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further research methods _psychology



Module Title:                                          Code: 15186/15188
Further Research Methods – Semester 1

Level: 2                         Credit Value: 20      Semester(s) in which to be offered: 1

Existing/new                     Title of Module being replaced        With effect from:
(delete as applicable):          (if any):

Originating School:              Module Co-ordinator(s)
CHSSC                            Simon Cassidy

Degree scheme(s) in which to be offered:

Psychology single & joint honours programmes.
Prerequisites:                   Co-requisites: None                   Post-requisites: None
Psychological Skills 1 & 2/
Introduction to Research

Total learning hours: 200        Percentage by Schools other than originating School
                                 (Please name other Schools):

Aim of Module:
    To introduce students to advanced principles of both quantitative and qualitative and
        research design
    To introduce students to advanced methods of data analysis
    To introduce students to methods computer-based data handling analysis

Intended learning outcomes:

      Knowledge and Understanding
      Awareness of the philosophical differences between quantitative and qualitative
     Ability to use computer software to handle and analyse data
     Appreciation of the process of defining, developing, conducting and reporting research

        Key Skills
        Communication - oral and written
        Application of number
        Working with others
        Problem Solving
        Managing own learning
        Information technology
(please indicate the number of exams, practicals, orals etc to be held, and what each piece of
assessment is marked out of if not 100):

                                   Number:              Duration:            Marked out of:
Continuous Assessment                2                                           100

Learning and teaching methods:
Lectures, seminars, directed study, private Study
Syllabus outline:
     Quantitative and qualitative approaches to research
     Analysing quantitative and qualitative data
     Reporting quantitive and qualitative data
     Computer based data analysis
     Inferential statistical analysis
     Developing and validating questionnaires and scales
     Evaluating and writing research proposals
     Conducting systematic literature reviews
Key texts:

Bannister, P., et al (1999); Qualitative Methods in Psychology – A Research Guide: OUP

Bonnett, A; (2001); How to Argue; Prentice Hall.

Bryman, A; Cramer, D; (1997); Quantitative Data Analysis with SPSS for Windows Routledge

Clegg, F; (1982); Simple Statistics: Cambridge Uni. Press

Cresswell, J.W; (1994); Research Design: Qualitative & Quantitative Approaches; Sage

Dancy, C. & Reidy, J; (2003); Statistics Without Maths for Psychology – Using SPSS for Windows.

Denscombe, M; (1998); The Good Research Guide: OUP

Field, A. & Hole, G; (2003); How to Design & report Experiments; Sage

Howitt, D & Cramer, D; (2001); A Guide to Computing Statistics – with SPSS for Windows; Prentice

Maykut, P. and Morehouse, R. (1994); Beginning Qualitative Research: Falmer Press

Oppenheim, A.N; (1992); Questionnaire Design, Interviewing and Attitude Measurement, Pinter

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