Inner City Health in America by wuyunyi


									                                                                                                                                                                               Inner City Health in America
                                                                                                                                                                                                             by ELLEN HALL
                                                                                                                                                                                        "Racism and economic exclusion confine a heavily
                                                                                                                                                                                        minority class of Americans to malignant environ-
                                                                                                                                                                                        ments where pollutants converge and magnify each
                                                                                                                                                                                       other's harm insidiously. "
                                                                                                                                                                                                         -From the Preface by Vernon Jordan
                                                                                                                                                                                          " . a 60-page document on the special, harsh impact
                                                                                                                                                                                       of environmental problems on inner city poor people
                                                                                                                                                                                       and minorities. Data illustrate the points, and the
                                                                                                                                                                                       discussion of hypertension is particularly useful in
                                                                                                                                                                                       explaining cause and responsibility. "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Health Law Newsletter
                                                                                                                                                                               The inner city is the most hazardous of residential environments. The
                                                                                                                                                                               resulting health problems of low income, urban minorities are com-
                                                                                                                                                                               pounded by inadequate access to medical care and by racial and ethnic
                                                                                                                                                                               discrimination and its subsequent psychological, social, and economic
                                                                                                                                                                               stresses. Thus it is critical to understand the social/environmental con-
                                                                                                                                                                               text in which these health problems occur.
                                                                                                                                                                               INNER CITY HEALTH IN AMERICA examines the environmental and
                                                                                                                                                                               occupational health problems of low income, urban minorities and sets
                                                                                                                                                                               forth strategies for change.
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    Amrican                Journal        of    Public    Health                                                                    1         10-5-79
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    1015 Fifteenth Street, NW, W"hington, DC 20005
    *em                ahave
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Health Guide

    American Public Health Asen., 1015 Fifteenth St.,                                                         NW, Washington, DC                   20005                                                                                             for Travellers
    IDITOII (N.             W Add-_)
    Alfred Yankauer, HD, MPt, 1015 Fifteenth St., NW, Washington, DC 20005
    ;A1111111G IIDITO0. (N- W Add-)
    Willime H. McBeath, MD, MPH, 1015 Fifteenth St., NW, Washington, DC 20005
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     to Warm Climates
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                                                                                                                                    hra'rea    dd dr t             tHee udf    .l

                                                                                                                                                                                                             1       ~~~~~~~~~~3
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Second Edition (1979)
    American Public Health Association                                                            1015 15th St., hashington, DC 20005
                                                                                                               NW, a

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     0.FOR COMPLETION BY NONPROFIT ORG...Z.T.O.S ..T....- T. -I - -1-1 -1r. ..- 1-11 III -

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         1.            EXTENT AND NATURE OF CIRCULATION                                           ISSUE DURING PRECSE DCIN                  ISSUE PUBLIsH ED NSEOARESTTO
                                                                                                         12 MONTHIS                                 FILING DATE                                   The second edition of the Health Guide for Travellers to Warm Climates,
          ^ TOTAL   1.0.   C*-@ES                (N.t P-l"E
                                                         R-)                                                36,800                                 38,000                                         published by the Canadian Public Health Association, is designed to acquaint
          1. ^LS-TH-.0.6. DCA-gl .D                      A..@X...S.             X                                0                                          0                                     the individual with the precautions needed before travelling to, and while in hot
                                                                                                                                                                                                  climates. It is a valuable resource publication that can be used by doctors, nurses,
          Z.   MA-IL *U-SC.11TI02                                                                           34,100                                 34,500                                         health educators and other members of the health profession who counsel
    C. TaTAL CatCaLaT1O. a
       a     t           10a 1
                         (S..                                          a
                                                                      B20a a                                34,100                                 34,500                                         intending travellers to the tropics and subtropics.
     D.        ...cDlT...T.O.
               .-.4S. .1                      MAL. CA....
                                                 .a,   aaa..DR OT... M.-
                                                             rI.. cOtIS                                        200                                        250
                                                                                                                                                                                                  In addition to information on proper clothing, how to avoid food, water and
                                                                                                                                                                                                  insect-borne diseases, there is a chapter on various medical problems including
       TOTAL D.ST,..T.O (S.. ofC -d DJ                                                                      34 300                                 34, 750                                        stings and bites. Yellow-fever Vaccination Centres in Canada are listed and an
    r. Co.z .0T1,
           as           TS                                                                                                                                                                        index to countries and regions is provided at the back of the Guide which enables
         11C. u. Lrt- ... ..AlCCOU.T... SP90
          orr.cs                                                                                            2,500                                   3,250
                                                                                                                                                                                                  the reader to easily identify what immunizations are needed for any part of the
         L -.TU..                        -S   AG-lS                                                              0                                          0                                     world and which countries or areas are malaria-free or have malaria risks.
~                      TOTA) th
                                    .tt.t _P."'
           I certify that the statements

                                                                          by me
                                                                                                            36, 3S                                        000
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Copies of the Guide are available from Canadian Public Health Association, 1335
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Carling, Suite 210, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1Z 8N8 Tel.: (613) 725-3769 as
           abve we correct and complete.
                                                                         oo-          tzle         .
                                                                                                        o     wxeH<
                                                                                                            IJ¢ffon 1J2. 121, rO.s sfr X nWI)
                                                                                                                                                   bli"      i                                    follows:
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Single copies   -   $2.50 each         50-100 copies   -   $2.25 each
     39 U S. C. 36211 Pk. 1r plr1- p- ''N. Vn-w                                wto .-Id         h- b-n *-nd to -Nl      -w r ud. f-a -I.. 4359 of fMh 11t
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                          h.,. Pr-ned -d hi.                                          ..i        fil-       -tlonkhbh.n.     *1- nwifs ke-ew
                                                                                                                                    d. .,ta rq- f., p-i.Ion                                                                      101 and over   -   $2.00 each
         In_od_           fthb Ph o-d         lhk -.              hwr b         rw          prmIWon          -11l%. pbleklon nd l. 1-                      ph_ hd P_-P
                      -hP-t..brdd bv 39 v. S. C. 3ff26.                                                                                                                                                                            Prepaid Orders Only.
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                   Ae                                                    Uts                CwO

                1 224                                                                                                                                                                                                                AJPH December 1979, Vol. 69, No. 12

                         DEATHS                                  member of various medical scientific, public health, and edu-
                                                                 cation committees and organizations, Dr. Conlin joined
Isidore Altman, LLB, PhD, + Research Professor in Biosta-        APHA in 1947 and was affiliated with the Health Administra-
tistics, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public      tion Section.
 Health, died August 24, 1979, at the age of 66. A memorial
ceremony was held at the University on September 18. Be-         J. Wilfrid Davis, MD, MPH, + retired, resided at 320 Paw-
fore taking up his post at that University, Professor Altman     nee Trail, Maitland, FL. Dr. Davis was formerly Director,
had, since 1971, been Associate Professor of Biostatistics at    Bureau of Communicable Disease, Baltimore City Health
Harvard Medical School. Also, a prior appointment at Uni-        Department. A member of APHA since 1932, he was affiliat-
versity of Pittsburgh spanned the years from 1955 until he       ed with the Health Officers Section earlier, and with the
became Adjunct Professor of Biostatistics in 1970 and ac-        Medical Care Section in recent years.
cepted the Harvard appointment. A prolific contributor to
the literature, he wrote or co-authored over 70 papers on a      Lawrence M. Fisher, DrPH, * retired, who resided at 3135 S.
variety of health-related subjects published in professional     Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL, was a former Sanitary
journals, and co-authored "'Methodology in Evaluating the        Engineer Director, General Sanitation Section, U.S. Public
Quality of Medical Care: An Annotated Selected Bibliogra-        Health Service. He had also served APHA in the capacity of
phy 1955-1961," upated in 1969, University of Pittsburgh         Engineering Field Associate, Engineering Section Project. A
Press. Earlier in his career, he served from 1936 to 1952 as a   member of APHA since 1917, and a fellow, he was affiliated
statistician with the U.S. Public Health Service; with the       with the Environment Section.
Commission on Financing of Hospital Care from 1952-1954;
and with the United Cerebral Palsy Association the follow-       Alfred K. George, MD, * retired and living in Zurich, Switz-
ing year. He received his early academic training at the Col-    erland, died June 4, 1979, at the age of 85. Born in
lege of the City of New York, earning a bachelor and a mas-      Konigsberg, Germany, Dr. George served as an assistant
ter's degree (Education), before graduating from the Wash-       physician during World War I, and as District City Health
ington College of Law in 1937, and then received his doctoral    Officer of Berlin from 1921 to 1933. During 1935-36, he was a
degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1952. Dr. Altman     consultant in public health in Moscow, and from 1939-1963
had also reviewed numerous articles for this Journal over the    was on the faculty of the University of Cincinnati (Ohio),
past several years. A member of APHA since 1943, he was          first as a lecturer in preventive medicine, then assistant pro-
affiliated with the Statistics Section.                          fessor of public health. A fellow of APHA, he became a
                                                                 member in 1938, and was affiliated with the Public Health
John F. Conlin, MD, MPH, * former chief of staff at the          Education Section.
Brockton, Massachusetts Veterans Administration Hospital,
died October 14, 1978 at the age of 70. During his career he     Francis J. Gibson, +, Executive Director of the Nassau-Suf-
had also served as director of City of Boston Hospitals, su-     folk Lung Association in New York, died February 3, 1979.
perintendent of Boston City Hospital, and director of infor-     In 1950 he joined the National Tuberculosis Association pro-
mation and education for the Massachusetts Medical So-           gram, working as a field representative and health educator
ciety. He received his bachelor degree in 1932 from Boston       for the Baltimore County, MD Association, and later as Di-
College, his medical degree from Tufts College Medical           rector of Field Services for the Maryland TB Association. In
School in 1938, and a master of public health degree cum          1955 he joined the National Office as Chief of Case Finding,
laude from Harvard School of Public Health in 1947. He was       and later was appointed Associate Director of Personnel and
also awarded the degree of master of science in public rela-     Training. He also served as President of the New York State
tions from Boston University in 1953 and graduated from          Conference of TB-RD Workers and Secretary of the Nation-
New England School of Law in 1967. A member of the U.S.          al Conference of TB-RD Workers. Since 1971, he held the
Army from 1942 to 1946, Dr. Conlin served as chief of medi-      post of Assistant Professor in Health Sciences, School and
cal service in the evacuation hospitals of Europe in General     Community Health, New York State University at Stony
George Patton's 3d Army. He was awarded the Bronze Star          Brook. A member of APHA since 1951, he was affiliated
and five battle stars, and attained the rank of colonel. A       with the Medical Care Section.
*Fellow                                                          tMember

1294                                                                                       AJPH December 1979, Vol. 69, No. 12
                                                                                                           ASSOCIATION NEWS

Paul V. Joliet, MD, MPH *, 65, health officer of Washington        Health Association (Laboratory Section), he was also active
County, Maryland since his retirement from the U.S. Public         for 32 years in the Boy Scouts of America, Buckeye Council.
Health Service in 1967, died of cancer August 15. He had
entered the USPHS in 1942, serving in the State Health De-         Kathleen M. Leahy, RN, * University of Washington profes-
partments of North Carolina and Kansas and then in the             sor emeritus of nursing who was recognized internationally
PHS regional offices in Kansas City and Atlanta before mov-        as a pioneering educator in public health nursing, died July
ing to Washington, DC in 1959 to head the newly organized           19. She was 83. She had lived in a retirement community in
accident program of the health service. At the time of his         Canterbury Woods, near San Francisco, since her retire-
retirement in 1967, he was assistant to the director of the        ment from the University of Washington in 1961. A 1921
Bureau of Disease Prevention and Environmental Control.            graduate of the Stanford University School of Nursing, and a
Born in Cleveland, Ohio, and graduated from John Carroll            1926 graduate of the University of Oregon bachelor's pro-
University there, he eared his medical degree from the St.         gram in social work, she received a certificate in public
Louis University School of Medicine in 1940 and his public         health nursing from the University of Oregon in 1927 and
health degree from the University of Michigan. A member of         joined the University of Oregon faculty that year as an in-
APHA since 1949, he was affiliated with the Health Adminis-        structor. She earned a master's degree in public health nurs-
tration Section. He was also a member of the American              ing from UW in 1932. At the time of her retirment from UW,
Medical Association, the National Safety Council, the Re-          Professor Leahy was head of the School of Nursing Program
tired Officers Association, and had been active for many           in Public Health Nursing. Professor Leahy is co-author of
years in the International Association of Traffic Safety Medi-     two textbooks used in nursing schools across the country:
cine.                                                              "Methods of Teaching in Public Health Nursing" was pub-
                                                                   lished in 1952, and "Fundamentals in Public Health Nurs-
Dr. Reuben Leon Kahn, + Emeritus Professor of Serology,            ing" was originally published in 1966, and revised in 1971
University of Michigan, and world famous developer of the          and 1977. Deeply concerned with international health, she
Kahn Test for syphilis died July 22, 1979 in Miami, FL, at         was a member of the WHO Expert Committee on Nursing
the age of 91. Professor Kahn's lifetime spanned a momen-          and spent a year in Geneva as a consultant to WHO. She was
tous period of advances in experimental and applied medi-          a member of the Board of American Journal of Nursing
cine in the world's history and his contributions in both areas    Company from 1948 to 1954 and was its president during part
are recognized and honored world-wide. In addition to his          of that time. She was active in the National Organization for
contributions to the diagnosis and control of syphilis, his ef-    Public Health Nursing, the National League of Nursing Edu-
forts in the field of "'tissue immunity" were innovative scien-    cation, and the National League for Nursing. She was presi-
tific and medical contributions which remain the basis for         dent of the King County (Washington) Nurses Association in
research effort and controversy. For his work in this field, he    1932, and of the Washington State League for Nursing Edu-
received the 11th annual award of the American Association         cation from 1938 to 1940. She was a fellow and member of
for the Advancement of Science in 1934; his book "Tissue           the Governing Council of APHA, affiliated with the Public
Immunity," published in 1936 remains an outstanding ex-            Health Nursing Section since 1932.
ample of a scholarly presentation of work in the field. Profes-    Ralph E. Lewis, MPH, + Executive Director of the Michigan
sor Kahn served the University of Michigan for 40 years            Medical Schools Council of Deans, died August 22 of a brain
(1928-1968). Named Professor of Emeritus in 1957, he ex-           tumor. He was 48. Mr. Lewis had coordinated the activities
tended his research of tissue localization to the effects of ir-   of Michigan's four medical schools since his appointment in
radiation on experimental animals. In 1968 he accepted a
professorship at Howard University College of Medicine,            1972, assisting them in achieving common goals and to col-
                                                                   laborate more effectively in dealing with health care prob-
Washington, DC, continuing his research in the Department          lems throughout the state. Before becoming director of the
of Microbiology. Three university laboratories in the Near         Council of Deans, he worked as project director for the
and Middle East were dedicated in his honor and named for
him in 1966. Many foreign governments have honored him             Towsley Center for Continuing Medical Education at the
and awarded him honorary degrees. In 1961 he was made an           University of Michigan, and was director of professional
honorary life member of the British Medical Society for his        services for the Michigan Heart Association, where he
study of venereal disease; and in 1965 he was named to the         helped install coronary care units at small Michigan hospitals
Michigan Health Hall of Fame. The Federation of American           and set up many of the first cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Societies for Experimental Biology honored him for his re-         classes for firemen and ambulance drivers. He was affiliated
search on the effect of radioactivity on the localization of       with APHA's Health Administration Section.
disease, and in 1977 the American Society of Microbiology          Dorothy Jewel Sakshaug, +, senior medical technician, resid-
for his "contributions to microbiology. A member of APHA           ing in San Jose, CA, was killed in a plane crash in Mexico on
since 1918, he was affiliated with the Laboratory Section.         June 2, 1979. She was affiliated with the Laboratory Section
                                                                   of APHA.
Louis J. Katonak, t, retired director of laboratories, Canton
(Ohio) City Health Department for 34 years before retiring in      George Henry Vogt, MPH * Hospital Administration Special-
1971, died July 27, 1979 at the age of 72. A life member of the    ist, DHEW, Region I, Boston, died July 9, 1979 in Arlington,
Ohio Public Health Association and the American Public             MA. During his career he had also served as Director of

AJPH December 1979, Vol. 69, No. 12                                                                                         1 295

Health Care Services for DHEW Regions I and V. His other       tal, Oakland; and University of California Hospital, San
positions included Administrator of Medical Services and       Francisco. A 1948 graduate of the University of California,
Facilities, Arizona State Health Department; Director, Hos-    Mr. Vogt received his public health degree in hospital admin-
pital and Professional Operations, Hospital Service of Cali-   istration there in 1950. A fellow of the American College of
fornia (Blue Cross), Oakland; Administrator, San Leandro       Hospital Administrators since 1960, he was elected to fel-
(California) Memorial Hospital; and Butte County Hospital,     lowship in APHA in 1969 and was affiliated with the Medical
Orville, CA; Administrative Staff, Alameda County Hospi-       Care Section.

                                         1979 40-Year APHA Members
Michael Antell, MD, MPH                   William Y. Garrett, MD, MPH               Walter J. Pelton, DDS, MSPH
David B. Ast, DDS, MPH                    Irving Gerring, MSPH                      Edward A. Piszczek, MD, MPH
Theodore J. Bauer, MD                     Vlado A. Getting, MD, DrPH                Meyer J. Plishner, MPH
Millard B. Bethel, MD, MPH                Lily C. Hagerman, BS, MA                  Guy V. Rice, MD
Alfredo N. Bica, MD, MPH                  Jack C. Haldeman, MD, MPH                 Abraham B. Rosenfield, MD, MPH
Dwight M. Bissell, MD, MSPH               Nelson Hall                               Mary Lou Skinner Ross, MPH
Kenneth F. Brandon, MD, MPH               Andrew Hedmeg, MD, MPH                    William M. Schmidt, MD
LeGrand B. Byington, MD, MPH              Fay M. Hemphill, PhD, MSPH                George W. Schucker, BE
Eugene P. Campbell, MD, MPH               George Hill Hodel, MD                     Louis A. Simon, DDS, MPH
Amos Christie, MD                         Margaret H. Jones, MD, MPH                Ellis D. Sox, MD, CPH
lone Coyle                                Lorin E. Kerr, MD, MSPH                   Helen R. Stacey, BS, MA
S. Collingwood Dalrymple, MD,                                                       James G. Terrill, CE, MB
                                          Richard Kui Chi Lee, MD, DrPH             Bertha M. Tiber
   DipBact                                Benn J. Leland, MS
Dorland J. Davis, MD, DrPH                                                          Harry Wain, MD, MSPH
                                          Arthur P. Long, MD, DrPH                  James Watt, MD, DrPH
Robert A. Downs, DDS, MSPH                Theodore Marcus
Thomas D. Dublin, MD, DrPH                                                          Harold H. Whitted, MD, MPH
                                          Malcolm H. Merrill, MD, MPH               William R. Willard, MD, DrPH
Walter C. Earle, MD                       Colonel Alvin F. Meyer, Jr.               Frank E. Wilson, MD, MPH
John D. Faulkner, BSME, MSPHE             Harcourt A. Morgan, Jr., MD, MPH          John L. Wilson, PhD
Robert H. Flinn, MD, CPH                  Bennie Arthur Moxness, MA, MD             Alexander Witkow, MD, MPH
Marta Fraenkel, MD                        Thomas R. O'Brien, MD                     Lillian Wurzel, BA, AM
Ralph E. Fuhrman, DrEng                   A. Harry Ostrow, DDS                      Connie R. Yerwood, MD

                                      1979 Agency Members
                                              of the
                              AMERICAN PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION
STATE HEALTH DEPARTMENTS                                       North Carolina State Board of Health, Raleigh, NC
                                                               North Dakota Department of Health, Bismarck, ND
California State Department of Health Services,                Oklahoma Department of Institutional Social and
   Sacramento, CA                                                Rehabilitation Services, Oklahoma City, OK
Connecticut State Department of Health, Hartford, CT           Oregon State Health Division, Portland, OR
Florida Department of Health & Rehabilitative Services,        Pennsylvania Department of Health, Harrisburg, PA
   Tallahassee, FL                                             Rhode Island Department of Health, Providence, RI
Illinois Department of Public Health, Springfield, IL          South Dakota State Department of Health, Pierre, SD
Louisiana Health and Human Resources Administration,           Utah State Division of Health, Salt Lake City, UT
   New Orleans, LA                                             Virgin Islands Public Health Department, St. Thomas, VI
Maine State Bureau of Health, Augusta, ME                      Virginia State Department of Health, Richmond, VA
Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Boston, MA          Wisconsin Division of Health, Madison, WI
New Mexico Health and Environmental Department, Santa
   Fe, NM
Michigan Department of Health, Lansing, Ml                     LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENTS
Minnesota Department of Health, Minneapolis, MN
New Jersey Department of Health, Trenton, NJ                   Allegan County Health Department, Allegan, MI

1 296                                                                                   AJPH December 1979, Vol. 69, No. 12
                                                                                                    ASSOCIATION NEWS

 Bernalillo County District Health, Albuquerque, NM           OTHER SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES
 Bloomington Division of Public Health, Bloomington, MN
 Chester County Health Department, Westchester, PA            Boston University School of Management, Boston, MA
 Clark County Health Department, Jeffersonville, IN           Delta State University School of Nursing, Cleveland, MS
 Crook County Health Department, Prineville, OR               Duke University School of Nursing, Durham, NC
 Dearborn County Health Department, Lawrenceburg, IN          Education Development Center School and Society
 Foxboro Board of Health, Foxboro, MA                           Programs, Newton, MA
 Franklin Health Department, Franklin, WI                     Howard University Department of Community Health
 Humboldt County Health Department, Eureka, CA                  Practice, Washington, DC
 Kansas City Missouri Health Department, Kansas City, MO      New York Medical College Department of Preventive
 Marathon County Health Department, Wausau, WI                  Medicine, New York, NY
 Mendocine County Department of Public Health, Ukiah, CA      New York University Health Education Department, New
 Nashua Health Department, Nashua, NH                           York, NY
 New Orleans Health Department, New Orleans, LA               Nova College of Edmonton, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
 Olmstead City Health Department, Rochester, NY               Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine, Philadelphia,
 Pender County Health Department, Burgaw, NC                    PA
 Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Philadelphia, PA   Tuskegee Institute School of Veterinary Medicine,
 San Bernardino County Health Department, San                   Tuskegee, AL
   Bernardino, CA                                             University of Alabama School of Dentistry, Birmingham,
 San Joaquin Local Health Clinic, Stockton, CA                  AL
 Santa Barbara County Health Care, Santa Barbara, CA          University of Pennsylvania Social Services Department,
 Santurce Department of Health Library, Santurce, PR            Philadelphia, PA
 Vermillion Department of Community Family Medicine,          University of Tennessee College of Nursing, Memphis, TN
   Vermillion, SD
 Washington DC Department of Human Resources,
   Washington, DC
 West Louisville Medical Center, Louisville, KY               HOSPITALS
 Worcester County Health Department, Snow Hill, MD
                                                              Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA
                                                              Cardinal Ritter Institute, St. Louis, MO
                                                              Nyack Hospital Home Health Agency, Nyack, NY
Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public
   Health, Baltimore, MD                                      HEALTH FACILITIES
Loma Linda University Department of Preventive Medicine
  & Public Health, Loma Linda, CA                             Androscoggin Home Health Services, Inc., Auburn, ME
Tulane University School of Public Health & Tropical          BCV Health Services, Bangor, MI
  Medicine, New Orleans, LA                                   Bexar County MHMR Center, San Antonio, TX
University of California School of Public Health, Berkeley,   Broward Home Health Agency, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL
  CA                                                          Cancer Coordinating Council, Washington, DC
University of California School of Public Health, Los         Chinatown Health Clinic, New York, NY
  Angeles, CA                                                 Community and Economic Development of Cook County,
University of Hawaii school of Public Health, Honolulu, HI       Chicago, IL
University of Michigan School of Public Health, Ann Arbor,    Community Health Education Forum, Farmington, ME
  MI                                                          Community Health Services, Inc., Portland, ME
University of Minnesota School of Public Health,              Community Services Society of New York, New York, NY
  Minneapolis, MN                                             Eye Health Service, State of New Jersey, Newark, NJ
University of North Carolina School of Public Health,         Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York, New York, NY
  Chapel Hill, NC                                             Health Policy Perspectives, Philadelphia, PA
University of Oklahoma College of Health, Oklahoma City,      HEW, Administration Services Division, San Francisco, CA
  OK                                                          HEW, Health Care Financing Administration, New Yprk,
University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health,     NY
  Pittsburgh, PA                                              Hillcrest Clinic and Counseling Services, Washington, DC
University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston, TX      Home Health Services of Sarasota, Sarasota, FL
University of Washington School of P4blic Health, Seattle,    Mental Health, RTDN, New York, NY
  WA                                                          Metro-East Health Center, East St. Louis, MO
Yale University School of Epidemiology and Public Health,     Municipal Health Services Program, Baltimore, MD
  New Haven, CT                                               Pullman Health Clinic, Pullman, MI

AJPH December 1979, Vol. 69, No. 12                                                                                 1 297

Region 0 Family Resources, Wilmington, NC                      Seattle, WA
Rochester Health Network (Neighborhood Health Center),       Group Health Association, Inc., Washington, DC
  Rochester, NY                                              Group Health Association of America, Washington, DC
Rogers Park Home Health Care, Inc., Chicago, IL              International Health Society, Oxon Hill, MD
Shawnee Health Services, Carbondale, IL                      Massachusetts Dental Society, Wellesley, MA
South Suburban Home Health, North Riverside, IL              National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Arlington, VA
The Door Adolescent Health Center, New York, NY              National Association of Neighborhood Health Centers,
Tri-County Home Health, Inc., Southfield, NY                   Washington, DC
Women's Health Services, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA                New York Podiatry Students Association, New York, NY
                                                             Pennsylvania Podiatry Association, Camp Hill, PA
                                                             Planned Parenthood Association of Phoenix, Arizona,
H#:ALTH PLANNING AGENCIES                                      Phoenix, AZ
                                                             Planned Parenthood Association of Vermont, Barre, VT
Arizona Family Planning Council, Phoenix, AZ                 Public Health Nursing Association, Cedar Rapids, IA
Boston Family Planning Project, Boston, MA                   Tennessee Lung Association, Nashville, TN
Central New York Health Systems Agency, Dewitt, NY           University Association of International Health, Inc.,
Comprehensive Health Planning Council of Southeastern          Boston, MA
  Michigan, Detroit, MI                                      Union Sanatorium Association, New York, NY
East Central Illinois Health Systems Agency, Champaign,      Westchester-Rockland-Putnam Optometric Society, Nyack,
  IL                                                           NY
Eastern Carolina Health Systems Agency, Greenville, NC       Wichita Child Day Care Association, Wichita, KS
Health Planning Council of Eastern Shore, Inc., Cambridge,
Health Planning and Development Clinic for Broward, Fort     VISITING NURSE ASSOCIATIONS
  Lauderdale, FL
Health Systems Agency, Northern Virginia, Falls Church,      CHANS of Greater Camdem County, Collingswood, NJ
  VA                                                         District Nursing Association, VNA, Inc., Hammond, IN
Hudson Health Systems Agency, Jersey City, NJ                Gloucester County Visiting Nurses Association, Woodburg,
Lakes Region Community Health Agency, Laconia, NH              NJ
Miami Valley Health Systems Agency, Inc., Dayton, OH         Northwest Indiana VNA Home Health Services, Inc.,
Nevada Health Planning Resources, Carson City, NV              Hammond, IN
North Central Connecticut Health Maintenance                 Regional Visiting Nurse Agency, Hamden, CT
  Organization, Windsor, CT                                  Visiting Nurse Association, St. Louis, MO
Pact Health Planning Center, Denver, CO                      Visiting Nurses Association of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Palmetto-Lowcounty Health Systems Agency, Summerville,       Visiting Nurses Home Health Association, Scranton, PA
  SC                                                         Visiting Nurse Service of New York, New York, NY
South Texas Health Systems Agency, Kingsville, TX            Visiting Nurse Association of Alabama, Birmingham, AL
Tri-Region Health Systems Agency, Abilene, TX
                                                             Institute of Continuing Biomedical Education, New York,
American Academy of Ophthalmology, Washington, DC              NY
American Association of Public Health Physicians, Austin,    Board of Cooperative Education, Westbury, NY
  TX                                                         Center for Population Activities, Washington, DC
American Association for World Health, New York, NY          End Stage Renal Disease Network #25, Inc., New York,
American Lung Association, Indianapolis, IN                    NY
American Nurses' Association, Kansas City, MO                End Stage Renal Disease Network of the Greater Capital
American Occupational Therapy Association, Rockville,          Area, Inc., Chevy Chase, MD
  MD                                                         Houston-Texas Area Council, Houston, TX
American Optometric Association, Committee on Public         National Park Service, Washington, DC
  Health, St. Louis, MO                                      National Resources Defense Council, Washington, DC
American Podiatry Association, Washington, DC                Project Concern International, San Diego, CA
Family Planning Association, Augusta, ME                     Wichita Head Start Program, Wichita, KS
Group Health Cooperative Association of Puget Sound,         Wine Institute, San Francisco, CA

1 298                                                                                AJPH December 1979, Vol. 69, No. 12

                       NLN/APHA Program for Accreditation of
                Home Health Agencies and Community Nursing Services
       Unique in its design and purpose, the Accreditation Pro-    ested in further information on the accreditation process
gram for Home Health Agencies and Community Nursing                should request it from the Division of Home Health
 Services is a voluntary process open to all such agencies,        Agencies and Community Health Services, NLN, 10 Colum-
 regardless of their corporate structure. It is designed to as-    bus Circle, New York, NY 10019.
 sist agencies in evaluating and improving the quality of their
health care delivery systems. The program is jointly spon-              NLN/APHA ACCREDITED AGENCIES
 sored by the National League for Nursing (NLN) and the                                  As of May 1979
 American Public Health Association (APHA), and adminis-
tered by NLN's Council for Home Health Agencies and
 Community Health Services (CHHA/CHS).                             ALABAMA
      An agency's achievement of accredited status promotes        * Bureau of Home Care & Clinical Nursing Services, Jef-
national recognition of its excellence and provides a guide          ferson County Department of Health, Birmingham
for prospective consumers seeking such services. Initiated in
 1966 by NLN and APHA to fill the need for an effective eval-      ARIZONA
uation instrument, the program accredits visiting nurse asso-      * Indian Health Service, Phoenix Area Community Health
ciations, units of health departments, combinations of vis-          Nursing, Phoenix
iting nurse associations and health department services, hos-
pital-based home care programs and private agencies. The           CALIFORNIA
program's national standards are formulated by the Accredi-        * Visiting Nurse Association of San Diego County, Inc.,
tation Standards Committee, comprised of representatives             San Diego
of those disciplines which provide out-of-institution health       * Visiting Nurse Association, Inc., Santa Clara
and personal care services.
      An agency seeking accreditation must submit a compre-        CONNECTICUT
hensive self-study report based on a guide containing the na-      * Visiting Nurse Association, Bridgeport
tionally accepted criteria. A site visit to validate the report    * The Combined Public Health Nursing Service of Fairfield,
then is made by a community/home health consultant from              Fairfield
the CHHA/CHS staff and by an agency administrator of a             * Public Health Nursing Service, Department of Health,
comparable, accredited agency located in a different state.          Greenwich
      The determination to grant or withhold accreditation is      * Groton Public Health Nursing Service, Inc., Groton
made by a Board of Review comprised of community health            * Guilford Public Health Nurse Association, Guilford
nurse executives, other agency administrators, physicians,         * Visiting Nurse Association of Hartford, Inc., Hartford
other health professionals and representatives of agency           * The Visiting Nurse Association of New Haven, New
governing boards. The peer board's decision is based on: a           Haven
study of the agency's and peer visitors' reports; an evalua-       * The United Workers of Norwich, Public Health Nursing
tion of the agency's activities in relation to the criteria; the     Department, Norwich
agency's stated purpose and its attempts to meet the health
needs of the community it serves. The criteria are applied         DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
flexibly and are not intended to standardize all community         * Community Nursing & Home Health Services, Depart-
agencies or services. An agency dissatisfied with the Board's        ment of Human Resources, Washington
decision is granted the right of appeal.                           * Visiting Nurse Association, Washington
      Continuance as an accredited home health agency or
community nursing service is subject to periodic review and        FLORIDA
site visits. The minimum requirements are an interim report        * Home Health Services of the United States, Inc., Hallan-
three years after accreditation has been granted and a new           dale
self-study report and site visit every five years.                 * Visiting Nurse Association of Dade County, Inc., Miami
      Presently, there are 107 accredited home health              * Palm Beach Regional Visiting Nurse Association, Inc.,
agencies and community nursing services. Anyone inter-               West Palm Beach

1 304                                                                                      AJPH December 1979, Vol. 69, No. 12
                                                                                                    ASSOCIATION NEWS

GEORGIA                                                      * Visiting Nurse Association of Greater St. Louis, St. Louis
* Visiting Nurse Association of Metropolitan Atlanta, At-
  lanta                                                      NEBRASKA
                                                             * Public Health Nursing Division, Lincoln-Lancaster Coun-
HAWAII                                                         ty Health Department, Lincoln
* The Honolulu Home Care Service, Saint Francis Hospi-       * The Visiting Nurse Association of Omaha, Omaha
  tal, Honolulu
                                                             NEW HAMPSHIRE
ILLINOIS                                                     * Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association, Concord
* Cook County Department of Public Health, Division of       * Visiting Nurse Association of Manchester, New Hamp-
  Nursing, Maywood                                             shire, Inc., Manchester
* The Visiting Nurse Association of Chicago, Chicago         * Portsmouth Community Health Services, Inc., Ports-
* Visiting Nurse Association of Evanston, Evanston             mouth

INDIANA                                                      NEW JERSEY
* Visiting Nurse Service of Fort Wayne, Inc., Fort Wayne     * Visiting Nurse Association of Somerset Hills, Ber-
* Northwest Indiana Home Health Services-VNA, Inc.,           nardsville
  Hammond                                                    * Community Nursing Service of Essex and West Hudson,
* Bureau of Community Health Nursing, The Health and           East Orange
  Hospital Corporation of Marion County, Indianapolis        * Visiting Nurse and Health Services, Elizabeth
* Visiting Nurse Home Care Association, Indianapolis         * Visiting Nurse Association of Morris County, Morristown
                                                             * The Public Health Nursing Association for Burlington
IOWA                                                           County, Inc., Mt. Holly
* The Public Health Nursing Association of Des Moines,       * MCOSS Family Health and Nursing Service, Red Bank
  Des Moines                                                 * Visiting Nurse Association of Trenton, Trenton
* The Public Health Nurses Association of Linn County,       * Gloucester County Visiting Nurse Association, Woodbury
  Cedar Rapids
                                                             NEW YORK
LOUISIANA                                                    * Visiting Nurse Association of Albany, Inc., Albany
* Home Health Services of Louisiana, Inc., New Orleans       * Visiting Nurse Service of New York, New York

MAINE                                                        OHIO
* Community Health Services, Portland                        * Visiting Nurse Service of Summit County, Akron
* York County Health Services, Saco                          * Visiting Nurse Society of Central Stark County, Canton
                                                             * The Visiting Nurse Association of the Cincinnati Area,
MARYLAND                                                       Cincinnati
* Visiting Nurse Association, Baltimore                      * The Visiting Nurse Association of Cleveland, Cleveland
                                                             * Public Health Nursing Service of Dayton & Montgomery
MASSACHUSETTS                                                  Counties, Dayton
* Visiting Nurse Association of Boston, Boston               * Community Nursing Service, Toledo
* Visiting Nurse Association of Greater Lynn, Inc., Lynn     * Visiting Nurse Association of Youngstown, Youngstown
* Laboure Center Visiting Nurse Service, South Boston
* Visiting Nurse Association, Worcester, Inc., Worcester     OKLAHOMA
                                                             * Tulsa County Public Health Nursing Service, Tulsa
* Washtenaw County Health Department and Affiliated          OREGON
  Health Agencies, Nursing Service, Ann Arbor                * Marion County Health Department, Nursing Division,
* Visiting Nurse Association of Metropolitan Detroit, De-      Salem
* The Greater Lansing Visiting Nurse Association, Lansing    PENNSYLVANIA
* Visiting Nurse Association of Saginaw, Inc., Saginaw       * Visiting Nurse Association of Eastern Montgomery
                                                              County, Abington
MINNESOTA                                                    * Home Nursing Agency of Blair, Huntington & Fulton
* Combined Nursing Service, Public Health Center, Minne-       Counties, Altoona
  apolis                                                     * Visiting Nurse Association of Ambler & Vicinity, Ambler
                                                             * Community Nursing Service of Chester & Vicinity, Ches-
MISSOURI                                                       ter
* Cardinal Ritter Institute, Nursing & Home Care Services,   * Visiting Nurse Association, Easton
  St. Louis                                                  * Community Nursing Service of Johnstown, Pennsylvania,

AJPH December 1979, Vol. 69, No. 12                                                                                  1 305

   Inc., Johnstown                                               Low Country Health District, Beaufort
 * Visiting Nurse Home Care Association of Lancaster             Lower Savannah I Health District, Aiken
   County, Lancaster                                             Lower Savannah II Health District, Orangeburg
 * Community Nursing Service of Philadelphia, Philadelphia       Pee Dee I Health District, Florence
 * Berks County Visiting Nurse-Home Health Agency,               Pee Dee II Health District, Bennettsville
   Reading                                                       Trident Health District, Charleston
 * Visiting Nurse and Home Health Maintenance Organiza-          Upper Savannah Health District, Greenwood
   tion, Scranton                                                Waccamaw Health District, Myrtle Beach
 * Visiting Nurse Association of York and York County,           Wateree Health District, Sumter
 RHODE ISLAND                                                    * Visiting Nurse Association of Dallas, Dallas
 * Visiting Nurse Service of Newport, Newport                    * Visiting Nurse Association of Houston, Inc., Houston
 * Metropolitan Nursing and Health Services Association of
   Rhode Island, Providence                                      UTAH
 * Washington County Public Health Nursing Association,
   Wakefield                                                     * Salt Lake Community Nursing Service, Salt Lake City
 * Kent County Visiting Nurse Association, West Warwick
 * Visiting Nurse Service of Greater Woonsocket, Woon-           VERMONT
   socket                                                        * Visiting Nurse Association, Inc., Burlington
                                                                 * Caledonia Home Health Care Agency, Inc., St. Johnsbury
 * Appalachia III Community Nursing & Home Health Serv-          VIRGINIA
   ices, Spartanburg                                             * Visiting Nurse of Northern Virginia, Arlington
 * Department of Health & Environment Control, Commu-            * Instructive Visiting Nurse Association, Richmond
   nity Nursing & Home Health Services, South Carolina:
 Appalachia I Health District, Anderson                          WISCONSIN
 Appalachia II Health District, Greenville                       * Visiting Nurse Service, Madison
 Catawba Health District, Lancaster                              * Visiting Nurse Association of Milwaukee, Milwaukee
 Central Midlands Health District, Columbia                      * Wausau Visiting Nurse Association, Wausau


           I                   Call for Abstracts for Clinical Trials Meeting                                        I
                 The newly organized Society for Clinical Trials will hold its First Annual Scientific Session, in
           conjunction with the 7th Annual Symposium for Coordinating Clinical Trials, on May 6-8, 1980, in
           Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Society has issued a call for abstracts, with a deadline of January 21,
                The sessions will focus on the design, organization, management, and analyses of clinical trials.
           Topics of special interest include but are not restricted to:
                * Procedures for measuring or improving patient adherence and compliance to study procedures,
                * Issues for cancer clinical trials,
                * Issues for behavior modification trials,
                * The selection, training, and certification by the study of its data collection personnel,
                * Ethics, trial design, and their interrelationships,
                * Stratification at randomization versus adjustment with analyses,
                * Data protection, archiving, and ownership,
                * Intelligent computer terminals and data entry,
                * Issues for central laboratories and reading centers,
                * Interim analyses and early stopping rules.
                For information contact: Christian R. Klimt, MD, Secretary, Society for Clinical Trials, 600 Wynd-
           hurst Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210, 301/435-4200.

1 306                                                                                    1AJPH December 1979, Vol. 69, No. 12
                                                    AMERICAN PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION
                                                        AUDIO CASSETTE ORDER FORM
                                                           107th ANNUAL MEETING
                                                   SUNDAY, NOV. 4-THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8

 Circle Code Number of Session You Desire                                 2084    Child and Family Health in Neighboring Cuba in IYC/
 1021 Weilness Education: An Experiential Workshop for                            1979                                                       9
         Health Professionals                                   $18       2085    Women and Alcoholism                                       9
 1023    Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine                   2086    The Developing Nation's Experience in Improving
         Scientific Session                                      18               Family Health: What We Can Learn from It? Inner
 1025    Energetic Living                                        18               Session                                                    9
 1031    Education for Community Health Nurse                             2088    Family-Patient Interaction in Chronic Illness:
         Administrators: Which Way?                              12               Clinical Case Presentations                                9
 2001    Opening General Session                                 12       2089    Are State Programs the Best Route to National Health
 2007    Occupational Stress and Illness: Physiological and                       Insurance?                                                 9
         Psychological Linkages                                  6        2090    Stress and Adaptation                                      9
 2011    Perspectives on Alchohol and Drug Abuse Prevention      9        2091    Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, and Alienation in the Work
 2012    Regulation and Competition: Impact on Financial                          place                                                      9
         Management                                              9        2094    The Politics of Reproduction                               9
 2013    Black Adolescents: A Public Health Time Bomb            9        2095    Awards General Session (Kellogg Lecture)                   9
 2014    What is the Solution to the Problems Confronting the             3001    Marketing of Health Serivces                               9
         New York City Public Hospital System?                   9        3004    Contributed Papers on Social Sciences in Health: Life
 2018    Breast Feeding-Problems of Working Mothers              9                Styles and Health                                          9
 2019    Life-Span Perspective on Child and Family Health:                3006    Food Quality and Family Health                             9
         Implications for the Later Years                        9        3007    Diabetes During Pregnancy and Childhood: A
 2021    Injury Control and Emergency Health Services                             Research Update                                            9
         Contributed Papers I                                    9        3008    The Asbestos Experience: What Lies Ahead?                  9
 2022    Determinants of Child Health in Lesser Developed                 3013    Consumerism and Public Health                              9
         Countries                                               9        3014    Innovative Approaches to Accident Prevention of
 2024    Moral and Ethical Issues in Teenagers' Health Care      9                Children                                                   9
 2026    Drug Coverage under National Health Insurance for                3015    Emergency Department Studies                               9
         the Family, Child, and Individual                       9        3016    Research Findings From Four Integrated MCH/
 2028    After the PCMH: New Directhons in Federal Mental                         Family Planning Projects                                  9
         Health Policy                                           9        3019    Latino Caucus Breakfast                                   9
 2029    Work, Health and the Family                             9        3020    MCH Young Professional Award Session: Early
 2030    Community Health Centers' Roles in Family and Child                      Childhood                                                 9
         Health Care                                             9        3022    The Public Sector in Health Care Deliver: Model or
 2031    Advances in International Family Planning               9                Dinosaur                                                  9
 2033    Interaction of Health Physicists and Medical                     3026    New Frontiers in Psychiatric Epidemiology                 9
         Personnel during Radiological Emergencies               9        3027    The Abused Child "A Cry for Help" A Drama and
 2035    Impact of Budget Cutbacks Affecting School Health                        Panel                                                     9
         Programs                                                9        3029    Effective Strategies for Sex Education                    9
 2037    Women and Occupational Health                           9        3030    Education for Health in Work Settings                     9
 2038    Evaluating Screening Programs                           9        3033    Radiation Dose Assessment                                 9
 2040    Standard Setting for Local Health Departments           9        3036    Didactic Session: Log-Linear Categorical Data
 2041    9th Annual President-Elect Session                     18                Analysis I                                                9
 2042    Public Hearings of Proposed Resolutions and Position             3037    The Role of Patient Advocacy in Health Care Settings      9
         Papers.                                                          3038    Special Session-Assuring Basic Health Care For
         Personal Health Service                                                  Children and Families in the U.S.: Who Cares for
         Environment                                                              Children                                                  9
         Manpower and Training                                            3039    Special Session-The Nature of the Changing Family         9
         Social Factors                                                   3040    Special Session-Family Conflict and Violence              9
 2043    Certificate of Need: A Force for Change                18        3043    Homer Calver Luncheon and Lecture Luncheon
 2044    Health Services Research: An Analytic Assessment                         Session                                                   6
         with Implications for Social Sciences                  18        3051    2nd Annual New Professional Awards Luncheon
 2045   The Impact of the Chemical Environment on Family                          Session                                                   6
         Health                                                 18        3059    Health Insurance in the United States and Canada:
 2047    Nutrition as a Risk Factor For Cancer and Heart                          Lessons for a National Health Program                     9
         Disease                                                18        3061    Social SciencaPerspectives on Child Health and
 2048    Perinatal and Infant Mortality: How Much of the                          Development: Nature vs Nurture in the 1970's              9
        Recent Sharp Decrease Can Be Attributed to New                    3063   Nutrition Invention-A Priority for Health Care             9
        Technologies in Health Care?                            18        3064    Health Systems Planning for the Elderly; Session I:
 2051   Studio 3, 4, 5 C.E.: Prevention and Control of Viral                     Policy Issues and HSA Experience                           9
        Hepatis Type B.                                         18        3066    Progress in Pre-Hospital Advanced Life Support            9
 2052   Building on the Strengths of Families for the                     3067   MCH Programming Approaches under Various
        Promotion of Child Health                               18               Political Systems                                          9
2055    Sports and Exercise: Benefits and Hazards of Exercise   18       3069    Martha May Eliot Forum: Status for Children in the
2056    Needs Assessment and Participatory Evalution            18               World Today-International Year of the Child                9
2059    Impact of Media of Dental Health and Nutrition           9       3073    The Prevention of Reading Disabilities                     9
2060    Coronary Risk Factors in Young Children                  9       3077    Adolescent Contraception: Use and Non Use                  9
2061    Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Evaluation              9       3078    An Examination ofthe Relationship between
2062    Current Directions in Aging: Challenges for the New                      Television (Commercial and public) and Health              9
        Gerontological Health Section                            9       3079    A Perspective on Public Heath Nursing                      9
2065    Injury Control Studies                                   9       3081    Diagnostic Radiology: Patient Selection and Patient
2066    Some Approaches in Internatioqal Health Education        9               Education                                                  9
2069    Critical Issues in Adolescent Health                     9       3081    Update on Role Delineation for Health Education            9
2071    Cost Containment through Ambulatory Care                 9       3085    The Political-Economic Determinants of Nutrition
2072    Prevention: Integrative Perspectives on Mental Health                    and Child Health in the Third World                        9
        and Medicine                                             9       3089    Main Currents in 20th Century Health Statistics: The
2075    Occupational Safety and Health- 1979                     9               New York State and New York City Experience                9
2076    Provisions & Effects of Abortion                         9       3090    Suicide Prevention: A Public Health Update                18
2077    Ethnic and Cultural Impacts on Concepts of                       3091    The Management of the Retrenchment in the Health
        Mothering                                                9               Care Industry                                             18
2078    Environmental Radiation Assessment                       9       3094    Working with Congress                                     18
2079    Educational Strategies for Children and Adults           9       3097    Landmarks in American Epidemiology I                      18
2083    Annual Lowell J. Reed Memorial Awards Session            9       3102    Health Law                                                18
                                                                                                                 (continued on page 1316)
AJPH December 1979, Vol. 69, No. 12                                                                                                       1315
  (continued from page 1315)
  3103       Occupational Mycoses                                         18                       4064   News and Views about Adult Day Health Care                   9
  3105       Occupational Health and Safety: An International                                      4066   Progress and Problems in the Implementation of
             Perspective                                                  18                              Emergency Medical Service Systems                            9
  3107       Russian Medical Workers Union Activities                      9                       4071   Methodology in Health Services Research: Measures
  3109       Late Breaking Events in Health Planning                       9                              of Health Status                                             9
  3112       Toxic Substances: Case Studies                                9                       4072   Rema Lapouse Award Session                                   9
  3114       Health Systems Planning for the Elderly, Session II:                                  4074   Workers' Compensation for Occupational Diseases: A
             Options, Methods, and Technology                                 9                           Legislative Report and Discussion                            9
  3116       Family Health Care and the Referral Runaround                                         4079   Impact of Health Service System Programs on Family
             Syndrome                                                         9                           Health                                                    9
  3117       Public Health Manpower: Goals and Training                       9                    4080   Holistic Health: Views from the Left                      9
  3118       Current Research Priorities in International Health:                                  4083   The Crisis in Infant Feeding                              9
             Who Gets the Life Boats?                                      9                       4084   Noble Swearingen Policy Action Program                    8
  3120       National Health Insurance? Where Are We Today?                9                       4086   World Health Forum                                       18
  3121       Rural Health: Is there a National Policy, NYH                 9                       4089   Preventing Tooth Decay: How to Initiate and Conduct
  3123      The Health-Mental Health Linkage                               9                              Self-Applied Fluoride Programs in School                 18
  3124       Mental Health Roundtable Discussions ... SCS,                                         4090   Institutional Environments                               18
             Washington                                                                            4091   Food and Beverage Containers: Design and Disposal        18
  3128      The Battleground of Reproductive Rights: Politics and                                  4096   Landmarks in American Epidemiology II                    18
            Strategies                                                     9                       4102   Self Help and Mutual Aid (How A Community
  3137      The Future of Health Planning in NHI and NHS                                                  Organizes)                                               18
            Systems                                                        9                       4103    The Fiscal Crisis of New York City, Cost Containment
  3139      Capitalism and Illness: An International Perspective           9                               and Health Care for Families                            18
  3140      Dentistry Under National Health Insurance: Cost                                        4111    EMS Systems Evaluation                                   9
            Estimates                                                     12                       4116    Recombinant DNA: Its Impact on Occupational and
 4003       Health and Human Service Board Development                     9                               Public Health                                           18
 4005       Hospital Costs Containment-What Now?                           9                       4119    Health Education for Social Change                       9
 4006       Contributed Papers on Social Sciences in Health:                                       4120    Rearranging Patterns of Service and Delivery of
            Economic and Methodological Studies                            9                               Services                                                 9
 4010       Wade Hampton Frost Lecture                                     9                       4124    Assessing Quality of Health Care: The Statistician's
 4013       Overhauling the Regulation of Long Term Care                                                   Present and Future Roles                                 9
            Facilities                                                     9                       4129    Abuse and Neglect of the Elderly: Research, Case
 4014       Child Health and Medicaid                                      9                               Findings, Legislation and Intervention                   9
 4015       Innovations in Local Health Management: Case                                           4130    U.S. Mexico Border Health Initiative: An Old
            Representatives                                                                                Partnership with New Determination                      9
 4017       Hunger and Malnutrition in the Developing World-                                       4131    Update on the Role of the Laboratory in the Diagnosis
            Causes, Effects, and Solutions?                               9                               of Legionellosis                                         9
 4021       Different Approaches to Sex Education                         9                        4133    Collective Bargaining: An Approach to Prevention of
 4023       Linking Third-Party Payment with Prior Technology                                              Disease in the Workplace                                9
            Evaluation                                                    9                        4134    How Have Cutbacks in Funding Affected the Practice
 4025       Preventive Mental Health Services for Older Persons           9                               of Public Health Nursing?                                 9
 4028       Reproductive Hazards at the Workplace                         9                       4137    Annual Scientific Session . . SC, Dominion               12
 4031       Health Education through the Family Life Span                 9                       5001    Interorganizational Relations in Health Planning          9
 4032       Battered Child-Battered Families                              9                       5003    Nutrition Strategies: Beyond Survival Strengthening
 4034      New Forces in Health Education on National Level               9                               Links in Health Care                                     9
 4035      Institutionalization vs Delnstitutionalization: Who                                    5005    Data Utilization and Health Administration               9
           Pays and Who Cares?                                            9                       5006    Indian Self-Determination: It's Impact upon Rural
 4037      Culture, Work and Health                                       9                               Health Care Systems                                      9
 4041      Special Session: Assuring Basic Health Care for                                        5007    Operationalizing Wellness: Programming Plans of
           Children and Families: WHO's Goal-Health for all by                                            Action, Methodologies and Intervention Strategies        9
           the year 2000                                                  9                       5008    Dealing with Infectious Diseases in Children in the
 4042      Special Session: Family Focus on Health: Subsidizing                                           Developing World                                         9
           Children and Families                                          9                       5011    Factors in Miscarriage and Stillbirth                    9
 4043      Special Session: Child Nutrition and Family Health:                                    5012    Assessing the Impact of Regulation: A Discussion of
           Public Health Issues, Policy and Roles                         9                               Latebreaking Issues                                      9
 4044      International Luncheon                                         9                       5013    Needs Assessment Methodology in Mental Health
 4045      American Nurses Association Division on Community                                              Services Planning and Evaluation: An Examination of
           Health Nursing Practice Luncheon Session                                                       the State of the Art                                     9
 4049      Group Health Association of America, Inc. Luncheon                                     5017    Occupational Health and Safety: The Impact of
           Session                                                        9                               Racism                                                   9
 4058      Luncheon For Women's Caucus and Standing                                               5019    Population Exchange: Late Breakers                       9
           Committee On Women's Rights                                    9                       5020    Policy Issues in State-wide Planning for Health
 4061      Rights and Health Status of Minority Workers                   9                               Education                                                9
 4063      Adolescent Pregnancy-A National Health Problem                 9                       5024    Closing General Session                                  9

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1316                                                                                                                      AJPH December 1979, Vol. 69, No. 12

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