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									                                   Supplement to The Tioga Tribune ~ July 21, 2010

The Oil Can Extra

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Page 2
   Tuesday, July 27 will be Oil Day in Tioga,       were completely amazed at the turn out. We
when the North Dakota Petroleum Council             had 1,800 people attend those two locations.
brings its Bakken Rocks CookFest to the Farm        It was a fantastic event, it was something sim-
Festival building.                                  ilar to what a state fair was. It was something
   Tioga oldtimers likely remember the town’s       for everyone, a great family event.
original Oil Day, barely a year after the dis-         “We had some entertainment, fabulous food
covery of the commodity south of town.              that some of these cook teams put together,
   The June 12, 1952 issue of the Tioga Tri-        and lots of stuff for kids. In addition we sprin-
bune reported:                                      kle in some educational booths so people can
   June 20, Friday is Oil Day and will start with   see and touch and hear and feel the Bakken.”
a grand barbeque sponsored by the Amerada              The cookfest provides a forum for the com-
Petroleum Company at 12:00.                         munity to ask questions, to learn about the
   This year’s Oil Day barbecue will be put on      industry and to voice complaints, according
by nearly a dozen different teams of oil opera-     to Kathy Neset, of Neset Consulting service.
tor and service companies.                             “The whole thing is goodwill, goodwill with-
   “All of the oil operators in and around Tio-     in the community,” Neset says.
ga are participating,” says NDPC President             Says Department of Mineral Resources Di-
Ron Ness.                                           rector Lynn Helms: “We always get valuable
   “I think there are around 11 cook teams this     input at these things and you can’t do enough
year. They are going to be cooking a variety        public relations, especially in a deal like this
of foods, sampler size for people to try them       where we are looking at 10 to 15 to 20 years
all.”                                               of high-level activity in communities like Tio-
   “Really, the cookfest is just a community        ga.”
appreciation day,” continues Ness. “Last year          For more on the activities see page 13.
we had them in Killdeer and Stanley, and we

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                                                                            Page 3
   Houston based Murex Petroleum Corporation intends to continue oper-
ating two rigs in North Dakota with the possiblity of expanding the drilling
progam to four rigs in the foreseeable future, if pricing holds steady and the
opportunity for leasehold acquisitions continues, according to the compa-
ny’s president, Waldo Ackerman.
   “We continue to look for economic drilling opportunities and we’ll de-
velop them as infrastructure and equipment availability allows,” Ackerman
   Murex’s pace of growth is more structured than some of the higher pro-
file names in the Bakken play, as it is a privately funded corporation and not
a publicly-traded company working with Wall Street dollars.
   “We have a substantial amount of leasehold acreage to drill in North Da-
kota,” Ackerman said.
   “We plan on being around for quite a long time.”
   A North Dakota native, Ackerman grew up on a farm near Wishek. As a
kid, Ackerman had family and relatives who worked in the oil industry. He
attended NDSU in Fargo and graduated with a degree in petroleum engi-
   When he graduated, there wasn’t much work in North Dakota’s oil indus-
try, so he ventured down to Texas and Oklahoma to join a small indepen-
dent oil and gas company. He moved to Denver in 1994 to work for a larger,
public oil company.
   Ackerman formed Murex in the late 1990s and began buying
royalty interests and non-operated working interests in oil and
gas wells.
   Don Kessel, the company’s vice president and a native of Bel-
field, joined the company in 1999 and they started purchasing
operated properties.
   “Both of us being petroleum engineers, we were familiar with
operating oil and gas wells,” Ackerman said, “so we started pick-
ing up some properties and operating them, and we found that
North Dakota was an area with opportunity.
   “Properties were available and we saw that we could grow,
and pick up other properties that were for sale, or interests that
were for sale. That’s kind of where we got a start in the opera-
   “We did operated properties and acquisitions of operated
properties until about 2004, early 2005.”
   By then the price of oil had climbed to the point that it was becoming             Murex names their wells after employees, in the order they came
more difficult to operate under the business model of acquiring wells al-            to work for the company.
ready in production.                                                                  Since that first successful Bakken well was completed in early
   They realized that they needed to add value and grow the company                 2005, Murex has drilled about 40 more middle Bakken wells in
“through the drill bit.”                                                            North Dakota.
   In the fourth quarter of 2004, Murex initiated its drilling program in North       While Murex doesn’t publicize initial production figures -- if only
Dakota.                                                                             because as a private company they have little reason to -- Kessel
   By 2004, a few companies were already using horizontal drilling tech-            said the wells Murex has been drilling around Tioga recently “look
niques in the Elm Coulee field in Montana to tap into the Bakken shale.              very good, they are very economical.”
   Sensing that the success in Montana could be replicated on the North               Still, it is unlikely that current wells will compare to the Chandler
Dakota side of the basin, Murex began acquiring leasehold acreage along             James, a Bakken well Murex drilled in Mountrail County in 2008,
the Nesson Anticline.                                                               which may be the most prolific producer of the entire play.
   “We did some reservoir and geology studies and basically came up with              In addition to the 40 or so Bakken wells, Murex also operates
the Tioga area,” Ackerman said. Because of the large number of vertical             about another 100 wells in North Dakota.
wells drilled around Tioga over the years, there was a good amount of log             “We initially started acquiring wells in North Dakota in 1999,”
and core data to evaluate.                                                          Ackerman said.
   With a limited budget to spend on leasing, Kessel said they approached             “Our first activity was out in Bottineau and Renville counties.”
the North Dakota play in a selective manner, rather than taking the “shot-          The wells in the north are in shallower fields and the company
gun approach” other companies have been known to use.                               saw some opportunity to apply secondary methods to enhance
   “We picked what we thought were the absolute best locations to be had            production.
-- until we ran out of leasehold money -- and then we started drilling,” Kes-         Murex has two water flood projects in the northern fields and
sel said.                                                                           another water flood down by Dickinson.
   “The first well we drilled in North Dakota was right on the southwest of            Ackerman said they haven’t seen a lot of potential in the north-
Tioga,” Ackerman said, “a well called the Stacey Lynne.                             ern fields to go back and drill unconventional wells. Murex remains
   “It was a horizontal Bakken and the well exists there today.”                    focused on the Mountrail and Williams area of the play.

                                                                           Page 4
   “When you are looking for apples,
you kind of look under an apple
tree and when you’re working this
Bakken play you kind of stay where
there is success,” Ackerman said.
   While there have been some trial
tests in Bottineau and Renville, Ack-
erman doubts the Bakken there will
ever be as prolific as in the deeper
parts of the basin.
   Even though Murex established
a foothold in the play early on and
now possesses a fair amount of
leasehold acreage, the company is
still active in the lease market.
   But Murex remains focused as
ever on acquiring quality acreage.
   Whether leases are properly
priced these days depends on
where you are, Kessel said. Some
places are only worth $200 an acre,
while others might be worth $2,000,
depending on the location.                been one of the sweet spots, where       large numbers of rigs working in        Kessel said.
   But overall, Kessel thinks current     prices could move down substan-          the area and the backlog on frac-          Finding workers in the area has
lease prices are fair. Just as not all    tially and it wouldn’t affect drill-     ing, since many companies don’t         been a major challenge for the
farmland is created equal, the qual-      ing.”                                    frac in the winter.                     company. Kessel said he is trying
ity of the subsurface varies too.            Some areas of the basin are prof-        In addition to disposing of water    to fill 10 positions, but it’s hard
   “The Stacey Lynne well, unstim-        itable at $40 a barrel, others $50,      from Murex’s own wells, the facility    to find people locally and out-of-
ulated, was flowing 65 barrels an          and some places you’d probably           also accepts loads from indepen-        state people, while interested, get
hour and we couldn’t kill it,” Kessel     need to see prices above $100 for        dent trucking companies that don’t      discouraged due to the lack of ad-
recalled.                                 anyone to try drilling there.            operate their own disposal wells.       equate housing.
   But another well in the area              “It’s dependent on the quality of        Murex also has another disposal         To help with workers’ housing,
turned out to be a dog, even though       the Bakken reservoir and certain         facility near Alexander and is drill-   Murex has purchased residential
it had 25,000 feet of lateral. In other   things like natural porosity and         ing an additional disposal well         lots in Tioga and is also looking at
words, “the rock changes.”                permeability of the rock,” Acker-        there currently.                        other options to accommodate em-
   “Just because there is acreage to      man said.                                   “With activity moving into McK-      ployees.
lease, doesn’t mean we run out and           Water saturation and natural fis-      enzie County now, we see the op-           “We start at $16.45 an hour and
lease it,” Ackerman said.                 sures also play a role.                  portunity to provide the same ser-      all the overtime you can work,”
   “We do some engineering and               In addition to the price risk, Kes-   vice down there as we do up here,”      Kessel said.
some geology looks, and study it as       sel says another major risk is what
far as how it fits our current and ex-     he terms “overzealous environmen-
isting program. Not every acre is a       talists” who might oppose using
candidate for leasing, but certainly      fresh water for fracing.                                                                       In Our Shop
we look at any and all acreage and           In addition to its oil wells, Murex          PowerSystems
evaluate it and see if it fits our pro-
gram and if it works for us on the
                                          also operates a salt-water disposal                                                             or On Your
                                          facility near Tioga.
Bakken economics.”                           Four or five years ago there                                                                  Location...
   Kessel thinks the major risk for
the industry now is the oil price.
                                          weren’t a lot of commercial dis-                                                                 Just Call
                                          posal facilities around, and Murex
   “There’s always the price risk.”       was having trouble getting pits re-                                                              572-2000
   A related risk is the ever-present     claimed.
geopolitical uncertainty, particular-        The company re-entered a dry
ly in prolific oil-producing regions       hole over the hill from where the
of the world.                             disposal is now located and ran
   If something goes awry in the          new surface casing and cemented
Middle East, we could be looking at
$20 a barrel oil tomorrow, or $200,
                                          it up.                                       Full Service Truck and Heavy
                                             They take pit water, produced
Kessel said.                              water and flowback water from                  Equipment Repair Serving
   “Obviously that is a big risk.”
   Just like a farmer is concerned
                                          frac jobs that trucks bring in. After             the Entire Oil & Gas
about wheat or flax prices, oil pro-
                                          filtering, the water gets pumped
                                          down the hole and deposited in the
                                                                                        Industry for over 40 years
ducers are concerned about the
price of oil.
                                          Dakota formation, a saline-water
                                          reservoir about 5,000 feet below
                                                                                          Our Trained Field Service
   Murex does some limited price          ground level.                                    Technician will drive to
hedging as a risk management tool,
“to try to take some of the peaks
                                             “It’s deep enough that it could                    your location
                                          never encroach on the fresh water,”
and valleys out of it,” Ackerman          Kessel said.
said.                                        “We got this well cemented all
   The economics of the Bakken in         the way up to the surface.”
terms of the minimum crude price             The Murex disposal has a capac-
necessary for a well to return a          ity of about 7,000 barrels a day, and
profit depends on location.
   “Some areas of the basin are
                                          has been operating at maximum                       Located at 3805 4th Ave. W., Williston, ND
                                          capacity nearly every day recently.
more productive than others,” Ack-        Kessel attributed the high volume
erman said.
   “Mountrail County has probably
                                          at the disposal this summer to the                      

                                                                              Page 5
     • Facts courtesy of North Dakota Petroleum Council. (Thanks Ron!)

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                                                     Page 7
                                                                                                                “A brand-new lake’s been built, fish have been growing
   Tioga is the “place to be,” says Continental                                                              in it for 15 years and they finally opened it up for fishing.
Resources president and chief operating of-                                                                     “So we go out there in three boats, the first one of us
ficer Jeff Hume.                                                                                              catches a fish and the other two of us drive over next to
   Continental has 21 rigs operating in North                                                                him and fish. So we’ll fish that until we don’t catch any
Dakota, 18 of which are pursuing Bakken wells.                                                               more fish or until we run out of opportunity there. Then
Six of the rigs are currently drilling within 25                                                             we spread out again and the next guy will start catching
miles of Tioga and the company is looking to                                                                 fish and we all move there. That’s kind of how this play’s
add at least one more to the Tioga area this       instead of one and it’s also ecologically positive; it    gone, wherever people have started drilling is where the
summer.                                            has a smaller ecological footprint,” Hume said.           play has go to.”
   Hume said Continental began drilling in the        Continental pioneered the eco-pad concept in              With a large lease position and one-third of the com-
Williston Basin in 1989 in an effort to increase   the 1980s while doing some directional drilling           pany’s drilling fleet working in the area, Tioga is the
the company’s exposure to oil. Prior to com-       projects within the city limits of Enid, Okla., where     “place to be,” Hume said.
ing up here, Continental was focused primarily     Continental is based.                                        Tioga is going to have a very good economy for the
on the Anadarko Basin in Oklahoma, which is           “We currently have three rigs drilling the eco-        next 15 or 20 years because of the developing oil indus-
more of a natural gas play.                        pads today, up and down the anticline, one of them        try, according to Hume.
   The company got involved in the Bakken in       near Tioga.”                                                 “If we could get the national economy to come around
2002 by way of the Elm Coulee field in Mon-            Hume anticipates the company will have six rigs        to be just half of what North Dakota has, we’ll have it
tana. In 2003 the company began leasing in         drilling on eco-pads by the fourth quarter of this        made.”
North Dakota with the idea of exploiting the       year, with two or three of them in the Tioga area.
shale formation here.                                 Continental has recently announced a major
   Continental’s geological team identified the     increase in its capital expen-
Nesson Anticline as a prime spot and drilled       diture budget for 2010. The
its first well in Divide County in December         company now intends to invest
of 2003, when it re-entered a dry hole and
established production from a short lateral.
                                                   $1.3 billion this year to acceler-
                                                   ate its drilling program and to        NESET CONSULTING SERVICE
This initial attempt encouraged Continental        increase its leasehold acreage.
to establish the acreage position the company         In conjunction with the
holds today in the Bakken.                         capex expansion, Continen-
   “The backbone of the Bakken being the Nes-      tal expanded its bank credit

son Anticline, we began leasing that in 2003,”     facility to a maximum of $2.5
Hume said.                                         billion. However, the increased
   Continental’s leasing activity in the area      bank financing might be seen
picked up significantly in 2004, with the com-      as a temporary measure.
pany establishing a position of about 350,000         “We are exploring options to
acres. They tried to find a joint venture part-     continue funding acceleration,”
ner to share the risk, but no other companies      said Hume.
wanted to get involved, so Continental began          “There’s quite a few different

                                                                                                  DRILLING PRODUCTION
drilling the acreage along the anticline on its    things we can do. Of course,
own starting in 2005.                              we’re a public company, so
   “It just slowly ramped up as we’ve learned      there’s always the opportunity
how to work it.”
   Hume said the play has progressed due to
                                                   to do equity. Bond yields are
                                                   fairly low now, so we may go to                     & GEOLOGY
innovations on the part of many companies,         the bond market to get some
adding that “everybody shares information --       money.”

                                                                                                                PO Box 730
whether they want to or not.”                         Asset sales of non-strategic
   And the technological advancements are set      acreage have also been an-
to continue, Hume believes.                        nounced by the company,
   One avenue for improvement is the pro-
cess of fracture stimulation. Hume foresees
                                                   Hume noted. Some acreage
                                                   spreads that never reached                                  117 N Welo St.
                                                   critical mass in areas outside
                                                                                                             Tioga, N.D. 58852
continued advancements in the way the fracs
are staged, the amount of fluids and the type       the Bakken are being sold
of fluids at each stage, the rate the fluids are     to offset some of the budget
pumped, and the amounts of sand and “pro-          increase.
pant” added to the frac mix.                          With over 800,000 net acres

                                                                                                Kathleen Neset, Geologist
   A propant is a man-made spherical ceramic       in the Bakken, Continental is a
grain designed to better hold open the frac-       major player in the leasehold
ture of the rock.                                  market.
   Continental is also working on a technique         Hume said lease prices are            
to drill multiple wells from the same location,    all relative to how close you
in order to minimize the use of the surface        are to a proven, producing
land. They call these “eco-pads” because they      well.
are both economical and ecologically friendly.
   “One pipeline handles four wells instead
                                                      He equated development of
                                                   the Bakken to going fishing in a
                                                   new lake.
                                                                                                            701-664-1492 office
of one, one power line hooks up to four wells

                                                                               Page 8
Hess Corporation plans to double the capacity of the Tioga Gas Plant in the near future.

    Hess Corporation CEO John Hess             Explaining the company’s Bakken         along with EOG Resources have the          tion and related infrastructure.
identifies the Tioga Gas Plant (above)       strategy Hess told the analysts: “Over     largest holding of acreage for Bakken         Hess said its current Bakken pro-
as a key asset for the company.             the last several years we have refined      shale.”                                    duction generates a profit margin of
    During a presentation to Wall Street    our strategy to have a more balanced          “The company is growing its foot-       10 percent with a West Texas Interme-
analysts last month, Hess explained         approach to growth, and the other          print in unconventional to balance the     diate crude price at $40.
how the Bakken shale play is a key          part of our strategy, if you will, is to   risk of some of the high-impact explo-        “This is a pretty competitive use of
piece of the company’s global strategy      build a world class position in uncon-     ration we’re doing,” Hess added.           our money and that’s the reason it’s
to grow production while at the same        ventional resources. That’s led by the        Hess is currently producing about       about a quarter of our budget,” Hess
time, maintaining reserve growth. And       Bakken shale in North Dakota, where        14,000 barrels of oil per day in the       said.
in turn he identified the gas plant,         we have over 500,000 acres.                Bakken. The company intends to                Hess intends to use the experience
which is about to undergo a major              “Hess was one of the first com-          boost that number to 80,000 in the         it has gained in the Bakken play to
expansion, as the centerpiece of            panies to find oil in North Dakota in       next five years.                            pursue other shale oil plays, such as
Hess’s presence in the Bakken, saying       1951, so we have had a legacy HBP             Hess is investing about one-quarter     the Paris Basin play in France.
it is a key piece of infrastructure other   (held by production) position there,       of its $4 billion yearly exploration and
companies don’t have.                       but we’ve built upon that position and     production budget on Bakken produc-

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                                                                                                                 retail purchases, property
                                                                                                              tax payments, and community
                                                                                                                  investment partnerships.
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                        Page 10
                                      trade legislation and tax provi-        He also says the president’s        will be necessary to negotiate
  The oil industry and its top        sions in the president’s budget      budget would eliminate long-           “who’s going to be responsible
regulator see commodity pric-         as major risk factors for the in-    standing depreciation and de-          for what.”
ing and the federal government        dustry.                              duction allowances for energy             “It kind of comes down to
as the top risks for a flourishing        “Any one of those could re-       producers.                             ‘what do you want -- lower taxes,
oil field in North Dakota.             duce activity 20 to 50 percent,”      The road to tax simplification         or roads fixed’?” Skarphol said.
  Ron Ness, president of the          he said.                                Even while the oil industry is         “If we lower the tax, should
North Dakota Petroleum Coun-             Helms doubts any legislation      in the federal cross-hairs, at the     we be responsible for fixing the
cil, notes that the oil industry      to regulate fracing will pass be-    state level it is pushing for a fa-    infrastructure? I guess I’m not
is still a commodity-based busi-      fore this year’s congressional       vorable change in the tax struc-       convinced of that.”
ness.                                 election, but he is concerned        ture.                                     As for the issue of road work,
  While operators are trying to       that a bill could get pushed            Ness says more money needs          Skarphol thinks he may have
improve efficiency and lower           through after the election in a      to be put back into the counties       just the fix.
costs, “the bottom line starts        lame-duck session.                   where activity is. He also wants          Skarphol is writing a bill that
and stops with the price of oil,         State Sen. John Andrist is also   to see a “more predictable, sta-       calls for the state to set up a
so we need a reasonably high oil      concerned about an anti-fracing      ble oil tax structure in the state,”   reimbursement program to get
price in order to make the Bak-       law coming out of D.C.               so as to “provide certainty as         money to political subdivisions,
ken continue to be economic              “One of the issues that we are    we move from the exploration           primarily counties and town-
until costs are decreased to the      deeply concerned about is that       phase into the development             ships, “as quickly and as eas-
point that it is economic at fairly   congress is examining hydraulic      phase of the Bakken.”                  ily and as neatly as possible to
low prices,” Ness said.               fracturing,” Andrist said. “The         “Right now we have a tax            compensate for development”
  The industry in North Dakota        Bakken is dead if they stop frac-    structure that potentially has         needed during drilling.
needs to attract $800 million a       ing.”                                a 130 percent swing in it from            Once a month, the Department
month in order to keep activ-            Andrist said they may need        the high point to the low point,”      of Mineral Resources would no-
ity at its current level. For that    to control fracing in the natural    Ness said.                             tify the state treasurer as to how
amount of investment capital to       gas industry where it is done at        “At the high point it is very       many wells have been spudded
continue flowing into the state,       shallower levels, but he hopes       high, at the low point it is very      in a given county in the previ-
Ness estimates that the price of      they will have enough sense not      low, so what we are looking for        ous month. The treasurer’s of-
crude needs to be in the range        to lump all fracing together.        is a more predictable flatter rate      fice would then cut a check to
of $55 to $70 a barrel.                  Ness says we are seeing knee-     in the middle.”                        each county for $20,000 per well
  While there is the promise          jerk reaction and opposition            Tax rates in North Dakota           as a one-time payment.
of reduced costs because drill-       to hydraulic fracturing, a tech-     vary from 5 percent of the value          Of the money dispersed to the
ing times have been reduced,          nique which he notes has been        of the oil at the wellhead to 11.5     county, 20 percent would go to
Ness said fracturing time has         around since the 1940s.              percent.                               the township in which the well
increased substantially with the         “We’re seeing congressional          Fluctuations in the tax rate        is drilled.
advent of the multi-stage fracs.      hearings, we’re seeing EPA hear-     make it hard for the state to             Skarphol says the appropria-
Additionally, operational costs       ings and there’s the concern         project revenues and hard for          tions for the program would be
have increased due to the high        they are going to regulate hy-       operators to project costs, ac-        funded from the oil trust fund
level of activity. Overall, he is     draulic fracturing on the federal    cording to Ness.                       and the money dispersed would
not sure that well costs have         level and that is something that        “We are seeking a proposal to       be in addition to whatever other
been reduced much.                    is not good for North Dakota. We     flatten that tax rate and to pro-       oil impact monies are currently
  Aside from lower oil prices, the    have a wonderful regulatory en-      vide more certainty and stabil-        being allocated to the counties
biggest risks to the oil industry     tity in North Dakota that is fully   ity.”                                  or townships.
in the state come from potential      capable of doing this.”                 Ness said we can expect to see         He also says the program is
developments in Washington               On the tax front, Helms says      a tax-simplification bill ready by      structured so that when the
D.C., according to Lynn Helms,        the proposed cap-and-trade           the 2011 legislative session.          drilling stops the program
director the North Dakota De-         bill would increase the cost of         State Rep. Bob Skarphol says        stops, since the money is only
partment of Mineral Resources.        gasoline and diesel fuel by 75 to    that if Ness just wants to sim-        sent to the counties when a well
  Helms identified possible reg-       80 cents a gallon, which would       plify the tax structure, then          is drilled.
ulation of fracing, regulation of     amount to a huge tax increase        that is fine, but if the proposal
blowout preventers, cap-and-          on domestic oil production.          involves lowering taxes then it

                                                                                 Tioga Machine
                                                                                   Shop INC.
                                                                               • Complete Oil Field Service Station
                                                                            • Heavy Oil Field & Industrial Construction
                                                                                      • Farm and Auto Work
      Phil Gustafson                   Nick Gustafson                                 6551 Hwy 40 8 Tioga, ND
      701-629-0090                     701-629-1621                                          664-3337
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                     Tioga, ND Office: 701-226-6226 ~ Killdeer, ND Office: 701-764-6430 or 701-483-7868
                         New Town, ND: 701-260-8201 ~ Williston, ND - Ajax Division: 701-774-2529

      Killdeer                                                                             New Town
  Greg Krueger                                                                             Gabe Holt
Cell: 701-226-6226                                                                     Cell: 701-260-8201

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 2nd Annual Bakken Rocks

                                                      Tioga, ND
                                                                                            Empire Oil Company is an oil and gas
                          5:00 - 8:00 p.m. CDT        Farm Festival Building                     lease acquisition company.
                                                      New Town, ND                             Empire Oil Company began in
                         5:00 - 8:00 p.m. CDT         4 Bears Casino
                                                      Little Shell Amphitheater
                                                                                                     business in May 1983.
                                                                                             Empire Oil Company is located at
      Bakken Basics Education Sessions will be held at both locations
   from 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. CDT. More info is available at WWW.NDOIL.ORG.
                          Tioga - Farm Festival Building
                                                                                                    510 West Second Street,
     New Town - Four Bears Casino: Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Banquet Rooms
                                                                                                 P Box 1835,Williston, ND.
Good food - Good fun -                           Please RSVP by visiting                           Email:
Lots to learn for everyone!                     WWW.NDOIL.ORG
No alcohol permitted
                                                                                                    Phone (701) 774-2845
                                                                                                      Fax (701) 774-3537
                                                                                                         Bill LaCrosse

                                                                                            Buying & Leasing of Minerals

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   The old saying in real estate is “location,
location, location.”
   Tioga City Hall has a similar saying these
days: “developers, developers, developers.”
   Tioga’s economic growth from the explora-
tion of the Bakken has spurred a variety of
developers to this area.                             several times a day and many times during the
   Now, I am not saying this is a bad thing.         week. Most are from out of state or elsewhere
Tioga is in great need of housing to keep in         in the state, so we need to explain the process
pace with workers coming to town. The devel-         the city of Tioga has for bidding on city owned
opers come, see and decide whether they want         lots or requesting zone changes.
to stay, invest or find opportunity elsewhere.           That does not mean every developer will
   It reminds me of my grandfather, who home-        stay. One workforce housing project received
steaded in northwestern North Dakota. He             local opposition and the developer retracted
came to the United States from Norway, home-         its application. That is why there is a process
steaded his 160 acres of fertile prairie, returned   in city government that ensures the public’s
to Norway, got married, had two children and         needs are always considered first and fore-
returned two years later.                            most.
   I hope that it doesn’t take as long for Tioga’s      That maybe is why my grandfather came to
housing needs to be fully developed as it did        the United States. Citizen rights were better
for my grandfather to return to northwestern         obtained in this country than in Norway at that
North Dakota from Norway. But the reality is         time.
that it does take time -- time to find available         For whatever reason, the exploration of the
lots and land, time to draw up contracts, at-        Bakken has given northwestern North Dakota
tend meetings and fill out needed paperwork.          great opportunities, which I hope we can all
   A developer’s first stop in town is generally      embrace for the City of Tioga, as well as any
city hall. We work with them, finding out what        developers that come our way.
they are hoping to accomplish. This is when it          (Jorgenson is Community Development Direc-
gets busy. I can have a developer call me back       tor for the City of Tioga.)

        STEEL, INC.
    Northwest North Dakota’s only
    complete Steel service center!!

                                      • Metal Buildings
                                  • Shop & Portable Water
                                       • Metal Shearing
                                   • Steel for Fabrication
                                     • Press Brake Work
                                    • Sheet Rolling Work

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                            WELL SITE SERVICES
                        When Experience Counts!

Specialty Rental                        Stinger                    Well Testing
Tools & Supply
   301 E 26th St                    301 E 26th St                   301 E 26th St
Williston, ND 58801              Williston, ND 58801             Williston, ND 58801
701.752.4083 Office               701.572.3427 Office              701.774.5000 Office
 701.572.4085 Fax                 701.572.3428 Fax                701.774.5002 Fax

        Intermountain West’s largest provider of land surveying and
          civil engineering services for the Oil and Gas industries.
                                      Corporate Office             Wyoming Office
                                      1-435-789-1017              1-307-382-3585
                                      Vernal, UT 84078            Rock Springs, WY 82901
                                      Colorado Office              Montana Office
                                      1-970-263-4006              1-406-433-9650
                                      Grand Junction, CO 81506    Sidney, MT 59271

50Years of surveying and field work,
   We offer outstanding service,                    1-701-838-2314
       quality and accuracy.                        Minot, ND 58703


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