goal using a daily reinforcement of your progress towards financial independence.

Don’t just buy your home – own it!

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The Money Merge™ Account makes you the bank. It is all about the liquidation of debt, the
cancellation of interest and making opportunities available to you and your family that you
never thought possible.

It’s about the accumulation of wealth, giving back, and teaching others about this great tool
that is changing the financial landscape of America.

Through the power of the Money Merge™ Account system, you can become free from the
bondage of debt.

Once again, here is the link: http://www.payoffyourmortgageinhalfthetime.com

                 Feel free to email me any questions you may have. I use it:

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                                          From Chapter 2:

                        Explode Your Cash Flow -
          Internet Infopreneuring and ongoing residual income

When I started in my trek to becoming a millionaire I learned about all kinds of stuff.

•      900 numbers
•      envelope stuffing
•      real estate programs
•      government auctions
•      importing/exporting
•      pyramid schemes
•      freezer food sales
•      knife sales
•      all kinds of sales
•      catalogs
•      chain letters
•      cold calling and telemarketing
•      insurance programs
•      party plans
•      fundraising
•      vending machines
•      franchises

I could continue, but my point is that I looked a ton of stuff hoping to find something. I also
got involved in some of them and worked them part-time and wasted some good money
investing in ones that did not work for me. You must have done some of these deals or other
things in your own quest. Have you?

One book I bought was very candid and revealed an already obvious point I had not yet
considered. And here it is.

Most of the people whose advertisements many of us respond to are really making their
money selling you the information.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that the systems or businesses they outline and
teach in their information you buy is not real or that you can’t make money following their
instructions, but there is a lot of money made selling information. I have learned some pretty
powerful ideas from programs I have paid money for. I gladly buy more stuff even today,
because I believe that there are better ways and that others have figured them out and are
willing to teach them for a small (and sometimes large) fee. The deal is this: The business of

3 Secrets Of Millionaires - Copyright © 2010 by MJK Enterprises, Inc.
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selling information can be extremely profitable and people all over the world will happily buy
information that can teach them ways to improve their lives, become healthier, live longer,
train their pets, fix up their property, buy antiques, use a computer, learn a foreign language,
cook, travel for less, beat the casinos, make money using all kinds of programs and more.
The internet has made it easy for people to make tons of money selling niche information on
all types of stuff. Information is valuable and cheap to produce. There is a huge market for it
and consumers scoop it up and are willingly and pay money for it. I knew this to be true,
because I personally bought a lot of information in my quest.

Selling info helped me make my first million. I sold over 200,000 books teaching people
money-making techniques and created a mastermind group of like-minded successful people
from all around the globe. I decided to take some of my profits to start a few more streams of
income, so that this freedom would remain for years and years to come, so I would never
again have to go to work and trade my time for someone else’s money.

Believe it or not, I joined a pyramid scheme

I wanted to make this stuff more than a one time purchase and more of an ongoing
permanent residual income. I toyed around with a whole bunch of stuff, but when all was said
and done, I ended up finding a good network marketing company that marketed a unique line
of consumable nutritional products that really worked. It had to be consumable, so customers
would consume their monthly order and be ready for the next months order, without building
up a bunch of unconsumed inventory.

I jokingly call it a pyramid scheme, because people who don’t understand network marketing
usually call it that. I know I did in the beginning when it was not working for me. I never had
success before with MLM or network marketing or pyramid schemes or whatever you want to
call it, I took off my skeptical hat once again, did my homework and saw the logic in this
program and knew my readers would, too. They did and my wife and I earned over a million
dollars with that program too. As a matter of fact it still pays us a sweet weekly income to this
day and I see no end to it, since it also pays sweet income to a bunch of the people we
introduced it to. Do you see why some people call it Referral Marketing? All we did was
expose it (or refer it) to a huge number of people and many took advantage of it and shared it
with others who did the same. I believe that the reason many people have a negative attitude
towards network marketing, is because most people don’t know how to do it right. They
bother their friends and relatives and try to convince people who are not interested, to join
their deal. They never get things going and end up spending more money then they make
and so eventually they quit, with a sour taste in their mouth.

Here is the secret. If you want to build a serious network marketing residual, on-going,
income, you need to have a system that keeps INTERESTED prospective customers and
distributors calling you and your teammates each and every day or visiting your web sites,
searching for information on your deal. I can show you how to create an internet presence
that will bring you all the prospects you ever need. How would you like people arriving at your
site and calling you and your teammates to sign up in your deal each and every day?

3 Secrets Of Millionaires - Copyright © 2010 by MJK Enterprises, Inc.
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I don't care what type of business you are marketing, whether it is network marketing, affiliate
marketing, online sales or offline sales, real estate or traditional brick and mortar. If you are in
business and you want that business to make a lot of money, your online strategies need to
be killer. I have you covered. My partners and I have created the most powerful online
marketing sale funnel software on the planet for you and the best part is that it is very
reasonably priced. I have looked at all of them and this is the only one with total self-
syndication capabilities that an average person can setup and afford. We also have complete
training and weekly webinars. Because of this, I happily put my name behind this program.
Check out the capabilities it can give you to take your business to the next level:

By the way, as far as choosing the right network marketing company, you'd better be with a
company that creates excellent presentation tools that successfully explain why the
opportunity and products you are presenting are unique and exciting. They need to provide
reasonably priced CDs, DVDs, brochures and web pages.

I am not trying to sway you towards my company, but check out this web site my company
has made available to its distributor base and you will see a good example of what I think
works. http://www.sixfiguremakers.com I send prospects there first and then to my
normal replicated company web site: http://www.iegwealth.com

See how these get the prospect excited and provide answers to any diverse questions they
may have? Just by browsing these two sites and clicking on different buttons, they can learn
all about the products, comp plan, famous testimonials, credibility points, interviews with other
successful guys and gals, etc….

All my team has to do is put a prospecting machine in place. As I mentioned above my
team's sales funnel and leads are created with nice lead capture pages, specific online
marketing techniques using Google PPC, Social Marketing, Video Marketing, email follow-up
and a few other tricks that you can learn about at: http://www.TheMentoredMind.com We
can show you how to successfully bring in numbers of interested prospects and get those
prospects to visit your sites and browse around. No more talking people into doing something
they have no interest in. These tools do a HUGE amount of our work for us. They attract the
prospects, present, qualify our audience and practically ensure proper duplication of effort.

Successful network marketing is about duplication of efforts and multiplication of numbers.
The average distributor simply cannot successfully verbally communicate the bigness of a
good opportunity. Besides, the credibility is easier to create in a professional presentation
and most importantly, humans simply do not have the ability to keep things simple enough to
pique their prospect’s interest without avoiding the urge to verbally throw up all over them.
We can’t drop the bait and SHUT UP! That is what we need to do, though.

People will not join you if you bore them with too much info. It is a very fine line. You must
find a need (more free time, more money etc…), create the possibility that a solution you

3 Secrets Of Millionaires - Copyright © 2010 by MJK Enterprises, Inc.
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know about may exist and get them to a good and complete professional presentation in the
form of a web site, DVD or meeting in your area or on the web.

We can teach you how to be the HUNTED, instead of being the HUNTER. My team simply
attracts prospects and then we spoon feed them a complete and automatic presentation.
Then when we follow up we can take the pressure off by saying,

“Hey Jane, it sounds like you need more free time. I don’t know if this will be the solution to
your issues, but it has certainly solved a ton of mine. Go check out this web site and see
what you think. http://www.sixfiguremakers.com then visit: http://www.iegwealth.com I
work with the highest paid group in the company and I would be glad to introduce you to the
training plan and the teachers. It may be exactly what you are looking for…a way to capture
more free time in your life?”

Then it is just a numbers game with the odds of success highly in your favor, since your
prospect was attracted to you instead of you begging them and they probably have already
done most of their homework already and are honored to talk with you. Sounds good?

I agree with Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and all the other rich dudes who
suggest that every family should be signed up in a good network or referral marketing
company. There are so many reasons for this.

The great J. Paul Getty put it this way when being interviewed about keys to creating wealth,
“I would rather have 1% or 100 men’s efforts, than 100% of my own efforts.” Network
Marketing allows the average person to harness the efforts of masses of people all doing a
little bit. This can add up to serious leverage in creating cash flow.

We refer anyway, so why not get paid for our referring. The investment is small, the tax
benefits are great, anyone can do it and referring for profit is the way of the future.

Heck, the company does everything for you, including shipping products, keeping all the
inventory, buying and managing the expensive computer systems that track your
organization’s activity and pay you on it, introducing your members to new products and
encouraging them to buy more, helping to train your distributors and you name it, they do it for
you. All you have to do is choose the right company and be a master at spreading the word
and finding others who want to do the same thing. It is really like a big fishing expedition.

To be successful you need a system which attracts a large number of prospective customers
and distributors. This is like a huge net in the water that will catch a ton of fish. Some of
them you will throw back and some of them will not even make it onto the boat, but because
your net is so big and you are dealing with large numbers, you will take home enough to set
you up big time. This is a better way to fish than dropping one line in the water hoping you
catch a huge fish. TheMentoredMind.com can help you with all of the componants of that

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Without an effective system, you will hate it and so will the people you sign up on your team.
Without an effective system, you will be very weak in attracting others, because you really
have no plan to help them see a light at the end of the tunnel and get excited, because the
can see how and why they will succeed. Your growth will be stunted.

Many of the newer companies have easier compensation plans that require the distributor to
help as little as 2 teams to succeed to earn pretty serious income. These are nice, because
they encourage synergy and excitement because your upline sponsors can put their new
signups on your team so you can experience some extra leverage by having some of their
downline in your downline and income stream.

Some of the others are impossible if you are not the first ones in. They want you to put
everybody on your front line and build 8 or 9 front level teams. Forget it. Too many people
end up quitting and if your team is not earning money pretty soon, neither will you. At least
that is how I feel.

I would rather be involved with a pay plan where a lot of people make money and can win, so
they stay for years and years and happily consume their product each and every month and
buy more and refer others and the whole thing keeps rolling, instead of a plan where a few
guys at the top make all the money. These plans are destined to fail eventually, because the
majority of those who have signed up can’t make it so they quit. If most people quit it is a
natural fact that pretty soon your income will dry up, right?

I am not here to try to sell you into network marketing or get you to join my deal, but that is
how I feel about it and how powerful it can be for many entrepreneurs as an additional source
of income with powerful potential. It has been a million dollar residual business for us.
Residual income is powerful, just like an annuity, because it pays you a pretty consistent,
ongoing income, so you can do other things.

Feel free to send me an email if you want to learn about Network Marketing plans that work or
don’t work in my opinion or proven ways to build your network in the company you are already
with. I have done it and am still doing it and I’m glad to share my methods with my readers.
And get on over to: http://www.TheMentoredMind.com and see how to fire up your network
marketing business with killer online marketing techniques.

Here is my email address once again: Mike@3SecretsofMillionaires.com

                     How I can help you succeed with your own
               Internet Infopreneuring (Information Selling) Business

When I started selling information everything was by mail. That was the dinosaur age and

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before I found: http://www.TheMentoredMind.com and learned about online marketing
strategies. There will be a few key modifications, because technology has made it even
easier than it was for me back then. Heck, if you decide to implement the stuff I am about to
teach you, your job will be soo much easier than it was for me when I embarked on this
money making journey. Most of my stuff was offline, with the mail. We can show you how to
do everything online at TheMentoredMind.com. This is powerful and there are no geographic
boundaries online, so you have a worldwide market.

So, what are your options? You can write and market your own book or sell someone else’s.
Or you can have a ghostwriter write your book for you for a fee. This is a good method, but
you will still need to figure out a way to distribute and market it. You will need to design (or
pay someone else) to design a web site for you, with a shopping cart, so customers can buy it

An easy alternative to writing and selling your own book for profit...

       • If you just don’t know how to go about creating and selling your own book, what if all
       of this were already done for you?

       • What if the web site explaining why it is worth it for customers to buy it, was already
       up and all you had to do was get people to it?

       • What if your prospective customers could pay for and order the book right from this
       web site and you would receive the full price they paid for it, in the form of cold hard
       cash deposited into your paypal account?

       • What if you found a book with great information that a ton of prospective readers
       would be interested in, to sell from this web site?

       • Would that simplify things a bit and get you excited?

The biggest question I always received time and time again when I was selling a ton of books
through direct mail was, “I can’t write a sales letter or book. Can you help me and just let me
sell your book?”

I would like to offer you the opportunity to simply refer people to my web site as my affiliate
and if and when they buy, I will pay you the full $9.97 purchase price as your fee or

This will allow you to follow the exact same formula for success which I am currently
implementing. All you will need to do is use your imagination, develop your strategy and use
a few creative marketing steps to create a buzz (using your own stuff and the instructions in
this book as a guide and the information at: http://www.TheMentoredMind.com) to drive
prospective customers to my web site, which will do all of the selling for you. I will collect the
money on my website and pay you the same fee they pay me, $9.97 per sale. I won’t keep

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any of it.

Now you are on your way and you have eliminated a few of the hardest and most expensive
steps in one of the great businesses, infopreneuring. I will do most of the work for you. And
pay you for each sale.

Your customers will simply download a printable document from an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.
Here is the plan

1. Go to: http://GoDaddy.com and reserve yourself a creative web site name (URL). It only
costs around $10 per year. Use your imagination. The name I selected was:
http://www.3secretsofmillionaires.com Toy around with similar names or figure out something
completely different. Try for names like: http://www.InternetRiches.com. You can even just
use your name in front of .com if you’d like.

2. Click on this link: http://www.3secretsofmillionaires.com/affiliates.html for affiliate
instructions. I have made it so simple. Basically all you need to do to start earning is add
your paypal email address to the end of my web address. This will tell paypal to pay you on
the sales you generate, instead of me. The link will look similar to this:


3. Forward your GoDaddy web site to the site address I email you. (You can skip the
GoDaddy idea if you want and just use the tagged web address I email you when you sign up
as an affiliate, but I believe your response will be better if you send people to a simple site
ending with .com. Plus it is easier for people to remember the name of your web site if it is
short and sweet.) To forward your new GoDaddy site to your affiliate tagged web site, log into
GoDaddy, enter your user name and password (which you will get when you buy your web
address) and go to the setup page where it asks you if you want to forward your new web site
to a different URL address. Or, just call GoDaddy.com and have customer service set this up
for you.

4. Send a boat load of prospective buyers to your new web site! Tell everyone you know
about the 3 secrets outlined in this eBook and advertise it online or offline. I will cover some
marketing ideas below, which will help you drive prospective eBook buyers to your web site.

5. Watch $9.97 flow into your bank account again and again and again.

Marketing Ideas

By the way, let me say this right now, don’t think my book is your only option. There are a ton
of E-Books out there you can sell for profit. If you like mine because you can relate to the 3
powerful principles I share, sell it. You will do better if you stand behind something you

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believe in. If you find something else you like better, sell that one. It really does not matter.
Just find something to sell. This infopreneuring for profit idea has been a HUGE wealth
creator for me. My whole point in offering my book to you as a product is to make your life
easier and eliminate a whole bunch of risk on your part. Getting started with my book is
easier than most of the affiliate programs, since all you need is a pay pal account. I won’t
hate you if you take these ideas and sell other stuff. Do it up!

A Few Free Online and Offline Marketing Ideas

Take advantage of methods to receive free publicity. Publicity is making something known to
the general public on a local, state or national level. Almost everybody uses publicity.
Politicians do. Celebrities do. All kinds of businesses do.

Local, State or National Press Releases – Write a short press release, describing the 3
Secrets book. Contact the local, state or national papers of your choice and request that they
put your press release in their next issue. Don’t forget to mention your web site address, so
readers can visit to order.

TIP: When sending your press release to a local newspaper, send it to the “Features Editor”.
When you write your press release, write it is such a way that it appears to educate the
readers about our book and it’s lessons. The best way to achieve this is to write it in 3rd
person, as if you are a reporter. Keep the release fast paced, useful, newsworthy and
interesting. Get ideas by reading other press releases.

Internet Article Writing and Submitting – Similar to writing press releases, you can write
articles for submission on the internet. Your voice has to come through as a person with
knowledge in the field you are writing your article about. Include a link to your web site,
several times throughout your article, so the reader can visit your site. Also, keep your
articles general and packed with great suggestions, so they don’t come across as
solicitations. This way you will get better distribution, because your article provides
information which is valuable to many readers and not just a sales pitch.

There are also, “Article Submission Sites” online, which are sites that distribute your article to
hundreds of other web sites for them to share. Some of these sites are free and some will
charge a fee to distribute your article. The more valuable articles you right, the better
reputation you build. Readers will wait for your next article and arrive at your web site upon
doing searches. Articles offer a great method for wide distribution of you, your information
and your web site address link online. Pepper them with INTERNET KEYWORDS. This way
when you submit them, the search engines will pick your articles up and rank them using
some of the keywords and phrases you have selected.

• Business Cards – Print cards with a short one or two sentence headline, similar to the
postcard example I share in the coming pages and suggest that the person reading it visits
your web site. Leave them all over the place.

3 Secrets Of Millionaires - Copyright © 2010 by MJK Enterprises, Inc.
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• Flyers – Put together a simple 8 ½ X 11 flyer with little tear off tabs on the bottom with your
web address on it and distribute them.

• Word of Mouth – Tell everyone about your discovery. Don’t only tell them and send them to
your web site, but ask them if they have any suggestions on how to get the word out about
the book in a big way. I have learned so much from simply asking others if they had any
ideas regarding ways for me to succeed in my quest.

Reasonably Priced Online Marketing Ideas

Some of you have a decent online knowledge and presence and others don't. No matter
where you are with your online strategies, online marketing can be amazing and explosive to
your business if done right. My team of experts has invested over $100,000 to develop the
most comprehensive online marketing platform on the planet. I am going to touch on some of
the strategies below. We can show you how to create an online presence and then how to
market your business completely online, implementing all of the latest cutting edge strategies
that the big boys use to make millions. Browse our site and see what I mean:

• Lead Capture, List Building, Email Marketing – Building a list of email addresses is the
main task you must master to thrive marketing your business. Your list is your most valuable
asset. By the way, make sure you have their permission to email them from time to time and
give them a link in the email message to unsubscribe if they do not want to hear from you in
the future and you will be fine. As you build your list you can stay in touch with all of your
subscribers, emailing them messages with your links and information and anything else you
want to share with them. There are even programs you can use called auto-responders.
Auto-responders allow you to create 10 or 15 (or more if you want) email messages and
merge them with your email database.

By merging the list with your letters, the program will automatically personalize each email
message (Dear John,). You can time the messages to arrive every other day, for example.
You can also create a “squeeze page” or “lead capture page”, which is simply a web page that
creates interest and then offers the reader the opportunity to enter their name and email
address onto your form to receive more information. Once they enter their contact
information, they automatically get dropped onto your email auto-responder list. They will
then automatically start receiving your scheduled 10 or 15 personalized messages.

Auto-responder programs are cheap and offer a great way to help you automate your follow-
up efforts, by tickling your list with a series of solicitations. The most well known and reliable
Auto Responder Program in my experience is AWeber. You can subscribe for under $20 per
month and since the company will be in business for years and years, your data is safe there.
For under $20 per month they give you unlimited use, so you can create as many automatic
email campaigns as you want. To learn more, go to Aweber.com.

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• Internet Forums – Many web sites offer forums focusing on specific topics on all kinds of
issues. These are a little more formal than a typical chat room, with rules of etiquette. They
are also usually free to get involved in and simply require you to sign up and choose a user
nickname. These internet forums offer you an opportunity to build a reputation for yourself as
someone with good ideas and something important to say. You can even include a link in the
signature of your posts.

• Internet Traffic and Link Exchanges – Traffic exchanges give you a way to generate traffic
to your web site while helping others do the same thing. Simply Google the words “Traffic
Exchange”. There are a ton of traffic exchanges you can join. You earn credits for future
traffic to your web site by simply searching and clicking on the banners of other participating
sites in the exchange. Other participants also earn credits to get traffic their sites by checking
out your site. You want to find exchanges that have proven their ability to send the right kind
of interested prospects (interested in what you are offering) to your site. Most exchanges
offer free sign up, so you can test it out for a trial period. If you are happy with the results,
you can pay a monthly fee to stay onboard.

Link Exchanges work too. A link exchange is when you agree to put someone else’s banner
or link on your web site and they reciprocate by putting yours on their site. Be careful,
because link exchanges also take the reader away from your site and distract them, but again
this is yet another method for generating free traffic and possible sales.

• Ezines – Ezines are online magazines sent out to a list of subscribers through email and
available on a web site, usually. Ezines are usually focused on a particular area of interest.
You want to find a few that will attract your type of buyer. This way you are targeting your
market. You can do an internet search for Ezines, by searching for the keywords “Ezines”
and “Home-based Businesses” or “Money-making”. This will focus your efforts on internet
publications with readers who are interested in money-making programs. Also, consider
doing your own Ezine to communicate with your growing email database. The problem is that
this route can become fairly labor intensive.

• Pay Per Click – Pay Per Click (PPC) is when you advertise through Google or Yahoo or
other search engines. You pay cents or dollars each time someone clicks on your adTry a
Google search. If you search for “carpet cleaning products” for example, you will see a list of
all kinds of web sites populate on the left, associated with carpet cleaning products. These
are called organic results and the owners of those web sites did not pay for you to arrive at
their site. The list on the right side is a list of Pay Per Click advertisers, who set up an
account, selected keywords and are paying per click for people searching for carpet cleaning
products to arrive at their ad. The more popular the search term the more competition there
is and the more the advertiser pays per click. Pay Per Click advertising is one of, if not the
most powerful and effective method to advertise on the web, but it is very complex and there
is a learning curve. Please do your homework or you can blow some cash doing PPC

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• Social Marketing – It is worth setting up your own accounts on sites like Facebook, My
Space, Twitter, YouTube, Better Networker, Plaxo and Linked In. The trick is to build your
friends list, so that when you want to communicate with your list, you can blast a nice
message and reach hundreds or even thousands of people. You just have to be careful not to
spam people on your list. Instead post posts of value, so people don't decide that you are just
trying to use these social sites to take people's money. You can also join lists and groups that
share similar interests. We cover several very powerful methods of social marketing on
thementoredminds.com web site.

• Video Marketing – This method is huge. I think after PPC, this is probably the most
powerful marketing method online. Keep it simple. Go set up your own youtube channel and
start posting videos. You can also select keywords and write descriptions, so you are found,
especially by the the search engines. We cover several very powerful methods on video
marketing on thementoredminds.com web site.

• Web Logs (Blogs) - Blogs are an excellent way to generate traffic. By creating a blog using
a program such as Word Press, you can make new posts every day, every few days or
whatever. You can pack your articles with keywords and phrases for the search engines to
pick up. This will move you higher in ranking in the search engines. The nice thing about
blogs is that each time you post a new article the search engines tell the world about you all
over again.

Also, you are creating an audience of readers who will come back to your site often, once
they decide your articles are of value to them. Plus, others will post your articles to their sites
and blogs, so your exposure will increase even more. Blogs will increase your exposure
tenfold. You can post a link for people to buy your E-Books right from your high traffic blog.
This way you are creating free traffic which would cost thousands of dollars to generate using
traditional advertising methods.

Please visit: http://www.TheMentoredMind.com we have hours of training on PPC, Social
Marketing, Video Marketing and Blogging techniques and strategies, and we do ongoing
webinars on these powerful online marketing topics.

Direct Mail
One way to create interest and generate traffic to your web site and sell a lot of things is
through direct mail. The problem is that postage just keeps getting more and more expensive
per mail piece. This become exponential, because every time postage goes up, each piece
of mail you send out goes up in price. This means your expenses can go up in a big way,
especially if you are mailing in the tens of thousands. If you are going to use direct mail to get
sales, my suggestion is to use postcards instead of letters. They are easier to produce and
postage is cheaper. First class postage for a typical letter is at least 44¢ (as of the date this
book is being written). This means that you are looking at spending at least $440.00 in
postage alone per 1,000 direct mail letters sent. First class postage for a postcard is at least
28¢, so $280.00 per thousand postcards. So, that is a bit more affordable.

3 Secrets Of Millionaires - Copyright © 2010 by MJK Enterprises, Inc.
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Be careful renting mailing lists. This is the death of many mailing campaigns. You can have a
great ad, but if you mail it to the wrong mailing list it will fail to generate enough response for
you to break even. You can even have a crappy ad, but if you mail it to a great mailing list,
you can kick butt. Do not use the cheap, cheap list companies that you see advertised.
These lists tend to be old (so addresses on it are no longer valid), overused and simply the
wrong market.

In my opinion and experience, whenever you try to sell something, the best list is a list of
people who are actual buyers of similar products. This is really the only way you have a
proven buyer who may buy a similar product to what they bought before, again.

Let me refer you to my list broker. I have been with them for over 16 years. They are the only
ones I trust.

Here is their contact information:

Macromark, Inc.
185 Route 312, Suite 303
Brewster, NY 10509
(845) 230-6300

I deal with Steven Keats over there. Feel free to ask for him when you call and make sure to
tell him who you are. I have asked him to take good care of my team.

Here is an example postcard I designed. I put a beach house graphic behind the text and it
looks great. Feel free to copy it or do something similar in your promotions...

3 Secrets Millionaires Use To:

• Become Debt Free
• Explode Their Cash Flow
• Retire Filthy Rich

Order Today From our Secure
Web Site For Only $9.97
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Classified Ads
Classified Ads While this method is not my favorite, it is a cheaper option. With this program
you could write a real short ad like this:

3 Secrets Of Millionaires - Copyright © 2010 by MJK Enterprises, Inc.
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3 Secrets Millionaires Use
This Book will Blow you Away.
To order, visit:

Classified ads can be run in local newspapers or national newspapers (like USA Today) and
magazines. Put your ads in the magazines in your local book store on the opportunity rack.
Check out the ads in there already and copy success! Just be a bit different so you don’t get
into copyright problems. Test several different ads, until you find one that brings in more
orders than the rest. Go with the one that draws the most response. Once you find the
winner, you can simply run it in every city in the country. If it works in one paper or magazine,
it will probably work in the others.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Programs or Associate Programs Affiliate or Associate Programs are when you recruit
the efforts of other online marketers to sell your stuff or sell their stuff. Affiliate or Associate
marketing employs the same principle as network marketing, but does not incorporate an
ongoing, multi-level compensation around it.

Just the same, being paid for referring buyers to something of value is a very powerful, low
risk earning opportunity. As an affiliate you simply refer and collect. To become an affiliate is
free and easy. All you have to do is refer, refer, refer.

Clickbank is a wonderful resource. You can buy information on anything and everything and
get more ideas to use to promote your infopreneuring business. I have bought so many
things there and so should you. Invest in your education. It will pay dividends. To check out
the Clickbank Marketplace and all of the information products they sell, click on this link:

In wrapping up this section...

Building your own Mailing List - all of these methods mentioned above, paid or free, serve the
purpose of helping you to create and grow your own mailing list database. If you talk to any
marketing millionaires, they will tell you that their most valuable asset is their database. Make
sure you are building your list always and keep a database. You can even automate your
follow up efforts by using an Auto Responder Program.

Become creative and work within your budget and soon enough, you will have a marketing
machine working for you around the clock to make you money.

I can help you market your business online in a big way. Come learn about the cutting edge
of online marketing:

3 Secrets Of Millionaires - Copyright © 2010 by MJK Enterprises, Inc.
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                                          From Chapter 3

             Retire Filthy Rich: Grow Your Wealth by Investing
              (Using a Unique Stock Option Trading Strategy)

         “Poor and middle class people work for money. Rich people have their
                      money working for them.” Robert Kiyosaki

That is what this chapter is all about.

After hitting my first home run I wanted to have that money double itself and earn more and
more money until one day my money was working so hard that I could never even compete
with its power. I figured that that would be true financial freedom.

That began an exciting, but challenging educational journey. I say challenging, because
guess what year it was? It was 1998, right before the internet and stock market crash. I
know a lot of people lost a ton of money, because for a few years you could throw a dart at
the board and buy that stock and win for the most part. Every thing was rallying before that
crash. They called it irrational exuberance. And that turned out to be totally accurate.

I made some great money with my investments, but then lost it all and a few dollars more.
What a rude awakening. I admit, some of my losses were due to greed, but it hurt. I had to
find an investment strategy that would earn above average returns so that I could double my
money often according to The Rule of 72, but diminish the risk to the point where I wasn’t
staying awake worrying about losing my principle. This way I could focus on increasing and
maintaining my cash flow to increase my savings to grow my retirement nest egg so I could
retire filthy rich and relax and enjoy life. I turned over many rocks until I found:

It is a stock option strategy that enjoys manageable risk, but can achieve pretty serious and
consistent returns.

CALENDAR SPREADS Calendar spreads benefit buy collecting option premiums that
hopefully expire month after month. When this happens, you get to keep the premiums.
These spreads are also sometimes called HORIZONTAL or TIME spreads. Calendar
Spreads work particularly well with stocks that trend sideways. In a calendar spread we buy a
long term option (LEAPS) on a particular stock as collateral and then sell a short term option
on that same stock.

3 Secrets Of Millionaires - Copyright © 2010 by MJK Enterprises, Inc.
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We use a long term option (LEAPS) with as much as 2 years before expiration as our
underlying asset for collateral. LEAPS stands for Long-Term Equity AnticiPation Securities. It
is a fancy name for options that have months and months before they expire. Then sell a
shorter term option to hopefully keep the premium we collected less than 45 days from now.
Buying LEAPS allows you to use leverage. You can own a larger share, since they cost less
than buying the actual stock. This is why we use LEAPS in our Calendar Spreads. You can
use this strategy in your IRA as well. I LOVE THIS STRATEGY FOR TRADING YOUR IRA or
Corporate Retirement Account!!

I believe that if you look further into this method of investing you will feel you have certainly
stumbled upon a huge secret that you can use to grow your money at a faster rate than you
would grow it in mutual funds or your 401K or similar investments.

In my opinion this is the only book you will need to harness the power of the strategy. The
author makes a brave claim. He calls his strategy the 36% Solution. Imagine what your
retirement account would look like if it grew at a rate of 36% per year.

In my full book 3 Secrets of Millionaires I show a few EXPLOSIVE NEST EGG spreadsheets
that will blow you away, one more aggressive than the other. There is no reason why
anybody implementing a reasonable but disciplined savings program shouldn’t retire with
millions! These examples will show you visually what your money looks like as it doubles and
triples. Simply amazing!!

Be Self-Employed - By the way, I recommend that as you build your business as outlined in
Chapter 2 (or any other business you own), you pay to have your business setup properly, as
a proprietorship, partnership or corporation. There are great tax benefits to running your
business as an entity or corporation. One great benefit is that you will be able to right so
many more things off as expenses, greatly reducing your taxable income. Another great
benefit is that you can set up a Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP). A personal IRA is
nice, but you can only contribute a couple thousand dollars each year tax free or deferred in
an IRA. Using a Simplified Employee Pension Plan correctly allows you to deduct up to 15%
of net compensation or up to $30,000 per year, whichever is lower.

Did you read that? You can contribute 15% or your self employed net compensation or up to
$30,000 per year to your retirement savings in a tax deductible account, in addition to your
401K, just by being self employed!

I know you can save that amount each year if you build a successful business and that is why
I suggest setting a near term goal of saving $30,000 per year towards your retirement in the
second spreadsheet below.

I am not an accountant or tax expert, so please consult your advisor about this tax stuff. But
do whatever you can to set yourself up to save $30,000 each and every year towards your
retirement. If you make enough in your business, you can save it tax free. The more you can

3 Secrets Of Millionaires - Copyright © 2010 by MJK Enterprises, Inc.
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save without having a ton of it shared with the IRS the richer you will become. The impact
this can have on the amount of cash you have available at retirement can be explosive. That
is my point.

                   MAKING 36% Return Every Year in Good Years and Bad

What if there really was a reasonable way to earn 36% return on your investment every year
in good years and bad as you build your nest egg, with manageable risk. As I have already
mentioned, I have found a great book and expert in the CALENDAR SPREAD strategy and
while he was not the first to introduce me to this strategy, I have learned a lot of my stuff
following his advice. He really put it into a usable investment plan for me and a plan to build a
rich retirement. His book will be one of, if not the most powerful studies you have ever made.
Mark my words. In his book, this doctor and Harvard MBA will teach you what he does using
this strategy. He also has a program (with a small fee) where you can actually watch over his
shoulder as he trades this strategy each and every month and copy him or you can even have
him trade your account for you for a reasonable fee. In other words, he puts his money where
his mouth is. Many gurus will brag about their trades, but if you cannot actually witness their
trading account it is all BS!!

Below is a brief quote taken directly from the book, describing how the author came up with
this strategy and what he hopes to accomplish in trading it and teaching it. Next I will give
you a link, where you can get the book. It is very reasonably priced at only $19.95 (my
readers can buy at a special discounted rate of only $13.95 with special DISCOUNT CODE
mk3) and for that price you also get a hard copy mailed to you as well as being able to
download it immediately as an eBook.

                                           The Mighty Me$a
                                           by Dr. Terry Allen

A Tested Options Strategy Designed To Never Lose Money (and Just Might Make 36%)

Here is a quote from page 63. “At the beginning of 2003, I put $10,000 in an account to
demonstrate to my internet newsletter subscribers how a strategy of buying long-term options
and selling short term options against them might work. I called this the 10K Strategy,
because it wasn’t a sprint (like day-trading) nor was it a marathon where you had to wait a
very long time to see results). It was designed to earn 100% a year in a flat or up market. I
decided to invest exclusively in the NASDAQ 100 tracking stock (QQQQ) to avoid the difficult
decision of picking the right underlying stock. By the end of the year, the account had grown
in value to over $29,600, an incredible increase of over 196%.

The Mighty Me$a is a modification of the 10K Strategy. Instead of going for 100% a year, it
aims at a lower return with a much higher likelihood of achieving that more reasonable goal
every year.” He goes on to say, “So when I tell you that I have developed an options strategy

3 Secrets Of Millionaires - Copyright © 2010 by MJK Enterprises, Inc.
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that makes 36% every year, in good years or bad, I better be pretty sure that the statement is
supported by strong evidence. I know the SEC is looking over my shoulder. My goal in my
book is to teach you that strategy, without your having to become an options nut like me to
carry it off.”

Key Lessons of The Mighty Me$a Course

Why not to buy individual stocks or mutual funds…Why to pity your broker and ignore the
analysts…Why options are actually less risky than stocks…What Put and Call options are and
how to use them correctly…How to benefit from option decay…Why writing Covered Calls
doesn’t work…How to set up your 36% Solution…How to adjust it if necessary…How to trade
options in your IRA…How to find the right broker…Why Put Options may be better than Call
Options…How to trade this strategy with some guidance from the master…Some good and
fun golfing tips…And much more, all for only $19.95

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Summary and wrap up

Let’s review. Here is what we learned in this FREE REPORT based on the book 3 Secrets Of

                                   3 Secrets Millionaires Use to:

                                         1. Become Debt Free

                                     2. Explode Their Cash Flow

                                         3. Retire Filthy Rich

What to do next...

I have shared 3 pretty awesome strategies with you. Please do not let your education on
these strategies end here. Take this suggestion to heart. Many millionaires have
accumulated their wealth using 2 or 3 great ideas. They didn’t make success a totally
overwhelming summit. Our minds are simply not capable of seeing that far. Plus, deep down
we do not believe something so detailed is in our grasp. If you don’t see it and believe it will
happen, it will not. In your quest to succeed, try to keep things simple for yourself. All it really
takes is the implementation of a few great strategies. You don’t have to be an expert in all

3 Secrets Of Millionaires - Copyright © 2010 by MJK Enterprises, Inc.
FREE REPORT - 3 Secrets Of Millionaires Finally Exposed!                www.3secretsofmillionaires.com

areas to become extremely rich. Besides, who has the time or abilities to learn everything
about everything?
Making a fortune can be fun, but if it is the only thing your focus throughout your lifetime is on,
well your balance is way off. Making a lot of money is really just a ticket to live free. If you
don’t have to worry about how much a comfy, rich life costs, you can now focus your energy
on other more important things in your life.

In this FREE REPORT, I have done my best to share 3 simple but spectacular ideas with you
that have become the best of the best for me, in my quest. They can get you out of debt fast
and make you financially rich beyond your wildest expectations. Before you know it, money
will no longer be an issue for you. You will be able do what you want when you want. You’ll
be able to take the focus off of your own financial situation and reach out to help others get

     Study them! Internalize them! Use them! Make them yours! Then share them!

Don’t forget. I am here to help. If you are on my email list or RSS, I will keep in touch and
you can check in whenever you have a question. Go to my BLOG:
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Thanks again for reading this report! I truly hope it helps you to not spin your wheels and start

3 Secrets Of Millionaires - Copyright © 2010 by MJK Enterprises, Inc.
FREE REPORT - 3 Secrets Of Millionaires Finally Exposed!                www.3secretsofmillionaires.com

moving forward to a better lifestyle you and your family so richly deserve :-)

Best wishes...

Mike Koller

My Email Address: mike@3SecretsofMillionaires.com

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