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					A view of Wrigley Field Baseball Field, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Other Names Baseball
Base ball
First match the middle of the eighteenth century or earlier, England (primitive form)
June 19, 1846, Hoboken, New Jersey (first record of a game with rules) (New York Knickerbocker Club vs Nine)
Baseball accessories
Baseball Glove
Duration of meeting No fixed time (regulation nine innings, extra innings or more if necessary)
1992-2008 Olympic

View béisbol.El a baseball field, also called base ball baseball or [1] (English baseball) is a team sport played between two teams of 9 players each. It is considered one of the most popular
sports in the U.S., Japan (reigning WBC), Canada, South Korea (Olympic champion), Taiwan, Cuba (Pan-American champion), Australia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama , Puerto Rico, South
Africa, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Italy (European champion), Colombia and Venezuela. The countries of the sport powers are concentrated in the Americas (North, Central and
Caribbean) and Asia, with European and African continents laggards, although Europe has two good examples such as the Netherlands and Italy, and Africa can only be highlight a selection of
South Africa with some good talent.

It is played on a vast field of natural or artificial (except the area where the offensive players to reach the bases are located in the corners of the re ctangular area called the diamond, and
record, called Corridor line, and the area launcher where the ground is a mound of earth).

The object is to hit a ball with a bat (bat), moving through the field and run the infield dirt (infield) seeking to reach as many potential bases to give back to the base from where you hit (home)
and get both known and score the run, while defensive players seeking to remove a ball hit to the player hit the ball or other brokers before they arrive first at some of the bases or get career
scoring (see Rules for details of the game).

The team scoring the most runs after nine (9) episodes, called the meeting innings lasts, it's who wins. If at the end of the nine regular innings score remains tied for a career, the meeting was
extended as necessary for there to be a winner, according to the rules of the game there is no tie, allowed only in amateur leagues and children to limit wear of the players.

Béisbol.A typical scene unlike other sports that are played with the ball, such as football, which is also known as football or basketball, also known as basketball, even though "baseball" could
be translated into Spanish, the habit of using English as root, it could give the impression of a strange name phonetically: the translation should be pelotabase or bolabase, although in some
Spanish-speaking countries is usually referred to colloquially as the ball game or just ball .

On the other hand, one of the characteristics that distinguish baseball from other sports as a whole, is that this defense is the one with the ball.

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