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Humane Happenings Humane Happenings


									Humane Happenings
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                             Adopted on 2/20/2010
Page 1      Humane Happenings

                           Staying Focused
                   Are we still experiencing a “pet overpopulation problem”? Are animal
                   shelters across the country still receiving too many animals to find them
                   all homes?
                   We at Suncoast Humane Society are asked these questions on a regular                    Executive Director Phil Snyder,
                   basis. Even though we know that open admission humane societies and                            with pal Ruffin.
 Executive Scoop

                   animal service (control) agencies know the answer is YES, we checked
                   with the experts in the field that study the issues.
                   Below are the statistics published by The Humane Society of the United              Board of Trustees
                   States and/or the National Council on Pet Population, Study and Policy,
                   Estimated number of cats and dogs entering shelters each year: 6-8 million            Kathryn Rohrbach
                   Estimated number of cats and dogs euthanized by shelters each year: 3-4 million           President
                   Estimated number of cats and dogs adopted from shelters each year: 3-4 million
                   Estimated number of cats and dogs reclaimed by owners from shelters each year:           David Walker
                   30% of dogs and 2-5% of cats                                                              Secretary
                   Estimated number of animal shelters in the United States: 3,500
                   Estimated percent of dogs in shelters that are purebred: 25%
                                                                                                      William “Steve” Dudley
                   Those astonishing numbers would lead me to believe that there is still a
                   lot of work to be done. Even though some of the numbers have improved
                   over the last 10 years, they are still unacceptable.
                   The solution continues to be, responsible pet ownership, awareness/edu-             Members at Large
                   cation, and spay/neuter. As we move into spring and summer, or puppy
                   and kitten season as we refer to it, Suncoast Humane Society plans to                     Doris Bishop
                   work even harder to improve the numbers. We will offer our low cost
                   spay/neuter, to better assure a reduction in unwanted pets. Our afford-               Thomas E. Carlos,
                   able preventive health care and pet pantry programs continue to keep                    D.V.M., M.S.
                   pets in their homes and prevent them from becoming only statistics at an
                   animal shelter.                                                                          Estelle Dichazi
                   We will continue to make the public aware through our education and
                   outreach programs. Our adoption program will remain aggressive in our                      Connie Ellis
                   quest to find loving homes for healthy, well adjusted animals.
                   We hope you will chose to support our efforts to improve these statistics               Wendy Jankoski
                   and to bring us closer to our mission, “to reduce the numbers of home-
                   less animals and to improve the quality of life.”                                        Nancy Sholley

                                                                                                       Executive Director

                                                                                                          Phillip R. Snyder

                                                                                                          Suncoast Humane Society
                                                                                                       exists to reduce the number of
                                                                                                       homeless animals and improve
                                                                                                     the quality of human & animal life
                                                                                                        through their companionship.
SPRING/SUMMER 2010                                                                     Humane Happenings       Page 2

In the Limelight
                                                                                           Bacco’s Story
      “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals
      are treated.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

      Hi! my name is Bacco and I’m a lovable 2 year old hound mix. My beautiful eyes got me on the cover of
      Humane Happenings, but it’s really my story that will make you melt.

      In February, I was brought to Suncoast Humane Society malnourished and with a lot of pain in my back
      leg and hip. My friends at Suncoast Humane saw that I was limping pretty bad and concluded that it was
      all due to an old injury where I must have been hit by a car.

      That’s when the great folks at Coastal Veterinary Surgical Specialists, Inc. came to the rescue. Dr. Kirsch
      created a new hip joint and cleaned up all the old scar tissue in my leg. Dr. Kirsch and his staff did all this
      for me at no charge!

                                                   Thanks to all the help I’ve received from my new friends, my
                                                   recovery’s going great! The Doc says that it won’t be long until
                                                   I’m good as new, running and playing just like before. The best
                                                   news is that I was adopted to my forever family on February
                                                   20th, and like the saying goes, there’s no place like home.

                                                                                  Love,	Bacco

                                                                           VOLUNTEER CORNER
                                                  We announce with great pleasure that Cheryl Casey has
                                                  accepted the position of Volunteer Manager. The position
                                                  became available when Claire Berten, who successfully headed
                                                  the volunteer program since 2002, accepted the position of
                                                  Director of Outreach and Events. Cheryl joined the Suncoast
                                                  Humane Society Staff, as Customer Service Specialist in August
      Bacco with Cheryl in the Legacy Garden      2008. She was promoted to Customer Service Manager in
                                                  July 2009.

       Before turning her attention to animal care and welfare Cheryl spent over 10 years working as an
       advocate for adults and children with developmental and mental health needs. Executive Director Phil
       Snyder said, “Volunteers are so important to the success of our humane society, Cheryl’s love and
       dedication of people and animals makes her the perfect candidate to assure the continued growth of our
       volunteer program.”

       If you’d like more information on becoming a volunteer at our animal
       care center or with our outreach
       programs, please contact Cheryl at 941-474 7884 or www.humane.

       	 	                     	 We	Love	our	
Page 3   Humane Happenings

    Past Events
                             A sell out crowd listened intently to Professor Harm de Blij’s enlightening presentation
                             on Afghanistan, Pakistan and the future of South Asia recently at the Boca Grande
                             Community Center. The discussion, given by this multi talented man, was not only
                             educational but benefited the programs, services and animals of the Suncoast
                             Humane Society. We thank Professor de Blij for donating the total ticket proceeds of
                             Pictured at left: Professor Harm de Blij, Board President Kathy Rohrbach and Executive Director Phil Snyder

                             The Boca Grande Club was the site of the 2010 Tennis Ball that kicked off the
                             Professional Tennis Exhibition Series. Through the hard work and commitment
                             of the staff, committee members, donors and attendees; this year’s gala raised
                             approximately $30,000! On behalf of all of us here at Suncoast Humane Society,
                             a big thank you to everyone involved!

                                           Members of the Suncoast Humane Society pet therapy team joined the
                                           festivities at the recent Porsches in the Park event held by Suncoast
                                           Porsche of Sarasota. Porsches of every description, color and age adorned
                                           the park each perfectly aligned. Visitors strolled through the many vehicles
                                           and stopped to chat at the Suncoast Humane Society booth.
                                           What a perfect combination, Porsches, & pooches!

                                             Left: Vance Dickenson, Owner of Suncoast Porsche with Pet Therapy team member Patti
                                             Schimkus & Bailey. Right: Margharita Komyati, Exec Assistant to Vance Dickenson visits
                                             with Bailey & Patti.

    Future Events
                                   The Furry Food Drive at Charlotte Sports Park is Saturday, May 8th at 7:05
                                   pm. For $7 per ticket take the family out to watch the Charlotte Stone Crabs
                                   play the Bradenton Marauders. Bring any brand of unopened dog or cat food
                                   to the game & receive a FREE Stone Crabs hat!
                                       WHOEVER BRINGS THE HEAVIEST WEIGHT OF PET FOOD
                                               WINS A COMPLIMENTARY SUITE NIGHT!

                                                         2nd Annual Critter Classic

                                           *RAFFLES* MULLIGANS**$10,000 HOLE IN ONE GRAND PRIZE*
                                                               $85.00 ENTRY FEE includes:

                                                 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES ARE AVAILABLE!

SPRING/SUMMER 2010                                                                                     Humane Happenings          Page 4

Gifts of Love & Remembrance
When you make a donation to Suncoast Humane Society, you can choose to designate your donation in 3 ways: “In Celebra-
tion Of” a birthday or other special occasion, “In Honor Of” someone (including a pet) who means a lot to you & “In Memory Of”
someone you’ve lost. If you wish, we’ll send an acknowledgement to the person of your choice and note your tribute in Humane
Happenings. The following tributes reflect those received between July 1st through December 31st, 2009. Donations recorded
after December 31st, 2009 will appear in the next edition of our newsletter.
In Celebration of...                 In Honor of continued...            In Memory of continued...          In Memory of continued...
All Animals                          Kiki and Abbey                      Betty McClain                      Leo Dalto
Dee Spaeth’s 90th birthday           Larry and Tracy Ivey                Bill Barcalow and Mikey B.         Linda Marsh
Dogs and Cats                        Larry Ivey’s 65th birthday          Bill Grady                         Lloyd Proper
Dolly                                Laura Perreault                     Bismark                            Louie Giordano
Dylan                                Laura Young                         Bobo and Brandi                    Lucy
Evelyn Erickson’s birthday           Leslie Davis (SHS volunteer)        Brandy and Willie                  Lyman Randall
Gia Georgia Chipley’s 2nd birthday   Lillian B. Sims at Christmas 2009   Bruiser                            Major
Good Golly Miss Molly                Lindsey Smith’s birthday            Buster Boo                         Marge O’Brian Moran
Gus – A joy to our lives             Liz Banta                           Cali                               Mary and Mike
Happy dogs                           Lois Lamphere                       Catherine Bartlett and Kirby       Meredith Taylor Averet
In appreciation for Calico/Jack      Mama Mia                            Chardonnay                         Mingo
Ken Hady’s 80th birthday             Marie McFarland                     Charlie                            Miss Penny
Margo Martin                         Max and Zoey                        Charlie- our dog                   Munson
Merlin                               Maxie                               Chuck Stacy                        My Little Man JP and Tiz
Olivia and Oliver                    Millie                              Cinders                            Noreen P. Beister
Pat Swoboda’s birthday               Molly and Rocky                     Cody and Shiloh                    Our beloved Snoopy
Pinot and Nina                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Osborne         Cole                               Paul Marsh
Sadie                                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hicks           Cole Rubinsak                      Pauline E. Dusi
Sandy’s birthday                     Mrs. Becky Sue Horn                 Daisy                              Penne
Savannah Leigh                       Mrs. Poleschner’s Class 2009-10     Daniel Nuttleman                   Pepper
Sophie Silk                          Peanut                              Daniel Young                       Peppi
Tigger                               Princess and Twiggy Gannon          Danielle Hudon                     Pewter
                                     Princess and Precious               David Mathews                      Philip McCarron
In Honor of...                       Putter                                   – our friend and colleague    Phoebe
All my cats                          Red Hat Mama’s of Rotonda West      Dennis                             Pookie Bear
Anastasia Lupas                      Riley Forsch                        Dione Houchins’ beloved mother     Punkin and Brady
Andrea and Chris Smith               Rita, Walt and Molly Willing        Dorothy McDonald                   Robert Didio
Aunt Fran & Uncle Bob Danilison      Rocky                               Dotti Hartzell                     Robert Sharp
Baby                                 Roger and Kaye Rasbury              Edith Polacheck                    Rollo
Baby Fetherman                       Ron Smith and Kathy Rohrbach        Edith Wemett                       Romeo
Bailey Leinbach                      Rudy – my Bichon Frise              Edward Patrick (Pat) Smith III     Rosie
Blu-Ray                              Ruth Adams                          Elmer Goley                        Rusty and Mocha Heil
Bonnie’s birthday                    Sammy and Sassy                     Emmie Lou Hairy                    Sadie
Brenda Kraft                         Sandra Palmer                       Faith Wyer                         Sally Barton
Brutus                               Scotty                              Frank Murbach                      Sam
Callie                               Susan and Bailey Kennedy            Frank Simons                       Sarah Maas
Calvin                               Susan Jackson                       George “Dad” Colwell               Simon Carpentieri
Chancie                              Tara                                Georgette Fenton                   Snickers
Chelsie                              Tank and Chief and Mark and Sam     Georgie Girl                       Snitz
Chloe                                The luckiest cats alive             GiGi and Wishing Star              Susan Jackson
Claire Doyle and Polly Flynn             – Frick, Frack and Caesar       Gracie Beery                       Terry Naletko
CT and T.T.W’s                       The Vantine’s                       Grandma Clark                      Thomas Roach
Diesel                               Tigger                              Helen Coyle                        Thor 1994-2009
Dr. and Mrs. Harm de Blij            Timmy the Bichon Frise              Herman Loschin                     Tia Kary
Dr. Robert Gutierrez and family         on his 5th birthday              Igo Forcheimer                     Tina Lorenzo
Elise’s poodle kittens               Tori and Sassy                      Andre O’Connor                     Tuffy
Ellen Miles                          Twiggy and Princess Gannon              – in loving memory             Vincent Carbonaro
Emma                                 Vinny                               Nancy Plante                       Virginia Painter
Englewood Community Hospital         Wendy Gaynor’s birthday                – in loving memory              Virginia Wilkinson
   Leadership Team                                                       Shelloy Anonich                      & her beloved cats
Foxy Lady                           In Memory of...                         – in loving memory              Vivian L. Centers
Gabbie                              Alice Hoguet, Paul Kruder,           Jack Bender                        Whitlee Jo
Gene and Karin Kraft                   Robert Marmet, & Lyman Randall James Friel                           William A. Walsh, Sr.
Henry – our beloved boy             Allen Walowit                        Jean Anderson                      William Grady
Holly’s 7th birthday                Alma C. Ellis                           – in loving memory              William K. Andors
Honey G                             Angel Didio                          Jean Segur                         William T. Barcalow
Ingrid Simke                        Annie                                Jim Najdl                          Winston
Jacqueline Bilello                   – my shelter poodle 17 great years! Joan Bush                          Zachary Landon
James and Brenda Preston            B.J.                                 JoAnn Smith
Janet and Terry Ross                Bailey                               Joanne Riotto
Jim, Lois, Sadie and Rosie Lamphere Barney                                  – animal lover extraordinaire
John and Judy Barton                Beth Basel                           Judge Garland Howard
Julie, Sadie, Maggy Mae and Peaches                                      Julie Martin
Page 5 Humane Happenings

Success Stories
                 “I wanted to share with you the story of our wonderful dog Munch, a/k/a The Best Dog in
                 the World. When we moved here in 1997, we went down to SHS. He had been at SHS for
                 quite some time, and we wanted him to come home with us.
                 Munch immediately became a member of the family. He swam in our pool everyday, slept
    Munch,       in the bed with us, and gave us the unconditional love that only a dog can give. He even
                 learned NOT to come in through the dog door when he was wet (usually)!
    Blu-Ray      Eventually, Munch got older and lost his eyesight. But that didn’t keep him from getting
                 around just fine. What a sight to see this big old dog, nose to the wind, loving life. In
      and        September 2008, however, Munch was diagnosed with cancer.
                 Munch defied the odds until January 18 of this year. Blessedly, he had an outstanding quality
      T.D.       of life, right up until the end, and we were able to be there with him at
                 the end, petting him and telling him just how wonderful he was.
    are just     Although we are still very sad and miss our sweet puppy very much, we
                 are aware what a gift it has been to have him in our lives. Please
  three of our   consider this a “thank you” to SHS for allowing us to have this special,
                 loving angel in our home and our hearts. When the time comes that
 many adoption we are once again ready to welcome another furry face into our home,
                 we will be there again to bring home one of the many wonderful ani-
Success Stories. mals whose lives are saved each day by SHS.” Very	truly	yours,	Mary	Ann	Floyd

 Visit our website     “On Nov. 21, 2009, my husband & I went to your shelter and adopted not one, but two of
                       your sweet cats. I adopted “Fantasia” (now renamed, “Blu-Ray” because of his one blue           eye and one yellow (like a sunray)) - and my husband became smitten with a little kitten
                       there, named, “Dusty” - he renamed him, “T.D.” (short for “Touchdown” since he is a huge
      to read          football fan). We are totally insane about both of them! And they are totally happy and
                       content! I only wish we could adopt all of them!”
  about more.
                                 Sincerely,	Joan	&	Francis	Lynch

Vet’s Voice
                                              PEOPLE WITH PETS TEND TO BE HEALTHIER
                                              Pet owners have healthier hearts and lower stress levels
                                              than those who don’t have animals, according to the
                                              National Institute of Health. And a study in The Journal of
                                              the American Medical Association reports that kids exposed
                                              to two or more dogs or cats in the first year of life are actu-
                                              ally less likely to develop allergies. Researchers think kids
                                              who have animals in the house are probably exposed to
                                              higher levels of endotoxins- bacteria commonly found in the
                                              mouths of cats and dogs. It’s believed that exposure to
                                              endotoxins causes the developing immune system to
                                              become more resistant to allergens.

                                              To keep YOUR pet healthy, Suncoast Humane Society offers
                                              many low cost programs and services. To learn more call us
       Our veterinarian, Dr. Randy Hitesman
                                              at 941-474-7884 or visit us on the web at
SPRING/SUMMER 2010                                                                             Humane Happenings Page 6

       Thrift Store News
          Our Thrift Stores have proven to be not only a major source of income, benefiting our programs &
          animals, they are also providing a great variety of quality
          household and other usable items for bargain shoppers
          during these tough economic times. They have come a
          long way since our first store opened in 2000
          at the Rialto Shopping Center, in Venice.
          Additional stores were opened in North Port (2008) and
          Englewood (2009). Each store is staffed with a manager
          and dozens of wonderful volunteers. The requests for a pick up and delivery service, combined with the
          success of the stores prompted us to purchase a 16’ box truck to allow the handling of larger items and
          heavier loads. Two part time drivers along with volunteers keep our merchandise moving. We are in the
          process of expanding our stores in Venice and Englewood to allow room for furniture and other larger
          COURSE THOSE SHOPPING FOR GREAT DEALS ON QUALITY ITEMS. Please consider the animals and
          Suncoast Humane Society when you have merchandise or items you no longer have a use for. Your
          donation will become someone else’s treasure and just think of how great it will feel to have helped your
          fellow neighbors, both two and four legged.
          You can purchase hats, mugs, shirts, collars, leashes and so much more at our “Shop Humane” boutique
          located within our shelter at 6781 San Casa Drive, Englewood.

          For Thrift Store locations and hours, please call or visit us on the web at

       Pet Calendar          Think you’re pet has what it takes to be the next face of the
                             2011 Suncoast Humane Society Pet Calendar?
                                  For official Rules and Regulations, call 941-474-7884
                                      or visit us on the web at
                                           2011 Pet Calendar
                                        Photo Contest Entry Form
                                            DEADLINE TO SUBMIT IS July 2, 2010
       YOUR Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
       Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
       City/State/Zip: __________________________________________________________________________
       Phone:________________________ Email:__________________________________________________
       PET’S Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
       __I am enclosing a check payable to Suncoast Humane Society
       __ Please charge my credit card. __ VISA __ MASTERCARD ___ DISCOVER
       Card # _______________________________________________ Exp. Date: _______________________
       Signature: _______________________________________________________________

               Qty.                     Description                               Unit Price                Total

                                   Photo Entry or Entries                          $25.00

                                  Additional 2011Calendars                          $5.00


                                                                   Shipping ($3.95 each)

                                                                   Balance Due:

       Submissions may be mailed to: Suncoast Humane Society Photo Contest
                                      6781 San Casa Drive
                                      Englewwod, FL 34224
       Digital submissions may be emailed to:
                                A copy of the official registration (CH5561) and financial information may be obtained from   NON-PROFIT ORG
                                  the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free: 1-800-435-7352, within the State
                                 of Florida. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the        U.S. POSTAGE
                                                     State. 100% of all contributions go directly to SHS.                          PAID
                                                                                                                               MANASOTA FL
                                                                                                                               PERMIT # 785

      6781 San Casa Drive
     Englewood, FL 34224
 941-474-7884 • 941-475-3877

                          Top Row: Cleopatra Smith (alumnus), Sienna Ciullo (alumnus),
                          Sophie Rose Goodrich, Kit Kat Peterson (center), Honey Smith (alumnus),

  P                       Romeo Ernest (alumnus), Tiggie Moser

                          Bottom Row: Katie Paufve, Savannah Leigh Low, Les Cremard,
                          Vacate Heinrich, Dolly Corn (alumnus), Tabitha Darby (alumnus)

  E            __Yes! Make my pet a member of the Suncoast Humane Society Pet Club!
                  (Minimum donation of $5. Please be sure to include a photo!)
               __Yes! Make ME a member too! Accept my donation of _$25 _$50 _$75 _$100
  T                              Total donation amount $_____________
               __ Enclosed is my check made payable to Suncoast Humane Society
               __ Please charge my __ VISA __Mastercard __Discover
               Credit Card #: ____________________________________ Exp. Date: _________
               Name as it appears on card: ___________________________________________
               Signature: __________________________________________________________
  C            Your Pet’s Name: ____________________________________________________
               Suncoast Humane Society Alumnus? __ YES __ NO
  L            Your Name: _________________________________________________________
               Address: ___________________________________________________________
  U            City: ________________ State: _________ Zip Code: _______________________
                       Phone: ___________________ Email: _____________________________

  B                                                                            Thank you to Englewood Community Hospital
                                                                               for their gracious print donation of the Spring/
                                                                               Summer 2010 edition of Humane Happenings!

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