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					                                                                      Name - Independent Sales Agent


                                        I. Program Design

Train prospective sales agents to solicit natural gas and electricity supply sales to customers in the
jurisdictions in which WGES is an active, licensed retail natural gas and electricity supplier
(Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia). Upon completion of the training program, agents
will be qualified to perform door to door sales in jurisdictions designated on Platinum Advertising
LLC – Exhibit A – Designated Direct Sales Campaign Authorizations. All door to door sales
activities will be subject to compliance with all specifications and requirements set forth in this

                         II. Requirements, Obligations and Conditions

The WGES Training Program shall state and validate that the recipient:

1) Has passed a written test.
2) Has passed the field evaluation.
3) Has a working knowledge of applicable consumer protection statutes and public service
    commission regulations.
4) Can be employed by, or become a contract agent of, any contractor that has a contract to
    provide direct sale services to WGES,
5) Can explain the features and benefits of the purchasing natural gas and electricity supply
    from WGES.
6) Can solicit prospective customers to sign sales contracts with WGES, present promotional
    sales documents (brochures, sell sheets, Application forms, and other materials), and content
    supplied by WGES in a package and format that is conducive to effective use and style
    during sales campaigns.
7) Can communicate with prospective customers by following sales scripts provided by WGES
    without deviation, and can provide potential customers with all necessary information on
    natural gas and electricity supply including those who may elect not to sign contracts,
8) Agrees to cooperate with WGES and WGES’ Contractor in promptly resolving complaints
    from customers and to implement corrective action.
9) Agrees to adhere to the WGES Code of Conduct - Zero Tolerance Policy for violations of
    strictly proscribed statements or claims.
10) Agrees to wear and openly display a WGES ID badge during all direct sales calls and to
    return the badge if a violation of the WGES door to door sales requirements occurs.
11) Agrees to display and carry all licensing documentation required by local jurisdictions during
    direct sales calls.
12) Agrees not to co-sell any other product or service while performing direct sales services (co-
    selling is defined as the concurrent marketing, selling or solicitation to sell other products or
    services by an agent while selling WGES products and services) or sell any natural gas or            Agent
    electricity on behalf of any other energy supplier within the territory covered by an applicable     Initials
    Designated Direct Sales Campaign Authorization.

WGES Door-to-Door Sales Agent Training         11/13/11                                             1
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                                        III. Sales Training.

1) Sales agents will be trained to seek and obtain contracts between customers and WGES for
   the purchase of natural gas and electricity supply in accordance with applicable laws,
   commission consumer protection and contract regulations and selection criteria established
   by a WGES Contractor.

2) Training for prospective sales representatives shall include all necessary steps in a direct sales
   (door-to-door) process including understanding and following scripts that comply with
   applicable laws and regulations, responding to objections, explaining product features and
   benefits, and closing sales.

3) Training scripts shall be provided by WGES along with formal training materials that contain
   (a) approved sales scripts, (b) face-to-face customer selling techniques, (c) questions and
   answers, (d) copies of applicable consumer protection laws, (d) copies of local utility rules
   and tariff requirements, (f) copies of applicable local commission regulations, (g) copies of
   applicable statutes, and (h) a Sales Agent Code of Conduct with which all sales
   representatives must abide.

                                IV. Contract Processing Training

1) A properly completed and signed Application shall be a legally binding contract between
   WGES and the customer. The sales agent must leave a copy of the contract with the
   customer at the time the contract is signed.

2) The sales agent shall be responsible for forwarding all signed contracts to Contractor for
   enrollment under applicable utility tariffs and keeping a record of all signed contracts.

                      V. Agent Code of Conduct – Zero Tolerance Policy

A certified Agent must adhere to a Code of Conduct based on a “zero tolerance policy” for the
following violations:

1) Forgery: Violation constitutes an unauthorized application and would occur if a Agent falsely
   fabricates and submits information with respect to prospective or actual WGES customers.
   Forgery is a severe violation of the Code of Conduct and the Agent may be charged with a
   criminal offense.

2) Fraud: Violation constitutes an unauthorized application and would occur if a Agent engages
   in deceptive selling tactics that would induce a prospective or actual WGES customer to act
   unwillingly or unknowingly. Fraud is a severe violation of the Code of Conduct and the
   Agent may be charged with a criminal offense.

3) Prohibited Representations or Claims: Violation would occur if Agent made one of the
   following prohibited representations or claims:

    a) Sales agent is performing a “survey;”
    b) Customer could get, is due, or is eligible for, a “refund;”

WGES Door-to-Door Sales Agent Training        11/13/11                                             2
Americas Best Energy Services
Office: 1-855-360-(SAVE) 7283                                                                           Agent
    c)   Customer could get, is due, or is eligible for, a “rebate;”
    d)   WGES and Washington Gas are the same company or entity;
    e)   WGES is in a partnership with Pepco, Dominion Virginia Power, BGE or WG;
    f)   Signing up with WGES is a reward for being “loyal customers;”
    g)   Any other statement or claim that is false, misleading or intended to deceive a Customer.

4) Inappropriate Actions or Behavior: Violation would occur if Agent improperly represents
   CCR or WGES by engaging in inappropriate and unprofessional behavior.

Violations based on customer complaints confirmed through investigation will result in the
immediate termination of the agent’s Training Program.

                                      V. WGES Obligations

1) WGES shall provide Agent with access to electronic formats of the WGES Application form
   and promotional sales material which WGES may revise as necessary. WGES shall provide
   Agent with reasonable quantities of Application forms and promotional sales materials from
   time to time.

2) Within its sole discretion, WGES shall provide Agent with updated pricing to be effective on
   the next business day electronically by fax or email which Agent shall confirm. Customers
   contacted by Agent shall be offered the same prices that WGES is contemporaneously
   offering other similarly situated customers.

3) WGES shall provide Agent with all necessary, true and correct sales scripts for use by sales
   agents without deviation. The scripts shall be consistent with representations made by or on
   behalf of WGES in the marketing of the Product in other media. WGES will immediately
   inform Agent of any changes in its policies or practices, or in the description of the Product,
   that may require a change in the scripts. Direct sales scripts are intended to insure
   compliance and disclosures required by applicable home solicitation laws and regulations.

4) WGES represents and warrants that it is authorized to provide the WGES Product to
   prospective Customers through the solicitations to be made by Agent. WGES further
   represents and warrants that all WGES Product to be sold to customers shall comply with all
   applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations and other applicable public
   utility statutes, regulations, and any orders of public utility commissions or other regulatory
   bodies having jurisdiction over the Product.

                                    VI. Intellectual Property

WGES shall have the sole and exclusive right to use and exploit any and all WGES trademarks,
logos, copyrighted material and other intellectual property (hereinafter Intellectual Property)
used, or to be used, by WGES in connection with Agent’s direct sales call activities. Intellectual
Property shall include that associated with Applications, promotional material and content,
Product, and the use of such by WGES and by Agent in the performance of their obligations
under this Training Program. Agent agrees that any use of or reference to any trademark, service
mark, trade name, or logo in any written, promotional materials shall be approved in writing by
WGES prior to such use.
WGES Door-to-Door Sales Agent Training        11/13/11                                           3   Initials
Americas Best Energy Services
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I have read, fully understand, and agree to comply, at all times, with the requirements of
the Washington Gas Energy Services Door-to-Door Sales Agent Training Program.

Sales Agent Signature                               Date

Print - Sales Agent Name

Witness – Washington Gas Energy Services            Date

Americas Best Energy Services Energy Consultant

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