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					Fuente: Microsoft, Developer SonyEricsson and SymbianOne
Reseña: Una recopilación de dos tenologías de base de datos para celulares: SQL Server Compaq
Edition y Mime.
Opinión: Es una muy concisa introducción a ambas tecnologías.
Relevancia: No aplica.

SQL Server Compaq Edition

Mimer SQL Mobile for Symbian

        Mimer SQL Mobile for Symbian is implemented as a standard Symbian server component.
This allows several applications to access data simultaneously. In addition, Mimer SQL Mobile can
serve data to applications running on remote devices. A remote device connected through the
mobile network, over WiFi, or even Bluetooth can (when it has suitable security credentials) query
a database.

      Mimer SQL Mobile is also available for Windows Mobile, Linux, and a number of features

       Do you develop software solutions for cellular phones, PDAs or other mobile devices?

       Do you need:

             multi user data access?
             a zero-maintenance run-time environment?
             transaction control and recovery?
             full SQL including procedures and triggers?
             standard interfaces (ODBC, .NET, C++, Java)?
       Yes? Then take a good look at Mimer SQL Mobile!

       Mimer SQL Mobile is a small footprint relational DBMS for cellular phones, PDAs and
other mobile devices.

       Despite its small footprint, Mimer SQL Mobile has support for standard SQL in multi-user
mode. Data stored in a Mimer SQL Mobile database is reduced significantly in size using
exceptionally efficient compression techniques. And, Mimer SQL Mobile’s well-proven, efficient
and self-tuning DBMS kernel gives you a zero maintenance run-time environment.

        By incorporating a complete DBMS in your mobile device, you get an open architecture
with flexible database access. You can have parallel applications on your mobile device accessing
the same database, but remote clients can also access your mobile database.

       Of course, your device can also be used as a client to access other Mimer SQL databases.
This gives your mobile database unique connectivity and openness! All this is achieved through
open, standardized interfaces making it possible to reuse your applications and skills.

       Mimer SQL Mobile comes fully equipped with its own development environment which you
can use on your PC or workstation to develop and even emulate your mobile application.

       Mimer Information Technology licenses Mimer SQL Mobile using an aggressive volume
discount model.

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