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The last date for articles to be included in the June edition of Group Live is Sunday, 9 May 2010.
Please ensure any articles to be included are given or emailed to one of the following by this date:

Rev David Beverley, Jennifer Coman (, Liz Hanson, and Tina Veall (

          236 Frodingham Road
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                                                                         David Stirling
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                   30 years

       Bishop John’s Letter                                                     Clergy Letter
   “I have seen the Church and it works”                                    A Presence without words

So it was that the Archbishop of Canterbury summed                 When we think of Pentecost, we almost instinctively
up his visit to the Diocese to mark with us the               think of the events recorded in the second chapter of Acts.
Centenary of the death of Bishop Edward King.                 We recall the mighty rushing wind, the tongues of fire, the
                                                              disciples speaking and being understood by people of
We worked him pretty hard! From a hugely well-                many languages, and of Peter addressing the crowds. It is
attended Conference on Fresh Expressions of                   right that we do so, as this story symbolises for many the
Church at the Lincolnshire Show Ground on Friday,             giving of the Spirit and the birth of the church.
right through to lunch at Christ Church, Stamford on
Monday he took in as many aspects of Lincolnshire                     Yet there are other traditions recorded in the Bible of
life that we could put his way. For many the                  the disciples receiving the Holy Spirit. In John’s Gospel,
Archbishop’s Lecture followed by a wonderfully                for instance, we hear of this occurring when Jesus
moving Eucharist in the Cathedral will live long in the       appeared to the disciples as they struggled to make sense
memory, but he himself was especially touched by              of all that had happened to them. Here the Spirit is given to
witnessing at first hand examples of how Churches in          them in the context of his gift of peace. He gave to them
all parts of the Diocese are engaging with the local          his presence, his peace, his spirit. This too was profound,
community – and especially with some of the most              but what is depicted here is more quiet, more personal yet
hard to reach people in our communities. As he put it         equally significant as the Acts account. It reminds us that
in a letter to me following the visit: “I have seen the       in scripture and in life there are many different experiences
Church and it works”.                                         of the presence of the Spirit, and that none is more valid
                                                              than the other.
For me the tone was set by his description of the
Church as “the echo chamber of the eternal word”.                  The giving of the Spirit in John’s account is also
That wonderfully evocative definition captures exactly        linked to the sending out of the disciples and the command
what we are about as Christians. The eternal word             to forgive. This passage emphasises that unless we forgive
of God has become flesh and dwelt among us in the             there can be no forgiveness and echoes the familiar words
life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.     The         of the Lord’s Prayer. It is from that forgiving presence that
Church echoes that good news as we seek to share              the gift of peace is born. Here we see resurrection, the gift
in word and deed the love and care of Christ in our           of the Spirit, peace and forgiveness intertwined in a life
communities and congregations. It is the calling we           changing way.
share as fellow-workers for Christ – and amongst our
fellow-workers Archbishop Rowan will continue to                   Maybe this account is not in some ways as dramatic
encourage and inspire us.                                     as the Acts Story, but it too speaks of a transforming
                                                              presence, and in many ways that peace and forgiveness too
My sincere thanks go to all those who made the                speaks to many different people of many different
weekend so memorable and worthwhile.                          backgrounds without the need of the spoken word….and
                                                              herein lies the mystery which we celebrate at Pentecost.
With every Blessing and joyful greetings.
                                                                                   David Beverley

  Margaret Clark would be pleased to
  receive any unwanted old towels, blankets,
  pillows, cushions, etc which she will then
  donate to Jerry Green’s Dogs’ Home.
                                                                Betty Parke is organising an Outing to Southwell
                                                                Minster and Newark Market on Wednesday, May
  Dogs Trust                                                    19th, leaving St Lawrence’s Church Hall at
  Margaret Clark would be pleased to receive                    9.30a.m and getting back to Scunthorpe at 5 pm
  your old inkjet cartridges and mobile phones                  (approx).
  which can be recycled in support of the Dogs
  Trust.                                                        The cost is £10 and a deposit of £5 is required at
                                                                the time of booking. Everyone is welcome.
  Margaret is a member of St George’s and
                                                                Contact Betty Parke on 01724 868944.
  items can be left at the Parish Office on Digby

                       the Diocese of Lincoln


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Children’s work                                               Churches in orth Scunthorpe
                                                           Start of Good Friday Walk of Witness
Tuesday 11 May
St Hugh’s Church, Old Brumby, Scunthorpe                     Photograph provided by Richard Rothwell
between 3pm and 8pm

♦     Meet the staff

♦     Seek help and advice                                         St Barnabas
♦     Tell us your views                                         200 Club Winners
              Refreshments available                                      February

                                                           187      Mrs K Fox                £30
                                                           31       Mr R Seward              £20
                                                           183      Mrs Pennell              £15
              Paul's Music                                 77
                                                                    George Barker
                                                                    Stuart Wallace
    Musical Instruments and Music Specialist                                March

      15 Laneham Street, Scunthorpe                        22       Mrs R Bruce              £30
                                                           56       Mrs V Threadgold         £20
        Telephone 01724 867650                             62       Miss K Wall              £15
                                                           29       Mrs E Spicer             £10
             Sheet Music and Books                         137      Mr M Pennell             £4.50

           Guitars             Woodwind
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          212 Frodingham Road                              We still have numbers available if
         Scunthorpe DN15 7NW                               anyone wishes to join - £12 (£1 per

                                                           Please contact Margaret Barker or
    For quality beer and wine                              one of our church members.

        Telephone: 01724 842676

                                                                        Whit Walks in Huddersfield
                                                                  I was born in Huddersfield, in the West Riding of
                                                                  Yorkshire. We lived in a small village, Wellhouse,
                      From Pat Marshall                           which had one shop, the Co-op, a typical village school
                                                                  of the times, outside toilets, a concrete yard for playing,
                                                                  blackboards along the walls in the infants class, where
                                                                  the children learned how to write. Children were
         Winter did seem very long this year, but now             educated there in the one building which had three
spring has arrived the year just seems to race                    classrooms from 5 to 14 years of age, unless they passed
by. The message of Easter and new life I feel is very             their scholarship exam at 11 years old, when they would
much alive for all to see.                                        go to Grammar School.
         At our meeting in April we put our artistic skills
to the test with painted Easter eggs. Sheila’s little             The village had no place of worship; consequently we
clown took the first prize (jar of homemade jam) and              had to either trek across the moors to the nearest church,
Judith’s little lamb came trotting in 2nd.                        or walk to the Methodist Chapel in the next Village,
         We will be having a speaker in May who will              Golcar. I chose to go to the Chapel, Sunday School was
be showing us her collection of christening                       fun there, I remember, whereas church services were
gowns. This should be a very interesting afternoon.               dull in comparison.
         It never ceases to amaze me what skills
some people have. If you are interested in                        Every Whit Sunday we had a Whit Walk. Now this was
needlework an exhibition not to be missed is                      nearly 70 years ago, so my memory may not be all that
‘Dresses, Dolls, Boxes & Beads’ to be held in                     good, and some things I remember well ----- others I
Scawby church, May 1st – 3rd, 1.30pm –                            may have imagined.
4.30pm. Entrance and light refreshments are free,
donations invited to church and the Hospice. I don’t
                                                                                 I do know that most of the children got a
intend to miss it.
         I look forward to seeing you all on May 5th.
                                                                                 new outfit for Whit Sunday, even with
Hostesses for our May meeting are: Joyce Bradbury,                               clothing coupons we always had a new
Iris Briggs and Tricia Campagna.                                                 dress and hat. There was not much choice
         Since leaving us to live in Brigg Jill Dyson has                        in the shops, so my mother usually made
had a fall. We send our best wishes for a quick                                  new dresses for us. Once as a special
recovery.                                                                        treat, we had identical dresses made by
                                                                  the local dressmaker. They were of a cream silky
A few insightful words:                                           material (my mother called it shantung I think) and
                                                                  trimmed. With bonnets to match!
‘Contentment is not the fulfilment of what you
want, but the realisation of how much you already                 So, dressed in our new finery, we gathered at the Chapel
have.‘                                                            for the Whit Sunday Parade. I presume we had a
                                                                  service first but can't remember that bit! There seemed
    St Lawrence’s Everywoman                                      to be hundreds of us all waiting for the Brighouse and
                                                                  Rastrick Band to arrive. Then off we went in a long line
                                                                  following the Band, walking to the next village and
                                                                  back by a different route. People joined us on the way,
                                                                  and people left, but we kids stayed the distance - there
                  by Sheila Robinson                              was a tea at the end of the walk, we didn't want to miss

        To begin with Chris opened our March                      New clothes at Whitsuntide was not just confined to the
meeting with a prayer.                                            West Riding, as my husband (from Scarborough) says
        Ellen then shared a story with us; it was the             he remembers getting new clothes for Whit. They were
Good Shepherd, using little wooden figures, to act it             always bought well in advance and put away until Whit
as though they were there in the wilderness near                  Sunday morning, when they were allowed to wear them
Jerusalem. We then had a short quiet time, when                   for Sunday School. They then walked along the sea
some of us read, and some were drawing or                         front to show off their finery.
crayoning. It felt really peaceful, just like it was, it
was as real again.
        We had buttered hot cross buns and tea or                                       Jill Burns
coffee, everyone seemed happy.

                                                                  Future Development at
                                                               St Georges – Working Party
                                                         The working party was originally convened in the
         QUALITY WORKMA SHIP                             autumn of 2006, which now seems like a lifetime ago.
                                                         In the intervening years we have talked a great deal,
               Loft Conversions                          undertaken a feasibility study, discussed issues with
                                                         potential partners, visited other projects, driven our
             Kitchens/Bathroom                           consultant to despair and seemingly achieved
            Supply & Installation                        relatively little.
                   Plastering                            However, we have recently turned a proverbial
                Full Extensions                          corner, and things are now beginning to appear very
          Certified Installer for GRP                    much more positive, encouraging and achievable.
              Flat Roof Systems                          In the last few months we have:
             Wall & Floor Tiling
                                                         ♦       agreed to set up a limited company called
             Patios & Driveways
                                                                 Crosby One
         UPVc Windows, Doors, Soffits                    ♦       agreed that this company should have
                   & Fascias                                     charitable status
                                                         ♦       successfully bid for sufficient funds to continue
  CO TACT STUART CLARKE FOR A FREE                               to engage our consultant Ann Hindley
             QUOTATIO                                    ♦       successfully bid for sufficient funds to engage
     39 Doncaster Road, Gunness, Scunthorpe                      an architect to draw some preliminary plans
                                                                 and pictures, do the necessary surveys and to
                                                                 undertake a further feasibility study
          01724 334729 or 07798725739
                                                         ♦       agreed with the architect to organise further
                                                                 consultation with potential partners, St
                                                                 George’s and the wider community

                                                         The whole project now seems to be developing along
                                                         the lines originally envisaged by the working party,

   SHANE’S                                               and as reported to the PCC and APM.

                                                         Let us hope that by this time next year we shall have
                                                         made even more real and exciting progress.
   DRIVING SCHOOL                                                               Liz Hanson
 Block Bookings Available                                                    Sheila Robinson’s
 Theory Test Help                                                          Chocolate Fudge Cake
 * Pass Plus
                                                             3 ozs Margarine, 6 ozs Sugar, 6 ozs SR Flour,
                                                             2 Tblsp Cocoa, ½ Tsp Nescafe, 4 Tblsp Water,
                                                             4 Tblsp Milk, and 1 Egg.

             FST Automotive                                  Fudge Icing
             Davidson House East Common Lane                 1½ ozs Margarine, 2 Tbls Milk, 1 Tbls Cocoa. Warm
             Scunthorpe DN16 1DD                             these ingredients in a pan. Add Icing Sugar and beat
Vehicle Servicing, Performance and Fast Road Parts
Geometry & Tracking, ECU Re-Mapping & Chipping               Cake Method
Tyres & Alloy Wheels, Suspension & Poly Bushes               Warm margarine, cocoa, coffee and water together.
Stainless Exhaust Systems, Car Audio, Diagnostics            Remove from heat, add milk and egg and add mixture
           Collection and Delivery Service                   to flour and sugar. Beat well and divide between two
                                                             sponge cake tins. Bake at Gas Mark 4-5 for 15
                  Tel: 01724 851113                          minutes or until cooked. When cooled, add fudge
           Email:                   icing between the cakes and on top.

                  Gardening Column

                     by Ron Simpson

        There is a wonderful range of summer
flowering annual seeds available at the garden
centres that can bring brightness to your garden
throughout the summer months. They will thrive on                       Easter Saturday, the day our church is filled
any soil, even undernourished, as long as they have            with flowers in readiness for our Sunday
sun and water.                                                 celebrations. Did I say our numbers of volunteers were
                                                               getting smaller? Well, how wonderful to be proved
        One way to liven up a border is to sow seed in
                                                               wrong, with people busy in every corner of the
small areas among the perennials. If you have a
                                                               church. The finished result from the Easter garden,
much larger area to fill you can mark out several
                                                               flowers in vases, to beautiful lilies and pedestals all
areas to be seeded with dry sand. Take a cane and              arranged with much love and dedication. It never fails
make a series of drills about six inches between the           to bring joy to my heart to be amongst it and yes, posh
drills, sow your seed and water in. When the                   biscuits from our youngest volunteer, Ben (in training!)
seedlings have a second set of leaves, space out the           and with granddad following with drinks (i.e. grandson
plants to about four inches and you should have a              and husband)
fine mixed border of annuals.                                           To say it was a family affair was no
        When you shop for the seeds buy seeds of               exaggeration, as Alex my daughter stood in for me
compatible heights and a range of colours. Here is a           arranging a pedestal and Iain my son-in-law was acting
list of some favourites: Candytuft, Calendula,                 as foreman. How is that for co-opting volunteers?! The
Cornflower, Clarkia, Godetia, Eschscholzia                     icing on the cake was the organ music, helping us along
[Californian poppy], Sweet Sultan, Night Scented               and putting us in the right mood. From someone who
Stock, Nigelia [Love in the Mist] and Silene.                  very rarely hears the organ (not at 8am!) it was
                                                               wonderful. Being the shy retiring person that I am, I
        Quote: Gardening is a matter of your                   couldn’t possibly ask for music next year could I??!
enthusiasm holding up until your back gets used to it.         (Don’t be silly, of course I could! Watch this space,
        Tip: Grow Tulips or Daffodils in pots and insert       Easter next year)
them into vacant spaces. When finished flowering lift                   Being slightly handicapped at this moment in
                                                               time doesn’t appear to have affected my ability to waffle,
up and place them in a shady corner to mature [don’t
                                                               so back to basics!
forget to water them]. When the tops have dried off,
                                                                                 Our May meeting is, ‘Ready, Steady,
lift and replant the following year.
                                                               Flowers’, the committee will supply the flowers and the
        Tip: Cut out felt carpet circles and place round       members the ‘ready steady’. Now if that doesn’t give
your cabbage plants to prevent cabbage root fly.               you something to think about, nothing will.
        Tip: French marigolds in with carrots help to                                    When leaving church this
prevent carrot fly.                                                                      morning I mentioned that I had
                                                                                         no idea what I was going to write
Keep your questions coming: telephone                                                    about this month. Brenda said
359073, email                                               write about the daffodils, so I
                                                                                         will. Don’t they look wonderful,
      A question I was asked recently was the height                                     global warming eat your heart
that an Arctic Queen Clematis grew? This is a lovely                                     out! Our nice cold spell has I’m
white flowered variety, flowering abundantly in the                                      sure helped to give us the
summer with large flowers to a height of 10 foot.                                        beautiful display of colour around
      Get a bee nesting box for your garden. It helps                                    our church. A sight to behold
bees to hibernate over the winter and in the season                                      and it has certainly put a spring
they are able to pollinate your garden plants and                                        in my step.
dandelions - well how is a bee to know whether                          Oops!! Don’t want a broken leg as well!!
a plant is in the right place or not?                                   Talk to you next month.
      Derek Robinson has plenty of Cowslip plants. If
anybody would like some, contact Derek and a small
                                                               E.J. (Extra Jottings)
donation to “Help the Heroes” fund would be                            Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my
appreciated                                                    friends and the floral group for helping me in my hour of
      Thank you to the person who has sorted out                       Aren’t friends wonderful!!
the Audio System at church. I can hear all the service
and enjoy well some of it [tongue in cheek].


                                                            Concert at St Lawrence’s Church
                                                                 The above concert, which took place on
                                                         Saturday, 20th March, turned out to be a very
                                                         enjoyable event which carried over some of its
                                                         features into the St. Lawrence Morning Service the
                                                         following day.
                 D Speight                                      Most of the aims of the event were fully
             187 Frodingham Road
                                                            ♦     In excess of £300 was collected towards the
            Telephone 01724 843864                                St. Lawrence chosen charity for this year
                                                                  ‘Help the Heroes’

THE LUCKY LADY SALON                                        ♦     The memorial to Edward Core was
                                                                  encapsulated in the silence after the Male
32 Avenue Vivian, Scunthorpe DN15 8HX                             Voice Choir had performed Malottes Lord’s
        PHONE: 01724 842945                                       Prayer and also when Chris Taylor played
                                                                  the RAF Regimental March on the church
            OPENING TIMES                                         organ.
      Tues 9-4 pm; Wed 9-5 pm;
Thurs 9-6 pm; Fri 9-7 pm; Sat 9-5:30 pm                     ♦     The Scunthorpe Male Voice Choir gave their
                                                                  normal polished performance and their
         DISCOUNTS FOR OAP’s                                      conductor, Keith Morgan had the
                                                                  opportunity of working with the good and
           on Tues/Wed/Thurs                                      bad features for choral singing in the St.
                                                                  Lawrence building for the first time.
               UNISEX SALON
                                                            ♦     The collection together of Brumby and
                                                                  Frodingham church choirs, supported by
                                                                  guests from our Methodist friends and the
                 We Care                                          Reflections Ladies Choir, enabled us to form
                                                                  a mixed choir which performed very
We have a genuine desire to look after you. We                    well. However this area represents the only
promise we will meet and endeavour to exceed                      item in our planning which did not yield
your expectations with regard to the funeral                      fruit. We had hoped that we would recruit
service we provide and the care, professionalism                  singers from St. Andrew’s Burton and the
and compassion shown to you. We are                               three other churches in the North
meticulous in our attention to detail and look for                Scunthorpe Group. In particular we were
                                                                  hoping for a good response from the last
ways to make the funeral a special and                            three so that we could have done something
memorable occasion.                                               musical at joint services. Another area we
                                                                  could have worked on would be to introduce
                                                                  a new communion setting.
Kettle of Scunthorpe        01724 280808
Funeral Directors & Memorial Consultants                          As the concert had started to draw to a close
                                                         there was an appearance by Assistant Curate,
    Rosedene Funeral Home                                Graham Thornalley. Then I had the shock of my life
                                                         as he and Alan Lees began to speak. I was to be
    15 Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe                        presented with a plaque for over 60 years of long
    North Lincolnshire. DN15 7RA                         service and dedication to church music. In addition,
                                                         because not all of the St. Lawrence congregation
                                                         were present, the presentation was made again on
Kettle of Brigg             01652 650656                 the following Sunday morning.
Funeral Directors & Memorial Consultants

    10 Elwes Street, Brigg                                              Peter Whiteoak
    North Lincolnshire. DN20 8LB

                                                                          If we recognise that all our gifts come from God, then in one
             Gifts of the Holy Spirit                                     sense all our abilities are spiritual gifts. A gifted teacher or
                                                                          musician will often recognise that their gift is not of their
What are gifts of the Holy Spirit? They are abilities which
                                                                          own making. Some gifts are given that we can develop and
are beyond anything we could gain for ourselves.
                                                                          use more widely, others are given through the Spirit beyond
Throughout the Old Testament there are accounts of
                                                                          our imagination, so that the only response is to turn to God
spiritual gifts – the wisdom of Daniel, David’s courage
                                                                          in wonder and love. If we offer to God all our gifts for the
against Goliath and Joseph who could interpret dreams. In
                                                                          benefit of others, to build up the Church and grow in love,
the New Testament we see that after Pentecost, spiritual
                                                                          then surely we will become more and more the body of
gifts were important in the early Church’s understanding of

St Paul writes about spiritual gifts in the first letter to the                                Ellen Wakeham
Corinthians. Here he outlines gifts of the Spirit as wisdom,
knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, the
discernment of spirits, tongues (speaking in other languages)
and the interpretation of tongues. The church in Corinth                                         Diary Dates
was very excited about using these gifts, but people had
begun to misuse them. It seems that some gifts were being
seen as more important than others, and this was related to
                                                                              St Lawrence’s
rivalry and divisions in the church.
                                                                              5th May       2pm           – Mothers Union
                                                                              18th May      7.30pm        – Everywoman
In response, Paul writes that these are gifts; they are not
                                                                              19th May      12.30pm       – Lunch Club
earned but given by God. The purpose of all spiritual gifts
                                                                              24th May      7.30pm        – Floral Group
is to build up the Church in love for each other and for the
world. We are the body of Christ, says Paul, and God gives
different gifts to different members of the body so that we                   St George’s
can work together. Paul’s famous passage on love (1
Corinthians 13) is a furious tirade at people who were                        7th May 2pm
enjoying spiritual gifts but had missed the whole point of                    Re-dedication of "The Crosby Angel" - the ceremony
being the Church, which is love. Without love, says Paul,                     will be in two parts, the first at the Angel, Crosby
other gifts are worthless.                                                    School and the second part at St George's at 2.30pm
                                                                              approx. Bishop David will perform the re-dedication
The charismatic movement in the 20th century brought a
                                                                              and give an address.
renewed emphasis on spiritual gifts and today they are found
across the Christian tradition – from Pentecostal to
Anglican, Methodist and Roman Catholic churches. Some of                      The Church of the Resurrection
these gifts may be more familiar to us than others. We may
have never seen the “discernment of spirits”, but we may                      Kurling will be played in the Church Hall at 7.15pm
have attended a healing service with the laying on of hands                   only on Monday May 17th [The Group does not meet
and anointing.                                                                on Bank Holidays.]

We are members of the body of Christ through our baptism,                     The Cardmaking Class will meet in the Church Hall at
through which we receive the Holy Spirit. The Spirit dwells                   1.00pm on Tuesday May 4th and 18th
in us through our participation in the body, and we are filled
continually as we are drawn nearer to God and mature in                       Thursday Club will meet in the Hall at 2pm on May
faith. It is often with spiritual maturity that spiritual gifts are           13th and 27th
seen. A truly wise person is usually someone with a deep
life of prayer.                                                               Bingo will be played in the Hall on Friday at 7.00pm
                                                                              on May 7th and 21st.
Sadly, spiritual gifts can still cause divisions in the Church,
especially where one gift becomes valued above the others.                    30th May 9.30am
The abuse of spiritual gifts can lead to two-tier Christianity,               Group Service at the Church of the Resurrection
where many Christians feel second-class because they do
not display particular gifts. Some are so intent on growing
spiritual gifts that the whole body suffers from neglect.                    13th May 7 pm
When this happens we should return to Paul’s advice to the
                                                                             Deanery Service of Holy Communion for
Spiritual gifts are not given to make some people superior,                  Ascension Day at All Saints, ew Brumby.
but so that they can use them for the benefit of all.                        Bishop David celebrating and preaching.

                                                                   CHRISTIAN AID WEEK
                                                                  A WAY WE CHANGE THE
                                                            Ever wondered why we do Christian Aid Week?
                                                            Here are seven good reasons why we’re involved ...

                                                            1 We are joining with more than 20,000 churches in
                                                            an unparalleled act of Christian witness to our
                                                            communities – showing them we care about justice
                                                            and poor people.

                                                            2 Christian Aid has a vision – an end to poverty. By
                                                            being part of this week we’re not only funding life-
                                                            changing projects, we’re helping tackle the root
                                                            causes of poverty – helping to change the world for

                                                            3 The church has an amazing heritage of working
                                                            for justice. Christian Aid Week has run every year
                                                            since soon after the Second World War –
                                                            demonstrating the church’s faithfulness to helping the

                                                            4 In these difficult financial times, the world’s
                                                            poorest people need our time, prayers and financial
                                                            support more than ever. Christian Aid Week helps us
                                                            give people the opportunity to be generous.

                                                            5 Around 300,000 volunteers give their time to
                                                            deliver envelopes door to door and put on events. We
                                                            are part of this movement for change.

                                                            6 We get money for nothing! Every taxpayer who
                                                            signs a Gift Aid declaration on an envelope is giving
                                                            Christian Aid 28 per cent extra – making even more
                                                            development work possible in the world’s poorest
We are a Registered Social Landlord operating a
waiting list for ground and first floor flats at our
                                                            7 Christian Aid has successfully campaigned on
warden controlled scheme at Cottingham Court,               ‘dropping the debt’, carbon-declaration reform and
off Grosvenor Street in Scunthorpe.                         trade justice. Christian Aid Week helps world-wide
                                                            structural change to take place.
          One and Two Bedroom Flats
             Suitable for over 60’s                                                       CHRISTIAN AID
                                                                                          WEEK 9–15 May 2010
If you, a friend or a family member fall within the
above category and are looking for                                                        We believe that poverty
accommodation please contact us for an                                                    is a scandal and that
application form or more information.                                                     we can really do
                                                                                          something about it.
                Contact details:
           Guinness Northern Counties                       To find out more about how you can get involved, just
             263 Frodingham Road                            ask your Christian Aid Week representative or go to
             Scunthorpe DN15 7NS                  

                Tel 0845 605 9000                                 POVERTY - LET’S END IT
            Office opening hours
   9am-4pm Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday                   Article supplied by Christian Aid for Church Magazines
            Closed Wednesday

     All Are Called - Barbara Scott talking to Jennifer Coman
Extract from “All Are Called” (an article Rev David               Later on she worked as a Post Lady at British Steel
Leaning circulated at the Group Day held in 2008):                where she was known as “The Road Runner” because
The young are called; the elderly are called. There is            of the speed with which she made her deliveries. This
no retirement from the Christian pilgrimage. The                  proved to be a very good experience and led her to
beautiful are called, and also the unlovely. The sick             move on to work for Social Services as a Community
are called as well as the healthy and the energetic.              Worker. This job fulfilled a deep need she had for
Activists are called and also quiet people. We are                helping people and gave her a great deal of
called regardless of our intellectual abilities or our            satisfaction. Her work entailed visiting the elderly and
formal education. We are called regardless of our race            vulnerable in our society in both Brigg and Scunthorpe
or nationality or social class.                                   and seeing that their needs were identified and met.

                          Barbara Scott was baptised as a         On retirement she was able to concentrate more of her
                          child but had no further contact        energies on church life. She trained to become a
                          with the church until after the         member of the Local Ministry Team and also
                          birth of her second child Alan.         completed the Bishop’s Course. She is a Baptism
                          She suffered from severe post           Visitor, liaising with the families and acting as sponsor
                          natal depression and became             to the children. Barbara is also a longstanding
                          obsessed with a fear of dying.          member of the Parochial Church Council and its
                          While she had not received any          various sub committees and is a school governor at
                          formal Christian education she          the Scunthorpe C of E School on Gurnell Street. Her
                          had always believed in a loving         involvement with the Knights of St George is
                          God and she hung on to this             legendary. Who can forget her performance as a fairy
                          thread and thus was drawn to            in her silver costume! Sadly she decided to take a
                          attend St George’s Church in            back seat this year.
                          her hour of need.
                                                                  Barbara is on the Greeson Hall Committee. One
She first made contact about 50 years ago when                    recent initiative here which she is involved with is the
Christopher Laurence was in the early days of his                 Luncheon Club which meets on Thursdays during term
ministry in Crosby. He proved to be an enormous                   time.
source of help and support and Barbara, together with
Janet and Alan, were welcomed into a loving church                Her time in Social Services had brought her into
family and made many friends who have stood the test              contact with the work of the Lindsey Lodge Hospice
of time. Their friendship and her deepening faith                 and she became an assistant, first in their Book Shop
enabled her to recover and begin to play a part in the            working with Joyce Sirotkin, and currently in their
life of the church.                                               Laneham Street Shop on Tuesday afternoons. She
                                                                  also supports the work of the Marie Curie Nurses.
Barbara joined the Young Wives and Mothers Union
and as her children grew older was able to join Dorrie            Through her friendship with Betty Baker, her son-in-
Webb’s Singing Group which she very much enjoyed.                 law’s mother, she became involved with the Hospital
                                                                  Library Service many years ago.
Two friends she made at St George’s were fostering
babies from birth to six weeks when they were handed              1 Corinthians 12 4-6
over to be adopted and she felt that this was                     There are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit. There
something she would like to do and found it very                  are varieties of service, but the same Lord. There are
rewarding.                                                        varieties of activity, but in all of them and in everyone
                                                                  the same God is active.

                              Lincolnshire Churches Trust Bike Ride and Stride 2010
                    This year's Bike Ride & Stride will take place on: Saturday 11 September 2010
As you will be aware, the monies raised by this event will be shared equally between the Trust and each parish, in proportion to
the monies raised by each parish, to enable repairs to be undertaken to this county's portfolio of magnificent historic churches.

We would be most grateful if you would remind parishioners of this event with a view to them raising Awareness of the event
and Sponsorship. We are most grateful for your support and help in this matter - which supports both the trust and each parish
in fair and equal amounts. The Assistant County Organiser, Caroline Cummins can be contacted at                                                                          icholas Ridley

                                                                           The Bishop of Lincoln, the Rt Revd Dr John Saxbee,
                                                                           has announced to Diocesan Synod that he will retire
       TRENT VALLEY                                                        from the See of Lincoln in January 2011.
                                                                           The Bishop told Synod: "I am now into my ninth year as
 (N.I.C.E.I.C. Approved Electrical Contractors)                            Bishop of Lincoln. Since the confirmation of my
                                                                           appointment as the 71st Bishop of this great Diocese in
                                                                           December 2001, I have counted it a joy and a privilege to
                 Rewires                    Lighting                       be alongside you all as fellow workers for Christ on behalf
                 Showers                    Sockets                        of the communities and congregations we are called to
                 Fuse boxes Surveys
                                                                           "However, my 65th birthday falls early in the New Year,
                                                                           and it has long been my intention to retire then.
                                                                           Consequently, in mid-February, I tendered my resignation
 Free estimates J. Oxenforth (I.E.E.I.E.)                                  to the Queen as from 31st January 2011.

                                 National Inspection Council for
                                Electrical Installation Contracting        "This is not the occasion for reminiscences and
Tel. 01724 782356
                                                                           valedictions - there will be plenty of time for that kind of
                                                                           thing in due course. Suffice it for me to say that I believe
Mob. 07860 828229
                                    APPROV ED CONTRACTOR
                                                                           the Diocese is in good heart notwithstanding the many
                                                                           challenges we face, and I will certainly be leaving it in
                                                                           good hands.
        VISIT                                    "The Synod has already approved the Episcopal
                                                                           Leadership in Mission proposals which were presented to
                                                                           you last July. These will help to clarify patterns of
                                                                           oversight and accountability leading up to and during the
                                                                           Vacancy in See. Specific delegation of the Diocesan
       R WALLACE & SO                                                      Bishop's responsibilities will need to be effected in due
           Funeral Directors
         Monumental Masons                                                 "Meanwhile, I do not intend to be a lame duck and
     30 Neap House Road, Gunness                                           certainly will not be demob happy! We still have many
                                                                           things to do together as partners in our Father's business,
    A family business offering personal service                            and Jackie and I will value your friendship and support
            with sympathy and dignity                                      over these next nine months, just as we have valued your
                                                                           commitment and collegiality these last nine years."
 Telephone: 01724 783319/783320 Day or Night

                                                                                       CHRISTIAN AID
           Put the spring back in your Carpet!                             The Humber Bridge Cross takes place on May 8th
                                                                           between 2 and 5.00pm.
Natural, safe products for Carpets and Upholstery Cleaning
                                                                           Please remember to support those members of
Totally safe. No shrinkage or colour run. Carpets and                      your congregation who take part by sponsoring
upholstery will be cleaner, fresher and ready for immediate                them.
                                                                           Sponsorship forms are available at all churches
       For free quotation or demonstration                                 from your Christian Aid Representatives.

      Call Tony on Telephone 01724 783161

                 CHRISTIAN AID WEEK - 9–15 May 2010
Rosalind McLaughlin, a Christian                              If MNU works in Matopeni, I
Aid Week representative, travelled                            believe she will see it.
to Kenya with a group of other
organisers and collectors.                                    ‘By contrast, the people in
                                                              Kiambiu are living something
She saw the work of Christian Aid                             like a normal life. With the
partner MNU in Kiambiu slum,                                  help of MNU, they have built
and discovered what life is like in                           five toilet and shower blocks
Matopeni, where it has yet to start                           and they’ve employed people
work. This is her story                                       from the local community to
                                                              clean and maintain them.
‘The first things we saw when we arrived in Matopeni          They’ve also got clean
were the results of the “flying toilets”. There’s not a       drinking water now.
single toilet here, so people go, put it in a bag, and .
throw it over the wall. And there is no official tap or       ‘But I’ve also seen that if
                                                                                                 Catherine Nyaata and
clean running water People have managed to reach              we’re willing to do
                                                                                                 her daughter Blessing
the water pipes below the ground – but the water is           something, to make an effort,
                                                                                                 collecting clean water
really filthy and carries typhoid.                            to put other people first, we
                                                                                                 from the sanitation
                                                              can make others’ lives a lot
A lady called Catherine Kithuku (pictured below)              better.
showed us around. It was incredible. We were led
along a walkway that runs alongside the houses. It            We don’t even need a huge amount of money.
was constructed of planks that were half-broken, and          Relatively small amounts bring massive, massive
directly underneath it ran the community’s drainage           changes to many, many people.’
system. Catherine said when it rains her family home
floods with sewage right up to the level of the beds,         ‘SMALL AMOUNTS BRING MASSIVE
soaking the mattresses.                                       CHANGES TO MANY, MANY PEOPLE.’
‘WHEN IT RAINS HER FAMILY HOME                        ‘£16 could buy the materials needed to build five
FLOODS WITH SEWAGE’                                   metres of new drainage in Kenya, to prevent sewage
                                                      flooding into streets and houses, protecting families
                            The dignity of the people from disease.
                            here and the sense of
                            community are very        To find out more about how you can be part of these
                            striking. It’s about we,  amazing changes, ask your Christian Aid Week
                            not me. Catherine has     representative or go to
                            already formed a group
                            that has organised        Together, we can bring an end to the scandal of
                            rubbish collections and poverty.
                            educated people about
                            health and other issues.          POVERTY–LET’S END IT
                            Catherine said she
Catherine Kithuku shows the dreams of an
broken walkway over her     environment fit for
community s drainage        humans to live in. She    (Rosalind McLaughlin photo: Christian Aid/Antoinette Powell)
                            said she believes in
                            change.                   Article supplied by Christian Aid for Church Magazines

                          Would you let your child play by an open sewer?......
          Children in the slums of Kenya desperately need proper toilet and washing facilities. When they regularly play
alongside running sewage and have no fresh water supply, typhoid, diarrhoea and death are commonplace.
         A Christian Aid funded project is providing toilets, shower facilities and hygiene training to help keep these
children safe. Christian Aid has a vision to end poverty – helping poor communities to help themselves. We tackle the
root causes of poverty and fund projects in 48 countries around the world, enabling people to improve their lives, whatever
their religion.
         Please give what you can this Christian Aid week. Why not give some of your time by collecting in your street?
Contacts: Berkeley – Mrs Betty Walters; Crosby – Mrs Barbara Scott; Frodingham– Mr Michael Cropper;
Gunness – Mrs Myrtle Ward

                                   EST 1979                  GREESO HALL COMMU ITY CE TRE

                                                         This outing is being organised by the recently formed
Humberside Upholstery                                    Greeson Hall Community Centre Family History
                                                         Interest Group
99 Frodingham Road, Scunthorpe                                         Fancy a Great Day Out?

Furniture Repair and Recover Service                           THE ATIO AL ARCHIVES - KEW
                                                                   Friday, 1 October 2010

     All types of furniture recovered:                   Family History
      Suites, Chairs, Dining Chairs,
                                                         Records popular with family historians include:
           Cushions, Stools, etc.
                                                         ♦      Census records for England and Wales from
       Full range of sample books                               1841 to 1911
                                                         ♦      Military records - most predate the 1920’s, and
                                                                as far back as the 17th Century
  We also sell foam cut to any size                      ♦      Records of service, including documents on
                                                                Metropolitan Police Officers, Merchant
                                                                Seamen and Railway Workers
      For free expert advice                             ♦      Lists of ships’ passengers arriving in or
      give us a ring or call in                                 departing from the UK between 1878 and
                                                                1960, and Naturalisation Records
                                                         ♦      Wills
            01724 851795
                                                         Looking For A Place

                                                         Uncover the history of a place, a building, or an

                                                         We leave Scunthorpe at 5am and pick up at various
 M.B. Electrical (Lincs) Ltd                             points between Scunthorpe, Crowle and Epworth. We
                                                         leave Kew at 5:30pm, arriving back in Scunthorpe
   Electrical Contractors                                around 10pm.

 •      Local And Reliable                               The cost will be no more than £25 but it will be less if
 •      Full and Part Re-wires                           we get a full coach. A non-refundable deposit of £10
 •      Extensions and Conversions                       is required and the balance must be paid by 1st
 •      Fuse Board Upgrades                              September.
 •      Security Lighting/Decorative Lighting
 •      PAT Testing                                      To book a place, contact Chris on 01724 849779
 •      Testing and Inspecting of Installations          (answer phone) or email
 •      All Your Electrical Requirements

      Mob: 07730 570 161 Tel: 01724 856 891
                                                              Events at Lincoln Cathedral                                       4 May - 19.00
                                                          An Evening with the Bishop of Lincoln

                                                       Any Questions? Bishop John will respond to
                                                       questions about his faith and beliefs. Tickets are free
                                                       and are available from the Cathedral Shop or by
                                                       writing to the Cathedral Library, enclosing a stamped
                                                       addressed envelope.

  FROM THE REGISTERS                                                  George William’s Christening

                                                                       When our fifth grandchild was born we were a
                 St Lawrence’s                               little disappointed that a christening was never
                                                             mentioned. He’s now seven and has started coming
                  Holy Baptism                               to church. Due to the welcome from Graham, Ellen,
                                                             and others in the congregation, he decided he would
      14 March     Keigan Andrew Dolby                       like to be christened. Easter Sunday was the day
                   Owen Jacob Wilson                         chosen when Bishop David would be taking the
       4 April     George William Howson                     Service.

                     Funerals                                         Easter day dawned and Brian and I started it
                                                             with a lovely English breakfast, served in the church
      29 March     Mrs Edith Cooper                          hall. Many thanks to the cooks who did the hard
      14 April     Mr Tony Strong                            work to provide that.

                                                                     All the Easter services taken by Graham and
                  St George’s                                Ellen were memorable, and Easter day was no
                                                             exception. The atmosphere in the church was
                  Holy Baptism                               buzzing and the church looked beautiful due to all the
                                                             flower arrangements.
      22 March     Jeffrey Cundy
      11 April     Jackson James Drury                                We took the seats that had been reserved for
                   Warren Karl Howard Carpenter              us at the front of the church. Brian and I sitting
                                                             behind our three daughters, knowing anything can
                                                             happen when they’re all together. I realised we had
 Church of the Resurrection                                  left a pew at the other side of the church which also
                                                             had been reserved empty. It made it look a bit like
                  Holy Baptism                               ‘them and us’, this was accidental. The family name
                                                             me a ‘born organizer’ but I didn’t like sorting everyone
                   Amelia Mae Dales                          out in church, so I apologise the pew was left empty.
                  Jack Thomas Burke
                                                                     It was a lovely service, and Bishop David,
                                                             Graham and Ellen made Sunday so special for
                     Funerals                                George, his parents, god parents, family and
                                                             friends. It’s a day he’ll never forget, or us. It was so
                    Violet Watson                            perfect. We would like to say thank you to all who
                    Bryan Fewster                            made it so special in every way.

                                                                     God bless,
      Events at Lincoln Cathedral
                                                                             Liz & Brian Corkhill
          Lecture and Book Signing

John Moses, the former Dean of St Paul’s who
delivered the Easter sermon at the Church of the
Resurrection, will deliver a lecture in the Wren
Library of Lincoln Cathedral on Friday May 14th at
   He will speak on the subject “John Donne, the
man and his meaning” His book on the subject will be
available on the night, and John will sign copies if
you wish.
  Tickets, including a glass of wine, cost £6.00, and         Ron and Jean Simpson and their Daughter in Law
can be obtained by sending a cheque and a stamped             Dawn appreciate the messages and cards of
self addressed envelope to “Lincoln Cathedral                 sympathy received after the death of Michael a dear
Library, The Cathedral. Lincoln LN2 1PX”                      son and husband. Special thanks go to Ellen for her
   This event is one of many exciting events during           kindness and help and beautiful service.
the Lincoln Book Festival. Other details can be found
be found at

          St George’s, Crosby                                St Lawrence’s, Frodingham
 10:30 am Sunday                                           Sunday
 Parish Eucharist                                          8 am      Eucharist

 10:30 am Third Sundays only                               10:30 am Parish Eucharist
 All Age Parish Eucharist                                           (third Sunday Informal Worship)

 6:45 pm First Tuesday in the month                        6:30 pm Evening Prayer
 Holy Communion                                                    (except third Sunday)

 9:30 am Wednesday                                         6:30 pm Eucharist
 Holy Communion                                                    (third Sunday of the month only)

 4 pm Thursday                                             Monday-Friday
 Evening Prayer at 17 Chatterton Crescent                  8:30 am Morning Prayer
                                                           5 pm    Evening Prayer
 For seasonal variations refer to the Weekly
 Newsletter which is issued at the Sunday morning          Monday
 service.                                                  7 pm   Informal Prayer

                                                           9:30 am Eucharist

    Church of the Resurrection                                     St Barnabas
          Mirfield Road                                       Gunness with Burringham

     Berkeley, Hilton Avenue,                                                    11 am
Lodge Moor and Skippingdale areas
                                                              Sung Eucharist each Sunday
9:30 am     First Sunday of the month
            Morning Worship led by congregation
            (not a Communion Service)
                                                           16 May - 11 am Joint Service with the
                                                           Methodists at St Barnabas
9:30 am     Second Sunday of the month
            Service for People of All Ages
            (an informal service which normally
            includes Holy Communion)
                                                             Gunness Methodist Church
9:30 am     Other Sundays
            Parish Communion
                                                                            10:30 am
7 pm     Holy Communion (said)
                                                                    Service each Sunday
The All Age Service is particularly suitable for
children, but on the other Sundays, we will try
wherever possible to provide special activities for        16 May - Joint Service at St Barnabas
any children to attend.                                    (No Service at Gunness Methodist

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