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					                                               VOICE OF THE WATERFOWLER

  Washington Waterfowl Assoc.
         HUNTERS FOR CONSERVATION                           501(c)(3) tax exempt                    ESTABLISHED 1945

Volume 20, Issue 1                       &                   February 17, 2011

        CORPORATE OFFICERS                                              9792 Edmonds Way
Jim Cortines, President   (206) 612-8772
Rone Brewer, Vice-Pres.   (360) 652-1264                                     Suite 161
Earl Mikkelson, Secretary (253) 862-4509                               Edmonds, WA 98020
John Arrabito, Treasurer (425) 774-8291                                             
Bruce Feagan, (ML)          (206)   714-8020                 etter from the President
Timon Gasowski (SEA)        (206)   601-7323
Larry Gordon, (SEA)         (425)   483-8855
Doug Graef, (SEA)           (425)   883-1150
Bob Graham, (SW)            (253)   638-8974
Howard Hicks, (SW)          (253)   847-6274
Thor Ostrom (SPO)           (509)   220-0144            Greetings WWA Members and Friends —
Paul St. Sauver             (425)   483-4062             I’ll try to make this short and sweet. Last month’s newsletter
Gary Talbert (NW)           (360)   679-2067
                                                 included the membership drive poster before a few of the prizes were
Grays Harbor Chapter                             finalized. As stated in the membership drive poster included with this
Chair    Kurt Snyder         (360) 485-9353
Lower Columbia Chapter                           newsletter, our contest officially kicks off February 20th and goes thru
Chair    Rick Scott          (360) 254-3501      May 25th.
Moses Lake Chapter
Co-Chair   Robin Hickok,     (509) 765-3541
Co-Chair   Dick Price        (509) 762-9027             The WWA Board of Directors and Officers have done their
Northwest Chapter                                best to make this a worthwhile and rewarding membership drive. It is
Chair    Kurt Malizio       (360) 556-3913       our hope that each of you will bring in at least one new member
Seattle Chapter
Chair    John Arrabito       (425) 774-8291      …..and that some will bring in several!
Southwest Chapter
Chair    Terry Satre         (253) 845-2398               If you believe in the WWA, you know we need more members
Spokane Chapter
Chair    Thor Ostrom         (509) 220-0144      to protect and advance our goals. The Chapter Chairmen have been
Whatcom Chapter                                  provided the names & addresses of every duck stamp purchaser in
Chair    Scott O’Day         (360) 966-4112      Washington by zip code. Please contact your Chairman and use the
                                                 listing to make contact with those waterfowlers who live just up the
      TREAS. REPORT (2‐3‐2011)                   street from you and ask them to join our organization.
 Corp Cash & Checks $ 488.50
 Corp. Checking      $12,506.15                         Each member will receive a copy of the poster and three (3)
 Corp. C.D.          $17,446.04
 Corp. Total         $30,460.69
                                                 applications in the mail in the coming days. Please put them to good
                                                 use. Lastly, if you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to
 CHAPTER FINANCES                                share on ways to increase our membership, I would love to hear them.
 GH Checking       $          687.50             You may contact me at:
 LC Checking                $ 15,283.43
 ML Checking                $ 4,489.45                                                       For the Resource,
 NW Checking                $     507.36
 NW Savings
 SEA Checking
                            $     302.14
                            $ 30,804.34
                                                                                                   Jim Cortines
 SEA CD Amount $           9,680.46
 SEA R Hickok Fund
                          $ 1,315.09
 SPO Checking              $    170.50
 SW Checking               $ 3,475.15
 WH Checking             $ 4,766.07
February 2011, Page 3                                                     WASHINGTON WATERFOWL ASSOC.

             EVENTS CALENDAR                                Multi-Tiered WWA Memberships?
       (See Page One for Contact Phone Numbers)
Friday & Saturday       Seattle Sportsmen;s Convention              At its February meeting, in conjunction with
Feb. 18th & 19th        and Wildlife Fundraiser.            the upcoming membership drive, your Board of
                        Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue        Directors (BOD) proposed several new levels of
                        WA.       WWA Membership. Included was a new Life
Tuesday, Feb. 22        Southwest Chapter Meeting.          “Sustaining” Membership at the current $750 level;
                        7 p.m. @ Tacoma Sportsman’s
                                                            a new Regular Life Membership at the $500 level; a
                        Club. Contact Terry Satre
Wednesday, Feb. 23      Seattle Chapter Meeting.
                                                            Corporate “Sponsor” Membership at the $500 per
                        7 p.m. @ Kenmore Gun Range.         year level; a “Regular” Corporate Membership at
                        Contact John Arrabito.              the $250 level; and a Business Membership at the
Thursday, Feb. 24       Lower Columbia Chapter Mtg.         $l00 level.
                        7 p.m. @ Contact Rick Scott.                Because membership issues are currently
Saturday, Feb. 26       Snow Goose Festival                 controlled by the WWA By-Laws, a vote of the
                        Stanwood, WA                        membership is needed every time membership
                                                            issues may change. Accordingly in the proposed
Tuesday, Mar. 1         Whatcom County Chapter Mtg.         By-Law change, the BOD is asking for authority to
                        7 p.m. @ Tenant Lake Interpretive
                                                            allow the BOD to make these decisions in the future
                        Center. Contact Scott O’Day.
Thursday, Mar. 3        Board of Directors Meeting
                                                            without a membership vote. The thinking being that
                        6:30 pm @ Kirkland Olive Garden.    the membership trusts the BOD with all other
                        Contact Jim Cortines                important WWA policy decisions, so why not
Thursday, Mar. 10       Northwest Chapter Meeting,7 p.m.    include the various levels of WWA Membership.
                        @ Moose Gun Range on Josh
                        Wilson Rd. NW of Burlington.
                        Contact Rone Brewer.
Sat./Sun. Mar. 12/13    PITA Shoot at Old Skagit Gun            WWA By-Law Amendment Proposal
Saturday, Mar. l9       Wings Over Washington Festival,         Should Article III, Section ll of the
                        a/k/a NW Birding Festival
                        f/k/a WA Brant Festival                 current WWA By-Laws be amended to
                        Blaine, WA, I-5, Exit 275               authorize the WWA Board of Directors
Friday — Sunday         Sandhill Crane Festival                 to make all decisions on the various
Mar. 25 — 27            Othello, WA                             levels of membership and dues
Saturday, Mar. 26       Richland Rod & Gun Club                 amount for each level without submis-
                        Annual Game Banquet.
                        Knights of Columbus Hall                sion to a vote of the entire member-
                        Richland, WA                            ship.

Saturday, April 9       Turkey Shoot at Old Skagit Gun
                        Club                                        [    ] YES                [   ] NO
Saturday, April l9      Puget Sound Working Decoy
                        Carving Competition, Rexville           Clip, Vote, and Mail to : WWA
                        Store, Mount Vernon, WA

Saturday, May l4        37th NW Decoy Collectors Show
                        CottonTree Inn, Mount Vernon, WA      Welcome to New WWA Members
Monday, May 30          Ugly Doubles Fun Shoot at Old
                        Skagit Gun Club
                                                                  Chuck and Teresa Abel; SW Chapter
                                                                   Gregory Conine, Seattle Chapter
Sunday July 17          WWA Annual Picnic.                         John Henderson, Seattle Chapter
                        Kenmore Gun Club                             Frank Lyman, Seattle Chapter
                                                                    Jeff Ross, Seattle Chapter; and
Saturday Aug. 27        NW Chapter Annual Picnic                     James Woodard, SW Chapter
                        Rone Brewer’s House, Stanwood.
                                                            WWA Members.... is your address, phone, &
  Win Prizes During the WWA Membership Drive                  e-mail current with our records???
              Starting in February
February 2011, Page 4                                                          WASHINGTON WATERFOWL ASSOC.

                                                                     Thanks to all for their support at the Sports-
Grays Harbor Chapter News                                   man Show in Puyallup and welcome to the new
                                             By Kurt Snyder members who joined. We still have raffle tickets
                                                            available. Contact me if you want to buy or sell
          The Grey's Harbor/ Chehalis Valley Chap-          some.
ter had it's very first work party this last Saturday and            Tacoma Sportsman Club is waiving the $20
it went real well. A big thanks to all our members for      initiation fee to all new TSC members thru the month
their help. We got the job done! We serviced all of the of February. TSC has events for members throughout
Scatter Creek nesting boxes and made tentative plans the year and is a great spot for shotgun sports and
for replacing and or relocating most all of them this       good food/drink afterwards. Support your local gun
summer. We found an unhatched egg in one of them            club.
and three had been used by the Wood Ducks. Jim
Cortines and Howard Hicks from the SW chapter
showed up for the work party to show us the two shot-        Seattle Chapter News
guns up for grabs by the members who sign up new                                                        By John Arrabito
members and to inform us how important this member-
ship drive is to the waterfowl. Jim, Howard, thanks                  Program — This month’s program will feature
for being there as I know you guys live way up              member, Bob Stephens, demonstrating how to flock
north. Next time we are going to put you to work...         your own decoys. This is a repeat performance by
          Don’t forget the public meeting on Wednes-        Bob, and anybody that has seen his Big Foot goose
day, February 24, 2011 in Olympia at the Thurston           decoys in the field, will appreciate his attention to
County Courthouse, Room 152, at 7 p.m., regarding           detail. Come on out and learn how to spruce up your
new proposed Shooting Restrictions for both Eld and         spread in the off season.
Henderson Inlets. Get there early and fill the room!                 Membership Drive — The WWA Membership
It’s not necessary to speak but let’s show them that we Drive springs into action on February 20th of this
are many. If you can’t make it personally, consider         month. The goal is for every member to sign up just
sending a email to all three Commissioners at once.         one new member. If the goal is met, in the three (3)
                                                            months of the membership drive, we can instantly
                                                            double our numbers. Numbers is the game when we
   Go to: Then
                                                            speak to our state and federal representatives on
   click on: Send an email to all 3 Commissioners at
                                                            legislative issues that affect all of us. The more
   one time. Or call: (360) 786-5440
                                                            numbers we represent [read that as voters], the more
                                                            influence we can have.
          We could also use a volunteer to keep track of             Incentive — There is plenty of incentive to
a proposed Willapa Bay restoration project and help us      bring in new members. See the Flyer attached to this
report project events to our members. It seems this         Newsletter detailing over $3,600 in prizes spread over
one may be allowing intertidal flooding of some fields      l0 chances to win. For each former member you re-
used by dusky Canada geese and local elk popula-            turn to the flock, you get one ticket towards the May
tions. See Lower Columbia News for more.                    25th raffle drawing of prizes. Bring in a new member,
                                                                                            Bring in a new Life
************************************************ and receive 3 raffle tickets.own membership to Life
                                                            Member, or upgrade your
Southwest Chapter News                                      Status, and receive 25 raffle tickets. However, as we
                                            By Terry Satre
                                                                                                  (Continued on page 5)
        Our guest speaker(s) at our next meeting on
Tuesday the 22nd at the Tacoma Sportsman Club
(TSC), l6409 Canyon Road E., in Puyallup, will be
Gina Smith and John Arrabito.
        Gina is an outstanding taxidermist and owner of
Eagles Ridge Taxidermy in Graham, 253-875-9502.
She is offering a $25 discount to WWA members on
mounts. I’m sure several of you have birds in your
freezer just waiting for this opportunity! John will talk
about the WWA membership drive and how you and
WWA can benefit. Win a nice shotgun!!!
February 2011, Page 5                                                         WASHINGTON WATERFOWL ASSOC.

(Continued from page 3)                                             We have requested a work group to review and
                                                             learn more about last seasons Sea Duck
all know, it only takes one ticket to win, so do your part   Regulations. These were implemented very rapidly
us double our membership.                                    and our members on the Waterfowl Advisory Group
         WWA-Seattle will sweeten the pot with a             (WAG) did not have much time to review and/or get
FREE WWA logo’d cap to all new WWA-Seattle                   the information to WWA members before the season.
Chapter members attending their first meeting.               Because of this we have requested a small work
         Seattle Area Work Party — We will also be           group to review the sea duck counts that WDFW has
using this meeting to plan the date for our Chapter’s        conducted and possible find ways to further determine
wood duck nest box work party. WDFW’s                        where the sea ducks are.
         Snoqualmie Wildlife Area Manager, John
Garrett, will see to it that we get motorized access to      Upcoming Work Parties
the Twin Rivers, Cherry Valley, and Stillwater                      We’ll be doing Wood Duck Nest Box cleaning
Habitat Management Areas (HMAs) in order to                  over the next few weeks, with an outing on Feb. 26th if
transport our ladders, tools, new boxes, and bags of         you care to join us. We’ll be cleaning the boxes on
nesting material without having to carry them long           the Farmed Island of the Skagit Wildlife Area and
distant. Be at the meeting to voice your preference for      doing an assessment of maintenance needs on the
a date.                                                      Island. Give Rone a call at 206.595.7481 if you are
         Those that can’t make the meeting, but want to      interested in helping out. We’ll meet about 10 am at
participate in the work party can contact our Habitat        Conway Bridge boat ramp.
Chairman, Eli Kunzmann, at
and make your preferences known. you are interested          Donations to NW Chapter
in participating. If you don’t have internet access, call           We received donations of $250 for the Legal
John Arrabito at the number listed on page 1 of this         Fund and $250 for the Heritage Lands Program, and
Newsletter.                                                  a $1,000 donation to the NW Chapter, all from mem-
                                                             ber and Director Gary Talbert. Gary challenges
                                                             everyone to match his donations to the Heritage
                                                             Lands Program or Legal Funds so WWA can get
                                                             about the business of protecting your hunting heritage.
                                                                    The NW Chapter will be approaching local
                                                             private gun clubs in an effort to provide many more
                                                             youth hunts during the youth hunt weekend next
                                                             season. I challenge the other chapters to do much
                                                             more four our youth hunters. We are also trying to
                                                             plan a youth shoot at either the Old Skagit Gun
                                                             Club or the Twin City Sportsman’s Club. We could
                                                             use help getting these youth programs running and
                                                                    Put the NW Chapter Picnic on your calendar,
Northwest Chapter News                                       August 27th. We’ll have kids activities, wood duck
                                         By Rone Brewer      box building, and good food too.
We helped WDFW clean up a few of the
waterfowl quality hunt blinds last weekend. We
dismantled the blinds and carried them all to one
                                                                                          Large Selection of
location for Brandon to pick-up. These blinds were
remarkably clean with few shell casings. One of                                               Firearms
them appeared to have been used only a few times.                                                and
We would like to hear from you all regarding                                                 Ammunition
whether you had any good hunts out of these
blinds.                                                                          895 Nevitt Rd
       See the end of this newsletter for a flyer                            Burlington, WA 98233
regarding presentations you can attend by a Russian                             (360) 588-4672
snow goose biologist.                                                   Everything for the Hunter
February 2011, Page 6                                                      WASHINGTON WATERFOWL ASSOC.

                                                          Lower Columbia Chapter News
Name:                                                                                             by Doug Hargin

Address:                                                         Next meeting — Thursday February 24th at
                                                          7:00 p.m. at the WDFW Region 5 conference room.
City:                   ___, State:    , Zip:
                                                                 Work Party — Saturday February 26th,
Email Address:                                            meet at 8 a.m. to clean and shut down the blinds at
Evening Phone: (           )                              the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) for
                                                          the season. We will meet at the hunter check station.
Membership Type:                                          Please bring your waders, gloves, 5 gallon buckets,
                                                          garbage bags and bailing scoops.
[       ] Family (immediate family
                                                          CCP Déjà Vu — Willapa NWR
          up to age 18) — $30.00                                  The Willapa National Wildlife Refuge cur-
[       ] Regular —        $25.00                         rently has an open public comment period for the draft
[       ] Lifetime —      $750.00                         Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP/EIS) that
[       ] Senior (65 or over) -- $12.50                   began January 21, 2011 and ends March 7, 2011.
[       ] Junior (under age 18) -- $12.50                 Based on our “wonderful” [not] experience with
                                                          Ridgefield's CCP process you are going to love this.
Chapter: (Please specify your preference)                         Their preferred alternative #2 (sound
                                                          familiar?) would remove the dikes that have been in
[   ]     Grays Harbor/Chehalis Valley Chapter            place since the 1940's and 1950's that currently pro-
          meets the 2nd Thursday of the month             vide 300 acres of freshwater holding area and pasture
          (Jan – Oct) at the Evergreen Sportsmen’s        for waterfowl in the hunt area. This dike removal
          Club, 12736 Marksman Road, SW, Olympia.         would restore the original intertidal area for
[   ]     Lower Columbia Chapter meets the                salmonoids and other native species.
          last Thursday of the month (Jan – Oct) at the           Ah, but they offer up a carrot. (sound
          WDFW Region 5 Headquarters,                     familiar?) They would open up the balance of the
          2108 Grand Blvd., Vancouver, WA.                refuge (other than the presidential proclamation area)
[   ]     Moses Lake Chapter – Dates and places to        to hunting. An additional 3,164 acres.
          be determined.                                          Why wouldn't you do that? Trade a little fresh
[   ]     Northwest Chapter meets the 2nd Thursday        water for all that hunting acreage? Ask the hunters
          of the month (Jan – Nov) at the Twin Cities     bordering the Nisqually NWR how things are working
          Sportsmen’s Club, 26953 – 64th Ave. NW,         out since the dikes were removed. Guess what? No
          Stanwood, WA.                                   reason for those birds to hang around anymore. No
[   ]     Seattle Chapter meets the 4th Wednesday of      pasture for geese and widgeon. No freshwa-
          the month (Jan – Oct) at Kenmore Gun            ter. Good bye birds and hunting success.
          Range, 1031 – 228th Street SW, Bothell.                 Jon McAninch runs the Cedarville Farms
[   ]     Southwest Chapter meets on the last             Hunt Club near the Nisqually refuge. Here is what
          Tuesday of the month (Jan – Oct) at             he has to say about the dike removal:
          the Tacoma Sportsman’s Club.                            "Recently, millions of dollars were spent on
[   ]     Spokane Chapter – Dates and places to           similar alterations to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge in
          be determined.                                  Thurston County. These alterations included the
[   ]     Whatcom County Chapter meets the 1st            removal of dikes, pasture lands and freshwater
          Tuesday of the of the month (Jan – Nov.) at     marshes that had been legally established for many
           the Tenant Lake Interpretive Center.           years prior to the property’s purchase with
                                                          proceeds from US waterfowl stamp conservation
Mail with a check to: WWA,                                funds. These funds are self imposed volunteer fees
                      9792 Edmonds Way                    paid by hunters specifically for the purpose of
                      Suite 161                           purchasing lands conducive to providing refuge to
                      Edmonds, WA 98020
                                                                                             Continued on Page 7
February 2011, Page 7                                                             WASHINGTON WATERFOWL ASSOC.

Continued from Page 6
                                                              Spokane Chapter News
migrating waterfowl and the conservation thereof. The                                                      By Thor Ostrom
Nisqually Wildlife Refuge was a welcome addition
into our national wildlife refuge system because it                    WWA –Spokane: Our first meeting of the year
attracted thousands upon thousands of geese and               is Thursday February 17th at Flamin’ Joes on North
ducks, plus numerous other wildlife species and it fit        Division. We will be discussing the year’s work parties
the intent perfectly for the use of these funds.              and chapter plans. Please bring a friend and bring your
        It is my understanding that these alterations         ideas to share with the chapter about what you would
were made to benefit Puget Sound salmon and other             like to see accomplished in the Spokane area.
fish species. As an avid hunter and fisherman, I am a                  Spring turkey season is little less than two
strong advocate for the conservation of all wildlife. In      months away. If any members from ALL CHAPTERS
this case, though, it is obvious to me that the alterations   are interested about turkey hunting information about
were in fact detrimental to migratory waterfowl, and          the NE corner, please feel free to email me at
thus, they were a misappropriation of funds that were
put into the trust of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
                                                                                                        Happy trails
specifically for the conservation of migratory waterfowl.
        ‘If you consult the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
biologists in charge of the Nisqually National Wildlife
Refuge you will find that the refuge held only 7% of the
migratory waterfowl this year that it held three (3) years    Moses Lake Chapter News
ago, prior to these changes. While implemented to                                                             By Dick Price
benefit salmon runs in the area, the end result has
been devastating negative consequences to waterfowl,                 On January 6th, Frank Lockard, a long time
once again demonstrating a well-intended but short-           supporter of WWA passed away. He was a former
sighted plan with no consideration for consequences or        Director of both the Indiana, and later in the early ‘80s
impacts on the other species the refuge was                   the Washington Department of Game (n/k/a
specifically purchased for."                                  WDFW). It was during his tenure as head of WDFW
        To make your thoughts known on this subject to        that he offered the late John Scott and myself as the
the CCP planners please take the time to call or email        officers of WWA [then known as the Washington
Charlie.Stenvall with your comments and questions by          Duck Hunters, Inc.] invaluable assistance and
March 7th to:                                                 counsel on many waterfowl issues. Included in his
                                                              stewardship was our initial ground work in l983 and
 Charlie Stenvall, Project Leader                             sponsorship in l985 of legislation creating a
 Willapa National Wildlife Refuge Complex                     Washington Duck Stamp Program and its dedicated
 3888 SR 101                                                  funding for waterfowl habitat enhancement.
 Ilwaco, WA 98624-9707                                               After his stint as head of WDFW, Frank accept-
 Phone: 360/484-3482                                          ed a regional director position with Ducks Unlimited
 Fax: 360/484-3109                                            (DU), where he was a Life Sponsor of DU.
                                                                                                        (Continued on page 8)
                                                                    Columbia Basin Duck Hunts
                                                                                  Roger Reynolds
                                                                             Professional Caller and Guide
                                                                                  P.O. Box 712
                                                                            Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026
                                                                                 (509) 998-2395
                                                                    Call to get your 2010-2011 Scoop Sheet

                                                                       Sponsoring Conservation and WWA
February 2011, Page 8                                                           WASHINGTON WATERFOWL ASSOC.

 Known for his zest for life and always the consummate       ************************************************
 diplomat to get things done, in the late 70’s Frank was
 appointed by President Carter to the position of U.S.      Whatcom Chapter News
 Commissioner of the Great Lakes Fishery Com-                                                           By Scott O’ Day
 mission. Sometime later, he received a Letter of
 Commendation from President Reagan for his                  Whatcom member Mike Vandehey has nearly com-
 outstanding contributions to the environment.               pleted the new member database for the entire WWA.
       He will be missed by his family, friends, and DU      This online-based membership tracking service has
 and WWA family.                                             been matched seamlessly with our WWA website. It
       Reserve April 30th for our annual Goose nest          will track memberships and allow automatic mailings of
survey. This count is very important as a major              membership reminders, and allow the WWA to effi-
component in determining whether there will be an            ciently track and contact all our members. Thanks
early goose season on the East side. This is always          Mike for bringing us all up to speed.
followed by our annual potluck gathering at Robin &
Susan Hickok’s lakeside home, where the Moses
Lake chapter provides Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.
       As soon as the weather stabilizes and the ice
melts we will be conducting work parties to refurb
Mallard Nest Tubes and clean and put up Wood Duck
Nest Boxes. If you’d like to help send me your e-mail
address or phone number so I can contact you, as
these projects are sometimes short notice. Dick Price
e-mail Phone 509-762-9027

                                 Member Profile
Chapter chairmen are requested to submit at least one member profile for our
newsletter. This member should be one that has contributed significantly to your
WWA chapter and exemplifies the contributions hunters have made to the re-
source. This month’s member is Mr. Art Kendall from the NW Chapter

I don’t remember how Art came to the WWA but it was back around 2002 or so
when I first met him. Art is a fit, quiet-spoken guy who loves to duck hunt and just
happens to also be a retired Ph.D fisheries biologist. Art is married and has a son
in Colorado, with whom Art visits and hunts snow geese with nearly every year.
Thanks for passing on the heritage Art!
         Art quickly became involved in the NW Chapter, helping with organization,
planning, and work parties. He soon became our lead representative on the
WDFW Skagit Headquarters fish restoration project, attending countless technical Art Kendall (right) with
planning meetings over a several year period, and very diligently representing           Dean Olsen on a WWA
recreational interests and concerns. He wrote numerous letters, technical notes,         litter cleanup work party last
and comments regarding the project plan, and was the key factor in WDFW’s                year
decision to form a facilitated recreational work group to better document the losses
incurred as a result of these types of fish restoration projects. This formally brought hunting, bird watching,
hiking, farmland, and upland habitat losses to the direct attention of WDFW and also brought WWA the funding
to develop our Heritage Lands Project. This recognition of the impacts of fish restoration continues to help
address these concerns in other projects here and elsewhere and its importance is incredibly important.
         When Art’s son’s family, including grandkids, visit from Colorado, he takes them down to their cabin on
the lower Skagit and shows the grandkids the invertebrates, fish, ducks, and habitat of the estuary. Art hunts all
over our chapter area in many different ways, whether from a motor boat in the bay to laying in the fields waiting
for geese. His knowledge, understanding, and love of waterfowl and the outdoors is amazing. Our chapter has
come to rely on Art’s level-headed thoughts and ideas and we look forward to many more years of collaboration,
and duck pepperoni.

                                                     Thanks Art!!
February 2011, Page 9                                                      WASHINGTON WATERFOWL ASSOC.

                                      News for the Flock
                        WWA Board of Directors February 3, 2011 Meeting Summary

•   Planning membership drive with over $3,600 in prizes. It’s time to sign up your hunting buddies!
•   Initiate vote of membership requesting by-laws change to allow Board to establish membership levels.
•   Establishing corporate/business advertising rates, which include memberships and other perks.

                                   Visit to California Waterfowl Association

In January, Director Gary Talbert set up a visit to California for President Jim Cortines and Vice President
Rone Brewer to meet with the recently hired California Waterfowl Association (CWA) president. We travelled
down to California and stayed at Gary’s hunting partner’s place near Gridley, California. We managed to hunt
two mornings, but the ducks didn’t cooperate too well and our shooting was less than stellar...but a good time
nonetheless. We met the CWA president for a few minutes and had a good discussion. Following which, we at-
tended the Gridley banquet, CWA’s largest fundraiser in the state. Over 500 people attended the banquet and
they gave away over 60 guns. We figure they grossed
over $200,000 between 7:00 and 10:15. We came                            WHEN QUALITY COUNTS
away with some good ideas for banquets and a                                     COUNT ON
connection to our sister organization in California. We
look forward to strengthening these new ties and
learning from an organization with over 18,000
members, 35 employees, and a several million dollar
                                                                                Jim Reeder
budget. Special thanks to Gary for his role in setting
this up and to Ron Watkins for hosting us very                              Major Donor to WWA
graciously, Richard for cooking our meals, and Chuck
for discussing waterfowl habitat creation.
February 2011, Page 10                                        WASHINGTON WATERFOWL ASSOC.

                 Support the Merchants that support us!

                                                                      Rone Brewer M.S.
                                             Ecological               Ecotoxicologist/
                                              Endeavors               Sole Proprietor

                                      Ecotoxicology &                 193253 32nd Avenue N.W.
                                      Ecological Risk Assessment      Stanwood, WA 98292-9029
                                      Critical Areas                  Phone 206.595.7481
                                      Environmental Permitting

                                      Habitat Surveys                 E-mail:
                                      Fish and Wildlife Surveys
                                      Ecological Restoration

                                      Phase I/II Environmental Site
                                      Assessments for Real Estate                          See Results
February 2011, Page 11   WASHINGTON WATERFOWL ASSOC.
February 2011, Page 12   WASHINGTON WATERFOWL ASSOC.
February 2011, Page 13                                                              WASHINGTON WATERFOWL ASSOC.

                                                 Parting Shots!

Three generations of WWA members, Gary, Shannon, &
Garret Talbert, enjoying other outdoor pursuits. This is
17 year old Garret’s second bull elk. Montrose, CO

                             Goose Banding Research Supported by WWA

                                                             In 2010, seven satellite monitored radio transmitters were
                                                             mounted on adult female small Canada geese in eastern
                                                             Washinton. These geese all migrated to northwestern Alaska for
                                                             the summer (see breeding area map at left). The birds utilized
                                                             breeding and molting sites near Kotzebue Sound, Bering Land
                                                             Bridge, and the Lisburne Peninsula. They returned to eastern
                                                             Washington in late October and early November 2010. Most of
                                                             the geese migrated down the British Columbia coastline, with
                                                             the exception of one bird which migrated inland through central

B.C. Contrary to expectations, none of the study subjects
transmitted from known small Canada goose staging areas near
Fairbanks, AK.
        It appears (from the map on the right) that all the implanted
geese except #74 survived the hunting season. Number 74 quit
transmitting just north of the border in British Columbia and it
appears that the rest of the test subjects spent the Fall/Winter in the
Columbia Basin corridor between Moses Lake and the Tri-Cities,
mostly close to irrigated grain fields.

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