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									Commonly Asked Questions
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Can I have my criminal record                                                                                                    at Urba  VICE
expunged after I plead guilty to a DUI?                                                                      ity of   Illinois
                                                                                                                                  GA L SER
                                                          Illinois Secretary of State                Univers              LE
No. A first offense DUI is a class A misdemeanor
                                                              http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com   STUD
and, upon conviction, will give you a permanent
criminal record which can never be expunged, even         Student Legal Service       333-9053
if you receive court supervision.                            http://www.odos.uiuc.edu/sls

If I’m convicted, how long will I lose my
You will lose your license for a minimum of one
year on a first offense DUI (2 years if you were
under the age of 21 at the time). Full driving
privileges are lost for a minimum of five years if a
                                                          The information contained herein
driver receives a second conviction for any of the        is not intended as a substitute for
following: DUI; leaving the scene of a personal           legal advice. Students who are
injury or fatal crash; reckless homicide, or any
combination of these offenses in a 20-year period.        confronted with legal problems or              RISKS
                                                          who need specific advice are                    and
If a driver receives a third conviction for any of
these offenses, regardless of the length of time
                                                          encouraged to seek assistance              RAMIFICATIONS
between convictions, full driving privileges will be      from a licensed attorney at
lost for a minimum of 10 years.                           Student Legal Service.
If a driver receives a fourth or subsequent
conviction, his/her license will be revoked

If my license is from out of state, can
Illinois take away my driving privileges
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if I’m convicted of a DUI here?                                http://www.freeefoto.com
Yes. If you are convicted of a DUI in Illinois, your            http://www.ace-clipart.com
privilege to drive will be revoked by your home
state. If you have an out of state driver’s license,
Illinois will create an Illinois record for you within     STUDENT LEGAL SERVICE                          STUDENT LEGAL SERVICE
its own motor vehicle department and will note             324 Illini Union                                    324 Illini Union
that your driving privileges are revoked. If you are       Office Open:
an Illinois resident and you are convicted of a DUI                8:30am-Noon, 1-4:30pm M-F      Office Hours: 8:30-Noon & 1-4:30pm, M-F
in another state, your Illinois driving privileges will    http://www.odos.uiuc.edu/sls                  http://www.odos.uiuc.edu/sls
be revoked by Illinois and the other state.                               PAID FOR BY S.O.R.F.                PAID FOR BY S.O.R.F.
                                                                                                             substantially. You will be required to
Driving Under the Influence                             Penalties for DUI                                    carry high risk insurance which costs
(DUI)                                                                                                        an average of $1500.00 more per year
                                                        If convicted of a DUI, you can expect the            than regular insurance. You will be
In Illinois, a person is considered to be
                                                        following penalties:                                 required to carry such insurance for a
driving under the influence when:                                                                            minimum three years.
                                                             Loss of Driving Privileges for a minimum
      the driver has an alcohol concentration on             of one year (2 years if under age 21)          The cost of a DUI can be staggering
      the breath of .08 or higher                                                                           because you will be forced to pay high
                                                             Possibility of 0-364 days in jail              fines, high court fees, you will have to
      the driver has an alcohol concentration on             (Mandatory 5 days in jail or 30                pay for reinstatement of your license and
      the breath of less than .08 but the officer            hours community service if it is a             for alcohol evaluations and counseling,
      considers him to be incapable of safe driving          second DUI conviction within a 5               and if you are not eligible for service from
                                                             year period)                                   the Student Legal Service, you will have
      the driver is under the influence of any drug                                                         to pay to hire an attorney.
      or combination of drugs that renders him               Community Service of a minimum
      unfit to drive
                                                             of 100 hours for a first offense               Over time, the average cost of a DUI is
                                                                                                            estimated to be about $14,660.00
      the driver is under the influence of any
                                                             Fines from $0-$2,500.00                        according to the Illinois Secretary of
      amount of cannabis or any other illegal drug
A police officer must observe a legitimate traffic
violation in order to stop a driver for a suspected                                                         Certain professions discriminate strongly
DUI. This means the driver must commit some                                                                 against those who have received a DUI,
traffic offense which would allow the officer to pull                                                       including childhood education and
the driver over (for example: speeding; running a                                                           aviation to name just two.
red light; having a burned out headlight).
                                                        Secondary Consequences of a DUI
An officer must have probable cause to suspect
that a driver has been drinking in order to ask the          A person who submits to chemical breath
driver to submit to field sobriety tests. Probable
                                                             testing which reveals greater than .08 blood
cause can be based on many circumstances but is
usually satisfied by the officer smelling the odor of
                                                             alcohol concentration receives an automatic
alcohol on the driver and/or noticing the driver             3 month driving suspension.
has slurred speech or bloodshot eyes.
                                                             A person who refuses to submit to chemical
Based on probable cause, the                                 breath testing receives an automatic six-      STUDENT LEGAL SERVICE
officer may also request that the                            month driving suspension.                      324 Illini Union
driver submit to chemical breath                                                                            Office Open:
testing to reveal the presence of                                                                               8:30am-Noon, 1-4:30pm M-F
                                                             After pleading guilty to a DUI, your car
alcohol in the system.                                                                                      http://www.odos.uiuc.edu/sls
                                                             insurance rates are certain to increase
                                                                                                                       PAID FOR BY S.O.R.F.

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