How Strong is Your Chocolate Data Sheet Conversions_ 1 kg = 1000 by jlhd32


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									                                          How Strong is Your Chocolate Data Sheet

1 kg = 1000 grams, 1 gram = .001 kg
1 penny = 2.35 grams
1 m = 100 cm, 1 cm =.01 m

Chocolate      Describe the   Length of    Width of     Thickness of   Observations     Number of   Observations   Mass of
Bar type       Chocolate      chocolate    chocolate    chocolate      of chocolate     pennies     of fractured   pennies,
(name and      Bar (does it   bar (in      bar (in      bar (in        bar as you       needed to   surface of     cups and
flavor)        have nuts,     meters)      meters)      meters)        add pennies      break the   candy bar.     string used
               dark or milk                                            (ex: at penny    chocolate                  to break
               chocolate,                                              201 the          bar                        chocolate
               shape of                                                chocolate                                   bar (in
               chocolate,                                              bar started to                              kilograms)
               etc)                                                    bend)

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