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									Technical Support Policy Guidelines for Media
Microsoft Australia periodically provides members of the Australian technology media with Microsoft
software when product reviews are being conducted. This software is provided when the journalist
advises that they are intending to produce a story for publication or broadcast.

As part of Microsoft’s provision of software for review purposes, we offer technical support to those
journalists who need assistance when installing this software, or if the journalist encounters problems
with understanding technical aspects of the product they are reviewing.

These guidelines outline the circumstances and level of technical support offered to Australian
journalists without charge by Microsoft Australia.

Microsoft Australia WILL provide:
   -      Technical support where it relates to a software review being undertaken for the purpose of
          publication or broadcast
   -      Technical support during standard Australian business hours (9am - 5pm AEST)

Microsoft WILL NOT provide:
   -      Technical support for family members or friends of journalists for software that has been
          purchased privately and is being used for private purposes
   -      Technical support where Microsoft software is deployed for the purpose of running a
          business or personal use (where no review for publication is being undertaken)
   -      Ongoing technical support for early software versions or software the journalist has chosen
          not to uninstall after a product review has been completed
   -      Technical support for non-genuine or pirated software that is proven not to be genuine
          Microsoft software.

Journalists who are in the process of reviewing Microsoft software and require technical support should
follow the below process:

   1. Contact Microsoft Australia’s Public Relations agency, Howorth Communications on:
      (02) 8281 3830 or to be connected to a Microsoft technical support

   2. You will be required to provide the following information:
         -       Name, title and publication the review is being undertaken on behalf of
         -       Contact details
         -       Details of the Microsoft software that requires support
         -       Brief description of the technical issues

Journalists who do not meet the above criteria and require support should contact 13 20 58. There
may be a charge for this service depending on the nature or extent of the support issues.

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