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                             Designer/Developer/Mobile Workflow Conference
                                            July 14-16 2011
                              Crowne Plaza Hotel, Downtown Kansas City, MO
                        workflow conference
From July 14 (pre-conference classes) 15-16, designers, developers, and business leaders will gather in Kansas City to
learn new skills, discover emerging technologies, and connect with each other. You’ll go home with skills that will help
you make both you and your company more competitive. Here are a few of the ways that you and your company will
benefit from my attendance at D2W:

Break new ground — There’s no doubt that your organization’s future success and profitability will depend on its abil-
ity to create compelling applications, content, and video on screens of every size, across operating systems, accessible
from anywhere at any time. This is where you’ll see how it’s already being done, and where you will figure out how to
adapt your own organization’s approach to customer and market demands.

Become more productive — D2W will help you work smarter and faster, starting the very next day. You’ll learn how
to take ideas to market faster through design/development/mobile workflows that support iterative development. On
the 14th, you can even attend hands-on training sessions and learn from real-world case studies of success.

Upgrade your organization’s workflow — The dedicated Design, Develop and Mobile tracks are packed with ses-
sions that directly relate to the work you are doing now and the work you will need to do in the future. Plus, you can sit
down with your manager/boss and pick the sessions that are most applicable to your organization.

Learn from the experts — All D2W sessions and hands-on classes are taught by the best of the best -- the kind of
people you don’t just run into every day, book authors, video authors, leaders in their field. At the same time, you can
hang out in-between sessions and lunch and they can share their years of experience regarding what works and what
doesn’t. We have speakers coming from all over the US, Canada, the UK and 1 even coming from New Zealand.

Bring home best practices — D2W attendees come from organizations all over, from small businesses to Fortune
1000 companies and local nonprofits to large government agencies. That means you’ll be able to exchange ideas and
build one-on-one relationships with people who have dealt with the same challenges our organization is facing and
learn how they tackled those challenges. And when you leave, they’ll be a part of you and your organization’s extend-
ed network.

Bring new visionary energy to your work — You will be exposed to new ways of thinking about our projects and
some of the coolest, boundary-pushing, experimental work out there. So you’ll go home ready to push your own orga-
nization’s boundaries.

Know that it’s worth the investment — The majority of those who attended D2W in 2010 said the event exceeded
their expectations at providing opportunities for learning tips, tricks, and the latest industry and workflow trends. The
hands-on classes are only $295 on the 14th, and are taught by some amazing instructors. The 15-16 are 60 minute
sessions on real world topics and the 2-day conference is $295. As an Early Bird price, the 2-day is $200 and the 3 day
combined package is $445 and will be $550 after April 1. After April 1, speakers & User Group Managers will be the
only ones with discounts available. Otherwise, it will still be super affordable, even for an individual.

There aren’t many places in the midwest to expand your current knowledge and become a true hybrid. There also
aren’t many conferences that explore designer, developer and mobile workflows. Every single session is dedicated to
workflow either between designer/developer or between applications.

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