CAPES AND WRAPS Medieval Renaissance LF 1002 by wuyunyi

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									                            Medieval - Renaissance

                                                  LF 1002 $23.50                       LF 1001 $23.50
             PP 16 $22.00                        Men of Medieval                     Women of Medieval
Long and Short Tunics 650 - 1350               Romanesque Period                     Romanesque Period
       Sizes: Multisized SM-XL                  Years 1060 & 1150                    Years 1060 & 1150
Tunics, c. 650 - 1350 AD Includes 14       Sizes: Multisized Sizes S—XL         Sizes: Multisized Sizes S—XL
 tunics for adults and children with a        Everything needed for a         Everything needed for a woman's
 variety of lengths, neck options and      Norman or Norman-styled (aka       clothing for a Norman or Norman-
   sleeve options to cover periods.             Romanesque) man.                  styled (aka Romanesque)

          WN 102 $28.00                            WN 104 $28.00                        WN 105 $28.00
 WN 10th-14th Century Surcote &               10th-14th Century Bliaut          9th - 17th Century Men's Wear
               Pelicon                              & Hip Girdle               Sizes: Multisized fits to 48" Chest
Sizes: Multisized up to 40" bust with      Sizes: Multisized up to 42" Bust   Includes Sherte, Tunic, and Braies,
      instructions for upsizing             Gathered shoulder seam with         with directions to make this one
 Sleeveless gown can be worn over              poufed angel sleeve and            costume suitable for Gentry,
 WN 101 Chemise. Includes three              gathered hip girdle. Fits over      Merchant, or Peasant for these
options including front ties, side ties,          chemise WN 101                             periods.

                                          CC 1101M $13.00
                                        CC 11th Century Man
         CC 1102W $13.00            Sizes: Multisized 36"-52" chest           FL 1101 $23.50
       11th Century Woman            11th Century Man Tunic and           Medieval Accessories
 Sizes: Multisized 32 1/2"-48" bust Cloak. Simple tunic and Cape.          11th to 15th Century
Woman’s Overtunic, Tunic, and Veil.     Tunic can be finished            Sizes: Multisized Sm-LG
    Floor length tunic has narrow    with many styles of trim and    Includes Hood (3 periods), Short
  sleeves. Overtunic has graceful   accessories to create a unique    and long braies, hose, purse (2
           flowing sleeves.             period or fantasy look.     styles), and Instructions for garters

                          Medieval - Renaissance

                                                WN 103 $28.00
                                         WN 10th-14th Century Bliaut                   FF 01 $17.00
          LF 1314 $23.50                   Sizes: Small- 32"-36" bust,           FF Renaissance Maiden
   People of Medieval Gothic                   Large- 38-42" Bust                 Sizes: Multisized Sm-Lg
    Period Years 1240 & 1320             Slip-on with bodice side ties or   Includes basic chemise worn under
      Sizes: Multisized XS-XL             optional grommets and ties.          most medieval & renaissance
 Includes everything needed for a       Tight sleeved chemise. Full skirt      garments, simple front lacing
  man's or woman's clothing for a        with optional side opening/kick      bodice, coif hat, and drawstring
      Gothic noble or peasant                         panel.                                bag.

         CC 1602W $13.00
  Renaissance Common Woman                      CC 1601 $13.00                       PP 102 $22.00
     Sizes: Multisized SM-XXL            Renaissance Common Man                  More Medieval Military
  Simple peasant outfit for women          Sizes: Multisized SM-XXL             Sizes: Multisized: SM-XL
including chemise skirt, simple laced     Easy to make commoner's            Includes: A huge array of period
 bodice, and directions for making a      clothing consisting of yoked      accurate padded armor and armor
           simple overskirt.                 shirt, jerkin, and pants.                 accessories.

                                            PP 92 $22.00
                                        Capes and Tabards                     PP 23 $22.00
                                      Sizes: Multisized: SM-XL            PP Men's Cotehardies
          PP 101 $22.00
                                  Pattern includes a variety of half     Sizes: Multisized Sm-XL
         Medieval Military
                                     circle floor-length and calf-    Popular 1340-1420 throughout
      Sizes: Multisized SM-XL
                                   length capes, with and without    Europe. View III can be adapted to
   Includes a variety of garments
                                    neck holes for many periods.          make a Cardinal’s garb.
     shown with many options.

                          Medieval - Renaissance

                                                CC 1406W $13.00                       MM 15001 $15.50
           WN 115 $28.00
                                            CC 14th Century Kirtle                   Spanish Farthingale
  WN 14th & 15th Century Kirtle
                                               and Sideless Gown                Sizes: Multisized Petite, Small,
 Sizes: Small-32-36, Large: 38-42
                                             Sizes: 32 1/2'-48" bust             Medium, Large, and X-Large.
 2 neck options make this flattering
                            th    th   Kirtle is tight sleeved, full skirted   1480-1600 Spanish Farthingale is
  kirtle suitable for the 14 or 15
                                          floor length gown, fastened               required for the correct
         century. Back lacing.
                                            either up the front or back                period silhouette.

                                              CC 1602M $13.00
                                              Early Tudor Man                         CC 1404M $13.00
           WN 107 $28.00               Sizes: Multisized 36-52" Chest              CC 14th Century Men's
   WN 14th & 15th Century Kirtle          Includes sleeved doublet,                      Houppelande
 Sizes: Small-32-36, Large: 38-42         sleeveless jerkin, collared           Sizes: Multisized 36"-52" chest
 2 neck options make this flattering     surcote with short rounded              Men’s Houppelandes. A style
                            th    th                                            popularized by the Italians with
  kirtle suitable for the 14 or 15      sleeves, chamarre over-robe
         century. Back lacing.                   and flat hat.                   long flowing dagged sleeves.

            PP 21 $22.00
   PP Women’s Cotehardies and                                              RH 143 $14.00
         Sideless Surcotes                  RH 140 $15.50                      RH Kirtle
        Sizes: Multisized 8-18            RH Sideless Gowns          Sizes: Multisized Sm-XXL
 Popular in the 14th & 15 centuries    Sizes: Multisized Sm-XXL Low neck fitted informal dress, may
                                               th       th
throughout Europe. This style is tight Three 14 and 15 Century        be worn alone or under
to the hips, usually with long sleeves  Gowns Pattern includes   cotehardies or surcotes. Flattering
             that fit snugly           under-gown and headpiece         style for most figures

                         Medieval - Renaissance

                                                                                    RH 141 $14.00
                                            MM 15002 $27.50                    RH Men's and Women's
                                          Spanish Loose Gown                        Houppelandes
        MM 15003 $22.50               Sizes: Multisized Small-X-Large
          Round Kirtle                                                        Sizes: Multisized XS-XXL
                                         1500-1630 Spanish Loose              Full gown with long flowing
 Sizes: Multisized Petite- X-Large.   Gown is a perfect outer dress to
 1500-1630 Round Kirtle includes                                           sleeves. Includes headpiece for
                                       be worn with the Farthingale.                men's variation.
           three styles.

          PP 26 $22.00
        PP Houppelandes                                                              PP 53 $22.00
Sizes: Multisized Women's: 8-18,                                                   Early Tudor Men's
          Men's: 36 – 48                    MM 15005 $27.50                 Sizes: Multisized 36-52" Chest
         Pattern contains 6                   French Gown                 Includes three gowns, two skirted
 Houppelandes for either sex with     Sizes: Multisized Small-X-Large      doublets, one skirted jerkin, two
  interchangeable necklines and       1500-1630 French Gown offers        skirtless doublets, and three shirts.
             sleeves.                 a number of different variations.     Contains three length options.

                                                                                WN 114 $19.00
                                              PP 51 $22.00                 Elizabethan Court Gown
                                           Early Tudor Gowns          Sizes: Multisized 30-40" bust with
          CC 1603W $13.00                 Sizes: Multisized 6-20        instructions to enlarge Includes
         Early Tudor Woman           Five different gowns with front    gown, undergown or petticoat,
     Sizes: Multisized SM-XXL        and back opening versions as     undersleeves, farthingale, and bum
Includes basic gown, under-petticoat well as multiple sleeve options.  roll. Bodice has stomacher and
  and four sleeve options including       Includes undersleeves                       wings.
    bell, cuffed, laced and puffed.          and underskirts.

                           Medieval - Renaissance

         CC 1604M $13.00                         FW 152 $21.00                         SF 301 $7.00
          Elizabethan Man                         Scottish Kilts                Scottish Kilt Instructions
     Sizes: Multisized SM-XXL            Sizes: Multisized 36-48" Chest               Sizes: Multisized
 Includes ruff collar, doublet, jerkin     Includes pattern for Bonnie      Includes separate articles on how
 with picadils, slops, canions, three        Prince Charlie Jacket &        to fold and wrap the ancient Great
      quarter circle cape and            vest, instructions for making a      Kilt, how to tailor the Small Kilt,
           circular surcote.              man’s kilt and woman’s kilt.

           PP 58 $22.00
   Men's Elizabethan Garments
  Sizes: Multisized 34-54" Chest
                                                CC 1603M $13.00                      PP 46 $22.00
1558-1605 AD. Contains 7 doublets,
                                          Men's German Puff & Slash         Women's German Puff & Slash
  canions, trunk hose, panes, and
                                            Sizes: Multisized SM-XXL             Sizes: Multisized 6-20
   slops, two codpiece and hose
                                         Includes doublet, cannions, and    6 Different gowns with side and
                                         slops, all slashed and gathered.        front opening options.

                                           PP 41 $22.00
                                  Women's Italian Renaissance
           PP 43 $22.00             Sizes: Multisized SM-XXL                PP 56 $22.00
       Italian Renaissance            7 Gowns and 1 Tabard        Late Tudor & Elizabethan Gowns
     Sizes: Multisized SM-XXL     included. Options include split     Sizes: Multisized SM-XXL
  1420-1500 AD. Three doublets,       skirts, under skirts, two    3 Late Tudor and 3 Elizabethan
   three shirts, two codpieces, a  stomachers, and a variety of      Gowns, including unattached
 tabard, gown and hose patterns.    bodice and sleeve options.      undersleeves and stomachers.

                         Medieval - Renaissance

                                                                                  WN 113 $19.00
                                                                                 Cavalier's Doublet
                                                                         Sizes: Small- 38-42"/ Large- 44-
                                                                        54" chest Cavalier doublet pattern
                                                                           with three sleeve options, one
                                             CC 1702M $13.00              slash sleeves and two ribbons
        CC 1702W $13.00                        Cavalier Man             sleeves. Goes with Pants WN 110,
         Cavalier Woman                  Sizes: Multisized SM-XXL        Sherte WN 106, and Hat WN 709
     Sizes: Multisized SM-XXL            This easy to make pattern
Includes Gown Bodice, skirt, collar    includes Doublet, Lace collar,
    cuffs, stomacher, and sash.             Breeches, and cape.

                                                                                 WN 112 $11.00
                                            RH 145 $11.50                       Musketeer Tunic
         RH 142 $14.00
                                        RH Men's Tabard Cape                     Sizes: Multisized
          Men's Tunics
                                         Sizes: One size fits all       Musketeer overtunic Complete the
     Sizes: Multisized Sm-Lg
    Pattern makes a tunic and          Loose fitting Circular tabard    costume with WN 709 hat, WN 106
                                         cape, belted in the front          Sherte, and WN 110 Pants.
       short houppelande.

                                                                                   MR Coif $4.00
                                                                              Randulf's Arming Coif
                                                                                  Sizes: Multisized
                                                                         This is a simple pattern for a two-
      MR Mandelion $9.00                                                panel, stretchy, close-fitting hood. It
 Mandelion or Musketeer Tunic        MR Quarterly $11.00
                                                                         goes well under a helmet or chain
     Sizes: Multisized SM-XL           Quarterly Tunic
                                                                           mail for hair and perspiration.
                                   Sizes: Multisized SM-XL
Easy to use pattern that creates the
  two styles of musketeer tunics Versatile pattern for making
              shown                tunics, short cotehardies,
                                  surcotes, and full-sleeved
                                         period shirts.

                          Medieval - Renaissance

                                                  AY 18 $13.50
                                          Easy Peasant/Pirate Pants
                                           Sizes: Multisized SM-XXL
                                           These easy to make simple                 RH 206 $14.00
           AY 17 $12.00                     pants can be made with a         Renaissane Pirate/Poet Shirt
   Easy Peasant/Servant Jerkin           drawstring or elastic waist and       Sizes: Multisized SM-XXL
      Sizes: Multisized Sm-XXL            cuffs, or left open and cross     Casual open front shirt with wide
A simple lower class hip-length vest,       gathered for a common or         collar and gathered sleeves for
with two side options and an epaulet      pirate look. They can also be    both men and women. Add a bit of
  option for the sleeves for a more     finished with a more jagged cut     lace to the collar and cuffs for a
      middle class servant look.         edge for a more scurvy pirate.               cavalier look.

                                                                                      MR PS $10.00
                                                                                       Pirate Shirt
           WN 106 $19.00                                                   Sizes: Multisized up to 48" Chest
 Renaissance or Cavalier Sherte                                            Instructions for upsizing included.
       Sizes: Multisized SM-XL                   AY 11 $12.50               Full sleeved, yoked shirt suitable
     Versatile pattern for making       Elizabethan Nobleman's Shirt        for Cavalier, renfaires, Highland,
 a Cavalier, Renaissance, or Poet       Sizes: Multisized 32-52" Chest     pirate, or fantasy looks. Simple to
  full-sleeved shirt. Several collar    High-necked shirt typical of the     make and comfortable to wear.
        options in one pattern.             Elizabethan upper class.

          AY 10 $12.50                        AY 11 $12.50
   Easy Peasant Shirt/Chemise          Elizabethan Noblewoman's                  AY 12 $12.00
  Sizes: Multisized 32-52" chest.                  Shirt                      Easy Peasant Skirts
Simple to adjust to larger or smaller Sizes: Multisized 32-52" Chest     Sizes: Multisized 23-42" Waist
sizes. Easy gathered loose shirt for  High-necked shirt typical of the  4 or 6 gored gathered skirts with
men and women. Gathered sleeves          Elizabethan upper class.      drawstring or elastic waist options

                             Medieval - Renaissance

                                                                                      AY 22 $14.00
            AY 15 $16.00                           AY 14 $19.00                 Easy Elizabethan Breeches
          Irish Leine Shirt                Irish Bodice and Underskirt                  [Venetians]
      Sizes: Multisized SM-XXL                 Sizes: Multisized 4-24            Sizes: Multisized SM-XXL
   Men and Women wore several                Easy to make simple front           These easy to make fitted
 styles of this traditional shirt. Shirt   lacing Irish dress worn over a    breeches are for the upper classes.
 is loose with full-bagged sleeves.            contrasting underskirt.       Banded waist and knees with three
                                                                                       crotch options

                                                                                       WN 110 $11.00
             AY 20 $14.00                                                      Venetian Slops & Cavaliers
    Easy Renaissance Breeches                                                Sizes: Multisized up to 42" Waist
             [Trunkhose]                                                         with instructions to enlarge
      Sizes: Multisized SM-XXL                     FF 04 $17.00
                                                                             2 styles of cavaliers and 1 style of
 These basic breeches can be cut to         Panes Slops and Breeches
                                                                             slops. Court and everyday styling
fall above or below the knee. Let and      Sizes: Multisized 32-42" Waist
                                                                             options. Shown with Doublet WN
    waist fasten at a band. Several          Includes 3 lengths, several
                                                                                  109 and Sherte WN 106.
       length and crotch options.           pane and codpiece options.

                                                  WN 109 $13.00
                                               Patlock and Doublet                   MR Doublet $10.00
                                            Sizes: 38-42"/44-48"/50-54"        Men's and Women's Doublet
                                                     (select size)            Sizes: Multisized up to 46" chest
            FF 03 $17.00                                                      with instructions for enlargement
                                              Options include 2 neck
          Dashing Doublets                                                   Doublet with instructions for fitting
                                            openings, side or front lacing
    Sizes: Multisized 36-44" Chest                                           to a woman's figure. Basic doublet
                                           and two hem choices. Includes
     Front closing doublets with 2         Picadils. Shown here with WN      with four neckline options and two
     neckline variations, 3 bottom                                                     hemline options.
                                           110 slops and WN 106 Sherte.
finishes, and multiple sleeve options.

                          Medieval - Renaissance

             AY 19 $13.00                        AY 21 $13.00
    Easy Renaissance Doublet              Easy Elizabethan Doublet
   Sizes: Multisized 30-52" Chest       Sizes: Multisized 30-52" Chest
Middle & Upper class doublet that is    Side closing doublet for gentry               AY 09 $13.00
front closing and has optional stand    or nobility that is lightly boned.      Easy Elizabethan Bodice
 up collar. Includes 4 waist options    Optional stand up collar, 4 waist         Sizes: Multisized 4-24
   and three armhole options for a      options and 5 armhole options.          Back lacing Middle class or
variety of looks. Shown here with AY     Shown here with FF 04 Panes           Noble bodice with a square or
       20 and AY 22 breeches.                slops and breeches.                 rounded neckline option.

                                                                                       AY 06 $12.00
                                                                                Easy Renaissance Bodice
                             WN 108 $11.00
                                                                                   Sizes: Multisized 4-24
                     Renaissance "Wench" Bodice
                                                                                Side lacing Middle-class or
     Sizes: Multisized up to 40" Bust with instructions to enlarge.
                                                                             Noble bodice with gentry’s squared
 Bodice is front lacing with a back lacing option and two waist options.                 neckline.

                   AY 05 $13.00
               Easy Peasant Bodice                             MR Bodice $10.00
               Sizes: Multisized 4-24                         Beer Maiden Bodice
 Front lacing bodice with gentry squared neckline.        Sizes: Multisized 32-42" Bust
  Options for 4 shoulder treatments and 3 waistsFitted with princess seams & shoulder darts for
    finishes. Lined or unlined. Shown here with
                                             precise fit. Optional epaulets & instructions for waist
             AY 10 Easy Peasant Shirt.       treatments. Also includes instructions for enlarging.

                          Medieval - Renaissance

                                                RH 146 $12.50                     RC 501 $33.00
           MC 114 $9.00                                                  Multisized: busts 30½"-48" and
Elizabethan Silk Organza Partlet       Shirt with 14th, 15th, and 16th
                                             Century variations                   waists 23"-41"
Easy way to achieve the high neck                                        16th C German Noblewoman's
   look so popular in Elizabethan         Sizes: Multisized S-XXL
                                       Great for comfortable modern or       Gown (Cranach Gown)
  times. The collar is flexible and                                      Woman's Saxon Gown, High-neck
               cool.                         period accurate shirt
                                                                              and low-neck variations

        RC 502 $31.00
   Size: Fits chests 34"-54"                   RC 504 $26.00                       RC 202 $26.00
  16th C. German Wams und             Fits bust 30½-48" waists 23-41"         Multisized bust 30-48”
Hosen (Landsknecht Doublet &                   16th C. German               Elizabethan Loose Gowns
           Breeches)                  Commonwoman’s or "Kampfrau         Features an open front, epaulettes
  Open Wams with Brustfleck,                        Gown"                  and stiff inner yoke. 2 styles of
   Closed Wams, and Hosen                 Options for plain or slashed     hanging sleeves or sleeveless
                                       sleeves and gathered or pleated

         RC 503 $26.00
    Size: Fits chests 34"-54"          RC 506 $31.00                 RC 207 $31.00
16th century German Waffenrok     Size: Fits chests 34"-54"      Multisized chest 34-54”
       ("Captain's Gown"         1560s German Doublet and     16th Century Common Man’s
  16th C. German Waffenrok or            Pluderhose              Doublet and Breeches
    Arming Gown as worn by      German doublet and Pluderhose  Includes historical notes and
      Landsknecht officers.         popular in the 1560s.       embellishment instructions

                         Medieval - Renaissance

                                                                                   RC 304 $21.00
                                            RC 206 $17.00
                                                                            Size: Up to 55” with inst. to
        RC 205 $26.00                  Multisized waist 28-50”
    Multisized chest 34-54”              1570-1600 Breeches
                                                                                Men's Léine Pattern
   Men’s 1570-1600 Doublet           Trunkhose or pumpkin pants.
                                                                          Léine or saffron shirt with options
    Optional peascod belly.          Includes historical notes and
                                                                          for modern or 16th century fabric
                                      embellishment instructions.

                                             RC 110 $26.00
                                                  Size                             RC 201 $ 26.00
         RC 109 $21.00             1640s Doublet or ECW Soldier’s              Multisized bust 30-48”
   Multisized waists 28"-50"                      Coat                     English Jackets and Petticote
        1620’s Breeches                                                                      th
                                      Doublet or English Civil War        Elizabethan- 16-17 c. 2 neckline
  Includes historical notes and    Soldier's Coat with historical notes      options, narrow sleeves and
   embellishment instructions.          and embellishment inst.               several petticote options.

          RC 402 $26.00
    Size: Fits chests 34"-54"               RC 403 $36.00                     RC 204 $31.00
     Kontusz (Polish Coat)            Size: Fits chests 34"-54"          Multisized bust 30-48”
 Variations included for turn-back Delia & Colpak (Polish Cloak &        Kirtle, Gown & Sleeves
 or dog-ear cuffs and soft collar,               Hat)                Several gowns with a multitude of
   high-back low-front collar or   Polish man's cloak popular in the  variations, historical notes and
narrow band collar. Directions for      16th and 17th centuries.        embellishment instructions
   wearing sleeves wyloty style     Variations for 16th and 17th c.

                          Medieval - Renaissance

          RC 001 $16.00                       RC 101 $26.00
Up to 17” Calf w/ inst. to upsize      Multi: B: 30- 48" W: 23- 41"
            Cloth Hose                 1630’s Bodice and Petticote
                                           English, French and                      RC 404 $26.00
    Patterns, instructions and                                                 Size: Fits chests 34"-54"
  historical notes for 14th - 17th    Dutchwomen's. Upper and lower
                                               class options.                  Giermak (Polish Caftan)
century cloth hose, boot hose, and                                           Giermak, a Polish man's gown
           nether stocks                                                      popular in the 16th century.
                                                                                  Variations included

         RC 305 $36.00
  Size: Up to 55” with inst. to                 RC 401 $26.00
             enlarge                      Size: Fits chests 34"-54"
                                                                                     RC 302 $21.00
      The Dungiven Outfit                   Zupan (Polish Gown)
                                                                            Size: to 48” w/ inst. to enlarge
Dungiven bog find including jacket    Zupan with front overlap, dog ear
                                                                                    Women’s Leine
with pinked detail, bias-cut trews,   cuffs and stand collar. Variations
                                                                           Léine or Irish chemise with options
           and mantle.                     for 16th and 17th century                                 th
                                                                                   for modern or 16
                                                                                  Century fabric widths

                                                                                    RC 105 $26.00
         RC 103 $17.00                                                     Sizes: M (34”-44”) or L (46"-54")
 Men’s & Women’s Collars &                                                          1630s Doublet
               Cuffs                           RC 104 $21.00               Upper and lower class as well as
  Men's falling band, men's and           Multisized 32-60” chest             paning instructions included.
 women's gollila, women's collar            1600s Shirts & Shifts
 extensions, kerchief and whisk        Variations include three sleeves
     and matching cuffs.                    and two collar options


                         Medieval - Renaissance

          RC 301 $31.00
Size: Busts 30½-50”with inst. to              RC 303 $36.00
       upsize or downsize.            Size: to 55” w/ inst. to enlarge
  The Shinrone Gown Pattern                  Kilcommon Outfit                     RC 108 $21.00
Replica of the Shinrone gown bog        Kilcommon bog find including         Multisized chests 34"-54"
  find with open, darted bodice,      jacket with hanging sleeves and            1610-20’s Doublet
  hanging sleeves and standing                 bias-cut trews.              Includes historical notes and
              collar.                                                        embellishment instructions

                                                                          RC 107 $21.00
                 RC 106 $17.00                                      Multisized: 32"- 60” chest
         Multisized waist sizes 28"-50”                        17thc Cassock or Musketeer's Cape
             17th century Breeches                          Includes historical notes and embellishment
Upper and lower class as well as paning instructions                         instructions



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