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					                                                                                                                                November 2006

                                                                                                • Spotlight: Keyboard MK06
                                                                                                • Market Focus: WEY in Sydney
                                                                                                • Technical Insight: Optical Fibre
                                                                                                • About us: Our subsidiary in Moscow

Dear Readers,                                   PRISM customers rely on WEY
Our current situation could not be bet-         In 2004, REUTERS decided to withdraw            teed hardware and software support over
ter described than with the words:              from the niche market for video switching.      the coming years and thus receive high
“Our path leads to the customer”.               Thanks to impressive references and top         quality investment protection for their infra-
About twenty years ago, when Hubert             quality products and services, WEY              structure. On the other hand, WEY Tech-
Wey was establishing his firm of WEY
                                                Technology was selected as the new stra-        nology is also definitely the right partner for
Elektronik AG, he could scarcely have
                                                tegic partner to service the total of 150       further technical developments and new,
imagined that his company would one
day become the market leader in the             PRISM Video Switch customers in the             innovative trading room solutions.
field of trading room systems.                  future. Since the announcement of this
                                                cooperation, around 100 former REUTERS
One important strategic step in this direc-     customers are now being serviced directly
tion was also the contract which he entered     by WEY. The goal is to enter into
into with the REUTERS company. It is our        partnership arrangements with all PRISM
ambitious goal to take over all the PRISM
                                                customers in more than 30 countries by
systems of REUTERS by the end of 2006.
                                                the end of 2006.
Today the WEY Group is a global player
operating successfully in the newly emer-       At the beginning of this year, WEY
ging markets such as those of the Far East,     Technology assumed sole responsibility or
and also in the United States, Germany,         software and hardware support for the
Great Britain and other countries all over      existing PRISM product range. In addition,
the world.                                      extensive stocks of system components
                                                and keyboards were established in Zurich
I would like to take this opportunity to
welcome the new members to the WEY              and the regional support centres.
Group. Our new branches in France,
Australia, Taiwan, Singapore and Russia         In order to provide the necessary local         Our present position as market and
have all been established during the past       service for the now much larger geo-            innovation leader in the areas of Desktop
two years. They have greatly improved           graphical customer base, WEY Tech-              Integration, Switching Systems and Re-
our market presence and our network of          nology opened additional regional sales         mote Solutions also brings its own
services, and we are now able to serve our
                                                and service offices – in Moscow, Sydney,        responsibilities. As a Swiss company with
valued customers even more successfully,
                                                Singapore and Taipei. Further branch            our own highly specialised development
precisely and quickly.
                                                offices are planned. In other locations,        department it is our desire to provide you
We are marching along our chosen path           strategic alliances and local support           with excellent, unrivalled top quality
with confidence and pleasure, planning          partnerships were concluded with leading        products and complete solutions – today
new, innovative products and a further          services companies.                             and in the future. We guarantee a first
extension of our market presence. Our path                                                      class service to all our customers. Any
always leads to the customer. Our goal is to    We can state with a little pride that the re-   time, any place, around the clock.
offer you top quality services in all areas –
                                                actions and feedback from our new custo-
now and in the future.
                                                mers overall has been very positive. All
Yours faithfully,                               customers welcome WEY’s expertise and
Armin Klingler                                  commitment. On the one hand, they natu-
Managing Director                               rally benefit from the contractually guaran-

Multifunctional MK06 Keyboard
with Colour Display from WEY
State of the art, multifunctional key-     Banking & Insurance Fair (EBIF) in
board (for up to 8 workstations) with      Frankfurt in 2005. It has now been
colour display for expanded, individual    released for sale.
information, alarm messages and
video signals.                             Immediately noticeable on the new
                                           MK06 keyboard is the new large colour         DVI-Remote
After just 10 years and 22‘000 installed   display. This allows softkey functions
units, the world’s most successful         (layers), alarm messages (e.g. REU-           The Quad DVI-Remote has been
multifunctional keyboard – the HK2000 –    TERS dealing) and further personal-           enhanced since it first came on the
has been completely reworked. The          ised information to be shown directly.        market and now also supports USB 2.0.
                                           Even broadcasts and pictures from a           Up to four video signals (digital DVI-D/
                                           TV tuner or other multimedia device           analogue VGA) and two USB 2.0 chan-
                                           can be displayed. New surface coat-           nels can be transmitted over a single
                                           ing technologies allow special pat-
                                           terns and colours on request. The
                                           internal electronics and control logic
                                           have also been completely updated.
                                           A variety of interfaces such as USB,
                                           PS2 or RS232/423 and Ethernet allow
                                           flexible integration into diverse operating
prototype of the new MK06 keyboard         environments. A connection for Video
was introduced to the market at large      Switches is also available.
for the first time at the European
                                                                                         mode fibre. Also newly available is a
                                                                                         dual solution with 2xDVI/1xUSB over
                                                                                         a single mode fibre or two multimode
Legal Notice                                                                             fibres (OM3). Due to digital signal trans-
Publisher:     WEY Technology AG                                                         mission, brilliant picture quality with no
               Industriestrasse 11                                                       requirement for adjustment or setting is
               CH-6343 Rotkreuz
                                                                                         automatically guaranteed.
Editor:        WEY Technology, J. Kral
Circulation:   approx. 1’000 copies,
               published twice annually
Printed by:    Ebnöther Joos AG,
               Langnau a.A.
                                                         MARKET FOCUS

Growing Market:
WEY Technology Asia Pacific
In April 2004 WEY Technology es-             The future prospects for the coming         Sydney Headquarters:
tablished its Asia Pacific headquar-         years are also looking very bright. In
ters in Sydney, Australia. This was a        order to intensify efforts in the growing   The Perfect Location.
landmark decision for WEY. It was a          market and physically service the con-
                                                                                         The Asia-Pacific headquarters of WEY
decision based on the opportunity to         stantly growing number of customers
                                                                                         in Sydney can be found in the heart of
grow the business through a dedicat-         through a local presence, WEY Technol-
                                                                                         the financial quarter, just a few minutes
ed branch office in the Asia-Pacific         ogy last year established new branch
                                                                                         walk from the major trading floors. Its
region to coincide with the economic         offices in Singapore and Taiwan. In ad-
                                                                                         close proximity to the Circular Quay and
upturn in Asia.                              dition, WEY formed strategic alliances
                                                                                         the Opera House makes this one of the
                                             with IBM, Hewlett Packard and Antara
                                                                                         most sought-after locations in the city.
After years of strong growth, the Asian      for the Asiatic region (Taiwan and Indo-
                                                                                         Add perfect ferry connections and the
countries were confronted by a sudden        nesia). As a result, comprehensive tech-
                                                                                         fact that Sydney with its sunny weather
fall into deep recession at the end of the   nical support for WEY Technology cus-
                                                                                         belongs to the most attractive natural
1990’s. The international capital markets    tomers is also guaranteed.
                                                                                         harbours in the world and you get an
reacted with their customary severity.
                                                                                         idea of the advantages that this location
The countries most affected were Indo-
                                             The central tasks for WEY in the Asia-      offers for our business – not to forget our
nesia, South Korea and Thailand.
                                             Pacific region include the establishment    employees.
                                             of sustainable business partnerships
The crisis-hit region began to recover at    with its customers and the further ex-
                                                                                         Geographically the Asia Pacific region
the start of the new millennium and the      pansion of business activities in the en-
                                                                                         is unique from the standpoint of its
economic upturn became increasingly          tire area. The market and number of
                                                                                         population base, linguistic and cultural
more evident. Consequently, WEY Tech-        customers have both grown strongly
                                                                                         diversity and vast territory. This makes
nology accelerated its programme of          over the last three years, especially in
                                                                                         the opportunity for WEY Technology
growth in this region. Equally, with the     Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, In-
                                                                                         both challenging and exciting. Cost-con-
announcement in June 2004 of a global        dia and Korea. Particularly attuned to
                                                                                         scious clients are increasingly demand-
alliance between REUTERS and WEY             the needs of customers in the banking
                                                                                         ing higher quality and service from the
there was a need to better serve the in-     sector, WEY Technology is also poised
                                                                                         products they use. And that’s the way
terests of banking clients in the Asia-      to make its mark in these countries as a
                                                                                         it should be. Because WEY offers you
Pacific region with a physical presence.     global supplier of workstations and com-
                                                                                         top quality, leading-edge technology –
                                             plete solutions for trading rooms.

                                                                                         Visit us for further information:
Technical Background: Optical Fibre
Since the introduction to the market          Optical Fibre                                Despite the various other types of disper-
in 2001 of our unique WEY-DVI re-                                                          sion, scattering losses and absorption,
mote transmission network, which              Two different types of optical fibre are     which dampen the transmitted signals,
allows DVI connections and USB de-            used for optical signal transmission:        bandwidths of 100 Gbit and damping
vices to transmit over a number of            multimode and single-mode. A multi-          values of under 5%/km are achieved.
kilometres by means of only one op-           mode fibre allows many light propaga-
tical fibre, we have increasingly been        tion paths (modes), while a single-mode      The optical fibre guides the light laun-
asked for guidelines for the design of        fibre allows only one light path. In mul-    ched into the fibre core (Figure 1). The
structured optical cabling.                   timode fibre, the time it takes for light    cladding is a layer of material that sur-
                                              to travel through a fibre is different for   rounds the core. When the light laun-
Meanwhile, the 10 Gigabit Ethernet            each mode, resulting in a spreading of       ched into the core strikes the cladding,
(10GbE) standard is progressively being       the pulse at the output of the fibre which   the light is reflected from the core-to-
introduced into more and more compa-          is referred to as intermodal dispersion.     cladding interface.
ny networks and, as both require a si-        This is the most important factor for
milar bandwidth, it makes sense to take       bandwidth limitation on multimode fibre.     To confine light within the core of an op-
an all-inclusive view. Due to high data                                                    tical fibre, the index of refraction for the
throughput and respectively high data                                                      cladding (n1) must be less than the in-
rates, specific fibre-optic effects such as                                                dex of refraction for the core (n2).
intermodal or chromatic dispersion (but
also other effects) restrict the maximum                                                              Cladding (n1)
transmission distance and the charac-
teristics of optical fibre are posing new
challenges to network designers.
                                                                                                 Core (n2)

                                                                              Light Ray
                                                                                                                      Cladding (n1)

                                                                                           Figure 1
                            TECHNICAL INSIGHT
Single Mode Fibre                            At European level these are primarily     At transmission speeds up to 622 Mbps
                                             ETSI (European Telecommunication          (OC-12/STM-4) multimode fibre can be
Fibres are classified by their core and      Standard Institute) and CENELEC (Co-      driven with a light emitting diode (LED).
cladding dimensions. Multimode fibres        mité Européen de Normalisation Elec-
have core dimensions from 50 to 62.5         trotechnique). Worldwide the main rele-   However, beyond those speeds an LED
microns and single-mode fibres have a        vant bodies are as follows:               can’t turn on and off fast enough and
core dimension of 9 microns. The clad-                                                 therefore a laser source is required.
ding diameter of all fibre types mentio-     • ISO (International Organization
ned is125 microns.                             for Standardization)                    To address the operating range concern,
                                             • IEC (International Electrotechnical     a new multimode fibre specification has
A single-mode fibre, having a single pro-      Commission)                             been created for 10GbE to achieve mul-
pagation mode and therefore no inter-        • TIA (Telecommunications Industry        timode fibre operating distances of 300
modal dispersion, has higher bandwidth         Association)                            m (see TIA/EIA-568 and ISO/IEC 11801
and thus can bridge longer distances.        • ITU (International Telecommunication    cabling standards).
Consequently, long distance data com-          Union)
munications applications almost exclusi-
vely use single-mode fibre.

However, multimode fibre is often used       Multimode Fibre                           This new 50/125 micron fibre is referred
in buildings as the smaller core diameter                                              to by some manufacturers as “10 Giga-
of single-mode fibre increases the diffi-    Fibre information carrying capacity is    bit Ethernet multimode fibre” and is opti-
culty in coupling sufficient optical power   typically rated in terms of a bandwidth   mised for an 850 nm laser, has an effec-
into the fibre. Higher bandwidths in net-    length product (MHz*km), which can be     tive modal bandwidth of 2000 MHz*km
works and improved production proce-         used to determine how far a system can    and is detailed in TIA-492AAAC.
dures increasingly facilitate the use of     operate at what bit rate (e.g., 1 Gbps
single-mode fibre in cabling within buil-    or 10 Gbps). Naturally, as transmission   The alternative to this is to use a single-
dings. A number of international organi-     speed goes up, for a given modal band-    mode fibre.
sations are involved in the definition of    width, the distance that the signal can
optical fibre standards and issue recom-     travel is reduced.
mendations and specifications.

                                                                                            Desktop Integration
                                                                                          Video Switch Systems
                                                                                              Remote Solutions

 Good News for Traders.
 It’s all about your success.
 To get ahead and succeed in financial and raw mate-              For this purpose, an additional 24 programmable hotkeys
 rials trading you need knowledge of information and              and individually configured keypad modules are available
 fast reaction speeds. A unique new trading tool is now           for faster, simplified operation. All this brings relevant be-
 available for this purpose. The innovative MK06 tra-             nefits to your work. As you can see, it’s all about conveni-
 ding keyboard.                                                   ence, speed and success in the market – your success.

 Quite simply, it gets you to the market faster. Important data
 and information (even TV broadcasts and news tickers)
 are shown directly on the large keyboard colour display.
 In addition, the MK06 keyboard allows you to control up
 to 8 workstations and all necessary software applications
 easily and conveniently.

                                                                  Interested in trying out the new MK06 keyboard? Then
                                                                  give us a call now. We promise that you will work faster
                                                                  and more efficiently.

 WEY Technology AG, Industriestrasse 11, CH-6343 Rotkreuz, Tel. +41 41 798 20 48,
                                                                                  ABOUT US
A New Market – our Subsidiary in Moscow
At the end of 2005 WEY Technology            We are also leveraging on our exis-        Prospects
LLC set up its headquarters in Mos-          ting partnerships with well known local
cow and the WEY Group thus esta-             companies servicing the same custo-        Our main target is to complete the sup-
blished its presence and started its         mer groups but from different points of    port transfer process by the end of this
new operation in Russia. This move           view, such as specialist trading desks,    year in order to continue technical sup-
was designed to expand WEY activi-           trading floor cabling, dealing room te-    port for the existing clients of PRISM+
ties further to Russia and the former        lephony and other professional ser-        systems, in accordance with the busi-
CIS countries, and was prompted by           vice providers for the banking industry.   ness decision to move all services from
a number of contributing factors:            Together with our partners we are in a     REUTERS to WEY Technology. In addi-
                                             position to provide well thought-out and   tion to our technical support, clients will
•   Russia’s growing economy                 truly cohesive solutions with a clear      obtain direct access to WEY Technology
•   Political stability over recent years    focus on customer needs.                   Trading Solutions.
•   Sovereign investment ratings
•   More foreign and domestic

Our Business Activities
In terms of the evident local changes,
we see a significant number of banks
who have considerably expanded their
business and are on the move to new

This unique situation creates an exciting
opportunity to sell the best of the WEY
technology and skills. These will enab-
le our customers to build lean, efficient,
modern and well-organised trading floor
solutions for treasury and dealing room

We are in a fortunate position and can
address both individual and very speci-
                                                                                        We are determined to build up our re-
fic customer needs – to remove exces-
                                                                                        gional support, to streamline all delive-
sive hardware from a trader’s desk, for
                                                                                        ry procedures, to complete our existing
example – and to find exactly the right
                                                                                        projects, and to lay the groundwork for
solution. At the same time we are able
                                                                                        new and prospective installations of our
to offer a comprehensive hardware inte-
gration platform for centralised content
management and distribution for those
                                                                                        We are optimistic about the prospects
clients seeking to benefit from a larger-
                                                                                        for growth of the WEY operation here in
scale technical system.
                                                                                        Russia and beyond, and the feedback
                                                                                        that we continuously receive from our
                                                                                        customers indicates quite clearly that
                                                                                        we are on the right track.
Headquarters Switzerland   United Kingdom            USA
WEY Technology AG          WEY Technology Ltd.       WEY Technology Inc.
Industriestrasse 11        Research House            8 East 36th Street
CH-6343 Rotkreuz           Fraser Road               5th Floor
Phone +41 41 798 20 48     UK - Middlesex UB6 7AQ    New York NY 10016         Phone +44 208 997 85 88   USA
                             Phone +1 212 532 3299
Sales, Development,                        
Production                 France
WEY Elektronik AG          WEY Technology S.a.r.l.   Australia (Asia-Pacific)
Dorfstrasse 57             62, rue des Binelles      WEY Technology Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
CH-8103 Unterengstringen   F-92310 Sevres            Level 4, 9-13 Young Street
Phone +41 44 751 89 89     France                    AU - Sydney 2000         Phone +33 155 641 034     Australia
                             Phone +612 9251 7113

                                                     Additional branch offices:
                                                     Austria, Germany, Italy,
                                                     Russia, Singapore, Taiwan

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