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									Question: Answer:What free software?Free software, software software is software that can be used,
studied, and modified without restriction, and which can be copied and redistributed in modified or
unmodified form either without restriction, or with restrictions that only ensure that further recipients can
also do these things and that manufacturers of consumer-facing hardware allow user modifications to
their hardware. Free software is generally available without charge, but can have a fee, such as in the
form of charging for CDs or other distribution medium among other ways.


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                    Why does the author feel that schools should use free software?
Free software can help the students/school to save more money. like they can redistribute the software
and they can recycle, they can make copies and use it to upgrade and update all the computers they

    What are the advantages of free software?With lower development cost. Constantly updating, with
                             different versions depending on your needs.

•Lower development cost.

•Bug detection and correction. With more people viewing your code from more diverse backgrounds,
bugs will be found and fixed faster.

 •Reuse of code and shorter development time.
•More independence.

                               What are the disadvantages of free software?

•Disclosure of trade secrets. Having the code for a program available implies revealing how it works. This
includes disclosure of algorithms and how a device with a unique design might function. Revealing this
information to others may cause duplication and loss of financial advantage.

•Loss of revenue through traditional sales. If the source is available, then it is unlikely that consumers will
pay a large amount for a CD or license. Revenue must instead be garnered through support agreements
and OEM customization.

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                 Give some examples of free word processing (WP) software?Google docs
                                           Openoffice writer
                             Find a comparison of the free WP and WORD 2010.

                                      Supported by Sun systems

Which would you choose for a school and why?Openoffice its more technically supported has a long
history of development and is supported very well by Sun systems

                                          Is the second best one
                                   It is supported by linx community.
Put these questions and answers into free software and save on your wiki.Abi word

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