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                                             What to Know About Free Viral Marketing
                                                                      By Fredi D

   Viral marketing is an extremely effective form of marketing which has gained a great deal of
popularity thanks in large part to the internet. Like nearly any form of marketing certain types of viral
marketing can cost a great deal of money. On the other hand free viral marketing can lead to great
returns without any money out of pocket.

 The most successful viral marketing campaigns are almost never free. Some great examples of these
costly viral marketing methods simply visit most viral you-tube videos. These get a lot of exposure and
in many cases a lot of clicks for the companies that funded their production.

 Unfortunately, for most small businesses these viral you-tube videos are just too costly to produce.
One of the great things about viral marketing is that free viral marketing is a true option for those who
are able and willing to invest a little more time into making it happen.

 The most effective and popular form of free viral marketing is the blog. The concept of a blog is a
somewhat new one online but the basis of it has been around for a very long time. A blog works a lot
like an online journal which you share with others.

 The beauty of a blog is that you can put almost anything in it that you wish. From the free viral
marketing standpoint this can be a gold mine. Well written articles can garnish a lot of attention. This
attention can spread around quite rapidly. The key to using a blog as an effective form of viral
marketing is to contain a lot of useful content and information which others will not only want to read
but want to share.

 Email marketing is another very effective form of free viral marketing. Creating a mailing list is as
simple as getting people to sign up for your newsletter. This can be done quite well by giving
something away. The key to turning your newsletter into a form of viral advertising is to write a
newsletter which people will want to read but one which will encourage them to visit your site for more

 Make it entertaining, concise and easy to read. Make sure the title is catchy so when people get the
email in their inbox they are encouraged to open and read it.

 Forum posting is a very unique form of free viral marketing. It can achieve two things for a company or
person. The first and most important thing is that you can usually include a link to your website in your
signature. This signature will be included in every single posting you make.

 Beyond that good use of a forum can improve your image as an expert. Beyond creating more clicks
to your site and more potential link backs to your site this will help people to recognize that you know

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what you’re talking about when it comes to your area of expertise.

 Free viral marketing truly is an excellent option for companies or individuals who just don’t have the
money to drop down on an expensive marketing video or program. The key is to learn how to get your
name out there the right way.

Fredi Donosa is an Ezine expert as well as a qualified adviser for those interested in Internet Viral
Marketing opportunities. You can learn more about Fredi and read additional articles on this topic at his
website: Visit!

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                                          Best Viral Marketing Ideas
                                               By Trevor John

Usually the best viral marketing ideas are also the simplest.

Hotmail got where it got to today by offering a free email account and including a brief message at the
end of each email that got sent saying "Get your free email account here". Very simple viral marketing.
Very effective as well.

Anything that people actually want to give away works well for viral marketing. Of course, it has to offer
value to the person who gets the free item. Generally speaking, nNo-one wants to pass on something
that shouts out "I'm an advert".

Of course, there are exceptions even to this rule. They're usually exploited by large companies with
impressive budgets - Burger King's subservient chicken advert springs to mind here.

So how do you, the little guy, come up with a great viral marketing idea?

If you're a video wiz then you could submit a video to YouTube. At least one guy has managed to get
his record released this way. Plenty of people have used viral video marketing to promote their sites.
Ideally, you need something memorable or funny.

If you're not up to creating a video, don't despair. That's not the only great viral marketing idea you can

Audio tracks can also go viral. One site I know of created a set of 6 hypnosis CDs. These were sold
with master resell rights. The start and end of their CD mentions their website. You can trip over these
CDs all the time on eBay and other sites. Which is very nice viral work on their part - getting other
people to distribute their name and website.

Articles like this one can go viral. If you produce a top quality article, other sites will use it and the links
at the end of your article will point to your site or product.

Ebooks and reports are also a great way to use viral marketing. They fall into the "added value" area
and are quick and easy to produce.

To learn more about free viral reports check out my review of Viral Sneakiness at

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