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The Truth
About RPR
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         Legislative Mid-Session   FIRPTA Withholding                  Recent census data says
         Update for 2011           Rules – What you need               Colorado has grown -
                                   to know.                            see by how much

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                                                       Housings Stats
                                                                    Single Family Housing Statistics – February 2011
                                                Area                    2010                             2011                   % Change           % Change
                                                           Units Sold          Median       Units Sold          Median          Units Sold          Media
                                    Metro District         1960          $224,207       1793               $223,031           -8.5%              -0.5%
                                    Aspen                  10            $1,000,000     15                 $3,250,000         50.0%              225.0%
                                    Glenwood Springs       19            $291,667       31                 $185,000           63.2%              -36.6%
                                    Grand County           7             $275,000       9                  $287,500           28.6%              4.5%
                                    Gunnison               8             $500,000       5                  $275,000           -37.5%             -45.0%
                                    Telluride              6             $2,000,000     2                  $900,000           -66.7%             -55.0%
                                    Boulder County         132           $354,545       137                $369,048           3.8%               4.1%
                                    Estes Park             7             $291,667       11                 $287,500           57.1%              -1.4%
                                    Fort Collins           142           $243,750       108                $246,296           -23.9%             1.0%
                                    Greeley                158           $161,905       160                $164,000           1.3%               1.3%
                                    Logan                  9             $85,000        8                  $50,000            -11.1%             -41.2%
                                    Loveland               81            $197,500       77                 $209,722           -4.9%              6.2%
                                    Morgan County          17            $105,000       13                 $75,000            -23.5%             -28.6%
                                    Craig                  3             $212,500       3                  $130,000           0.0%               -38.8%
                                    Delta County           7             $170,000       22                 $152,000           214.3%             -10.6%
                                    Grand Junction         123           $191,333       128                $165,000           4.1%               -13.8%
                                    Montrose               19            $212,500       25                 $152,857           31.6%              -28.1%
                                    Chaffee                21            $175,000       22                 $258,333           4.8%               47.6%
                                    Pikes Peak             572           $182,712       447                $193,056           -21.9%             5.7%
                                    Pueblo                 107           $113,000       92                 $128,333           -14.0%             13.6%
                                    Royal Gorge            NA            NA             30                 $124,000           NA                 NA
                                    Four Corners           14            $172,000       9                  $135,000           -35.7%             -21.5%
                                    Durango                23            $275,000       20                 $333,333           -13.0%             21.2%
                                    Pagosa Springs         16            $333,333       18                 $250,000           12.5%              -25.0%
                                    State                  3461          $212,500       3185               $201,389           -8.0%              -5.2%

                                                                                                           This information is provided by various MLSs in Colorado
                                                                                                                     and is deemed accurate, but is not guaranteed.
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  The Truth
  About RPR

     oday’s consumers want detailed information about their           “RPR has the ability to enhance our productivity and enhance
     potential purchases yesterday! Consumers looking for             our sales and listing presentations, says Zadel.”
     property to buy and sell are no different. REALTORS®             As good as RPR sounds not everyone is jumping on board.
Property Resource otherwise known as RPR was created by               Why?
the National Association of REALTORS® to give REALTORS®
more resources and the confidence to respond to their con-            Some comments that have been heard and seen floating
sumer’s expectation for detailed information quick.                   around on blog sites about RPR are- “this is just an attempt to
                                                                      make a nationwide MLS,” “it’s going to encourage REALTORS®
“This really is a powerful free member benefit. We have               to sell properties outside of their normal market areas,” and
already used RPR in our office on numerous occasions and it           “this is going to be just another database that we are going to
gave us the information our clients wanted right away,” said          be forced to use.”
Greg Zadel Broker/Owner with Zadel Realty. “It definitely
validated their perception that we have the resources to com-         “There’s a lot of bad information out there about RPR,” says
plete their transaction.”                                             Zadel. “RPR helps makes us more efficient, gives us the ability
                                                                      to give our consumers the detailed information they want and
RPR is an online real estate database with enhanced search            helps sets us apart from non-members,” says Zadel.
capabilities, tools and features that can increase REALTORS®
efficiency and provide market to market comparisons--all as a         When is RPR going live? It went live in September 2010 in
member benefit. Eventually RPR will provide detailed infor-           various areas whose MLS has an agreement in place with NAR.
mation on every parcel of property in the United States. NAR          They expect to launch in more areas as new agreements are
currently has over 147 million parcels of property live on their      executed through the third quarter of next year. The process
system.                                                               takes about four weeks before they make it live and they
                                                                      give you access. The only MLS in Colorado that currently has
“RPR is one more tool that gives REALTORS® the opportunity            access is Metrolist. Chaffee County Board of REALTORS® and
to be the go-to source for property seeking consumers,” said          Gunnison Country Association of REALTORS® have agree-
Zadel.                                                                ments in place and are waiting to be scheduled to go live
What exactly can REALTORS® expect to get out of RPR now?              according to RPR. You can view the MLS Partners Map at
  • public record and assessment information                
  • details of prior transactions and sales history                   During the fourth quarter of this year, NAR will launch RPR to
  • zoning, permits, mortgage and lien data                           REALTORS® who do not have access to the system via their
  • neighborhood demographics and schools                             MLS on a state by state basis. By the end of 2011, their goal is
  • Unique maps                                                       to give all 1.1 million plus REALTORS® the ability to enjoy this
  • Plat maps                                                         valuable free resource for REALTORS® only.
  • Flood Zones
  • Branded Seller, Buyer and Market reports                          You can check out the demonstrations of the power of RPR for
You don’t have to imagine any more about a system that pro-           yourself at if you don’t currently
vides the information you need- when you need it- all in one          have access to it.
place. You can even access this information easily from your
smart phone.
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2011 Legislative Mid-Session Update

     CAR has also played a critical role in defeating several bills that had potentially negative effects on
                 Colorado home buyers and REALTORS®, as well as the housing market.

   Seventy-three days have passed in the           HB 1113 Impact Fees Transparency              SB 68 Increase Consumer Protection
2011 Legislative Session and 47 remain.         – SUPPORT – by Rep. Chris Holbert (R-          Enforcement – OPPOSE – introduced by
To-date, 430 bills have been introduced.        Parker) and Sen. Joyce Foster (D-Denver)       Sen. Morgan Carroll (D-Aurora) and Rep.
CAR has tracked 36 of them and taken a          was signed into law on March 9th. This bill    Judy Solano (D-Brighton) died in the House
position on 22.                                 requires local governments to maintain         Committee on State, Veterans, and Military
   We have enjoyed much early success           transparency by publishing on their offi-      Affairs. The bill stated that a person shall
with the passage of bills that are beneficial   cial web site certain information regarding    not engage in a deceptive or unfair trade
to Colorado’s housing industry. CAR has         the collection and disbursement of land        practice. The bill would have also created
also played a critical role in defeating        development impact fees.                       a rebuttable presumption that a signifi-
several bills that had potentially negative                                                    cant public impact has occurred when a
effects on Colorado home buyers and                HB 1132 On-bill Financing for Energy        plaintiff offers evidence that a defendant
REALTORS®, as well as the housing market.       Efficiency Improvements – OPPOSE –             engaged in a deceptive trade practice.
Some of those bills include:                    by Rep. Pete Lee (D-Colorado Springs)          Judicial precedence has traditionally re-
   HB 1022 Seller Financing of Real Prop-       was postponed indefinitely by the House        quired plaintiffs to establish that a defen-
erty – SUPPORT – by Rep. Rep. Ray Scott         Transportation Committee. This bill would      dant’s actions caused a significant public
(R-Grand Junction) and Sen. John Morse          have allowed a public utility to finance       impact. Shifting the burden of proof on to
(D-Colorado Springs) - was signed into          the up-front costs of making one or more       defendants would have induced plaintiffs
law the first week of March. The new law,       energy efficiency improvements to real         to bring unsupported claims.
proposed by CAR, will now allow a seller        property and to have the property owner          Are you receiving the weekly Capitol
up to three transactions in any twelve          repay the financing over time through          Connection? Sign up now to begin receiv-
month period before they are required to        direct charges on the owner’s utility bills.   ing CAR updates on legislative activity af-
be licensed as a mortgage loan originator.      The bill did not take into account a cus-      fecting our industry. Please let CAR staff
Click here for Talking Points.                  tomer’s credit worthiness and created a        know if you have additional questions
                                                lien on real property that automatically       with regard to recent legislation.
                                                transferred upon conveyance. Click here
                                                for Talking Points.

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What is CYPN and
Where Do I Sign Up?
By: Amanda DiVito Parle, 2011 Chairperson

   You may have heard about the Colorado Young Professionals Network
   (CYPN) in conjunction with the Colorado Association of REALTORS®
   (CAR) and may have been wondering who we are and what we are
   trying to accomplish. CYPN was created for career minded young
   REALTORS® to become more active in leadership at the local, state
   and national levels and to provide networking opportunities which
   engage, educate and enrich the X and Y demographic.
   CYPN has some exciting goals in mind for 2011 which include:
   increasing our membership and outreach at the local associations,
   increase younger professionals knowledge of the Political Survival
   Funds including why it’s so important for all to support what supports
   us in this business, and to engage new networking
   and philanthropic opportunities in every corner of
   our beautiful state. We plan to accomplish this by
   appointing a young professional as the “point person”
   at each of the local associations as well as strong
                                                                 BACK TO THE LAND!
   district leadership involvement. Our young leadership
   advisory board made up of 13 YPNers throughout the
   state is highly involved and dedicated to growing this
   grassroots effort which has caught fire from NAR down!
                                                                 Join RLI and earn
   The membership of the CYPN is a diversified group
   made up of REALTORS® and Affiliate members under              the ALC.
   the age of 40. Members must be current with their
   dues and must be a member of YPN through the                  Learn from
   National Association of REALTORS®. There is no cost
   for REALTOR® YPN or CYPN membership and a minimal
                                                                 our top rated
   $100/year cost for Affiliate membership.                      education
   Young professionals may join our group by visiting our        courses!
   Facebook Page at Colorado Association of REALTORS®
   (CAR) YPN, by visiting or

                                                                                   Find us at:
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    By: Jon Goodman &
        David Farus

State Approved Commercial
Colorado has returned to having a State approved real estate purchase contract
designed for commercial transactions.

  This article identifies differences between                estate community as having a conceptual flaw. The more common
                                                             practice in commercial transactions is for the buyer to have fewer
the new Colorado Real Estate Commission
                                                             and broader contingencies than in residential deals. Contracts in
(CREC) approved commercial and                               commercial transactions are often drafted to include only a single, all-
residential forms, a conceptual flaw in the                  encompassing “free-look” due diligence contingency. This practice
commercial form, and a partial solution to                   differs significantly from the custom in residential transactions where
                                                             different categories of due diligence have their own contingency.
the flaw. Most of the important comments                     For several years, for example, residential contracts have typically
on the commercial contract also apply to                     segregated contingencies for financing, appraisal, common interest
the new “Income-Residential” form.                           community documents, title, “off-record” matters, survey matters,
                                                             insurability, and the condition of the property.

  Compared to the residential form, the new commercial         Rather than conforming to the custom in commercial real
form omits sections that are typically not relevant in       estate of having fewer and broader contingencies, however, the
commercial transactions, including clauses addressing:       new CREC-approved commercial form has added contingencies
FHA and VA financing; sources of potable water; carbon       for environmental and ADA evaluations, and tenant estoppel
monoxide alarms; lead based paint; methamphetamine;          statements, as well as a new contingency included in all the new,
and the Colorado Foreclosure Protection Act. The             2011 forms regarding the buyer’s satisfaction with “Due Diligence
commercial form adds provisions addressing trade fixtures,   Documents.” Depending upon how one counts, the commercial
environmental inspections, Americans With Disabilities       contract has eleven separate, subjective buyer contingencies. In
Act (ADA) evaluations and tenant estoppel statements,        addition to fighting custom, the overlapping nature of many of
including separate contingencies for the environmental       the eleven separate contingencies in the commercial form, and the
inspections, ADA evaluation and tenant estoppel              differing consequences associated with some of those contingencies,
statements.                                                  potentially creates problems.

  CONCEPTUAL FLAw                                              Consider, for example, a situation involving a neighboring property
                                                             owner’s retaining wall that encroaches onto the property under
   While the attempt to create a practical, CREC-approved    contract. Several of the contingency provisions of the commercial
commercial contract form is welcomed, the new form           form might apply to such an encroachment. If the buyer learns of
is likely to be perceived by many in the commercial real     the encroachment through its own investigations, §8.2 appears to
                                                                                                                 continued on next page
                                                page 8 |
Commercial Contract from page 8

apply. If a previous survey provided by the seller discloses the encroachment, then
either §8.2 or §10.8 (through §10.7.10) would seem to apply, depending on when
the seller delivered that survey. If the buyer learns of the encroachment from a new
                                                                                             Fair Housing
Survey obtained pursuant to §7.3, then the §8.3.2 contingency seems to apply; and
if the title company includes or adds an exception to its commitment based on any
                                                                                            is a Year Long
such new or previous survey, the §8.1 contingency could apply to that exception.             Commitment
   If the buyer learns of the encroachment both from a previous survey delivered
by the seller and the buyer’s new Survey, if the §8.2 Off-Record Matters Objection
Deadline is earlier than the §8.3.2 Survey Objection Deadline, and if the buyer fails to
send a “notice to terminate” under § 8.2 based on that encroachment, can the buyer
still validly terminate under the later §8.3.2 Survey Objection Deadline based on that
same encroachment? (Consider the last sentence of §8.2, which indicates the buyer
“accepts title subject to such rights, if any, of third parties of which Buyer has actual
knowledge.”) Lawyers can make arguments on both sides of that question.

  Other potential problems stem from the differing consequences associated with
those overlapping contingency provisions. A notice to terminate given under §8.3.2

or §10.8, for example, results in the automatic termination of the contract. A “notice to          pril has been designated as Fair Housing
terminate” under §8.2 or §8.1, however, does not result in the automatic termination               Month, but the truth is it should be
of the contract. The provisions of §8.5 set forth both a qualified obligation on the               practiced every day of the year. Much has
seller’s part to try to cure an unsatisfactory matter objected to under §8.1 or §8.2,       changed since the Fair Housing Act became law in
and a right for the buyer to waive those objections and proceed with the contract.          1968. Our country is more diverse than it’s ever
Consider the situation described above where both the seller’s and buyer’s survey           been and new technology opens the door to new
disclose the neighbor’s encroaching retaining wall. Assume timely notice by buyer           ways to promote, market and communicate.
under any provision. What follows if the buyer sends a notice to terminate based
on that encroachment? Does the contract automatically terminate, or does the                Even though these changes have brought new
seller have the obligation and the right to seek to cure the encroachment (with the         challenges as inequality in housing continues to
corresponding right of the buyer to waive its objection if the encroachment is not          be addressed there is one constant-
cured by the time of closing)? Does the buyer have the right to dictate the result by
                                                                                            “The Fair Housing Act makes it unlawful to
specifying the particular contingency provision under which the buyer’s notice is
                                                                                            discriminate in housing transactions based on
                                                                                            race, color, national origin, religion, gender,
  The “off-record” and survey situation described above is but one illustration of the      disability, or family status.”
overlapping contingency provisions of the new contract form, and the associated
                                                                                            Don’t find out the hard way that you made a
problems that might arise from such overlapping contingencies.
                                                                                            mistake. It will cost you. Make sure you brush up
  PARTIAL SOLUTION TO FLAw                                                                  on the Fair Housing Laws at every level- federally,
                                                                                            and at the state and local level.
  One way of making the CREC’s commercial contract more like customary commercial
contracts is to use one unified deadline for all the contingencies. While this would        For more information about the Fair Housing
help solve potential problems with timing or sequencing the contingencies, it would         Act, including summaries of recent housing
not eliminate potential problems associated with the different consequences for             discrimination cases, go to
different contingencies. One of the reasons the commercial real estate industry             fairhousing.
may have evolved the custom of fewer but broader contingencies is to avoid these

  Disclaimer -- Content is general information only. Information is not provided
as advice for a specific matter, nor does its publication create an attorney-client
relationship. Laws vary from one state to another. For legal advice on a specific
matter, consult an attorney.

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FIRPTA Withholding
Rules                                                                                          28%
By Scott R. Saunders
                                                                                               of REALTORS® reported working with an
                                                                                               international client last year. Click here
                                                                                               to read more from the NAR research.
Congress enacted the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 (“FIRPTA”) to
impose a tax on foreign persons when they sold a U.S. real property interest. A foreign
person includes a nonresident alien or foreign partnership, trust, estate or corporation     3. The third exception is for transactions
that has not elected to be treated as a domestic corporation under IRC §897(i). For U.S.     in which the IRS has issued a withholding
property dispositions subject to FIRPTA, the transferee (purchaser) is required to with-     certificate (“Withholding Certificate”) to
hold and remit to the IRS 10% of the gross sales price to ensure that any taxable gain       the foreign seller. The amount that must
realized by the seller is actually paid. The withholding rate is computed differently for    be withheld by a buyer can be reduced or
other foreign entities, such as foreign corporations and trusts, which are required to       eliminated pursuant to the Withholding
withhold 35% of the capital gain realized on the sale. For more information on FIRPTA,       Certificate. The transferee, the transferee’s
visit: and download Publication 515: Withholding of Tax on Nonresident           agent or the transferor may request a
Aliens and Foreign Entities.                                                                 Withholding Certificate. The IRS will gen-
                                                                                             erally grant or deny an application for a
THREE EXCEPTIONS TO FIRPTA                                                                   Withholding Certificate within 90 days
                                                                                             after its receipt of a completed Form
1. Sale of a personal residence. Individual non-resident alien sellers, can exclude the      8288-B application.
gain on the sale of a personal residence under Section 121 just as U.S. citizens can.
Section 1445 (b)(5) provides an exemption for property acquired by a transferee that         IMPACT ON SIMULTANEOUS
will be used as the transferees personal residence if the property value is $300,000 or      EXCHANGES
less. To qualify for the exemption, a closer will generally require the transferee to sign
an affidavit stating that they intend to use the property as their personal residence. In    Under the foregoing rules, a buyer of
addition, where the sale of property exceeds $300,000, a foreign seller’s notice of non-     U.S. property from a foreign person can
recognition of gain based on Section 121 may not be relied upon and an IRS withhold-         rely on a 1031 Declaration and Notice
ing certificate is required even though the exclusion may reduce or even eliminate           only if the foreign person exchanges U.S.
the amount to be withheld under Section 1445. This exception for a residence is not          property for other U.S. property in a swap
available for the disposition of an investment property owned by a foreign person.           in which the foreign person receives
                                                                                             no cash or mortgage boot. Since many
2. The second exception to the FIRPTA withholding requirements is in the case of a           exchanges can involve payment of some
simultaneous 1031 exchange and the transferee is not required to withhold if the “[t]        cash or debt reduction, the utility of a
he transferor gives written notice that no recognition of any gain or loss on the trans-     1031 Withholding Certificate is substan-
fer is required because of a non-recognition provision in the Internal Revenue Code          tially reduced.
or a provision in a U.S. tax treaty.” Such a notice is called a “Declaration and Notice to
Complete an Exchange” (“1031 Declaration and Notice”).                                                                continued on next page

                                                   page 10 |
FIRPTA from page 12

IMPACT ON DELAYED EXCHANGES                                           D. The next step is to apply for a Withholding Certificate from
To the extent that the 1031 exchange is not simultaneous, or if           the IRS.
any cash or mortgage will be received by a foreign person with          - File IRS From 8288-B, Application for Withholding Certificate
respect to the disposition of U.S. property, the buyer can only           for Dispositions by Foreign Persons of U.S. Real Property
rely on a Withholding Certificate issued by the IRS to a foreign          Interests. See the instructions to Form 8288 as it may be
person. As a result, foreign persons desiring to engage in a              possible to attach Form 8288-B to Form W-7 when applying
delayed 1031 exchange should consult with a tax advisor and               for both a TIN and a Withholding Certificate.
apply for an International Tax Identification Number (ITIN) and a
1031 Withholding Certificate well in advance of the anticipated       E. Notify the buyer of your relinquished property that you have
disposition of U.S. property holdings.                                    applied for a Withholding Certificate.

STEPS INVOLVED IN COMPLYING wITH FIRPTA IN AN                         F. Prior to closing on the sale of a relinquished property contact
EXCHANGE                                                                  a Qualified Intermediary to have all exchange documenta-
 A. First, consult with your tax advisor and analyze if FIRPTA            tion prepared and forwarded to the closing officer/attorney
    applies to you and your transaction and determine if you              so the transaction can be closed as a 1031 exchange.
    are considered a “Foreign Person” who is selling a U.S. real
    property interest.                                                G. The exchange begins when the relinquished property clos-
                                                                          es. The buyer must file IRS Forms 8288 and 8288-A to report
 B. Next, explore if any exceptions to the FIRPTA withholding             and pay the amount withheld to the IRS by the 20th day
    apply to your situation.                                              after the date of the relinquished property closing.

 C. If you are a Foreign Person, then you must obtain a U.S.         Scott Saunders is a Senior Vice President for Asset Preservation, a
     Taxpayer Identification Number (“TIN”) from the IRS as fol-     leading national 1031 exchange Qualified Intermediary. He can be
     lows:                                                           reached at or 800-282-1031.
   - Individuals: To request a TIN, file IRS Form W-7, Application
     for IRS Individual Identification Number.
      - Businesses: Obtain an Employer Identification Number
     (“EIN”) by filing IRS Form SS-4, Application for Employer
     Identification Number.

                                                                           Thank you FirstBank for your generous $8,000
                                                                           donation to CARHOF and to Metro Brokers for their
                                                                           $1,000 donation! Your donations help improve our

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HOw BIG OF A DOwN PAYMENT wILL           have also opposed the budget              you can expect are:
BE ENOUGH?                               proposal. If you have not sent your        • Many current informative education
That is what the Securities and          letter in to oppose changes to the MID       sessions with great speakers
Exchange Commission proposed             do so now and make sure congress           • Broker/Owner Summit
Rulemaking (“NPR”) for Section 941       doesn’t make the mistake of devaluing      • Commercial Breakfast Forum
of the Dodd-Frank Act will address.      the benefits of homeownership. Click       • Improved networking opportunities
According the HUD Secretary Shaun        here and take action now!                  • Fun Events
Donovan the rule seeks to define                                                       o Cosmic Bowling
qualified residential mortgages - the                                                  o REALTORS® Got Talent
loans that would not be subject to                                                     o Golf Tournament at the Sanctuary
the risk retention requirements. Much                                               • Community Service Day and more!
debate will center on the size of down                                             Pre-registration will open on April 27th
payments. The proposal is now open                                                 at the CAR Spring Business Meetings.
for public comment until June 10.                                                  You can register then at
DEDUCTION                                SHERATON DENVER DOwNTOwN                  RULES
Warning signs have appeared on           Mark your calendars to attend the 2011    Did you know that telemarketers and
Capitol Hill about mortgage interest     CAR State Convention on October           sellers (including REALTORS®) are
deductibility and homeowners have        2-4 at our new location the Sheraton      required to search the registry at least
already taken hits the last few years.   Denver Downtown Hotel. The State          once every 31 days and drop from
Send your representative a letter to     Convention taskforce is looking           their call lists the phone numbers of
co-sponsor H.R. 25 a bi-partisan House   forward to delivering an enlightening     consumers who have registered? Click
resolution that affirms the value and    and memorable experience to all who       here and brush up on the “Do Not Call”
importance of the mortgage interest      attends. More details will be available   rules today.
deduction. Most members of Congress      in the near future. Some of the things

             Bring in the gold!
                                                                                   SIGN UP FOR TEAM COLORADO
    This could be your ad                                                          REALTORS® MS-150 RIDE
    call 303-790-7099                                                              Register today and join Team Colorado
                                                                                   REALTORS® as we ride our bikes,
                                                                                   volunteer and raise funds for the Bike
                                                                                   MS: Colorado’s Ride 2011-June 25-26!
                                                                                   This well organized event helps the
                                                                                   National MS Society fund research and
                                                                                   advocate for a better quality of life for
                                                                                   families and friends with MS. Click here
                                                                                   to join the team!
                                            page 12 |
NATIONwIDE OPEN HOUSE DRIVES                 to Jan. 1 of each year, they must be
BUYERS ATTENTION TO HOMES FOR                Leading Edge achievers or higher and
SALE                                         involved with industry trade groups and
The 2011                                     community initiatives.                      calendar of
Nationwide                                   HUD TO OFFER GRANTS TO FIX                  events
Open House                                   HOUSING-RELATED HEALTH
will be                                      HAZARDS
held on the                                  Funding to protect children and            CAR
weekend of, June 4–5, 2011. This event,      other vulnerable residents from lead       REALTOR® Nationwide Open House:
which began on a local level a few years     poisoning and other housing related            June 4-5
ago, is a weekend when REALTORS®             health hazards                             CAR Leadership Election: June 9, CAR
across the country are invited to hold       The U.S. Department of Housing and             Office/Virtual
open houses in their area. It is designed    Urban Development announced that           2011 CAR State Convention: October 2-4,
to drive buyers’ attention and interest to   it is making grants available to help          Sheraton Hotel Denver
homes for sale and offers opportunities      eliminate lead-based paint and other
to educate the public about the benefits     housing related health hazards from        NAR
of home ownership.                           lower income homes. The funding            Midyear Governance Meetings & Trade
Ask your local association for details and   will help protect young children as           Expo: May 9-13, Washington D.C.
information on how you can participate       well as other vulnerable populations.      REALTORS® Conference & Expo:
in this year’s REALTOR® Nationwide           Prospective grantees will be able to          November 11- 14, Anaheim, CA
Open House.                                  apply for supplementary funding to
                                             promote and develop a local Healthy        Get details about these events at
KANEMOTO HONORED AS A RISING                 Housing initiative, building on their under
STAR                                         lead hazard control program, to address    the “events” tab.
Keith Kanemoto,                              multiple housing-related health hazards
a commercial                                 in accordance with best practices HUD
broker for                                   has identified.
Prudential                                   HUD is making these grants available
Rocky Mountain                               through its Lead-Based Paint Hazard
REALTORS®                                    Control, Lead Hazard Reduction
in Longmont,                                 Demonstration, Healthy Homes
Colorado, was honored as its first Rising    Production and Asthma Interventions in
Star Award recipient at the Prudential
Real Estate Sales Convention.
                                             Public and Assisted Multifamily Housing
                                             Grant Programs.
Kanemoto is currently in the NAR             HUD requires prospective grantees to            ads are
2011 Leadership Academy class and
is serving his second term on the
                                             submit their applications electronically
                                             via Any changes to
NAR Equal Opportunity and Diversity          HUD-published funding notices will be           in this publication.
Committee. He also serves on NAR’s           made available to the public through
Young Professionals Network Advisory         a Federal Register publication and
Committee, among other appointments.         published on Applicants             Call 303.790.7099
 The Rising Star Award is presented
annually to a sales professional or team
                                             are urged to sign up for’s
                                             notification service to receive periodic
                                                                                             for details.
for commitment to their company,             updates or changes to this grant
community and profession. Honorees           offering.
must be 35 years old or younger prior
                                                  page 13 |
                                                                                            Event Pics

What has PSF Done for Me Lately?                                                               Ron Phipps and
                                                                                                                 Howard Leino

Your best investment in real estate...

• CAR passed legislation that will now allow a seller up to three transactions in any
twelve month period before they are required to be licensed as a mortgage loan
operator. Previously, state law permitted seller financing only if the property being
conveyed serves as the seller’s residence.

• CAR successfully contributed to the defeat of legislation that would have allowed a
public utility to finance the up-front costs of making one or more energy efficiency
                                                                                                   Kit Cowpert
improvements to real property. REALTORS® opposes the absence of credit risk                                    hwaite
protection; as well as home buyers being forced to pay the previous owner’s energy
efficiency improvement costs.

• CAR played a crucial role in the defeat of SB-68 Consumer Protection Enforcement. This
legislation claimed to eliminate additional burdens on consumers bringing complaints,
but it did not provide any added protections for consumers that bring legitimate claims
concerning deceptive trade practices. REALTORS® opposed shifting the burden of proof
on to defendants, thus inducing plaintiffs to bring unsupported claims.


• Title XIV of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010
focuses on the reformation of mortgage lending, specifically lending activities that were
deemed predatory. NAR worked with Congress to reduce the bill’s impact on seller-                                     gan, Amanda
                                                                                                          , Duane Dug
                                                                                              Kati Harken       and Joe DiV
financing and ensure that consumers would have this tool at their disposal.                        DiVito Parle

• NAR successfully raised the profile of the challenges that face the self-employed and
small employers, including REALTORS®, throughout the 111th Congress’ debate over
health care reform.

• NAR worked with Congress and the Obama Administration to strengthen FHA and
maintain its continued viability. These changes ensured the financial stability of FHA
while protecting consumers by keeping the program affordable.

• Successfully concluded an eight year long battle by permanently preventing national
banking conglomerates from entering the real estate brokerage and property
management businesses.                                                                      State Rep. C
                                                                                                        indy Acree an
                                                                                                                      d Sunny
Invest Directly Online at:
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Idyllwilde in Parker Watercolor in Castle Rock The Crossings in Castle Pines Observatory Village in Fort Collins Granby Ranch in Granby

We pay 3% on the whole home.
                             It’s simple – sell a beautiful brand new Village home and receive a 3% commission. That’s
                             a 3% commission on the entire purchase price. Every feature. Every upgrade. Everything
                             that makes a Village home your client’s dream home.

                             When you sell a brand new Village home, your client gets more too. The things that
                             matter most to them like Energy Star features and construction practices resulting in
                             significantly lower utility bills, a comprehensive 10-year warranty and thorough building
                             inspections by an independent third party expert.

                             You can count on 3% with Village Homes and be confident that your client is buying
                             the perfect home from the Colorado builder recognized for its steadfast commitment
                             to quality craftsmanship and unrivaled value.

                                                                      Models Open
                                                                      Tuesday thru Sunday 10:00 – 6:00
                                                                      Monday 12:00 – 6:00

                             You can count on it!
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                  CENSUS DATA
                     Colorado’s Changing Population

                     The 2010 Colorado Census Data is in and it says Colorado has grown by 16 percent overall
                     and is continuing to become more ethnically and racially diverse. The increase in diversity
                     occurred throughout the state, not just in the metro areas. Take a look at some figures that
                     shows how Colorado’s landscape is changing.

Colorado’s population growth profile from                  Seventeen of Colorado’s 64 counties (26 per-
2000 to 2010:                                              cent) showed population declines. The larg-
  1. Hispanic population (largest minority                 est declines were in:
    group) increased by over 300,000 or 41 per-              1. Prowers (-1,932)
    cent                                                     2. Otero (-1,480)
  2. African Americans grew by 19 percent                    3. Huerfano (-1,151)
  3. Asians by 45 percent                                  The counties that show the fastest growth in
  4. White non-Hispanic by 9.9 percent                     percentage terms are a little more diverse.
Colorado’s counties with the largest increase                • Douglas was again the fastest growing
in the minority population:                                  county in Colorado growing at 62.4 percent
  1. Arapahoe                                                compared to the state as a whole growing by
                                                             16.92 percent
  2. Adams
                                                           • Other fast growing counties include:
  3. El Paso
                                                                o Weld (39.7 percent)
  4. Eastern Plains counties of Yuma, Kit Carson,
     and Morgan                                                 o Garfield (28.7 percent)

  5. Western Slope counties of Moffat, Garfield,                o Mesa (26.2 percent)
     Eagle and Mesa                                             o Eagle (25.3 percent)
Colorado’s most populous counties are:
  1. El Paso County (622,263)                              • The five largest cities
  2. Denver (600,158)                                           1. Denver (600,158)
  3. Arapahoe (572,003)                                         2. Colorado Springs (416,427)
  4. Jefferson (534,543)                                        3. Aurora (325,078)
                                                                4. Fort Collins (143,986)
Counties with the largest increase in popula-                   5. Lakewood (142,980)
tion were:
  1. Douglas County gaining 109,699                        The census data are used by state officials to
  2. El Paso County gaining 105,334                        realign congressional and state legislative dis-
  3. Arapahoe (83,107)                                     tricts in their states, taking into account popula-
                                                           tion shifts since the 2000 Census. To access the
  4. Adams (77,746)                                        detailed data from the Census Bureau, visit their
  5. Weld (71,889)                                         website at:
                                                           data/ or through the American Fact finder at:

                     page 16 |
      Join the Team!
                JUNE 25-26, 2011
  150 Mile Two-day Ride, or 25 Mile One-day Ride

• $65 to register, must raise $400 prior to race to participate
• 150 mile ride is from Westminster to Fort Collins and back.
• 25 or 40 mile ride option is Saturday, June 25 in Fort Collins
• Dorm lodging from $43-$78 per rider. Call 970-491-7501
• Fee includes: clearly marked and well-planned routes, T-shirt, six
catered meals, fully-stocked rest stops, bike mechanics, medical staff,
police support, SAG wagons, entertainment, Beer Garden, and more!

  To register and learn more go to
             and select “Events” and then Bike MS Ride.

                      page 17 |
R U L E S & R E G U L AT I O N S

   CREC takes Positions–Affiliated Business
   Arrangements, Lease Options and Broker Teams
  CP-38 Commission Position on Disclosure                                transaction and all parties are expected to sign the disclosure
  of Affiliated Business Arrangements and                                form. The Commission recommends that real estate brokers
                                                                         disclose their affiliated business arrangements to the party
  Conflicts of Interest (4-5-2011)                                       with whom they are working early in their relationship, i.e.
  This statement supplements Rule E-46 Affiliated Business               at the time brokerage relationships are disclosed or when
  Arrangements. §12-61-113.2, C.R.S.                                     the listing contract or buyer broker agreement is negotiated.
                                                                         In those transactions where the broker does not deal with
  Affiliated Business Arrangements was enacted in Colorado
                                                                         another party until the time of contracting written disclosure
  to provide transparency, accountability, and consumer
                                                                         should be made to all parties at the time the purchase
  protection through disclosure and consistency concerning
                                                                         contract is fully executed.
  affiliated business arrangements.       Affiliated business
  arrangements have also been regulated for many years                   Additionally, real estate brokers are required to make certain
  by the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA).                  disclosures to the Division of Real Estate regarding their
  RESPA was precipitated by significant reforms identified by            affiliated business arrangements. Colorado law requires
  Congress as necessary to ensure that consumers did not                 every licensee to disclose to the Commission when they
  pay disproportionately high settlement costs as the result of          enter into or change an affiliated business arrangement.
  certain deleterious business practices by settlement service           All affiliated business arrangements to which the licensee is
  providers. RESPA is applicable to any residential mortgage             a party must be disclosed.
  transaction involving a federally related mortgage loan.
                                                                         Disclosure is required at the time of a new application for
  However, Colorado law requires disclosure of affiliated
                                                                         licensure or at the time of activation of an inactive license.
  business arrangements to consumers even if the transaction
                                                                         The disclosure must include the physical location of the
  does not involve a federally related residential mortgage
                                                                         affiliated business.
                                                                         Employing brokers are required to disclose the names of all
  Colorado law C.R.S. 12-61-113.2(1)(a) defines an “affiliated
                                                                         affiliated business arrangements to which the employing
  business arrangement” as an arrangement in which:
                                                                         broker is a party on an annual basis, at the least. The
  “A provider of settlement services or an associate of a provider       disclosure must include the physical location of the affiliated
  of settlement services has either an affiliate relationship with or    businesses. The Commission has determined that these
  a direct beneficial ownership interest of more than one percent        disclosures shall be made electronically through the Division
  in another provider of settlement services;” and the provider          of Real Estate’s website.
  directly or indirectly refers business to the other provider or
                                                                         It is the Commission’s position that Rule E-25 Continuing
  affirmatively influences the selection of another provider of
                                                                         duty to disclose conflict of interest and license status, applies
  settlement services.
                                                                         to all licensees including real estate brokers who perform
  It is the Commission’s position that real estate brokers must          licensed property management services and are affiliated
  disclose affiliated business arrangements to consumers in all          with businesses or vendors that provide services applicable
  transactions intended to result in the transfer of title from          to lease transactions. For example, a real estate broker
  one party to another. RESPA requires that affiliated business          acting on behalf of a landlord is required to disclose to the
  arrangements be disclosed before or at the time a referral             landlord that the real estate broker has partial ownership of
  is made to a provider of settlement services. Colorado                 the maintenance company that the real estate broker utilizes
  law requires a licensee to disclose any affiliated business            for the landlord’s property repairs. The Commission strongly
  arrangement when an offer to purchase real property is                 recommends that this type of information be disclosed to
  fully executed. In Colorado, the disclosure is required to be          the principal early in the business relationship, i.e. at the time
  in writing, must be given to both agents and transaction               brokerage relationships are disclosed or when the listing
  brokers, must comply with RESPA and Colorado law, and must             contract is negotiated. Additionally, this disclosure should
  be made using the Federal RESPA disclosure form. Colorado              be made in writing.
  law requires real estate brokers to disclose their affiliated
                                                                                                                       continued on next page
  business arrangements to all parties to the real estate

                                                        page 18 |
CREC from page 10
                                                                       to ensure that they do not advertise in a manner that misleads
CP-39 Commission Position on Lease Options, Lease                      the public as to the identity of the brokers’ licensed brokerage.
Purchase Agreements and Installment Land Contracts                     Real estate brokers that function as teams should not advertise
(4-5-2011)                                                             teams using the terms “realty”, “real estate”, “company”,
                                                                       “corporation”, “corp.”, “inc.”, “LLC” or other similar language that
The Commission recognizes that in order to maintain the                would indicate a company other than the employing brokerage
resilience of the real estate market during times when                 firm. Advertising includes, but is not limited to, websites,
conventional lending requirements are rigorous, alternative            signage, property flyers, mailings, business cards, letterhead
funding practices are utilized to sustain the market conditions        and contracts. The advertising of team names should never
of supply and demand. The Commission has received and                  give the impression that the team is an entity separate from the
investigated numerous complaints pertaining to lease options,          licensed real estate brokerage. If the identity of the employing
lease purchase agreements and installment land contracts.              broker or the brokerage firm is difficult for the public or the
Although the Commission does not have the authority to                 Commission to ascertain, the team may be in violation of Rule
prohibit the types of real estate transactions that real estate        E-8 Advertising.
brokers participate in, the Commission strongly cautions real
estate brokers to utilize the services of an attorney licensed         Supervision:
to practice law within the State of Colorado. It has been the          In addition to the supervision requirements set forth in Rules
Commission’s observation, based on complaints received, that           E-31 and E-32, Rule E-30 Employing broker responsibilities
lease option and lease purchase transactions are complex               requires that the broker designated to act as the broker for any
and generally contain provisions with significant financial risk       partnership, limited liability company or corporation, i.e. the
posed to the prospective buyer and seller. Installment land            employing broker, fulfill the following duties:
contracts and the other transactions mentioned in this position           1) Maintain all trust accounts and trust account records;
statement afford buyers the opportunity to take possession of
the real property and make installment payments to the seller.            2) Maintain all transaction records;
There is a significant potential for harm to the seller, buyer            3) Develop an office policy manual and periodically review
or assignee if the installment land contract is not properly                 office policies with all employees;
drafted. In all of the above transactions, the seller retains legal       4) Provide for a high level of supervision for newly licensed
title to the property while the buyer may acquire equitable                  persons pursuant to Rule-32;
title. The Commission does not have an approved contract
form necessary to memorialize the terms and nuances related               5) Provide for a reasonable level of supervision for
to these complex transactions, or any jurisdictional regulations             experienced licensees pursuant to Rule E-31;
that may be germane. Pursuant to Rule F, the appropriate                  6) Take reasonable steps to ensure that violations of statutes,
provisions of the license law and the brokerage relationship                 rules and office policies do not occur or reoccur;
act (§§12-61-113, 12-61-804, 805 and 807, C.R.S.), real estate
                                                                          7) Provide for adequate supervision of all offices operated by
brokers are prohibited from drafting a contract document
                                                                             the broker, whether managed by licensed or unlicensed
that would reflect the terms of such a transaction as it would
exceed their level of competency and is a matter requiring
the expertise and advice of an attorney. Additionally, such            Pursuant to §12-61-118, C.R.S. and Rule E-29, employing
behavior may be construed as the unauthorized practice of              brokers are also responsible for providing supervision over
law by the real estate broker and subject to civil penalties. The      such activities with reference to the licensing statutes and
contracts for these transactions should not be prepared by a           Commission rules for all brokerage employees, including but
real estate broker; rather, the documents should be drafted by a       not limited to administrative assistants, bookkeepers and
licensed Colorado attorney-at-law engaged for each particular          personal assistants of licensed employees. Thus, employing
transaction.                                                           brokers are responsible for the actions of unlicensed persons
                                                                       who perform functions within the real estate broker team.
CP-40 Commission Position on Teams (4-5-2011)
                                                                       Employing brokers need to ensure that any unlicensed person
The Commission recognizes that there are benefits to both real         acting within the team is not engaged in practices that require
estate brokers and consumers in the usage of real estate broker        a real estate broker’s license. Employing brokers also need to
teams. Teams may be formed within a licensed brokerage firm            establish that the compensation paid to an unlicensed person
with the approval of the employing broker. Real estate brokers         for services provided is not in the form of a commission.
operating as teams need to ensure that they are compliant              Compensation paid to an unlicensed person is not required
with Commission rules regarding advertising, name usage and            to be paid solely by the employing broker. However, §12-61-
supervision.                                                           117, C.R.S. requires that all licensee compensation or valuable
Advertising and name usage:                                            consideration for the performance of any acts requiring a
                                                                       broker’s license is paid solely by the employing broker.
While there is no prohibition of teams, real estate brokers need

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  REALTOR® Advantage Partners
The Colorado Association of REALTORS® provides multiple networking opportunities, programs,
services and business strategies to enhance your careers. In addition to general functions of an association
such as communications, administration, etc, your membership entitles you to the following discounts:

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our products at!                                    up on the CAR website or

Nationwide®: REALTORS® can receive a special discount on              MongoFAX: MongoFAX enables you to scan and send hardcopy
auto insurance from Nationwide®. Contact agent Chris Boyers,          documents from any standard fax machine to any email address
Nationwide Insurance & Financial Services, phone: 303-466-            in the world, with no additional hardware or software. All you
5544 x123                                     need is your designated MongoFAX Cover Page. Go to the CAR
                                                                      website for details.
RMD Signs: CAR members receive on sign merchandise. Please
call for the current special at 303-573-5500.

DORA Forms: Easily store, generate, email, and print all your
Colorado Real Estate Commission forms online. No long-term              Visit to learn more!
committments or contracts. Get started now with your special
CAR member discount and be generating forms in minutes. For
more information go to

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View the
                                               Broad Coalition Encourages
The Everitt Real Estate Center (EREC)          State Legislature to Restrict
                                               Private Transfer Fees
began working with the Colorado
Association of REALTORS® (CAR),
Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association
(CMLA), and the Colorado Association of
Home Builders (CAHB) in January 2011 to        Colorado legislators have introduced a new bill that will protect Colorado
coordinate the development of inaugural        homeowners by restricting private transfer fees. As of July 1, 2011, Senate Bill
surveys of their respective memberships        11-234 will ban private transfer fees, a relatively new financial scheme that steals
to provide a comprehensive view of             home equity, lowers home resale values and adds another layer of difficulty to
the residential market in the state of         selling a home.
                                               The bill is supported by a variety of organizations, including the Land Title
The following is the summary of the
                                               Association of Colorado, the Colorado Bar Association, the Community
Residential Survey:
                                               Associations Institute, the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association, and the
  • CAR respondents are generally more
                                               Colorado Association of REALTORS®.
     optimistic in terms of economic
     issues than CAHB or CMLA                  “It is great to see legislators standing up for homeowners by protecting
     respondents                               consumers from these predatory fees,” said Chris Payne, a member of the Real
  • More transactions, short sales, and        Estate Section of the Colorado Bar Association. “This bill will be an important
     regulations in 2011                       step in safeguarding our already fragile real estate market from abuse.”
     o No significant change in days on
        market 2011 expectations over          Manhattan-based Freehold Capitol Partners is leading the push to add these
        2010                                   private transfer fee covenants to home purchase transactions. The fees require
  • Buyer confidence and qualifications        that a percentage of the sale price of a home be paid to a private 3rd party every
     remain top barriers to sales              time the property is sold, typically for 99 years. Freehold is attempting to bundle
  • Distressed sales, appraisals, and seller   and securitize these fees, and sell them to Wall Street investors.
     perceptions impacting residential         Homeowner association fees are not restricted by S.B. 11-234. HOA fees,
     valuations                                paid by homeowners in many Colorado cities and towns for services such as
  • Lack of confidence in proposed             maintenance of common areas in their developments, provide a direct benefit
     changes with Fannie Mae and               to the community in which a home is located.
     Freddie Mac
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries have        The bill is the latest in a series of government actions to limit private transfer
     negative impact on neighboring            fees. Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Idaho, Iowa,
     home values                               Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New
                                               Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Virginia
Click here to view the survey results in its   have all passed legislation to restrict the dangerous fees. Colorado is one of
entirety.                                      many states with pending legislation.

                                                page 21 |
MARS and What it
Means to Me
Important information for brokers working on short sale transactions

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”)         ees. The FTC addressed NAR’s comments
has issued a final rule that may impact      in the following footnote:
real estate professionals who represent      The Commission concludes that an
clients involved in a short sale trans-      exemption for real estate agents is not
action. Depending on certain factors,        necessary. Real estate agents customar-
the rules may require real estate profes-    ily assist consumers in selling or buying
sionals to make certain disclosures to       homes and perform functions such as             to short sale sellers or sellers in fore-
consumers if they negotiate a short sale     listing homes for sale, showing homes,          closure:
with a lender, advertise short sales expe-   and finding desirable homes for con-           a. “(Name of company) is not associ-
rience, or take upfront fees from short      sumers. The Commission is aware that              ated with the government, and our
sale sellers.                                real estate agents may perform these              service is not approved by the gov-
In November 2010, the FTC published          functions when properties are bought              ernment or your lender.”
the final Mortgage Assistance Relief         or sold through a short sale transaction,
                                                                                            b. “Even if you accept this offer to use
Services final rule (“MARS”). MARS is pri-   but does not consider these services to
                                                                                               our services, your lender may not
marily directed at companies that offer      be MARS.
                                                                                               agree to change your loan.”
loan modification services to consum-        The MARS rules took full effect on
ers. When a company is marketing these                                                     3. Consumer-Specific Disclosure. The
                                             January 31, 2011. While the footnote
types of services to consumers, MARS                                                         following disclosures must be in all
                                             indicates the FTC does not consider
requires that the service provider make                                                      seller-specific communications:
                                             these services to be MARS, the language
certain disclosures to consumers. In         in the rule would indicate otherwise.          a. “You may stop doing business with
addition, MARS bars advance fees paid        Thus, the confusion that’s been created           us at any time. You may accept or
to a service provider, prohibit certain      by MARS.                                          reject the offer of mortgage assis-
representations, and imposes record                                                            tance we obtain from your lender
keeping requirements (must retain for        MARS defines “mortgage assistance relief
                                                                                               (or servicer). If you reject the offer,
2 years all MARS advertisements, sales       service” to include: “negotiating, obtain-
                                                                                               you do not have to pay us. If you
records for covered transactions, cus-       ing or arranging a short sale of a dwell-
                                                                                               accept the offer, you will have to
tomer communications, and customer           ing.” Unlike the Colorado Foreclosure
                                                                                               pay us (insert amount or method
contracts). MARS providers can only          Protection Act, there is no exception in
                                                                                               for calculating the amount) for our
receive payment if the consumer’s loan       MARS for real estate brokers. This means
is modified by the lender.                   real estate brokers working with short
                                             sale sellers or any seller in foreclosure      b. “(Name of company) is not associ-
The FTC and state attorney generals          need to understand and comply with                ated with the government, and our
have actively prosecuted foreclosure         MARS.                                             service is not approved by the gov-
rescue companies, based on evidence                                                            ernment or your lender.”
that consumers received very little ben-     While we encourage you to review the
                                             entire rule, the essential elements are as     c. “Even if you accept this offer and
efit for these services. The prosecutions
                                             follows:                                          use our service, your lender may not
took place under unfair trade practices
                                                                                               agree to change your loan.”
laws, although some states did enact          1. Prohibition of Upfront Fees. MARS
laws specifically regulating this business      makes it illegal for real estate brokers   4. Additional Disclosure. While real
model. The FTC itself has brought 40            to charge sellers an upfront fee or          estate brokers should never advise
cases and FTC staff told NAR that none of       to pass along a short sale coordina-         sellers to temporarily or permanently
these cases involved real estate profes-        tor’s fee on any short sale transaction      discontinue making payments, if they
sionals acting in their licensed capacity.      prior to receiving a short sale accep-       do, they need to provide the written
                                                tance signed by the seller.                  disclosure: “If you stop paying your
The FTC began its rulemaking process
                                                                                             mortgage, you could lose your home
in 2009. NAR submitted comments and           2. General Advertisements. The follow-
                                                                                             and damage your credit rating.”
testimony during the rulemaking seek-            ing disclosures must be in all general
ing an exemption for real estate licens-         advertisements and communications         5. Disclosure Requirements. All disclo-

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  sures must be clear and prominent               is affiliated, endorsed or approved by     be sure the services they are offering to
  and:                                            the seller’s lender, seller’s servicer,    short sale sellers or sellers in foreclosure
 a. Textual advertisements must have              government, a nonprofit organiza-          comply with MARS.
   the heading “IMPORTANT NOTICE”                 tion or any other entity or person.        STAY TUNED: NAR seeking clarification
   in bold face font in two point-type          e. Misrepresent the seller’s obligation      As a result of MARS, NAR has been active
   larger than the disclosure.                    under the seller’s loan.                   in meeting with the FTC to create an
 b. Audible advertisements must be              f. Misrepresent terms and conditions         exemption for real estate brokers. Below
   preceded with the statement “Before             of any refund, cancellation or repur-     is a recent email from NAR Legal Counsel
   using this service, consider the fol-           chase policy for the broker’s services.   Finley Maxson regarding MARS.
   lowing information.”                         g. Misrepresent that the broker has          “We met yesterday with the FTC, and
6. Short Sale Acceptance. Upon receipt            completed the broker’s services.           we have good news. While the FTC still
   of the seller’s lender’s short sale          h. Misrepresent that the seller will         believes that a real estate professional is
   acceptance, real estate brokers must           receive legal representation.              covered by the Rule if he/she negotiates
   disclose, in writing:                                                                     or arranges negotiations of a short sale
                                                i. Misrepresent any alternatives to the      on behalf of a consumer, the FTC also
 i. This is an offer of mortgage assistance        broker’s services.
     we obtained from your lender (or ser-                                                   realizes that the current Rule require-
     vicer). You may accept or reject the       j. Misrepresent the amount of money or       ments do not make sense in a real estate
     offer. If you reject the offer, you do        the percentage of debt the seller may     brokerage context and the FTC is working
     not have to pay us. If you accept the         save by using the broker’s service.       with NAR to develop new guidance. We
     offer, you will have to pay us (same       k. Misrepresent the total cost to pur-       hope to have the information completed
     amount as disclosed in #2.a. above).         chase the broker’s service.                in the future. In the interim, please direct
                                                                                             all questions to NAR Legal Counsel Finley
 ii. Also, the real estate broker must pass     l. Misrepresent the terms of the seller’s    Maxson at
     along all notices received from the           lender’s offer for relief.
     seller’s lender.                           m. Misrepresentations about the ben-
7. Prohibited Representations. Brokers           efits of the broker’s service.              [Special thanks to Steve Morgan, Damian
  are prohibited from making the fol-                                                        Cox, Dick Clark and NAR for their assis-
                                              This is a brief overview and not intended      tance to CAR in preparing this Article.]
  lowing statements/representations to        to be an all inclusive analysis of MARS.
  sellers:                                    Real estate brokers should review MARS
 a. The seller should not contact or com-     and consult with their own attorney to
    municate with the seller’s lender or
    servicer.                                                              MARS may be viewed at:
 b. Misrepresent the likelihood of suc-
   cess for the service provided.                                      MARS Business Compliance Guide:
 c. Misrepresent the amount of time it
    will take to accomplish the broker’s
                                                                              NAR MARS Summary:
 d. Misrepresent that the broker’s service

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