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					 Master of Science (MSc) in Analytical Chemistry

(One-year Full-time or Two-year Part-time)                           Structure of the Programme
Dr. Martin M. F. CHOI, Programme Director,                           This programme is offered by the Department of Chemistry
                                                                     to candidates in both full-time and part-time modes. For part-
MSc in Analytical Chemistry                                          time programme, students are required to spend two evenings
                                                                     (about four hours per week) on lectures and seminars. For full-
                                                                     time programme, students are required to spend four evenings
Aims                                                                 (about eight hours per week) on lectures and seminars. In
(a) To provide an opportunity for further education for              addition, they have to devote one Saturday (for full-time
    working professionals in the field of analytical chemistry       students, one weekday) every alternate week for laboratory
    and related areas.                                               and dissertation. As an integral part of a professional
(b) To offer a programme of study relevant to the needs              training process, each student is also required to complete
    of public and industrial laboratories as well as research        an independent dissertation related to chemical analysis. The
    organisations.                                                   programme normally spans an uninterrupted 12-month period
(c) To ensure graduates have an extensive knowledge and a            for full-time study and 24-month period for part-time study.
    critical understanding of the basic theoretical principles and   In special cases and subject to the approval of the Programme
    applications of modern physico-chemical methods towards          Director, the programme may be taken over a period not
    solving problems of chemical analysis.                           exceeding 24 months for full-time study and 36 months for
                                                                     part-time study from the date of enrolment. The distribution
The programme also provides training in laboratory                   of lectures, laboratory and dissertation hours are as follows:
management, quality assurance, computer applications and
laboratory automation, and helps instil an integrated analytical     For full-time 12-month schedule
mind in students so that they can comfortably assume                             Hour Lecture/          Laboratory
                                                                                                Seminar            Dissertation
supervisory or managerial positions in establishments dealing         Period           Tutorial          Sept-Aug
with chemical analysis or related fields.                             1st Semester        96       4        30          0
                                                                      2nd Semester        72       4        30         100
Admission Requirements                                                Summer                                           100
Applicants should possess:                                            Total              168       8        60         200
(a) a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree with honours in
    chemistry or in physical and life sciences, such as              For part-time 24-month schedule
    biomedical science, biochemistry, environmental science,                     Hour Lecture/         Laboratory
    food science, pharmacology, etc., where a strong emphasis                                  Seminar              Dissertation
                                                                      Period          Tutorial          Sept-Aug
    is placed on analytical techniques and measurements from
                                                                      Year I
    a recognised university or comparable institution; or
                                                                      1st Semester       48       2         30
(b) a qualification deemed to be equivalent.
                                                                      2nd Semester       48       2     (inclusive)
Applicants who do not possess a formal degree qualification           Summer                                             60
but have substantial documented relevant working experience           Year II
in analytical chemistry may be considered.                            1st Semester       48       2         30
                                                                      2nd Semester       24       2                     140#
                                                                      Total             168       8        60*          200
                                                                                                                  Faculty of Science 69
     *   The number represents actual hours in the laboratory;
         students are expected to spend about an additional 50 per
         cent of the time in preparatory work and report writing.
                                                                      Master of Science (MSc) in
     #   Including summer                                             Environmental and Public
     Requirements of the programme are as follows:                    Health Management
     Core Courses                                        23 units
     Analytical Process & Applied Statistics              2 units
     Chemical Instrumentation                             2 units
                                                                      (One-year Full-time or Two-year Part-time)
     Separation Science                                   3 units     Prof. ZHANG Jianhua, Programme Director,
     Analytical Spectroscopy                              2 units     MSc in Environmental and Public Health Management
     Laboratory Management                                2 units
     Advanced Analytical Laboratory                       4 units
     Seminars                                             2 units
     Dissertation                                         6 units     Aims
                                                                      The major objective of the programme is to incorporate
     Elective Courses                                     2 units     management techniques into the technical aspects of
     Any four units of the following courses:                         environmental protection and effective maintenance of a
     Electroanalytical Chemistry                          1 unit      healthy environment using an interdisciplinary approach.
     Surface Analysis                                     1 unit      The programme will focus on sustainable management,
     Sample Pretreatment Methods                          1 unit      environmental health and risk management. In addition
     Environmental Analysis & Monitoring                  1 unit      to the conventional issues of environmental protection,
     Food Safety Analysis                                 2 units     the relationships among economics, regulation and policy,
     Mass Spectrometric Analysis                          1 unit      management techniques, health risk analysis, social and ethical
     Pharmaceutical & Traditional Chinese Medicinal       1 unit      value and environmental conservation will be explored in
       Analysis                                                       detail.
                                                         27 units
                                                                      Admission Requirements
     Students who have satisfactorily completed all the above         Applicants should possess:
     requirements and achieved a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or above      (a) a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or
     will be awarded an MSc Degree in Analytical Chemistry. To            comparable institution in any discipline; or
     be awarded Distinction for the programme, students should        (b) a qualification deemed to be equivalent. Applicants such
     attain a cumulative GPA of 3.70 or above, with no course             as higher diploma holders who do not possess a formal
     grade below B- and no repeated courses. Students attaining           degree qualification, but have substantial documented
     a cumulative GPA between 3.40 and 3.69 will be awarded               relevant working experience in environmental management
     Merit. A terminal postgraduate diploma may be awarded to             (normally 3 years above) may be considered. Applicants
     those who have completed all the course work and attained a          may be required to prove their language ability in English
     cumulative GPA of 2.50 or above with all courses scoring grade       by means of interviews and/or written examination
     C- or above (excluding Dissertation), but have not completed         or, for those not available in Hong Kong, by means of
     a satisfactory Dissertation within the normal study period for       performance on acceptable language indicators such as
     some reasons deemed acceptable by the Programme Board.               having a TOEFL score of at least 550 (paper-based test)
                                                                          or 213 (computer-based test), IELTS score of at least 6.5
                                                                          (academic) or the Member of Institute of Linguists (MIL)

70 Faculty of Science

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