Huntsman Cancer Hospital _HCH_ Nursing Dress Code

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					           Huntsman Cancer Hospital (HCH) Nursing Dress Code

1.   The purpose of a nursing dress code at HCH is to support a professional
     atmosphere, address infection control issues, and provide a consistent
     representation of nursing staff to our cancer patients and the public.
2.   Nursing areas include: HCH4, HCH5/SCU, Radiation Oncology, Clinics
     A, B, C, D, & E.
3.   All staff will be given two sets of uniforms when they are hired. Julia French
     at 587-4026 will assist with this process. Staff may also buy additional
     uniforms through our supply room by contacting Julia. HCH will stock the
     white lab coats and scrub tops and the blue and black scrubs.
4.   All staff will be expected to dress modestly, as defined by their supervisor.
     They will also be expected to dress in clothing that is clean and wrinkle-free.
     Shoes will be dark color (black, dark blue, brown) or white. At no time are
     jeans, cargo pants, “hoodies”, or open toed shoes acceptable.
5.   Registered Nurses will wear a white lab coat or white scrub top with the
     HCH logo at all times. Scrub pants will be chosen from the approved color
     list. Under the lab coast or scrub top will be a white top. RN’s not seeing
     patients, but working on their unit/ department may choose to wear business
     casual with a lab coat. Radiation Oncology nursing staff will wear business
     casual with a lab coat.
6.    MA’s and HCA’s will wear matching colored scrub tops and bottoms
     selected from the approved color list. They may wear a shirt under their
     scrubs if it is white or the same color as the scrubs.
7.   HUC’ and OCR’s - Will wear business casual.
8.   Approved Colors – Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Caribbean Blue or black.

     Holiday Attire - “Holiday” appropriate scrubs or tops may be worn on the
    day of the holiday, or starting the week before Christmas until New Years
10. All HCH employees are expected to follow this dress code. Managers are
    expected to enforce this dress code.

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