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									                                                            Evangelical Christian School news

exceptional. compassionate. spirited.                                                                                           Second Quarter 07-08


     exceptional spirit
                                                                                                                                 2 Headmaster’s Word
                                                                                                                                 2 Campaign Update

                   n Monday, December 22, 2003, a heavy heart accompanied the visiting Green Bay Packers in their                  3 Upper School
                   game against the Oakland Raiders. Their quarterback, Brett Favre, had just lost his father to a heart
                                                                                                                                   4 Lower School
                   attack the day before. Despite the grief, Brett gave one of his greatest performances in the NFL.
                   Brett passed for 399 yards and four touchdowns, inspiring his team to a playoff-clinching win. His              5 Community Spotlight
   performance reminds us that difficult circumstances should motivate us to respond like champions. No ECS teams                  6 Athletics & Arts
   have dealt with the same loss as Brett, but recently one showed the same type of character and resolve. On                      7 Alumni News
   November 9, 2006, a throng of ECS fans witnessed a close loss to Kings Academy of Fort Lauderdale in the 2A
   volleyball state championship game. If you were there, you still remember the pain and disappointment of knowing                7 Counselor
   that our best volleyball was not played that day. Getting to a state final four and winning a championship is not               7 Employee of the Month
   easy. Could we return? How would our ladies respond? It seemed like such a long time to wait, but the stage was
   set for one of the greatest life-lessons a team can learn. In the following year, the 2007 Lady Sentinels responded in
   top form by accumulating a 20-5 record and securing an undefeated district title. However, the goal was not to have a good season. They were
   driven to return to the state finals, fueled by the lackluster loss almost a year earlier. There was little talk about it publicly, but you knew it was
   in the back of their minds. They performed at a high level all season, and when the post-season arrived, the Lady Sentinels steamrolled their way
   through six playoff matches by sweeping each one 3-0. On Saturday, November 17, the Lady Sentinels played their seventh game of the post-
   season, the State Championship, and fittingly, it was a rematch with the Kings Academy Lions. The Sentinels finished their post-season in perfect
                                                                                                 fashion by defeating Kings 3-0 to take their crown as the
                                                                                                  state champions, but for many ECS fans, the determina-
                                                                                                  tion of this group of ladies was more meaningful than
                                                                                                  any trophy or medal. Their season is inspiring, because
                                                                                                  it epitomizes the story of God. Jesus, as the God of the
                                                                                                  entire universe, died on a cross for the sins of the world
                                                                                                  and took seemingly the worst defeat that one could ever
                                                                                                  imagine. Even God knows what it is like to lose, yet He
                                                                                                  responded by resurrecting his Son and redeeming man-
                                                                                                  kind from a life of sin. When we read through the Gos-
                                                                                                  pels, it becomes clear that God fashioned a plan around
                                                                                                  this apparent “defeat.” That is the lesson for us, as well.
                                                                                                  Things do not always go our way. Some days, we do not
                                                                                                  measure up, but God’s plan is to take our worst defeats
                                                                                                  and turn them into our greatest victories.

                                                                                                                                            Donovan Law

8237 Beacon Blvd. | Fort Myers | FL 33907 | P. 239.936.3319 | F. 239.939.1445                                          
A word from the
                                                   The 2007-2008 Annual Fund “Have a Heart
                                                   for ECS” campaign is in full swing. We
                                                   have received over 60 hearts filled out with
                                                   donations to the school. If you have not sent
                                                   in your annual fund donation, it is not too
Dear Parents,                                      late. To date we have received 98% of the
I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and          $100,000 goal for the drive with cash and
a happy New Year. Without a doubt, the             in-kind donations. Many needs are being met
Christmas season is my favorite time of the        with your contributions.
year. The sights and sounds of the season
are wonderful, but even more importantly
is the celebration of the birth of

In today’s commercialization of
Christmas, it is imperative that
we continue to keep Christ in
Christmas. I enjoyed the car
emblems that our Fine Arts
program gave out at the Christmas
program reminding us of this. Let’s
keep Christ our focus, not only at
Christmas time, but throughout the whole
year.                                              everyone plays a part
Each week the Sunday School class I
attend sings this great chorus, “Let the           Do you want to be a part of turning the inner    Ideas for Brick Paver Memorials:
Lord have His Way.” The lyrics are as              courtyard into a beautiful nature sanctuary?     •	 Class of 2008
follows:                                                                                            •	 In memory of
                                                   Proceeds from the Brick Paver Memorials is
Let the Lord have His way                          what will be used to do just that.               •	 Children and family names
In your life every day,                                                                             •	 Company name
There’s no rest, there’s no peace,                 Brick Paver Memorials:                           •	 Bible verse
Until the Lord has His way.                        8”x 8” brick paver $250                          •	 Teacher acknowledgement and
So place your life in His hand                                                                           blessings
Rest assured in His plan,                          4”x 8”brick paver $125
Let the Lord, let the Lord have his way.
                                                   Offerings made with memorial placements
I have personally found this to be very            in your name, or in honor of another, will
true. When I let the Lord have His way             benefit the future development of Evangelical
in my life, God gives peace even amidst
difficult circumstances. Of course it is easy      Christian School.
to say and very different to live.
               I pray that every student,          See the website or call Lisa Spearman for more
                    staff member, faculty, or 936-3319.
                        administrator, and                                                                Exxon Mobil grant awarded to
                          family associated                                                               kindergarten programs. ECS has
                            with ECS will allow                                                           received a $500 grant from Exxon
                             the Lord to have
                              His way in their                                                            Mobil Educational Alliance program
                               lives this coming                                                          to support the school’s kindergarten
                               year. Only then                                                            program. Peggy Wolfarth of CORS
                               can we truly
                              experience the                                                              station 13611 South Tamiami Trail in
                              peace that God                                                              Fort Myers worked with the school’s
                             brings.                                                                      officials to secure the grant.

                                                                                                          Publix charities provides ECS grant
                      For Christian Education,
                                                                                                          money. ECS has received a $500
                Dr. John Hunte, ‘84
                                                                                                          grant from Publix. The money will be
                                                      Thank you to Covenant College for                   used to purchase a camera for the
                                                      supporting ECS with the highest bid                 newsletter students to use.
                                                      on gym scoreboards.

2 exceptional. compassionate. spirited.
      upper school what’s                                                going on?
                      Voice of Democracy Winners. The Voice of Democracy essay contest
                      is the Veterans of Foreign War scholarship program. Students from all over
                      the country send in essays, vying for scholarship opportunities from the VFW.
Evangelical Christian School has participated in this contest for the past twenty-five years. Mrs.
Scoone’s U.S. History classes submitted essays on this year’s topic, My Role in Honoring America’s
Veterans. Essays that were selected to represent ECS at the district level were written by Marina
Boudreau (1st place), Lauren Paul (2nd place), and Lauren Higgins (3rd place). We are pleased to
announce that our winner for the school has won the first place position at the district level. Ma-
rina Boudreau, a Fort Myers resident, will now present her essay in the Florida state level contest
in January. The VFW will send Marina and her family to Orlando for the weekend to participate in
this next level. Congratulations, Marina!

                                                        Congratulations to the following Science Fair                  Mr. Cooper’s classes raise money to buy
                                                        winners. All first-place winners are invited to                Christmas presents for Lee County families.
                                                        compete in the Thomas Alva Edison Regional                     Mr. Cooper’s classes raised $5,100 to provide
                                                        Science Fair in January.                                       Christmas presents for 11 families. Conces-
                                                                                                                       sions are sold throughout the year with the
                                                        Behavioral Science--Jr. High: 2nd Robbie Linklater Sr. High:
                                                        2nd Matthew Schappell
                                                        Chemistry--Jr. High: 1st Veronica Bevarly, 2nd Vanessa
                                                        VanNote, 3rd Samantha Sommarvong, 3rd Rachel Young-
                                                        blood Sr. High: 1st Molly Waldron, 2nd Shannon McBeath
    Entrepreneur students tour Chico’s World Head-      Energy--Jr. High: 1st Wes Erickson, 3rd Joshua Brittain
    quarters. Students from the freshman Business       Engineering (Electrical)--Jr. High: 2nd Courtney Russo,
    Systems and Technology classes recently toured      3rd Nathan Hellenbrand, 3rd Megan Heroux, 3rd Laura
    Chico’s World Headquarters. BS&T students are       Howard Sr. High: 1st Jack Olsen, 2nd Jared Todd
    responsible for developing their own “pretend”      Engineering (Materials)--Jr. High: 1st Kara Presbrey, 2nd
    companies during the semester using the 2007        Mathis Turley, 3rd Ryan Edleman, 3rd Michelle Gonzalez         proceeds going to benefit the less fortunate of
    Office Suite. Touring Chico’s really brought the    Sr. High: 1st Justin Frye, 2nd Tim Hsiao, 2nd Aaron Sipos      Lee County. For the fourth year in a row, ECS’s
    “pretend” world into reality for the students. In   Environmental--Jr. High: 1st Kim Windland,2nd Nikki            7th & 8th graders participated in the actual
    their research of successful entrepreneurs, they    Pombrio, 3rd Angelica Stabile                                  shopping experience and afterwards enjoyed
    discovered that Chico’s was created by the          Medicine & Health--Jr. High: 1st Brandilyn Laishley, 2nd       wrapping presents and a Picnic at Lakes Park.
    Gralnicks with one store on Sanibel in 1983.        Christa Bergquist
                                                                                                                       Upper School students enjoy sending the
    What an inspiration!                                Microbiology--Jr. High: 1st Mahmoud Aryan Sr. High: 3rd
                                                        Toria Kwan                                                     Volleyball Team off with fanfare. On Thursday,
    Upper School provides Christmas boxes.                                                                             November 15, students from grades 7-12
                                                        Physics--Jr. High: 2nd Jordan Eiras, 2nd Tyler Senese, 3rd
    Students from grades 7-12 participated in the       Ward White                                                     surprised the team with a special send off.
    Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child         Plant Science--Jr. High: 1st Jessica Gross, 2nd Maddie
    ministry. They collected 300 boxes full of gifts    Brown, 2nd Chris Ceccoli, 3rd Samantha Hullstrung, 3rd
    which will be distributed to needy children         Alex Mell Sr. High: 2nd Sarah Beardslee, 3rd Virginia
    around the world.                                   Booth, 3rd Chris Kazakos

                                                        ECS’s Best of
                                                        Fair for Jr. High
                                                        is Kara Presbrey
                                                        and for Sr. High
                                                        is Justin Frye.
                                                                                                                       Students were on hand to root the varsity vol-
                                                                                                                       leyball girls off to victory as they were heading
                                                                                                                       to the State Playoffs.

  lower school                          news!
              vangelical Christian School congratulates the following students for
              participating in the Regional FACCS Spelling Bee competition held in
              Tampa on Friday, November 2. Row 1--Luke Houk, Sydney Conant, Alyssa
              Dellutri, Amber Dudek, Kyra Johnson, Alyse Hayes Row 2--Taylor Ferguson,
              Lauren Shucavage, Jonathan Shucavage, Sommer Lynn Senne, Madison
 Dean Row 3--Alesia Shucavage, Kasey Reynolds, Chandler Clark, Morgan Turley, Drew
 Lang, and Amanda Rainey Not pictured: Hannah James. Regional winners were Alyssa
 Dellutri, Chandler Clark, Sydney Conant, Kyra Johnson, Brandilyn Laishley, Sommer
 Lynn Senne, Lauren Shucavage, and Kasey Reynolds. They went on to compete at the
 State FACCS Spelling Bee in Orlando on November 16.

   Sixth grade Read-a-Thon was a huge suc-               Fourth grade classes provide gifts for
   cess. The sixth grade classes of Evangelical          Samaritan’s Purse. The fourth grade
   Christian School have been raising funds to           classes participated filling their own
   help pay towards their trip to Discovery Cove         boxes, while others brought in several
   in May of 2008. For                                                   items to go in a box. The
   their latest fundraiser,                                              students had a great
   a Read-a-Thon, they                                                   time choosing things
   received pledges                                                      to go in the boxes and
   for approximately                                                     wrapping them. At the
   $8,000. The Read-a-                                                   end, the students had a time
   Thon consisted of 90                                                  of silent prayer for the chil-
   minutes of consecutive                                                dren who would receive their
   reading to promote                                                    boxes. All together the fourth
   National Children’s Book Week --November 12-          grade put together 56 boxes to be sent to
   18. ECS students enjoyed reading while relaxing       Samaritan’s Purse.
                                                                                                             Third grade class reaches reading goal. On Fri-
   with their favorite pillows and snacks.                                                                   day, October 5, Mrs. Shainline’s third grade class
                                                         Story Book Walk draws record crowd.
                                                         On Thursday,October                                                      celebrated reaching their
   K4-K5 and 2nd grade classes celebrated Thanks-
                                                         31, Mrs. Nicholas,                                                        goal of reading 100 books.
   giving in style. ECS halls were filled with stu-                                                                                They celebrated by having
                               dents and teachers        the school librar-
                                                         ian, and the K4-4th                                                       an ice cream sundae party.
                                dressed as Pilgrims                                                                                The class actually read a
                                and Indians. Parents     grade teachers hosted
                                                         the annual Story                                                          total of 188 books. David
                                provided turkey and                                                                                Olsen received a $25 gift
                                dressing and all of      Book Walk. ECS’s
                                                         elementary halls and                                                      card to a local bookstore.
                                the fixings for a true                                                                             What an awesome class of
                                                         classrooms were filled
                                Thanksgiving feast.                                                                                readers!
                                                         with children, parents,
                                                         and grandparents
                                                         stepping into real-life
                                                         scenarios of their
                                                         favorite children’s
                                                         stories. The book-
                                                         fair raised $10,600
                                                         with proceeds being used towards the
                                                         purchase of new books for the ECS library.
                                                             To view more pictures, visit the school website--
4 exceptional. compassionate. spirited.
              K4-1st Character Awards
                                                          community                             spotlight
                                                                                                    ECS provides food for the
                                                          ECS presents
                                                                                                    Soup Kitchen!
           Joy                  Contentment               Snoopy                                    ECS students and staff filled four trucks
    Isabella Sullivan
                                  Sydney Shaw
                                                                         the Musical                with canned goods for Community Co-
                                                                                                    operative Ministries Incorporated to help
    Emma Bement                   Owen Cintron            This year’s musical will be held in the
    Brooke Gareiss                Kevin Stingley                                                    stock their bare pantries. CCMI serves
    Yanni Gaskin                  Derek Crowe
                                                          ECS Gymnasium on May 1-3. Tickets
                                                                                                    nutritious lunches six days a week for
    Sawyer Lamers                 Sarah Hawker            are on sale at the Main Office or High
    K5:                           K5:                                                               at-risk individuals and families.
                                                          School Desk.
    Kyle Tomlins                  Malia Cazalot
    LeeAnn Traycik                Natalee Ghantous
    Kennedie Kuhn                 Dillon Brouwer
    Sean Syhareth                 Abbey Willoughby
    First Grade:                  First Grade:
    Savannah Hastings             Ashley Easterly
    Tori Castle                   Taylor Patat
    Rebekah Bergquist             Morgan Alexander

           2nd-6th Character Awards

                                                          The Fall Festival was a huge suc-         A Golf Cart &
                                                          cess. Over $9,000 was raised                     A big thank you to Dr. & Mrs.
                                                          for special needs of the                            Pombrio for the cart and
                                                          school. Thank you to Mrs.                            to Mr. & Mrs. Curcio for
                         Joy                              Howe and Mrs. Fisher,                                the snow cone machine
Row One:   Sawyer Blankenship, Alysa Partipilo, Holly     as well as all of the staff,                         and buggy. The school has
           Hunte, Ayo Ehindero, Jesse McCleary,
           Justin McDaniel, Derrell Conger                students, and parents who                           already benefited greatly
Row Two: Seth Wiglesworth, Stephen Hueniken,              helped with the event.                            from these generous gifts!

                                                                                                     A Snow Cone
           Wyatt Leonard, Logan Kingsley, Cara Cook,
           Alesia Shucavage
Row Three: Riley Escalle, Wesley Leonard, Justin Joyce,
           Morgan Turley, Kaylee Ryan

Row One: Elizabeth Rathgeb, Judsen Turley, David
         Olsen, McKenzi Massey, Allison Dean,
         Max Pennington, Sommer Lynn Senne,

                                                                                                             & Buggy!
         Madelyn Hendra, Raul Venegas
Row Two: Layla Gerard-Smits, Austyn Sanchez,
         Austin Ewert, Asher Sisk, Paige Colson,
         Hannah Bradley, William Makuch, Brandon
         Peterson, Macheala Carson

Christmas Art
                                                       in the arts
2007 ECS Fine Arts Christmas
Card Design Finalist
This year Mrs. Anderson’s art students from 1st
through 12th grades sketched and colored original
scenes of the Christmas story to be displayed at
the annual Children’s Christmas programs. This
year Mrs. Spearman, with the help of a committee,
selected four outstanding pictures to be used for
ECS’s 2007 Christmas cards. These pictures, as well
as other finalists, are featured on the ECS website
under Photo Gallery.

    Christa Bacarella          Robyn Guercio

    Jordan Gutheim             Hannah James
                                                                  ECS choirs perform at
                                                      Evangelical Christian School’s choirs had the thrill of performing Christmas music at Down-
    Choral                                            town Disney for Disney Magic Music Days. The fifth through eighth grade choirs performed on
                                                      November 9. They were able to spend a day at Disney’s MGM Studios while in Orlando. ECS’s
                                                      Masterpiece Chorale performed on December 8. They enjoyed visiting Magic Kingdom before
The fourth annual Dinner Theatre presented by         and after their performance. Both choirs were chosen through the Disney audition process,
ECS’s upper school choir and drama students was       which selects from some of the finest music groups from across the country.
a delightful evening for all who attended one of
the performances. The drama team presented, It’s
A Wonderful Life, and the choir provided Christ-
mas dinner music for the evening. November 30         Portfolio Students
and December 1 performances were held at First        Congratulations to Christian Sadler,
Church of the Nazarene off Daniels Pkwy.              Brittney Murray, Kristin Beauvois,
                                                      Christa Baccarella, Amanda Allen, and
                         Selena Masters               Kevin LaFerriere for being selected as
                         takes first place . . .      Portfolio Artists by Mrs. Anderson. To
                         Selena Masters won           be in “Portfolio,” students must be
                         first place in the vocal     excellent artists and have excellent
                         song category at the         character. These students are a select
                         Cape Coral talent show.      group of young people. Presently,
                         She sang, “Tis The Rose
                                                      these artists are working on large
                         Of Summer,“ and was
                                                      paintings and mixed media projects
                         awarded $225. Congratu-
                         lations, Selena!             for the upcoming ArtFest.

6      exceptional. compassionate. spirited.
  employees of the month                                                                                       from the
   Preschool             Lower School               Upper School                     Staff

                                                                                                            This time of the year is so exciting
                                                                                                            because many seniors are reaping the
                                                                                                            rewards of their hard work as they hear
                                                                                                            from the universities to which they have
                                                                                                            applied. We have many seniors who have
                                                                                                            already been accepted to the colleges
                                                                                                            they have selected, and many are waiting
                                                                                                            patiently for their institutions’ decisions.
                                                                                                            Please let me know if there is anything I
                                                                                                            can do to assist you or your child with this
                                                      Oct. - Mrs. White
                                                                                                            process. It is my pleasure!
 Oct. - Mrs. Hunte      Oct. - Mrs. Nicholas                                   Oct. - Mrs. Wallstedt
                                                                                                             Also, if you are the parent of a sopho-
                                                                                                            more or junior, you will be receiving a
                                                                                                            packet in the mail with your child’s PLAN
                                                                                                            and/or PSAT scores. I have included a
                                                                                                            booklet that will help you understand the
                                                                                                            scoring. These tests are tools that ECS
                                                                                                            offers to better prepare our students for
                                                                                                            the SAT, ACT, and for college.

                                                                                                            May the Lord bless your family during the

                                                                                                                                             Jessica Todd
Nov. - Mrs. Colon         Nov. - Mr. Mull           Nov. - Mrs. Swafford         Nov. - Mr. Howe

alumni news                           where are they now?
                Christopher                    Rachel Phipps, ’05 Rachel is attending              her child’s homepage at
                Link, ‘05 Upon                 Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. She is   dearonebaby/.
                graduation,Christopher         engaged to Joe Storrer. The marriage is set for     Jennifer Corbin Freeland, ‘92 Jennifer
                joined the USMC. He is in      March 15, 2008.                                     graduated from Asbury College in 1996. She
                the 2nd Marine Division        Emily Ferris Gilliam, ‘00 Emily is attending        is employed by Daybreak Church as Director
                2nd Recon Battalion.           Wright State University pursuing a degree in        of Volunteers. She lives in Mechanicsburg,
                He is currently mid-way        Early Childhood Education. Her husband Jeff         Pennsylvania, with her husband, Jeremy, and
                through a 7 month tour         and daughter Kit live in Dayton, Ohio.              their three children.
                serving in Northern Iraq.
                He calls home occasion-        Nicole Leeber Cook, ’99 Nicole graduated            Scott Moore, ’87 Scott graduated from Clem-
                ally and is in good health.    from Union University in 2002. She is married       son in 1991 with a degree in Political Science.
                His address is:                to Ronald and they live in New Orleans with         He and his wife, Jeannie, adopted a child, Ivey
                                               their two children.                                 Nicole, and have a son Nathanael Scott. They
                                               Christine Benedict Russel, ‘98 Christine            currently reside in Simpsonville, South Carolina.
                                               graduated from Clearwater Christian College in      Jeanie Clark Catania, ’83 Jeanie is em-
     Corporal Christopher Link                 2002 with a Pre-Med degree. She is presently        ployed with Tift County School District in Tifton,
     2nd Recon BN C. Company                   attending nursing school. She, her husband,         Georgia, as a Special Ed Paraprofessional. She
                                               Tim, and their two sons live in Pottstown,          is married to Garret and has three children.
     Unit 76679                                Pennsylvania.
     FPO AE 09509-6679                         Sarah Hribar Hitzfelder, ’94 Sarah and
                                               David live in Delta, Colorado, with their son       Check out the Alumni Section of www.goecs.
                                               Jeremiah who is one. She invites you to visit       org for Alumni Membership Benefits...

                                             Homecoming Week 2007. . .
                                                                it’s all about looking good!


                                                             As a nonprofit, nondiscriminatory institution, Evangelical
                                                             Christian School’s mission is to provide an excellent academic
                                                             education to students, preschool through grade twelve, in a
                                                             traditional environment that honors God and trains students
                                                             to reach their highest potential mentally, physically, socially,
                                                             and spiritually.

8   8237 Beacon Blvd. | Fort Myers | FL 33907 | P. 239.936.3319 | F. 239.939.1445         

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