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									                Common Healing Herbs and Their Uses
Herbs have been used traditionally as medicines for hundreds of years. Modern medicine is
descended form of old-world herbal healing practices that have been fine tuned and brought to a
science. Many of the medicines we still use today are derived directly from plants, but their active
ingredients are purified and their medicinal effects magnified.

Though many common healing herbs have been forgotten for their medical value due to rise of
modern medicine, many people are becoming aware of the dangers and side effects of some
powerful over the counter medications (whether they are synthetic or naturally derived) and are
looking for a holistic alternative.

Effective healing herbs do exist as an alternative; you just need to know where to get the correct
herbs and how to use them.

How to Get Herbs
You can grow many of them yourself, or you can pick them up at local herbal health food stores or
even on the Internet. If you are buying them, you will find them available in several common forms.
These include ground powder to make tea, tinctures, or oil extracts or capsules. It is always
important to verify the integrity of healing herbs before you buy them, to ensure safety and
effectiveness. You should always make sure that the herbal health food store you are buying from is
a respected source that would grow and process its herbs correctly before selling to the consumer.
Contact the store if you are a first time buyer and ask for their information about how they handle
their herbs etc. Stores that won’t disclose this kind of information should be avoided.

What To Do With Herbs
Many healing herbs already exist in the marketplace today, often incorporated into other products.
Companies have realized the fact that healing herbs are becoming very popular, so for example,
herbs like aloe vera are often being added to face creams and even suntan lotions.

Sage is another of the healing herbs. It is an important herb in alternative medicine due to the wide
range of illnesses it has been used to treat. Sage can be burned and used in aromatherapy to assist
with breathing, because it helps to clear mucous out of the airways. It can also be used in tea form
to reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract ie. swelling or redness in the gums or throat, as
well us upset stomach and diarrhea. Sage can also lower blood sugar and provide relief for pregnant
women who are producing too much milk.

Garlic is a common herb that is used to help ailments of the heart. It can help to lower high blood
pressure, reduce blood cholesterol, and reduce blood clotting. It also has antioxidant properties
which work against free radicals to lower the risk of cancer. It has also been used to treat lung
infection, colds and the flu.

Parsley is another one of the healing herbs. It is known to help with the prevention of bladder
infections and other digestive tract problems, such as nausea and gas. You can also apply it to insect
bites, cuts, and dry or chapped skin to preventinfection.
Chamomile is a healing herb that offers a gentle calming effect. It is a common tea additive for
relaxation, but it is also thought to assist digestion.

Raspberry leaves are another of the healing herbs often found in teas. Like chamomile, it provides
help with relaxation and digestion. It has also been used to treat eye, mouth and throat soreness or
redness and it is also thought to help prevent miscarriage and to help with symptoms of PMS.

This is a list of only some of the most common healing herbs. Different tried and true herbal
remedies come from all over the world. Discovering useful herbal remedies and how to use them
safely and effectively can be very beneficial to your long-term health. Though serious conditions
should always be brought to a doctor, many illnesses can be treated with simple home remedies
quickly and easily.

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