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Information on rashes, prickly heat, hives,   • At no cost to you
contact dermatitis, swimmer’s itch, hot tub
rash and more.                                                                       Skin &
Skin Aging
(MedlinePlus, National Library of                       Contact Us                 Hair Care
                                                  La Crosse (608) 775-5995
                                                   Onalaska (608) 775-1665
Information on aging skin, wrinkles, liver       East Building (608) 775-1186
spots, cosmetic procedures and more.

Skin Conditions
(MedlinePlus, National Library of
Information on common skin conditions,
such as corns and calluses, dandruff, dry
skin, dermatitis, psoriasis and more.

Skin Pigmentation Disorders
(MedlinePlus, National Library of                 (800) 362-9567, ext. 55995
tationdisorders.html                                    Visit us online at
Information on abnormal skin color,        
chemical peels, laser surgery,
dermabrasion and more.                                     June 2010
                                                                                            Rosacea: your self-help guide / Arlen
                                              Coping with the dangers of tattooing, body    Brownstein. FO 640 B76 2001
                                              piercing, and branding / Beth Wilkinson.
                                              FO 174 W55 1998                               Save your face: the truth about facial
100 questions & answers about acne /                                                        aging, its prevention and "cure" / Brooke
Doris J. Day.   FO 600 D39 2005               Coping with psoriasis: a patient's guide to   Rutledge Seckel. FO 150 S38 2005
                                              treatment / David L. Cram.
100 questions & answers about melanoma        FO 350 C73 2000                               Save your face: the revolutionary non-
and other skin cancers / Edward F.                                                          surgical 6-step facial rejuvenation program
McClay. FE 480 M33 2003                       Great hair: secrets to looking fabulous and   / Brooke Rutledge Seckel.
                                              feeling beautiful every day / Nick Arrojo.    FO 150 S38 2006
100 questions & answers about psoriasis /     FO 800 A77 2008
Kendra Gail Bergstrom.                                                                      Secrets of great skin: the definitive guide
FO 350 B46 2005                               The green beauty guide: your essential        to anti-aging skin care / David J. Goldberg.
                                              resource to organic and natural skin care,    FO 100 G65 2004
About face: a plastic surgeon's 4-step        hair care, makeup, and fragrances / Julie
nonsurgical program for younger, beautiful    Gabriel. BD 380 G26 2008                      Skin deep: an A-Z of skin disorders,
skin / Gregory Bays Brown.                                                                  treatments and health / Carol A.
FO 150 B76 2005                               Hair savers for women: a complete guide       Turkington. FO 100 T84 2007
                                              to preventing and treating hair loss /
Acne for dummies / Herbert Goodheart.         Maggie Greenwood-Robinson.                    The skin type solution: a revolutionary
FO 600 G66 2006                               FO 840 G74 2000                               guide to your best skin ever / Leslie
                                                                                            Baumann. FO 150 B36 2006
Alopecia areata: understanding and coping     Healing adult acne: your guide to clear
with hair loss / Wendy Thompson.              skin & self-confidence / Richard G. Fried.
FO 840 T46 1996                               FO 600 F75 2005

The bald truth: the first complete guide to   How to wash your face: America's leading
preventing and treating hair loss / Spencer   dermatologist reveals the essential secrets
David Kobren. FO 840 K63 2000                 for youthful, radiant skin / Barney J.
                                              Kenet, with Patricia Lawler.
                                                                                            Skin cancer and sun protection [VHS]
Breaking out: a woman's guide to coping       FO 150 K46 1999
                                                                                            / Dr. Stephen B. Webster.
with acne at any age / Lydia Preston.                                                       FE 480 STW 2003
FO 600 P74 2004                               The new science of perfect skin:
                                              understanding skin care myths and
                                                                                            Your skin takes care of you; you should
The complete book of hair loss answers:       miracles for radiant skin at any age /
                                                                                            take care of your skin [DVD and VHS]
your comprehensive guide to the latest &      Daniel B. Yarosh. FO 150 Y37 2008
                                                                                            / Dr. Stephen Webster.
best techniques / Peter Panagotacos, MD.                                                    FO 150 W43 2004
FO 843 P36 2005                               Psoriasis: everything you need to know /
                                              Richard Langley. FO 350 L36 2005

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