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Their Dream Becomes Reality Solar Energy At The Cottage Custom Design Organizing Solutions Jim Williams Builds With A Personal Touch
Photo: Jim Williams Construction Current Cottage Project

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Remember that

first dates
should be fun!
You and your date are there for the same reasons - to see if there is chemistry between you and if you are compatible. When you first meet someone you want them to get a good interpretation of who YOU are. This means you want to be clear, honest and real. Do not get caught up in the moment and tell your date what you think they want to hear. There is nothing wrong with meeting someone who intrigues you, but you need to be able to identify if this person is the right one for you.. You may hear your date’s answers and think - hmmm, I haven’t dated anyone like this before… this sort of change may be what you need. Now is the time to take a different approach. An ideal partner for you should be someone who is your best friend, who shares your values, life goals, and commitments, and understands the importance of communication. Call us now We may have met your match!

705.931.4721 matchme@matchmepeterborough.com www.matchmepeterborough.com
2 July 2009 Business Advantage

Business Advantage July 2009


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THE BUSINESS EDGE The Latest Business News From Peterborough, Lindsay & Areas
Green Street is a new business specializing in the sale and service of electric bikes and accessories. The bikes range from a scooter style to the more traditional bicycle style. The bikes offer clean urban transportation with no license, no insurance and no plates, all for about a nickel a day! Green Street is located at 237 George St. North across from Dieter and Darcy’s No Frills. For more information call 705-775-4545 or visit their website at www.green705.com


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Their Dreams Become Reality Solar Energy At The Cottage Blue Bullfrog Design Provides Custom Designed Organizing Solutions Jim Williams Construction Builds Unique Homes & Cottages With A Personal Touch
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Katherine Vanderzwet is a Lifestyle Coach who has developed two interesting products to help you with proper nutrition and wellness. Katherine has a line called “outrageously nutritious muffins” that are low calorie, high fibre and fat burning. They contain, fruit, fibre, protein and veggie, they don’t contain sugar, butter, or oil. Katherine has also developed a 28 day detox, cleansing,
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Avoid The Top Investing Mistakes
Tom Weichel, The Protectors Group

Watch For Google Wave
Jeannine Taylor, Quid Novis

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4 July 2009 Business Advantage

Business Advantage July 2009



Their Dream Becomes Reality
Cottage life began for Allen and Debbie Karpenko, in 1997, on a small land locked lake now known as White Lake. They knew that if they didn’t get into the cottage market then, it would soon be out of their reach. They purchased a small, seasonal cottage with 50’ frontage. They looked forward to each weekend and didn’t miss many in the four years they were there. The fall always came with sadness. They soon realized they wanted a four-season cottage on the Trent. In 1998, the Karpenkos set themselves a 10 year plan, to have a new cottage/future retirement home on the lake. They realized that in order to have the funds to buy a better cottage, they would need to downsize their home. In 2000, they purchased a new townhouse in the planning stages and moved in six months later. Even before the boxes were unpacked, they were on the Internet searching out cottage properties. They found one they were intrigued with, so before that February weekend
was over, they had listed their old cottage with a realtor. Just a few weeks later, they had a buyer! They found a larger four-season cottage the same weekend and closed the deal on both cottages in early June 2001. The cottage had a great view, 90’ frontage on Lower Buckhorn Lake, an excellent location and promised the potential for renovating into a full time residence. The cottage needed some work and the yard needed a lot of clean up. The kitchen was small. Gradually improvements were made. They knew that it was time to seriously begin their renovation plans when their deck needed to be replaced, and they couldn’t stand their living room/kitchen floor another minute. They didn’t want to do any work that would ultimately have to be redone. Over the years they had talked with a few contractors, visited construction sites and obtained prices. Prices escalated, as their wish list grew. In 2004, they had a set of plans drawn up to have the cottage raised and moved over to accommodate a walk-out basement, a breezeway extension and a new garage. They then took their plans to three contractors and determined that the cost was fairly consistent. It was Countryside Homes out of Bobcaygeon that won out. Their decision was based on several conversations with the builder, talking with past clients, visiting job sites and seeing that they built a quality product. They also had a good ‘gut’ feeling. In the planning stages of construction, it was their builder that expressed concern over their decision to renovate, rather than rebuild. He pointed out that they only had 900 sq. ft. of useable living space, which the project would not address. The couple’s intention to expand the kitchen later, would significantly add to the total financial outlay. New construction had never factored into the Karpenko’s plans at all. They kept an open mind, however, and asked to see the sort of plan he could build on their property, for the dollar figure he mentioned.
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July 2009 Business Advantage

Business Advantage July 2009


Well that was history. They liked the plan, made some modifications and went to blueprint. The investment in the renovation plans was about $800.00, chalked up to experience and a small mistake which they didn’t want to multiply. The construction was scheduled to start after Labour Day in 2005, with a contract drawn up by the builder and a deposit paid. Word got around that their old building was for sale and within a couple of weeks they had a buyer. They sealed the deal with a contract that Debbie drafted up to protect themselves against liability, warranties and delays. In preparing the cottage for the move, timing was everything. They needed to continue to use it until the final moments on a Sunday afternoon in August. To prepare the cottage, the crawl space had to be emptied. All the furnishings had to be taken to storage and anything that would freeze had to be packed to take home. Another old shed was removed and all the debris was taken to the dump. Finally, all the decking had to be removed. Once the cottage building was removed, there was more work. A few trees had to be taken down and the old cinder blocks and insulation from the crawl space had to be cleared away. The newest cabin needed to be rotated to accommodate the new building. Construction started early in September and they drove up every weekend to inspect the progress. Neighbours were very impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the speed of the project. The Karpenkos never felt uneasy that they weren’t available during the week to oversee the project. They met with the builder regularly, to discuss decisions and any concerns. The home was ready for cottage life to begin again, just six short months later, in March 2006. It was better than home! Oh, how difficult it was to leave on Sunday night! The old cottage, which was moved to a lot nearby, is now home to a young family. Allen and Debbie felt proud that they had done their part in diverting waste
8 July 2009 Business Advantage

from the landfill and seeing someone else enjoy their old cottage. Just eight years after setting their 10 year plan to have a future retirement home on the lake, the Karpenko’s exceeded their goal. In September 2006, they sold their home in the city and moved up to the lake full time. Their new home is a raised bungalow, R2000 certified, which means that it is as energy efficient as possible. They have about 1150 sq. ft. on the main floor, which consists of the master bedroom, main washroom, laundry room and large great room and kitchen. They wanted a house that would see them well into their old age, so all the essentials to everyday living is on one floor. The basement has two guest bedrooms and a bathroom, (a great feature for giving guests and homeowners their own privacy) large rec room (which was finished by Allen) and a utility room. They have 9’ ceilings on both levels. The basement with large windows and double french doors to the lake doesn’t feel like a basement. They have a propane fireplace on the main floor and a wood burning one in the basement. They are quite settled in their life in Buckhorn, and Allen has a short commute to Peterborough to work. They also love not having the weekly commute to paradise since they are living it everyday of the year! Debbie Karpenko, a Certified Interior Decorator has just launched her Interior Decorating business, after working several years in finance and then as a showroom decorator for two large furniture stores. Waterfront Interiors can assist clients by shopping the marketplace for the best solutions that meet the design criteria, budget restraints and functionality. If you need advice, handson assistance with furniture, fabric selections, window treatments, colour schemes, interior or exterior finishes, or staging your home for marketability, give Debbie a call at 705-657-3945. She will help to create your vision by assisting you to make informed buying decisions.

Take advantage of our wide range of customized services to suit you…
Custom Window Treatments Designer Fabrics Colour Consultations Floor Plans & Furniture Layouts
Debbie Karpenko, Certified Interior Decorator 705.657.3945 www.waterfrontinteriors.ca

Business Advantage July 2009



Solar Energy at the Cottage
There’s never been a better time to consider taking advantage of Solar Energy at the cottage. While socially and environmentally-conscious Canadians have long considered the devastating consequences of reliance on highly-polluting fossil fuels, the up-front costs of renewable energy systems have been a major impediment to change. Today, with a combination of rapidly rising fuel and electricity costs and renewable energy incentives from various levels of government, Solar Energy systems make increasingly sound financial sense. Solar Energy is a clean and abundant energy resource that can meet two distinct cottage applications: generating electricity (photovoltaic) and heating water (solar-thermal).
About Photovoltaic: Photovoltaic systems have no moving parts and should last indefinitely. There are two basic system types: grid-tied and independent. A grid-tied system consists of solar panels and an inverter that converts the direct current (DC) produced by the panels into alternating current (AC) that can be used in the house or be fed back into the utility grid. This system may have a battery back-up. An independent system, often referred to as "off the grid", is designed for self-reliant living and provides most or all of the electricity that you need. These systems are more common in rural or recreational locations where utility connections are expensive or unavailable. These systems always include batteries for nighttime and cloudy weather. Sizing requirements are different for off-the-grid and gridtied systems. Cottagers are often all too familiar with "dirty" or intermittent power ("Dirty" power has variable line voltage and frequency). As a back-up system, a small grid-tied PV array can be a lifesaver. Alternatively, cottage owners can take maximum advantage of exposure to the sun and install a gridContinued on page 12

Business Advantage July 2009


tied system that will increase their property’s value and generate substantial profit. Under Ontario’s new "Feed-inTariff" program, the Ontario Power Authority will contract to purchase your Solar Power at a guaranteed rate of 80.2 cents/KWh. In most cases, this will amount to a rate of return on investment of approximately 10%/year! For the off-the-grid cottage, a Solar Power system allows for consistent reliable electricity and freedom from noisy and polluting generators. The batteries used in modern systems can be safely placed inside cottages (no out-gassing or leaks) and left in place year-round (high resistance to freezing). Off-the-grid systems are designed, by necessity, to meet all electrical demands. In cottage applications, systems often require less power generation (solar panels) and more power storage (batteries), allowing for peak usage on weekends. Off-the-grid systems should always be very carefully sized to meet power needs, to minimize front-end costs and avoid unused power being wasted. About Solar Thermal: Solar Thermal systems are designed to harvest, store, and distribute heat from the Sun. Solar Thermal is the most costeffective way to use the Sun’s energy. The most common application of Solar Thermal technology in cottage applications is for heating water. It is estimated that water heating accounts for anywhere from 1/4 to 1/3 of the typical home’s energy usage. In cottages, where other energy use is often minimal, maintaining hot water may account for half of energy costs! Solar Water Heaters fall into two categories: year-round and seasonal. While there are many possible designs for Solar Water Heaters, they consist in general of three main components: a Solar Collector (converts solar radiation into useable heat), a Heat Exchanger/Pump (transfers heat from the collector into the potable water), and a Storage Tank (stores solar heated water). Year-round systems are designed to operate reliably through the entire year, in all extremes of weather. These systems are generally more expensive than seasonal systems, and usually provide more energy savings. Year-round Solar Water heating systems are eligible for substantial grants under the Federal government’s EcoEnergy program and for Ontario Retail Sales Tax rebates. Seasonal Solar Water Heaters are designed to operate only when outdoor temperatures are above freezing. Compared to year-round systems, these systems tend to be less expensive since they do not include the additional freeze protection equipment. Seasonal systems are ideal for cottagers who go through a full shut-down in the fall. An added benefit of both year-round and seasonal water heating systems is the ability to "dump" any excess heat generated to other applications such as air heating, radiant floor heating, or hot tubs and spas – further reducing energy costs! Seek Professional Assistance: When considering Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal systems, always consult with licensed and certified system designers/installers. Be wary of anyone attempting to sell "off-the-shelf" or "doit-yourself" packages. In most cases, a reputable Alternative Energy company will design and install a professionally engineered, need-specific system, for less than the average consumer would pay for the components at retail. Additionally, the property owner may discover that their site has strong potential for other renewable energy systems such as: ground or water source heat (geothermal), wind power generation, or micro-hydro. Economical and Sustainable: Why is it, with so much Solar Energy striking the earth each day, that there are not more people taking advantage of the Sun’s rays to generate electricity and heat? The answer is likely a combination
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4-Season Banquet & Catering Facility • “Enjoy Peterborough’s Finest” Exceptional service and inspiring surroundings, you can look forward to productive meetings and effective corporate planning sessions. Now is the time to book your corporate function!

777 Clonsilla Avenue, Peterborough, Ontario Wayne Umphrey, Food & Beverage Manager • catering@kawarthagolf.ca


July 2009 Business Advantage

Business Advantage July 2009


of readily available and relatively cheap fossil fuels, and the higher infrastructure costs of renewable energy systems. Fortunately, as the economic and environmental costs of traditional fuels have risen so too have the incentives offered by the Provincial and Federal governments to convert to more sustainable power. Today, renewable energy systems are more cost-effective and practical than ever. Thinking about where to start? Consider solar energy at the cottage: where ecology and economy meet!!

Your Retail Landscape Headquarters
• Interlocking Pavers – Smooth, Tumbled & Textured • Retaining/Garden Walls Standard & Tumbled • Patio Slabs, Steps Plain & Decorative • Flagstone • River Rock • Polymeric Sand • Free Estimates • Free Delivery (with minimum order)

Submitted by Bill Betz of Real Energy Alternatives Limited www.RealEnergyAlternatives.ca 705-743-8061

By Joanne Culley

Custom angled wardrobes and built in vanity

Blue BullFrog Design Provides Custom Designed Organizing Solutions for Homes & Cottages
Blue Bullfrog Designs was formed in response to the lack of high-end products available for closets. “That’s when we decided there was a need to design a line of easy-tocustomize and install closet products,” says Colette McMurran, Customer Service Representative. Blue Bullfrog Designs provides organizing solutions for closets, home offices, garages, and boathouses and can build custom stand-alone wardrobes. In addition, they sell wall beds, or “Murphy beds” that pull down from the wall. These beds are suitable for small multi-purpose rooms or in rooms with low ceilings. They can be arranged in horizontal or vertical configurations to suit the space available and can have built-in cabinetry such as office desks. In business for six years, Blue Bullfrog’s organizing systems are designed to be flexible. “Clients can rearrange the products to suit their changing needs,” says McMurran. “Units that were originally conceived of as providing hanging space can be easily converted to shelving/drawer units and vice versa. Our environmentally friendly John Louis units are made of solid wood. They feature a unique slatted design allowing air to flow around clothing and can be customized to fit any bedroom.” A recent project has involved creating a custom closet and island for a cottage owner, which incorporated a tri-fold mirror. “We own our own designs, so we can provide a solution to fit any need,” continues McMurran. “We provide a wide range of products and offer one-stop shopping for organizational products. We are not a franchise and so are not bound to only provide a set range of products.” Their showroom in Peterborough displays the wide array of units available. They can come to your cottage or home for a free consultation, take measurements and advise on colour choice, door styles and other components. They also provide product ready to install for the contractor or DIY enthusiast. The company moved from Toronto to the Kawarthas in 2007 where they now live and work. They are committed to serving the Greater Peterborough area as well as Kawartha cottage country. They are members of the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce. For more information, please visit their showroom at 675 The Queensway, Unit A call (705) 741-2121, 1-888-285-5374 or email: info@bluebullfrogdesigns.com
Business Advantage July 2009

Custom Scissoring Flea & Medicated Bathing & Nail Clipping

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July 2009 Business Advantage

By Joanne Culley


Jim Williams Construction Builds Unique Homes & Cottages With A Personal Touch
In business since 1989, Jim Williams Construction builds custom homes and does renovations for Peterborough and the surrounding area, as far away as Haliburton and Tweed. Currently he and his crew are putting the finishing touches on a 3200 sq. ft cottage built with Douglas fir timber reclaimed from a torn-down building on the Trenton Air Force base. “The timber is excellent, even though it’s 80 years old, it’s straight and strong and makes good beams,” says Williams. “We’re using beautiful granite rock on the outside.” The house is being built using normal 2’ x 6’ framing. Located on lower Buckhorn Lake, the home has many special features: wood-filled soffits, radiant heat in the bathroom and a large screened-in wrap-around three season sun porch from which to take in the views of the lake. After tearing down the original cottage, Williams and his crew have spent seven months working on it. Every home he builds is different, says Williams. “It’s not like working in a subdivision, where there are cookie cutter houses. These are unique, one-of-a-kind houses with a personal touch,” he says. Recent homes he has built include bungalows in Peterborough and on Chemong Lake. The process of building a home is fairly straightforward, according to Williams, and depending on the size and complexity of the design, can take anywhere from three or four months to a year. “We meet with the client in their home, to get an idea of what
they’re used to,” he continues. “Often they will have a picture of what they’re thinking of. From that, the architect will draw up plans for approval by the client.” Once the building begins, the client comes to walk through the framing to get an idea of the space. That’s a good time to move any of the walls. “It’s hard to imagine the room size and where the walls are on paper, but once you walk through you have a better idea,” he says. Clients pick the windows, countertops, trims, flooring and woodwork to individualize their home. “We don’t just finish a home with drywall,” he says. A licensed carpenter, Williams specializes in the putting on the finishing touches, which he says is what makes a home unique. “Once the house is complete, I derive great satisfaction from seeing the homeowners get what they want,” he says. “It’s good to spend the time and build a house that they are comfortable living in.” Williams advises those planning to have a new home built to check the credentials of builders to ensure high quality of product and service. Williams is a member of the Peterborough and District Home Builders Association, the Tarion New Home Warranty program, and the RenoMark program for his renovation projects. For more information, please call (705) 749-6615 or email, homes@jimwilliamsconstruction.ca
Business Advantage July 2009

Filling the Gap!

fat burning menu plan that includes consultations. More information online at www.bewellmuffins.ca or call 705-7991614. Skip McMullen and Valerie Yateman recently opened Auto-Tech Car Care at 649 The Parkway, Unit #1 in Peterborough. They specialize in hand-washing and hand drying of cars, mini-vans, trucks, SUV’s, boats, construction trailers and more. Just drive in, no appointment, and in 15 minutes get a full exterior hand wash, including wax and tire shine for just $25! $40 will have the interior looking just as good. They have three service bays, qualified staff, and a comfortable waiting area. Open Monday through Saturday from 8am, call 705-741-0060 or stop in to 649 The Parkway just North of Costco. Goodfellow Property Maintenance is a new business serving Peterborough and surrounding area. Owner Bruce VanVolkenburg has 15 years experience maintaining and managing residential rental properties. Bruce is fully insured and offers spring and fall cleanup, fertilizing, dethatching, aerating, scheduled lawn cutting as well as garbage removal. Call Bruce at Goodfellow Property Maintenance (705) 768-6340 or email at goodfellowpropertymaintenance@hotmail.com Country Corner of Lakefield Highway, owners Jillian and Bryce have moved the business to The Galvin Bay Resort, just South of the Curve Lake Road. You’ll still find a great selection of locally produced food, and you can now have it delivered! For more information visit the Country Corner 2707 Buckhorn Road, call 705-657-2225 or email countrycorner@bellnet.ca Just north of Buckhorn, Paula Ruttle and Greg Nyberg have just opened the Art Inclined Gallery. Offering original Canadian art from up to 30 artists, many
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How To Fight The Bite
How to apply insect repellents: • When using on children always apply it for them. • Apply products lightly, sprays are better than lotions and can be applied to clothing • Do not apply to children’s hands; to keep the repellent out of the eyes and mouth • Wash skin with soap and water when protection is not needed. Usage based on age: • Under 6 months – Do not use products containing DEET • 6 mos - 2 yrs – 10% DEET or less is okay once per day • 2-12 yrs – 10% DEET or less maximum 3 times per day • 12-adult – 30% DEET or less and reapply as needed
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Business Advantage July 2009


July 2009 Business Advantage


from this area, and rotated every 30 days. The Gallery is located 2 miles north of Buckhorn on Hwy 36. Call 705-536-1135 or online at www.ruralroutes.com/artinclined Melanie Hedlund is a local hairstylist, who has a very cool new product to help prevent a common injury among hairstylists, the world over – scissor cuts… Called the Salon Safety Glove, Melanie’s product is elegantly simple and effective. You can get the whole story at www.salonsafetyglove.com, or call 705-932-3127 Music for Moppets has moved to the Westmount Bible Chapel at 1150 Clonsilla Avenue. Music For Moppets is a community playgroup with a musical foundation, for children and their parents or caregivers. Owner Karen Woolley offers a number of programs. You can find out more online at www.musicformoppets.ca. And congratulations to everyone at KRUZ Radio. They closed the door and turned out the lights on AM radio on June 15th as they switched their signal to 100.5 FM. Merrett Home Hardware Building Centre is now selling bulk Mulch-red and black, limestone screenings, screened sand, and gravel. They will load it into their customers truck or trailer. It is sold by the yard and 1/3 of a yard. Their hours are 7am - 9pm, Monday to Friday, Saturday.7am - 6pm and Sunday 9am - 5pm. Call 743-3553 for more information.

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Nexicom A Proud 14 Year Sponsor of 4th Line Theatre
exicom has been a corporate sponsor of 4th Line Theatre from the theatre’s early days, 14 years ago, according to Simone Georges, Development Director at 4th Line Theatre. “It means a great deal to us to have such a large corporation in such a small community like Millbrook to share in our successes, as well as give us the benefit of their business expertise and personnel,” says Georges. Two new plays telling the stories of real people and places have their world premieres this season at 4th Line. The first is The Right Road to Pontypool, being performed from July 2 to August 1, about Pontypool’s summer resorts that were popular with Toronto’s Jewish community. Sixty years of Jewish history are woven into an entertaining narrative chronicling a unique piece of the region’s history. Written by Alex PochGoldin, the play is based on memories from descendents of the resort owners and patrons. Welcome Death by Artistic Director Robert Winslow will be performed from August 12 to 29, and is an entertaining Victorian murder-mystery set in Millbrook. Inspired by the actual coroner’s inquest from Trent University Archives, the play tells the story of the discovery of the body of a young woman named Elizabeth Deyell in a field. She had been walking from Millbrook to Port Hope in the middle of winter in 1873. To solve the crime, part of the investigation involved calling upon the spirit world. This play is performed on the Meadow Stage, a ten minute walk from the parking lot. Being a non-profit organization, all of 4th Line’s revenue goes into their productions. As ticket sales account for just 25 percent of the costs of running the company, they must raise the remainder through public and private funding sources. 4th Line contributes substantially to the local economy, bringing in about 13,000 people to the area every season and employing over 50 seasonal full-time employees. “We could not survive without our corporate sponsors,” says Georges. “In return for their valuable support, they can piggy back on our marketing initiatives to thousands of our subscribers, receive VIP seating at our performances, verbal acknowledgments from the stage, and more.” For more information about 4th Line Theatre or becoming a corporate sponsor, please call (705) 932-4448 or visit www.4thlinetheatre.on.ca. For more information about Nexicom, please call 1-888-639-4266 or visit www.nexicom.net.

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innovate * ignite * impact 20 July 2009 Business Advantage

Business Advantage July 2009


Avoid the top investing mistakes
With markets experiencing some improvement, you have probably been wondering how best to reinTom Weichel vest your money. However, you certainly do not want to make the same mistakes you may have made in the past. We advise our clients to protect their money by steering clear of the following top investing mistakes: 1. Not setting clear goals. The "why" of your investing is almost, if not the most, important question to ask before you start to invest. Always have a clear vision of what you are saving for and how much you need. Is it for retirement? A house? A car? Will you need to use your money in five, ten, or 25 years? You need to know the answers before you invest. Then you can choose investments that best fit your situation, risk levels, and need for liquidity. For instance, if you will need your money soon, you may want to choose safer investments. 2. Placing all your money in one type of investment. This can be a big gamble. We always say that a mix of investments usually works better to decrease risk, since if one loses, another may gain. Remember, a number of businesses have cycles. Some may do well in the summer, some in winter. Some may react to world events; some may not. If you put all your money in a single investment (no matter how good it seems), and something goes wrong, you could lose your money. This error can be avoided by investing in one or several mutual funds. With mutual funds, your money goes into a mix of investments. And over time, the critical factor is that your investment mix will most affect your results. 3. Investing in things you don't understand. If you don't understand how an investment provides a return, how a business is organized, or how it makes money, you need to either learn more about it or consider avoiding it. Also, make sure you understand the conditions that can make the price of an investment rise and fall. This will help you decide whether an investment is a good choice for you. 4. Taking chances you can't live with. Don't invest in something that makes you lose sleep at night from worry. Most people are more comfortable with investments that they don't need to watch every day. If you're going to take chances, make sure you only invest money you can afford to lose. 5. Following hot tips or rumours. What looks like great information may just be noise, or worse, a false rumour. Make sure you trust the source of the information you are basing your decision on. If you are looking for advice, get it from an expert. That's doing your homework. Other common investing mistakes include: • becoming too comfortable with a good investment • hanging on too long to a bad investment • trying to rush results • trying to time the market • chasing the success of others • having no sell or rebalancing discipline for each investment holding Remember: You can avoid all these common mistakes If you set clear goals and do your homework carefully, you'll have a better chance of success If you would like to review any of this information or simply go over your investment portfolio, please feel free to contact our office for a consultation. This article submitted by Tom Weichel CLU of The Protectors Group, 215 George St., Peterborough, 748-5181 ext 229, email: tomweichel@protectorsgroup.com

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Google announced and demonstrated Google Wave at the end of May as their new in-browser “personal communication and collaboration tool” which has been in development for two years, After viewing the launch demo at http://wave.google.com/ I found Jeannine Taylor myself joining the early buzz that this tool truly could be a new evolution of email and web collaboration. The product will launch later this year and is currently only available to a select group of testers and developers. For businesses searching for organizational collaboration tools, the Google Wave demo is worth a look – and possible wait -- until availability goes mainstream later in the year. You can enlist yourself as a beta tester at that site. In two short weeks, Google Wave captured the immediate interest of techies, social media enthusiasts, and web users everywhere. The combination of email, real-time chat, wiki tools, and social networking have generated an incredible amount of interest and global buzz. As an “open source” tool, developers are invited to create applications (ie widgets and other tools) that can be added to Google Wave – making it virtually unlimited in its flexibility and customization. I have to admit that as a marketer I find the branders Google to be brilliant. Building on the success of Google as both a noun and verb, they are already branding the word “wave” in the same way – using key phrases like “who do you want to Wave with”? Created by the team behind Google Maps the concept behind Google Wave is to “unify” communication on the web. It’s a hybrid of email, web chat, IM, and project management software. It features the ability to replay conversations because it records the entire sequence of communication, character by character. Because of this, discussions are also live in Google Wave - you will see your colleagues type character-by-character, dramatically speeding up conversations to real-time chat. Google Wave also supports the ability to drag and drop attachments from your desktop into Google Wave. It loads that file and sends it immediately to anyone in the conversation. It’s also embeddable, so you can embed Google Wave conversations on any blog. The interface is similar to Gmail, but is more focused on the user’s contacts, whose photos/faces you can see in your contacts sidebar. As for conversations, well, it’s a bit different than anything early reviewers say they’ve seen before. You can reply and add your thoughts anywhere within a message. Communication within Google Wave is completely shared, and becomes a hybrid of social media/work space environment. Attaching documents, like you do in email, is unnecessary in Google Wave. Real-time conversations and collaboration make it an ideal tool for business teams as well. Imagine an entire office having Google Wave open to quickly share and receive files. Could Google Wave really redefine web communication? Clearly it’s too early to tell, but given its impressive features and all of the early excitement it has the potential to do just that – a new web wave. View the demo at http://wave.google.com/ and signup for updates on release dates at the same location.

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