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HHC10 081606                                                                      .
                                                                      Prepared by:.Dolores Alvarado
                                                                                   Division Director, Health

                                                                    Submitted by:.Guadalupe S. Olivas, Ph.D.
                                                                                  Director of Public Health
DATE:          August 16, 2006

TO:            Supervisor.Liz.Kniss, Chairperson
               Supervisor.Blanca.Alvarado, Vice−Chairperson
               Health & Hospital Committee


               Kim Roberts
               Acting Executive Director, Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System

               Tobacco Prevention and Education Program (TPEP) FY 2007 Updated Expenditure Plan Report


Accept updated report relating to the Public Health Department's FY 2007 Tobacco Prevention and Education Program
(TPEP) Expenditure Plan.


There is no fiscal impact associated with acceptance of this report.


The Public Health Department submitted a status report on May 24, 2006, to the Health & Hospital Committee
regarding agencies recommended for funding from the Tobacco Settlement Fund for FY 07. (Attachments A & B).
Resources for Families and Communities (RFC) was listed as one of the agencies recommended to receive funding.
However, in a meeting between Public Health staff and RFC staff on Monday, July 31, 2006 Public Health was notified
that RFC's Board of Directors was currently in the process of dismantling RFC programs and would not be able to
accept funding to provide tobacco prevention services in schools at Alum Rock School District during FY 07.
Subsequently, on August 3, Mr. Leo Cortez, Chairman of RFC's Board of Directors sent a letter to the Public Health
Department confirming their inability to accept the Tobacco Grant for FY 07. (Attachment C)

The Public Health Department recommends that the Tobacco Settlement Funding in the amount of $50,000 awarded
originally to RFC now be awarded to the Asian Americans for Community Involvement of Santa Clara County, Inc.
(AACI), the next highest scoring proposal that was received in the category of direct services. AACI proposes to address
the chronicity of tobacco dependence in their patient population. AACI's Tobacco Prevention and Education Project
addresses the issue of tobacco use in the Asian Pacific Islander population in Santa Clara County, a population that was
identified in the RFP as priority. The project consists of a three−tiered approach: intervention, counseling and

AACI, founded in 1973, is the largest non−profit health and human service organization serving Asian Americans in
Santa Clara County. Their services to the community include primary care, mental health, health education, substance
abuse treatment, a center for survivors of torture, domestic violence shelter, a senior center, after−school youth
programs, English citizen classes, and HIV/AIDS education and prevention.


In June 2000, during the budget process, the Board of Supervisors approved the proposed allocation of funds from the
"Tobacco Industry Master Settlement Agreement," also known as the Tobacco Settlement Fund, in the amount of
$1,000,000 to the Public Health Department. This included an appropriation for a competitive process to fund
community based anti−tobacco projects, to be administered by the Public Health Department. This is the sixth
competitive RFP in that process. Due to various budget reduction actions since FY 04, the total amount available in the
FY 07 Tobacco Settlement fund for the RFP is $300,000.

FY 07 Request for Proposal (RFP) Process

On January 20, 2006 the Public Health Department advised the Board of Supervisors of our intent to issue a Request for
Proposal for tobacco prevention services in Santa Clara County. (Attachment D)

The FY 07 RFP solicited projects that addressed prevention of tobacco−use through one of two intervention models:
"Direct service or Client−based model", and the "Community Capacity Building" (CCB) model. The direct service or
client−based model is an approach to change individual tobacco−use behaviors through prevention education or
cessation efforts. The CCB model builds on strengths, resources, and assets of a community and focuses on
environmental, or a broad−based change rather than individual or one−on−one change. (Attachment E)

The final review by the RFP Review Committee consisted of a ranking process and analysis of feedback (based on
organization capacity, scope of work/work plan, budget, and evaluation) from all RFP reviewers. The following table
shows all of the proposals submitted to the Public Health Department. These are ranked in order of highest score per
category (asterisked agencies will receive funding for FY 07):

Direct Service/Client − based Model                             Community Capacity Building Model

1. Santa Clara Valley Medical Center *                          1. Bay Area Community Resources*

2. Asian Americans for Community Involvement (ACCI)*            2. American Lung Association of California (ALA)*

3. Vietnamese Voluntary Foundation (VIVO)                       3. Breathe California*

4. National Counseling Against Drug Dependence (NCADD)          4. Unity Care Group*

5. Immigrant Resettlement and Cultural Center (IRCC)            5. Resources for Families and Communities

6. Joyner/Payne Youth Service Agency                            6. Digital Clubhouse

                                                                7. Guggenheim Entertainment

In addition to funding prevention programs to community−based organizations, during the past six years TPEP staff has
provided monthly cessation services to 600 young adults at the San Jose Job Corps in the Alum Rock District on an
annual basis. Currently, TPEP has two chapters of the Coalition Against Teen Tobacco (CATT) youth advocacy located
in Mt Pleasant High School and Piedmont Hills High School.

Status of FY 07 Tobacco Prevention Contracts

As of July 5, 2006, Unity Care Group, Bay Area Community Resources, American Lung Association of California and
VMC Foundation (for Santa Clara Valley Medical Center) service agreements have been approved to implement their
Tobacco prevention activities during FY 07.

Should the Health and Hospital Committee accept this report, the Public Health Department will request delegation of
authority to execute contracts with Breathe California of the Bay Area and Asian Americans for Community
Involvement. This transmittal would be brought to the Board of Supervisors for consideration during its August 29th



Failure to accept the report will impact the provision of tobacco prevention and cessation efforts in the community.


The Public Health Department will submit a transmittal for the August 29, 2006 Board meeting.



     • Attachment A − May 24, 2006 TPEP FY 07 Expenditure Plan Report

     • Attachment B − List of TPEP RFP Applicants

     • Attachment C − RFC Letter

     • Attachment D − Board Memo

     • Attachment E − FY 2007 TPEP RFP


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