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									BlueTweet Twitter Marketing Fact Sheet

Twitter matters to business
More than 10M people and thousands of businesses have already registered on Twitter to date. Twitter is unique among social networks in that it encourages open, public communication among its members. Online marketing experts believe that within the next two years, marketing on Twitter will be as commonplace as marketing on Google.

You can sell on Twitter today
Dell computer reports selling more than $3M through its Twitter account as of June, 2009. Nearly every major consumer brand has built a Twitter account today. A new deal is posted on Twitter every ten seconds. By the end of 2009, experts expect that all major consumer brands will have a presence on Twitter.

BlueTweet will get you started
BlueTweet delivers the first comprehensive sales and marketing package for businesses on Twitter. - Schedule recurring promotional tweets
Example: Tweet hourly about a day-long sale

Key Features
- Manage multiple accounts - Twitter-specific analytics - Schedule recurring tweets - Integrate RSS feeds into your account - Monthly & annual subscriptions

- Use business statistics as a marketing opportunity
Example: Tweet an RSS feed listing the daily top selling items

- Industry-leading Twitter analytics
Example: Maps of where your followers are located and on what & when they click

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