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					Twitter Tools and Applications
Search tools – Twitter’s official search engine; has advanced features; no login required to search; also accessible via your Twitter main page. BingTweets – searches Bing (formerly Live search) and Twitter simultaneously Hashtags – search by hashtags mentioned in tweets Twazzup – real-time search results Search for images posted on Twitter Twicsy – enter search term (tag) and visually search pictures shared on Twitter using TwitPic or yFrog TwiPho – searches TwitPic,, and yFrog; allows you to retweet or email photo and its original tweet Share photos TwitPic – post photos from website, phone, or API using your Twitter username and password Twitter your Flickr – blog post on using Twitter to post Flickr pictures Share videos TwitVid – upload via Web or email; may also retweet, share, and reply to video Twitc – share photos, videos and a host of other file types; import videos from URLs Tweet remotely TweetCall – dial toll-free number to post tweets by phone; transcribed to your Twitter feed Twitterific – mobile client for iPhone users

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Twitter Tools and Applications
Directories – find people to follow
Geographic – to find local Twitterers, events Localtweeps – a local Twitter directory, list yourself by location/zip code, find others in your zip code or other location; also used to promote events or special offers to those in your area General WeFollow – get listed by three hashtags most relevant to your interests/expertise. Includes celebrities and news outlets; categories for listings are as varied as Twitter hashtags JustTweet It – find individuals and businesses with common interests TwitterPassion – combination Twitter directory (261 profiles) and Twitter resource guide; find people based on their passion and Twitter information by category Twibes – find Twitter groups Business twibs – directory of over 15,000 businesses; mix of actual businesses and business professionals Twellow – comprehensive directory of 6.4 millions businesses and individuals listed by self-designated categories Social Brand Index – includes businesses, executives, non-profit organizations, government and politics Government Chamber Twitter Directory – listing of national chambers of commerce on Twitter by state; click “View Directory Now” link on homepage GovTwit - government Twitter directory of over 2,000 Twitterers including federal, state and local agencies, and folks on Capitol Hill; enter search terms or click “List” to view tag categories.

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Twitter Tools and Applications
Specialty Book Publishers and Professionals – includes publishers, booksellers, suppliers, reviewers, marketers, printers, and more Justia Legal Birds – directory of lawyers, law professors, and legal professionals on Twitter listed by practice area MuckRack – not a directory but an aggregator of Tweets by various news organizations; you may follow each news outlet individually Musicians on Twitter – an article listing musicians on Twitter Fiction Authors – an article listing fiction writers on Twitter Non-fiction Authors – an article listing non-fiction writers on Twitter Business-related Twitter users to follow BusinessWeek’s Small Biz Staff - @newentrepreneur Inc. 5000 - @inc5000 Better Business Bureau - @bbb_us - @BusinessDotGov MarketingProfs - @marketingprofs - @smallbiztrends

URL Shortners – to keep your tweets at 140 characters – offers real-time link tracking; maintains history of your links tinyurl – URL customization sometimes available snipurl – provides statistics to track popular links

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