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Connecting Tacoma Community College with Community   Winter 2010

                                 Driven by Success
                                    Student achievement
                                    by the numbers    page

                                                         TCCMagazine   i
                            Responsibility meetS Commitment
     Board of Trustees

      Laurie A. Jinkins

                            L to R: Darlene Rompogren, EAP; Dr. Pamela Transue, President; Jean Ulianich, Cashier; Laurie Jinkins, Trustee.

      Don Dennis
        Vice Chair          At Tacoma Community College, responsibility                 Despite the hard work of faculty and staff, we
                            meets commitment as we provide training and                 know people are being shut out, and this goes
                            education that fuels our community’s economic               against the very core of our mission. We look
                            well-being. I couldn’t be prouder of our                    forward to a day when we can, again, fully meet
                            remarkable team of faculty and staff who have               our community’s needs.
                            answered the call to meet increased community
                                                                                        The last year has been a challenging one for
                            need with substantially restrained resources.
      Marilyn D. Walton                                                                everyone in our community, and our sacrifices
                            I know these sacrifices are not sustainable for             are not over. We’re being asked to cut yet
                            the long haul. People have deferred vacations,              again. But I am confident that together as a
                            accepted larger class and advising loads, and               community we will emerge from this crisis
                            worked longer hours to support our community                stronger and more quickly because of the
                            through the current economic crisis. Wait times             remarkable willingness of the team at Tacoma
                            are longer for advising and financial aid. Classes          Community College to sacrifice in order to
      Fred P.S. Whang      fill within days of opening, and most of our                meet the needs of the community to which we
                            classes are filled weeks before the quarter starts.         belong. We are in this together.
                            But the TCC community has recognized the                    I’ve always known the people here were
                            crisis and worked beyond expectation in crisis              committed to doing whatever is necessary to
                            mode. They’ve done this without complaint or                serve our community, but to see it at the levels I
                            requests for additional pay. They’ve even done              have in the last year humbles me. As difficult as
                            this with offers to take unpaid days off to protect         these times may be, I feel grateful to be here.
      Chad Wright
                            the full range of services we need to help people
                            in our community grow and succeed.
                            They’ve done this because we’ve been called
                            upon to help our community recover from the
                            largest economic crisis of our time. Despite a
                            12 percent budget cut this year, we’ve added                Pamela Transue, President
                            another 6 percent enrollment on top of record               Tacoma Community College
                            enrollment from the 2008-2009 academic year.
      Dr. Pamela Transue

ii   TCCMagazine
             Volume 2, No. 1
            Editor Sidnee Wheelwright
          Writers Rachel Payne
                      Dale Stowell
                                                       22                                            creates
                      Sidnee Wheelwright
           Design Sakura Moses                                                        2 ........... Focusing on Student Success

        Research Julie Kramer
                                                                                      4 .....................Designing for the Future:
     Photography Sidnee Wheelwright
                                                                                                    TCC’s Health Career’s Center
                      Rachel Payne

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                                                                                   Foundation Annual Report
                                                                                      8 ..........................Primo Grill Celebrates
                                                                                                   10 years of great food and art
     tcc mission statement:
                                                                                      9 ........................................Annual Report
     TCC creates meaningful                                                         10.............Scholar Spotlight: Shada Hill
     and relevant learning,
                                                                                    11 .........................Foundation Donor List
     inspires greater equity,
     and celebrates success                                                         17.......................................... Babe Lehrer
     in our lives and our
     communities.                                                                  TCC Annual Report


     Tacoma Community College
                                                                             2      18.................... Dave Edwards: Learning
                                                                                                            from Life’s Experiences

                                                                                    20 .......................... TCC by the Numbers
     is accredited by the
     Northwest Commission on                  on the cover: Sophomore
     Colleges and Universities.                                                     22 .....................Corporate & Continuing
                                              computer engineering student
                                              Landis Huey celebrates successful
                                                                                    24 ............................................ Art Gallery
                                              completion of the Engineering 104
                                              Xetna Tower Competition at the end    25 ............................................... Calendar

                                              of Fall Quarter 2009.

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create learning

                                                                                                    to college level by traditional
    Long before a struggling
                                                                                                    methods wasn’t working.
    U.S. economy turned its                                                                         For many students, lengthy
    spotlight on community                                                                          remedial course work was more
                                                                                                    a barrier to completion than a
    colleges as the key to                                                                          foundation for future course
    long-term economic                                                                              success. And this statistic:
    recovery, Tacoma                                                                                63 percent of entering TCC
                                                                                                    students who graduated from
    Community College, along                                                                        high school in 2007 required
    with other community                                                                            developmental education
                                                                                                    courses in English, math, and/
    colleges nationwide,
                                                                                                    or reading during their first
    has been turning a                                                                              year.
    microscope on itself.                                                                           This data-driven discovery
                                                                                                    underlined the critical need
    Improving program                                                                               for new TCC students to
    completion rates of a                                                                           successfully complete their
                                                                                                    developmental courses.
    diverse population of                                                                           Dr. Tim Stokes, Executive
    students has become a                                                                           Vice President for Academic
                                                                                                    and Student Affairs notes:
    critical and growing part
                                                                                                    “The first measure of student
    of the job community                                                                            success is an ever-increasing
    colleges do.                                                                                    rate of successful completions
                                                                                                    in developmental education
                                                                                                    courses. This enables our

           Focusing on student success                                                              students to advance to
                                                                                                    college-level instruction. And
                                                                                                    it enables TCC to meet its
                                                                                                    institutional commitment to
                                Achieving the Dream:             low-income and students            learning, success and equity for
                                Community Colleges Count         of color-were the target           all students.”
                                                                 population for data collection.
                                TCC and five other
                                community colleges in            TCC is well-suited to be           Declared and Prepared:
                                Washington were invited to       part of the study. The college     Overcoming Barriers
                                be part of the nationwide        serves one of the most             Achieving the Dream data is
                                Achieving the Dream initiative   diverse, underserved student       now being used to drive an
                                beginning in 2004. The           populations in the state, with     innovative student support
                                purpose of Achieving the         a high percentage of students      model to successfully take
                                Dream is to collect data on      of color, low-income, and first-   students from the front door
                                students and use it to improve   generation students, many of       to ‘declared and prepared.’
                                program completion rates.        whom are less likely to attain     A comprehensive plan to
                                By funding new student           their educational goals.           guide students from the time
                                support and teaching and                                            they first walk through the
                                learning strategies, community   A Culture of Evidence              doors of the college until they
                                colleges could transform                                            begin formal studies in their
                                themselves from within.          Early data collected through
                                                                 TCC’s Achieving the Dream          chosen career has become
                                Under-prepared community                                            an institution-wide core
                                college students-particularly    initiative showed that bringing
                                                                 under-prepared students up         responsibility.

2    TCCMagazine
                                                                                                                             create learning

                                                                                         Momentum Points
Mary Chikwinya, Vice
President for Student               Certificate, Degree, Apprenticeships
Services, notes that more than
anything, research showed our
                                                                                                                                         Baseline Year
students need “strong caring                 Quantitative/Computation

relationships with the people
who are guiding their studies.”
                                                         First 30 credits
“The college started what
we call ‘Intrusive Advising’”
says Chikwinya. Using funds                              First 15 credits
from Achieving the Dream
and other initiatives, “we
opened a new facility that                           College Readiness

combines placement, advising,
counseling, and career center
                                                            Basic Skills
services, and made it available
to all TCC students. Then we
staffed it with highly trained
specialists who could respond
                                    Useable Student Data                    time management, financial         through the Washington
to entry process questions
                                                                            literacy, and how to access        State Student Achievement
without making referrals.”          Other changes were made as
                                                                            campus support services and        Initiative. TCC’s gains across
                                    well. To make sure staff and
                                                                            resources.                         the six momentum point
                                    faculty advisors were on the
                                                                                                               categories—measures of the
                                    same page with each student,            Results have been impressive.
                                                                                                               number of students who reach
                                    an Advisor Dashboard was                Combined with new student
                                                                                                               benchmarks where successful
                                    developed. Key student                  orientation protocols,
                                                                                                               program completion is more
                                    information drawn from                  welcome week activities, and
                                                                                                               likely—averaged 22 percent
                                    multiple parts of the college           streamlined catch-up classes,
                                                                                                               from a 7 percent increase in
                                    is collected in one place.              “By the time students are ready
                                                                                                               degree/certificate completion
                                    The Advisor Dashboard                   to move on to an academic
                                                                                                               to a 47 percent increase in
                                    includes student milestones,            advisor in their chosen area
                                                                                                               basic skills achievement.
                                    early alerts and progress data          of study, they have been
                                    to notify advisors when a               connected with a powerful and      TCC’s incentive award was
                                    student encounters academic             effective multi-intervention       $66,994, with funding coming
                                    difficulty—in time for effective        strategy,” says Chikwinya. “The    from the Washington State
                                    intervention. Through the               relationships—and the skills—      Legislature, the Bill & Melinda
                                    dashboard, students also have           they have developed help them      Gates Foundation, and the
                                    access to their own academic            hang in there through their        Ford Foundation.
                                    information. Utilizing the              critical first year of college.”
                                                                                                               “This is an accomplishment
                                    dashboard, advisors work                                                   we should all celebrate,” says
More than anything, our             with students to help each              Rewards for Results                Stokes. “The results reflect the
                                    one set up their own personal
students need “strong                                                       Creating an intervention           work of a lot of people really
                                    educational plan during their                                              focused on student success.
                                                                            strategy for new students
caring relationships                first quarter.
                                                                            helped TCC earn its first          We know that what our
with the people who are             A new course, Human                     incentive award from the State     students achieve here is vital to
                                    Development 101, is now                 Board for Community and            their economic futures.”
guiding their studies.”             required for all students who           Technical Colleges. Colleges       Background for this article came from:
                 Mary Chikwinya,
                                    enter college with scores below         that significantly increase the    TCC Office of Institutional Effectiveness:
                                    12th-grade level. This course                                              Scott Marsh; “Achieving the Dream:
          VP for Student Services                                           potential for student success
                                                                                                               Community Colleges Count,” TCC
                                    focuses on effective study skills,      can earn monetary awards           Research Brief RB06: Development Ed,
                                                                                                               January 2007

                                                                                                                                       TCCMagazine          3
create learning

    Design for the future: TCC’s Health Careers Center
    health careers center:
                              Washington state faces a critical shortage of          The study laid out a vision for an “innovative
                              qualified people trained in the allied health          facility that teaches the trans-disciplinary
    An innovative facility    care professions. According to the Washington          nature of multiple allied health professions in a
                              State Workforce Training and Education                 simulated, modern hospital environment.” They
    that teaches the trans-   Coordinating Board, between 2012 and 2017              outlined a dedicated Health Careers Center
                              the shortage of trained health care workers—           with four major functional categories of space,
    disciplinary nature       from registered nurses and sonographers,               including specialized lab spaces, interchangeable
                              to medical and clinical lab technicians, and           multi-use skills labs; shared instructional space,
    of multiple allied        occupational therapists—will range from 24 to          and program and building support areas such as
                              75 percent.                                            student breakout spaces, conference and meeting
    health professions in                                                            rooms, and faculty offices. The skills labs, and
                              Community health care providers have been
                                                                                     in particular the simulation labs, would be the
    a simulated, modern       approaching TCC for years about increasing
                                                                                     centerpiece of the facility. High fidelity patient
                              the number of graduates in these programs,
    hospital environment.                                                            simulators would allow students to learn safely
                              and initiating programs in some of the
                                                                                     in a problem-solving environment.
                              cutting-edge health professions such as
                              Nanotechnology, Nuclear Medicine and                   The state community college system ranked the
                              Vascular & Echocardiography. However,                  project design #1 in its category. In early 2009,
                              extreme space limitations in TCC’s existing            the state awarded the college $2.9 million to
                              facilities are currently forcing the college to deny   complete the design phase for a new Health
                              entrance to more than 700 qualified students           Careers Center.
                              into existing health care programs each year.
                                                                                     A design for the future of health care
                              Inadequate infrastructure: When Tacoma
                              Community College first opened its doors               The proposed 69,266 square foot Health
                              in 1965, the TCC campus was built on an                Careers Center is being designed to meet the
                              economical “one size fits all” junior college          post-secondary educational needs of more than
                              model, with a 30-year design life. Technology          9,000 health care job vacancies in Washington.
                              infrastructure was non-existent. Building 19,          According to the pre-design proposal, if the
                              the home of TCC’s health professions programs,         final project design is accepted and funded, the
                              is now close to 45 years old and can no longer         Health Careers Center will create “invigorating
                              be retrofitted to meet the technology needs or         and technologically advanced learning
                              the teaching methodology for today’s evolving          environment[s]” in support of TCC’s
                              health careers.                                        2005-2010 Strategic Plan.
                                                                                     During fall quarter 2009, the college held
                              A facility to meet community need
                                                                                     an all-campus meeting to gather ideas from
                              Three years ago the state of Washington agreed         faculty and staff for the building design. The
                              that the need was critical, and funded a pre-          community was also invited to participate in
                              design study for a dedicated health professions        that meeting. For more information about the
                              facility at TCC. The two-year study concluded          center, to provide comments or for questions,
                              that while “regional shortages have increased          contact Clint Steele, Capital Projects Director
                              demand for technically prepared graduates in           at 253.566.5207 or via email at:
                              these fields… the college is severely constrained
                              by existing, aging facilities that have come to the
                              end of their design life.”

4   TCCMagazine
                                        create learning

A Sustainable Design Strategy
In keeping with TCC’s commitment to sustainability, the
Health Careers Center is being developed using sustainable
design strategies:
 SoLaR oRienTaTion to maximize southeastern
    exposure for optimal winter daylight exposure, and
    minimizes east and west facing facades in order to avoid
    solar heat gain during the summer months.
 SoLaR ShaDing – trees along the western edge
    of the plateau will shade the building from summer
    sun. Atrium clerestories and other exterior building
    penetrations will allow daylight into the center of the
 PaSSive venTiLaTion – Operable windows will
    bring fresh air into the building during temperate
    months. Central atrium space will serve as a “chimney”
    to passively draw warm air up and out of the building.
 SToRMwaTeR CaPTURe will provide the
    opportunity for possible green roof gardens and reduce
    storm water run-off and management. Roof shape will
    allow rainwater capture.
    oPen STaiRCaSeS will encourage alternatives
    to elevator use.
 geoTheRMaL heaTing – One idea being
    explored is the use of a building system that would
    utilize ground source heating and cooling through the
    construction of an adjacent well field in the central
    campus open space.
Through the design considerations mentioned above,
material selections, and other strategies, the Health Careers
Center will meet the environmental design criteria for
a building rating of LEED (Leadership in Energy and
Environmental Design) Silver at minimum, as defined
by the U.S. Green Building Council. The college and the
architect firm are designing the building to meet the
LEED Gold certificate rating.
The College’s new Early Learning Center earned the LEED
Gold rating this fall, making it the first building on campus
to meet the strict LEED energy and design standards. If all
goes as planned, the Health Career’s Center could be next.

                                                TCCMagazine     5
inspire equity

    these tCC grads can have a bright future too

                     Commencement is a                  For criminal offenders, the education made
                     celebration—a time for new         available to them while in prison is a chance to
                                                        learn from past mistakes and develop new skills.
                     beginnings. It’s a proud day for   Paula Norby, Dean for Workforce, Basic Skills,
                     graduates, supportive parents      and Corrections Education at TCC, notes:
                     and relatives—and for the          “Education is a privilege in a corrections facility.
                                                        People are choosing to be in class – they want to
                     educators who devote their
                                                        be there, and are very motivated.”
                     lives to guiding students toward
                                                        Cassandra Scott, a Washington Corrections
                     their educational goals. For       Center for Women (WCCW) inmate and
                     those pursuing their education     student speaker at last June’s TCC
                     from behind bars, however,         commencement at WCCW, would agree.
                                                        “Knowledge is power,” she said … “I came
                     commencement takes on added        to prison in the typewriter age. Now if the
                     meaning.                           possibility of my release is granted, I will be
                                                        walking out in the technology age.” Scott, who
                                                        earned her Business Technology certificate,
                                                        cited a Department of Employment Security
                                                        statistic that 98 percent of released offenders
                                                        return to their home communities. She urged
                                                        her classmates to “knock down barriers with an
                                                        education and gain some marketable skills.”

6      TCCMagazine
                                                                                                   inspire equity

The Tacoma Community College campus at
the Washington Correctional Center for Women
granted diplomas and certificates to 162 student
offenders last June. TCC at WCCW employs
a dozen full-time faculty and staff offering
instruction from basic skills to career
preparation. Department of Corrections (DOC)
contracts with the State Board for Community
and Technical Colleges to provide basic skills
and vocational certificates in each of DOC’s
15 prisons.
Says WCCW instructor Karen Meyer, who has
taught at the Purdy campus for 11 years: “In
class, we don’t know why our students were
incarcerated. People are people – we know them
as students first.” Meyers considers teaching at
the state’s highest security prison for women
“the best job I’ve ever had.” She says she enjoys
the satisfaction of watching her students learn,
and knowing it might help keep them from
re-offending when they get on the outside…
“Some become so dedicated to their studies that
they opt to quit their jobs and focus on school
full time.”
For the Department of Corrections, making
education available to offenders is key to
accomplishing their mission to “improve public
safety.” According to corrections research,
offenders who participate in basic skills education
and vocational programs while in prison are
better equipped to successfully transition back
into the community. They recidivate at a lower
rate than non-participants, and when released are
employed at a higher rate.*
“They start seeing themselves differently,”
says Norby. “We can build on their successes.
Those who are in school have the fewest
problems in prison, and have the best
relationships with others.”
 “Look around this room and be proud of your
success,” said Scott to her classmates. “We           The real lesson about mistakes is learning how
earned it and we made it happen by our actions
and efforts. Continue to educate yourself and         not to make them again.
never stop learning.”
                                                                      Cassandra Scott, WCCW graduation speaker
*State of Washington Dept. of Corrections Bulletin

                                                                                                      TCCMagazine   7
TCC Foundation Annual Report

            Primo Grill
            Celebrates 10 years
    It was Charlie McManus’ idea to create a                food
    restaurant around painted tables and local
    art—and the sweet smell of an apple wood-fired
    grill. When McManus and wife and partner                 and
    Jacqueline Plattner opened the Primo Grill in
    Tacoma’s 6th Avenue art district in 1999 they had         art
    already put their personal stamp on the place
    they had imagined and then built.
    Ten years later, the brightly-painted tables, local
    art and creative metalwork set the stage for a
    memorable Mediterranean-meets-Northwest               Every year since then, Marit Berg and her
    cuisine at the neighborly hot spot with a long        students have created a new painted table to be
    list of loyal clientele. This year South Sound        auctioned at the annual scholarship fundraiser,
    Magazine voted McManus “Best Chef” of 2009.           and often gifted back to the restaurant. Hand
    Last August, the Weekly Volcano voted Primo           painted bowls, in the Grill’s signature ancient
    Grill “Best Hall of Fame Restaurant,” noting          Mediterranean style, were a new auction item
    that “consistency and a peak level of culinary        for the 10th anniversary. Thrown and fired by
    excellence are the hallmarks of this restaurant.”     TCC ceramics instructor Rick Mahaffey and
                                                          painted by Berg, the bowls raised more than
    The Primo Grill celebrated its 10th birthday
                                                          $8,000 for TCC art students.
    October 16 with their 10th annual art auction.
    The auction comes out of a partnership with           Two years ago, the auction began to include
    Tacoma Community College and the                      a fund-an-item to raise additional money for
    TCC Foundation that began the same year the           student art supplies. This fund has grown to
    restaurant opened. The yearly benefit has now         more than $7,000 and pays for canvas, paper,
    raised more than $100,000 for art scholarships        brushes, paint, clay, bronze and more.
    and art materials for TCC students.                   This year’s auction items also included art
                                                          objects donated by good friends, customers and
    A Partnership Endures                                 TCC faculty; and even a private cooking class
    The tradition began when McManus and                  with Chef Charlie.
    Plattner joined forces with TCC art instructor        “You never know what will happen in 10 years,”
    Marit Berg and her students to research the           notes McManus. “But our relationship with the
    design traditions of ancient Mediterranean            Tacoma Community College Foundation is the
    civilizations—the restaurant’s culinary               most important relationship in our business.”
    inspiration. Berg’s students’ research on Minoan,     Plattner agrees. “This partnership works well
    Greek, Etruscan and Moroccan cultural designs         for TCC and for Primo Grill,” she concluded.
    likewise became the inspiration for original hand
    painted tables created by TCC students for the
    Primo Grill.
                                                                                                            601 South Pine • Tacoma

8    TCCMagazine
                                                                                                                       TCC Foundation Annual Report

                  134 scholarships awarded to                                                                    Officers
                                                                                                                  Christopher Algeo President
                  101 students for a total of over $200,000                                                       Ed Brooks Vice President
                                                                                                                  Jeanette Lunceford Treasurer
                                                                                                                  Jennifer Durham Secretary

                    On behalf of the Tacoma Community College Foundation, we are proud                           Board of Directors
                    to provide this annual report on our progress; and thank you all for your                     Dave Edwards
                    generous support over the past year. This year, the Foundation allocated over                 Frank Garratt
                    $775,000 in support of scholarships and critical programs. Your gifts of time                 Margi Legowik
                    and resources go directly to our mission of supporting Tacoma Community                       Griselda “Babe” Lehrer
                                                                                                                  Mark Lindquist
                    College in its mission of providing quality educational and career training
                                                                                                                  Robert Ryan
                    opportunities to citizens of our region.                                                      David Sarno
                    In these challenging economic times, your support has meant so much to our                    Pat Shuman
                                                                                                                  Pamela Transue, Ph.D
                    students and their families. Without the Foundation, and our supporters,
                    many of these students would be unable to afford a college education. Your                   TCCF Mission
                    investment in them, and by extension, our community, will pay dividends for
                                                                                                                  The Tacoma Community
                    years to come.
                                                                                                                  College Foundation assists
                    Thank you, again, for your support. Together, we are making a difference.                     the college in its mission
                                                                                                                  by increasing financial
                                                                                                                  resources and expanding
                                                                                                                  educational opportunities
                                                                                                                  through community advocacy,
                                                                                                                  teamwork and innovation.
                                Christopher Algeo                                   Robin Echtle
                            Tacoma Community College                  Associate Vice President for Development
                                                                                                                 Contact information
                               Foundation President                       & Foundation Executive Director
                                                                                                                  TCC Foundation
                                                                                                                  6501 S. 19th Street
                                                                                                                  Tacoma WA 98466
                                                                                                                  P: 253.566.5003
The firm of Dwyer, Pemberton & Coulson, P  .C., Certified Public Accountants, conducts an annual                  F: 253.566.5004
independent audit of the Tacoma Community College Foundation. This report is available for any donor    
at the Foundation offices at Tacoma Community College. The graphs show the sources and uses of
Tacoma Community College Foundation funds as a percentage of the total income and expenses as
of June 30, 2009. Unrealized losses from investments are not included in these figures.

                                                      $6,414,168                               Revenue
  $6,000,000                                                                                                                    45.9%
                                                                                                                                Grants 29.0%
                            $4,627,404                                                                                          Special Events
  $4,000,000                                                                                                                    Interest 9.2%

                                                                                                                                Other 1.7%

  $2,000,000                                                                                    Expenses
                                                                                                                                Support 68.4%
                2003-04      2004-05      2005-06      2006-07      2007-08      2008-09                                        General &
                                    ToTaL aSSeTS                                                                                13.8%

                                                                                                                                    TCCMagazine   9
TCC Foundation Annual Report

     Shada Hill —
              “I just want to provide”

     “I enjoy helping people.” This simple statement                                                       (Fostering Achievement
     pretty much describes Shada Hill, whose entire
                                                                                                           through Mentoring and
     life plan seems to be focused on giving back.
                                                                                                           Education) Foster Student
     Hill, a 19-year-old Medical Office Professional
     student, is a tiny dynamo who wants to make                                                           Scholarship Program
     a positive difference in the lives she touches.                                                       The eight-quarter F.A.M.E.
     The recipient of TCC Foundation’s F.A.M.E.                                                            scholarship program
     Scholarship* for former foster youth has set her
                                                                                                           was created by the TCC
     bar high.
                                                                                                           Foundation to assist foster
     Hill and her siblings have been in the foster
                                                                                                           and former foster youth in
     system since they were small. They went “into
                                                                                                           educational pursuits.
     the system” soon after their family came from
     Texas to live with an aunt. Says Shada: “She was
     addicted to drugs along with my mom. Soon          After earning her AA, Shada plans to become a
     after that I went into the system. When I was      nurse. “I thought it would be better to minor
     14 my mom died of lung cancer.” By that time,      in something first before going on,” says Shada.    “We all make
     they had been in foster care for a decade.         “I want a permanent job before I go back to
                                                        school.”                                             mistakes, but we
     Setting the example
                                                                                                             can use them to
                                                        A strong support system
     Shada says her younger siblings are the main                                                            continue to live
     reasons she works so hard. “I want to provide a    Says Shada: “The family I live with now is a
     better life for them and be the role model they    blessing. From day one they’ve told me they          and learn ... I want
     need. I don’t want them to follow a negative       would never treat me like I was someone else’s       to be an example
     decision I made or may make in the future,”        child. They would treat me like I’m their own.
                                                                                                             for that.”
     she says. “We all make mistakes, but we can use    And they’ve been a big support to anything and
     them to continue to live and learn… I want to      everything I do.
     be an example for that.”
                                                        “There are times I want to throw it all out
     She has been. Her hard work at Mt. Tahoma          the window and be done with it. But (my
     High School earned her a 4.0 GPA and an            siblings) are the reason I am doing this. Being
     Outstanding Scholar award. She was also            awarded this scholarship, they’ll know there’s
     nominated for membership in the National           scholarships out there for them and for people
     Honor Society. “In high school, I just studied,”   like myself. And, if I can do it, anyone can do
     she remembers. At TCC she earned a Passport to     it—I just want to provide.”
     College award at the same time she was working
     as a receptionist at an assisted living home.

10    TCCMagazine
                                                                                                            TCC Foundation Annual Report

TCC Foundation Donors 2008-2009:                                 This donor report acknowledges gifts and pledges contributed
between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009. Gifts received after June 30, 2009 will be acknowledged in the 2009-2010 donor report. Every
effort has been made to ensure accuracy. If we have misspelled or omitted your name, please accept our most sincere apologies and let
us know by contacting the office of Development and Alumni Relations at 253.566.5336 or

Al & Virginia Abbott               Magda Baker                      Nancy Bordenave                   Judy Burcar
Cindy Abbott                       Cynthia Baldado                  Marian Borg                       Steve & Kate Burnham
Abeja Winery                       Sharon Ballard                   Marlene Bosanko                   David Bushnell
Pam Abernathy                      Treva Ballard                    Randy Boss                        Kathy Button
David Adams
Matthew & Marnie Adams
Ryan Adams
Nancy Adrian
                                   Bank of America
                                   Margie Baran
                                   Shirley Barbee
                                   Stephen & Mary Barger
                                                                    Melinda Bouillon
                                                                    James & Donna Boulanger
                                                                    Ron Bounds
                                                                    Barbara & Paul Bourscheidt
                                                                                                    C C.R. Sandidge Winery
                                                                                                      Peter & Kim Cacace
                                                                                                      Sharon Cagle
                                                                                                      Beverly Cameron
Thomas Ahlberg                     Don & Tammy Barnes               Elizabeth Boyd                    Camille Camus
Dr. & Mrs. Toshio Akamatsu         Kay Barnhart                     Jacqueline & Conor Boyd           Kathy Cannon
Steve & Donna Albers               Celia Barton                     Velma Boyd                        Ruth Cannon
Joy Alford                         Doug Baxter                      Tricia Boyes                      Lucinda Capers
Christopher & Connie Algeo         BCRA                             Ruth Bramhall                     Bev Carlson
Darin Allen                        Lois Beck                        Laurie Brauneis                   Brett Carlson
Jesse & MacKenzie Allen            Megan & Ted Beck                 Jan Brazzell & Wolfgang Opitz     Mary Carlson
Rick & Alvarita Allen              Regina Becque                    Vicki Breaker                     Sheryl Carlson
Susan Allen                        Morgia Belcher                   Teresa Brearley                   Lorella Carlton
Allenmore Medical Foundation       John Bell                        Donna Bredahl                     Richard & Frances Carr
Aaron Amidon                       Mary Bellarts                    Joanne Brenner                    Susan Carrier
Christinia Andersen                Sharon Bellinghausen             Gina Breukelman                   Kathy Carroll
Candy & Bruce Anderson             Benchmark Event Equipment        Delphine & Francois Briand        Ron Carson
Jeannie Anderson                   Karen Benjamin                   Peter & Barbara Briner            Tammy Carter
Karen Anderson                     William & Karen Benjamin         Kerry & Terry Brink               Constance Cassell
Martha & Gregg Anderson            Stan Bennatts                    Pamela Britschgi                  Anne Cassidy
Nancy Anderson                     Paula Bennett                    Broadway Center                   Kathleen Casteel
                                                                    for the Performing Arts
Stephen & Sandy Anderson           Marit Berg                                                         Susan Castelin
                                                                    Judith Brockmann
Tony Anderson                      Helen Berglund                                                     CenturyLink
                                                                    Ed & Carmen Brooks
Wayne Anderson                     Adrienne Bernardis                                                 Chalet In the Woods
                                                                    Roger Brooks
Tanya & J. Keith Andrews           Diane Bero                                                         Katherine Chappell
                                                                    Michelle Broome                   & Antonio Kodama
Anonymous                          Best Western Wesley Inn
                                   of Gig Harbor                    Thomas Broszeit                   Jeff Charboneau
Paige Anson
                                   Joseph & P.A. Betz               Ellen Brouillet                   Mary & James Chikwinya
Dolores & Wayne Argabright
                                   Alejandra Bicknell               Carl & Irene Brown                Inge Chipman
Arletta Gardens & Boutique, LLC.
                                   Bill Acker Consulting Services   Connie Brown                      Wendy Chisholm & John Boudreau
Linda Armington                                                     & Cathryn Cummings-Bond
                                   Charles Bingham                                                    Beth Christ
Heidi Armstrong                                                     Corky & Laird Brown
                                   Carrie Bishop                                                      Joan & Peter Christoffer
Janne Arthur                                                        David Brown
                                   Benjii Bittle                                                      James & Linda Churchward
Karen Atten                                                         Marie Brown
                                   Carolyn Bjerke                                                     Lisa Cisneros
Lyn Austin-Gigliotti

                                                                    Col. Henry & Pat Brown
                                   Diana Blair                                                        Donovan Clafton
Ryan Backlund                                                       Sherry Brown
                                   Joyce Blake                                                        Kathy Claiborne
Jennifer Baechler                                                   Christine Brubaker
                                   Blue Frog Garden Nursery                                           Jennifer Clark
Alice Baer                                                          Sandra Brumbaugh
                                   Blue Ribbon Lawn & Landscape                                       Karen Clark
Sherri & John Bails                                                 Lorraine Brusseau
                                   BNY Mellon Wealth Management                                       Lisa Clark & Carolyn Roseberry
                                                                    Lois Buchanan
                                   Mary Boatwright                                                    Sheryl Clark
                                                                    Cindy Bujacich
                                   Bodegas Paso Robles                                                Robin Clausen
  Ninety-five percent of                                            Holly Bukes
                                   Boeing Gift Matching Program                                       Matt Cleary
  funds go directly to the                                          Patti Bunnell
                                   Donna Bogumill                                                     Vicky Cleaver
  foundation programs for                                           Shawn Bunney
                                   Sherrie Bonsell                                                    Lucy & Michael Clifthorne
  which they are received.

                                                                                                                            TCCMagazine   11
TCC Foundation Annual Report       TCC Foundation Donors 2008-2009

     Ty Cline                      Anne Davis                        Lara Durand-Gordon                Linda Fleischmann
                                                                     & Melvin Durand
     Robert & Darlene Cloud        Cynthia Davis                                                       Florence Kilworth Foundation
                                                                     Jennifer & Jeffrey Durham
     Janis Coffey                  Debbie Davis                                                        Dick & Mary Foege
                                                                     Dwyer Pemberton & Coulson, P.C.
     Judy & Frank Colarusso        Frederick Davis                                                     Diana Fong
                                                                     Chris Dysart
     Jordan Colburn                Jim & Karen Davis                                                   Foppiano Vineyards
                                                                     Deborah Dzewaltowski

     Charlotte Cole                Kathy Davis                                                         JoLee Ford
                                                                     Linda Eades
     Debra Cole                    Mary Davis                                                          Karen Ford
                                                                     Scott Earle
     Nancy Cole                    James & Erma Dawson                                                 Forest Foundation
                                                                     James & Sandy Earnest
     G. Coleman                    Marjorie Dela Cruz                                                  Elaine Fosness
                                                                     Judith Eaton
     Karen Colley                  Del Tierra Farms                                                    Leanne Foster
                                                                     Drew & C.J. Ebersole
     Christine Collins             Jana Kay Demarest                                                   Cyd Fougner
                                                                     Robin & Edward Echtle
     Columbia Bank                 Jeanette Demello                                                    Richard & Cindy Fowler
                                                                     David Edwards & Pat Shuman
     Lance Colyar                  Karen Demers                                                        Kenneth & Mary Fox
                                                                     Jeffrey & Nancy Edwards
     Elizabeth & John Comstock     Kelly Demoss                                                        Peggy Fox
                                                                     M. Eggerman
     Community Foundation          Helen Dempsey-Tennent                                               Fraley Insurance Agency
     for the Alleghenies                                             Esther Ellickson                  - Farmers Insurance Group
                                   Jennifer Denekas
     Connelly Law Offices                                            Rick & Betsy Ellingson            Framer’s Workshop
                                   Don & Sue Dennis
     Patricia Constantino                                            David Elliott                     Elisa Franceschi
                                   Joe Derichsweiler
     Abigail Cooke                                                   Kay Eltrich                       Franciscan Foundation
                                   Dave Desertspring
     David & Sherie Coons                                            David Sabine Endicott             Franciscan Health System
                                   Designs II
     Barbara Copley                                                  Nick Engelhardt                   Cherie Franich
                                   Daniel & Madeline Devlin
     Karen & Rufino Cordero                                          Julieanne Engen                   Diane Frank
                                   Maria Devore
     Suzy Cornelius                                                  Enjoy Productions Inc.            Serap & Gregory Frank
                                   Terry Dew
     John & Ruth Corrales-Diaz                                       Barbara Erickson                  Elizabeth Freeman-Massey
                                   Karen Dewalt
     Janet Cortes                                                    Randolph & Gayle Erickson         Greg & Margarete Freitag
                                   Erin Dewhirst
     Derek Costa                                                     Joan & Brett Erwin                Laurie Friedman
                                   Diagnostic Imaging Northwest
     Donna Coulter                                                   Walt & Meg Estep Woolf            Joyce Frink
                                   Lynn Di Nino
     Country At Heart Designs                                        Judith Estes                      Carolyn Frisell
                                   Julia & Nick Di Re
     Countrywide Bank, FSB                                           Express Personnel Services        Nancy Fullarton

                                                                    F                                  G
                                   Sarah Dickinson
     George Cowan                                                    Jana Fahmy                        Diana Gable
                                   Kyle Dillehay & Alice Di Certo
     Craig Cowden & Kurt Laidlaw                                     James Fairbank                    Claude & Claudia Gahard
                                   Cynthia Dillon
     Debbie Craig                                                    Cindy Faker                       Paula Gallagher
                                   Suzanne Dircks
     Cindy Crane                                                     Gregory & Diana Farias            Ginger & Richard Gallagher
                                   Linda Dishman
     Elke Cranfill                                                   Kiril Farkov                      Erin & Joe Gann
                                   Kazumi & J.F. Divens-Cogez
     Frank & Debbie Crawford                                         Ann Farrell                       Stephanie Gard
                                   Divino Amore Health Care Corp.
     Ella & Willia Crawford                                          Timothy Farrell                   Charlotte Garinger
                                   Jennifer Dixon
     Pat Crawley                                                     Susan Feijoo                      Frank & Carol Garratt
                                   Thomas & Sylvia Dixon
     Sharon Creamer                                                  Betty Felker                      Lois Garrison
                                   Janice Dodson
     Creative Gardener                                               Diane Felthouse                   Deborah Gates
                                   Donna & James Doherty
     Byron & Kimberly Cregeur                                        Janet Fesq                        G.E. Capital
                                   Donna Dohmann
     Linda Creswell                                                  Joan Fiano                        Michael & Kathleen Gehrke
                                   Mary Dolan
     Mark & Val Crisson                                              Olga Findlay                      Kenneth & Sylvia Gentili
                                   Royal & Sachiko Domingo
     David Crocker                                                   Linda Finkas                      Edward Gentz
                                   Diane Dorman
     Margaret Cruse                                                  Nancy Finneson                    Michele Ghiselli-Owen
                                   Doug & Kathy Dorr
     Marilyn Cummings                                                David & Mendy Fischer             Bob Gilberston
                                   Tracey Doyle
     Myrna Cunningham                                                Ed Fischer                        Christopher Gilbert
                                   Judy Dresser
     Carolyn Curles                                                  David & Donna Fishman             Loretta Gilbert
                                   Jeffrey & Diane Drinkwine
     Robby Currey                                                    Jinny Fitch                       Tor Gilge
                                   Jo Driskell
     Katie Cyr                                                       Lesley Fix                        Gil’s

                                   Denise Dubnicka
     Stephen Dadabo                                                  Stephanie Flagg                   Sharon Giovingo
                                   Christina Dudley
     Kathryn D’Ambrosio                                              Susan Flagg                       Warren Giss
                                   Kathy Dullum
     Patricia Damron                                                 Ellen Flanagan                    Mike Gjertsen
                                   Michael & Liz Dunbar
     Nancy Davenport                                                 Flanigan Group, Inc.              Bruce Glant
                                   Marilyn Dunton
     Ruth Cathleen Davenport                                         Linda Flatley                     Glaser Foundation, Inc.

12    TCCMagazine
                                                                  TCC Foundation Donors 2008-2009            TCC Foundation Annual Report

Robert Glucksman                    Harrison Medical Center       Carl & Jeri Lynn Howell             K C Computer Repair
Karl Goetzinger                     Ronnie Hartliep               Becky Howery                        Thomas & Suzanne Keegan
Paul Goetzinger                     Paul Hartman                  Deborah Hoy                         Dessie Keith
William & Alma J. Goetzinger        Lois Hartwig                  Greg Hubbard                        Tina Kemp
Goin’ Postal Lakebay                Peggy & Steffen Haug          Susan Hudacek                       Merrilee Kennedy
Goldschmidt Vineyards               Patty Haynes                  John Huddlestone                    Mary Kenney
                                                                  & Dr. Sandra Reilley Huddlestone
David Goldsmith & Annie Szvetecz    Janis Hazlegrove                                                  Carla Kerner
                                                                  Grace Hudtloff
Michael Good                        Liz Heath                                                         Kestrel Vintners
                                                                  Nancy & Robert Hunt
Arthur Goodson                      Marita Heckart                                                    KeyBank
                                                                  Deborah Hurley
Jonothan Gorman                     Hedges Family Estate                                              David Keyes
                                                                  Susan Hutchins
Joanna Gormly & T.J. Ralston        Leslie Heineman                                                   Jennifer Keyloun
                                                                  Linda Hyatt

Gosselin Law Office                 Don Heinz                                                         Key Peninsula Business Association
                                                                  John & Sarah Idstrom
Gottfried & Mary Fuchs Foundation   Kathryn Held                                                      Key Peninsula News
                                                                  Martin & Teresa Ievers
Patricia Gottfried                  Carol Heller                                                      Mojdeh Khatam-Moore
                                                                  Inn at Gig Harbor                   & Roger Moore
Marilyn Gould                       Henderson Bay Products, LLC
                                                                  Internal Medicine Northwest         Dianne Kimball
Karen Goyette                       Holly Hendrick
                                                                  Tracey Irving                       Deborah & John Kinerk
Brian Graber                        Claire Hendrickson
                                                                  Pamela Isakson                      Jean Kinnaman
Leslie Gracey                       Drew & Kate Hendrickson
                                                                  Rebecca & Robert Iversen            Patricia Kinsman

Annie Granberry                     Debbie Henry
                                                                  Olivia & Mason Jackson              Patricia & Kevin Kirkpatrick
Douglas Granum                      Pat Herron
                                                                  Susan Jackson                       Sharon Kirry
Paula & Thomas Graves               Thomas & Verna Herron
                                                                  Paul & Anne Jacobson                Kitsap County
Karen Gray                          Valerie Higgins
                                                                  Sylvia Jacobson                     Karen Kittmer
Greater Tacoma Community            Karolyn Hillenbrand
Foundation                                                        Deb (DJ) Jacobson                   Jason & Krystle Kitts
                                    Jacob & Elisabeth Himmelman
Jeffrey & Tammis Greene                                           Sharon Jaffee                       Kiwanis Club of Greater Tacoma
                                    Jim Hines
Athena & Lee Gregory                                              Audrey Janes                        Karen & Dayton Knipher
                                    Cindy Hinz
Nancy Gregory                                                     Brooke Jangard                      Brenda Kodama
                                    Glenn Hird
Tom Gross                                                         Sandy Jarvis                        Linda Koken
                                    Yun-Yi & Jane Ho
John Guadnola                                                     Gordon & Diane Jenkins              Vincent & Marilyn Kokich
                                    Lynn Hodder
Margaret Gustin                                                   Virginia Jenkins                    Darlene Koopman
                                    Karen Hodgson
John Guy & Lorette Meske                                          Rose & Jeff Jennison                Toni Korneder

                                    Rick & Linda Hoffer
Julia Haack                                                       Corinne Jensen                      Maria Koumantaros
                                    Paulete Hoflin
Mimi Hackleman                                                    Janis Jensen                        Ward Kramer
                                    Nancy Hohenstein
Michael Hagberg                                                   Susan Jensen                        Gregory Krape
                                    Jeff Hohman
Barbara Hagerty                                                   Laurie Jinkins & Laura Wulf         Patricia Krause
                                    Mark & Diane Holcomb
John Hagmann                                                      Arlene Joe & Richard A Woo          Lois Kreitzer
                                    Ann Holder
Dale & Susan Hall                                                 Nancy Joerns                        James Krueger
                                    William Holmer
Sandra Hamilton                                                   Florise Johnson                     Lita & Viliamu Kuaea
                                    John & Catherine Holmes
Mary Hamlin                                                       Kathryn Johnson                     Laura & Michael Kudlo
                                    Pamela Holt
Elizabeth Hammersmith                                             Melanie & Richard Johnson           Tamara Kuzmenkov Bohner
Tamera Hanken                                                     Nancy Johnson                       Berit Kvaernes

                                    Jamie Hone
Carol Hanley                                                      Patricia Johnson                    L A Fitness
                                    William & Norma Honeysett
Roger & Patricia Hansen                                           Sharon Johnson                      Bonita & Larry Lambert
                                    James Horne
Shirley Hansen                                                    William Johnson & Glenna Reynolds   Becky Lamont
                                    Robin Horne
Adria & Derek Hanson                                              Karen & Dean Jolly                  Beth Lane
                                    Horseshoe Lake Golf
Harborstone Credit Union                                          Patricia Jones                      Mary Lane
                                    Janel Horwath
Jan Harding                                                       Rick Jones                          Maryann Lane
                                    Desiree & Vernon Hosannah
Connie & Jon Hardy                                                Anthony Judie                       Anne Lang
                                    Jane Hostvedt
Virginia Hardy                                                    Vickie Julien                       John & Patricia Lantz

                                    Hotel Murano
Kristen Harkson                                                   Margaret Kalton                     Eugene & Margaret Lapin
                                    Holly Hovey
Susan Harms                                                       Jim & Linda Kammerer                Sumerlin Larsen
                                    Ronald Hovey
Bonnie Harris                                                     Chris Karamatic                     Wendy Larsen
                                    Todd Hovey
Jeff & Marcia Harris                                              Warner Karshner                     Jeanine Larson
                                    Dale & Gail Howard
Josh Harrison                                                     Judy Kavanaugh                      John Laurent

                                                                                                                           TCCMagazine     13
TCC Foundation Annual Report             TCC Foundation Donors 2008-2009

     Terri Lausten                       Barbara Lutzewitz                 Lettice McCoy                  Randa Money
     Law Offices of William C. Wambold   Mary Lyle                         Julie McDonald                 Kathy Montgomery
     Sandra Lawrence                     Lori Lynch                        Margaret McDonald              Ellie Moore
     Kirsten & James Lawson              Bret Lyon                         Silvia McDonald                Kaelen & Lindsey Moore
     Micahel Lawson                      Dyann Lyon & William Jones        Pat McDonough                  Karen Moore

     Norman & Lola Lawson                Alexis MacDonald                  Jane McFee                     Susan Moorehead
     Karla LeBlanc                       Margaret MacDonald                Michael McGavock               Marla Morgan
     J & S Lee                           Richard MacDougall                Maureen McGill                 Rebecca Morgan
     Tonya Lee                           Mark MacLeod                      Helen McGovern                 Valerie Morgan-Krick
                                                                                                          & Bradley Krick
     Margi & Lee Legowik                 Eva & Horst Mader                 Sue McGowan
                                                                                                          Morgan Stanley
     Bradley Lehrer                      Ken Madsen                        McGranahan Architects
                                                                                                          John & Karin Morris
     Griselda (Babe) Lehrer              Richard & Marcia Mahaffey         Julie McGrath
                                                                                                          Ricard & Alinda Morris
     Joni Leiding                        Sandra Maimbourg                  Laura McHenry
                                                                                                          Kim Morter Olson
     Larry Lemon                         Faulene Main                      Mary McInnis
                                                                                                          Sakura & B.J. Moses
     JT Lengenfelder                     Elizabeth Malle & Stephen Cook    Fraser McKay
                                                                                                          Harold Moss
     Catherine Lenox                     Kurt Mallery                      William McKenzie
                                                                                                          MRG/Diversification, Inc.
     Nancy Leonard                       Charlotte Mann                    Agnes & Jack McLin
                                                                                                          Muckleshoot Charity Fund
     Craig Lesley & Katheryn Stavrakis   Connie Manuel                     Janice & Victor McManus
                                                                                                          Jill & Patrick Mullen
     Matt Lewandowski                    Jana Marcelia                     Earl McNally
                                                                                                          MultiCare Health Foundation
     Dorothy Lewis                       Marlene Marcoe                    Andrea McNeely
                                                                                                          Libby Munn
     Kandace Lewis                       Mona Margolis                     Kathy McNeill
                                                                                                          Michael Munn
     Pamela Lewis-Bridges                Marine View Beverage - Sumner     Dean McSweeney
     & Edward Bridges                                                                                     Carson Murdach
                                         Kathleen Maroney                  Earle McWright
     Linda Lightfeldt                                                                                     Tina Myers

                                         Sharon Marr                       Allen Mears
     Rita Lillegard                                                                                       Helen Nagy
                                         Gale Marten                       Janet Medcalf
     Millie Lindell                                                                                       Justin Natali & Amy DeBoie
                                         Carrie Martin                     Mike & Jane Medrzycki
     M. Lindenmeyer                                                                                       Alison Navarrette
                                         Kathleen Martin                   Gary Meigs & Peggy O’Neill
     Mark & Chelsea Lindquist                                                                             Ronald Neave
                                         Tiffany Martin                    Gunhild Meissner
     Sherry Lindsay                                                                                       Rand & Charlotte Neeves
                                         Norma Marvik                      Susan Melampy
     Ed & Barbara Lindstrom                                                                               Shannon Neims
                                         Mary Sudar Estates & Appraisals   Myra Menchaca
     Kim Linke                                                                                            Andy Nelson
                                         Karen Mashburn                    Jim & Claudia Merritt
     Lisa’s Leaves & My Greenhouse                                                                        Patricia & George Nelson
                                         Massimo Italian Bar & Grill       Meme Messing
     Liz Litsch                                                                                           Sharron Nelson
                                         Sandra Masters                    Craig Meyer
     Richard Littlejohn                                                                                   Marina Nesterova
                                         Glenna & David Mathews            Nove Meyers
     Lori Livingston                                                                                      Nilsen Woodworks
                                         Kimberle & Phillip Matison        Microsoft Corporation
     Rhoda Loe                                                                                            Linda Nilsen
                                         Mark Matteson                     Deborah Mihali
     Katie Loffer                        & Crista Van Slyck-Matteson                                      Nine Lives Studio
                                                                           Milbrandt Vineyards
     Lorraine Lofton                     Dick & Marcia Matthaei                                           Tony Nitzke
                                                                           Miller Hull Partnership, LLP
     Kathryn Longfellow                  Katherine Matthews                                               Paula Norby & David Fjosee
                                                                           Cheryl Miller
     Long Shadows Distinguished          Matthews Estate Winery                                           Norcliffe Foundation
     Wineries & Vineyards                                                  Chris Miller
                                         Alana Maury                                                      Peter & Karen Norman
     Pam Longton                                                           Michael Miller
                                         Zachary Mazur                     & Suzanne Smith-Miller         Geneva (Neva) Norton
     Jennifer Lord & Nick Albrecht                                                                        Jean Nuez
                                         Wendy & Danny Mazzuca             Terry Miller
     Susan Lord                                                                                           Niko Nunogawa
                                         MCC Products                      Vikki Miller
     LPL Financial Services                                                                               Sally Nutter
                                         Mary McCabe                       Julie Mills

     Kathleen & Walter Lucas                                                                              Autumn & Ronald Oberhansli
                                         Amy McCall & Jody Coulston        Karen Miner
     Dawn Lucien                                                                                          Randy & Karen O’Brien
                                         Peggy & Lee McCallum              Tom Miples
     Wendy Luker                                                                                          Kerry O’Connell
                                         Jan McCarthy                      Sheila & Harold Mischke
     Leonard Lukin                                                                                        Terry O’Connor
                                         Joanne McCarthy                   Abril Mitchell
     Jeanette & Ronald Lunceford                                                                          David O’Dell
                                         Katherine McCauley                Kang Mitchell
     Kawyne Lund                                                                                          Rick Oehmcke
                                         John McClimans                    Raymond Moffatte
     Laureen Lund                                                                                         Candace & Michael Ognoskie
                                         Diana & Kenneth McCormack         Barb Moilien
     Sandra & Phillip Lunk                                                                                Donna Oiland
                                         Kathleen McCoy                    Fred Moisio
     Justin Lunt                                                                                          Thomas & Skip Oldfield
                                         Carolyn McCoy                     Julie Monbeck

14    TCCMagazine
                                                             TCC Foundation Donors 2008-2009          TCC Foundation Annual Report

Gary Oldman                  Leona & Aaron Pointer           Patricia Riley                    Linda Schaefer
Janet & Michael Olejar       Michelle Poitras                Nancy Rimel                       K. Scherwood
Kathryn & David Olson        Clayton & Lynn Pollock          Betti Ringlee                     Audra Schindler
Jennifer Olson-Rudenko       Jodie Porad                     Andrew & Jan Ritting              Judy Schiner & Brian Bell
Hirokazu Omori               Jane Porter                     Jeannie Rivers                    Linda Schmidt
Judith Oneal                 Nadine Porter                   Ugene Robbins                     Leslie Schmidtke
Carleton & Phyllis Opgaard   Nina Potter                     Anne & Fred Roberson              Jeanie Schneider
Pamela Oquist                Pour At Four                    Mark & Joan Roberts               Birdie Schock
Rebecca Oster                Dan Powell                      Gary Robertson                    Abby Schofield
Diane & William O’Toole      Mary Anne Powell                Val Robertson                     Samuel & Heather Scholl
Toshiya Oyama                Nancy Powell                    Margaret Robinson                 Mike & Jill Scholtens
Reid & Emma Ann Ozaki        Ken & Vicki Powers              David Robles                      Barbara Schoos & Scott Reichard
P G Beil Foundation          Ronald Powers & Zoe M. Holmes   Mary Robnett                      Sara Schroeter

Diana Padavich
Reginald Page
Patrick Palace & Lisa Baye
Trish Palmer
                             Kathryn Preston
                             Jeanne Prichard
                             Pride Foundation
                             Primo Grill
                                                             Michel & Pamela Rocchi
                                                             Joseph & Debra Rodgers
                                                             Judy Rodgers
                                                             Josephine Rodman
                                                                                               Sandy Schuder
                                                                                               Monica Schuler
                                                                                               Joyce Schultz
                                                                                               Paul Schultz
Pantages Theater             Prudential Foundation           Rodney Strong Vineyards           Chris Schutz
                             Matching Gifts
Neel Parikh                                                  Elizabeth & Jim Roffler           Deanna Schwaiger
                             Kelly Pruitt
Pamela Parish                                                Barbara & James Rogers            Linda Scott
                             Kris Pulliam
Shin Ho Park                                                 Ronald Rohr                       Margo Scribner

                             Susan Puterbaugh
Ted & Linda Lee Parker                                       Ron Carson Pottery                Bonnie Scrivener
                             Meg Putnam
Jan Parmelee                                                 Kathleen Rose                     Corinne Scully
                             Lyle Quasim
Laurel Parshall                                              Rosie & Todd Rosenbach            William & Tatyana Searcy

                             Christel Racy
Laurie Partain                                               Maggie Ross                       Secret Garden Boutique
                             Mary Ellen Rafferty
Selena Pasin                                                 Leslie Rowen                      Catherine Seel
                             Rainier Pacific Foundation
Ronald Pate                                                  Chris Rowley                      Judge Karen Seinfeld
                             Ed & Sharie Ramos
Barbara Patterson                                            Peggy & Rob Roy                   Konnie Serka
                             Karen Ramsey
Gayle Peach                                                  John Ruby                         Settlers Mill
                             Randy’s Nursery
Frela & Frank Peacocke                                       Brad & Lore Rude                  Sandra & Francis Shaffer
                             Kathleen Raphael
Caroline & Gary Pearson                                      Janice Rudebaugh                  Sheri Shaub-Elford
                             Donald & Karen Rasmussen
Pease Construction, Inc.                                     Janet Rudolph                     Paula & James Sheldon
                             Gail Ray
Darron & Missy Pease                                         Sandy Ruffo                       Alan & Sharon Shelton
                             Suzi Redlin
Sylvia Peck                                                  Cynthia Ruggiero                  Randy Shelton
                             Jan Reeder
Beth Pedersen                                                Ivan & Joan Rumsey                Karen Shelver
                             Regusci Winery
Peninsula Gardens                                            Randy & Karen Rushforth           Melissa Sherwood
                             April Reid
The Peninsula Market                                         Sherry Rusunen                    Makoto Shibayama
                             Kendall Reid & Sharon Winters
Travis Penn                                                  Art Rutkowski                     Mitch Shmagin
                             Drs. Les & Estelle Reid
The Pepsi Bottling Group                                     Robert & Meg Ryan                 ShoWare Center

                             Dorian Reines
Betty & Don Perry                                            Janice Saki                       Anna Shumaker
                             Judith Reinking
Mari Peterson                                                David Salge                       Micheline Sierer
                             Bev Reinvik
William Pethick                                              H. & Denise Saller                Nancy Silver
                             Claude Remy
Stacia Pew                                                   The Salvation Army                Sandra Simatic
                             Candyce & Don Rennegarbe
Dianne Pezzuto                                               David Sanders                     James Simmons
                             James & Georgette Reuter
Wendy Phillips                                               Catherine Sanderson               Diane Sinding
                             Astrid Rial & Tony Malaghan
Randolph & Kristine Pierce                                   Edgar & Diana Sanford             Jill Skogstad
                             Cheryl Richards
Pierce Commercial Bank                                       David Sarno                       Linda Skyler
                             Ron & Robin Richardson
Helen Pilkey                                                 Dee Savenetti                     Dan & Doreen Small
                             Lily Richmond
Donelda Pim                                                  Chauncey Sawyer                   Karen Small
                             Diane Richter
Lori Plaggemeier                                             Teresa Sawyer                     Rebecca Smart & Drew Deutsch
                             Marie Rider
Gregory Plancich                                             Beverly Sayle                     Adam & Sara Smith
                             Mary Anne Rieck
Patricia Platt                                               Shirley Scallin                   Barbara & Mel Smith
                             Gloria Riedner
Lisa Plummer                                                 Schacht/Aslani Architects         Smith Barney Charitable Trust, Inc.
                             Meka & Josh Riggins

                                                                                                                    TCCMagazine      15
TCC Foundation Annual Report               TCC Foundation Donors 2008-2009

     Edward & Jody Lynn Smith              Janice Swain                           Union Bank of California        Judy White
     Jean Smith                            Jana Swan                              Unique Wine Company, Inc.       Neitha Wilkey
     Mercedes Smith                        Linda Swanson                          United eWay                     William Mitchell Photography
     Tomi Kent Smith                       Michael Sweney                         United Way of Pierce County     William W. Kilworth Foundation

     Patricia Snyder                       Donald Swensen                         Bruce & Kerry Valentine         Bob Williams
     Paul & Laurie Snyder                  Meredith Sykes                         Kathleen Valentine              Ellen Williams

     Karen Sobieray                        Tacoma Landmark Convention Ctr.        Rick & Heather Valtee           Linda Williams
     Michael & Joan Soronen                Ron Talley                             Diane Van Aucken                Wayne Williams
     Soroptimist International of Gig      Henry & Linda Tanz                     Elisabeth Van Dusen             Nicole Williamson
     Harbor                                                                                                       Wayne & Helen Willis
                                           Rodney & Nini Tayet                    Sara Van Perre
     Sound Credit Union                                                                                           Woyne Willis
                                           Andrea Taylor                          Linda Vanballengerghe
     Sound Electronics Div.                                                                                       Darrell Willits
     of Carl T. Madsen Inc.                Jan Taylor                             Cary & Crystal Vance
                                           Jim Taylor                             El & Doris Vandeberg            Krista Willoughby
     John Souza
                                           Kathy Taylor                           Van Duzer Winery                Gregory & Sheryl Wills
     Sherrie Spangler
                                           Phyllis Templin                        Ann Verratti                    Patty Wilson
     Heather Spencer
                                           Terra Blanca Winery                    Pamela Vigil                    Roger & Sharon Wilson
     P. Spencer
                                           Terra Valentine Winery                 Vinotique                       Dorothy Wimberly
     Thomas & Kristin Spilman
                                           Robert & Patricia Thaden               Heidi Vogel                     Windham Cellars

     Rebeccah Sproat
                                           The Estate of Margaret Oldfield        Keiko Wada                      Joyce Wingard
     Becky St. Clair
                                           Sharyn Thimmesch                       A. Elaine Wagner                Wink’s Seafood
     Fred & Faith Stabbert
                                           Christine Thomas                       Roberta Wagner                  Karel & Bernard Winter
     Pauli & Todd Stakset
                                           Barrett Thompson                       Susan Wagner                    Dale & Marlene Wirsing
     Stamats Communication, Inc.
                                           Claudia Thompson                       Mary & Fred Wahlgren            Marilyn Wirtz
     Arlene Stang
                                           Marilyn Thompson                       Sharon Wainhouse                Carol Wissmann
     Deronda Stanley
                                           Warren & Linda Thompson                Richard & Catherine Wakefield   Jean Witte
     State Farm Insurance Agency, Inc.
                                           Agnes Thomsen                          Sarah & R.D. Waldo              Cheryl Wolcott
     Judy Stearns
                                           Three Clouds Bakery                    G. Walker                       Ellen Wright
     Steele Wines
                                           3 Crazy Cousins                        Jeff Walker                     Marjorie Wright
     Terry Steinhoff
                                           Stephen Tillotson                      Karen Walker                    Susie Wright
     Linda Stephens
                                           David Tison                            Thomas Walker                   Dan Writed
     Sharon Sterling
                                           Titus Will Families Foundation         Deb Wallin                      Connie Wysaske

     Sterling Savings Bank
                                           Don Tjossem                            Marilyn Walstead                Karen Yakovich
     Sabin Stevens
                                           Tom Torrens - Sculpture Design, Inc.   Deborah Walter                  Chris Yates
     Vivian Stevenson
                                           Patricia Tonnema                       Marilyn & James Walton          Alishia Yeager
     Willie & Faye Stewart
                                           Joyce Tovey & Michael Tovey, Jr.       Julie Wardwood                  Jean Yeaman
     Karin Stitt
                                           TRA Medical Imaging Centers            Pamela Warner                   Derek Young & Whitney Rhodes

     Richard Stivers
                                           Pamela Transue & Stuart R. Grover      Lilly & Jack Warnick            Mel & Fred Zanjani
     Barbara & Richard Stockstad
                                           Trillium Creek Winery                  Washington Community College    Len Zarelli
     Timothy Stokes
                                                                                  Humanities Assoc.
                                           Merita Trohimovich                                                     Joan Zartman
     Marian Stone
                                                                                  Connie Watkins
                                           Ailene Tronca                                                          Mary Zimmer
     Ellen Stoner
                                                                                  Dodie Watkins
                                           Anne Tronca                                                            Edward & M.E. Betsy Zimmerman
     Carol Storaasly
                                                                                  Cheryl Watson
                                           Ed Troyer                                                              Warren & Ruthmarie Zimmerman
     Beverlee Storkman
                                                                                  Kevin Weber
                                           Emily Truckenbrod                                                      Graciela Zusy
     Claudia & David Straayer
                                                                                  Olga & Norman Webstad
     Margaret & Douglas Strausbaugh        Tetsuo Tsuda
                                                                                  Kelly Welsh
     Rush Stringfellow                     Virginia & Robert Tucker
                                                                                  Stephen Werlock
     Stripe Rite, Inc.                     Jean Tudor
                                           Bill Tuppenthaler
                                                                                  Ted & Janet Werner                 Gifts are payable to
     Melinda Stuart
                                           Karla Jo Tupper
                                                                                  C. West                            the TCC Foundation,
     Paula Stuart & Philip H. Lynch
                                                                                  Chuck & Sharon West                a not-for-profit 501(c)(3)
     Katie Stull                           Becky Turpin
                                                                                  Marylyn Westerfeld                 corporation that
     Virginia Summers                      Jane Tuttle
                                                                                  Frederick & Ki Hyen Whang          accepts and administers
     Sunnycrest Nursery                    Jan & Signe Twardowski
     & Floral - Landscaper                                                        Angela Wheeler                     philanthropic support
                                           Jeff Twiner
     Sunset Pacific General Contractors,                                          The Whirly Ball Center             for the college.
                                           Carol Tyler
     Inc.                                                                         Karyn Whitacre

16    TCCMagazine
                                                                                                              TCC Foundation Annual Report

                    Woman of Influence Babe Lehrer
                    “Please note that this lifetime achievement                     “When I first came on board with the
                    award doesn’t mean I’m ready to stop.”                          Foundation, they didn’t have a capital campaign.
                                                                                    We in the Foundation had the first one, and our
                    This year’s Business Examiner Woman of
                                                                                    goal was to raise $150,000. That first time, we
                    Influence Lifetime Achievement Award was
                                                                                    raised over $600,000. That was a lot of money
                    accepted with the preceding caveat by Babe
                                                                                    then. This last campaign, the goal was $7
                    Lehrer, a long-time Tacoma resident who has
                                                                                    million, and we raised $9 million!”
                    been on the Tacoma Community College
                    Foundation Board since 1985.                                    Tacoma Community College has honored
                                                                                    Lehrer’s contributions many times over the
                                          Lehrer describes herself as “A
Imagine—just imagine                      Tacoma native and one of the
                                                                                    years. She was granted an honorary degree in
                                                                                    1995. The Board of Directors awarded her a
                                          city’s biggest boosters.”
—a lifetime of doing all                 She started a clothing store,
                                                                                    “20 Years of Service” award in 2005. The “Babe
                                                                                    & Herman Lehrer Friendship Garden” was
the things you love to do.               Lyon’s Apparel, in 1940. With              dedicated in 2007.
                                         her late husband Herman
                                                                                    Lehrer still serves on the Foundation board, and
                    Lehrer, she built it into a successful small chain
                                                                                    she continues to work on projects that advance
                    of ladies’ specialty shops. The success of Lyon’s
                                                                                    her goals.
                    Apparel allowed Lehrer to devote her retirement
                    to community activism.                                          “If I start a project, I finish it,” said Lehrer.
                                                                                    “Some projects take longer than others, but
                    “Following the sale of our business in 1984,
                                                                                    that’s OK.”
                    I began my new career as a fundraiser and
                    community activist,” said Lehrer. “What I have                  “Imagine – just imagine – a lifetime of doing all
                    done as a volunteer, I have done because it felt                the things you love to do,” said Lehrer, accepting
                    right to me.”                                                   her Women of Influence Lifetime Achievement
                                                                                    Award. “And then winning an award for doing it.”
                    Lehrer explained that her volunteer activities are
                    concentrated in three main areas:
                    •	 Making	Tacoma	a	better	place	to	live	through	
                        the installation of public art.
                    •	 Raising	scholarship	money	for	students	
                        who would otherwise not have access to
                        higher education.
                    •	 Spearheading	fundraising	campaigns	that	
                        leave a lasting effect.
                    Fortunately for the college, TCC fits into that
                    “The college is about 45 years old. I’ve been on
                    the board for 24 years. It’s a terrific school – it’s
                    so progressive!”

                Babe Lehrer’s home office reflects a lifetime of achievement.   
                                                                                                                           TCCMagazine   17
Tacoma Community College

18   TCCMagazine
                                                                                            Annual Report             Tacoma Community College

Learning                            Edwards was selected to serve        Edwards sees the caliber of          As members of the foundation

from life’s
                                    on the TCC Board of Trustees         faculty and staff and the job        board, the couple’s college
                                    in 2000 after he retired from        they do for the community            role has changed.“We have
                                    Weyerhaeuser. Edwards’               as a big plus for TCC. “My           a background with the

                                    background was in finance—           background is with research          foundation—we’ve been
                                    first in the treasurer’s office in   universities,” says Edwards,         financial and emotional
                                    downtown Tacoma, then at the         who earned his bachelor’s and        supporters of TCC for some
                                    main Weyerhaeuser facility in        MBA degrees from Stanford.           time.” He and Pat for years
                                    Federal Way after it was built       “A lot of faculty at large           have funded the Dave Edwards
                                    in 1971.                             research universities are there      and Pat Shuman Endowed
                                                                         because it’s the next thing          Scholarship, created to help
                                    Edwards’ business and finance
                                                                         to do. But at TCC there is           TCC students who have
                                    background was a good fit for
                                                                         dedication across the board;         financial need. “The cultivation
                                    TCC. Trustees are responsible
                                                                                                              role is like being a trustee—
                                    for governance of the college.
                                                                                                              we’re telling the story of the
                                    “We’re policy people,” says
                                                                                                              college. But the Foundation
                                    Edwards. “Trustees need to               It’s hard not to                 board has to be ready to get
                                    know how the state system
 T    ake a stroll on the campus    works. It’s more limited than            be dedicated                     out and ask for money. There’s
                                                                                                              more personal exposure there.”
 walkway going north and cross      a corporation because the
 the stone bridge. On the right     State Board (Washington                  when you                         Says Edwards: “The last
 of the walkway, across from the    State Board for Community                                                 10 years have brought changes
 Early Learning Center is Dave      and Technical Colleges)                  learn what                       to TCC. The most obvious
                                    defines a lot of the parameters                                           is the physical changes—the
 Edwards’ bench. Installed this
 fall by the TCC Foundation,        for us – and knowing what
                                                                             community                        new look gives a lot of pride.
 the bench acknowledges
 Edwards’ 10-years of service as
                                    you have influence over is
                                    important.” The Board of
                                                                             colleges do.                     But now there are a lot more
                                                                                                              students. Their needs are a
 a college trustee.                 Trustees looks at the college                                             lot more intense. The spirit
                                    from the vantage point of how                                             of the place is as good as it’s
 Edwards left the Board of                                               you see it in their extra efforts,
                                    the entire community college                                              ever been, but it makes me
 Trustees this fall after serving                                        their contributions to students,
                                    system works; we see who at                                               want better recognition for the
 two five-year terms, but is                                             in the way faculty and staff
                                    the college is doing each piece                                           college for the impact it has on
 planning on many more years                                             see needs and pitch in each in
                                    and judge where influence is                                              the community, and the boost
 at TCC to enjoy his bench.                                              his or her own way.” Edwards
                                    needed.”                                                                  it gives to so many lives. It’s
 He and his wife Pat Shuman,                                             says the biggest difference he
                                                                                                              hard not to be dedicated when
 have re-dedicated themselves       “TCC is a very well run school       sees at TCC is more focus on
                                                                                                              you learn what community
 to the College as members of       with good reserves,” notes           results, and the life-changing
                                                                                                              colleges do.”
 the TCC Foundation Board of        Edwards. “The management             experiences that community
 Directors. “I’ve always believed   structure at TCC makes this          colleges offer students. “There’s
 in volunteer work,” says           job seem easy. Some schools          a lot more community in a
 Edwards. “It’s a choice—and        don’t work as well as TCC.           community college, and many
 part of my lifelong ambition to    We’ve been lucky that trustees       more possibilities for assistance
 learn from experiences and do      haven’t come with an agenda.         from the communities they
 new things.”                       If you keep the needs of             serve,” he says.
                                    students in mind, it’s easy to
                                    do a good job.”

                                                                                                                                TCCMagazine      19
Tacoma Community College                          Annual Report

     TCC by the numbers
             During the                                     TCC graduated 766 students with                             TCC was selected by Governor
                                                              associate’s degrees in June 2009—                                 Gregoire as one of five winners of
                                                              including international, Running Start,                           the 2009 Workforce Development
             academic year                                    and Fresh Start students.                                         Best Practices for Washington state.
                                                                                                                                Assisted by a $48,000 Job Skills grant,
             of budget cuts                                 TCC is one of 24 learning colleges                                  TCC Corporate Education along
             and exploding                                    involved in Breaking Through, a national                          with Workforce Central, designed a
                                                              initiative sponsored by Jobs for the                              customized curriculum for General
             enrollments,                                     Future. The goal of the Breaking Through                          Plastics Manufacturing and trained
                                                              initiative is to prepare low-skilled adults
             Tacoma                                                                                                             25 new managers and supervisors
                                                              (below 12th-grade skill level) for success                        to succeed talented employees as
             Community                                        in gaining community college technical                            they prepared for retirement. This
                                                              certificates and degrees. The one-year,
             College had                                                                                                        “collaboration of business, government
                                                              $40,000 grant focuses on I-BEST and                               and education has demonstrated how
             many reasons                                     transitioning basic skills students into                          an engaged Washington employer can
                                                              and through professional technical                                develop a workforce capable of meeting
             to celebrate:                                    certificate and degree programs.                                  the tough demands of a global economy,”
                                                                                                                                said the award (see story on p. 22).

     Race/Ethnicity                                                                              Student Intent
      TCC                                                                      65% White

                                                                                                                                                                    Basic Skills Education
      Pierce County                                                                        80%

                                                                                                                                               Workforce Training
                                                                                                            Academic Transfer

      TCC                         13% African American
      Pierce County       7%
      TCC                       12% Asian/Pacific Islander

      Pierce County      7%
      TCC                  9% Hispanic (any race)
      Pierce County       8%
      TCC              3% Native American/Alaskan Native
      Pierce County   2%
      TCC             2% Other and Multi-Racial
      Pierce County     5%
      TCC                                         39% Students of Color
      Pierce County                      26%
     Note: Adds to over 100% due to multi-races selected.
     Source: 2008-2009 SBCTC Data Warehouse. Total reporting race. State supported.
             Pierce County = U.S. Census                                                                    37%                              32%                    11% 20%

20    TCCMagazine
                                                                                                          Annual Report               Tacoma Community College

TCC earned a $66,994 incentive                            TCC secured $111,000 in grants to
   award from the State Board for                             support Columbia Bank’s and Franciscan               2008-2009 oPeRaTing RevenUe
   Community and Technical Colleges                           Health System’s onsite leadership training
   through Washington State’s Student                         for employees. $47,000 will provide a                STATE ALLOCATION                   $ 22,384,115
   Achievement Initiative for “significantly                  front-line leadership training program
                                                                                                                   LOCAL REVENUE
   improving the likelihood of student                        for aspiring managers at Columbia Bank.
   retention and degree/certificate                           The program will train 34 employees                  Running Start Program                1,725,253
   completion” (see story on p. 2-3).                         who are also matched with company                    Bldg Fee/Excess Enrollment             199,307
                                                              mentors to support their professional
TCC’s three-year, $1.9 million                                development. A $64,700 grant for                     General Fees/Overhead                  534,708
   U.S. Dept. of Labor (DOL) grant to train                   leadership training for the Franciscan               ABE Tuition                             19,725
   workers for warehousing industries in                      Health System will train 50 Franciscan
   Tacoma, Longview and Yakima, enrolled                                                                           Tuition/Operating Fees              11,513,316
                                                              clinical employees with the potential to
   its third cohort—33 students with a                        advance to leadership roles within the                                  SUBTOTAL        $ 13,992,309
   waiting list in winter quarter 2010. The                   non-profit organization.
   grant is part of a U.S. DOL program to                                                                                                  TOTAL     $ 36,376,424
   improve the ability of community colleges
   to provide regional workers with skills
   needed to enter growing industries.

                                                                                                                   2008-2009 PRogRaM exPenSeS

Enrollment                                                                                                         Instruction
                                                                                                                   & Primary Support                   18,892,283

Nearly 15,000 students* enroll                                                                                     Library
                                                Many more TCC students are enrolled full-time,                     & Learning Resources                   982,773
at TCC each academic year                       compared to all community colleges in the state
                                                                                                                   Student Services                     4,125,884
                                                (college/system total = 40%)
 2006-2007      2007-2008       2008-2009
                                                                                                                   Institutional Support                6,465,003

 14,680 14,407 14,639                            90
                                                                                                                   Plant Operations
                                                                                                                   & Maintanence                        3,430,330

        3-year average: 14,575                   80                                                                WF/WR Financial Aid                    431,799
*Total unduplicated headcount - each
student who enrolls at TCC during the
                                                            48%                  45%              43%                                      TOTAL     $ 34,328,072
academic year is counted as one student,         60
whether he/she takes one class during
one quarter, or enrolls for 15 credits all       50
four quarters of the academic year.
The number of FTE* (full-time                                                                                      2008-2009 CaPiTaL bUDgeT
                                                            52%                  55%             57%
equivalent) students has grown
14.4 percent over three years.                   20
                                                                                                                   State Allocation                   $ 4,003,434
 2006-2007      2007-2008      2008-2009         10
                                                                                                                   Local Revenue                        1,719,356
  5,548          5,586          6,350                    2006-2007         2007-2008          2008-2009
                                                                                                                                      SUBTOTAL         $ 5,722,790
                                                      FULL-TiMe / PaRT-TiMe STUDenTS
       3-year change: +14.4%
*FTE is calculated as if all credits taken at   Source: 2008-2009 SBCTC Data Warehouse
                                                                                                                   Program Expenses                   $ 3,441,128
the college were completed by students
enrolled in full-time, 15-credit schedules.     The recent large increase in FTE, with fairly stable total
In other words, total FTE is equal to total     enrollment reflects a strong increase in the number of
                                                students attending full-time rather than part-time.                                   BALANCE        $ 2,281,662
credits taken divided by 15.

                                                                                                                                                   TCCMagazine       21
celebrate success

General Plastics Manufacturing Company celebrates its first TCC graduating
                                                                                  Taking the Lead
class: (L to R) bruce Lind, General Plastics Executive Vice President;
Floyd henry, General Plastics President; Dr. Lisa edwards, Dean, TCC Enterprise
& Economic Development; Ron asahara, TCC Director of Corporate Education;           Community Health partners
Carol Melby, Washington State Workforce Education Program Administrator;
barry Martin, General Plastics Sales Engineer; Jon Sawyer, General Plastics
Plant 2 Liquids Supervisor; Dan hesser, General Plastics Plant 1 Manager;           with Tacoma Community
Mike Kopec, General Plastics Maintenance Superintendent.
                                                                                    College to provide

     A Collaborative Win                                                            management training

                                                                                    They call him “The Complaint Guy.
     On October 29, 2009, Tacoma Community College and
     partners General Plastics and Workforce Central received the                   Michael Hemming supervises the Call
     2009 Workforce and Economic Development Best Practice Award                    Center for Tacoma-area medical and dental
     from Governor Gregoire.                                                        clinics associated with Community Health
     According to the Governor’s office, the Best Practice Award                    Care of Washington. “I supervise the staff
     recognizes leadership and exemplary accomplishment in a                        in the call center. I offer support to them if
     project, program or initiative. As one of five projects recognized             they’re having a difficult time with a patient.
     with the award in 2009, the training program was cited for its                 On top of that, I’m the patient relations
     collaboration between business, government and education.                      specialist. I take complaints from the entire
     “These five exceptional projects demonstrate the diversity,                                                     ”
                                                                                    company, not just the call center.
     innovation and partnerships that are contributing to a new,
                                                                                    Hence the nickname. But Hemming didn’t
     stronger Washington,” Gregoire said. “Each partnership is helping
                                                                                    enroll in the management program his
     our state build a globally-competitive economy, and a better
     future for working families.”                                                  company offered in partnership with
                                                                                    Tacoma Community College in order to
     “We’re proud to be part of a collaboration that demonstrates
                                                                                    learn how to handle patient complaints.
     how an engaged Washington employer can recruit, maintain
                                                                                    He’s already had plenty of practice with that.
     and develop a top-flight workforce capable of meeting the tough
                                                                                    “I’m usually pretty good at getting things
     demands of a global economy,” said Dean of Corporate and
     Continuing Education, Lisa Edwards.                                                                 ”
                                                                                    worked out for people, said Hemming.

     Because of the success of the program and its benefit to the
     company, General Plastics decided to renew its training contract
     with TCC for the year 2009-10.

22    TCCMagazine
                                                                                                     Corporate & Continuing Education

“The reason why I took the training was I’m      selecting instructors for the class, which
a relatively new manager. I really wanted        was held in weekly 3-1/2 hour sessions
                                                                                                     corporate &
to be able to find a balance between             last summer.
                                                                                                     continuing education
maintaining a good relationship with staff
                                                 “They had several different instructors,
and being able to enforce the company                                                                Regional Clients
                                                 each with a different area of specialty. Most
polices and requirements.
                                                 had experience in the medical field and             2009-2010
This has been particularly difficult for         could give a pertinent perspective. That’s
Hemming because he used to interact on           important, because managing medical staff           The Boeing Company
a co-worker basis with the people he now                                              ”
                                                 – it’s a different kind of management.
supervises. “It was a little weird, because I
                                                 Community Health Care of Washington                 Chehalis Lucky Eagle
had those friendships in place. It’s difficult
                                                 contracts with the State of Washington              Casino
to find a balance between being the nice
                                                 to offer medical care for low-income and
guy and being the guy who gets things                                                                City of Tacoma
                                                 underinsured people. They’re a provider
                                                 for programs including Basic Health, the            Columbia Bank
Fortunately, the management class                Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP),         Community Health Care
Community Health made available to all its       and Healthy Options.
                                                                                                     Franciscan Health
management-level employees addressed                                                                 System
                                                 “I think the company wanted to offer
that very issue. “I remember the first
                                                 some of the managers support in being               General Plastics Mfg. Co.
real thing about the course that stuck out
                                                 able to reach the next level in effective           Goodwill Tacoma
for me was the concept that in order to
                                                 management, said Hemming. “They
successfully manage a group of people you                                                            Metro Parks Tacoma
                                                 wanted to give us the opportunity to grow
have to first learn to manage yourself.
                                                 as individuals within the organization.
                                                                                       ”             Metropolitan
“We discussed pretty much everything                                                                 Development Council
                                                 “It’s my first time in a supervisory position,
under the sun. Team building exercises,                                                              Nisqually Red Wind
                                                 he added. “When I first started, I didn’t see
budgeting, employee union relations.                                                                 Casino
                                                 any kind of supervisory role in my future.
Hemming appreciates that the Tacoma              But I’ve had a lot of support.
                                                                              ”                      Pierce Transit
Community College Continuing Education                                                               Port of Tacoma
                                                 Supervisory roles are definitely something
Department knew what to look for when
                                                 Hemming sees in his future now.                     Safeway
                                                                 “My goals have changed              SEIU
                                                                 considerably. I’d like to have
                                                                                                     Silver Reef Casino/
                                                                 the experience of managing          Lummi Commercial
                                                                 a clinic. Ultimately, I’d like to   Company
                                                                 go to medical school.
                                                                                                     Tacoma Public Schools
                                                                 Hemming has set his                 Washington State
                                                                 sights on the University of         Department of Personnel
                                                                 Washington. But first, he’ll
                                                                                                     Workforce Central
                                                                 be at Tacoma Community
                                                                 College winter quarter as a
                                                                 full-time student – a student       Ron Asahara, Director
                                                                 who already has a few               Corporate Education
                                                                 credits under his belt. “We
                                                                 got college credit for the          253.460.4469
                                                                 class we took this summer.

                                                                                                                      TCCMagazine   23
                                        Social Injustice, empty Bowls

                                                                                                                                            gail e. Kelly 2005 • Empty Bowls
                                        In the tCC Gallery January 15 – march 15, 2010

                                                                          Throughout the 20th century,          Poems relating to the
                                                                          American artists have brought         exhibition’s theme were
                                                                          attention to issues of social         chosen by faculty member
                                                                          injustice. As we enter the second     Allen Braden and will be
wendy Fein 2008 • Homeless in Kolkata

                                                                          decade of the 21st century,           on display throughout the
                                                                          many of the issues of the past,       exhibition.
                                                                          including the destruction of
                                                                                                                Artists displaying work
                                                                          the environment, homophobia,
                                                                                                                at the Social Injustice
                                                                          poverty, racism, sexism, unfair
                                                                                                                exhibition include:
                                                                          labor practices, and war remain,
                                                                          and many are being addressed          R.R. Anderson
                                                                          in works of art. This exhibition is   Karen Benveniste
                                                                          an opportunity for local artists      Barbara Bruch

                                                                                                                                            elizabeth halfacre 2009 • Outsourcing the Presidency
                                                                          to submit works of art that           Carolyn Burt
                                                                          comment on social issues of our       Alain Clerc
                                                                                                                melinda Cox
                                                                          An Empty Bowls event will be          Jenni Denekas
                                                                          held in conjunction with the          Alice Di Certo

                                          The Gallery
                                          at Tacoma Community College
                                                                          exhibition, with all proceeds
                                                                          benefitting the Emergency Food
                                                                                                                Frank Dippolito
                                                                                                                Alice Dubiel
                                                                          Network. A reception will be          Wendi Fein
                                                                          held in The Gallery from 4-7 p.m.     marsha Glazière
                                          Schedule 2010                   on Jan. 21.                           tom Gross Shader
                                          Jan. 15 - Mar. 15, 2010                                               Pat Haase
                                                                          Launched by the nonprofit
                                          Social Injustice                Imagine/Render Group in 1990,         elizabeth Halfacre
                                          Reception: Jan. 21, 4-7 p.m.    the Empty Bowls Project is a          Connie Hardy
                                          Apr. 1 - 31, 2010               grassroots drive to eliminate         traci Kelly
                                          TCC Art Faculty Exhibition      hunger. Local artists have been       Gail e. Kelly
                                          Reception: April 1, 4-7 p.m.    asked to contribute handmade          Ann Johnston-Schuster
                                                                                                                                            alice Dubiel 2001 • A Tale of Struggle - Slave Trade was Free Trade

                                                                          pottery, and the bowls are            margo macdonald
                                          May 17 - Jun. 15, 2010
                                                                          distributed to community              John mcCuistion
                                          TCC Student Art Exhibition
                                                                          members with a suggested              Beverly Naidus
                                          Reception: May 17, 4-7 p.m.
                                                                          minimum donation of $10.              mia Schulte
                                          The Gallery at TCC is open                                            Stan Shaw
                                                                          A panel discussion on social
                                          Monday – Friday from 10 a.m.
                                                                          injustice will be held from
                                          to 5 p.m. Admission is free.
                                                                          4-5:30 p.m. on Feb. 2. Panel
                                          To access The Gallery, use
                                                                          members are Alice Dubiel,
                                          the college entrance just off
                                                                          Wendy Fein, Ann Johnston-
                                          12th Street between Pearl
                                                                          Schuster, John McCuistion and
                                          and Mildred Streets. For more
                                                                          Beverly Aidus.
                                          information, contact Gallery
                                          Coordinator Jennifer Olson-
                                          Rudenko at 253.460.4306.

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                                                                                   TCC Events Calendar
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January          Middle Eastern History Month
                                                                                about campus events,
   1 New Year’s Day - College Closed
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   4 Winter Quarter Classes Begin
  14 Stand up Comedy                                                  

  18 MLK Jr. Birthday – College Closed
  21 Artist & Lecture Series: Larry Kahaner “Fiscal Fitness Boot Camp”
  21 Social Injustice Gallery Reception

February          African American History Month / Lunar New Year Celebration
   2 Social Injustice Panel Discussion
   3 Ways 2 Pay 4 College
   4 Artist & Lecture Series: Saul Williams - Poet / Musician
   9 Educational Planning Day – No Day Classes
  10 Valentine’s Day Celebration
  11 Jonathan Kingham
  15 President’s Day – College Closed
  18 Artist & Lecture Series: Derrick Ashong (DNA) Musician / Activist
  25 Drag Night

March        Women’s History Month
   2 Ways 2 Pay 4 College
   4 Artist & Lecture Series: Rosa Clemente - Hip Hop Activist
  29 Spring Quarter Classes Begin

April    European American Heritage Month
   1 Art Faculty Gallery Reception
  10 TCC Athletics Hall of Fame Dinner
  22 Artist & Lecture Series
  24 Pow Wow

May     Asian / Pacific Islander Month
   8 Tacoma Wine Classic
  11 Educational Planning Day – No day classes
  31 Memorial Day – College Closed

June      Gay, Lesbian, Transgender & Bisexual Month
   2 All Campus Luau
  10 Commencement
                                       6501 S. 19th Street
                                       Tacoma WA 98466

                                                                        TCC Volleyball. The Lady         TCC President Dr. Pamela Transue was selected as President
                                                                        Titan Volleyball team won        of the Washington Association of Community and Technical
                                                                        the NWAACC Western               Colleges (WACTC) for 2009-2010. WACTC is an organization
                                                                        Division Title Nov. 5 by         of community and technical college presidents; its primary
                                                                        sweeping the Highline            role is to develop policy recommendations for the State
                                                                        CC Thunderbirds in three         Board for Community and Technical Colleges in Olympia,
                                                                        games, 25-20, 25-19 and          and for the state community college system.
                                                                        25-22—one of the best
                                                                        season’s in TCC’s history.       Fred Whang, TCC Board Trustee was elected to the
                                                                        Four 2009 players were           national board of the Association of Community College
                                                                        named to the NWAACC              Trustees (ACCT) for 2009-2010 at the ACCT conference
                                                                        West Division All Star           in San Francisco. ACCT is a non-profit educational
                                                        Team: Rylee Walker – West Region MVP;            organization of governing boards representing elected and
                                                        Courtney Smith – West Region 1st Team;           appointed trustees who govern over 1,200 community,
                                                        Jaime Ecklund – West Region 2nd Team; and        technical, and junior colleges throughout the U.S.
                                                        Madison Turpin – West Region 2nd Team.

                                       success in our lives and in our communities
                                                                        Tim Stokes, executive vice       TCC was recognized as a Military Friendly School by
Photo courtesy of Dane Gregory Meyer

                                                                        president of Academic            G.I. Jobs magazine, ranking it in the top 15 percent of
                                                                        and Student Services, was        7,000 colleges, universities and trade schools nationwide
                                                                        selected by the Business         that are doing the most to embrace America’s veterans
                                                                        Examiner as one of 2009’s        as students. According to TCC Student Life, 75 percent of
                                                                        ‘40 under 40’ honorees.          students in the college’s student government are military
                                                                        The list includes local          veterans.
                                                                        entrepreneurs, financial
                                                                        planners, program                TCC’s Early Learning Center
                                                                        developers, health care          (ELC) was officially designated
                                                                        providers, and others who        a LEED Gold (Leadership in
                                                        do their bit to make Tacoma a safer, smarter,    Energy and Environmental

                                                        healthier, yummier, or groovier place to live.   Design) building by the
                                                                                                         U.S. Green Building Council
                                                                                                         last summer. The ELC was
                                                                                                         also a winner of the Northwest
                                                                                                         Construction Consumer
                                                                                                         Council’s 2008 Distinguished
                                                                                                         Project Award for Public
                                                                                                         Projects Under $10 million.


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