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                                          Do You Have A Solid Traffic Generation Plan?
                                                   By Ariston P Awitan,M.D.

   Once you have launched your website, your attention shifts to traffic building and sustaining the
traffic. Traffic is the most important aspect of any e-business, as the number of people visiting your
websites coverts into the revenue you can generate from your website.

 Like any long-term activity, you need to have a plan for traffic building. A traffic generation plan
essentially charts out the things you need to do and when you need to them. The traffic generation
plan gives direction to your efforts and you will be able to achieve your goals more effectively.

Given below are some of the key components of a good traffic generation plan.

Set your goals

Whenever you make a plan, you do this with an intention of achieving some goals. So the first step in
making a plan is to set your goals.

 For a successful traffic generation plan, set goals based on your immediate, near future and long term
goals. The first goals will of course be building the immediate traffic for your newly launched website.
Then comes the traffic goal for the period immediately following the launch phase till say may be six
months. Then come the long-term plans that would be the minimum traffic you must have everyday to
profitably sustain yourself.

Achieving your goals

 What use is a plan if you are not making any efforts to achieve your goals. A good traffic generation
plan should include the steps you should undertake to get to your goals like a road map. When you
know what you need to do, you can actually begin to do it.

 For instance, your website is about to launch, your target to get the maximum visitors in first few
weeks. For this you need to plan for promotions through various media like other Internet sites,
newspapers, and special promotions and so on.

 For the long run you need to sustain a minimum traffic of say 50 visitors everyday. So you will need to
continuously market your website through various methods like forum postings, affiliate marketing and
so on.

Review your plan

Review your traffic generation plan from time to time to see if it is working. If your plan is not working

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and you're not generating the projected traffic, then you need to make changes in your plans. It is
important to get the traffic or in the least make the projected sale.

 Checking on your plans will allow you a chance to adjust your path to get what you want. Remember
that plans can be changed and adjusted. Goals are important not the plan.

 Websites do not come for free and you have to have enough traffic to cover your costs. A good traffic
generation plan will ensure that you have regular flow traffic for years together. The more efforts you
put in your plans, the faster you will see the results.

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Dr. Ariston P Awitan.M.D. is an orthopedic surgeon and Marketing Consultant.

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                     Successful Website Promotion Is An Organized And Ongoing Process
                                                                 By Tim Whiston

Website promotion should be viewed as a steady, ongoing process. Most systems that promise hordes
of instant visitors are gimmicks, and continual passive traffic generally occurs only after substantial
groundwork has been laid.

 So the ideal approach to generating adequate traffic for your Web presence is a sustained,
well-balanced effort. It is ideal to set aside a specific amount of time per week, and/or a predetermined
advertising budget per month, to apply toward your promotions.

 Before you even launch your site, I recommend creating a basic plan for your initial and long-term
traffic campaigns. This will give you a solid frame of reference and allow you to remain focused and

 The majority of Web marketers find themselves frustrated by a total lack of traffic. Most often this
occurs because they fail to plan, and consequently end up becoming overwhelmed by their situation:
nobody is landing on their site and they have no idea how to change this.

 It’s a nightmare cycle that can crush a would-be entrepreneurs motivation in short order. But it doesn’t
have to come to this.

 Readily accept the fact that traffic building takes time, energy, and organization. Make a clear plan of
action and spend some time (or money) each day working your plan.

 Your plan should consist of both immediate traffic generation techniques and long-term traffic building

 A few examples of immediate traffic generators are Pay Per Click advertising, broadcast email ads,
joint venture promotions, and ezine classified ads. These options allow you to simply create an ad and
begin exposing this ad to the public right away.

 A fantastic way to get immediate traffic for your site is to borrow it from someone who already has an
established Web presence. You can do this by setting up an affiliate program and paying other Web
marketers commission for selling your products and services to their audiences.

A healthy amount of immediate traffic is crucial to the success of any venture.

 Long-term traffic building is the process of using content and links to develop an organic, or naturally
occurring, flow of traffic to your Web pages. This can be done via blogging, article submissions, and
search engine optimization.

 By implementing a solid long-term strategy, you insure that your site will be able to receive traffic even
after your initial launch activity has run its course. Marketers who have established a deep network of
back links, numerous articles and blog comments that promote their sites, and strong search engine
position can enjoy steady to heavy traffic flow for many years!

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 A well-rounded plan will cover your 90-day action process and your ideas for ongoing promotion
thereafter. Of course any plan is going to change, and possibly even collapse, after your site is live and
receiving visitors; don’t worry about this and be ready to go with the flow and write a completely new
plan if needed.

 The most critical issue to be aware of is the need for consistent action. Get into the routine of working
on traffic generation every day if needed until you start to get the desired results.

Tim Whiston is a professional entrepreneur who enjoys helping other entrepreneurs achieve success.
He has created hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for his clients and owns many of his own
Websites and products. Check out his Web Design Course for more great content.

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