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POSITION DESCRIPTION: Full Time, Exempt Status
SALARY: $28,000 to $32,000
REPORTS TO: Pastor/Administrator. Also takes direction from parochial vicars.
PRIMARY FUNCTION OF THIS POSITION: The Director of Communications oversees internal
and external communications and outreach for Saint Paul the Apostle Parish through the use of
print, web, and other media forms.


A. In consultation with the priests of the parish, demonstrates effective leadership in directing
   the parish’s internal and external communications.
- Through effective leadership in planning, directing, and coordinating, oversees parish
  communications and outreach to and between the following groups:
                     Parish staff and volunteers
                     Parishioners who actively contribute to and are involved in the various
                        ministries and organizations of the parish.
                     All parishioners who attend Mass on Sunday.
                     Parishioners who are no longer practicing their faith, and all other
                        individuals and families in the Greater Bangor area.
                     Media outlets, neighboring churches, and all other private and public
                        organizations and associations within parish boundaries.
- Continually seeks opportunities to improve outreach and communications methods, systems,
  and publications, and communicates recommendations to appropriate parties.
- Proactively seeks feedback from parishioners and diligently responds to parishioners’
  concerns or suggestions by informing them of actions taken.
- Attends staff meetings with priests and other core office staff on a weekly basis or as needed
  in order to facilitate collaboration, discuss goals and objectives, and evaluate ongoing
- Implements and ensures compliance at all times with the Diocese of Portland “Cluster
  Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.”
- Represents the parish in all interactions with staff, parishioners, and the general public by
  conducting himself/herself in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church.
- Actively participates in the annual formulation of a budget for his or her area of responsibility
  and is evaluated on performance with respect to operating within his or her budget during the
  previous year.
- Participates in an annual performance review in his or her area of responsibility with
  supervisor that is based on job description.
- Carries out other duties as assigned or requested.

B. In collaboration with parish staff and volunteers, organizes the generation and production of
   various media forms that document, promote, and build awareness of the mission and work
   of Saint Paul the Apostle Parish.
- Directs and carries out the weekly production, publication, and distribution of the St. Paul the
  Apostle parish bulletin.
- Oversees the development and maintenance of a St. Paul the Apostle web site that is
  accurate, up to date, attractive, and thorough.
- Coordinates and recruits parish volunteers and staff to actively generate content that
  documents the life of the parish and can be used in various forms of parish outreach, making
  sure to acknowledge and thank them for their work.
- Organizes and maintains a parish media archive and electronic media database, where all
  media content generated by parish staff and volunteers may be safely and easily stored and
- Oversees and collaborates with volunteers and staff to carry out occasional major parish
  publications and/or media projects as needed.
- Creates, develops, and maintains professional, attractive, and accurate logo, letterhead,
  signage, and other print and digital media associated with Saint Paul the Apostle Parish.
- Provides professional and attractive visual and print media to priests and other staff for use
  in parish electronic and printed materials.
- Acts as a consultant and quality control check for publications and media related efforts by
  parish staff and volunteers.
- Coordinates and oversees the placement of advertising and promotional materials on all
  parish properties.
- Negotiates and coordinates print production and other media related processes with outside
  vendors as needed.

C. Serves as a media liaison between St. Paul the Apostle Parish, the Diocese of Portland, and
   local and national news outlets.
- Acts as project manager of all communication activities, ensuring that they are completed in
  a timely, accurate, and professional manner consistent with the mission and teaching of the
  Roman Catholic Church.
- Seeks to promote the mission and teachings of the Catholic church by pursuing positive
  working relationships with key individuals at local media outlets, including but not limited to
  those working with newspaper, radio and television companies.
- Acts as parish liaison when media outlets are covering stories that involve the parish.
- Generates and distributes attractive, factual, professional and well timed press releases to
  local media outlets concerning important or compelling happenings or events involving the
- Receives, evaluates, and implements all requests regarding the publication, distribution, or
  production of media content that come from the chancery, other parishes, or other Catholic
- Coordinates efforts to advertise church activities, functions, liturgies and general information
  in the local community.

- Conducts work with a balance of attention to detail and strategic vision.
- Handles all situations with excellent communication skills.
- Executes projects with the highest level of creativity and a sharp eye for aesthetics.
- Maintains confidentiality.
- Presents himself or herself professionally.
- Has completed or will successfully complete within 90 days of start of employment the
  diocesan program “Protecting God’s Children.”
- Meets all of the employment policies specified in the Diocese of Portland “Cluster Personnel
  Policies and Procedures Manual.”
- Is a practicing Roman Catholic who understands and enthusiastically supports the mission
  and purpose of the Church and parish.
- Is willing to work on nights and weekends as needed or requested.
- Possesses and maintains a valid Maine driver’s license and is insurable.
Relevant bachelor’s degree preferred.
5 years experience in media and/or communications preferred.
Proficiency in and/or ability to learn Microsoft Office software, Photoshop, and Adobe Design
Suite required.
Basic knowledge web publishing required, experience in web site design and maintenance

Applications will be accepted until March 1, 2010. Applications should include a focused cover
letter addressing the above requirements, a resume, and contact information for five (5)
professional references. All applications and nominations will be considered confidential.
Please send as word attachment via email to or by mail to:

Rev. Timothy Nadeau
St. John’s Rectory
207 York Street
Bangor, ME 04401

No phone calls please. All applications received will be acknowledged initially with brief email
response. Selected candidates will be contacted by phone for initial screening interview. The
target date for hire is July 1, 2010.

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