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                     (LAUREL BRIGADE),

Company A.                                 Swagard, Louis.
                                           Sperry, William, dead.
Officers.                                  Strode, Joseph, dead.
Capt. A. J. Turner, dead, Luray, Va.       Smith, Frank, dead.
First Lieut. J. B. Siebert.                Sayles, William T., Martinsburg, W. Va.
Second Lieut. L. F. Wilson, killed.        Wilson, T. G, dead.
First Sergt. J. W. Satterfield, Seattle.
Second Sergt. B. Runk, killed.             Company B.
Third Sergt. Thad Britner, killed.         (Furnished by T. K. Cartmell)

Privates.                                  Officers.
Betts, James, dead, Martinsburg, W. Va.    Capt. William H Harness, resigned; Capon
Butler, John, Bunker Hill, W. Va.          Springs, W. Va.
Cross, J. W., Berkeley Springs.            First Lieut. S. H. Alex, died after the war.
Cross, D. W., Hedgesville, W. Va.          Second Lieut. Charles J. Lobb, died after the
Cross, J. A., Bunker Hill, W. Va.          war.
Callan, Neal.                              Third Lieut. James Wilson.
Crane, George.                             First Sergt. M. B. Cartmell, promoted to
Doran, Joseph.                             captaincy; killed December 17th, 1863.
Fooks, J. D.                               Second Sergt. Christian Hoffman.
Hedges, F. F., killed.                     Third Sergt. John Wilson, Beverly, W. Va.
Harris, C. T.                              Fourth Sergt. Isaac McKeever, detailed ord-
Hodson, Louis, Winchester, Va.             nance sergeant; died.
Jenkins, James, killed.                    Fifth Sergt. George B. Larrick, wounded
King, R. A.                                1862; Lexington, Va.
Lillard, Hall, Madison county.             First Corp. H. W. Halterman.
Mowery, John, killed.                      Second Corp. Benjamin Longacre.
McNamar, Michael, Martinsburg, W. Va.      Third Corp. C. J. Longacre.
Mingle, John, dead.                        Fourth Corp. William Branson.
Miller, Henry, dead.
Miller, Samuel, dead.                      Privates.
Norman, Matthew, Berkeley Springs.         Albin, James.
Patterson, John, killed.                   Amick, Henry, killed.
Patterson, James, Bunker Hill.             Ashenfelter, David.
Patterson, Frank, Bunker Hill.             Bean, Joseph, Beans Settlement, Hardy
Post, James.                               county, W. Va.
Pifer, George, Bunker Hill.                Berry, J. W.
Royce, William, Hampshire county.          Beohm, T. S.
Ritter, J. W., killed.                     Bovinger, George.
Ritter, Abe.                               Crites, Daniel.
Rockwell, G. W.                            Crites, William.
Custard, St. Clair.                              McDermott, Henry.
Cook, Abner, accidentally wounded.               McKeever, William, died 1900, Wardensville,
Clem, James H.                                   W. Va.
Crawford, L. W.                                  McKeever, H. C., died 1900, Wardensville,
Coffman, W. W.                                   W. Va.
Combs, Armstead.                                 May, James M.
Cartmell, Thomas K., detailed for secret         Neff, Mortimer W.
service, commissioned captain; Wincester, Va.    Newhouse, Thomas, captured.
Cunningham, D. C.                                Orndorff, Morgan.
Culdice, William.                                Orndorff, Henry J.
Cleaver, George.                                 Pownell, David, absent without leave.
Demond, Edward.                                  Parsons, Adam.
Daugherty, James H., promoted to captaincy;      Pratt, John, detailed in Jackson Corps.
killed.                                          Pratt, Job H.
Dyer, J. W.                                      Pains, John, absent from wounds received in
Early, James O.                                  battle.
Fon, George.                                     Reed, H. J., Postoffice, Opequon, Va.
Fisher, J. P. C.                                 Riffey, Harvey.
Fitzwater, ——-                                   Smith, Reuben.
Fishel, David.                                   Sherman, Noah.
Fitzwater, Levi.                                 Snyder, Martin V.
Hardy, John.                                     Sager, Jacob.
Halterman, Jacob.                                Sulser, John T.
Harper, William, lost leg; Postoffice, Lost      Sine, Bazil.
City, W. Va.                                     Sine, Elijah.
Halterman, Michael.                              Sine, Benjamin, absent with leave; sick.
Halter, John.                                    Smith, Joseph, absent with leave; sick.
Hulver, Isaac, badly wounded when Captain        Saroil, John, sick.
Carmell was killed; Postoffice, Lexington,       Smith, David.
Mo.                                              Smith, Daniel.
Hutton, Daniel M.                                Thorpe, Benjamin F.
Hudson, Thomas.                                  Teetes, Levi.
Hawes, Jasper.                                   Violet, W. H.
Heiskell, Joe Dan, Romney, W. Va.                Van Meter, David, killed when Captain
Judy, Enoch, Moorefield, W. Va.                  Cartmell was killed near Fairfax Station.
Ketterman, Aaron.                                Vanmeter, Isaac.
Lloyd, William, killed as a scout when with T.   Wilson, George.
K. Cartmell.                                     Witzel, Jacob.
Lloyd, Robert, captured as scout when with       Webb, Thomas.
T. K. Cartmell; never heard from.                Painter, Absolom.
Ketterman, Abraham.
Ketterman, Gabriel.                              Company C.
Lynch, John W.                                   (Furnished by I. N. Beery)
Lyons, William.
Mayhew, James.                                   Officers.
Mungold, Solomon, scout.                         Capt. John R. Pendleton, dead.
Miller, Ambrose.                                 First Lieut. E. S. Mitchell, died September 3,
1907; Timberville, Va.                          Reedy, Joseph, dead; Rockingham, Va.
Second Lieut. John Fauley, living; Illinois.    Ritchie, Philip, dead; Rockingham, Va.
Third Lieut. Edwin Pendeton, killed in Wil-     Ritchie, Simon, dead; Brocks Gap, Va.
derness fight, Va.                              Showalter, B. F., living; Brandy Station, Va.
First Sergt. John Famkim, living; Clarksburg,   Showalter, G. W., dead; Mt. Crawford, Va.
W. Va.                                          Shaner, G. W., dead; Edom, Va.
Second Sergt. Hally Bragoiner, Alexandria,      Shipe, Joseph, dead; Harrisonburg, Va.
Va.                                             Snyder, D. C., Berryville, Va.
                                                Smith, Harrison, living; Forestville, Va.
Privates.                                       Smith, Thomas.
Aubry, Polk, West Virginia.                     Spencer, Edward.
Beery, I. N., Harrisonburg, Va.                 Smith, Hnery.
Bush, Charles, Linville, Va.                    Sprinkel, Calvin, living; Brocks Gap, Va.
Bennett, Joshua, Linville, Va.                  Sanger, Levi, Sangersville, Va.
Bush, Samuel, dead; Linville, Va.               Somers, Reuben, Brocks Gap, Va.
Bull, Henry, dead; Rockingham, Va.              Taylor, Henry.
Bailey, Henry, dead; Rockingham, Va.            Vanmeter, James, living; Berryville, Va.
Beam, Abraham, dead; Rockingham, Va.            Vanmeter, Isaac, Berryville, Va.
Clem, Ashford, dead; Rockingham, Va.            Vandiver, John.
Cline, Henry, dead; Rockingham, Va.             Wilson, George R.
Clem, Frank, dead; Rockingham, Va.              Walters, William, living; Shenandoah county,
Cook, Joseph.                                   Va.
Durrow, Marion.                                 Witting, Harry.
Eversole, Peter, dead.                          Wetzel, Simon.
Erman, James, Harrisonburg, Va.                 Zetty, Daniel, living at Melrose, Va.
Faught, Joseph L., dead; Rockingham, Va.
Feller, John L., living; Woodstock, Va.
Fink, Noah.                                     Company D.
Gray, Richard, dead; Berryville, Va.            (Furnished by E. H. McDonald.)
Hulvy, George, living; Harrisonburg, Va.
Holsinger, Phil, living; Tenth Leagon, Va.      Officers.
Holsinger, John, living; Tenth Leagon, Va.      Capt. E. H. McDonald, promoted to major,
Lonthan, James L., died since the war.          then to lieutenant-colonel of regiment;
Hess, Harvey.                                   Charlestown, W. Va.
Jones, Thomas.                                  First Lieut. William Taylor, promoted to
King, Wilson, dead; Baltimore, Md.              captain; Ridgeville, W. Va.
Miaphes, Charles, killed at surrender.          Second Lieut. John Blue, promoted to first
Nazlerod, William, killed at surrender;         lieutenant; Romney, W. Va.
Rockingham county, Va.                          Third Lieut. Isaac Parsons, promoted to
Nane, Joseph, living at Broadway, Va.           second lieutenant, died since the war.
Tennington, Harvey.                             First Sergt. Joseph Seward, promoted to third
Thomas, Perry.                                  lieutenant; Afton, Va.
Roudabush, William, living in Indiana.          Second Sergt. Amos Robinson, dead.
Roacap, Jacob, dead.                            Third Sergt. R. B. Kidd, dead.
Roadcap, Harvey, living in Brocks Gap, Va.      Quartermaster Sergt. Samuel Bane,
O’Roark, Charles.                               Ballington, W. Va.
Reed, Abraham, dead; Rockingham, Va.            Company Sergt. Conrad Nomstat, Ballington,
W. Va.                                             Hunot, E., Romney, W. Va.
Corp. Uriah Lease, dead.                           Holt, G., killed in Hampshire county.
Corp. James Ream, killed at Jacks Shop.            Inskeep, J. V.
Corp. Lem. Nixon, dead.                            Hartman, Ike.
Corp. George Holt, dead.                           Haines, Jasper.
                                                   Houser, Henry.
Privates.                                          Kelley, John.
Adams, John, dead.                                 Leese, Uriah.
Abbee, Frederick, died in prison.                  Lovett, C. S.
Abbee, Philip, dead.                               Light, Edward, killed near Richmond.
Brady, Isaac T., promoted to corporal; dead.       McDonald, William N., promoted to captain
Brill, Mathias, killed at Darksville.              of ordnance.
Brown, Frank, Shutz Mills, W. Va.                  Moorehead, William, wounded in the Wilder-
Bowers, John W., Fort Worth, Tex.                  ness.
Brown, Richard, died in prison.                    Moorehead, Robert, badly wounded; Mis-
Barnet, Frank, killed in battle.                   souri.
Brown, John.                                       Murphy, Frank.
Bobo, J. W.                                        Myers, Frank, captured at Darksville.
Barder, Charles.                                   Pancake, Joseph A., Staunton, Va.
Carder, Frederick.                                 Parsons, James D.
Carroll, John, killed at Hanover, Junction.        Poland, John W.
Carroll, Jed.                                      Poland, Amos.
Chressap, Robert, killed at Moorefield.            Pownell, Jasper.
Chapman, Charles.                                  Parsons, William M.
Clayton, Charles.                                  Robinson, Joel.
Conrad, Charles, died since the war.               Rudolph, Simon, badly wounded at Reams
Conrad, Holmes Y., promoted to sergeant-           Station.
major of regiment; Winchester, Va.                 Ruse, John M.
Casler, John O., Oklahoma.                         Riley, Charles, died since the war.
Clary, Thad.                                       Senoff, Herman, died in prison.
Clary, Dick.                                       Sivell, John.
Dailey, Benjamin, twice wounded;                   Spurline, Luke.
Moorefield, W. Va.                                 Swartz, Edward, Missouri.
Davie, James, Killed in Hampshire county.          Seymour, Dan, killed near Petersburg, W. Va.
Duvall, George, killed at Brandy Station.          Seymour, John N.
Davie, John.                                       Shingleton, Abe, killed at Brandy Station.
Davis, Morris.                                     Shingleton, Elisha.
Dailey, John, Piedmont, W. Va.                     Shelley, James, killed at Brandy Station.
Davis, Randolph, Soldiers’ Home, Richmond,         Smith, James, Winchester, Va.
Va.                                                Seibert, Charley.
Fridle, Samuel.                                    Stewart, John, died at Camp Chase.
Feshel, S.                                         Starns, John.
Grove, J., a very gallant soldier; killed in the   Taylor, Dudley, promoted to corporal.
Wilderness.                                        Taylor, John.
Huddleson, Henry, Charlottesville, Va.             Taylor, Enos, died in prison.
Huddleson, Healey.                                 Taylor, D. K.
Hanas, Stephen.                                    Taylor, Rufus, captured near Culpeper Court
House; Davy, W. Va.                             Bowman, J. K.
Uston, John, wounded in the Wilderness.         Cooper, William, dead.
Wolfe, Isaac, killed at Brandy Station.         Crabill, L. C., killed near Strasburg, Va.
White, Thomas.                                  Crabill, O. H., Strasburg, Va.
Watkins, H. M.                                  Crabill, Hal.
Watkins, Charles, killed near Hagerstown.       Crabill, Benjamin.
Washington, Edward, Romney, W. Va.              Crabill, Jacob.
                                                Crabill, D. G., bugler of regiment.
Company E.                                      Coffman, Walter, killed at Fisher’s Hill.
(Furnished by William F. Hottel)                Collins, Carson.
                                                Chase, Daniel.
Officers.                                       Dodd, R. D., dead.
Capt. Joseph T. Hess.                           Dewar, J. J., dead.
Capt. J. L. Hooff                               Dickenson, James.
Capt. H. H. McGuire, mortally wounded at        DeHaven, Martin.
Amelia Springs.                                 Eberly, Jacob.
Lieut. J. W. Brent.                             Eberly, Joseph.
Lieut. G. W. Hottell, wounded and captured;     Eberly, Isaac, dead.
Lincoln, Neb.                                   Effenger, William.
Lieut. William Hockman, killed at Brandy        Fauver, Noah.
Station.                                        Funkhouser, Amos, dead.
Lieut. G. W. Spiker, killed at Spottsylvania.   Feely, William H., Thomas, W. Va.
                                                Feeley, John, Lebanon Church, Va.
Privates.                                       Feeley, Silas, Lebanon Church, Va.
Agnew, Oscar.                                   Green, James.
Baker, Daniel, dead.                            Green, Zack.
Baker, G. W., killed at Jacks Shop              Glaize, G. W., Strasburg, Va.
Baker, Henry, wounded at Brandy Station;        Grove, S. M., Strasburg, Va.
Keyser, W. Va.                                  Hottel, William F., wounded at Brandy Sta-
Baker, Nicholas, dead.                          tion; Winchester, Va.
Borden, D. M., dead.                            Hammond, Lawrence, dead.
Borden, A. P., dead.                            Hammond, John, Fisher’s Hill, Va.
Borden, Joseph, dead.                           Huffman, A. J., dead.
Bly, Mason, wounded at Amelia Springs;          Hinkins, G. A., Strasburg, Va.
dead.                                           Hodges, John.
Bly, Richard, killed at Jacks Shop.             Hefline, James.
Brown, J. W., killed at Spottsylvania           Hess, L. Dow, dead.
Beaver, J. E., dead.                            Hyde, D. B., dead.
Buck, Bruce, dead.                              Harrison, Howard, wounded; disabled for
Bushony, Isaac.                                 service.
Barrenger, Joseph.                              Holmes, H. W., dead.
Booth, C. S.                                    Holmes, James, dead.
Booth, John F., Lebanon Church, Va.             Hironemoss, Hutch, dead.
Boyer, Bent.                                    Holler, John, dead.
Boyer, J. A.                                    Holler, George, dead.
Bell, R. F., Strasburg, Va.                     Holler, John A., Edenburg, Va.
Bell, ——-                                       Hockman, J. W.
Hoover, William, dead.                            Stickley, D. H., Strasburg, Va.
James, Samuel.                                    Stickley, William, dead.
Kerns, Ephraim, dead.                             Stickley, Benjamin, dead.
Killmer, James.                                   Stickley, G. W., Strasburg, Va.
Luttral, Archibald.                               Stickley, D. E., Strasburg, Va.
Lynn, G. B., Winchester, Va.                      Stickley, David E., Strasburg, Va.
Lynn, James, died in prison.                      Stickley, J. H.
Luke, William.                                    Stickley, P. D.
Lutholtz, Robert, Strasburg, Va.                  Stickley, Josiah, dead.
Lee, G. W., dead.                                 Stickley, Walter, killed at Brandy Station.
Lee, Samuel, killed at Jacks Shop.                Sensenuey, E. D.
Miller, William, first, Lebanon Church, Va.       Omps, James, dead.
Miller, William, second, Winchester, Va.          Beach, Jacob.
Miller, J. F.                                     Biers, Charles.
Miller, J. H.                                     Whitington, Gershem, dead.
McGlincy, R. P., dead.                            Whitington, Joseph, dead.
McCloud, James.                                   Wright, Milton, dead.
Mort, Jerry, killed by Brown.                     Warner, Philip.
Maphis, George.                                   Welch, Samuel.
Pangle, Abe, Lebanon Church, Va.                  Welch, James.
Pangle, William E., killed near Woodstock,        Welch, Joseph.
Va.                                               Watson, Samuel.
Pangle, Joseph.                                   Watson, Jacob, dead.
Pingley, D. M., Lebanon Church, Va.               Watson, Benjamin.
Pogue, R. L., dead.                               Winegood, John, dead.
Rudy, Isaac, dead.                                Winegood, Joseph, dead.
Rutherford, J. A.                                 Windle, William, dead.
Rutherford, Tom, first.                           Williams, J. J., dead.
Rutherford, Tom, second.
Reedy, Abe, dead.                                 Company F.
Rhyne, John, dead.                                (Furnished by Lieut. A. C. L. Gatewood)
Ridenour, Alfred, dead.
Stover, David, dead.                              Officers.
Smith, James, dead.                               First Capt. A. G. McChesney, died since the
Sheets, Daniel, dead.                             war.
Scroggins, J. E., dead.                           Second Capt. A. J. Ware, died since the war.
Sonner, J. H.                                     First Lieut. Henry McClintic, Midland, Tex.
Sonner, J. W, dead.                               Second Lieut. A. C. L. Gatewood, Linwood,
Showalter, Tom, dead.                             W. Va.
Shambaugh, Cline, Lincoln, Neb.                   Brevet Second Lieut. H. M. Poage, killed in
Shambaugh, Charles.                               1863.
Sievers, G. W.                                    Brevet Second Lieut. S. A Bonner, killed at
Swisher, J., Salem, Va.                           the Wilderness, May 6th, 1864.
Shotts, Mark, killed in the Wilderness.           First Sergt. E. L. Beard, Academy, W. Va.
Shafer, Theodore, killed at river, Mt. Jackson.   Second Sergt. A. S. Bratton, Millboro, Va.
Snyder, Henry, dead.                              Third Sergt. Jonathan Wise, killed at Sailors
Snyder, John.                                     Creek, April, 1865
Fourth Sergt. Joseph Silvers, color sergeant,     Frazier, James A., Rock Alum Springs, Va.
died from wounds received October, 1863.          Fry, William, died since the war.
First Corp. Lewis Payne, Covington, Va.           Gibson, Lewis, dead; Kansas.
Second Corp. J. S. Dickinson, Millboro            Ginger, George, accidentally killed at
Springs                                           Gordonsville.
Third Corp. William G. Payne, Covington,          Grose, Henry, killed May 6th, 1864, at the
Va.                                               Wilderness.
Fourth Corp. Michael Mustoe, died since the       Gwinn, J. S., whereabouts unknown.
war.                                              Gwinn, J. K. P., whereabouts unknown.
Quartermaster Sergt. J. P. McDonald, died         Gwinn, William, whereabouts unknown.
since the war.                                    Gillespie, Joseph G., died since the war.
                                                  Hamilton, Charles, killed near Woodstock,
Privates.                                         Va.
Anderson, Samuel, Mountain Grove, Va.             Hamilton, J. E., California.
Acord, George, killed in the Wilderness, May      Hamilton, J. A., Kerrs Creek, Va.
6th, 1864.                                        Hickman, L. W., Henricks, W. Va.
Ailstock, Robert, whereabouts unknown.            Hodge, James, Warm Springs, Va.
Beard, Moffett, died since the war.               Jordan, John, Millboro, Va.
Beard, John G., Academy, W. Va.                   Jordan, James, whereabouts unknown.
Beard, W. W., Academy, W. Va.                     Jordan, William, died since the war.
Beard, J. J., died since the war.                 Keyser, James, whereabouts unknown.
Banner, S. A., killed second day’s fight in the   Keyser, D. W. C., whereabouts unknown.
Wilderness.                                       Kennison, Davis, Academy, W. Va.
Bratton, W. A., killed on cattle raid near City   Kennison, J. L., Academy, W. Va.
Point, September, 1864.                           King, A. C., whereabouts unknown.
Bratton, J. F., Cleeks Mills, Va.                 King, Spatswood, Rich Patch, Va.
Bradshaw, J. B., McDowell, Va.                    Landes, Joseph, Mountain Grove, Va.
Burger, David, died since the war.                Lockridge, David, died since the war.
Burnside, James, died since the war.              Lockridge, Stephen, Highland county, Va.
Callison, J. C., whereabouts unknown.             Martin, W. A., Missouri.
Chandler, David, Braxton county, W. Va.           McElwee, John, died since the war.
Cleek, George W., Cleeks Mills, Bath county,      McElwee, D. B., Driscol, W. Va.
Va.                                               McElwee, B. D., Green Bank, W. Va.
Cleek, D. G., died since the war.                 McElwee, Francis, Huttonsville, W. Va.
Cochran, Clark, Academy, W. Va.                   McCarty, John, whereabouts unknown.
Cochran, G. B., Academy, W. Va.                   McChesney, James Z., Charleston, W. Va.
Criser, John S., Warm Springs, Va.                McDonnald, G. W., died since the war.
Criser, R. J., dead, Covington, Va.               McNeil, A. G., died since the war.
Dean, William, whereabouts unknown.               Maffett, W. B., died since the war.
Douglass, Calvin, whereabouts unknown.            Maffett, George H., Parkersburg, W. Va.
Douglass, B., whereabouts unknown.                Moore, W. H., Covington, Va.
Dunlap, James R., Missouri.                       Mustoe, David, whereabouts unknown.
Edmiston, Andrew, died since the war.             Mustoe, James, whereabouts unknown.
Edmiston, Matthew, Washington.                    Mayse, Anderson, died since the war.
Edmiston, Richard, Missouri.                      O’Meara, James, died since the war.
Eagle, Newton, McDowell, Va.                      Payne, W. H., whereabouts unknown.
Estes, William, Albemarle county, Va.             Payne, J. E., Warm Springs, Va.
Porter, A. S., Millboro, Va.                    Orange Court House, August 2nd, 1862;
Pauturff, James, whereabouts unknown.           sabre cut on head and shot in left shoulder
Price, Henry, died since the war.               and captured. Wounded at Upperville, June,
Revercomb, George, Highland county, Va.         1863, at Baltimore and Ohio roadhouse; near
Revercomb, Archie, killed at the Wilderness,    New Creek, in 1864, and near Amelia
May 6th, 1864.                                  Springs, April 5, 1865; living at Lexington,
Revercomb, John, Highland county, Va.           KY.
Revercomb, C. T., Clifton Forge, Va.            First Lieut. Joseph Mayse, wounded at Jacks
Rosser, John, killed at the Wilderness, May     Shop in 1864; lost eye; died 1905.
6th, 1864.                                      Second Lieut. Archibald M. McClintic,
Snead, William, Alleghany county, Va.           wounded at Orange Court House, August
Snead, Robert, Alleghany county, Va.            2nd, 1862, and at Ashland, August, 1864;
Stewart, J. H., died since the war.             Fincastle.
Sittington, Alex H., died since the war.        Brevet Second Lieut. John A. Warwick,
Shultz, John, died since the war.               wounded May 5th, 1863, at the Wilderness –
Surber, M. P., Clifton Forge, Va.               Spottsylvania; died 1901.
Swarts, Samuel, whereabouts unknown.            First Sergt. William H. Hopkins, wounded at
Swartz, John, whereabouts unknown.              Upperville in June, 1863; died Millboro, Va.
Swarts, Lewis, whereabouts unknown.             Second Sergt. Jasper C. Lewis, wounded at
Thomas, David, whereabouts unknown.             Orange Court House, and received three
Thomas, Charles, whereabouts unknown.           wounds in Hampton’s cattle raid in Nottoway
Thomas, Samuel, whereabouts unknown.            county, Va., 1864; Green Valley, Bath county,
Thomas, George, whereabouts unknown.            Va.
Tinsley, W. H., whereabouts unknown.            Third Sergt. George T. McClintic, wounded
Tinsley, James, whereabouts unknown.            at Orange Court House; Midland, Tx.
True, Thomas, whereabouts unknown.              Fourth Sergt: Robert J. Glendy, wounded in
Thompson, Henry, Missouri.                      cattle raid, Pulaski county, Va.
Wallace, C. R., Williamsville, Va.              Color Sergt. Joseph Silvers, wounded and
Wave, G., whereabouts unknown.                  died after the war.
Wave, O., whereabouts unknown.                  First Corp. William P. Thompson, killed near
Williams, E. B., Healing Springs, Va.           Rapidan station. Orange county, Va., August
Williams, Thomas, Healing Springs, Va.          2nd, 1862.
Williams, E. T., Healing Springs, Va.           Second Corp. Fendall C. Donnella, mortally
Wilfong, Jacob.                                 wounded in 1864 in Hampton cattle raid on
Wilkinson, James, died since the war.           Blackwater River; died in hospital in North
Windom, John, whereabouts unknown.              Carolina.
Woods, P. A., died since the war                Third Corp. Zorobabel Ailstock, wounded;
Quartermaster Sergt. J. P. McDonald died        died after the war.
after the war.                                  Fourth Corp. William H. Anderson,
Color-bearer Joseph Silvers was killed in the   wounded, sabre tierce through arm, Orange
lower Valley in 1864.                           Court House, August 2nd, 1862, and cap-
                                                tured; died at Covington, Va., in 1901.
Company G.
(Furnished by George T. McClintic.)             Privates.
                                                Ailstock, C. F., survived the war; history
Officers.                                       unknown.
Capt. Foxhall A. Dangerfield, wounded at        Ailstock, Jordan, survived the war; history
unknown.                                          probably dead.
Archie, Robert, died in 1862.                     Gendy, Robert, wounded, living in Pulaski
Armstrong, Peter, lost; supposedly killed on      county, W. Va.
Jones’ raid in West Virginia, April 1863.         Glendy, Benjamin, wounded.
Armstrong, Dr. J. M., survived the war; last      Glendy, John, died after the war.
known residence, Knox County, Mo.                 Glendy, Thomas, died after the war.
Burger, Samuel C., wounded May 6th, 1864,         Green, William, mortally wounded and died
in the Wilderness – Spottsylvania; died in Bath   near Upperville, Va., in 1863.
county, Va., in 1900                              Gladwell, John W., survived the war; accord-
Burger, David, died after the war in Bath         ing to last account living in Highland county,
county, Va.                                       Va.
Burns, Presley, F., wounded; died after the       Gayheart, Joseph, history unknown.
war.                                              Holcomb, Joseph, history unknown.
Burns, John.                                      Hook, Elisha, died in Alleghany county, Va.,
Bishop, George.                                   after the war.
Booth, ——, killed in West Virginia, where he      Husk, Thomas J., last heard of resided in
had gone for a fresh horse.                       Highland county, Va.
Brattan, William R., killed.                      Hoover, David, living at Healing Springs, Va.
Brattan, J. Mitchell, Millboro Springs, Va.       Hively, Thomas J., died during the war.
Brattan, James, died during the war.              Jackson, Peyton, living at Covington, Va.
Brodkin, Ami, lost record of.                     Johnson, ——, history unknown.
Cleek, Eli, Warm Springs, Va.                     Keister, William R., wounded; died after the
Cleek, James G., Warm Spring, Va.                 war in Highland or Augusta county, Va.
Crizer, John, died in 1863.                       Kincaid, Joseph B., died during or soon after
Crizer, Thomas J., died in Pocahontas county,     the war.
W. Va., in 1903.                                  Karnes, William H., wounded, lost leg; died
Crizer, W. H.                                     after the war.
Crizer, Lewis.                                    Kemp, ——, history unknonw.
Curry, Andrew, wounded, believed still living;    King, Alexander, living at Iron Gate, Va.
Sunrise, Bath county, Va.                         Lockridge, Cooper, wounded; drowned after
Cade, Balis, Baptist minster; living at last      the war in Cow Pasture River, Bath county,
report in Richmond, Va.                           Va.
Cosby, Benjamin G., died after the war near       Lockridge, John, wounded in leg; living in
Millboro, Va.                                     Bath county, Va.
Cosby, John, Millboro, Va.                        Lange, Henry C., killed, February, 1863, in
Cosby, David, died during the war.                Maurertown fight.
Cauley, Lee, survived the war; history un-        Lange, John, wounded.
known.                                            Law, Aaron, wounded and died of wounds (I
Coffee, Henry, Lynchburg.                         think).
Donovan, Stephen, wounded; living at Warm         Law, Benjamin, wounded; living at Warm
Springs, Va.                                      Springs, Va.
Dean, William, died in 1862.                      Law, James, died after the war.
Ervin, James, killed May 6th, 1864, in the        Law, Stephen, living near Staunton, Va.
Wilderness – Spottsylvania.                       Lynch, W. L., died after the war; many years a
Eagle, Newton, history unknown.                   Methodist Episcopal minister.
Friel, James, history unknown.                    Langridge, Richard, living in Lewiston, Mo.
Furr, ——, lived in Augusta county, but            McClintic, Adam, killed November 12th,
1864, in charge at Brent’s house, near Cedar     war.
Creek, Frederick county, Va.                     Thompson, Mason, died during the war.
McClintic, William S., wounded May 6th,          Thompson, William, killed at Rapidan station,
1864, in the Wilderness and on Cattle raid –     August 2nd, 1862.
Blackwater River; died after the war.            Thomas, Charles, living at Hot Springs, Va.
McClintic, John S., wounded; living in Mon-      Thomas, Jacob, killed.
roe City, Mo.                                    Thomas, Samuel, wounded; survived the war.
McClintic, Robert, killed at Pattersons Creek    Williams, Erasmus.
in the winter of 1863.                           Williams, Anthony G.
McClintic, Andrew B., died after the war.        Williams, Harvey.
McClintic, James, history unknown; said to       Williams, James, living at Lewiston, Mo.
be living in Montana.                            Williams, Lewis, died after the war in Salem,
McDannald, D. Crockett, died in 1862.            Va.
McDannald, William C.                            Winthrow, Jack, living at Millboro Springs,
McDannald, William R., died after the war.       Va.
McMath, Samuel S., died after the war.           Wallace, Andrew, killed at Patterson’s Creek,
Mayse, Allan C., died after the war.             W. Va., in 1865.
Mayse, Charlers F., living in Bath county, Va.   Wallace, Christopher, survived the war.
Mayse, George, wounded; living at Austin,        Warwick, J. W., Jr., living at Huntersville, W.
Tex.                                             Va.
Mayse, Thomas, history unknown.                  Woodzell, B. F., living in Bath county, Va.
Oliver, C. H., wounded; living at Ollie, Va.     Woodzell, William, survived the war.
Oliver, Joseph, died during the war.             Wilkinson, Robert S., survived the war; Warm
Price, Andrew G., captured; died in prison.      Springs, Va.
Payne, Charles, living in Missouri.              Young, George, killed in West Virginia raid in
Phillips, Thomas, living in W. Va.               1863.
Phillips, William, bugler; living in W. Va.
Richy, Joseph, died after the war.               Company H.
Richy, William, living at Warm Springs, Va.      (Furnished by H. O. Pierce)
Reynolds, William H., survived the war;
history unknown.                                 Officers.
Rogers, Stephen, survived the war, history       Capt. A. M. Pierce, died since the war.
unknown.                                         First Lieut. Joseph Sherrard, died since the
Simpson, George, living at Millboro, Va.         war.
Simpson, John.                                   Second Lieut. Braxton, went to foreign war.
Simpson, William.
Shumate, John K., living; manager of trans-      Privates.
portation and animal trainer, Sells’ Circus.     Marker, Amos, E., wounded; prisoner in
Smith, Charles, survived the war.                Camp Chase; Opequon, Va.
Smith, James, wounded; survived the war.         Wireman, John.
Smith, Stuart, survived the war.                 Orndorff, Ananias, living on Cedar Creek.
Taylor, Almond C., survived the war.             Keiffer, James.a
Thompson, Benjamin, killed May 6th, 1864,        Frye, Al., living in Shenandoah county.
in the Wilderness – Spottsylvania.               Frye, B. F., Mountain Falls, Va.
Thompson, Charles, wounded; died in 1906         Lichliter, Daniel, died since the war.
near Healing Springs, Va.                        Fauver, John, died since the war.
Thompson, George, wounded; died after the        Fauver, Samuel, killed during the war.
Ashwood, Joseph, Lenora, Va.                     Orndorff, Amos, dead.
Shell, Samuel, living on Cedar Creek.            Orndorff, M.
Orndorff, Lemuel.                                Orndorff, Lemuel, don’t know if living or
Orndorff, Phineas, died since the war.           not; postoffice, Zepp, Va.
Conner, Morgan, living on Cedar Creek.           Shell, Samuel, wounded near some church;
Conner, James, living about Halltown.            Zepp, Va. (I think.)
Whetzel, James, Clearbrook, Va.                  Smith, Sandy, dead.
Clark, James, Braddock Distillery,               Smith, William, Wheatfield, Shenandoah
Cumberland, Md.                                  county, Va.
Frye, Joseph Presley, died since the war.        Whetzel, James, living at Clearbrook, Va.
Himmelwright, Joseph, Star Tannery.              White, Ira, killed at the Wilderness.
                                                 Wilson, Martin.
(Furnished by R. M Cooper.)                      Wimer, Jack.

Officers.                                        Company I.
Capt. A. M. Pierce, wounded; now dead.
First Lieut. Joseph H. Sherrard, wounded;        Officers.
now dead.                                        Capt. M. M. Ball, wounded.
Second Lieut. A. C. Braxton.                     Lieut. William H. Kirby, killed.
                                                 Lieut. Alfred Moore, severely wounded; dead.
Privates.                                        Lieut. William H. Reid, dead.
Bowman, John, Wheatfield, Shenandoah
county, Va.                                      Privates.
Clark, James, prisoner; Cumberland, Va.          Alexander, B.
Crosin, Randoph.                                 Alexander, D.
Conner, Morgan, Zepp, Va.                        Ball, Charles H., severely wounded prior to
Conner, James, Zepp, Va.                         1864; returned and served to Appomattox;
Cauplin, P.                                      1711 Oxford St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Cooper, R. M., wounded at Amelia Springs         Ball, John H., killed at Jeffersonton.
just before surrender; Bloom, Shenandoah         Ball, John T., wounded; Washington, D.C.
county, Va.                                      Ball, Lewin T., Lewinsville, Va.
Dinkel, Peter, Winchester, Va.                   Ball, M. M., wounded; captain at close of war.
Eskridge, Heck, Gravel Springs,                  Ball, Summerfield, killed 1864, Nances Shop.
Fauver, Samuel, killed; forgot name of place.    Ball, William S., wounded on November 12th,
Fauver, John, prisoner; died since the war.      1864; United States Treasurer’s Office, Wash-
Frye, Joseph P., killed in valley.               ington, D.C.
Frye, A N., living at Woodstock, Va.             Ball, William W., dead.
Frye, James, living at Winchester, Va.           Bell, B. A.
Green, J. B., prisoner; New Orleans.             Bell, G. H.
Huff, John, living at Gravel Springs.            Billings, Edward.
Himelright, Joseph M., wounded; Star Tan-        Billings, William, severely wounded on raid in
nery, Va.                                        West Virginia.
Himelright, James, dead.                         Burke, T. T.
Linaburg, Martin, living at Stephens City, Va.   Butler, W. B.
Orndorff, Ananias.                               Carrigan, J. P.
Orndorff, Setz, dead.                            Catlett, H. C.
Orndorff, Joseph B., dead.                       Cleveland, H. C.
Cashman, T.                                      Summers, ——-
Clump, John, wounded.                            Thompson, Joseph, wounded in arm and
Cockrell, Seth, wounded on October 7th,          breast; Ash Grove, Va.
1864.                                            Taylor, John S.
Cooksey, J. W.                                   Toole, Patrick.
Cooney, Patrick, wounded in cattle raid in       Toole, John.
1864.                                            Utterback, William H., severely wounded.
Dodd, Markus.                                    Ward, Joseph.
Donatini, L. G., died in service.                Williams, R., died in service.
Ester, ——-                                       Winn, John, killed.
Everson, Doyle.
Fairfax, John.
Fenton, J. B.                                    Company K.
Ford, W. E.                                      (Furnished by D. C. Snyder)
Grigsby, P. C.
Grigsby, T. M., not with company after cap-      Officers.
ture in Alexandria.                              Lieut. William Powell, unknown.
Gheen, G.                                        Second Lieut. Jack Smith, Upperville, Va.
Harding, G.
Harrison, George H.                              Privates.
Heath, J. B., did not return after capture in    Chappell, George, Bluemont, Va.
Alexandria.                                      Drish, Donk, unknown.
Hughes, John T.                                  Furr, Frazier, Bluemont, Va.
Hughes, L. T.                                    Furr, Harris, Bluemont, Va.
Hughes, D.                                       Grimes, George, unknown.
Jefferies, Richard, dead.                        Grimes, Joseph, unknown.
Kirby, Asbury, wounded; Falls Church, Va.        Moore, James, Bluemont, Va.
Kirby, George F., wounded; dead.                 Murphy, J. T., Leesburg, Va.
McCartney, wounded.                              Murphy, Moses B., unknown.
McClannahan, John.                               Powell, Lute, unknown.
McClung, ——-                                     Powell, Watt, unknown.
McCorkle, ——-                                    Pyles, William, Millwood, Va.
Morter, ——-                                      Shell, Alfred, Bluemont, Va.
Nelson, James W., killed.                        Shafer, John T., Bluemont, Va.
Nelson, Joseph, died in service.                 Smith, George, Bluemont, Va.
Perry, Alex, Conway, Fla.                        Smith, Jackson, Bluemont, Va.
Ratcliffe, C. W., did not return after capture   Stickles, Jno. M., Bluemont, Va.
in Alexandria.                                   Stickles, Henry, Bluemont, Va.
Raid, E. C., wounded; Washington, D.C.           Thompson, William, Bluemont, Va.
Ritenour, David.                                 Tomblin, James, Bluemont, Va.
Gutler, G. W.                                    Wiley, James, Bluemont, Va.
Smith, A. M.                                     Willingham, George, unknown.
Smith, F. M.
Saunders, Plunk.
Stalcup, Joshua, dead.
Speaks, J. H., did not return after capture in

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