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									  All You Need To
Know About Window
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Cleaning windows seems like a simple
 task but there are a lot of things to be
 taken into consideration to do the job
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There are different types of windows
 these days and they all need different
 cleaning methods. Read this to find out
Wondering how to clean your window
 glasses? Which product to use to give the
 glasses the sparkling look? Well, window
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 cleaning might mean y your house
 windows, your office windows or even
 your car windows.
No matter how often you clean your
 windows, it is important to realize that
 the diff    t ki d f i d       in
 th different kinds of windows i your
 house or your car need different pattern
 of cleaning
The cleaning processes are not the same
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 for all. Therefore, it is important that you
 know how to do the window cleaning
 properly and safely.
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Below is the step by step instruction of
 how to clean the various types of
Window Cleaning Instructions for
 Glass Windows

If your windows are made of glass
 notwithstanding car or house windows,
 you can choose to clean them with the
 various window cleaners available in the
 market. They are easy to use. You just
 have to spray the solution to your
 window and wipe your windows clean
 with a soft cloth
However, you can make your own
 window cleaner too with ingredients
 easily available in your house.

To make your own window cleaner, you
 will need vinegar, sudsy ammonia, lemon
 juice, dish detergent, warm water and
 rubbing alcohol. Use your discretion in
 mixing the products.
If the window is very dirty then increase
  the quantity of vinegar and juice Pour all
  the contents into a bucket and use
  directly or pour them into a spray bottle
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  for later use as well.
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Remember to name the spray bottle
  properly if you are keeping for future
  use. Also, always use a soft sponge or a
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  soft rag of cloth to clean your glasses for
  lesser scratches.
How to Clean Vinyl Windows
Many homes these days prefer vinyl
 windows for their user friendly
 techniques and technological
 advancement over traditional windows.
 However, though they are easy to use,
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 they are more prone to getting scratches
 unless properly handled. Vinyl glasses
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 are extremely convenient for the modernd
 house because of their replacement
 quality and their ability to be taken out
 completely for the cleaning purpose.
However, the cleaning of vinyl glasses is
 a little more complicated than the glass
 windows. The reason for this is that
 these windows are less scratch resistant
 and therefore, difficult to deal with.

 Well, it should not be a problem for you
 because you can easily make your own
 vinyl window cleaner.
To clean your vinyl windows, you will
       vinegar      soap Murphy’s
 need vinegar, dish soap, Murphy s oil
 soap and a very soft cloth. First clean the
 windows with the dish soap soaked in

Thereafter, mix a little bit of Murphy’s oil
 soap into a bucket of water and clean the
 water spots carefully.
Always be alert to the fact that they have
 to be handled with care Do the window
 cleaning is soft, circular movement.

So, clean the vinyl windows using these
 ingredients and always use a soft cloth.
Window Cleaning Instructions for
 Tinted Windows

If you have tinted window glass in your
 office or your car, you have to make sure
 that the tint stays for a longer time.
 Thus, you have to use a window cleaner
 specifically for that purpose. You get
 marketed solutions for tinted windows as
But you can save your money by using a
                       cleaner. So,
  homemade window cleaner So use a
  mild soap to clean the tinted windows
  and get spectacular, clean windows by
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  the self made window cleaner.

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