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									How to Exploit Google Groups to Get a Tidal Wave of Backlinks and Traffic For Free
If you want Fast Page Rank and hundreds of free Backlinks per day read this article

because it exploits Googles own Inventory to give you more traffic.

No secret. Google groups everyones heard of it. If you haven't, go to google and

type in "google groups". There are thousands of groups with hundreds of thousands

of people in all different niches it's time for you got some of that.

I like this one. It gives me heaps of backlinks thus boosting my page rank everyday.

My site was barely getting 5 visitors per day now its receiving 6,000 per month

only in 2 months and thats just one of my sites. Basically my website cpanel is

showing every 2 weeks my traffic is doubling.

I'll be clear here the whole purpose for posting in Google groups is to get backlinks.

I don't give a rats if people don't click on the link to visit my website. I want

to backlinks to increase my page ranking in the organic search results from the

long tail keywords I have chosen.

All I want is to post links on google groups which satisfies google and give me a tick for my blog.

Don't promote a affiliate product and link directly to your merchants website. That's crazy.

So all post contain links to your blog no where else.

See you want to give google want it wants, so in turn they will you with what you want.

Search for groups to join (obviously stick to your niche say less than 0-999) . I found

less than 999 is best because there usually a lot of activity. Too bigger groups your post

will never be seen. Too small a group your post will hardly be seen. As a rule of thumb I

post in google groups everyday. If I return the next day and my old ad should is gone

then you know lot of people are posting in that group.

You don't have to track but I still like to know if I am getting clicks. There are 2 ways.

With tracking software like awber or getresponse or look up you cpanel web statistics and

it will tel you if clicks came from google groups. I do the later.

See to have a sucessfull click to your blog people need to do 3 things

1. See your topic meaning you need to have a strong headline

2. Click to read your post

3. click on your link if your message is good enough.

Too hard.

Here's a Secret tip I use everyday:

When you subcribe to a particular group it will ask for your name. 99% of people will

put there first and sir name. WRONG. You don't want to do this.

You put your website url in the name box. So when people scroll down to view all

the posts they see your website address instead of " blah blah blah by John doe"

and who cares if they don't click to view your post. Over time eventually they will

get curious and type in your website url.

Here's my routine. I post of several hundred groups per day. Yes that's correct,

several hundred. I open up each group in google generally I do each isle so you

keep organised then copy and paste into each group. It takes me 30mins to do

about 200 per day. Do this everyday for 3 months and see what happens. Up to

10,000 hits per month that that's only using one method my friends.

I could go on and on about Google groups but that's just one tip. I love expoiting

googles own inventory to get me high page ranks for my blog. You should to if you

willing to put in the effort.

On the 7th day God created Man. Wrong, he created Google groups. Ok maybe not, but

for more free methods and tools to will help your business please visit my site


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