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Causes and symptoms of Lung Cancer


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									                        Causes and symptoms of Lung Cancer
One of the major and main reason for the cause of lung cancer is due to cigarette
smoking.This also effect certain percent of passive smokers.Inhaling the smokes of
automobiles and carbonmonoxide leads to fall in this illness.A person exposing to radiations
and asbestos exposure will increase the effect of cancer.

The symptoms of cancer may not be found in the earlier or initial stage.But there are certain
symptoms like heavy cough,blood in saliva,weight loss and change of voices are the earlier
stages of lung cancer.


In the initial stage patient must be thoroughly tested and examined.X-ray sample of sputum
should be taken and tested at the first stage.But in most of the cases the x-ray test of sputum
will not provide sufficient data,so the doctor will movee on to next step of Bronchoscopy.

Two kinds of lung cancer

Oat cell is the one of the type which is found in one - third of patients

Non - Small cell is found in most of the cases

So it is mandatory to identify the types of cancer,because the treatment for the cancer will be
in different form.For oat cell treatment can be given by chemotherapy and for non- Small cell
it can be cured by surgery only.

Non-Small Cell Cancer

The only way to cure this cancer is by surgery,suppose if the disease is concentrated in
certain small area in the chest.During this treatment patient need to have staging work up and
Bronchoscopy and Mediastinoscopy,where the lymph glands in the chest are tested and
studies carefully.This must be done to all the patient before undergoing surgery.

Small Cell Lung Cancer

Small cell lung cancer are normally treated with radiation to the chest and
chemotherapy.There is a chance for completely curing this cancer in some patients.Intensity
of the treatment depends upon the age and health of the patients.VP-16 and Cisplatinum are
mostly used drugs for this patients.

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