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									                                                                                 MEMBERSHIP PROCESS

1. Attend up to three club training sessions at no cost prior to submitting a membership application.
   The purpose of these three sessions is for the prospective applicant to evaluate the club, for the club
   to evaluate the prospective member's dog for suitability to be trained in schutzhund, and for the club
   to evaluate you as a prospective member. The evaluation of your dog may occur after all full-
   member and probationary-member dogs are trained during that session.

2. Complete and submit the membership application and the non-refundable application fee (equal to
   the yearly dues cost), and the facility and equipment fees. Yearly dues are payable each January:
   Single Membership $100; Family Membership $125.

    Note: In the year you make application, the application fee is considered your dues payment. Also
    due at the time of application is a $10 per dog, per year equipment fee and $25 per quarter ($100 per
    year) facility fee. The facility fee can be paid quarterly or in full each January. (The facility fee stays in
    the club and is used to purchase kitchen supplies for club use, food on some training days and food
    and supplies on trial or other event days.) If a prospective member makes application August through
    December, goes the six-month probationary period and is approved and joins as a full MSC member
    (full member status would be approved between February and June of the next calendar year), then
    the yearly dues for that year will be pro-rated. (example: a membership is application submitted in
    October, after six months when full member status is approved in April, dues for that year are
    prorated for nine months – April through Dec.)

3. Submit your application and fees at a club training session to start your six-month probationary
   membership. Probationary members do not have voting privileges and may have their dog trained in
   protection after all full-status members’ dogs have been trained. The probationary period lasts six
   months from the date of your application.

4. Regularly attend club training sessions with your dog and participate in any other club activities.

5. If the dog-handler team is deemed by vote of the MSC board to be suitable for full-status
   membership, you will be granted the privileges of a full member.
                                                                                     MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

                                                                                             Application fee = to annual dues

                                                                                                                Annual dues:
                                                                                                      $100 single membership
                                                                                                      $125 family membership
                                                                                                       Due annually on Jan. 1.

                                                                                            Non-refundable equipment fee:
                                                                              $10 per dog/per year due at time of application

                                                                                                                Facilities fee:
                                                  $25 per quarter ($100/year) Paid quarterly or yearly at time of application.


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Vaccination Record:_____________(please attach record)_____________


I will abide by the bylaws, rules and regulations of Mountaineer Schutzhund Club. I hereby waive and release Creekside Kennels
and owner and employees, property owner, Mountaineer Schutzhund Club, volunteers, members, and directors from any and all
liability of any nature for injury or damage which I or my dog(s) or member of my family or any other person accompanying me to
any training session/ function of this training club or while on the training grounds or surrounding areas. I agree that I personally
assume all responsibility for my actions and for the actions of my dog(s).

Signature:_____________________________________ Date:________________
                                                                                       RULES AND REGULATIONS

   1. You are responsible for your dog’s behavior at all times. Always keep him or her on a lead unless
      otherwise directed by the instructor. Do not let him or her wander at the end of the lead or sniff
      other dogs. Do not handle or pet other dogs without owner’s permission. Pay attention to your own
      dog and his behavior. All dogs must be kept in a safe crate during protection work, if your dog is not
      on the field at that time working.

   2. We reserve the right to excuse any person or dog for any unacceptable behavior, attitude, physical
      condition or aggressive behavior toward any other person or dog.

   3. Members are expected to show respect to all other members and their dogs. They are all expected to
      help with trials and any other club activities. Also, clean up from kitchen use and moving/storing

   4. Members will adhere to the rules, regulations and bylaws of the club.

Signature:_______________________________________ Date:_____________

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