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									Matt Bauer
BetterWorld Telecom

Environmental and Social Justice Becoming Standard Business Practice

U.S. Carbon Footprint
• The U.S. emits the equivalent of about 118 pounds of carbon dioxide per resident every day
• This includes emissions from industry. Annually, nearly 20 metric tons per American • About five times the number per citizen of the world at large
Source: International Energy Agency

Carbon Dioxide the most prevalent GHG emitted in the U.S., primarily energy used in buildings and transportation

Source: Brookings Institute Study, EPA and EIA

Industries Taking the Lead with Green Commitment
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) - Provides a suite of standards for
environmentally sustainable construction - Over 14,000 projects in less than 10 years - Transformed building industry, created standards

Opportunity: Leading a $2 Trillion Global Industry towards sustainability
“A dollar spent on telecom infrastructure produces an outsize impact on the U.S. economy as a whole…telecom investment plays a vital role in stimulating economic growth and productivity-more so than money spent on roads, electricity, or even education.”
BusinessWeek 2007 The US Telecom Industry: Back From The Dead

In the $450 Billion U.S. telecom carrier market, BetterWorld is the only triple bottom line, nationwide carrier focused on Sustainable Communications

Solutions for Businesses and Non Profits
BetterWorld Telecom is a Communications Applications Integrator and Carrier, providing Business-Grade Services Nationwide Switched Local, National and International Long Distance and Toll Free Dedicated Long Distance and Toll Free – DS3, T1 Dedicated Data/Internet – DS3, T1, DSL Unified Communications, VoIP, IP Trunking Disaster Recovery, MPLS, Applications

What is BetterWorld Doing to Help Create a CSR Standard in the Telecoms Industry?

Carbon-neutral certification, creating first telecom offset Green supply chain & partners 3% Donation of top line revenues All employees volunteer 1.5 work days per month Focus on green telecom products and education – Bainbridge Study Certifications: B Corporation founding member, One Percent for the Planet™, and WorldBlu™ list

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CSR Report at www.BetterWorldTelecom.com

BetterWorld CustomersAligned by Mission, Passion

Just Looking at Datacenters…
U.S. data center industry is in the midst of major growth - 1.5% of all power used* Demand side - driven by several factors, including: - Electronic transactions
- Internet communication and entertainment - Global commerce - Satellite navigation and electronic shipment tracking
Source: EPA Data Center Report to Congress, 2007

Just Looking at Datacenters…
Peak load from U.S. servers and data centers approximately 7 gigawatts (GW) …or about 15 baseload power plants. If current trends continue, demand will rise to 12 GW by 2011, an additional 10 power plants.

Datacenter Innovation
Supply side issue – power/cost savings a huge driver Sun – Eco Responsibility Initiative, modular centers IBM – Project “Big Green” Google’s wave powered data center, patent filed in 2008

Source: 2008 Aperture Research Interviews with 100 Data Center Professionals

The Green Telecom Wave is Coming…
Worldwide spending on Green Communications services expected to increase 34% between 2008-2013 By 2013, Green Communications revenues will reach $257B Each business sector will realize >30% cost/power reductions, and product waste cost savings for commercial buildings of 50-90%

Green Telecom Drivers
Green Telecom Solutions and Business Practices:
Green Products – physical changes Societal Change – 2007 first year we drove less, local vs. global Cost Savings, OPEX and CAPEX

Cap and Trade Legislation 3% to 5% estimated power consumption telecom and Internet infrastructure Supply side versus demand side changes

Green Communications Products
$256B Global Industry by 2013

- Web/Audio/Video Conferencing - Unified Communications - Virtual PBX - Telecommuting - Mobile Workforce - Branch/Remote Office Capabilities - Machine to Machine Automation

Telecom Enabling Societal Change
Localization versus Globalization Worldblu – democratization of the workplace Sun Open Work Initiative Best Buy Case Study - ROWE Telework Coalition

BetterWorld Case Studies
Available at www.BetterWorldTelecom.com

Lowering costs, reducing carbon footprints • Greenpeace
Converged network solution, VPBX

• Whole Foods
Reduced travel and commuting

• Bainbridge Graduate Institute
Telecom Green Paper Project 2007-2008

The BetterWorld Corporate Telecom Carbon Diet
Communications audit, reactive and proactive Physical infrastructure - less wires, less equipment, simplified physical footprint Commuting & travel reduction Cost savings: opex and capex Consider more decentralized structure MTM automation

For more information
Sun Open Work Initiative www.sun.com/aboutsun/openwork VoIP/Unified Communications Portal www.fiercevoip.com Best Buy Results-only Work Environment Google: ROWE and Best Buy Telework Coalition - www.telcoa.org Inspiring Futures Atlanta – www.inspiringfutures.org BetterWorld Telecom - www.BetterWorldTelecom.com

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