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 2010 – Celebrating 10 years of the CIPFA Better Governance Forum

                   The CIPFA Better Governance Forum is Supported by:

   Risk Management Partners | Walker Morris | Weightmans

CIPFA Better Governance Forum Annual Conference – The
Road to Good Governance – What does the future hold? -
Thursday 14 October, BAFTA, 195, Piccadilly, London.

Speakers include Rt. Hon. Lord Paddy Ashdown, Solicitor General Edward
Garnier, QC, MP, Sir Christopher Kelly KCB, Chairman, Committee on Standards in
Public Life and many other tremendous speakers.
This looks like reaching capacity with a month to go. If you want to be there, get
your booking in quickly.
Programme: BGF-Annual_Conference_2010-Programme
Booking online: CIPFABGFConferenceBooking

Counter Fraud
Bollinger champagne scam foiled by Wandsworth trading standards - A
champagne scam which threatened to leave the borough's bubbly drinkers feeling
flat has been foiled. Bollinger champagne scam foiled by Wandsworth trading
standards (From Your Local Guardian)

Vicars - taught how to spot sham marriages.

Cricket file passed to prosecutors - An initial file of evidence on claims Pakistan
cricketers accepted cash bribes to fix matches has been passed to prosecutors.
Cricket file passed to prosecutors

OFT - warns estate agents and credit lenders on penalties for anti-money laundering

Laptop scam suspects arrested - Police have arrested two suspects over a scam
where people thought they were buying cheap laptops but were given bags
containing old catalogues – and in one case, onions. Laptop scam suspects arrested -
News - getreading - Reading Post

Guidance About Commercial Organisations Preventing Bribery - A

Gypsies' rights campaigner to be sentenced for orchestrating £2.9 million
benefits fraud - A campaigner for Roma gypsies' rights is due to be sentenced
today after she admitted that she helped scores of Romanians illegally claim millions
in benefits. Gypsies' rights campaigner to be sentenced for orchestrating £2.9 million
benefits fraud » Communities »

Almost 1 million Britons have been the victim of a scam involving a private
tenancy or landlord in the last three years - shocking new research by Shelter
shows. propertytalk Live! - 1 million victims of landlord scams

Virgin Media fraudsters sentenced - A gang who sold illegitimate cable TV boxes
have been found guilty. Virgin Media fraudsters sentenced

ID fraudsters sell stolen Aus house - Australian authorities have launched an
investigation after Nigerian fraudsters sold a house using email and fax, leaving the
legitimate property owner A$500,000 out of pocket in the process. ID fraudsters sell
stolen Aus house • The Register

Student Accomodation Leaves Door Open To Fraudsters - The beginning of a
new year at university means packing up and moving into student accommodation.
Communal living throws up challenges, from who does the washing up, to splitting
the bills. But ID fraud is one of the biggest threats as ID fraud expert, Equifax, warns
students to keep their personal data safe from housemates and anyone who happens
to be crashing on the sofa on Friday night. Click for more >

Police Bust Fake Credit Card Factory - Two fraudsters who ran a lucrative credit
card factory and were found with a hoard of jewellery, gold ingots and antique
stamps were sentenced on Wednesday to a total of over five years in prison.
Click for more >

The £1.2m o2 iPhone Scam: How did it happen? - At first it was rather funny to
read. It was a bit of ingenuity, a clever ruse and a way to get back at the operators
that charge too much anyway. Yeah, yeah, they shouldn‟t have done it and it was a
bit „naughty‟, but maybe a modern day Robin Hood story. The £1.2m o2 iPhone
Scam: How did it happen? | Mobile Industry Review

Treasury condemns £42bn tax gap - The cost of avoidance, evasion and other
problems collecting tax rose by £4bn to £42bn in the year to 2008-09 after
businesses fell behind paying value added tax during the recession. The Treasury
condemned the scale of the tax “gap” – the difference between the tax collected and
the tax that should be collected – which has become an increasingly contentious
issue at a time of looming spending cuts.


England World Cup fans hit by fraud scare, as stolen personal details are
sold online - A Norwegian website has claimed that it is in possession of the
personal data of more than 250,000 football fans which were sold on the black
market by an employee in the FIFA system. FIFA Personal data leak

Risk Management
Carbon offsetting helps councils reduce environmental impact without
increasing costs - This video looks at how a Carbon Zero Scheme from Toshiba and
CO2 Balance helps councils to reduce the environmental impact of their printing
products by enabling a carbon reduction project in Kenya. Carbon offsetting helps
councils reduce environmental impact without increasing costs

Local authorities reminded of their health and safety responsibilities - ahead
of waste and recycling inspection programme.

Room for improvement in corporate risk oversight worldwide, according to
CIMA-AICPA research report - The worldwide economic crisis has put a spotlight
on corporate risk, but a large percentage of companies around the globe do not have
strong risk oversight protocols, according to a joint research report by CIMA (the
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) and the AICPA (the American
Institute of Certified Public Accountants).

UK data security spending lags - Less than a third (31%) of UK companies plan to
increase spending on information security over the next year compared to just over
half (52%) of their global competitors. That is according to the Global State of
Information Security Survey, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Risk culture lacking, survey reveals - A recent risk manager survey found that
risk culture is far from embedded in most organisations, despite risk management
having been identified as a key goal.“There is a significant task ahead to embed risk
management in organisational cultures,” said Alex Hindson, Institute of Risk
Management (IRM) deputy head.

UK businesses unprepared for coping with ageing workforce – a survey by the
Chartered Management Institute and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and
Development reported that 86% of managers and HR managers do not consider their
organisation to be well prepared to deal with the issues surrounding an ageing

Refusing pay rises due to sickness absence record unlikely to be illegal - Any
legal action against an NHS Trust's plan to refuse annual pay rises to staff who have

taken more than 18 days off sick is likely to be unsuccessful unless employment
contracts contains specifics about pay, according to law firm Beachcroft.

Don't rush public sector job cuts, warns CIPD - Commenting ahead of today's
official unemployment figures, the CIPD said the Government's objectives on growth,
employment, welfare to work and public service reform would be best served by
ensuring that 80% of the planned public sector job cuts take effect after 2013. A
more aggressive approach to public sector job cuts would push unemployment close
to three million and be especially harmful to those regions of the UK least well placed
to enjoy an early and significant improvement in private sector employment, it

Olympics: “it will not be business as usual” says City of London Corporation
- With a massive influx of tourists, threats to security, the potential for terrorist
attacks and road closures, the London Olympic Games will have a huge effect on
London. Frontier Technology, The City of London Corporation and Citrix recently
hosted a seminar in order to update businesses on the potential impacts of the
Games, so that they can plan ahead and ensure business continuity.

MI5 Director General gives an update on the threat to UK security – featured
risks included terrorism in Northern Ireland, the threat from Al Qaida and the
security needs of the Olympic Games.

Real IRA warns mainland banks to expect attacks - In an exclusive written
exchange with the Guardian newspaper the Real IRA has warned that English banks
and bankers are now among potential high priority targets. The group also said that
future attacks „would alternate between "military, political and economic targets"‟.

Britain must adapt to 'inevitable' climate change, warns minister - Britons
must radically change the way they live and work to adapt to being "stuck with
unavoidable climate change" the Government will caution this week, as it unveils a
dramatic vision of how society will be altered by floods, droughts and rising

30,000 jobs at risk as London's town halls face £2bn budget cuts - Town halls
in London are expecting budget cuts of up to £2 billion over the next three years,
putting jobs and frontline services at risk.
An Evening Standard analysis found they could lose as much as £100 million each as
Whitehall cuts begin to bite. But local government experts warned that the final
figure could be much higher and up to 30,000 jobs could go as a result.

BIS - Explaining the science of climate change.

KPMG's Connaught appointment "meets industry guidelines" - KPMG has
defended its role as administrator of building services firm Connaught and said its
appointment was in line with industry guidelines.
The Big Four firm was the Connaught auditor immediately before PwC took over in
2005. KPMG's Connaught appointment "meets industry guidelines" - Accountancy

Audit Commission - Business continuity in the fire and rescue service.

FRC delivers verdict on audit firms - AIU reports released. FRC delivers verdict on
audit firms

Inspectors flag up KPMG stock-take audit concerns - Stock-taking issues and
signing off audits prior to their completion are flagged up by the Audit Intelligence
Unit in its review of KPMG's work. Inspectors flag up KPMG stock-take audit concerns
- Accountancy Age

Audit Commission axe 'to cost more than forecast' - The cost of abolishing the
Audit Commission could spiral because of a potential rise in its pensions deficit. The
liabilities of the scheme are anticipated to increase by the time of the abolition of it in
2012. This is because of the growing number of redundancies, leading to fewer

Shock and audit, by Steve Freer - Public sector regulation faces a big shake-up
with the sudden demise of the Audit Commission. So what comes next?

Finance improvement tool – the Audit Commission has developed a finance
improvement tool to help councils to respond to the financial impact of an ageing
population. http://www.audit-

New Auditor General to take up post on 1 October - The Queen has today
approved the appointment of Huw Vaughan Thomas as the new, permanent, Auditor
General for Wales.

Creating Effective Partnerships between Government and the Voluntary and
Community Sector – new report from the Northern Ireland Audit Office. The report
identifies examples of good practice; and highlights where, through better co-

ordination and a joined-up approach, public bodies could reduce bureaucracy and
administration costs and improve value for money.

Audit watchdogs and PwC clash on "scepticism" - Audit Inspection Unit gives
PwC mixed review questioning whether PwC is sceptical enough on revenue
recognition- a criticism which the firm strongly rejects. Audit watchdogs and PwC
clash on "scepticism" - Accountancy Age

FRC chief sees no "rapid change" to auditor liability rules - The head of the
UK‟s reporting regulator does not foresee “rapid” change to auditor liability rules,
despite industry calls for reform. FRC chief sees no "rapid change" to auditor liability
rules - Accountancy Age

Information Governance
ICT user satisfaction service launched for social housing sector - ICT
departments in the social housing sector will be able to test how satisfied colleagues
are with the service they offer, and identify areas for improvement, thanks to a new,
specialist benchmarking service available from this Autumn. http://www.wired-

Survey Identifies Top Data Security Technologies to Stem Data Breaches -
Security professionals can benchmark security effectiveness against industry peers.
Click for more >

Information Commissioner tells Capacitybuilders to release document - The
Information Commissioner has upheld an appeal by Third Sector against the refusal
by Capacitybuilders to release a briefing document requested under the Freedom of
Information Act. ICO requires disclosure of information

An effective online presence - Barnaby Moffat, founding director of digital agency
Foresite, considers the importance of public sector website usability. An effective
online presence

Report shows economic impact of software piracy - Billions in potential tax
revenue and thousands of high-tech jobs lost down software blackhole. Report shows
economic impact of software piracy

GC compliance agreement reached - Agreement has been reached with the
Cabinet Office over the security standards required for local authorities to connect to
the Government Secure Extranet (GCSx).

ICO warns estate agents about data collection and reporting activity to the
regulator - The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has said that some lettings
companies and estate agents are failing to notify it of the handling of personal
information – ICO Warning for Estate Agents

Councils must use CSV for publishing spending - Local authorities must use an
open spreadsheet format to publish data on their spending, according to guidance
from the government. Council Transparency measures

Yorkshire Building Society takes action after customers‟ details are stolen -
The Information Commissioner‟s Office (ICO) has found Yorkshire Building Society
(YBS) in breach of the Data Protection Act after an unencrypted laptop belonging to
the former Chelsea Building Society (CBS), which had recently merged with YBS, was
stolen from its Cheltenham premises. The laptop contained a substantial part of the
CBS customer database. Yorkshire Building society loses personal data

Revising the approach to publication schemes - A consultation – The Scottish
Information Commissioner is consulting on a fresh approach to publication schemes.
The Commissioner is consulting on a fresh approach to publication schemes. This
consultation is aimed at: public authorities who must comply with the duty to adopt
a publication scheme; members of the public who may use schemes to access
published information; and anyone with a general interest. Scottish ICO

The Blair Memoirs and FOI – Article discusses Tony Blair's criticism of freedom of
information in his memoirs. Although Mr Blair says his views are based on experience
of FOI in practice, it is clear that his hostility began well before the legislation was
passed. It points out that Mr Blair himself links his criticism of FOI to his realisation
that it could help expose Labour's own scandals. Blair memoirs

Council sorry for data protection gaffe - East Lothian Council has apologised
over a “serious” staff error which saw the personal details and previous convictions
of taxi licence applicants published on the local authority‟s website for two hours.
Taxi Drivers details published on council website

NHS manager admits snooping on patients' medical records - An NHS IT
manager has admitted illegally snooping on the medical records of patients –
including his family, friends and colleagues. NHS Records snooping

Police forces in Wales accused of falling down on information law - Welsh
police forces have been accused of failing to comply with laws forcing them to
release information to the public. Plaid Cymru AM Leanne Wood accused all four
Welsh forces of falling down on their legal responsibility to respond to requests made
under the Freedom of Information Act. Welsh Police forces fail FOI Test

Royal pressure 'led to FoI ban on disclosure of lobbying by Charles' -
Pressure from the royal family led government ministers to enforce a blanket ban on
the disclosure of Prince Charles's lobbying campaigns, it has been claimed. Royal FOI

Ethical standards
Development company review after expenses reports - International
Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell has ordered a review of the work of the
Commonwealth Development Corporation after reports of lavish expenses claims.

NHS trusts agree robust whistleblower policy - An official NHS whistleblowing
policy that enables staff to flag up malpractice concerns without fear of reprisal is to
be brought in by all health service employers. NHS trusts agree robust whistleblower
policy - People Management Magazine Online

Voters to register individually by 2014 - Voters will be asked to register
individually from 2014 in order to modernise the electoral registration system and
tackle fraud, the Government announced on Wednesday (15 September). Voters to
register individually by 2014

Councils face large cut in grants after Treasury deal - Scale of cuts means
Downing Street may axe plans to create elected mayors in 12 large English cities.
The communities and local government department is close to agreeing a Treasury
deal that will see cuts of up to 30% in its budget over four years. The scale of the
cuts has also prompted the department to oppose Downing Street plans to create
elected mayors in 12 English cities, including Birmingham and Manchester.

Jail Sentences: The truth behind the headlines - Media reports last weekend
claimed that not a single burglar gets the maximum jail sentence. But statements
like this give the wrong impression of the criminal justice system and do not properly
explain how it works. Jail Sentences: The truth behind the headlines - Ministry of

Voting documents are found dumped - A Councilor has been suspended after
police launched an investigation into how confidential voting documents ended up
being dumped on open land in Bury. Councilor suspended for dumping voting

Hundreds of GPs earning £60,000 more than the PM - Hundreds of doctors are
on salaries of more than £200,000 a year, official figures showed today. One of the
country's highest-paid GPs is earning £507,241 a year. The unnamed GP is a senior
partner and owner of two practices in Hillingdon, according to data released under
the Freedom of Information Act. GP‟s raking huge salaries

Corporate Governance
New OBR chief Robert Chote pledges independence from Treasury - Robert
Chote says fiscal watchdog could take on wider role. The new head of the
government's fiscal watchdog told MPs today that he will maintain its independence
and work with opposition parties.
Robert Chote, a highly respected figure at Westminster thanks to his work at the
Institute for Fiscal Studies, gained the approval of MPs to take up the post of
chairman of the Office for Budget Responsibility.

Plan to delay Queen's Speech until 2012 sparks anger in House - The coalition
government has been accused of a "major power grab" after announcing it will break

more than 50 years of tradition by delaying the next Queen's Speech until 2012.

2020 Public Services Trust calls for Big Society coherence - Although Prime
Minister David Cameron has coined a phrase – the „Big Society‟ – to describe his
plans for service reform, it is not yet clear whether the post-CSR period will herald a
new philosophy for the public sector. 2020 Public Services Trust calls for Big Society

Responsibility and power - The invitation of the Business Secretary, Vince Cable,
to speak to the TUC conference this year was withdrawn. And Downing Street turned
down a request for the Prime Minister to appear. But in the end trade unionists in
Manchester got to hear from someone just as powerful: Mervyn King, the Governor
of the Bank of England.

May: everyone benefits if boards are more diverse - the Home Secretary and
Minister for Women and Equality said that employers miss out on a huge range of
insights and experiences if they fail to draw their senior staff from the widest pool
possible, and promised to work with the private sector to improve the situation.

Consultation on public sector equality draft regulations and order - the
Scottish Government is consulting on new regulations which will place specific duties
on Scottish public authorities to promote equality.

LGA calls for devolution of services - Councils called for power and finance from
across Whitehall to be devolved to local authorities as the Local Government
Association warned that they faced a £20bn gap funding by 2015. The spending
round was likely to cut £9bn of central government grants other than education by
2014-15, the LGA said, with that 20 per cent reduction in funding matched by big
spending pressures from an ageing population and a mini baby boom.

Lehmans executives should have questioned accounting strategy - Window
dressing accounting transactions should have been more rigorously looked into by
Lehmans' board, according to its investigator Anton Valukas. Lehmans executives
should have questioned accounting strategy - Accountancy Age

MoD 'did not understand costs of PFI deal' - Ministry of Defence officials did not
understand the costs involved when they launched their largest Private Finance
Initiative project, a damning report by the Public Accounts Committee has found.
MoD 'did not understand costs of PFI deal'

Councils get consultants' vote - Local authorities are better prepared to handle
cuts than their Whitehall colleagues, says a report from the Management

Consultancies Association. Councils get consultants' vote

Essex pioneers local banking scheme to promote economic recovery - This
video looks at how Essex County Council has teamed up with Santander to create
The Bank of Essex – a unique banking partnership which is funding local businesses
and generating employment across the county. Essex pioneers local banking scheme
to promote economic recovery

Don‟t „Raise‟ taxes, just ensure that they are all „collected‟ - Last week the
Association of Revenue and Customs (ARC) - the union representing senior staff in
HM Revenue & Customs - launched a report on tackling the spending deficit. The
paper - Being Bold: a Radical Approach to Raising Revenue and Reducing the Deficit
- suggests that the Government has been asking the wrong question when assessing
where cuts should fall. Graham Black, ARC President, said: "When looking at the one
department that raises money - HMRC - the question should not be 'What can you
cut?', but rather 'What can you contribute?'. Being Bold makes it clear that additional
resources for HMRC could significantly reduce the deficit by targeting tax
cheats”. The report claims that for every additional pound spent on HMRC, the
Government could bring in at least £30 - a return any commercial organisation would
readily take advantage of. Press release

Online benefit forms save money and improve customer service at Torbay
Council - Torbay Council has improved customer service and saved money by
upgrading to an electronic housing benefit form that enables claimants to apply for
benefit online. This video discusses the advantages of electronic claim forms and how
Torbay Council is on track to save over £10,000 this year on printing costs alone - as
well as significantly reducing paper consumption.

Local government finance review to „happen next year‟, says Pickles - He
said that most of the finance review will replicate the work of Sir Michael Lyons‟ 2007
report on the subject.

Government accepts BBC's offer to freeze licence fee for two years - The
Government has left the way open for a cut in the BBC licence fee in 2012 after the
Corporation's governing body yesterday offered to freeze the annual charge at
£145.50 for the next two years in recognition of the economic difficulties being faced
in many British households.

Binmen threaten to strike, raising spectre of another Winter of Discontent -
Millions of homeowners across the UK could have their bin and recycling collections
disrupted after unions threatened to ballot bin workers over strike action. The GMB
union raised the prospect of the first national bin strike since the Winter of
Discontent in 1978/79, when uncollected sacks of rubbish piled up in streets.

Department of Health: The week – Updated.


Job Opportunities
Access, the official public sector accountancy, finance and management
job site of Public Finance and CIPFA - one of the UK's leading professional
accountancy bodies and the only one specialising in the public sector. Public Sector
finance, administration & management jobs online -


CIPFA Certificate in Investigative Practice
CCIP is for investigators across public services. If you‟ve been thinking
about getting qualified – to enhance your skills or to progress your career –
book now. Modules are 12 days in London.

The autumn course is virtually full so I‟m afraid there are only a few places left on
individual days as below. These courses always get over-subscribed so if you want to
complete these as individual stand alone training or get them under your belt before
completing the qualification in 2011, book them now. If you want a place in 2011
please book as soon as you can.

Autumn 2010
Subject                                                                      Places
Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act – 17 November                            1

Data Protection Act – 18 November                                                1

Securing Computer Evidence – 7 & 8 December                                      1

The dates for Spring 2011 are:
Spring 2011
Roles, Responsibilities and Ethics of Investigations – 15 March
Law, Evidence, Procedure and Best Practice – 16 & 17 March
Advanced Statement/Report Writing and Giving Evidence - 6 & 7 April
Advanced Investigative Interviewing - 10 & 11 May
Cognitive interviewing – 12 May
RIPA – 1 June
DPA – 2 June
And either Employment Investigations – 22 & 23 June
Or Securing Computer Evidence – Autumn 2011.

It is delivered by Bond Solon, the leading legal training consultancy for non-lawyers.
To book and for more information, follow this link: CCIP
If you have any enquiries, please contact John Francis at Bond Solon 0207 2537053
or email

Other queries: Greg Marks 07811 332257

Audit, risk and performance improvement – how can we do more for less?
29 September Birmingham
5 October – London,
7 October – York

Scams, bribery, corruption
19 October Chester
21 October York
2 November Edinburgh
4 November London

How Good is Your Governance
4 October Glasgow

Good Governance in Partnership
5 November Glasgow

Effective Audit Committees
1 December Edinburgh

For information, the programme for the event and online booking click here

We are preparing programmes for the following workshops in 2010:

Pension governance & audit – 2 November Manchester, 3 November London, 11
November Edinburgh

Information Governance Update – 10 November London, 11 November York

Advanced Audit Committees – 17 November York

Improving partnership governance – 30 November London, 2 December Leeds

You can also use your BGF event places for these training events:
 30-Sep Understanding Local Government Finance                    London
 30-Sep Developing & Managing Teams                               London
  07-Oct Introduction to Coaching                                 London
  14-Oct Managing Individuals                                     London
  19-Oct Introduction to NHS Finance                              London
 02-Nov Developing & Managing Teams                               Cardiff
 23-Nov Effective Audit Committees                                London
 30-Nov Leading & Managing Change                                 Birmingham

Procurement & Audit Forum Conference
Tuesday 21 September, Crowne Plaza, Central Sq, Holliday Street, Birmingham, B1
The conference addresses two key themes, achieving value for money and
sustainability from organisation‟s procurement and contracts. What should auditors
be looking for? For all auditors wanting to keep up to date with issues in
procurement and contract audit it is the key event of the year. Speakers include Don
Ward from Constructing Excellence, Peter Glynne from the Office of Government
Commerce and Tim Banfield from the National Audit Office.
Booking online: CIPFA

Cipfa in the Midlands have finalised arrangements for their annual Audit
Training Seminars, which some of you may know as CATS.
Full details, including booking information, is available here
The seminars are being held on the 8 October, 4 and 24 November and 2 December.
Speakers from both the public and private sectors will be discussing a wide variety of
subjects in the areas of governance & risk management, fraud, information and
communications technology and delivering audit services in uncertain times. Each
seminar costs £90 with a reduced rate of £320 available if all four seminars are
booked. The seminars have been held for over 20 years and continue to provide
exceptional value

CIPFA Better Governance Forum Annual Conference – The
Road to Good Governance – What does the future hold? -
Thursday 14 October, BAFTA, 195, Piccadilly, London.
Speakers include Rt. Hon. Lord Paddy Ashdown, Solicitor General Edward
Garnier, QC, MP, Sir Christopher Kelly KCB, Chairman, Committee on Standards in
Public Life and many other tremendous speakers.
Programme: BGF-Annual_Conference_2010-Programme
Booking online: CIPFABGFConferenceBooking

Stop Press

Major things already made available in 2010
There are a range of new features that are exclusively available free to CIPFA Better
Governance Forum Members this year:

Audit Committee Updates – you should have received the first edition in January
and the second in May.
The aim of these briefing papers is to support audit committee members directly with
relevant, topical briefings and pointers to useful information. It is sent directly to

subscribers with a request that you forward it on to your audit committee members.
There will be 3 editions a year and all will be free to BGF subscribers.

Checklist for those responsible for governance – now available.
This new checklist can be used by those responsible for governance (Audit
Committees or equivalent) to assess their contribution to the fraud defences of their
organisation and determine what action is needed. This is appropriate to use in any
organisation. CIPFA Networks - Better Governance Forum

Fraud Risk Evaluation Diagnostic (FRED) –
FRED1 is live – website CIPFA Networks - Better Governance Forum – bottom
right hand corner, click on the picture.
The purpose of FRED is to enable practitioners such as risk managers, internal
auditors, finance managers, counter fraud specialists, to obtain an understanding of
the susceptibility to fraud and corruption of their organisation.
It has been designed to complement the Red Book and has been constructed to:
     enable anyone new to an organisation to quickly gain an overview of the
        susceptibility of the organisation to fraud and to identify the high risk areas
     support practitioners to maintain an understanding of the level of fraud risk in
        the organisation over time
     Aid planning of work designed to combat fraud and corruption and as part of
        the development of a zero-tolerance culture.
We think doing FRED will also inform/add to the Annual Governance Statement /
Statement of Internal Control
We think FRED will help provide information for assessment of internal control by
both Internal Audit and External Audit
     FRED 1 - Overall counter fraud risk arrangements. Methodology to identify,
        evidence and report risks against each criteria of the Red Book.
     FRED 2 (to follow) - Indications from seven sources identifying areas
        susceptible to fraud.

Effective Internal Audit – now available to subscribers
A new web-based resource for internal auditors and those responsible for internal
Effective Internal Audit is a new guide developed by the Better Governance Forum.
As one of our subscribers you receive free priority access to this guide. It is not yet
on sale to non-subscribers, so be one of the first to access it.
Benefits of the guide:
     provides practical support, examples and resources,
     helps make internal audit more effective in public service organisations,
     identifies the essential components for effective internal audit,
     helps internal auditors to demonstrate their effectiveness.
What‟s in the guide:
      guidance on good practice,
      self assessment improvement tools on leadership and demonstrating
      case studies of improvements made by public service organisations,
      internet links to useful resources to support your team.
To open up the guide click here ( ) and
click on the Effective Internal Audit button.

Call for examples/case studies - assets
Austen Cutten from the NHS Counter Fraud and Security Management is currently
working on producing guidance to NHS Trusts on how to protect and secure their
assets. However, attaining a single view of an asset, including its location,
maintenance and value is complex. Assets are often distributed across different NHS
settings in a variety of ways. They are managed and used by different individuals
and departments and subject to differing management and auditing practices. The
lack of a single view of an asset across the organisation leads to difficulties in
determining the appropriate level of security required to protect the asset.
In developing the guidance, Austen is looking to include examples of 'best practice'
or case studies from other organisations/sectors that have developed appropriate
systems in response to similar issues regarding securing assets. He would
particularly like to hear from anyone who has developed any strategies or guidance
already on this complex issue, or if you have a case study that you think would be
worth including.
The project is at the early stages and the guidance is unlikely to be published until
later in the Autumn. So if you do have any thoughts or ideas please contact Austen
Austen Cutten
Policy and Research Officer
NHS Counter Fraud and Security Management Service
Tel: 0207 895 4586

Gower Publications Discount
Members of the CIPFA Better Governance Forum are entitled to 20% discount on all
relevant Gower publications. CIPFA Networks - Better Governance Forum

Wiley Publications Discount
Members of the CIPFA Better Governance Forum are entitled to 30% discount on all
relevant Wiley publications. For the moment this covers everything in their auditing
catalogue. They are in the process of putting together a Corporate Finance and
Accounting catalogue which contains all of the new and forthcoming titles in the
areas such as financial reporting, management accounting, corporate strategy,
forensic accounting, compliance, fraud and banking which should be complete in the
next few weeks. CIPFA Networks - Better Governance Forum

Setting CIPFA’s course to 2015
CIPFA is inviting comments on its draft development strategy, launched by CIPFA
President Jaki Meekings Davis.
The views of CIPFA members, students and stakeholders on our future strategy are
essential to help us offer the right support for everyone delivering public services in
the challenging years ahead. Settting CIPFA's course to 2015

NHS White Paper: Send us your views
The reforms set out in the White Paper are the most fundamental changes to the
NHS for many years, and they create a range of challenges, not only in the NHS, but
across the local authority and voluntary sectors as well.
Links to all the key documents, and first draft responses from CIPFA can be viewed
here. CIPFA has an important role in shaping the reforms and comments are invited

from the membership by email to by Friday 24

CIPFA’s training DVD for raising the awareness of all staff on
anti money laundering, combating economic crime and
This was launched at the 2009 CIPFA Audit Conference.
     It includes presentations from key public sector figures and life-like film clip
     It can be used individually or as part of team based training.
     It explains how employees can spot suspicious behaviour and reportable
       offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 or the Terrorism Act 2000 and
       advises them what they should do.
CIPFA Networks - Better Governance Forum

Risk Management Toolkit – a practical guide for the risk
enabled organisation
Available on the Better Governance Forum website. The web-based Toolkit will help
you develop and improve your risk management. The Toolkit features good practice,
case studies from 14 public sector bodies, over 50 documents (including risk
management strategies, training material & annual reports) and links to other useful
resources on the BGF website and external websites. A practical toolkit for the risk-
enabled organisation

Fraud Awareness E-Learning Packages – 20% discount for
member organisations of the CIPFA Better Governance Forum

“Fraud Awareness” - The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in partnership
with Learning Resources International has developed a two hour online training
package. We endorse this product which underpins and enhances an anti-fraud
organisational culture, is interactive and appropriate for all council staff. Topics
     Fraud indicators
     Fraudster profile
     Whistleblowing
     Employment checks
     Fraudulent invoices
     Application/Claim checks
     Identity fraud
     Document verification

For more information please email or telephone 01234 714778.

“Focus on...Fraud and Corruption” - an online training package jointly developed
by Meritec Ltd. and 8 Local Authorities. We endorse this product which quickly
delivers an effective foundation of corporate fraud awareness for staff in 45 minutes.
50 Local Authorities have so far licensed the package, including Counties, Unitaries
and Shire Districts. One of the largest users, a County Council, is currently rolling out
Focus on...Fraud & Corruption to all of its 30000 staff, plus Members and schools. It
is proving to be a most cost effective training programme.

An updated and refreshed version of the product will be available for 2010/11. This
will contain 8 Chapters including 3 Spotlight Chapters that enable Authorities to raise
awareness on the latest “hot issues”. Authorities can choose from a range of topics
for inclusion in their Spotlight Chapters at no additional cost. For example, this
includes content on Housing Tenancy Fraud and Recruitment Fraud – 2 of the topics
identified in Audit Commission‟s Protecting the Public Purse as “needing more
The key benefits of Focus on... Fraud & Corruption are:
    Improved use of resources: It provides immediate contributions to Use of
      Resources KLOE 2.4
    Reduced losses from fraud: More timely fraud referrals can result from
      improved awareness. Such referrals can save Councils £000s in losses and
      protect against a damaged reputation
    Cost savings on training: Preparation and delivery costs are minimal.
      Training is available 24/7 and staff can fulfil their training needs at the most
      suitable time and location
    Improved performance: Counter Fraud teams have access to quality
      information on potential fraud enabling more effective investigations and
      timely management action
    Reduced implementation costs: It is a hosted solution which learners (with
      the appropriate password) can access via any PC that has an Internet
For further information or for a free trial of the product, please contact or simply call Meritec on 0845 345 1144.

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