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New Twitter how-to course explains how to build a massive and responsive Twitter following
By Sean Malarkey Dated: Aug 14, 2009

Sean Malarkey is one of the top experts on everything Twitter. And in his new Twitter how-to course, Twixplode, he teaches business owners how to use Twitter to build a massive and responsive list of potential customers. Across the globe, business owners are continuously looking for new and improved ways to market their companies. The introduction of so many online tools has made this easier than ever; and Twitter - an online service similar to text messaging, but with the capacity to reach thousands of potential customers at once- is no exception. Twitter allows business owners to build large lists of Twitter followers who are interested in the services and knowledge they have to offer. In order to help business owners discover the power that using Twitter can have when used as a part of their overall marketing strategy, leading Twitter expert Sean Malarkey has released a Twitter how-to course entitled Twixplode. The course is designed to teach business owners how to best implement Twitter as a part of their online marketing plan; as well as show them how to build a massive, and responsive, list of potential customers. By building a relationship with a business owner's Twitter followers, another aspect Malarkey teaches in his course, he or she has a willing audience for sales, new product releases, and even feedback on a company's service. Twixplode (which can be found at http://www.twixplode.com ) includes a full workbook which walks business owners through the entire process of using Twitter - from account creation to finding potential followers; a series of video tutorials which show users the exact steps Malarkey himself took to gain more than 80,000 followers in less than five months; and a series of audio sessions. Also included in the course is a personal coaching program designed as a classroom setting in which business owners can get their questions about Twitter answered by Malarkey himself. This version of Twixplode is actually the updated version 2.0, having twice as much content as the original version. There is also a member's area where users can access the private content Malarkey has included. Those interested in learning more or purchasing Twixplode can do so by visiting http:// www.twixplode.com ### Twixplode is a complete guide to using Twitter. The book covers everything from how to set up an account on Twitter, how to use Twitter, and how to gain a massive Twitter following. The book also covers how to monetize Twitter without resorting to SPAM.
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