; Controlled Fusion and Plasma Heating
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Controlled Fusion and Plasma Heating


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									13 th European Conference on

Controlled Fusion
and Plasma Heating
Schliersee/14-18 April 1986

Contributed Papers, Part 1
Editors: G. Briffod, M. Kaufmann

                                                                     VOLUME I

               A.   TOKAMAKS

                    Oral Presentations

- Gill R.D.. Bartlett D.V., Bracco 6.. Campbell D.J., Corti 5.. ...        21
  Sawtooth Activity During Additional Heating in JET

- Groebner R.J. for the Doublet III Group                                  25
  Comparison of Experimentallw-Inferred Ion Thermal Diffusivities
  with Neoclaselcal Theorw for NB Discharges in the D III Tokamak
- Thomeen K., Bartlett D.V.. Bhatnagar V.P., Bickerton R.J.,               28
  Enorm; Transport in JET with Ohmic and Auxiliary Heating

- Gierke G. von, Becker G., Bosch H.5., Brocken K., Buechl K.,             33
  The Influence of the Current Distribution on the Archievable
  Beta-Valuee in ASDEX
- Thomas P.R.                                                              37
  Energw Confinement in Tokamaks

- Goldeton R.J., Fredrlkson E.. McGuire K., Zarnstorff M.,                 41
  Heating Profile Experiment on TFR

                    Poster Presentations

- Demchenko V.V.. Zhdanov Yu.A., Omel'chenko A.Ya.                         45
  Stabilltw of a High-Pressure Plasma in Toroidal Traps with
  Rippled Magnetic Fields
- DeLucia J., Hofmann F.. Jardin S.C., Keller R., Marcus F.B.. ...         48
  Axiewmmetric, Resistive Stability and Control Studles for the
  Proposed TCV Tokamak
- Persson M., Bondeson A.                                                  53
  Reelstive Tearing modes in the Presence of Equilibrium Flows

- Zehrfeld H.P.                                                            57
  Free-Boundarw Flow Equilibria for ASDEX and ASDEX-UG

- Hender T.C., Gimblett C.G., Robinson D.C.                                61
  The Effecte of a Resistive Wall on Resistive MHD Instabilities

- Hender T.C., Robinson D.C., Hastie R.J.                                  65
  The Effecte of Finite-Beta and Shaping on Tearing Modes in JET

- Alladio F., Ottaviani M.. Vlad G.                                       69
  Transport Propertiee and Sawtooth Relaxations in the FT Tokamak

- Row A.. Sauter 0.. Turnbull A.D., Gruber R., Trowon F.                   73
  Beta Limit for Elongated Cross-Section Tokamaks

- Row A., Turnbull A.D., Sauter 0., Well 5., Trowon F.                     77
  Operational Diagram for Low Beta Racetrack Cross-Sectlon Tokamaks

- Battleton L., ASDEX Team                                                 81
  Dimenelonalltw of Fluctuatione in ASDEX

- Nocentlni A., NET Team                                                   85
  Electron Heat Transport in a Strenglw Magnetlzed Plasma

                                                                     VOLUME    I

                    Poster Presentations

- Coillne G.A.. Lieter J.B., MarmIllod P.                                     89
  Central Mass and Current Density Measuremente i n Tokamaka Using
  the Diecrete Alfven Wave Spectrum
- Roehr H., Steuer K.-H., Meise, D.. Murmann H.D.   Becker G.,                93
  Measurement of Plasma Emission Profilee In the Range from 800 -
  1000 nm for Zeff-Analysis in ASDEX
- Meise, D.. Murmann H.D., Roehr H.. Steuer K.-H.                             97
  Periodic Thomson Scattering Diagnostic with 16 Spatlal Channels
  on ASDEX
- Ryter F., Brocken H., Izvozchlkov A.. Leuterer F.. Maassberg H., ...      101
  Comparison of ICRH and LH Accelerated Hydrogen Ions in NI
  Heated ASDEX Plasmas
- Sadler G., Van Belle P.. Hone M., Jarvis 0.N., Kaolins J..                105
  Fusion Product Ileaeuremente an JET

- Cortl 5., Barbato E., Bracco G.. Brusatl M., Buree M..                    109
  Ti Profile Studios During ICRF Heating In JET

- Tonetti G.G.. Christiansen J.P., Cordey J.G.                              113
  Determination of Poloidal Beta in JET

- Pardo C., Zurre B.. TJ-1 Group                                            117
  Current Density Distribution in the TJ-1 from Singular Surfaces
  Position Deduced from Visible Contlnuum Proflies
- von Hellermann M.. Engelhardt W., Horten L., Carolan P.,                  120
  First Spectroscopic Charge Exchange Measurements During Neutral
  Injectlon an JET
- Bosch H.-S.. Schumacher U.. Becker. G. Brocken H., Eberhagen A..    ...   124
  Measuremente of Charged Fusion Products in ASDEX

- Bondevon A.                                                               128
  Simulation of Tokamak Dleruptions Including Self-Consistent
  Temperature Evolution
- Westerhof E., Goedheer W.J.                                               132
  Sawteeth: a Critical Comparison of Two Models

 - Klueber 0., Gernhardt J., Grasale K., Hofmann J., Kornherr M..           136
   MHD Characteristics of ASDEX H-Type Discharges Approaching the
   Beta Limit
 - Kornherr M., Eberhagen A., Gernhardt J.. Klueber 0., Wagner F.,          140
   MHD-Effecte with NI and ICRF Heating on ASDEX

 - Hollenstein Ch.. Keller R., Pocheton A., Sawlew M.L., Simm W..           144
   Characteristics of Broadband Magnetic and Denelty Fluctuations
   in the TCA Tokamak
 - Fredrickson E., McGuire K., Goldeton R., Hiroe S.,                         148
   Profile Consietency an TFTR

 - Snipes J.J., Haynes P.S., Hender T.C., Morris A.W.,                        152
   A Comparison between Theory and Experiment for Multiple Hellcity
   Modes during Auxillary Heating on JET
 - Watkins M.L., Houlberg W.A., Kupschus P., Stubberfleld P.M.,               156
   Predictive Studie:: of Neutral Beam and Pellet Injection an JET

 - Taroni A.. Tibone F.                                                       160
   Profile Consistency and Electron Enorm, Transport Models

                                                                     VOLUME I

                    Poster Presentations

- Simoninl R.. Taren' A.                                                  164
  3-D Monte-Carlo Computatlons of the Neutral Temperature and
  Density Distribution in JET Discharges
- Nledermeyer H., Buechl K., Kaufmann M., Lang R.. Mertens V., ...        168
  Increase of the Density Limit in ASDEX by Repetitive Pellet
- Mueller E.R.. Janeechitz G., Smeulders P.. Fussmann G.,                 172
  Evolution of Radiation Power ProfIles in ASDEX H-Mode Discharges

- Behringer K.. Denne B., Forrest M., Hankes N.C.. Kaya A.. ...        176
  Metal Sources and General Impurity Behaviour in JET Plasmas
  during ICRH
- Behringer K.. Eduards A.. Fahrbach H.-U.. G111 R.D., Granetz R., ... 180
  Radiation Behaviour During Additional Heating of JET Plasmas

- Zurro B.. Pardo C., TJ-1 Group                                          184
  Study of Line Radiation Asymmetries In the TJ-1 Tokamak

- Reiter D., Campbell G.A.. ALT-I Group                                   188
  Response of the ALT-I-Pumplimiter to Different Plasma Conditions
- Fuchs d., Waidmann G., TEXTOR Team                                      192
  Performance of TEXTOR Tokamak with Ohmic Heating in the Pre-
  sence of Graphite Limiters
- Poschenrleder W.P., Fussmann G., Gierke G.v., Mast F.,                  196
  Wall Carbonization in ASDEX: A Collation of Characteristic Results

- T.F.R. Group (presented by M. Drawin)                                   200
  Pellet Injection into TFR-Plasmas: Measurement of the Ablation
- Stralt E.J., Chu M.S., Jahns G.L., Kim       Keilman A.G.,              204
  Beta and Current Limits in the Doublet III Tokamak

- Nicolas A., Wolf G.H.                                                   208
  Modelling of H-Mode Discharges by the Confinement Amelioration
  from a Localized Reduction•of Field Line Ergodicity
- Haas F.A., Thyagaraja A.                                                212
  A Phenomenological Interpretation of Transport Limits and Slow-
  Time Evolution in Tokamake
- Murmann H.D., Wagner F.. Becker G.. Bosch H.S., Broken H.,              216
  Analysis of the Invariante Property of Electron Temperature
  During Auxillary Heating in ASDEX
- Gehre 0.. Becker 6.. Eberhagen A., Bosch H.-S., Brocken H.,             220
  Particie Conflnement in Ohmically Heated ASDEX Plasma'

- Becker G.                                                               224
  Local Transport in Tokamake with Ohmic and Injection Heating

- Gruber 0.. Jlige W., Mertens V., Viases G., Kaufmann M..                228
  Energy and Particle Transport in Medium-DensIty ASDEX Pellet
- Hubbard A., Ward D., Stringer T.E.                                      232
  Direct Measurement of the Electron Diffusion Coefficient an JET
  Using a Microwave Reflectometer
- Bartlett n.V.. Blndslev H., Brusati M., Campbell D.J., ...              236
  Investlgation of Electron Temperature Profile Behaviour in JET
- Cheetham A., Christiansen J.P., Corti S., Gondhaiekar A., ...           240
  Electron Density Transport in JET

                                                                     VOLUME I

                    Poster Presentations

- Gentle K.W.. Richards B.. Waelbroeck F.                                 244
  Hydrogen Ion Transport in Tokamak Plasmas

- Gruber 0.. Jilge W.. Bosch H.-S., Brocken H.. Eberhagen A..             248
  Transport in Beam-Heated ASDEX Dlecharges Below and In the
  VicinIty of the Beta Limit
- Shen Z., Zheng S.. Wang L.                                              252-
  Stable Region of Feedback Control in Tokamak Devlce

- Roberts D.E., Coster D.P., De VIlliers J.A.M.. Fletcher J.D..           256
  The Tokoloehe Current-Carrylng Limiter Experiment

- Fernandes A.. Heller M.V.A.P., Caldas I.L.                              260
  Reeonant Helical WIndings In Tokamake

- Tanga A., Gottardi N.. Hubbard A., Lazzaro E., Noll P..                 264
  Effects of Major Radius Compression in JET

- Campbell D.J., Chrlstlansen J.P., Lazzaro E.. Morris W..                268
  Analysis of Current and Temperature Profile Formation in JET

- Rodriguez L.. Navarro A.P., TJ-1 Group                                  272
  Runaway Electron Confinement Studios in the TJ-I Tokamak

- Lopes Cardozo N.J., Barth C.J.. De Groot B., Van der Laan H.A.,         276
  Turbulent Heating of the TORTUR Tokamak by Fast Current Pulses

               B.   STELLARATORS

                    Oral Presentations

 - Merkel P., Nuehrenberg J.. Zille R.                                     283
   Finite Beta and Vacuum Field Studios for the Hellas Stellarator

 - Renner H. and W VII-A Team, ECRH Group. NI Team                         287
   Influence of Shear. dt/t. an the Confinement in the W7A Stella-

                     Poster Presentatione

 - Wobig H.. W VII-A Team                                                  291
   A Transport Model of ECR-Heated Plasmas In W VII-A

 - Guasp J.. Fabregas J.A.                                                 295
   Hellac-Tornatron Traneitlen In a 8-Perlod Hellcon

 - Guasp J.                                                                299
   Evaluation of Confinement Times for the Flexible Heliac TJ-II

 - Nazarov N.I.. Plyuenln V.V.. Ranyuk T.Yu., Tolok V.T.. ...              303
   OptImizatIon of RF Plasma Heating In Uragan 3 Tornatron

 - Herrnegger F., Rau F.                                                   307
   Bean-Shaped Advanced Stellaratore with Modular Coll Systems

                                                                     VOLUME I

                    Poster Presentations

- Tutter M.. W VII-A Team                                                 311
  Calculatlon of the Influence of Suprathermal Electron Radiation
  on ECE Spectra, with Oblique Direction of Observation
- Hartfuss H.J.. Maassberg H., Tutter M.. W VII-A Team. ECRH Group        315
  Experimental Determination of the Local Heat Conductivitw
  Coefficient Xe(r) in the W VII-A Stellarator
- Kick M., Ringler H., Sarde' F., Weiler A.. ...                          319
  CX-Recombination Spectroscopw during NBI Heating of ECRH Target
  Plasmas In W VII-A Stellar. and Comparison with a Transport Model
- Harmewer E., Kieslinger J., Wobig H., Rau F.                            323
  Magnetic Field Studios Near Separatrix

- Besshou S., Morimoto S.. Motojima 0., Kaneko H., Kondo K.,              327
  Radiative Lose of Currentless Plasmas of Heliotro p E

- Sato M.. Zushi H., Motojima 0., Kaneko H., Itoh K.. Sudo S.,            331
  ECRH Experiment on Heliotron E


                    Oral Presentations

- Antoni V., Glubbllel M., Merlin D., Ortolani R., Paccagnella R., ... 337
  Stationarw Field Profiles and Plasma Confinement in RFP Configu-

                    Poster Presentations

- Edenstrasser J.W., Schuurman W.                                         341
  Equilibrium and Stabilitw of Reversed Field Pinch with a Rectan-
  gular Cross-Section of the Torus
- reut H., Newton A.A., Rusbridge M.G.                                    345
  Resistivitw of Reversed Field Pinch Plasma

- Buffa A.. Carraro L., Costa S., Flora F., Gabellieri L.,                349
  Ohmic Meeting in Various Deneity Regimes in ETA-BETA II

- Anderson D.V.. Horowitz E.J., Koniges A.E. • Shumaker D.E.              353
  Full  Implicit Solution of Maxwell's Equations in 3 Dimensions bw
  Precond. ConJugate Methode with Applicat. to Revers. Field Config.
- Eggen J.B.M.M., Schuurman W.                                            355
  Minimum Magnetic Energw Principle for a Weaklw Resistive Toroidal
  Finite-Beta Plasma
- Schuurman W.. Weenink M.P.H.                                            3G0
  Stabilitw of Tawlor States with Respect to the m    1 Mode in the
  Presence of a Vacuum Lager
- Kubo S., Narihara K., Tomita Y.. Mateui M., Teuzuki T.. Mohr' A.        3S4
  Plasma Confinement Propertiem in REB-Ring Spherator

- Nardi V., Luo C.M., Powell C., Brzosko J., Bortolotti A., ...           358
  Confinement of MeV Ione in a Dense Pinch

                                                                   VOLUME I

                    Poster Presentations

- Tendier M.                                                            372
  EXTRAP as a Dynamic System

- Sinman A., Sinman S.                                                  377
  Initial Experiment in a Compact Toroid Formed by Magnetlzed
- Sinman S., Sinman A.                                                  381
  An Alternative Formation Schema of a Compact Toroid Using Four
- Antoni V., Martini S., Ortolani S.                                    385
  RFP Physics and Expected Performance in RFX

               D.   PLASMA EDGE PHYSICS

                    Poster Presentations

- Ehrenberg J., McCracken G.M., Behrisch R.. Stott P.E.391
  Erosion and Redeposition of Metals and Carbon on the JET Limlters

- Hankes N.C.. Allen J.. Fielding S.J.. Hugill J., Johnson P.C.,        395
  Spectroscopic Study of High Density Phenomena in DITE

- Schweer B.. Bay       Bieger W., Bogen P.. Hartwig H.. Hintz E., ... 399
  Effects of ICRF-Heating on the Plasma Edge in TEXTOR

- Brinkschulte H.. Tagle J.A.. Buren M.. Erents S.K., Harbour P., ...    403
  Behaviour of Plasma Boundary During ICRF in JET

 - Janeschitz G., Fussmann 0.. Noterdaeme J.-M., Steinmetz K.,           407
   Impurity Production during ICRF-Heating

 - Chodura R.                                                            411
   Plasma Flau in a Collisional Presheath Region

- Cherry R., Elliot J.A.                                                 415
  Coherent Plasma Structuree in the Unstable Edge Regions of a
  Linear Quadrupole
- Ichtchenko G., Bottollier-Curtet H.. Goniche M.. PETULA Group          419
  Density Profile from Microwave Reflectometry and Confinement Pro-
  perties of a Lauer Hybrid Curr. Drive Sustained Tokamak Discharge
- Grashin S.A.. Sokolov Yu.A., Alimov V.H., Arhlpov                      423
  Deuterium and Impurity Fluxes in Scrape-Off Layer of Tokamak
  Studled by Collecting Probes
- Fuchs G., Dippet K.H., Giesen 8., Schoengen F., Wolf G.H.,             427
  Ergodic Magnetic Limiter on TEXTOR

- Donnelly I.J., Clancy B.E., Brennan M.H.                               431
  Edge Plasma and Radial Antenna Current Effecte on Alfven Wave

                                                                    VOLUME II


                    Oral Presentations

- Steinmetz K.. Wagner F.. Wesner F., Izvozchikov A., ...                  21
  ICRF H-Mode and 2.../D(H)-Minority Heating on ASDEX

- Ogawa Y.. Akiyama R., Ando R.. Hamada Y.. Hirokura 5.,25
  Energy Confinement Scaling of ICRF-Heated Plasmas in JIPP T-IIU
- Molvik A.W., Dimonte 6.. Barter J.. Campbell R.. Cummins W.F.,
  ICRF Heating of Paseing Ions in TMX-U

- Weynante R.R., Van Eeeter      Bhatnagar V.P., Koch R.                   33
  Power Deposition Profiles in TEXTOR under ICRH Mode Conversion
  Cottrell G.A., Lallia P.P., Sadler G.. Van Belle P.                      37
  Identification of Ion Cyclotron Emission from Charged Fusion
- T.F.R. Group and Truc A.                                                 41
  Magnetic Fluctuations in the Scrape Off Layer of T.F.R. during
  Additional Heating Experimente

                    Poster Presentations

- Behn R., Collins G.A., Lister J.B., Weisen H.                           45
  Observation of Density Fluctuations Localized at the Resonance
  Layer During Aifven Wave Heating
- Bertin G., Elnaudi G., Pegoraro F.                                      49
  Aifven Wave Damping in Inhomogeneous Plasmas

- Borg G.G.. Brennan M.H., Cross R.C.. Lehane J.A., Murphy A.B.           53
  Excitation of Aifven Waves in Tokamak Plasmas

- Bharuthram R., Hellberg M.A.. Johnstone D.                              57
  Current-Driven Lau Frequency Inetabilities in a Magnetized
  Tuo-Ion Plasma
- Jaeger E.F., Batchelor D.B., Weitzner H.                                61
  ICRF Wave Propagatlon and Absorption in Stellarator Magnetic
- Faultoner D.W.                                                          65
  Local Description of Thermal Plasma with Magnetic Inhomogeneity
  Along Bo
- Faulcomer D.W., Pearson D., Durodie F.                                  69
  Method for Rapid Evaluation of Antenna Near-Fields

- Core W.G.F.                                                             73
  The Effect of Neutral Beam Injection on Wave Propagation in the
  Ion Cyclotron Range of Frequencies
- Bhatnagar V.P.. Evrard M.P., Jacquinot J.                               77
  Theory of Excitation of Asymmetric k//-Spectrum by Phasing the
  JET ICRF Antennae
- Ferraro R.D., Fried B.D., Morales G.J., Prasad S.A.                     81
  Properties of Driven Bernstein Waves in Nonuniform and in Non-
  neutral Plasmas
- Scharer J.E., Romero H.                                                 85
  Local ICRF Fokker-Planck Heating and Inhomogeneous Plasma Field
  and Absorption Studier for JET

                                                                       VOLUME II

                    Poster Presentations

- Brambilla M.. Kruecken T.                                                  89
  1-D Model for Propagation and Absorption of H.F. Waves Near
   Ion Cyclotron Resonances in Tokamak Plasmas
- Kay A.. Cairns R.A., Lashmore-Davies C.N.                                  93
  A Simplified Method for Calculation of Wave Absorption in the
   Ion-Cyclotron Range of Frequencies
- Anderson D., Core W., Eriksson L.-G.. Hamnen H., Hellsten T.,              97
  Distortion of Ion Velocity Distributlons in the Presence of ICRH:
   A Semi-Analytical Analysis
- Chen G.L., Whealton J.H., Owens T.L.. Hoffman D.J.. Baity F.W.            101
   A 3-D Analysis of Arbitrarily Shaped ICRF Antennas and Faraday
- Brazhnik V.A., Demchenko V.V., Dem'yanov V.G., D'yakov V.E.,              105
   The Effects of External Electric Field on the Dynamlcs of Ion-Ion
   Instability and Turbulent Heating
- Cap F.F.                                                                  109
   Threedimensional TE Modes in an Inhomogeneous Magnetized Cold
   Toroidal Plasma of Arbitrary Cross Section
- Longinov A.V., Paviov S.S., Stepanov K.N.                                 113
   The Use of Heavy-Ion Minority for Steady-State Current Drive
    in Plasma
- Deschampe P., Koch R.. Messiaen A.M.. Vandenpias P.E.                     117
   Swept Frequency Measurements in a Wide Frequency and Plasma Para-
   meter Range of the Coupling Properties of the TEXTOR ICRH Antenna
 - Koch R., Messiaen A.M.. Van Nieuwenhove R.                               121
   High Power Coupling Properties of the TEXTOR ICRH Antennas

- Messiaen A.M., Koch R., Bhatnagar V.P.                                    125
  Influence of the Wall-Plasma Distance an the Radiation of an
  ICRH Antenna
- Hellsten T., Appert K.                                                    129
  Coupling Spectra for Ion Cyclotron Heating in Large Tokamaks in
  Presence of Eigenmodes
- Evrard M.P., Bhatnagar V.P., Bures M., Sand F.                            133
  Comparison of Theoretical and Experimental ICRF Antenna-Plasma
  Coupling Rezistance in JET
- Noterdaeme J.-M., Ryter R., Soell M., Baeumler J., Becker G.,             137
  The Role of the Faraday Screen in ICRF Antennae: Comparison of
  an Optically Open and Optically Closed Screen in ASDEX
- Hoffman D.J., Baity F.W.. Bryan W.E.. Jaeger E.F., Owene T.L.. ...        141
  ICRH Coupling In DIII-D

- Owens T.L.                                                                145
  A Folded Wavegulde Cavity Coupler for ICRF Heating

- Bannelfer P.                                                              149
  Variational Theory Applied to Multipol and to Resonant ICRH
- Gerlach P., Slre G., Ichac J.P.                                           153
  Neu High Power Tetrodes for ICRH ApplicatIons

 - Baity F.W., Bryan W.E.. Hoffman D.J., Schechter D.E.                     157
   ICRF Heating Technology Development Activities at Oak Ridge
   National Laboratory
 - Becraft W.R., Adam J., Baity F.W., Bannelfer P., Bryan W.E.,             161
   Compact Loop Launcher Design Study for Tore Supra

                                                                       VOLUME II

                    Poster Presentations

- Bhatnagar V.P., Corti S., Eitle J.J., Jacquinot J., Lallia P.P.. ...      165
  Comparison between H and He**3 Minority ICRF Heating Experiments
  in JET
- Kawahata K., Ando R.. Kako E., Watari T., Hirokura Y..                    163
  Electron Heating with dlrectly launched Ion Bernstein Waves in
  JIPP T-IIU Tokamak
- Wesner F., Noterdaeme J.-M.. Baeumler J., Braun F..                       173
  ICRF Heating for the ASDEX-Upgrade Tokamak

- Itoh K., Fukuyama A.. Morishita T., Kishimoto Y..                         177
  Analysis an ICRF Heating and Current-Drive in Tokamaks

- Cooper G., Sy W.N-C.                                                      181
  Ion Cyclotron Heating of a Reversed Field Pinch

- Longinov A.V., Pavlov S.S.. Stepanov K.N.                                 185
  High-Power Heavy-Ion Minority Heating

- Longinov A.V., Tsurikov V.A.                                              183
  Features of Fast Magnetosonic Wave Excitation in T-10 Tokamak
  Using Antennae with Different KID-Spectra
- Bhatnagar V.P., Barbato E., Bosla G.. Evrard M.P., Sambier 0., ...        133
  Experimental Determination of the ICRF Power Deposition Profile
  and Comparison with Ray Tracing Calculations
- Sand F., Beaumant B., Bhatnagar V.P.. Bures M., Corti S.,                 137
  Effect of Off Axis ICRF Power Deposition in JET

- Longinov A.V., Kolosenko V.I., Miroehnichenko G.A.,                       201
  A Shortwave FIR-Tree Antenna for ICRF Heating of Plasma in the
  T-10 Tokamak


                    Oral Presentations

- T.F.R. Group and FOM ECRH Team. presented by J. Tachon                   207
  Electron Cyclotron Heating an TFR

- Wilhelm R.. Erckmann V.. Janzen G., Kasparek W., Mueller G.A., ...       211
  Performance of the 70 GHz ECRH System an W VII-A

                    Poster Presentations

  T.F.R. Group. FOM ECRH Group, presented by L. Jacquet and M. Pain        215
  Numerical and Experimental Study of Electron Distribution Func-
  tion in T.F.R. Wlth and Without E.C.R.H.
- Edlington 7., Alcock M.W., Atkinson D., Blewett S.G.,                    213
  Electron Cyclotron Reeonance Heating and Current Drive Experi-,
  ments an the CLEO Device
- Consoli T.                                                               223
  Longitudinal Launching of EC and LH Waves in Toroldal and in
  Mirrors Devices

                                                                      VOLUME II

                     Poster Presentations

- Consoll T.                                                               227
   Plasma Beam Acceleratlon by EC and IC Slow Waves or by LH Fast
- Capes H., Fidone I.. Glruzzi G., KrIvenskl V.                            231
   Electron Cyclotron Heating by the Extraordlnary Mode in the T-15
- Krivenskl V.. Fldone I., Glruzzl 6.. Meyer R.L., Zlebell L.F.            235
   Electron Cyclotron Damping for Largo Wave Power in Tokamak
- Farina D., Lontano M., Pozzoli R.                                        239
   Tall Mode Stabilization by Electron Cyclotron Waves In a Lower
   Hybrid Suetalned Plasma
- Lample G., Maroll C.. Petrillo V.                                        243
   Wave Dunamical Analysis of EC Waves Propagating In a Slab Across
   Both EC and UH Resonances
 - Pesic S.                                                                247
   Wave Absorption Near the Second Electron Cyclotron Harmonie In,
   Non-Maxwellian Plasmas
 - Shukla P.K., Yu M.Y.                                                   .251
    Parametric Instabilities of Electron Cyclotron Waves

- Bornaticl M.. Ruffina U.                                                 254
  Electron Cyclotron Emission for a RelatIvistIc Loss-Cone Type Dis-
  tribution for Arbltrary Propagation
- Calrns R.A., Lashmore-Davles C.N.                                        258
  Theory of Linear Mode Converelon

- Giruzzl G., Fidone I.. Granata G., KrIvenskl V.                          262
  Electron Cyclotron Emission During Pulsed Cyclotron Heating in
  Tokamak Plasmas
- Lloyd B., Edlington T., Alcock M.W., Atkinson D., Parham B.J., ...       266
  Lou-Voltage Start-Up in the CLEO Tokamak Using ECRH

- O'Brien M.R., Cox M., Hender T.C., Robinson D.C., Start D.F.H.           270
  Current Denslty Profile Control an JET Using ECRH Current Drive

- Felch K.. Bier R.. Ives L.. Jory H., Spang S.                            274
  Cyclotron Power Sources for Electron Cyclotron Heating


                     Oral Presentations

r Speth E.. Gruber 0.. Janeschitz G., Murmann H., Niedermeyer H.,...       281
  Neutral Beam Deposition Experiments at Elevated Densities In ASDEX

                     Poster Presentatlon

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                                                                     VOLUME II

                    Poster Presentatlons

- Equipe TFR. preeented by M. Fels                                        285
  Fast Ion Behaviour during NBI in TFR from Neutron Flux Measure-
- Mori     Ohio K.                                                        289
  Velocity-Relaxatlon of Injected HO-Particies in a High
  Temperature Hydrogen Plasma    ,
- Slaughter D.R.                                                          293
  Fusion Product Energy Spectra in Beam Heated D-D, D-T, and
  D-3He Plasmas
- Hemeworth R.S., Staebler A., Falter H.D., Massmann P.,                  297
  Neutralisation Measurements for the JET InJector

- Holmes A.J.T., Nightingale M.P.S.                                       301
  Extraction of Intense H Beame from Volume Source°

- Nightingale M.P.S.. Holmes A.J.T.                                       305
  Progress in the Development of a Negative Ion Source for Use in
  Neutral Beam Heating


                    Oral Presentatlons

- Gormezano C.. Hoang G.T., Agarici G.. Bottollier-Curtet H.,311
  Lower Hybrid Current Drive Efficiency on the PETULA-B Tokamak
  at f   1.3 GHz and at f - 3.7 GHz
- Ohkubo K., Hamada Y., Ogawa Y., Mehrt A., Akiyama R., Ando R.. . 315
  Current Drive by Fast Magnetoeonic Waves near the Lower Hybrid
  Frequency In the JIPP T-IIU Tokamak
- Soeldner F.. Eckhartt D., Lauterer F., McCormlck K.. Becker G.,  319
  Stabilization of Sawtooth Decillations by Lower Hybrid Waves
  in ASDEX
- McCormick K.. Soeldner F.X., Lauterer F., Murmann H.,            323
  Influence of the Lower Hybrid Wave Spectrum on the Current Di-
  stribution in ASDEX
- Alladle F.. Bartiromo R.. De Marco F.. Mazzitelll G.,            327
  Sawtooth Behaviour in Lower Hybrid Heated FT Discharges

- Van Houtte D.. Agarici G., Bottollier-Curtet H.. Briand P.,            331
  Suppreselon of Sawteeth Oecillatione by Lower Hybrid Current
  Drive in the PETULA-B Tokamak

                    Poster Presentatione

- Bartiromo R.. Hesse M.. Soeldner F., Burhenn R.. Fussmann G.,          335
  Meaeurements of Non-Thermal Electron Population During Lower-
  Hybrid Heating In ASDEX
- Ray G.. Berger-By G., Bibet Ph., David C.. Goniche M., Tonen G..       339
  A Modular Multijunction Grill for Current Drive Studies at
  3.7 GHz for PETULA-B and TORE SUPRA
- McCune E.W.                                                             343
  Neu Developmente In High Power Klystrons for Lower Hybrid Reso-
  nance Heating Applications

                                                                     VOLUME II

                    Poster Presentations

- Heikkinen J.A.. Karttunen S.J.                                          347
  Nonlinear Effects at Louer Hybrid Heating of Tokamak Plasmas

- Dandy R.O.. Lashmore-Davies C.N.. Montes A.                             351
  A Generalised Description of the Anomalous DOPPLER Resonance
  and the Stabilleing Role of Ion Dynamics
- Buratti P., Lelli R., Tudisco 0.                                        355
  A Realistic Model for Suprathermal Electron Cyclotron Emission
  and its Application to LH Heated Plasmas
- Decyk V.K.. Moralaa G.J., Daweon J.M.. Abe H.                           358
  Radial Diffusion of Plasma Current Due to Secondary Emission of
  Electrostatic Waves by Teil Electrons
- Tonon G.                                                                362
  Power Amplification Factor an Louer-Hybrid Waves Driven Tokamaks

- Cesario R.. Pericoll Ridolfini V.                                       366
  Study of Parametric Instabilitiee in the FT Louer Hybrid Experi-
- Goniche M.. David C., Tonen G., Rey 6.. Briand P..                      370
  Scrape -Off Layer and Coupling Studios uith the 3.7 GHz 18 Wave-
  guide Multijunction Grill an PETULA
- Girard A., Rax J.M., PETULA Group                                       374
  Saturation and Conduction Studier In Non-Inductive Tokamak Die-
  charges via E.C.E. Radiation Measuremente
- Zouhar M.. Vien T.. Leuterer F.. Muenich M.. Brambilla M.,              378
  Coupling of Louer Hybrid Waves to the ASDEX Plasma

- Chan V.S.. Liu C.S., Lee Y.C.                                           382
  Runaway Effects an Louer Hybrid Current Ramp-Up

- Wang Z.. Olu X., Cheng X., Jian K.. Shih T.M.                           386
  Toroidal Effects an Current Drive uith Louer Hybrid Wavee

- Grekov D.L., D'yakov V.E., Longinov A.V.                                386
  Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Absorption in Tokamak
  Plasma at Two-Ion Hybrid Resonance
- Parlange F.. Vallet J.C., PETULA Group                                  393
  An Attempt at MHD Mode Control by Feedback Modulation of L.H.
  Driven Current
- Lenoci hl., Haas G., Becker G.. Bosch H.S., Broken H.,                  367
  Probe Measuremente of Plasma Inhomogeneities in the Scrape-Off
  Layer of ASDEX During LH
- Van Houtte D.. Briffod G., Gormezano C., Panzarella A.. Parlange F.     401
  Louer Hybrid Current Drive in the Preeence of a Constant DC Elec-
  tric Field an PETULA-B
- Succi S., Appert K.. Vaclavik J.                                        405
  Numerical Studie. of LH Current Drive in the Presence of an
  Electric Field
- Lauterer F., Brambilla M.. Eckhardtt D.. McCormick K.,                  409
  Influence of the N"-Spectrum an Louer Hybrid Current Drive In
- Mendonca J.T.                                                           413
  Beet-Wave Current Drive

 - Ando R.. Kako E.. Ogawa Y. Unter' T.                                   417
   An ICRF Current Drive,Experiment an JIPP T-IIU

 - Moreau D.. Jacquinot J., Lallia P.P.                                   421
   Fast Wave Electron Current Drive

                                                                      VOLUME II

                    Poster Presentations

- Hamnen H.                                                                425
  Ion Current Drive Using ICRF and Combined ICRF/NBI

- Matsumoto K., Ohkubo, K.                                                 429
  Effects of Edge Density Modification on Waveguide Coupling during
  Lower Hybrid Current Drive in a Tokamak
- Klshimoto Y., Hamamatsu K., Fukuyama A.. Itoh 5.1., Itoh K.              433
  ICRF Current-Drive by Use of Phase-Control of Antennas

- Yamamoto T.. Hoshino K., Uesugi Y.. Kawashima H., Mori M.,               437
  RF Heating and Current Drive Experiments on the JFT-2M Tokamak

- Jovanovich D.. Morales G.J.                                              441
  Intrinsic Electron Radial Transport Associated with a Large Ampli-
  tude Fast Wave Used for Current Drive
- Porkolab M.. Knowlton 5.. Takase Y., Texter 5.. Boholl P.,               445
  Sawtooth Stabilization and Electron Heating by High Power Lower
  Hybrid Waves in Alcator-C
- Barbato E.. Zanza V.                                                     449
  Energy Deposition Profile Calculation for LH Waves and Comparison
  with FT Experiment
- Briffod G., Gormezano C., Par lange F., Van Houtte D.                    453
  Lower Hybrid Wave Accessibility as a Means of Current Profile
- Toi K., Ohkubo K., Ando R., Akiyama R., Hamada Y.. Hirokura S., ...      457
  Suppreesion of Magnetic Islands by Injection of Fast Waves in the
  JIPP T-IIU Tokamak

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